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News crew goes on ride-along with Safeway's Rick Whidden and QFC's ORC Teams fighting ORC gang's targeting liquor in Washington State - Great Video and Great job Safeway!  Combating organized liquor theft in Washington state has become serious business and Rick Whidden, Safeway's LP Director, takes reporters on a ride along to see first hand how Safeway's and QFC's ORC teams work. Safeway's ORC team has busted over 100 cases and organized liquor theft has skyrocketed in Washington state. His team has been working behind the scenes to combat liquor theft in Washington since voters passed a 2011 ballot initiative to allow grocery stores and other retailers to sell booze. In this case, Whidden’s team partnered with QFC’s investigators to track liquor thieves. They followed and photographed the shoplifters hoping the trail leads them to the leaders of the crime ring -- the people who are buying the booze and re-selling it. Washington’s Organized Retail Theft law is seven years old. It allows for harsher penalties than a simple shoplifting case. But police and prosecutors have to prove that a person or several people are engaging in a pattern of retail thefts. Safeway, QFC and other grocery chains created their organized retail crime investigation units to help gather evidence for those cases. In less than three years they’ve busted 116 rings in the Pacific Northwest, helping police indict more than 200 organized crime suspects for stealing items like baby formula, detergent and teeth whitening strips. So the grocery stores have responded by running their investigations much like a drug sting. They watch and wait patiently and work with local law enforcement to develop a case. Editors note: Since the liquor laws were changed in Washington state there's been a huge increase in ORC activity in the retail stores selling liquor as evidenced by the cases we've reported here in the Daily alone. And given the fact that retail America rarely allows such news coverage, the problem has become so widespread that obviously the retailers want the public to know about the consequences of their legislative actions. And we're fairly confident in saying that that's what drove the senior management team to allow this video to be shot. Now, certainly this is solely the opinion of the editor here at the Daily and should not be construed as any comments or remarks by anyone involved in this video or participating retailers. (Source

Family Dollar Deploys Checkpoint Systems’ EAS Technology to Improve Profitability  Checkpoint Systems, Inc. (NYSE:CKP), a leading global supplier of merchandise availability solutions for the retail industry and its supply chain, announced today that Family Dollar Stores, Inc. (NYSE: FDO) has entered into a multi-year agreement that includes the deployment of Checkpoint’s EVOLVE P10 ECO electronic article surveillance (EAS) solutions in all of its existing and future stores. The rollout in Family Dollar’s existing 7,900 stores is expected to be completed by December 2014. (Source

One in six shopworkers who suffer an assault do not report it
“For the last six years, Usdaw has surveyed shopworkers to collect information on the extent of violence and abuse they experience and to gauge their attitude towards the problem. Because of concerns about under-reporting this year, for the first time, we asked our members whether they reported what had happened to them." "17% of shopworkers who were physically assaulted in the workplace did not report the incident, along with a third of those threatened and almost half of those who were verbally abused. This level of under-reporting of incidents is of great concern and my message to shopworkers is very clear, abuse is not a part of the job. We are encouraging our members to report all incidents of violence, threats and abuse to their managers and help get the issue tackled.” (Source

Paypal Expands Its In-Store Payment Offerings
PayPal will launch new technology called payment code that allows consumers to make purchases by scanning a quick response (QR) code on their smartphones. Customers can also alternatively choose to receive a short four-digit code on their phone to complete a purchase. (Source

NRF Calls for Immediate End to Government Shutdown

Retailers Predict Increases in Holiday Sales, Hiring and Employee Pay, Despite Continued Concern about the Economy, Hay Group Survey Finds

Men’s Wearhouse Rejects Bid From Jos. A. Bank

64% of Organizations Looking at Big Data Projects This Year
Gartner Monday said its survey of 720 companies asked about their plans to invest in Big Data gathering and analysis show that almost two-thirds are funding projects or plan to this year. For big data, 2013 is the year of experimentation and early deployment," said Frank Buytendijk, Gartner research vice president. "Adoption is still at the early stages with less than 8% of all respondents indicating their organization has deployed big data solutions. 20% are piloting and experimenting, 18% are developing a strategy, 19% are knowledge gathering, while the remainder has no plans or don't know." Editors note: Given this development and the underlying impact, benefits, and tools this will offer to the Loss Prevention industry the Daily will be announcing shortly a new partnership with a specific solution provider that will allow us to deliver the information, developments, and news about Big Data to the industry. (Source

Insider threats leading cause of data breaches in last 12 months
While threats to data security and privacy are often perceived to come from the outside, all signs point to internal threats being just as dangerous, intentional or not. According to Forrester's research, insiders take the cake as the top source of breaches in the last 12 months, with 36 percent of breaches stemming from inadvertent misuse of data by employees. Obviously, the issue here is ignorance; the study's numbers indicate that only 42 percent of the North American and European SMB workforce surveyed had received training on how to remain secure at work, while only 57 percent say that they're even aware of their organization's current security policies. (Source

Major Cybercrime Arrest in Russia - This is a huge development and may indicate that Russia may be getting serious about helping to curb this worldwide problem
Russian authorities have reportedly arrested a man believed to be the author of the Blackhole exploit kit, which is widely used by cybercriminals to exploit vulnerabilities in Web browsers and other popular software to infect user computers with malware. Some anti-malware experts portray the arrest as a major victory for law enforcement in the global fight against cybercrime. AVG estimates nearly 90 percent of all Web threats detected by its anti-virus software is related to Blackhole. Editor's Note: It's about time Russia does something about this problem. The Obama Administration should be applying a lot more pressure on them to clean this problem up as it is causing havoc in the U.S. (Source

13 suspected Anonymous members indicted for DDoS on high-profile sites
A grand jury in Virginia has indicted 13 men suspected of launching distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against the websites of major companies, including Visa, MasterCard and Bank of America. All were charged on Thursday with one count of conspiracy to intentionally cause damage to a protected computer. The charges stem from their alleged role in a “worldwide conspiracy” dubbed Operation Payback by hacktivist group Anonymous. (Source

Diebold goes global with NFC card readers for ATMs
With NFC technology, there's no need for the customer to swipe or insert a contactless card at the terminal, resulting in enhanced speed, convenience and security for users of the self-service channel, Diebold said in the release. Via NFC, the user interface can read contactless payment cards, mobile devices with NFC support, and other forms of contactless media such as fobs, stickers and tags. (Source

Illinois Police First in Nation to Use New Crime-Fighting App
Dolton announced Tuesday that its police department will become the first in the nation to use iALERTU, an application that allows residents to anonymously report crime in real time. In addition, smartphone users in Dolton who download the app will be able to send video and photographs, as well as text, to police who will be able to detect their location using GPS technology. "Just the fact that criminals know it is out there might prevent a crime. Anyone with a smartphone could be taking their photograph or a videotape and sending it to police." Of course, that could be happening now, with or without the iALERTU app. The big difference is that police could have access to a video or photograph as the crime is being committed, or seconds later. (Source

Most crime is committed by people at the bottom of the economic totem pole
The apparent relationship between low income, low education and higher crime rates has been well documented, although identifying the cause and effect is still a matter of debate. It is clear, though, that these states for the most part match the national trend. Of the 10 states with the highest rates of violent crime, eight have lower rates of adults with bachelor's degrees, and most of them had median income levels below the national figure in 2012. (Source

Going High Tech to secure trucks and trailers from Cargo theft
“You have more virtual eyes and ears out there on the road than ever before,” says Nick Erdmann, business development manager for Transport Security Inc. “When you look at all the systems available to fleets today – things like real-time communication, telematics and geofencing and monitoring systems for both trucks and trailers – they have more tools to help them fight theft than ever before.” But one of the most effective anti-theft tools Boehning has seen is a much more obvious low-tech method: a professional-grade padlock on the trailer doors. Walt Fountain, director of safety and enterprise security for Green Bay, Wis.-based Schneider National, advises fleets to attend one of several regional cargo theft prevention conferences where they can learn ways to improve their anti-theft measures and training and build a nationwide network for law enforcement assistance. (Source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Costco Q4 up 5% with revenue up 1%
Family Dollar Q4 flat with net sales up 5.8%


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Retailer selling counterfeit goods in two stores tied to larger criminal operation in Phoenix  Phoenix police detectives worked with retail representatives and Homeland Security agents during a five-month period and discovered that Castro was selling counterfeit merchandise at the ABC Discount store as well as the Park ‘n Swap store. Police research shows that the local counterfeit case may be connected to a larger criminal operation involving money laundering and drug trade. (Source

Six charged in Craigslist armed robberies in St. Paul
Eleven victims were held up at gunpoint after responding to fake ads for cellphones. Three brothers allegedly orchestrated seven armed robberies in St. Paul this summer that duped would-be buyers responding to fake Craigslist ads for cellphones. (Source

CVS employee in Westampton allegedly steals over 6,000 pills 
An employee at the CVS pharmacy was charged last week with stealing 6,220 prescription pills. Austin Summerville, 21, is accused of stealing the medication between December 2012 and Thursday. The total value was estimated at $3,525. Summerville was arrested by township police Thursday. After his arrest, officers found an undisclosed amount of stolen prescription pills in his vehicle along with a stun gun and a “small amount” of marijuana. Summerville was charged with theft, obtaining drugs by deception, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and several weapons offenses, including possession of a prohibited weapon. (Source

Family Dollar robbery suspect jumps in the river to flee Kalamazoo Police
A suspect linked to the armed robbery of a dollar store jumped in the Kalamazoo River in an attempt to avoid being arrested. It happened around 1:20 p.m. Tuesday at the Family Dollar in Parchment, according to the Kalamazoo Police. Family Dollar workers said a man with a knife stole cash from a register and then took off. A witness reported seeing the suspect get into a pickup truck, which a Kalamazoo Police later spotted . The driver continued to , where the suspects ran from the truck. One, the driver, then jumped in to the Kalamazoo River and swam away from the shore before following officers' orders and swimming back to shore. He was arrested on charges of fleeing and eluding and resisting and obstructing. (Source

Pittsburgh Jeweler gives his perspective on facing an armed robber  Two men held a Pittsburgh jewelry store owner at gunpoint, not for the merchandise, just the store’s cash. The owner of the Smithfield Street store thought the robbers would flee as soon as they grabbed the cash, they didn’t. (Source

Montgomery Police are investigating an Armed Robbery at Publix
Montgomery police are investigating the armed robbery of a Publix grocery store. The robbery occurred Monday night at Publix on Vaughn Road near Taylor Road. Police say the business was robbed of "assorted property." Montgomery police officers and a K-9 unit were seen searching in the area. No one was injured during the robbery, and no arrests have been made. (Source

West Caldwell Police seeking Radio Shack armed robbery suspect
Tuesday night at 9:30pm a suspect walked into the Radio Shack on Bloomfield, Ave, holding a gun and demanding “money and electronics”. After receiving undisclosed merchandise and money, the man fled the store and sped away in a van. Police declined to release any information about what was stolen or a description of the robber. (Source

Akron Police Need Help Locating Dollar General Robbery Suspect  Police in Akron are asking for the public’s help locating a suspect who was caught on tape robbing a Dollar General. In the video, the suspect is seen entering the Dollar General on Brittan Road around 9:15 p.m. on September 28th. The suspect, armed with a handgun, leans over the counter, and is seen stealing items. (Source

Marvin's ex-manager accused of stealing more than $8,000
A former manager of Marvin's Building Materials in Decatur has been charged with felony theft for allegedly stealing more than $8,000 from the store over the course of several months, records show. Brandon Lee Drake Owens, 23, is accused of stealing the money by conducting fraudulent merchandise returns, records show. The total amount was $8,012 stolen over a period of months in 33 separate transactions. The investigation was triggered Aug. 28 by a loss-prevention associate at the store who reported the possible theft to Decatur Police. (Source

Serial smash-and-grab burglary suspect arrested in New York 
A Milton resident was charged with multiple "commercial" burglaries in the towns of Marlborough, Newburgh and Poughkeepsie following an investigation that took place over the last few weeks, Town of Marlborough Police said via press release. David C. Mahoney, 43, was arrested on Monday. Mahoney was charged "in each event" with third-degree burglary and third-degree criminal mischief, both felony charges. A total of 16 charges were filed against him and other charges are pending further investigation. Mahoney usually enter the business by smashing a window; he'd then grab the money or the cash register and quickly leave the business. (Source

Gordon’s Jewelers in Oklahoma City the victim of a grab and run, $4000 ring stolen
 A man entered the Gordon’s Jewelers and asked to see a 1 ¼ ct white gold bridal set valued at $4269.00. Once the Associated removed the item from the case, the suspect grabbed the ring and fled the store. Surveillance image and description of the suspect was given to Oklahoma City Police.

Grab and run suspect flees Kay Outlet in Aurburn, WA with a $7300.00 ring 
At 9:00pm yesterday, a man in his 20’s with a pony tail and a cast on his right arm entered the Kay Outlet store in the SuperMall of the Great Northwest and asked to see a ring, saying he forgot the sku but described it to the associate. Once they found the ring a 2 CTW Diamond ring valued at $7299.00, the suspect asked about diamond solitaire earring. After looking at earrings, they went back to the ring showcase, the associate displayed the ring and the suspect grabbed it and fled.

Colorado woman flees after Dollar Tree Store robbery attempt 
Parker police are searching for a woman who attempted to rob the Dollar Tree store. The woman entered the Dollar Tree around 9 p.m. Oct. 3, selected items from the shelves and demanded money when she approached the cash register. The woman did not show a weapon, but told Dollar Tree employees that a man outside the store would inflict harm if they did not comply. The employees refused to give her money and the woman fled eastbound on foot. A Douglas County Sheriff's Office K-9 unit attempted to track the suspect and crime scene investigators responded to the scene. (Source

Loomis Armored car employee faces theft charges in Shreveport
A Shreveport woman has been arrested for allegedly stealing money from a business on her route. Lakeisha Davis, 27, a Loomis employee, was taken into custody Monday by detectives with the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office. Davis came under investigation after a bag she picked up from a local business was short $5,261 when it was dropped off at Loomis. Davis who was charged with felony theft was booked into the Shreveport City Jail. (Source

Middleboro man charged with robbery of Raynham Citizen's Bank inside Stop & Shop  Nicholas Teceno, 30, of Middleboro, was arrested Friday night for the robbery of Citizen’s Bank that took place the morning of Oct. 1. The unarmed robbery at the bank, located inside of the Stop & Shop supermarket on Route 44, took place as grocery shoppers unknowingly continued to check out and bag their items. No one was hurt during the robbery and no weapon was shown. Surveillance images show shoppers checking out at the grocery store in the background, apparently unaware of the robbery. (Source

Littman Jewelers in Naples hit with an early morning $200,000 burglary; suspects apprehended on random traffic stop
 At 3am, suspects entered the store through an air conditioning vent. The suspects uncovered high value showcases and smashed their way inside, grabbing 80 high end watches and bridal sets. Naples Police in the area conduct a traffic stop of the suspect’s vehicle fleeing the area; an undetermined amount of the merchandise was recovered.

Fayetteville Police searching for suspect in Family Dollar robbery
Fayetteville Police have identified Kentrell Brayboy as the man who committed the armed robbery of the Family Dollar store on September 24. Brayboy purchased some items, then showed the cashier he had a gun, he got away with an undisclosed amount of money. Police are still searching for the whereabouts of Brayboy. (Source

Suffolk County Police release surveillance video of last week’s GameStop robbery  Video surveillance captured a clear image of the armed suspect who robbed the GameStop store on Montauk Highway on October 2. The suspect demanded cash then fled the store, no injuries were reported. (Source




Family Dollar Deploys Checkpoint Systems’
EAS Technology to Improve Profitability

THOROFARE, N.J. – Oct. 9, 2013 – Checkpoint Systems, Inc. (NYSE:CKP), a leading global supplier of merchandise availability solutions for the retail industry and its supply chain, announced today that Family Dollar Stores, Inc. (NYSE: FDO) has entered into a multi-year agreement that includes the deployment of Checkpoint’s EVOLVE P10 ECO electronic article surveillance (EAS) solutions in all of its existing and future stores. The rollout in Family Dollar’s existing 7,900 stores is expected to be completed by December 2014.

For the past three years, Checkpoint and Family Dollar have been analyzing results in a number of test stores across the country. Based on the results gathered from these stores, Family Dollar is installing the EVOLVE P10 ECO solution, designed to reduce shrink and lower energy costs. Checkpoint's national field engineers organization and proven fast roll-outs in similar large chains was a component in Family Dollar's decision to partner with Checkpoint.

According to Per Levin, President and Chief Sales Officer-Checkpoint Systems, “We are thrilled to participate in the continued success story of Family Dollar. This is a proven program, with a significant ROI, so our focus is on speedy and efficient implementation. The program is also a strategic platform for future added value; the long-term partnership, therefore, is exciting for both companies.”

"As one of the fastest growing retailers in the country, we continuously look for ways to expand our assortment and offerings for our customers," said Chris Nielsen, Family Dollar Vice President – Loss Prevention. “We are encouraged by the success we have already experienced in our test stores, and I am confident that installing Checkpoint's system in all of our locations will deliver an immediate impact on our profitability by reducing our shrink and increasing sales."

Checkpoint's flagship EVOLVE EAS technology also helps retailers leverage real-time data for better store operational decisions. In addition, with EVOLVE ECO electronics, energy consumption is reduced by up to 75 percent over alternatives, providing significant operational cost savings. The investment in EVOLVE will serve as the backbone for Family Dollar’s product-protection program, leveraging Checkpoint's full suite of high-risk merchandise protection solutions.

George Cohen (for Checkpoint)
GCC, Inc.


New Las Vegas ORC Police Task Force Bust Swap Meet Vendors - Fencing stolen merchandise from ORC thieves  Half a dozen vendors working at the largest outdoor swap meet are facing felony charges after being busted by a law enforcement task force. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department received tips from local retailers that some of what was being sold at the swap meet had been boosted from local stores by organized rings of thieves. The wads of seized money pretty much explains why swap meet vendors would risk selling stolen goods right out in the open. It is immensely profitable. During a Friday night gathering at Broadacres, a few dozen officers, including undercover operatives, swooped into the swap meet to serve search warrants on six of the most egregious offenders. "They knew what they were doing, and it was only a matter of time before they got caught, but they were very surprised we apprehended them on that day," said Metro Sgt. Will Seifert. He is the point man for a multi-agency task force created to go after retail theft rings that have targeted more than 90 percent of local stores. Among the items seized were expensive women's undergarments which still carried the price tags from the stores where they were stolen. The task force is just getting started, but already sees how big the problem is. "An operation coming up on six months now, as a full-time team. In that time, we have arrested over 100 people for this, and they were responsible for about $400,000 in the valley, conservatively," Seifert said. "Five of the six are what they call long-term vendors, which means they didn't just buy a space that week," Seifert said. The ones busted in the recent raid are not newcomers. (Source

ORC thief gets 30 days in jail and 3 years probation in Door County, Wis. for one case and 6 months in jail for another case  Danielle N. Maley, 21, was part of a group who was hitting Target stores for DVD's and selling them at local pawn shops. She also had been busted in April hitting Kohl's as well. The thefts were repeated and large enough in losses to be reported to the Door County Sheriff’s Department, which obtained a search warrant and found about 20 DVDs she had taken earlier from Target. Other items were traced to Green Bay pawn shops. Several items taken while shopping with other suspects, including her mother, Angela Kostoff, were also found, which resulted in Maley being charged as party to a crime. Kostoff was also found guilty in both Door and Brown counties of misdemeanor retail theft. She was also was found guilty of retail theft from stealing from a Walmart Store in Green Bay in Brown County Sept. 17 for taking things May 28. Her two years probation in that case includes an order to have no contact with any store without notification in writing to store office that she has a conviction for retail theft. She was given six months in jail in that case. (Source

ORC gang of five women who hit James City, Va., Premium Outlets - 103 charges dropped - investigation ongoing - Part of a bigger operation?  A total of 103 shoplifting charges against five women were all dropped Tuesday in General District Court, but that doesn't mean the case is over. In all the women were accused of stealing $7,000 in merchandise. The Judge said that while all the charges may not go to Circuit Court, many may be brought back on direct indictment. On June 9 at about 6 p.m. James City Police were called to Premium Outlets because an employee at the Coach outlet reportedly witnessed the women putting merchandise into shopping bags, according to police. The women were detained and eventually arrested. Maj. Stephen Rubino with James City County Police said at the time of arrest it's believed the women worked in teams to draw attention away from an single individual's activity. He explained that they alleged used wire snips to take sensors off merchandise and had reportedly lined shopping bags with aluminum foil and duct tape in an effort not to trigger store alarms. Merchandise was stolen from Gap, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Coach, Children's Place, Levi's, Eddie Bauer, J. Crew, Ann Taylor, White House/Black Market and Banana Republic, according to Rubino. All items were recovered and returned to the stores. Josh Deford, assistant commonwealth attorney, wouldn't specify why all charges were being dropped although he did say the investigation is ongoing. Part of a bigger operation? (Source

ORC electronics gang of three busted hitting Wal-Mart stores throughout North Carolina for over $150,000  The three hit one store in Wake Forest for $10,000 in electronics in one day in July. They've charged one male suspect, James Branch in Henderson, who worked with a woman and "persons unknown" to take computers and cell phones. In all, he is accused of: six counts of felony larceny; two counts of attempted felony larceny; three counts of conspiracy to commit felony larceny; one count of aiding or abetting felony larceny; four counts of failure to appear; five bond-related violations; one count of larceny involving an anti-theft device; one count of shoplifting; and two charges of being a habitual felon. Police and sheriff’s deputies estimate Branch may have taken more than $150,000 from Walmart stores across the state. The investigation is ongoing. (Source

Pair charged with felony theft from Kingsport Town Center
Two people rolled out a shopping cart loaded with $1,500 worth of merchandise they did not purchase from Sears in the Kingsport Town Center. The pair also face theft charges in Bristol, Tenn., where they're accused of recently stealing a 46-inch television from Kmart. Shortly before 7 p.m. Monday, Police were called to the Kingsport Town Center by Sears Loss Prevention associates after detaining two individuals in the parking lot. The two suspects packed a shopping cart with a vacuum, power tools and other miscellaneous merchandise then pushed the cart out of the store without paying. Police say they also located $280 in stolen jewelry inside Alicia McCoy's purse. A report on the incident lists the total value of the stolen items as $1,513.16. (Source

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Vendor Spotlight

Industry leading Axis Communications’ Academy expands curriculum to include in-depth certification training, prep classes and Axis Boot Camp

CHELMSFORD, Mass. – October 8, 2013 – Axis Communications, the world leader in network video surveillance, today announced that the Axis Certification Program in North America surpassed a significant milestone by certifying more than 1000 industry professionals since January 2011.

“As the first professional, third-party proctored network video certification, the Axis Certification is a comprehensive indicator that the security professional has extensive knowledge of the latest IP video technologies, solutions and best-practice design and implementation techniques,” said James Marcella, director, Technical Services, Axis Communications, Inc. “We’re excited to hit our 1000th Axis Certified Professional in North America – but this is the first of many milestones on the way to ensuring continued industry competence in IP video.”

The Axis Certification Program, launched in 2011, was developed specifically for system designers and technical sales professionals and is an individual certification. The 70-question Axis Network Video Exam, proctored by Prometric testing facilities, focuses on five subject areas: networking, network video technology, system design, installation and Axis product knowledge.

"The Axis Certified Professional program differentiates us from our competition and sends a strong message to our customers regarding our commitment to quality and on-time IP video system installation and service," said Tony Varco, vice president, Security Division, Convergint Technologies.

Preparation, education and the launch of Axis Boot Camp

Axis Communications’ Academy offers a variety of classroom-based and online trainings along with tutorials and guides that lay the groundwork for individuals to become an Axis Certified Professional. The Axis North American training team also offers a one-day, instructor-led certification prep-course for those wishing to gauge their IP video knowledge before registering for the exam.

In 2012, Axis Academy in North America launched the Axis Boot Camp to offer participants the best chance at passing the Network Video Exam by developing a complete understanding of the five critical knowledge areas. This in-depth, instructor-led training includes four days of classroom education and, on the fifth day, attendees can take the exam to become an Axis Certified Professional. Axis Boot Camp attendees have shown a significantly higher pass rate than average on the Network Video Exam.

Value of recertification

Recertification demonstrates the Axis Certified Professional’s commitment to remaining up to date on emerging technologies and changes taking place in the security industry. Axis requires that certified professionals recertify their credentials every 24 months by retaking the exam, which is routinely updated. Recertification candidates must take the exam before their current certification expires.

Those interested in recertifying or becoming a first-time Axis Certified Professional can register online to take the exam offered by Prometric, a global provider of testing and assessment services. The Network Video Exam is currently available in numerous locations around the world at the price of $150 USD. For more details about the certification program and associated trainings, please see

Matt Flanagan
fama PR, Inc.


Domenic Locapo
Axis Communications Inc.



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Ignoring doesn't make it go away - it only makes it bigger

It doesn't matter what it is: a mistake, a difficult store manager or client, a bone-head move, or just about anything that would qualify under the heading of dropping the ball or just not delivering what they expect, demand, need, or are waiting for. Or maybe it's simply that one person that you just don't get along with and you know they're just waiting for that opportunity to shoot you for any reason whatsoever. So the natural human reaction is to ignore it, avoid it, and pretend it doesn't exist at any cost, going so far as to actually minimize it not only in your own head but with your co-workers and maybe even your boss. That is, depending on how far you can go with molding their perceptions and reactions, all of which is to merely reduce the negative impact when reality finally strikes. Because reality has a funny way of just popping up and becoming reality. The true issue is having the daily courage to face the negatives and problems we all have to face on a daily basis, because while the victories show our accomplishments, it's the mistakes they all remember and focus on that ultimately determines the distance we can go. With how we handled them and grew from them being the most critical part of all that even your adversaries can't ignore or minimize. So given the above, it's critical that you're always in touch with your weakest spot every day and trying to muster the courage to deal with it, resolve it, manage it, to do anything you can to make sure you've done the best you can each and every day. Because what you hide from today is going to bite you tomorrow.

I've been bitten so many times I might be a vampire by now.

Just a Thought,
Gus Downing

Gus Downing

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