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News Brief - Sponsored by WG Security Products
Checkpoint and Alpha Solutions Featured on Food Network's "Thieves, Inc."
The recently launched TV show, Thieves, Inc., focuses on catching shoplifters and deterring future theft in specialty food, beverage and grocery stores. In a recent episode, after identifying shoplifting vulnerabilities at Buy Rite Liquors in New Jersey, Scott McDonald and Connie Ribble, the hosts of the show and resident security experts, recommended Checkpoint’s EVOLVE P10 EAS antennas and Alpha’s Bottle Caps to stop future losses. (Source


Thanks for all of your efforts
Leading the Academic Push

The Retail LP Industry - leading the way with college degrees - with approx. 20% having college degrees  According to our 25 years of collecting educational data in the retail LP industry our database of over 30,000 executives currently shows that we've almost reached a 20% mark of college educated executives in our field. Now, this includes two-year Associate Degrees as well, and reflects well over a 25% increase over the last 10 years. As our executive search firm business has been collecting this data since 1983 we can with a certain degree of confidence make the above comment. Given the very recent article in security director news this week entitled "Help for 86 percent of security pros without higher degrees" we can then say that the retail LP industry is in fact leading the way in the overall security industry. With a statement in that article saying "The security industry is one of the largest industries lacking people with college degrees, said Jeff Hawkins of American Military University. Of the 1.2 million security professionals in the country, just 14 percent have graduated from college, according to recent studies, he said." And adding to that statement they also say, “A 2005 ASIS study found 80 percent of employers require a college degree for even entry-level security manager positions. Versus 14 percent of people in the industry with college degrees, that’s a wide disparity,” Hawkins said." Now their article talks about how ASIS has developed an online certification course that focuses on business acumen and can lead to an MBA. Similar to what the LP Foundation has done with their certification program. So everyone is focused on increasing academic standards and offering various tools to allow executives to continue their education. From an academia standpoint, Northern Michigan University is really the leader in the U.S. for engaging, interacting and assisting the retail Loss Prevention industry, with Dan Faketty, VP of Asset Protection at Winn-Dixie and Bob Hanson - Loss Prevention Coordinator Associate Professor at Northern Michigan University truly leading the way in driving the academic push and designing a specific Applied Associate Degree in Loss Control. Obviously we've made some great strides over the last ten years and while the industry has a long way to go, we've also made some significant progress in raising the academic level in our industry, and with a number of retailers now mandating college degrees for either executive employment or for internal promotions, we'll hopefully see this number continue to increase. We'd like to congratulate the Loss Prevention Foundation and Dan Faketty and Bob Hanson for making such an impact and difference in our industry. (Source

Is Active Shooter Training Enough?
So, is active shooter training enough? Nope, not by a long shot. The likelihood of an active shooter, or the “black swan” event, is rare. What isn’t rare, and actually on the rise, are workplace violence related homicides. According to the Violence Prevention Coalition, homicide was the third leading cause of occupational deaths in the United States in the year 2000. It was the leading cause of death for women in the workplace. So what are we missing? While any kind of workplace violence prevention program is a good thing, let’s not forget one of the most critical elements of prevention – leakage. Every workplace violence event in our country, whether it was active shooter or single homicide had similar characteristics – someone saw something or someone heard something. It was those red flag triggers we heard after the fact. It was the Facebook posting we heard about later, the threatening comments someone thought was a joke or the feeling someone had that something just wasn’t right about a particular person but failed to report it to anyone. We could take a lead from the Department of Homeland’s Security’s marketing campaign to combat terrorism and terrorism related crime in our country – If you see something, say something. (Source

Overhauling senior management is necessary to bring about major change
Undertaking transformational change inevitably involves a serious overhaul of senior management to ensure a vision for the future can be successfully delivered. With the remaining team regarded as "the glue" that helps retain some of the heritage of the business. With a refreshed top team it is then essential to "bring back belief in the company." What is also essential in today's world is to empower young technology-literate individuals as they are vital for delivering on digital visions for the future. To this end Calver says he has brought in a 30-year-old to run Mothercare's CRM and a 28-year-old who is in charge of its app and mobile work. (Source

UK retail sales show weakest growth in September of the year - up 0.7%
During the month, online sales continued to perform well with sales of non-food products rising by 13.4% year-on-year on weighted basis. In fact, online sales represented 17.5% of total non-food sales in the month which was the highest penetration rate this year. "It has been the weakest growth so far this year if you exclude Easter distortions. Grocery sales have been particularly hard-hit. However, we have seen strong demand for children's footwear and clothing, benefiting from the back-to-school period, and the continued improvement in the UK housing market is beginning to make a difference in the retail sector, shown by a strong performance in home accessories.” (Source

What C-store Retailers Must Know About EMV
EMV is a set of standards designed to prevent counterfeiting of debit and credit cards that are accepted at the point-of-sale (POS), as well as ATM transactions. EMV chip-based payment cards, also known as smart cards, have an embedded microprocessor chip that contains the information needed to use the card for payment, and is protected by various security features. These security features make chip cards a more secure alternative to traditional magnetic-stripe payment cards. EMV payments add dynamic security data to the transaction stream, authenticating that the card is physically present at the POS. Editor's note: Great article for all retailers about the roll-out, shift in liability, and about the massive investment in new technology required to fully integrate this change. (Source

Tablets are making cash registers a thing of the past
More stores are using tablets as point-of-sale terminals, says a new study. The report, “Tablets at Checkout, a True Disruptor,” forecasts the number of tablets affixed at checkout counters and used as payment terminals at U.S. stores will rise from 80,000 today to 2.2 million by 2016. In addition to affixed tablets, a growing number of retailers are giving sales associates tablets to check customers out anywhere in the store. (Source

Urban Outfitters plans $200 million expansion and 2,500 jobs

OfficeMax introduces new services center

HoneyBaked adding 10,000 seasonal associates

CVS and 7-Eleven participating in new American Express cash-load program

J.C. Penney Sees Improving Sales Trends - same store sales only down 4% in Sept. - big improvement  At stores opened more than a year, sales fell 4% last month, an improvement over the roughly double-digit declines in August and the second quarter. Over the last six months, we have made significant strides and are now seeing positive signs in many important areas of the business, in spite of what continues to be a difficult environment for consumers and retailers in general," said Chief Executive Myron E. Ullman. He acknowledged, though, that the company is "still in the early stages of the turnaround," and Penney suggested challenges remain, such as improving traffic at mall-based stores, weaker profitability because of discounting and fixing its home department. (Source

Data-Security Standards Set for Upgrade
Data-security standards for credit-card transactions are getting their first update in three years in a bid to protect consumers and businesses from the growing threat of cyberattacks and clever thieves on the ground. The new security standards are scheduled for release Nov. 7 by the PCI Security Standards Council, a body set up by the big credit-card companies. Its new standards take effect Jan. 1, leaving companies a two-month window to bring their data systems into compliance. That could be costly for some of them. (Source

Wireless carriers need to make changes to combat SIM-card fraud
U.S. carriers will need to adjust security tactics soon to combat an emerging threat in which criminals hijack SIM cards used to authenticate mobile phone customers on wireless networks, experts say. The fraud starts with criminals calling a carrier's customer and tricking him into divulging personal information. The data is then used to fool the company into deactivating the subscriber's SIM card and reopening the account on the fraudster's phone. (Source

FTC keeping a watchful eye on mobile payments
Businesses working in the mobile payments space should keep in mind that the channel follows the same legal tenets as brick-and-mortar stores, according to a high ranking official from the Federal Trade Commission. The 2013 FTC report, "Paper, Plastic, or Mobile," an examination of privacy issues in a mobile environment. Currently, the FTC is giving special scrutiny to payment card networks, hardware manufacturers and systems and applications developers in the mobile realm. Financial, privacy and security protection are the keys. Mobile payment providers have to be able to notify consumers of their processes. (Source

The Toll of Enterprise Cybercrime: $11.8 Million Per Year, 122 Attacks Per Week
A survey of 60 companies in the U.S. about the impact of cybercrime indicates that the annualized cost of dealing with cyberattacks of all kinds is now $11.6 million per year on average, up from $8.9 million last year. According to the report, the "2013 Cost of Cyber Crime Study: United States" based on extensive interviews by Ponemon Institute with company personnel, cyberattacks have become "common occurrences" with the companies that participated in the study reporting 122 successful attacks per week (up from 102 per week last year.) (Source

Progressive Grocer names Kroger - Retailer of the Year
The company is closing in on 10 years of consecutive quarterly same-store sales growth, an unprecedented achievement in the cutthroat retail food business. As part of its sweeping policy of “community engagement,” Kroger this year is celebrating the fifth anniversary of its Perishable Donations Partnership, having donated the equivalent of 175 million meals to needy families through the program it launched as a component of its long alliance with Chicago-based Feeding America. For the second time in five years, Progressive Grocer has chosen to honor Kroger as its 2013 Retailer of the Year – an honor rightly deserved for the aforementioned achievements, as well as for the company’s continued strides in shopper experience, sustainability and talent development. Editors note; And in that same five year period Karl Langhorst, Dir of Loss Prevention, CPP, CFI, has built a corporate LP program basically from scratch and created one on the nations leading ORC efforts. Creating dozens of jobs, re-structuring the entire field LP program in all of their divisions and delivering the best shrink results in the company's history. (Source


Loss Prevention Professionals Have Entrepreneurial Side – With a Twist

Two loss prevention professionals have teamed up with a third friend (non-LP type) to explore their entrepreneurial side. Jeff Fulmer, Vice President of Loss Prevention for Barnes and Noble Book Sellers and Greg Hord, Director of Loss Prevention and Safety at Thirty-One Gifts spent many years as friends and colleagues at Lowe’s Companies. It was there that they learned they shared an affinity for movie quotes and testing each other’s knowledge of movies.

After many laughs and disputed superiority between the two, an idea was born to pass the obsession of quoting movies on to the masses. The idea resulted in the creation of a board game, titled “At the Movies; A Game of Movie Quotes”. The completion of the game was 6 years in the making and included the addition of a third partner and fellow-fanatic, Kyle Schmeck to the team, now known as Freeze Gopher Games, LLC.

The game is a contest to be the first player to move around the board by identifying the name of the movie based on the provided quotes and clues. Players have been known to use their best impersonations of the characters being quoted – which is a big part of the fun. The game has over 1000 quotes from films in 5 different genres including Comedy, Action Adventure, Thriller, Drama and Chick Flix.

For all of you out there that enjoy quoting movies as part of your daily vocabulary – this is the game for you! “At the Movies; A Game of Movie Quotes” is available at all Barnes & Noble bookstores as well as the Barnes and Noble website in the “Toys and Games” section. Also, please stop by our company website to learn more about our company and other upcoming games and merchandise.






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8 'felony lane gang' members arrested
Eight members of the so-called 'felony lane gang' have been arrested and charged in the Midlands. The 'felony lane gang' is a group of several men and women from Florida who were allegedly breaking into vehicles, stealing checks, identification, credit cards, and debit cards, and then taking money from the victims' accounts using the far drive-through lane of various area banks. Members of the 'felony lane gang' have been traveling throughout the United States for over 10 years breaking into vehicles, defrauding banks and victimizing people, the sheriff said. All of the suspects are from Florida. They have been extradited to Richland County to answer to the charges. The male ring leaders of the group are mainly from the Ft. Lauderdale and Miami areas, Lott said. They recruit females from Orlando area who are responsible for cashing stolen checks for a small percentage of the profits, which is normally ten percent. The sheriff said most of the females have past convictions of prostitution. (Source

The new trend - covering satellites with aluminum foil to spend unlimited amounts on stolen credit cards  A number of businesses have satellites on their roofs that communicate with credit card processing centers. These centers let businesses know if someone has reached his card limit or has a card with suspicious charges on it. Thus, by blocking the satellite, the crooks prevent the stores from stopping their unlawful purchases. The thieves in Kansas City are mainly targeting small businesses with the aluminum foil because businesses with large volume transactions are more likely to catch on to the problem. In one of the known incidents of foil wrapping, a thief used a fraudulent credit card to buy $1,665 worth of cigarettes from a neighborhood business. (Source

Serial robber & very dangerous - starts hitting retail stores in Dallas - FBI called in to help  There’s a lot of frustration at the Dallas Police Department as authorities continue to search for the person responsible for a number of insurance companies and now a retail store robbery in the Oak Cliff and Buckner Boulevard areas. Police have been increasingly concerned about the robber who they say has been very aggressive in some of the cases. The situation is so serious, DPD now has the assistance of the FBI and they’re also asking to public to help identify the criminal, before someone gets seriously hurt. A surveillance camera caught the robber walking into a Metro PCS store this past Sunday. He went into the southwest Dallas location with his gun raised. A witness remembers the man yelling, “Nobody move and give me all the money." The same man who robbed the cell phone store has been linked to a dozen different robberies around town. But the robbery on Sunday was different; this time police say he broke his pattern. Since July, police had relied on the fact that the suspect primarily hit insurance offices, during the week, and around midday. (Source

Lancaster, Pa., man busted hitting Giant Foods multiple times for meats and energy drinks - possible ORC?  Pedro Lebron-Ortiz, 40, of the 300 block of S. Prince Street, was arrested Oct. 2 and charged with retail theft for shoplifting incidents at the Giant food store on N. Reservoir Street between August 16 and August 26, police said Monday. (Source

Ann Arbor Kay Jewelers hit with a $14,000 grab and run

A suspect approached a sales clerk asking about diamond solitaire rings. Once the sales associate pulled a 1.48ct ring valued at $13,999 from the showcase, the suspect grabbed the ring and fled the store. A description of the suspect and his vehicle was reported to the Ann Arbor Police.

Two Men Found Guilty of Murder in shooting at a shoe store in Gates, NY 
A state Supreme Court jury Monday found two men guilty of fatally shooting a Rochester teen and robbing several others last summer outside a Gates shoe store. The two suspects were found guilty of one count of second-degree murder, three counts of first-degree robbery and two counts of attempted first-degree robbery, all felonies. Both men were charged in connection to Montre Bradley's death on Aug. 31, 2012. Bradley, 19, and several others were waiting outside the Chili Avenue store to buy $220 Nike Foamposites sneakers. Bradley refused to hand over any property, which led to a fatal struggle before the pair ran from the scene. (Source

Beaufort Police seeking 2 suspects in armed AutoZone robbery 
Two men robbed an AutoZone store at gunpoint Sunday night in Beaufort, according to Beaufort Police. Two employees of the AutoZone on Boundary Street were closing the store around 9 p.m. when two men wearing masks and brandishing handguns entered the store. The men ordered the employees to turn over the store's money and to kneel down in a room in the back of the store, the release said. While the two men were in the store, a customer entered and was also ordered to the back of the store. An employee called police once the men left the store.

Michigan man pleads guilty to $300,000 diamond theft in Fayetteville
Jason Warren Stallcup, 40, of 1435 S. Cedar St. in Owosso, Mich., was to be tried starting Monday in U.S. District Court but opted to accept a deal with prosecutors and change his plea. Stallcup robbed the Romance Diamond Co., on Dec. 15, 2008. Stallcup entered the business about 10:30 a.m. the day of the robbery carrying a large green gift bag, according to police. He reportedly pulled a gun from the bag and demanded two employees fill the bag with jewelry. Stallcup used zip ties on a customer and employees. (Source

Family Dollar killer pleads not guilty in Milwaukee 
26-year-old Jason Wandick is facing criminal charges for allegedly killing a store clerk at a south side Family Dollar during a robbery attempt. During his preliminary hearing Wandick pleaded not guilty. According to the complaint, Wandick shot Melendez in the head, at close range, during an August 6th robbery at a Family Dollar. Wandick told the 29-year-old Mikal Jones, the getaway driver, the gun just went off. (Source

Thieves Steal More Than $500,000 In Merchandise From UPS Trailers in Memphis 
Police are investigating what may be a half-million dollar heist. Saturday, thieves broke into 16 trailers at the UPS facility on Carrier Street. Police returned to the crime scene Sunday to continue the investigation. According to a police report, the suspects stole electronics and clothing that may have been valued at $500,000. Investigators don’t have a description of the burglars. A UPS representative confirmed the theft, but indicated that fewer than 100 packages were stolen. (Source

Robbery suspect flees Macys after alleged attack on LP Agent
A Hamden woman remains in custody after she allegedly stole a jacket from Macy's, attacked the agent attempting to detain her and led police on a highway chase. Tasha Williams, 33, was not able to post her $100,000 bond following her arraignment. Williams took a jacket worth $180 from Macy's on Thursday, and sprayed a store agent in the face with pepper spray as he tried to stop her. She also took a metal object from her pocket, told the agent it was a knife and tried to stab him with it. Williams drove away, but police officers spotted her car and attempted to pull her over. Nelson got on I-95 and threw stolen merchandise as she drove. The suspect was eventually stopped in West Haven. (Source

Georgia man is nearly run over trying to stop vehicle carrying Home Depot shoplifters 
Eric Mowry observed two suspect running from The Home Depot in Calhoun with a cart full of power tools and high end facets, so he tried to stop them..Mowry is not a Home Depot employee or a police officer, just a concerned citizen who didn’t want the bad guys to get away. (Source

Ohio woman pleads not guilty to striking a Loss Prevention agent with a car
An Ashland, Ohio woman plead not guilty to hitting a Loss Prevention agent from Buehler’s with her car as she attempted to flee from apprehension for shoplifting. Christina Wolf will now go to trial on December 23 facing charges of robbery, a third-degree felony punishable by three or more years in prison. The Loss Prevention agent was not seriously hurt. (Source

Female Shoplifting Suspects Leave Infant Behind at Wegmans In Cherry Hill
Sunday, two female shoplifting suspects left behind a infant after being confronted by security at a Cherry Hill store. Authorities say 24-year-old Kristi Kline and 30-year-old Christine Frater ran from the store and left behind Kline’s eight-month-old son, along with the stolen merchandise, inside a shopping cart. Officers from the Cherry Hill Police Department arrived and took Kline and Frater into custody in the Wegmans parking lot. (Source

Dollar General robbery suspects captured in Columbus, Georgia
Two people wanted in connection to last week's robbery of a Columbus business have been captured. Police have arrested 19-year-old Darius Foster and 21-year-old Yolanda Lee on charges of armed robbery. The pair allegedly held up a Dollar General store on Victory Drive in Columbus. The pair allegedly held a clerk at gunpoint and demanded money. It's still unclear how much money the pair got away with. (Source

Florence man commits another burglary five days after posted bond
Jeffery Albertson, 48, of Tuscumbia was arrested early Sunday morning and charged with burglary, theft, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Florence police responded to an alarm at Shan Convenience Store on Huntsville Road around 1:30 a.m. Officers located Albertson a short distance away from the store. Albertson was charged after an investigation. Police said Albertson’s arrest came only ten days after similar charges were filed against him for burglary and theft. Officers said Albertson was arrested on Sept. 26 and charged with a burglary at the Dollar Store on Huntsville Road. He posted bond and was released on Oct. 1.

St Louis Store owners installing barricades to stop smash & grabs  As of last week, there have been 21 smash and grabs in The City of St. Louis since April. Steel bollards, they are filled with concrete and sunk into three feet of concrete and placed in front of buildings to protect them from cars. The owner of St Louis Jewelry recently had over a dozen bollards installed around his building. (Source

Police in Central Ohio searching for suspects in several Verizon store burglaries  Police burglary detectives are looking for who is responsible for breaking into several Verizon stores around Central Ohio. This morning, one burglary occurred just after 3:30 a.m. on South Hamilton Road. Police do not have anyone in custody, but say this is similar to several other Verizon store break-ins overnight n the Polaris area, Westerville, downtown Columbus. (Source

The Daily would like to welcome and thank Sony for sponsoring the retail Crime column and allowing our team to bring you the retail crime news.



Free StopORC Webinars to Offer Loss Prevention Foundation CEU Credits

Rancho Cucamonga, CA – October 2013 – In a continuing effort to provide essential educational resources to loss prevention professionals on organized retail crime (ORC), the StopORC webinars, sponsored by Universal Surveillance Systems LLC (USS), will now offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in partnership with the Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF).

CEU credits for StopORC webinars will provide loss prevention professionals who are LPCertified (LPC) with credits to help meet the 20 CEU annual education requirement for recertification. LPC is an advanced certification for loss prevention managers, directors, and vice presidents who demonstrate a high degree of skill and knowledge in the loss prevention field.

“StopORC is providing excellent opportunities for loss prevention and law enforcement professionals to obtain quality ORC education. That is why LPF has approved and endorsed their webinars for continuing educational credits for our LPC certified professionals,” said LPF President, Gene Smith.

Adel Sayegh, founder of StopORC and USS President/CEO, said, “StopORC was created to actively target ORC and combat theft on a global level. We are delighted to join forces with LPF as we work together to accomplish a similar mission.”

The next StopORC webinar will be held on October 30th. To register, click or call 1-800-488-9097 for more information.

Scott Richardson
Corporate Communications Manager
Universal Surveillance Systems


Florence, S.C. Police arrest 10 in ORC shoplifting ring  Florence Police have arrested several people in what they're calling a shoplifting ring that cost several area stores about $30,000 in total losses over the past two years. Florence Police Maj. Carlos Raines said authorities became aware of the multiple shoplifting cases after tying together a series of events and thefts. Raines said some members of the group would steal items from big box retailers, then have other members of the group return the items in exchange for gift cards. He said that others in the shoplifting ring would then sell those gift cards to two Florence pawn shops for half of their value. Raines said that prescription drug addiction was the motive for at least some members of the group in the shoplifting cases. Florence Police say the investigation into the shoplifting ring continues and say that more arrests are possible. (Source

4 1/2 years for woman who stole $675,000 worth of returned merchandise
A woman who “fattened her own piggy bank” by stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars of returned merchandise at an office supply store was sentenced today to four and a half years in prison, DuPage County prosecutors said. Brenda Robinson, 48, of Chicago, may have diverted more than $675,000 worth of merchandise over a five-year period before she was arrested last year, officials said. (Source

Two Cuban nationals busted in Beachwood, Ohio, using fake credit cards to purchase thousands from area malls  Alexy Aguilera, 33, of Doral, Fla., and Anders Jose Garcia Borrero, 33, of Miami, entered no plea through a Spanish interpreter at their initial appearance Tuesday in Shaker Heights Municipal Court. They were both charged with one count of fifth-degree felony forgery. Bonnero, records say, has been charged with similar crimes in Florida, including for having someone else's identification, credit card fraud and credit card forgery. The case is complicated and suspect the duo made at least $1,000 in fraudulent purchases at the Beachwood mall from the Sunglass Hut and Sephora. Winebrenner said he suspects the duo made thousands more dollars in purchases from areas all over Northeast Ohio and elsewhere. Winebrenner said after they purchased the items, the duo planned to ship them to someone. (Source

Fencing operation - retail store - busted in D.C.
Stolen cell phones, laptops, cameras and credit cards - more than 500 items in all - were recovered from a D.C. store. And David Brown, 49, of Capitol Heights, is charged with trafficking stolen goods. Police say Brown was paying criminals for the items they stole. Thus far we've linked about 50 of those items to about 24 specific crimes that include robbery burglary and theft of auto. Brown owned a store where he sold the stolen goods, police say. He was charged in December 2011 with the same crime. (Source

Two busted hitting Lowes for over $7,000 in plumbing equipment in Wyandotte, Mi.  Southgate police arrested two Detroit men suspected of a retail fraud at Lowe’s. One suspect was able to leave with about $3,900 worth of items. The other suspect was unable to take about $3,500 worth of items because an employee blocked his cart, which tipped over. The vehicle they were busted in also was suspected in an armed robbery at the Lowe’s in Ypsilanti. (Source

Two suspects arrested after Wal-Mart shoplifting with multiple warrants outstanding on both in Milford, Del.  Two suspects, a 22-year-old Newark woman and a 21-year-old Chesapeake City, Md. man, were arrested by the Milford Police Department on Sept. 30 for shoplifting and fleeing police. Investigation revealed that Juditzki and Feaster removed merchandise from store shelves, concealed the merchandise in bags and fled the store, Young said. Juditzki and Feaster were both charged with possession of shoplifter tools, third-degree conspiracy, shoplifting under $1,500, resisting arrest and third-degree criminal trespassing. Juditzki also faces traffic charges. Both Juditzki and Feaster were also wanted on multiple warrants out of various New Castle County courts. (Source

Serial shoplifter busted hitting South Jersey stores - Shoprite and Acme stores in Cape May and Atlantic Counties  A Tuckerton man was arrested on Tuesday, Sept. 10 for an alleged series of thefts from stores across South Jersey, Egg Harbor Township Police stated. According to police, a loss prevention specialist from ShopRite filed a complaint with Officer Michael Finnerty on Aug. 27, claiming that an individual shoplifted a television from the store. The specialist also informed police that an unknown white male with tattoos on his right arm had been committing similar thefts from numerous ShopRite and Acme stores in Cape May and Atlantic Counties. After Hayek was arrested in Pennsylvania, he was transported back to New Jersey by Det. Robert Harte, after waiving extradition on Monday, Sept. 30. Hayek was lodged in the Atlantic County Justice Facility on several shoplifting warrants out of Egg Harbor Township, Hammonton, Sea Isle City and Lower Township with a total bail set at $57,500. He also had an additional warrant for $600 out of Cherry Hill Township. (Source

Silver Spring Township Police seek 2 suspects in Walmart thefts  Silver Spring Township Police said the incident occurred at Walmart in Mechanicsburg, at 5 p.m. Two male suspects exited the store with several hundred dollars in unpaid items. Both men got into a car together and fled the area. (Source

Bass Pro Shops in Harlingen arrest 2 shoplifters with criminal tools
Police arrested two suspects after a tip from a customer at Bass Pro Shops just before 1:30 p.m. Sunday. According to Harlingen police, the officer recognized the vehicle, driven by a suspect from a recent burglary at the shop. As police were speaking to the first suspect, a female suspect exited the store. The female noticed the officers, stopped and immediately began walking the other way. The female suspect emptied her purse in the back of a truck with almost $250 worth of merchandise from Bass Pro Shop and a pair of wire cutters she allegedly used to take the merchandise. Both were arrested, the female has prior thefts in Washington state. (Source

Finish Line Employee steals 200 pairs of Nike’s
Roberto Rivera, 20, of Oak Forest, was charged with retail theft Sept. 12 after stealing 200 pairs of Nikes valued at $1,000 over several months while employed at Finish Line at Orland Square Mall, police said. They said Rivera sold the shoes back to customers at a discounted price. (Source

Marietta police link two suspects to possibly 16 smash and grabs at Beauty Stores in Georgia  With the average beauty store smash and grab netting $60,000 in stolen merchandise, police in Georgia worked to identify at least two kingpin suspects. Joe Ford and Eddie Howard became the focus in possibly 16 hair extension smash and grabs, Ford was arrested this past Friday while Howard is still on the loose. Police believe Ford and Howard are part of an organized ring, both suspects will face racketeering, burglary and theft charges. (Source

“Protection 1 is proud to be sponsoring the D-D Daily ORC column to ensure the LP industry gets the information, education and critical data they need to fight this national epidemic.”
Rex Gillette, VP Retail Sales, Protection 1.

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Vendor Spotlight

Food Network's "Thieves, Inc." Finds
Checkpoint and Alpha Solutions Dramatically Reduce Shrink

The recently launched TV show, Thieves, Inc., focuses on catching shoplifters and deterring future theft in specialty food, beverage and grocery stores. In a recent episode, after identifying shoplifting vulnerabilities at Buy Rite Liquors in New Jersey, Scott McDonald and Connie Ribble, the hosts of the show and resident security experts, recommended Checkpoint’s EVOLVE P10 EAS antennas and Alpha’s Bottle Caps to stop future losses.

"The solution that we came up with for your higher end bottles are Bottle Caps. If they try to break the plastic [of the bottle cap], it sets off an alarm," Scott McDonald told interested store owners.



Connie Ribble explained, "Any kind of visible deterrent that you have where it looks like there's an alarm attached to it, serves as a deterrent for the whole store because it lets people know that that you are protecting your product."

Checkpoint's EVOLVE antennas, world-class product protection are aesthetically pleasing, robust pedestals designed to withstand the toughest retail environments. Their attractive, modern design easily integrates into existing store designs. Installing EVOLVE means retailers can benefit from remote maintenance and from the 360 RF technology, which increases aisle widths and improves detection by up to 25 percent.


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LP Manager Sears Phoenix, AZ Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Sears Texarkana, TX Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Kmart Willow Grove, PA Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Kmart Rapid City, SD Sears Holdings Corp
DC LP Manager Sears Memphis, TN Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Sears Enfield, CT Sears Holdings Corp
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Charlotte, NC Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Springfield, IL Lowe's
AP Manager Home Depot Bridgewater, NJ Home Depot
District LP Manager HomeGoods Phoenix, AZ TJX Companies
Market AP Manager Walmart Bentonville, AR Wal-Mart

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Chris Knobbe was named District Loss Prevention Manager for BCBG Max Azria Group.
Christopher Dangelo
was named Area Loss Prevention Manager for Nordstrom.

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5 of Tom Clancy's Most Inspiring Quotes  Tom Clancy did more than just write best-selling books, he also gave great advice to all kinds of businesspeople. Although he's no longer with us, here are examples of his inspiring attitude to use in your own organization. ("Victory only comes to those prepared to make it, and take it")

Why Your Employees Aren't Following You  As a leader it's important that you have and maintain a following, but what if you're out there alone? Consider these eight possibilities and make an effort to be the kind leader worthy of followers. (R-E-S-P-E-C-T)

Your Employees Are Lying to You. Here's How to Stop Them  As the leader or manager, you set the tone for your company. Your employees look to you as to how to behave, so don't fall for lying or not meeting the expectations. (Be open with the mistakes you make so your staff can see it's ok)

Why Bosses Think They're Stressed When They're Not  It's not to say that bosses don't feel stressed or overwhelmed, but they do have more control over how their lives are arranged, and that control helps you deal with and lessen stress. (Get control)

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What one writes, reads, clicks on, fills out, develops, downloads, views and listens to on the Internet becomes part of a permanent record, leaves a trail and opens up the gates for everyone. In today's world, "far away" is now sitting next to you, and if they're sitting next to you, what are they seeing? Caution rules the day.

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