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Cyber Defense Summit
Oct. 10-12

National Association of Bunco Investigators Annual Training Conference
Oct. 11-12

Colorado Organized Retail Crime Alliance Conference
Oct. 17

RLPSA Connect Atlanta
Nov. 2

NRF Big Show 2018
Jan. 14-16

Jeweler's Security Alliance 40th Annual Security Seminar & Expo
Mar. 13-15, 2018

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The Vector Security Team Hits the Ice for a Two-Day Sales Meeting at the Lemieux Sports Complex in Pennsylvania

The Vector Security Networks Sales Team gathered for a two-day sales meeting and "chilled" on October 4th at the Lemieux Sports Complex in Cranberry Twp., PA. They were joined by Vector's Sales Team and some of their Senior Management Team, including Vector CEO Pam Petrow. It was an evening of dinner and fun at the Complex. Just look at those "sporty" Vector Security Networks hockey jerseys!


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Retail Knowledge's Retail Risk UK - Fraud Awards
This year's Fraud Awards on 5th October, sponsored by WIS International and hosted by Retail Knowledge after the day's Retail Risk - Leicester, UK, conference, the Fraud Awards marked the climax of nine months of planning, nominations, submissions, judging and organization.

Celebrating the best of retail risk and loss prevention, the evening provided a unique opportunity for the industry to recognise the retailers, teams, vendors and individuals who have made an outstanding contribution in 2017.

This year saw a greater number of entries from retailers and vendors based in both the UK and overseas than ever before. In fact 2017 was probably the most hotly contested Fraud Awards to date.

The distinguished panel of judges included: Jodie Foster Loss Prevention Manager, Amazon: Corin Dennison, Director Profit Protection and Investigations, Adidas group; Fran Gerrard, JD Sports Fashion; Lee Golding, Operational Risk Manager, Cotton On Group, Asia and UK; Raphael Lawson, Head of Online Fraud, The Hut Group; Fredrik Malmstrom, Legal Risk and Compliance Manager, Novamedia Sverige; Chris MacDonald, Senior Vice-President of Loss Prevention, Compass Group NAD; Gary Moncur, Director of Loss Prevention, Compass Group NAD; Daniel Mueller, Senior Manager Security, McDonald's Deutschland; Peter Page, Group Loss Prevention Manager at a leading GCC conglomerate; and Carly Richards, Director Contract and Compliance, KPMG Australia.

"The competition is of course extremely fierce. As for the criteria, particularly for individuals it can be where people have done something new or out of the box, or they've tried a very different approach to what's been done before. In some cases it's just the fact that they've done a good, solid job, particularly if that has not been in place within an organisation in the past.

And the winners are...

Retail Risk Director of the Year: Tim Edwards, JD Sports Fashion
International Profit Protection Team of the Year: Abercrombie and Fitch
Online Profit Protection Team of the Year: Express Gifts, Fraud Operations Team
In-store Profit Protection Team of the Year: Game Retail
Regional Profit Protection Manager of the Year: Simon Wright, Compass
Rising Star Award: Jacek Czubak, adidas

Click here to see a complete list of winners and runners up.  retailrisk.com

Here we go again
Tropical Storm Nate Expected to Hit Gulf Coast as a Hurricane

As Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico recover from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, yet another storm seems to be on its way, with Central America and the Gulf Coast in its path.

Nate is expected to strengthen into a hurricane and strike the Gulf Coast over the weekend. The hurricane center said that residents in four states - Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi - were at the greatest risk from the storm, the 14th named system of this year's Atlantic hurricane season. Some local governments ordered or recommended evacuations.

The authorities in Louisiana, where Gov. John Bel Edwards predicted "a direct hit," warned that the forecast for Nate could abruptly worsen, and he told residents to prepare to wait out the storm beginning at 8 p.m. on Saturday. "Landfall is expected early Sunday morning, either as a strong tropical storm or a weak Category 1 hurricane,"

In New Orleans, which has a troubled drainage system and has struggled with flooding after recent rains, officials planned to begin handing out sandbags on Friday.

Florida Declares State of Emergency in 29 Counties ahead of Tropical Storm Nate

Tropical Storm Nate: Hurricane, storm surge watches issued for New Orleans area

Las Vegas Shooting Underscores Need for Conference Security Strategy
Leaders in the meetings and exhibitions industry are working with federal law enforcement officials to help organizations develop plans to prepare for and, if necessary, respond to security threats at their events.

Meeting Industry Takes the Lead

Recognizing the need to develop safety and security guidelines for convention centers and other venues, meeting industry leaders have been working with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies (SAFETY) Act office. The SAFETY Act promotes antiterrorism technologies and practices, and it certifies convention centers and other buildings, in a process akin to LEED certification for sustainability, DuBois says.

Last year, the International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM), IAEE, and the Exhibition Services and Contractors Association (ESCA) joined forces and heightened their coordination with the SAFETY Act office to create the Exhibition and Meetings Safety and Security Initiative (EMSSI).

The group then formed the Industry Security Council as an extension of the EMSSI last fall. The council is working with Keyway Security Advisors to create industrywide security guidelines and develop a customized application template and web portal to aid convention centers in applying for the SAFETY Act certification.

Physical security. There's a vast array of physical security measures available. They may include scanning people at the "front of the house," through metal detectors, as well as equipment and other items in the back of the house. "Think about all the crates and boxes and carts and everything that goes into a convention center through the loading dock when a show or meeting is moving in," DuBois says. associationsnow.com

Wells Fargo Executives "Personally Liable"
Board Must Face Lawsuit Over Fake Accounts

- A federal judge said current and former Wells Fargo & Co officers and directors, including Chief Executive Officer Tim Sloan, must face nearly all of a lawsuit by shareholders seeking to hold them personally liable for sales abuses and the creations of millions of unauthorized accounts.

U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar in San Francisco said shareholders may pursue claims that Wells Fargo officials looked the other way as employees facing "unrelenting" pressure to meet sales quotas unlawfully opened accounts, and misled the public about fraudulent practices at the nation's third-largest bank.

"Where, as here, plaintiffs' claims arise from a pervasive and undisputed fraud going to the core of the company's business, it is reasonable to infer senior executives knew about, or at least recklessly turned a blind eye to, the stream of red flags," Tigar wrote in a decision dated Wednesday.

The judge also said that in the "unlikely" event Sloan did not know about the suspect practices before 2013, when he was chief financial officer, he was "certainly aware of these issues" by December 2013 when he told the Los Angeles Times: "I'm not aware of any overbearing sales culture."

The shareholder derivative lawsuit seeks to force officers and directors - or their insurers - to reimburse Wells Fargo for losses caused by their alleged poor oversight and misleading statements, as well as governance changes.

Wells Fargo has been rocked since September 2016 by a series of scandals, including the San Francisco-based bank's creation of as many as 3.5 million unauthorized accounts. reuters.com

Meijer reducing its IT payroll by 400 - Outsourcing IT
Meijer is making major cuts in its information technology department, laying off or transferring hundreds of employees.

400 IT department workers are no longer employed by Meijer. They say 250 contract workers were laid off in July, 75 more were cut in August and another 75 received their notifications this week. Not all those who have been cut as Meijer employees are jobless. Some are being sent to other companies that will do the jobs Meijer employees were doing.

Meijer has been preparing for the changes for a while as it looks at competition from retailers both brick-and-mortar and online. Terry Ledbetter, who became Meijer's chief information officer in 2015, gave a presentation in May showing that the company's so-called legacy systems need to change.

Meijer has been partnering with IBM for IT needs. The retailer also recently announced that the Chicago-based Jones, Lang, Lasalle would take over its facility management. DataFactZ, based on the east side of Michigan, is providing some specialized IT services. But the biggest partnership comes with France-based retail IT firm Capgemini.  woodtv.com

CVS Pharmacy To Lay Off 51 Workers In East Northport, Pa.
In March, the pharmacy laid off 99 workers at its Chestnut Ridge office. The reason for that layoff was cited in the filing as economic factors. morningsidemaryland.com

Retail Vendor - QwikSource - Bookkeeper Indicted for Embezzling $1.6M Using PayPal
Peter Goodchild, 54, who was a bookkeeper at the Florham Park, New Jersey-based QwikSource LLC, allegedly pilfered the funds over a 10-year period. He also faces charges of money laundering, aggravated identity theft and filing false income tax returns. QwikSource bills itself as a supplier of antennas, cables and custom-built cellular products that help clients boost wireless service.

Goodchild opened a PayPal account using his employer's name, transferred funds from QwikSource's account to that PayPal account, then moved the money to a PayPal account in his girlfriend's name before finally transferring them to his personal bank accounts. law360.com

NY Fed Report on Retail Jobs
Retailers are hemorrhaging jobs. Can e-commerce make up the difference?

The startling erosion in department store jobs is bad news across the country, says a report issued Thursday by the Federal Reserve Board of New York, and only a few places will benefit from the offsetting increase in nonstore retailing jobs at companies like Amazon. The lesson for New York as it pursues Amazon's second headquarters is obvious: Amazon jobs matter a lot

The New York Fed looked at the growth of online sales, the decline in retail employment and the increase in nonstore retailing jobs and the wages in the two categories. Here are the national numbers that matter:

• Department store jobs, which previously tracked broad economic cycles, are now in a sharp decline. Those stores slashed 200,000 positions in 2012 and have eliminated another 80,000 since 2013. Recent announcements suggest 2017 will see another sharp drop.

Nonstore retailers have added about 100,000 jobs since 2013. They also pay much more. Last year the average department store wage was $20,500. The average nonstore retailing position was $59,000.

But-and this is the big but-most areas of the country are losing out in the transition. Some 75% of the counties studied saw losses in department store jobs. Only 20% added enough nonstore workers to offset the decline. crainalerts.com

Bankrupt US retailers begin to catch a break
An unexpected helping hand from creditors, landlords, and vendors is allowing more U.S. retailers to stay in business following bankruptcy. The new approach marks a turning point for the beleaguered sector, which has seen at least 19 brick-and-mortar retail chains shut down the bulk of their operations since 2014. However, several creditors, landlords and vendors now see more value left in some retailers, and are seizing on an opportunity to minimize their own losses in the retail rout.

Editor's Note: Do they have a choice when so many are facing it? cnbc.com

Eddie Loans SHC $100M for Property at 11%
Embattled department store retailer gets fresh cash infusion from owner

Sears is borrowing $100 million from units of CEO Eddie Lampert's hedge fund ESL Investments for "general corporate purposes," according to a regulatory filing. The new infusion brings the total of Lampert's outstanding loans to Sears to $499.4 million. By pledging additional properties or assets as collateral. The loans carry an interest rate of 11%. chainstoreage.com

Can Louis Vuitton Not Take A Joke?
Louis Vuitton Malletier SA made news this week at the U.S. Supreme Court with a high-profile case over parody bags, but that's nothing new: Over the past decade, the designer has been at the center of an unusually high number of similar lawsuits over joking references to its products.

The latest, filed over a line of cheap canvas totes with "My Other Bag ..." on one side and a cartoon drawing of an iconic designer handbag on the other, was tossed out in early 2016 by a federal judge who suggested that Louis Vuitton perhaps "cannot take a joke."

U.S. District Judge Jesse M. Furman wrote at the time. "In some cases, however, it is better to accept the implied compliment in a parody and to smile or laugh than it is to sue."

The judge's ruling, that the bags were immunized by trademark law's exemption for parody, was upheld by the Second Circuit in January. Louis Vuitton took it to the Supreme Court in July, but the justices denied certiorari on Monday.  law360.com

New York City Issues Guidance on Upcoming Salary Inquiry Prohibitions
Effective Oct. 31, All New York City employers, regardless of size, generally may not inquire about or rely upon a job applicant's salary history in making employment decisions. The New York City Commission on Human Rights has released an Employer Fact Sheet and a Job Applicant Fact Sheet to assist employers and employees with understanding the law. Also the law prohibits employers from searching public records for such information.  shrm.org

For All You Uber Folks - Hey You're Being Recorded
Uber app can silently record iPhone screens

Uber has said it will remove code from its iPhone app that security researchers say could let the ride-sharing app record the screen -- even when the app is closed.

Many screen-recording apps use this entitlement without permission, such as iRec, which run on jailbroken devices. zdnet.com

Mayfield Heights, OH: Mandatory CCTV City Ordinance takes effect; 1st city in Ohio
This ordinance is believed to be the first of its kind in Ohio. The businesses ordered to have surveillance cameras include: banks, carry-out food and drink establishments, check cashing places, convenience stores, firearms dealers, off-sale liquor businesses, secondhand dealers, pharmacy's, hotels and other retail businesses. Mayfield Heights Police will only have access to these videos if a crime occurs or if an employee believes a crime has occurred. Officers will inspect the video systems and make sure the camera quality and locations are in compliance with the ordinance. Once inspected, the business is given a sticker which they can put on their entrance door. No fine amount has been set. cleveland19.com

Bump stocks disappear from Colorado store shelves

Quarterly Results
Costco Q4 comp's up 6.1%, e-com. up 21%, net sales up 15.8%, full yr net sales up 8.7%
Canada's Aritzia Q2 comp's up 5.4%, net sales up 10.2%
The Buckle Sept. Comp's down 5.7%

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What is the Real World Smart Store?

By Michael T. Grady, Executive Vice President, Vector Security

Imagine an in-store shopping experience where mirrors double as touchscreens...where you can swipe through a store's inventory and have items brought to you...where you can pay for merchandise without ever having to stand in line at a register. Where data from devices can support operational change, employee performance and create unique customer experiences. Imagine your online experience supporting your in-store experience and vice versa.

Welcome to the Real World Smart Store
Today's retailers focused on bringing their loss prevention and IT teams together - those teams building the real world smart store - is not a myth. It isn't something predicted to happen far into the future. It's happening right here, right now - in the real world. And it's being driven by consumers looking for a consistent online and in-store experience - a true omnichannel experience.

Retailers are increasingly delivering this in-demand omnichannel shopping model, combining the convenience of online shopping with the tactile experience of brick and mortar shopping. From the moment shoppers walk into a store, they may be met with touchscreen mirrors that allow them to view merchandise, check what's in stock, and send items directly to their dressing room. This shift in consumer behavior requires retailers to think differently and demands that roles like loss prevention adjust to these changing times. In fact, it is imperative for LP professionals to understand the real world smart store and know how their expertise not only protects merchandise, but also helps improve the customer experience.

Retail creating exceptional customer experiences
Retailers are listening to their customers and engaging them on their personal technology. Delivering products, services and experiences on the customers' terms. What's driving this convergence of digital and physical shopping? Evolving customer expectations, social media, research-driven purchases, instant gratification and personalized service are just a few of the factors. Savvy retailers are quickly integrating the online and in-store experiences. And those who don't? They risk becoming obsolete.

Read more here.

New N.S.A. Breach Linked to Popular Russian Antivirus Software - Kaspersky
In the latest case of an insider removing sensitive data from the nation's largest intelligence agency, Russian hackers obtained classified documents that a National Security Agency employee had taken and stored on his home computer. Investigators believe the hackers may have penetrated the computer by exploiting Kaspersky Lab antivirus software, a Russian brand widely used around the world, that the employee was using, according to officials briefed on the matter.

The highly classified material involved the agency's techniques for breaking into foreign computer networks to collect intelligence, the officials said. The case appears to be separate from a larger breach of security, by a group calling itself the Shadow Brokers, which has been publicly posting samples of the agency's hacking tools periodically for more than a year. The case was first reported by The Wall Street Journal on Thursday. nytimes.com

70% of  Employees Lack Awareness Needed to Prevent Cyber Incidents
Seven in 10 employees lack the awareness to stop preventable cybersecurity incidents, according to the second-annual State of Privacy and Security Awareness Report.

For the second year in a row, the average survey respondent achieved a "Novice" score, showing the average survey respondent is dangerously close to one wrong decision or mistake leading to a security or privacy incident.

"With overwhelming data supporting the fact that employees are the weakest link in privacy and security, companies can't rely on haphazard, annual training to solve the problem," said Steve Conrad, MediaPro's founder and managing director. "Instead, they've got to look to make continuous improvements in cybersecurity knowledge and behavior. securitymagazine.com

New RFID Chip Features Privacy Function for European Retailers
RAIN RFID solutions company Impinj is rounding out its Monza R6 silicon offering with a new UHF RFID tag chip that enables privacy settings for retailers. The chip is a response to requests from European retailers for privacy with the same performance of the company's existing Monza R6 product family, says Carl Brasek, Impinj's senior director of silicon products. The new chip enables a consumer to ensure his or her privacy after purchasing a tagged item, he explains, without requiring the tag to be removed or disabled.  rfid.com

Shoppers use voice-activated devices, but worry about their privacy and security
More shoppers are using voice-activated devices to make online purchases, but consumers are far from comfortable using the technology. Just because shoppers are using those devices that feature digital assistants doesn't necessarily mean they trust them. 75% of consumers in a study conducted by payment processing vendor Worldpay in conjunction with market research consultancy Opinium, say they're concerned that such a device could get hacked, and 51% say they're uncomfortable sharing their personal information with a voice-connected personal assistant or a chatbot. A chatbot is an interactive software tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to simulate human conversation. digitalcommerce360.com

How Businesses Should Respond to the Ransomware Surge
Modern endpoint security tools and incident response plans will be key in the fight against ransomware.

More than one-third (35%) of security pros in Dark Reading's "The State of Ransomware" survey detected ransomware on their systems in the past year. Only 27% say modern antimalware tools are very effective in stopping ransomware; 56% think they are somewhat effective.

Half of IT practitioners believe it will be harder to prevent ransomware from infecting their systems two years from now, researchers found. This begs the question: what are security vendors doing to improve the effectiveness of their systems, and which should businesses use?

One of the things we see businesses doing is turning to their messaging security provider first for answers and solutions," "That's blocking it before it even gets to the end user, which ultimately is best as opposed to having the end user click a malicious attachment or malicious URL." darkreading.com

More than half of retailers ready for AI
The most popular applications for AI - are personalized product recommendations (56%), customer service requests (41%) and chatbots (35%). Very few e-commerce professionals currently use AI for virtual reality, voice-activated apps, augmented reality or virtual buying assistants, or plan to in the next year, the study said.

Beyond AI, replatforming operating infrastructures is the top initiative for 17% of respondents this quarter, followed by customer experience (CX) (16%). Inventory, logistics and fulfillment (15%) follow behind. chainstoreage.com

Robots, no-cash experience coming to Shake Shack East Village NYC location
Hungry consumers will tap touchscreen kiosks via an app to place orders. Consumers will be able to pay by credit card via smart phones and tablets. There will be humans serving as hospitality "champs" to help consumers with any problems. retailcustomerexperience.com

Detego unveils new mobile RFID solution for retailers

Manager, Enterprise Info Security for T-Mobile in Bellevue, WA

The 16 biggest data breaches of the 21st century


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16 and 2017

Organized Retail Crime
The Great Debate #1

John Matas, VP of AP/Investigations & ORC, Macy's; Millie Kresevich, Dir. of AP, Luxottica; and Scott Sanford, Dir. of LP, Forman Mills

Originally Published 5-4-16

How big is the ORC problem and how should it be defined? How accurate is the $30 billion estimate? What are the implications of the NRSS' finding that external theft has surpassed internal theft for the first time ever? And how are the current decriminalization trends going to impact ORC long-term? Joining us to tackle these complicated questions are John Matas, VP Asset Protection/Investigations & ORC, Macy's; Millie Kresevich, Director, Asset Protection, Luxottica; and Scott Sanford, Director of Loss Prevention, Forman Mills.

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Clever Delivery Scam Tripping Up Amazon Tracking System
Amazon has become a retail leader delivering goods on a global level that uses a sophisticated tracking system to keep customers updated at a moment's notice. But a new scam has customers asking where their order is, even though Amazon's records show it already arrived.

"This is the camera that I bought," said Dave Polanco, showing off the seller's webpage of the item he thought he would be receiving. After all, he did pay for it. It was sold by a third-party merchant. The delivery confirmation for his order, however, arrived before the delivery.

His Amazon account only said his package had been delivered to Pleasanton, California, which is where he lives. So he called FedEx to investigate. According to Amazon, it was "handed directly to a receptionist" and someone named "E. Eda" signed for it.

Other Amazon buyers are now complaining of what they call a new scam, where third-party sellers allegedly send your package, in some cases without the product, to another address in the same city, where someone else signs for it, creating a delivery record that prompts Amazon to deny your claim.

With their "A-to-Z Guarantee," customers are always protected. But like the others, Polanco's claim was denied three times, despite the FedEx records, and after which, Amazon said it may not reply to further emails. Amazon finally agreed to refund Polanco's money after the media reached out, saying the company "does not tolerate fraud" and "as fraudsters get smarter, so do we." cbslocal.com

Bump Stock Demand Explodes, Fear they'll be Outlawed
Manufacturer's Website Overrun & Crashes
Retailers Stop Selling Them

Sales of the firearm accessory that the Las Vegas gunman used to modify his rifles jumped this week, causing some companies to sell out of the so-called bump stocks even as Walmart and Cabela's stripped them from their websites.

Amazon does not sell bump stocks. The company explicitly forbids listings of "Slide fire stock and weapons kits, such as: bump firing devices, stocks, and kits," according to its website. The policy has been in place "for a while, it's not a recent change," said a spokeswoman.

But manufacturers of the devices said they were overrun with orders.

The website for one manufacturer, Bump Fire Systems, was down on Thursday. The company wrote on its Facebook page that its servers had been overwhelmed by "high traffic volume."

Another maker, Slide Fire, said on its website that it had suspended taking new orders to focus on existing orders after earlier saying that it was out of stock "due to extreme high demands."

Bump Fire sells stocks for an AK-47 and an AR-15 for $99.99 each. Slide Fire's stocks are priced between $140 and $300.

On Slide Fire and Bump Fire's Facebook pages, several customers suggested that the increased demand for bump stocks was because of fear that the products could soon be outlawed. nytimes.com

The 4 most in-demand e-commerce skills
While many brick-and-mortar stores are struggling with declining sales and rising rents, e-commerce is both the cause and solution. Due to the increase in transactions made online, there is a rising demand for e-commerce skills across the board - from retail chains looking to improve their online experiences to enterprise-level companies and startups looking to increase revenue. To boost their competitiveness in an increasingly digital marketplace, companies are hiring for these in-demand e-commerce skills.

1. Software development
2. SEO
3. Data analytics
4. Artificial intelligence (AI) cio.com

Hundreds in Attendance for CAL-ORCA's Value-Packed
Annual Training Conference

The California Organized Retail Crimes Association hosted its annual training conference in San Diego on Sept. 28 and 29. The event welcomed professionals from private security, law enforcement and the loss prevention industry.

Break-Out Topics included: Cyber Investigations, E-Commerce, Building Partnerships, and Loss Prevention Tools.

See pictures from the value-packed conference below!

2017 Investigation of the Year Winner (Left to right): Detective Fernando Valle, Montebello PD, SGT. Alfred Martinez, Montebello PD, Gabriel Montiel, L Brands & Nelly Monge, JCPenney

Joe Hopkins, Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

2017 Conference Committee

Investigation of the Year Nominees (Left to right): Stephen Beasley - DHS, Tyson Roberts - Toys r Us, Manuel Dorado - DHS, Eduardo Aguilar - ICE, Elena Del Valle - Home Depot, Det. Mike Martinez - Escondido PD, Semarr Patrick - Abercrombie & Fitch, Det. Fernando Valle - Montebello PD, Christian Placencia - JCPenney, Sgt. Alfred Martinez - Montebello PD, Caroline Tiffany - Albertson's, Gabriel Montiel - LBrands, Nelly Monge - JCPenney

Offer Up, Platinum Event Sponsor

Event MC, Dave Barr

Lakeland, FL: Eight arrested in elaborate Polk County retail theft ring
Eight suspects have been arrested in a Polk County retail theft ring where thousands of dollars' worth of merchandise were stolen. Polk County deputies said the suspects worked together to steal merchandise from Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart and JC Penney in Lakeland.

According to their affidavits, the "ringleader" of the group is Tina Morrison, 46. She worked with seven others to steal roughly $6,700 of merchandise by entering the stores in the garden or automotive sections, putting items in shopping carts and taking them to return counters for gift cards in exchange for the fake returns. Then, they would use the gift cards to purchase merchandise and pawn that merchandise for cash at various pawn stores. Each theft, use of the gift card, and pawn transaction would often occur within a one-hour time frame. During each return, the suspects provided store personnel with person identification cards, like driver's licenses and during each pawn transaction, the suspects provided pawn brokers with fingerprints and signatures. fox13news.com

Mulberry , FL: Polk County Sheriff's Department seeking 2 Walmart Cigarette Thieves
On Monday, October 2, 2017, around 5:00 a.m., two unknown males entered Walmart in Mulberry and selected two blue totes. The two suspects proceeded to the cigarette area where they began to fill the totes with cigarettes. An employee observed the suspects and approached them to deter the theft, however, the suspects fled the store with the merchandise. The employee attempted to grab the merchandise but was unsuccessful. facebook.com

Columbia, MD: Macy's hit by Grab & Run thieves
Two people are accused of stealing bunches of clothes from Macy's at The Mall in Columbia and running out. Howard County police released images of the suspects, showing them fleeing the store with hands full of merchandise. The theft occurred at about 10 a.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 4. foxbaltimore.com

Norridge, IL: Four Chicago women busted at Carson's stealing over $800 in merchandise
Four Chicago women were charged with retail theft on Sept. 30 after a Norridge police officer was dispatched to Carson's at 4:03 p.m. All 4 were charged with retail theft, a misdemeanor. They are to appear in court Nov. 3. A loss prevention agent told the responding officer he observed five shoppers conceal merchandise and exit the store without paying. He said Harlem Irving Plaza security officers stopped all except one. The stolen merchandise recovered is valued at $816.23. chicagotribune.com

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Shootings & Deaths

Neenah, WI: Two arrested in Shopko parking lot shooting, firearms and marijuana seized
The arrest of two suspects allegedly connected to a shooting in August, also yielded three firearms and more than 1,000 grams of marijuana, Neenah police say. 19-year-old Rico Harvest of Menasha and 18-year-old Anthony Pitzrick of Neenah are charged in the Aug. 6 shooting in the Neenah Shopko store parking lot. No one was injured in the shooting. Pitzrick was taken into custody on Aug. 10 and Harvest was taken into custody Oct. 4. The two face multiple charges, including first degree intentional homicide, first degree recklessly endangering safety and possession of a firearm as a convicted felon. fox11online.com

San Bernardino, CA: Man fatally shot outside liquor store; no motive

Robberies & Thefts

Yucaipa, CA: 7-Eleven Franchise Owner planned staged Robbery
A 38-year-old Hesperia man was arrested for his role in staging a robbery at a Yucaipa 7-11 in an attempt to defraud the corporation, officials said. On Saturday, August 12, 2017, Frank Edward Seville contacted Yucaipa Police to report a robbery at 7-11. Seville is the franchise owner of the store, and reported that an unknown female subject had just robbed him. Through the Police investigation, it was determined that Seville had planned and staged the robbery with a former employee; in an attempt to defraud the 7-11 corporation who refunded Seville the amount of money that he reported stolen. vvng.com

Charlotte, NC: Several businesses targeted in Union Co. 'smash and grab'
Nearly a dozen restaurants in Union County have been hit by a duo of smash-and-grabbers.
Surveillance video from several of break-ins show two people using a large rock or concrete paver to smash through the businesses glass doors. The two thieves then dash for the cash registers and are out of the buildings within minutes. wcnc.com

Pullman, WA: Two Washington State football players kicked off team after Walmart shoplifting incident
Pullman Police say they were called to the store by security around Wednesday evening after staff had detained the pair. 18 year old freshman defensive back Zaire Webb and 18 year old freshman wide receiver Anthony White Jr. allegedly went through the Walmart self-checkout without paying for all of the items in their cart. Police say that they tried to walk away with 225 dollars' worth of Walmart merchandise. khq.com

Columbus, OH: Masked Armed Robber strikes at Boost Mobile with a Mac 10 handgun
Columbus Police said a masked man, armed with what appeared to be a "MAC 10 handgun," robbed a northeast Columbus Boost Mobile Thursday night. The incident happened around 8 p.m. The robber demanded cash, employees complied and no one was injured. abc6onyourside.com

Davenport, IA: Two Arrested in US Cellular string of Robberies

East Lampeter, PA: Police seeking a man who stole a refrigerator from Walmart

Chico, CA: Police nab woman wanted in multiple identity theft cases; police recovered 6 loaded firearms from her car during arrest

Saratoga Springs, FL: Downtown Business Assoc reports an increase in Professional Shoplifters

Guam: Kmart Employee busted for $500 theft of merchandise


Arrests & Sentencings

Ordering Coke Takes On Different Meaning at McDonalds on the Night Shift
McDonalds Store Manager & Big Time Cocaine Dealer
Busted in "Operation Off the Menu" By NYPD

In an undercover sting the NYPD dubbed "Operation Off the Menu," cops busted a McDonald's manager they say sold thousands of dollars worth of coke from behind the fast-food counter, NBC New York reports.

Frank Guerrero, 26, had a pretty slick system for hooking up his clientele at the McDonald's in the Bronx. Prosecutors say he kept his drugs hidden in the restaurant's soap dispenser-the same move some folks used to sell coke out of a Papa John's back in June. From there, cops say he'd stuff the drugs into a cookie bag and throw the dessert in with an order of burgers and fries.

Guerrero, who apparently worked at the Mickey D's for eight years, was busted after he sold an undercover cop $10,900 worth of cocaine over the course of eight deals. Prosecutors said that during one late-night handoff, Guerrero sold 100 grams of coke and a helping of crack to the cop for $6,250. Once the cash had changed hands, the cop took a seat in a booth, and Guerrero allegedly served him the drugs in a takeout bag.

"Guerrero's conduct was so blatant, it would be comical if he weren't committing a serious narcotics crime."  vice.com

(Update) Allentown, PA: Fourth robber charged in KFC, CVS, Speedway stick-ups

Rochester, NY: Man sentenced to 36 years to Life for beating liquor store owner to death

Norristown, PA: Walgreens Armed Robber sentenced to 6 to 23 months in jail after he pleading guilty in May 31, 2017, robbery attempt with a knife

Corunna, MI: Suspects in Walmart parking lot slayings head toward trial


Colorado: Walmart Asset Protection Manager Indicted on 13 counts of Fraud and 3 counts of Money Laundering
Justin Manning, 40, is accused of filling out blank Walmart network checks and swapping them for cash in the store's register bags and then pocketing the cash. The U.S. Attorney's Office didn't specify how much money Manning garnered from his scheme, but said that "Manning is charged with three counts of money laundering for using cash proceeds derived from the fraud to purchase a diamond wedding ring set and a Toyota 4Runner and for transferring funds between accounts at a financial institution." Manning was employed from 2012 to 2015 as an Asset Protection Manager. Wire fraud carries a penalty of not more than 20 years in federal prison, and a fine of up to $250,000 per count. Money laundering carries a penalty of not more than 10 years in federal prison, and a fine of up to $250,000 per count. bizjournals.com

Norman, OK: Couple arrested, charged for making fake credit cards in metro hotel room

UK: King's Lynn, England: Argos Employee busted in $7,300 Refund Fraud

Joliet, IL: Rue 21 Employee Arrested for theft of $1,200 in cash, return fraud


Bomb Threat

Amarillo, TX: APD Investigating Second Party Bomb Threat at Westgate Mall




ACME - Newark, DE - Armed Robbery (bank inside store)
ARCO - San Diego, CA - Robbery
Boost Mobile - Columbus, OH - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Bloomington, MN - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Madison,, Wi - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Youngstown, OH - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Colchester, CT - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Groton, NY - Robbery
Dillons - Wichita, KS - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Jackson, TNL - Robbery
Famous Footwear - Albuquerque, NM - Robbery
Jurgens Jewelry - North Bend, OR - Burglary
Marijuana Store - Yakima, WA - Burglary
Perkins Restaurant - Fort Myers, FL - Armed Robbery
Shoe Store - Chicago, IL - Burglary
Speedway - Milwaukee, WI - Robbery
Tobacco Store - Springfield, IL - Burglary
Verizon - Gainesville, FL - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - San Diego, CA - Robbery
7-Eleven - Austin, TX - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Cape Coral, FL - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
17 robberies
4 burglaries
0 shootings
0 killings


Weekly Totals:
88 robberies
22 burglaries
4 shootings
1 killings



None to report.

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