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News Brief - Sponsored by WG Security Products

Lawsuits continue to mound at Amazon over 100,000 warehouse workers not being paid $100M while passing security  Workers at warehouses across the country are suing the online retail giant to collect wages for time they spent passing through security checkpoints designed to prevent employee theft. In lawsuits filed in Philadelphia and Luzerne County state courts, former employees at Amazon's sprawling fulfillment centers in Breinigsville and Hazle Township allege that workers are required to spend anywhere from five to 25 minutes waiting to pass through metal detectors at the end of their shifts and before meal breaks. The suits filed late last month and last week are part of a growing number of complaints against Amazon for employee theft-prevention practices that attorneys say violate state and federal labor laws. Others include a suit filed in federal court in Nashville, Tenn., last week on behalf of a woman who worked at Amazon's Chattanooga fulfillment center and others in Nevada and Washington. Attorneys representing warehouse workers who were required to clock out before passing through security estimate that about 100,000 people are owed more than $100 million in back wages and penalties for time spent on security lines. Amazon's anti-theft procedures have caused other problems for employees. Multiple false fire alarms in the Breinigsville warehouse forced workers to stand outside in below-freezing temperatures in 2010, resulting in a number of workers being treated for exposure, according to records from the federal Occupations Safety and Health Administration. Several workers who spoke with The Morning Call said they surmised they were not allowed to go to their cars as part of the company's theft prevention efforts, but said managers did not give a reason. (Source

TERRORISM: Connection with organized retail crime explored  Richard Mellor, the vice president of loss prevention for the National Retail Federation, testified Wednesday, Oct. 9, before the House Homeland Security Committee at a hearing titled From al-Shabaab to al-Nusra: How Westerners Joining Terror Groups Overseas Affect the Homeland. The Press-Enterprise had interviewed Mellor in June about the nationwide plague of thefts of Tide detergent. The detergent, a favorite of millions, is sold cheaply on the black market or traded for drugs. The thefts go beyond shoplifting into what retailers call organized retail crime, or ORC. Stephen Schatz, a spokesman for the National Retail Federation, explained in an email that the title of the hearing “is somewhat misleading.” “We expect that the hearing will go much broader. Rich will highlight the known connection between ORC rings and terrorism and how retailers partner with law enforcement everyday to prepare for and respond to emergencies,” Schatz wrote. (Source

Nordstrom Finds half-dozen Cash Register Skimmers
Scam artists who deploy credit and debit card skimmers most often target ATMs, yet thieves can also use inexpensive, store-bought skimming devices to compromise modern-day cash registers. Just this past weekend, for instance, department store chain Nordstrom said it found a half-dozen of these skimmers affixed to registers at a store in Florida. According to an alert circulated by the police department in Aventura, Florida, on the afternoon of Saturday, Oct. 5, 2013, three male subjects were captured on closed-circuit cameras at Nordstrom tampering with registers in the store. Authorities there say the footage showed two of the men worked to distract sales staff, while the third took pictures of the register and removed the rear access panel to the register and took additional photographs. “The subjects then return at a later date to recover the devices and create fake credit cards for fraud,” the Aventura PD stated in a memo describing how the thieves would complete their scam. “The connector was made to match the connections on the back of the register to include color match. Therefore, no one would have detected it unless there was a problem with the register.” The Aventura PD did not return calls seeking comment. Nordstrom spokeswoman Kara Darrow said the company believes the skimmer incident is limited to one store location. She said it’s not clear yet if any of the men caught on camera were arrested, or if they tried to return to the store to retrieve the devices. We did find some unauthorized devices on some of our cash registers,” Darrow said. “”It’s not anything broader at this point. As soon as we figured out this was happening, we had forensics experts looking at the situation, but it’s still very early in our investigation.” (Source

Card-not-present fraud fastest growing type of credit card fraud - CC Fraud Rate up 17% Over Two Years  U.S. credit card fraud incident rate rose by 17 percent between January 2011 and September 2012, while the fraud dollar to non-fraud dollar ratio remained stable during the same period. The card-not-present (CNP) fraud incident rate grew by 25 percent during the time period, far outpacing the counterfeit fraud incident rate, which grew by 14 percent. CNP fraud, which refers to purchases made without physically presenting a credit or debit card, such as online purchases, accounted for almost half (47 percent) of all credit card fraud. In contrast to credit card fraud, the debit card fraud incident rate was unchanged, and average fraud losses per account dropped by 3 percent. Most debit card fraud occurs at ATMs, grocery stores and petrol stations. (Source

Comp Store Sales: Weak Traffic Cuts Into September Sales
September's same-store sales results fell short of expectations, and in some cases below year-ago levels, as U.S. retailers continued to wrestle with poor traffic and tepid demand. (Source registration may be required.

First Data Releases September 2013 SpendTrend Analysis - economic slowdown  Overall dollar volume growth of 5.3% in September fell from last month’s growth of 7.3%. Although Retail spending was healthy in August with growth at 5.5%, September’s growth marked a slowdown with dollar volume growth of 3.6%. Despite the slowdown across all retail sub-categories, several industries continued to exhibit healthy growth such as Building Material & Supply Dealers and Furniture & Home Furnishings with growth of 10.0% and 5.7% in September. (Source

PayPal and the National Cyber Security Alliance Unveil Results of New Mobile Security Survey  PayPal and the National Cyber Security Alliance today unveiled the results from a new Zogby Poll highlighting the latest trends, concerns and misperceptions around mobile security and commerce. The survey is in support of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), an effort that educates millions of people each year about the importance of online safety and security. (Source

Card companies aim to make mobile shopping safer
The standard, put forth by MasterCard, Visa and American Express, would enable shoppers’ payment card numbers to be replaced with digital payment tokens. Consumers would enter the tokens in lieu of their payment card numbers at checkout on both mobile devices and PCs. This, the card companies say, adds an additional layer of security and eliminates the need for merchants, digital wallet operators or others to store account numbers. Tokens are randomized substitutes for payment cards; tokens are valueless if compromised. (Source

Report May Have Prompted Lumber Liquidators Raid - Whistle Blower Group
Last month’s raid on Lumber Liquidators by federal authorities appears to have its roots in research by an environmental activist group. The Washington-based group, which has the official-sounding name Environmental Investigation Agency, spent three years digging up what it says is evidence the discount flooring retailer knowingly bought millions of square feet of oak and birch wood that originated in protected forests in far eastern Russian through a Chinese-owned supplier. The environmental group said it provided its findings to federal authorities ahead of the government raid. (Source

Another Bangladesh Factory Fire Kills 7 as Safety Concerns Renewed

U.S. retailers' sales rise in September, but shoppers stay cautious

Deloitte Consumer Spending Index Dips Again in September

SAP Retail Forum: Retailers must adapt to evolving e-commerce model

Showrooming up 156% over last year

Minimizing Risk Through Proper Supply Chain Management

Staples launches new price match policy

J Crew opens first UK store

With work-place violence increasing the UK's retail trade union is seeking new legislation - an additional offense to be created for those who assault workers in the course of their duties  Their "Freedom From Fear Campaign" which seeks to prevent violence, threats and abuse against shopworkers led by their trade union Usdaw - is working with employers, the police and government to better protect their members and all workers. The move follows Usdaw’s 2013 Freedom from Fear survey of shopworkers across the UK. The interim results show that of the first 1,800 shopworkers polled, 49% were victims of verbal abuse, 39% were threatened by members of the public and 4% suffered a violent assault. (Source

Continuity Q&A: David Johnson On Leveraging Crisis Communications For Reputation Resilience  Continuity Insights sat down with David E. Johnson, CEO of Strategic Vision, LLC, a leading public relations and branding agency, to learn more about reputation management and how companies and organizations can actually come back stronger after a crisis if the right communications plan is in place. Why do the first 72 hours of any crisis define the public narrative? Can you explain why crisis communications and reputation management are intertwined? It seems that many brands, corporations and individuals, no matter how renowned, are caught unprepared when a scandal or crisis erupts. Is this unpreparedness due to unawareness, apathy or arrogance — or is something else at work here? In your opinion, by communicating swiftly and effectively, can a brand, corporation or individual actually come back stronger after a crisis than they were before the crisis? In your view, what are the basics of a crisis communications plan? Should every brand, corporation and prominent individual have one in place? How is modern technology changing crisis communications? For example, what effect does Twitter have on how crises or scandals are circulated, and later allayed? (Source

Employee no match for tidal wave of booze
An employee doing liquor inventory goes horribly wrong in this viral video where the entire shelf of booze comes crashing down in a wave. The worker can be seen crouching down, moving bottles, gets up and looks at the shelf, as two customers are standing nearby. The shelf comes toppling forward as one of the women and the employee attempt to stop the oncoming bottles, but it proves futile. A sea of booze has already swamped the store's floor. (Source

September Same Store Sales Results

Limited Brands up 5%
Stein Mart up 5%
Fred's up 2.8%
Zumiez down 0.6%
Cato down 3%
The Buckle down 4.5%
American Apparel down 6%

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Costco Q4 U.S. stores up 5% with sales up 1%
Destination Maternity Q4 up 1.2% with sales down 0.2%
Canada's Jean Coutu Group up 0.3% with basically flat sales
Ruby Tuesday Q1 down 11.4% at company owner stores and down 8.4% at domestic franchises


LPRC 2013 Impact Agenda Highlights:

The LPRC 2013 Impact Conference will be held next week, October 14, 2013 at University of Florida. The LPRC has grown by 30% over last year and so far the registered attendance is up by 33% over last year.

The Future of Retailing Panel
Sponsored by Tyco

Topics: 5 ½ Trends in Retailing; How might they affect strategies for security, loss prevention, and the shopping experience.

Don Burkett, DVP Safety & Investigations, Sears Holdings Corp.

Panel Participants
      ● Randy Dunn, Tyco
Dr. Steven Kirn, University of Florida

Predictive Analytics
      ● Between store shrinkage differences
            Presenter: Kyle Grottini, Research Scientist, LPRC
      ● Violent Crime Events
               Basia Pietrawska Vice President, Research & Analysis, CAP Index
      ● Big Data Tools in Retail
               David Speights, PhD., Chief Data Scientist, The Retail Equation
               Thomas Hacker, Director, The Home Depot

Next LP Case Study
● Dr. Mike Scicchitano, Associate Professor, University of Florida

Securing the Future Research Topics
● Christian Romero, Director of Corporate Investigations and Central Operations, Neiman Marcus

Topic examples:
      ● NextLP, Omni Channel, RFID, Social Media, Digital/Social Forensics, Mobile POS, Future of ORC, Fear of Crime

Future Research Topic Breakout Sessions
Working Group and Action Team Breakout and Planning Sessions

      ● Introduction – Dr. Read Hayes, Director, LPRC

Working Group and action Team Breakout Planning Session
      ● Leadership White Paper – Ahmad Lightfoot (5 minutes)
Breakout Planning Session for all Working Groups and Action Teams

Working Group and Action Team Leader Panel
      ● Panel Participants:
            Dave Collins, Small Box Specialty Action Team Leader, Sterling Jewelers
            Mike Combs, Supply Chain Working Group, The Home Depot
            John Hawthorne, ORC Working Group Leader, Publix
            Adam Estep, Benefit Denial Working Group Leader, Big Lots
            Michele Levcik, Violent Crime Task Force, Wegman’s
            Ahmad Lightfoot, Video Solutions Working Group, TJ Maxx
            Josh Machtinger, Packaging Innovation Working Group, Toys R’ Us
            Kevin Taparausky, Supply Chain Working Group, TJ Maxx
      ● Topics: Leadership, recruiting, testing/evaluation, collaboration,
and innovation.

Offender Interviews
      ● Introduction: Dr. Read Hayes, Director, LPRC
      ● Interviews with active offenders by John Hawthorne, Publix Super Markets
Offenders referred by Broward County Sheriffs Office

Recent LPRC Research Results Part Two and 2014 Research Priorities
Sponsored By: MeadWestvaco

      ● Presenter: Dr. Read Hayes, Director, LPRC

      ● New ePVM project findings
      ● New packaging protection findings
      ● New offender feedback findings on multiple anti-theft treatments

Other Research Findings
      ● Comparison of People Counting Metrics: LPRC Using Verint Data
      ● Managers’ Messaging perceptions: Procter & Gamble
      ● Offender Messaging and Perception Studies: LPRC Working with a MeadWestvaco grant
      ● LP/AP Organizational Study: LPRC and PricewaterhouseCoopers





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Jan 316 385 21.8%ñ
Feb 410 310 24.4%ò
Mar 332 294 11.4%ò
Apr 307 377 22.8%ñ
May 342 385 12.6%ñ
Jun 330 320 3.03%ò
Jul 355 306 13.8%ò
Aug 425 326 23.3%ò
Sep 375 304 18.9%ò
Oct 464    
Nov 337    
Dec 265    
Total 4258 3007 5.8%ò


The Library of Loss Prevention - Search data now...

Northern Michigan University, located in Michigan’s incredible Upper Peninsula, offers one of the only baccalaureate loss prevention management programs in the United States. It is offered completely online and accepts up to 92 transfer credits. An affordable investment into a dynamic and growing profession. Learn more here


Thought Challenge

What is my ROI?

By Dave Thompson, CFI, District Asset Protection Manager, Rite Aid

In any industry, specifically within ours, we are surrounded by the constant challenge from the operators and our friendly CFO’s with one question – “What is the return on investment?” Whether it’s a camera system, alarm vendor contract or additional headcount we have to justify that within a set timeframe these resources will ultimately be cost neutral and further deliver to the bottom line.

However, the challenge I present to myself, and to my colleagues is to ask ourselves what are we bringing back to our companies and our shareholders; What is your personal ROI? As we can all relate, whether you are a VP, multi-store leader or an agent in a store, our schedules and daily tasks are never routine. Sure, on Monday you do a great job forecasting your week and developing a game plan to spend quality time with your teams. Unfortunately, tasks get in the way; a camera system broke, a customer complaint you have to handle, your boss just called to put you on a special project that needs to be complete yesterday. We set aside our plans and start checking off of our to-do lists instead of impacting our teams. We have all had the days (or weeks) that have flown by without the feeling of any accomplishment. Sometimes these days becomes weeks, which become months, that ultimately result in an inventory cycle that reflects our lack of deliverance to the operators .

The challenge I present to all of us is to demand out of ourselves what we demand out of any resource – return on investment. At the end of each day, before we go home to our lives hoping our phones don’t ring, we should each ask ourselves “What did I do to impact shrink today”? Take the five minutes at the end of your day to backtrack and make one more phone call, one more email or one touch base with an employee to make sure you impact somebody every day. If you were your boss, would hire yourself back tomorrow? Are you consuming the company revenue or are you maximizing it? Just remember you are a resource that has been invested in...don’t forget to return it.



Burglars cut hole through the roof of Coastland Center Mall in Naples, Fla. - Like a Hollywood Movie crooks steal $60k  An elaborate heist at a local mall allows crooks to get away with tens of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. Police say they used metal cutters, rope and tricky tactics to get in and out of the Coastland Center Mall. Littman Jewelers was the target of a "movie-like" burglary early Tuesday morning. Crooks got away with $60,000 in watches, rings and more without going in or out of any doors. Crooks set the alarm off twice to distract guards. (Source

Serial shoplifter apprehended in an Atlanta Walmart; said she quit shoplifting for 10 years  Joyce Antoniette Robinson, 51, was charged with felony theft by shoplifting and driving on a suspended license. Robinson is accused of stealing the items Monday at the Walmart on Thornton Road. Police say Robinson was found in possession of a receipt from a previous transaction, was trying to pick up the same items again when she was caught. Robinson’s criminal history that shows she had shoplifting convictions dating back to the 1990s, but she told Police she had quit shoplifting for 10 years. (Source

Long Island Clerk uses Machete to Protect Store from Robber  Police released this video showing a storekeeper chasing away a robbery suspect with...a machete! In this video, the gunman enters the store with a .22 calibar handgun and points it right at the clerk. He responds to the armed man by pulling out a machete from under the counter. In preparing to strike his would-be looter, the robber flees from the store, with no merchandise. (Source

D.C. police arrest five in wave of retail-store burglaries targeting cellphones, laptops  Five young men have been arrested in connection with stealing cellphones, computers and other items from stores in the District, Maryland and Virginia, police announced Wednesday night. In all, 46 cases have been linked to the group. The charges were filed two days after D.C. police raided an electronics store on H Street NW, seized 500 stolen items and arrested the owner and charged him with felony trafficking of stolen goods. (Source

Coon Rapids man pleads guilty to Kay Jewelers robbery
Matthew Thomas Kennedy was accused of robbing Kay Jewelers in Riverdale Village Shopping Center, Coon Rapids, Dec. 30, 2012, has pleaded guilty in Anoka County District Court to a felony first-degree aggravated robbery charge. Kennedy entered the guilty plea Sept. 30, his scheduled trial date, and will be sentenced Nov. 14. He remains in jail in lieu of $50,000 bail. Kennedy entered the store on Dec. 30, 2012, an associate was displaying a $15,599 diamond solitaire ring to Kennedy when he grabbed the item and fled. (Source

Battle Creek area Police release Dash Cam video of fleeing Walmart shoplifters  One shoplifter was arrested inside the store, but two others were waiting in a getaway car outside. When police officer approached the car, the suspects sped off, nearly hitting the officer, and then a high-speed chase ensued. Battle Creek Police picked up the chase only a few blocks from Wal-Mart. The suspects' BMW reached speeds of 75 miles per hour in residential neighborhoods. You can see Laxton swerve to avoid the stop sticks, barely missing another officer. (Source

Sioux Falls overnight burglars strike several stores inside Western Mall
Police are investigating the break-in at several store and businesses in and around the Western Mall. One local retailer had over $4000 worth of jewelry stolen. (Source

Chesterfield Police investigating an armed robbery at Prince Jewelers  No shots were fired and no was injured as the armed gunman got away with an undetermined amount of cash and merchandise from Prince Jewelers in the Chesterfield Towne Center. (Source

O’Reilly Auto Parts and a CVS robbed at gunpoint in Dekalb
Dekalb police are searching for suspects in the armed robberies of O’Reilly’s on the 3rd and the CVS on the 4th. Cash was stolen, but no one was injured in either incident. At O’Reilly’s the suspects stole the employee’s phone and a O’Reilly’s work shirt. (Source

Minnesota man has been arrested in 18 counties, appeared in 59 different courts  Richard Donald Hegquist with a string of 44 arrests in 18 Minnesota counties since 1996, the Ham Lake, Minn., resident finally made the big time in the eyes of prosecutors in Duluth today. Hegquist, who has had 12 prior felony convictions during his criminal career, was sentenced today to serve nearly six years in prison for robbing the Hermantown Car and Pet Wash in July. He was sentenced in State District Court to serve 71 months in prison, an above-guideline sentence that was agreed to in a plea agreement. (Source

Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin AutoZone robbed at gunpoint last night
Two suspects reportedly demanded money and forced one of the clerks to open the safe. They then reportedly left the store with an undisclosed amount of money. No one was injured and the robbery remains under investigation. (Source

Police in Milwaukee seeking suspect who held up a Family Dollar store  Milwaukee Police are seeking information on the identity of the suspect responsible for an armed robbery that happened at the Family Dollar Store, West Appleton Avenue, at 8:40 p.m. on October 7. The suspect entered the Family Dollar Store armed with a handgun. The suspect then demanded money from a customer and the clerk at the register. The suspect also took the customer’s cell phone during the above offense. The suspect then fled on foot. (Source

Falls River, Massachusetts woman commits 4 armed robberies, wielding a hatchet  Crystal Bourgeois was arrested Tuesday, 18 minutes after her fourth robbery, and has since been charged with three counts of armed and masked robbery and a single count of armed assault to rob. Bourgeois apparently liked to use different weapons in each robbery, but no one was injured in any of the event. (Source




Retailers Commit to Collaborate with Law Enforcement in Response to Terrorist Attack in Kenya

WASHINGTON - October 9, 2013 - The National Retail Federation today told a congressional committee holding a hearing on the terrorist attack at a Kenyan shopping mall that the safety of employees and customers is retailers’ top concern.

“Retailers face many threats; yet through a mix of technology, partnerships, preparation and training, retailers are able to ensure that they are able to respond to any threat,” NRF Vice President Richard Mellor said. “Retailers are committed to continuously improving their vigilance in order to stay ahead of those who wish to do harm to their businesses, their employees and their customers.”

Mellor, a former police officer with 40 years of experience in public safety, testified before the House Homeland Security Committee hearing this afternoon on overseas attacks and the potential terrorist threat posed to “soft targets” in the United States such as shopping malls and movie theaters.

“While shopping malls have been categorized by some as 'soft targets,' it would have been hard to imagine or prepare for the devastating attack conducted by terrorists at the Westgate shopping mall in Kenya last month,” Mellor said. “Collaboration and partnership between retailers, and law enforcement needs to remain strong and vigilant now more than ever.”

NRF leads the retail industry’s partnership with law enforcement, working with local, state and federal agencies on a series of loss prevention priorities, from developing “active shooter” guidelines with the Department of Homeland Security to responding to both man-made and natural emergencies. NRF has also advocated for legislation in Congress to make organized retail crime, which has been linked to funding of criminal and terrorist organizations overseas, a federal offense.

“Retailers have sophisticated protocols to deal with the threats from a wide range of situations, including organized retail crime (ORC) activities, robbery, active shooter incidents, impacts from natural disasters such as hurricanes or tornadoes as well as being a potential target for a terrorist attack,” Mellor said. “Because these threats are always present, retailers invest heavily to ensure that they are prepared to deal with any and all threats against their businesses, their employees and their customers. Moreover, retailers are consistently evaluating the effectiveness of their programs and seeking improvements. As criminals and threats become more sophisticated, so do retailers.”

As the world’s largest retail trade association and the voice of retail worldwide, NRF represents retailers of all types and sizes, including chain restaurants and industry partners, from the United States and more than 45 countries abroad. Retailers operate more than 3.6 million U.S. establishments that support one in four U.S. jobs – 42 million working Americans. Contributing $2.5 trillion to annual GDP, retail is a daily barometer for the nation’s economy. NRF’s This is Retail campaign highlights the industry’s opportunities for life-long careers, how retailers strengthen communities at home and abroad, and the critical role that retail plays in driving innovation.

Stephen Schatz


Retailers launch major effort to fight losses from retail theft - NEORCA makes the news in New Hampshire  Jason Adams, Nat'l Mgr., ORC Investigations, Gap Inc, and Nancy Kyle, Pres./CEO Retail Merchants Assoc. of N.H, speak on news channel in New Hampshire about the development and roll-out of the new New England Organized Retail Crime Association and the history behind the effort. Great job and story for the entire group led by Kevin Plante, LPC, Director, Loss Prevention Reporting and Analytics at CVS Caremark. Great coverage and interestingly enough the ORC efforts across the nation are picking up more coverage now then ever before in history. And it's efforts such as this group that are truly making a difference and getting the entire nations attention. Job Well Done!

“Protection 1 is proud to be sponsoring the D-D Daily ORC column to ensure the LP industry gets the information, education and critical data they need to fight this national epidemic.”
Rex Gillette, VP Retail Sales, Protection 1.

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which might fuel even more jobs and funding.
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Police Sell Rolex of Convicted Crime Boss on eBay

THE CRIMINAL ASSETS Bureau is auctioning a ladies Rolex watch, seized from a Limerick crime boss last month. The Bureau, which carries out investigations into the suspected proceeds of criminal conduct, often sells seized items through auction houses but this sale is slightly different.
The used Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date just, worth about 9,000 pounds, is being sold through eBay.
Read more here.

PayPal Announces a New Way to Pay

PayPal has announced a new feature that is coming soon called Payment Code. The Payment Code allows PayPal users to pay for products inside retail stores using their phones. The payments are set up through the scanning of QR codes. The QR codes are generated within the app.
Read more here.

For further information on PROACT, email inquiries to


eBay Direct - Click Here  -  (notify - info - questions)

Vendor Spotlight


W Series cameras boast security industry’s best available optical zoom, pan speed,
frame rate and wide dynamic range

Cameras include unique gyroscopic image stabilization, image defogging
and focal plane correction

CHICAGO (ASIS 2013, Booth No. 635) – Sept. 2013 – Sony Electronics is launching its IPELA ENGINE PRO camera lineup with four rapid dome IP cameras. The new W Series cameras are the most advanced rapid dome cameras in the security industry, with all four featuring the highest-rated optical zoom, fastest pan speed, highest frame rate and widest dynamic range of any full HD camera on the market.

The W Series cameras are the first full HD cameras to feature 130dB of wide dynamic range, which delivers clear picture quality even in strong backlit environments. The W Series IP cameras have all the capabilities found in Sony’s IPELA ENGINE technology platform, along with new features such as gyroscopic image stabilization, image defogging, and focal plane distortion correction to offer stable images under severe outside conditions.

“These latest additions to our IPELA ENGINE IP camera lineup have unique features that no other manufacturer offers,” said Mark Collett, general manager of Sony Electronics’ Security Systems Division. “Sony invests significant resources into developing the best technologies that set new expectations for image quality and performance. We think this dedication is evident in our new W Series rapid dome cameras and that customers will be enthusiastic about the enhanced capabilities.”

The W Series’ strong feature set makes the cameras ideal for mission-critical or wide area surveillance applications such as airports, stadiums, casinos, and city and border surveillance. All four of Sony’s IPELA ENGINE PRO W Series cameras feature:

The industry’s leading optical zoom (x30), as compared to x20 optical zoom found in most IP cameras. The higher optical zoom makes it possible to capture high resolution video at wider ranges and further distances.
130 dB of wide dynamic range that produces true-to-life color and detail even in extremely backlit conditions.
Pan, tilt, zoom capabilities featuring continuous 360 degree pan movement at the industry-leading speed of 700 degrees per second. This enables camera operators to quickly pan to areas of interest.
Unique image stabilization technology with gyroscope sensors that detect and correct camera shake, which often results from weather or other factors such as planes or cars.
Focal plane distortion correction by high-speed sensor readout at 120 frames a second in full HD. This corrects for image distortion when panning and allows vertical lines, such as tall buildings, to remain straight.
Defogging mode that increases image visibility in poor weather conditions such as rain, fog or smog.
60 frames per second in full HD, which is double the number of frames offered by conventional HD IP cameras. This provides smoother, more detailed video that is easier to analyze frame by frame.

The SNC-WR630 and SNC-WR600 are rated for indoor use with full HD and HD resolution. The SNC-WR632 and SNC-WR602 unitized models are IP66 rated for outdoor use with full HD and HD resolution. The cameras are planned to be available through Sony’s product distribution channel starting in early November.

Tom Di Nome
Sony Electronics

Jennifer Gill
Muirfield Partners



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Regional LP Manager Forever 21 Towson, MD Forever 21
Director LP Dist Center & Refurb Operations GameStop Grapevine, TX GameStop

National Account Mgr



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Philadelphia, PA

Downing & Downing

Regional LP Director Confidential Nashville, TN Downing & Downing
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District LP Manager Confidential San Diego, CA Downing & Downing
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LP Analyst Confidential New York, NY Downing & Downing

Zone AP Manager


Vancouver, BC

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AP Manager in Training Walmart Saint Charles, IL Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Miami, FL Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Huron, SD Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Katy, TX Wal-Mart
Area AP Manager All Facilities Olney, IL Wal-Mart
Area AP Manager All FAcilities Shelbyville, TN Wal-Mart
Area LP Manager Lowe's Fayetteville, NC Lowe's
LP Manager Sears Temecula, CA Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Sears Milford, CT Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Sears Saginaw, MI Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Sears Flint, MI Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Kmart Bronx, NY Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager in Training Sears Lansing, MI Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Kmart Ontario, CA Sears Holdings Corp
District LP Leader JC Penney Denver, CO JC Penney
District LP Leader JC Penney Seattle, WA JC Penney
Area LP Leader JC Penney Concord, NC JC Penney

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This Revolutionary Tool can Help Keep Employees Happy, Engaged and On Your Side  Keeping your employees happy and engaged could become the tipping point to if they stay with you or walk out the door. It's important to get to the root of your employees problems before it's too late. (What if you had advanced warning?)

Why Reading Tolstoy will Make You a Better Boss  Reading literature could actually help boost your career, while also showing off how intelligent you are. According to a new study, reading literary fiction can help train you in social perception, empathy, and emotional intelligence--skills that come in handy when leading a company's team. (Novels stimulate life)

Leading in Crisis: 3 Tips from the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster  Disasters, while not as horrible and profound as this nuclear meltdown, it's important to be able to handle any sort of crisis that comes your way in your organization. Follow these tips and get through your crises without any problems. (Don't try to control)

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The e-mail revolution may have sped up the world and allowed people to communicate virtually instantly, but it's not the forum to resolve issues between people. If anything, the freedom an email offers insofar as the ability to write whatever best suits your points and usually with an added pinch of sarcasm may, in fact, deepen the crevasse and cause more harm. It's much easier to write in solitude than to face your intended recipient and their immediate response. So the next time you receive one of those OMG emails, think twice before responding because you never know who else may be reading and, after all, if you truly want to resolve an issue with a person, you need to do it the old fashion way -- face to face.

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