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Art Lazo was named Director of Asset Protection - SSC Operations and Investigations for 7-Eleven.
  Prior to joining 7-Eleven, Art worked at Asset Protection Associates, where he was Director of Loss Prevention Solutions. He has held a number of other Loss Prevention roles throughout his career, including Senior Consultant for Protiviti Risk & Business Consulting, Regional Director of Loss Prevention for Sears Holdings Corporation and Regional Asset Protection Manager for the Home Depot. Art has worked in the LP and retail industry for over 21 years. Congratulations, Art!


"These tags are not made for popping"

Bloomingdales new anti-wardrobing tag still making news nationwide - even makes the Ellen Degeneres Show & another city's newspaper  Today the article appeared in Fort Wayne, In., paper and last week was a segment in Degeneres' TV show. Returning a party dress the day after a big soiree is getting harder to do. Instead of just tagging merchandise before it’s purchased to prevent theft, the Bloomingdale’s department store chain is keeping some garments tagged after they’re sold, too. The 3-inch black plastic devices are in visible places, such as the front bottom hemline, so they’re hard to hide when the garment is worn. Once shoppers remove the tags, which can’t be reattached, they can’t return the item. Bloomingdale’s, owned by Macy’s Inc., is using the tactic to combat a practice known as “wardrobing” – buying clothes and using them once – a form of return fraud, which the National Retail Federation estimates cost the industry $8.8 billion last year. It is a delicate balance of loss prevention and good customer service, and the relationship has to be handled with appropriate finesse,” said Rich Mellor, vice president of loss prevention at the NRF. (Source (Source

Newly-launched US Survey based on primary research into the systems, processes and strategies used by 100 of North America’s leading retailers  The survey, Volumatic Kount US Retail Fraud Survey 2013, was originally commissioned in the UK by retail consultants Retail Knowledge. It suggests that fraud is damaging retail in the US by $54 billion in one year. *. It provides a picture of the evolving fraud challenge for retailers, the organisers say. Shrink accounts for an average of 1.3 per cent of sales which translates at a total loss of $54 billion. Credit cards, used universally by retailers online, account for 83pc of all online fraud. The largest area of store loss for retailers is employees, accounting for 37pc of theft. Prevalence of returns fraud, by both customer and employees, now around 30pc of all shrink. Mobile sales channels are overlooked in fraud prevention strategies, despite 34 per cent of retailers having a mobile sales option available to their customers. (Source (Source

Return tracking and the consumer privacy issue - There are no laws expressly restricting return tracking  A recent string of media reports has focused on major retailers that track customers who return merchandise. While the plaintiffs’ bar and the media are seeking to transform return monitoring into a headline-grabbing consumer privacy issue, the practice is hardly new, it is certainly justified as an anti-fraud measure and any litigation or compliance risk should be mitigated by appropriate disclosures. There are no laws expressly restricting return tracking. With respect to return and exchange policies generally, they are left unregulated by most states. For the few states that currently regulate returns, the focal point is disclosure. (Source

North America owns 70 percent of mobile video surveillance market
By a vast margin, North America remains the dominant sales region for mobile video surveillance equipment, according to a recent report from IHS, a global market research firm. In 2012, the Americas contributed $346.6 million in revenue, good for 70 percent of the global share. The lion’s share of this revenue comes from the United States and Canada, which together account for more mobile video surveillance sales than the Europe-Middle East-Africa region ($83.3 million) and the Asia region ($68.7 million) combined. “There is a higher acceptance of video surveillance within the U.S." North America’s market dominance is not expected to diminish anytime soon. (Source

Amid Corporate Crime Crackdown, Expectations for Board Rise
A growing expectation among U.S. enforcement agencies that companies investigate themselves when allegations of corporate misconduct arise and turn over the results means the consequences of mishandling the probe have never been larger. The officials said there are no hard and fast rules for when the board of directors should step in, but if there is any indication that a company’s senior management is involved in the wrongdoing, the board should conduct its own investigation. Even if senior executives are not involved, there are instances in which the conduct is so egregious that the board should be involved, one current Justice Department official said. (Source

Can you keep a secret?
According to Symantec, theft and misappropriation of trade secrets, customer lists and other intellectual assets is estimated to cost U.S. businesses $250 billion annually. Has the art of keeping secrets gone the way of online privacy? Here are five ideas that can help companies keep a cloak of secrecy over its latest developments. 1- Tighten your inner circle. 2- Consider secrecy agreements. 3- Watch competitors. 4- Understand the laws. 5- Develop Plan B. (Source

Dollar General Opens 11,000th Store

Publix makes move into Myrtle Beach and Pawleys Island S.C. markets

Accenture Study: Holiday Spending Expected to Increase by 11 percent

North America self-service kiosk transactions near $1 trillion
The dollar value of transactions performed at self-service kiosks in North America surpassed $822 billion in 2012 and should reach more than $1 trillion by the end of 2014. Self-service kiosks are currently used in more than 100,000 checkout lanes at North American retailers. In the six categories of self-checkout systems, ticketing kiosks, check-in kiosks, food ordering kiosks, postal kiosks and other retail kiosks. (Source

Facial recognition finding its way into mainstream retail
From L'Oreal using it to personalize a shade of makeup to a consumer's skin tone to a new point-of-sale tablet that sync people's facial emotions and personalized shopping. Facial recognition systems are finding their way in retail. Privacy issues or not the technology is here and will only grow. (Source

How to Stop Cargo Theft from Stealing Your Profits - Tyco Integrated Security talks to the issues - solutions and benefits  Don Hsieh, director of commercial and industrial marketing with Tyco Integrated Security discusses the $35bn problem and breaks down the numbers and myths. Then gives clear answers and solutions that can reduce and in some cases eliminate the loss and reduce insurance costs. A good security program yields the side benefit of better control over one’s supply chain. Companies that know precisely where their trucks are, and how efficiently they are being driven, are in better position to control their inventory and respond to service needs of the moment. Supply-chain security and risk professionals know the importance of remaining vigilant against cargo theft. The trick lies in spreading that level of awareness throughout the organization, most of all to drivers. In a time of tight operating margins, the cost of slacking off is simply too high to bear. (Source

Federal Reserve to Unveil a Redesigned $100 Bill
The Federal Reserve will begin circulating a new $100 bill on Tuesday with some modern and colorful anti-counterfeiting features, after overcoming problems that postponed its debut for more than two and a half years. In addition to traditional safeguards like a paper blend that would be difficult to duplicate, the redesigned note will have two new features: a three-dimensional blue strip with images that appear to move when the note is tilted, and an image of a copper inkwell containing a holographic bell whose color changes when tilt. (Source

Michigan State Rep. introduces card skimming prevention bill - making it a felony to own one  House Bill 5054 will make owning a skimming device, that steals information from the magnetic strip of an ATM or credit card, a felony. HB 5054 is part of a bipartisan five-bill package aimed at preventing card skimming. (Source

One final reminder for conference attendees – the discount reservation block on the hotel expires October 14th.  It was previously only to the 7th, but we got it extended. The website registration was down for a day or two, so if you had an issue registering online, it is back up and running. Also, please check out the updated agenda. We have some awesome speakers and training planned.

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Northern Michigan University, located in Michigan’s incredible Upper Peninsula, offers one of the only baccalaureate loss prevention management programs in the United States. It is offered completely online and accepts up to 92 transfer credits. An affordable investment into a dynamic and growing profession. Learn more here



Concerned employees can help prevent workplace violence
Speaking up and ensuring that employees who are struggling get the help they need is critical to stopping the scourge of workplace violence. It’s important for people to realize that workplace violence is a process — a way of thinking and behaving that can often be spotted early on. The idea that employees strike without warning or clues is a myth, he said, as is the belief that homicide is the ultimate goal. The origin of workplace violence is usually a tension- or anxiety-based event or conflict. It can be a single major event or several minor events that add up in the employee’s mind. The employee may blame others for the problem but will often try appropriate avenues for a solution, such as filing a complaint, grievance or lawsuit prior to an episode of workplace violence. At some point, the idea originates that violence is the solution. After that will come the clues that a violent act is being carefully thought out and logistically prepared. Early warning signs can include obsessions and fixations, as well as continued discussion of perceived threats of harm, rejection or abandonment. The problem can be exacerbated if the employee has poor coping skills or no social support system. In time, the person might begin to see violence as the only solution. Sometimes, Clement warned, talk is just talk. lot of things turn out to be nothing,” he said. “Not everything turns violent. But getting people referred for help is critical. It’s the people who aren’t getting the assistance they need that pose the most danger.” Employees are encouraged to utilize the Employee Assistance Program. (Source

NSC 2013: Transforming EHS Performance Measurement through Leading Indicators  Leading indicators such as employee participation in safety, safety training and perception surveys could help EHS professionals prevent injuries and fatalities, and predict when they could occur. The Campbell Institute shared a new white paper titled "Transforming EHS Performance Measurement through Leading Indicators" at the 2013 NHS Expo. This whitepaper provides definitions of leading indicators and suggests ways in which leading indicators can be categorized. (Source

NSC 2013: The Four Fundamentals of Safety Success
At the 2013 National Safety Congress Expo, NSC CEO Janet Froetscher outlined the four fundamentals that are key to safety success: leadership and employee engagement, safety-management systems, risk reduction, and performance measurement. If your organization follows these four key areas, you will have an effective and successful EHS program for your employees and staff to follow. (Source



RILA & Cook County Regional Organized Crime (CCROC) Center Upcoming October Events

RILA’s is hosting two (2) October events for the benefit of the loss prevention / asset protection industry.


On Thursday, 10/10/2013, RILA is hosting a public and complimentary webinar titled "Public/Private Partnership: An Inside Look at the Midwest Regional Organized Retail Crime Center". This webinar is being presented by David Williams, Deputy Supervisor Cook County Assistant State's Attorney in the Special Prosecutions Bureau & Mark VanBeest Director of Global Security & Investigations JCPenney. Please join us and Register Today for the this very informative webinar on Thursday, October 10, 2013, 1:00 p.m. EDT/12:00 p.m. CDT

On October 29-30, 2013, the RILA Crime Against Business Committee will host an in-person meeting at the Cook County Regional Organized Crime (CCROC) center, for two days of networking, benchmarking and education. The Crime Against Business Committee is a forum for addressing criminal risks impacting the retail industry. The committee identifies emerging criminal trends, shares prevention and response strategies, develops leading practices designed to mitigate risks, and supports asset protection in their efforts. The committee is comprised of more than 40 retail AP professionals and collaborates regularly to address key challenges.

If you are interested in attending the Crime Against Business Committee meeting, please contact Garth Gasse, director of asset protection, at

The October meeting has all of the makings of another successful Crime Against Business Committee event. Retailers across segments will be represented at the meeting and the agenda is packed with relevant and timely content.

Among other key stakeholders slated to present, CCROC representatives will share their insights on their efforts to mitigate ORC. Additional presentation topics include retail case studies highlighting leading crime prevention practices to mitigate incidents and shrink losses. Attendees will have a unique opportunity to participate in a facilitated benchmarking session in which the group shares insights for addressing key challenges and concerns.

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Update: Paris Police apprehended 5 Roma Gypsies in latest Million-dollar smash and grab at Vacheron Constantin  French police believe Roma gypsy gang behind the heist, which saw $1.4 million worth of watches stolen from Vacheron Constantin store, Paris, on Friday. Five Eastern Europeans in custody today following midday raid. Robbery saw two well-dressed men enter shop before holding the doors open to a crowd of hooded accomplices wielding axes and smoke grenades. (Source

Office Depot former employee sentenced to 4 years in prison; stole $675,000 in merchandise 
Brenda Robinson, of Chicago, pleaded guilty in July to continuing a financial crimes enterprise for stealing about $675,000 in merchandise from the Office Depot in Carol Stream. On Friday, in addition to the four and a half year prison time, DuPage County Circuit Judge Blanche Hill Fawell ordered the 48-year-old Robinson to pay $300,000 in restitution. As a supervisor at an Office Depot store in Carol Stream, Robinson processed items returned as damaged or defective. But rather than send the merchandise back to the vendors, Robinson mailed items to herself or to another address where she could access the goods. (Source

Visalia, CA., police bust female trio check fraud, counterfeit money ring
Visalia police have arrested three people following a weeks-long investigation into a suspected check-forgery operation. They found 150 blank checks, 15 forged checks, an undisclosed amount of counterfeit money, 14 pages of identity theft profiles and five grams of methamphetamine. (Source

Jewelry store owner fights two hammer-wielding robbers
Simon Zouein fought for his life Sunday afternoon when two masked men armed with steel hammers robbed his Country Club Plaza jewelry store. "I knew right away when they entered the store wearing black masks,” Zouein said. “I tried to go for the door, but I could not.” Zouein said he fought with one of the men for several minutes while the other filled a bag with jewelry. “He tried to hit me in the head with the hammer, but I wasn’t going to let him. I fought him pretty good,” said Zouein, who said he’s owned the store for about 30 years. Zouein said passersby noticed “something strange going on inside the store.” The robber stopped fighting long enough for Zouein to run out. “I had to get out. My life was more important than jewelry.” They got away with one bag of jewelry. (Source

Adobe warns 2.9 million customers of data breach after cyber-attack
The computer software company Adobe has been hacked, potentially compromising the data of 2.9 million customers, the company revealed on Thursday. Adobe said "sophisticated attacks" had been carried out "very recently". "Our investigation currently indicates that the attackers accessed Adobe customer IDs and encrypted passwords on our systems," said Brad Arkin, chief security officer at Adobe. "We also believe the attackers removed from our systems certain information relating to 2.9 million Adobe customers, including customer names, encrypted credit or debit card numbers, expiration dates, and other information relating to customer orders." Arkin said he did not believe the attackers had removed decrypted credit or debit card numbers from its systems. (Source

Corpus Christi Walmart Evacuated After Fire, Robbery  A fire forces people to evacuate a local the Walmart on Greenwood Saturday around noon. Police discovered the fire was set on purpose to cover up a robbery. According to police someone lit toilet paper on fire in the grocery section. Fire crews were called out and evacuated the customers, during all the chaos police say someone armed with a knife robbed the bank inside the store. They grabbed the cash and walked out with everyone else. Police are still looking for the robber. (Source

Two suspects sought in Kansas City Plaza jewelry store robbery  Kansas City Police are searching for two suspects in the robbery of a Plaza jewelry store. Vinca Jewelry on the Plaza was robbed around 3:30 p.m. Sunday. The crooks made off with $300,000 worth of jewelry. Police are looking for two black male suspects armed with hammers. Vinca was robbed of $1 million worth of merchandise three years ago by crooks who cut through the wall into the store's vault. The case has still not been solved. (Source

Kissimmee robber of a Metro PCS store writes letter of apology
Kissimmee police officers released the identity of a man arrested on armed robbery charges of a Metro PCS store in Kissimmee. Efrain Lopez walked inside the store on Sunday, approached the clerk with his hand in his pocket and said, "Give me the money." The clerk said he did not see a gun, but assumed that Lopez had one in his pocket. Officers said Lopez fled the store with an undisclosed amount of cash. No one inside the store was injured during the incident. Investigators said they found Lopez next door at the motel. Detectives said Lopez, 34, was cooperative and he voluntarily wrote an apology letter to the clerks at Metro PCS. (Source

North Houston AT&T store robbed at gun point; two suspects apprehended  Two men robbed a northwest Houston AT&T store Sunday, but it didn't take long for them to get caught, and the merchandise returned. The robbery happened around 1:30pm at the AT&T store on Northwest Freeway. According to Houston police, two men ran into the store with guns and demanded that everyone get to the back of the store and on the ground. The suspects reportedly told everyone they would start shooting if they did not comply. Police said the men robbed customers of their cell phones, and then took phones and tablets from the store. The suspects fled the scene, but they were caught on the southwest side and taken into custody. (Source

Dollar General in Youngstown the scene of an armed robbery  Youngstown police officers are looking for two suspects who pulled guns during a robbery. The manager of the Dollar General on McGuffey Road said the two armed men walked in his store Friday night wearing bandanas over their faces. Both suspects showed handguns, and asked for all the money in the safe and register. They even took the manager’s wallet. The two men fled on foot, but a witness told police he saw them get in a car nearby. No one was injured. (Source

Iowa Woman Facing Burglary Charges at Former Workplace  
Prosecutors have filed charges against an Elkader woman for stealing from a convenience store multiple times earlier this year. Investigators say 45-year-old Tina Jerret is a former employee of The Store on Bridge Street. She allegedly took more than $10,000 in cash, checks and lottery tickets. Jerret has pleaded not guilty to felony theft and burglary charges. She is scheduled to appear in Clayton County District Court next month. (Source

Spartanburg Deputies seeking a Masked Man who robbed a Dollar General at gunpoint 
Investigators are looking for a suspect after a store was robbed by a masked man on Thursday night, according to the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office. The Dollar General on East Blackstock Road was robbed at gunpoint by a man wearing a skull Halloween mask, according to the sheriff's office report. Witnesses observed the suspect flee the store, no one was injured. (Source

Massachusetts Sporting Goods Store Owner to pay $22,000 in restitution for counterfeit goods  A Springfield store owner has been hit with fines in a counterfeit incident. 51-year-old James Dent was accused of trafficking counterfeit goods from his five stores in western and central Massachusetts. Those included Sports Zone at the Holyoke Mall, and Collectibles and Cards at the Hampshire and Eastfield Malls. Dent, who reached a plea agreement on the charges back in March, has been ordered to pay $22,000 in restitution, a fine of $6,000, and a $500 fee. Dent will also get 36 months probation. (Source

Fresno Jewelry Store Employee Tied Up During Robbery
A woman who works at a Fresno jewelry store was tied up during a robbery on Friday. The break-in happened at Don Roberto's in Fresno. Fresno Police say the robbery occurred as an employee opened the store. Officers say 2 men wearing bandanas over their faces walked through the front door and tied a woman up. Thieves broke the glass of one jewelry case and stole about 10% of the jewelry inside the case. Police say a security guard also saw the two men running and get into a car. The security guard followed the men, but lost them in traffic. The woman who was tied up is okay. (Source

Minneapolis-St. Paul airport employee charged with 10 felony counts, stole 716 items from checked baggage 
The investigation began in October 2012 when a passenger reported that he discovered his compound bow and electronics had been stolen from his checked luggage. Airport police installed hidden cameras in the areas where they believed the items were stolen. Footage revealed that Vang was removing items and hiding them until the end of his shift. Police searched Vang’s apartment, where they found 716 items in labeled boxes ranging from iPads, cameras and purses to cigars and hunting gear. Four handguns and six long guns also were found. The stolen items were valued at $84,000. (Source

Retailers Alert – Diamond Switching team hitting Texas.
A couple enterer a Zale’s store in Fort Worth on Saturday at 5:40pm and made off with a $7299 1 ct Princess Cut solitaire ring. The couple had asked the ring, then gave it back to the associate then left the store. Later, the associate tested the stone to find it was a cubic zirconia stone, with fake Zale’s price tag attached. The same couple is believed to have hit other jewelry stores in Texas.

Atlanta’s Kay Jewelers store robbed of $300,000 in merchandise.  After tying employees’ hands behind their back, an armed robber grabbed a set of keys and helped himself to $300,000 worth of jewelry Wednesday morning in Atlantic Station. After tying employees’ hands behind their back, an armed robber grabbed a set of keys and helped himself to $300,000 worth of jewelry Wednesday morning in Atlantic Station. Officers searched the area for the suspect, but were not able to locate him. (Source

Walgreens in Des Moines robbed at knife point; suspect breaks his knife.
Early Saturday morning the cashier of a Des Moines Walgreens was approached by a young man with a knife. The man approached the cashier and demanded all of the money in her register. In her fear, the cashier was slow to respond, and the suspect became agitated, yelling, “Hurry up,” and “Faster,” the report said. Eventually, the suspect slammed the knife on the counter, breaking the blade from the handle. The man retrieved all the cash from the register and fled. No one was injured, during the robbery, another employee called 911. (Source

Two Rockford men charged with felony burglary for Walmart Computer theft.  Dixon, Illinois police arrest two men this morning for theft at Walmart. Terry Deberry and Vincent Sanders both of Rockford have been charged with felony burglary. Police said the men just walked out of the store with three desktop computers worth around $2,500. Their vehicle was spotted later on the freeway driving towards Rockford. (Source



Kaba Access & Data Systems Americas Announces
Key Executive Promotion

Kaba Access and Data Systems Americas, a leader in security solutions, announces the promotion of a key executive in their sales division.

Steve Wolf has been appointed to the position of Senior VP, Sales for the Americas. In this new role, Steve will lead the North American sales and business development teams responsible for access control, safe locks, embedded access and physical access systems. Additionally, he will oversee Kaba’s sales teams responsible for developing sales in Central and South America for the full ADS-Americas product portfolio.

With offices in both Lexington, Kentucky and Winston-Salem, North Carolina, KABA ADS Americas is a subsidiary of the Kaba Group (SWX-KABN). The Kaba Group is headquartered in Rumlang, Switzerland with over 7,500 employees in nearly 60 countries. KABA ADS Americas offers comprehensive solutions for security at access points to buildings, containers, as well as for recording personal and enterprise data. Kaba’s products utilize the latest technologies including remote access, biometrics, wireless, and GPS. Our brands include Kaba®, LA GARD, Simplex, PowerPlex, and E-Plex. Please visit us at:

Tasha Birdwell
(859) 977-3512


New ORC task force bust Lakeland, FL., ORC ring operating "Amazon room" - closes 20 cases - more coming?  A brand new task force working to crack down on organized retail theft appears to have hit the jackpot on their very first set of arrests. It started with a tip with detectives receiving information about stolen items from stores like Target and Walmart being sold on Amazon out of a home in the Jordan Heights neighborhood north of Lakeland. Detectives sent in undercover deputies who say they made contact with 25-year old Timothy Sizemore, who not only offered to buy stolen merchandise, but bragged about his ability to circumvent store security locks. Deputies say Sizemore was working with 35-year-old Kristine Hackett, who would then sell the items out of her home on the website They busted down the door and came in and arrested Kristy," said Donna Hackett, who tells 10 News she had no idea her daughter was selling allegedly stolen items out of her home. No I didn't! I knew she did Amazon, but I had no idea this was going on." Donna invited 10 News cameras inside, where we found packets of DVDs still waiting to be mailed, and what Kristine referred to as the "Amazon Room" filled with shelves of Blue Ray DVD's, electronics, toys and other items possibly stolen. She goes to flea markets, she goes to pawn shops and this is what she did every free time she had." As a result of this investigation the Sheriff's Office says it's closed out 20 different retail theft cases across Hillsborough, Pasco and Polk Counties. And detectives say the investigation in not over. (Source

Two suspects busted with 23 re-encoded credit cards hitting Wal-Mart, Meijer's, and Bloomingdales stores in ILL. & Ind.  Glenwood Detective Tom Morache said police had been obtaining surveillance video and receipts since its investigation on the pair began Aug. 13. He said that when they were arrested on Sept. 26, Morris and Taylor had in their possession a total of 23 re-encoded credit cards. He said one of the re-encoded cards obtained by police on Sept. 26 had been swiped for "about eight or nine thousand dollars" on Sept. 24 between Walmart and Meijer stores in Aurora, Bloomingdale, Naperville and Oswego. "What they would do is they would get gift cards and then were selling the gift cards." (Source

“Protection 1 is proud to be sponsoring the D-D Daily ORC column to ensure the LP industry gets the information, education and critical data they need to fight this national epidemic.”
Rex Gillette, VP Retail Sales, Protection 1.

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Vendor Spotlight

New Braunfels, TX - Detex's improved Outdoor Area System offers gate and door security ideal for retail buildings that have areas exposed to the weather, such as garden centers, restaurant patios, and lumberyards.

Detex Corporation now offers a life safety and security hardware system, such as weatherized delayed egress hardware, to prevent shoppers from slipping out with merchandise, designed specifically for retail buildings that have areas exposed to the weather. For garden center gates, restaurant patios, lumberyards, or building doors that at times stand open, the Outdoor Area System offers gate and door security without concern about hardware deterioration from exposure.

Certain retail applications require a combination of components, and the Outdoor Area System features a range of hardware designed for those needs. In addition, the system is scalable for more complex application requirements. Retail customers can select the exact combinations of components that suit their particular application and know that they will integrate easily with each other and function well in rain, snow and heat.

Other Outdoor Area System components include Detex access control devices that allow entry from an outside courtyard with a keypad or card reader and door prop alarms that produce an audible warning when a door is being propped or held open.

“Retailers can put together a system that keeps their premises secure in harsh environments,” said Ken Kuehler, National Accounts Manager at Detex. “Our weatherized components can take the elements without fail.”

About Detex Corporation
For more than a century, Detex has earned the trust of architects and owners who rely on Detex products for the life safety and security of people and property. A USA company, Detex designs, manufactures, markets and ships products from New Braunfels, Texas. Detex is known internationally for life safety and security door hardware, loss prevention and architectural hardware, integrated door security systems, and guard tour verification.

To learn more about Detex weatherized systems, e-mail or visit


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AP Manager in Training Walmart Pennsville, NJ Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Millville, NJ Wal-Mart
ETL Assets Protection Target Westbury, NY Target
LP Manager Sears Frisco, TX Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager in Training Kmart West Babylon, NY Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager in Training Kmart Middle Village/Queens, NY Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Sears Camp Hill, PA Sears Holdings Corp
District LP Manager Kmart Queensbury, NY Sears Holdings Corp
LP Operations Manager Family Dollar Charlotte, NC Family Dollar
AP Manager BJs Wholesale Club Westbury, NY BJs Wholesale Club
Director LP Dist Center & Refurb Operations GameStop Grapevine, TX GameStop

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Art Lazo was named Director of Asset Protection - SSC Operations and Investigations for 7-Eleven.
Chris Latter was promoted to Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Banana Republic.
Timothy Berry was named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Tuesday Morning.
Ryan Fay was named Area Loss Prevention Manager for Limited Brands.

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3 Weird Things Breakfast Does to Your Brain  They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but they failed to tell you when and what you eat is also important as it can transform how your mind behaves during the day. (Make sure you're making the most of your meals)

5 Workplace Irritations that Can Boost Productivity 
We spend the majority of our time at our workplaces, so it's to be expected that nuisances will begin to develop. President of LaSalle Network says these irritations could help you tap into different areas of your brain! (Sarcasm helps you problem-solve)

Last week's most popular articles--

Why We're More Creative When We're Tired, and 9 other Surprising Things About How Brains Work  It's amazing how our brains work, and what they can do; read these fun facts on how your brain works and how to use it best when you're at your desk or office. (Take a nap)

A Really Busy Person's Guide to Work-Life Balance  How do the men and women who take up the competitive careers with long hours balance their work and home lives? Some female neuroscientists commented on how to best accomplish this balancing act. (Sometimes you need all the help you can get)

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Developing your verbal skills and focusing on your specific word usage to convey messages is incredibly important for any successful executive. However, developing your ability to listen and hear what they're saying is just as important and in some cases may be even more so. It's great to be able to articulate in a manner that demonstrates your subject matter expertise, but it's even better if you can mold it and change it on a dime based on what you're hearing and seeing. And if you're too busy talking, you may just miss the entire conversation and say something that doesn't even fit. Active listening requires focus and attention and, as Abraham Lincoln said, "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

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Gus Downing

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