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Patrick Summers was promoted to Vice President of National Operations for FE Moran Security Solutions

Patrick has been with FE Moran since 2013, when he started as a Senior Project Manager. Three years later, he became their EAS Division Operations Manager. He was also a Project Manager for WG Security Products, Install Coordinator for Tyco Integrated Security and Field Service Technician for Sensormatic. Congratulations Patrick!

StopLift's Scan-It-All Solution Wins Award for 'Innovative In-Store Surveillance'

Malay Kundu, Founder and CEO of StopLift Checkout Vision Systems, has received an award by Retail Fraud for "Innovative In-Store Surveillance" sponsored by Retail Risk in the UK. The award was presented at Retail Fraud Awards during Retail Risk's international Loss Prevention conference. StopLift has been awarded over a dozen patents for ScanItAll, which detects non-scanned items at manned and self checkout, the Achilles heel of retailers and supermarkets and billions of dollars in shrink.

Minorities Terminated en Masse
Criminal Background Checks Unfair For Minorities
"Amazon Driver Criminal Background Checks Unfair", Advocates Say

Amazon.com's new policy requiring delivery companies contracting with the online retailer to perform more stringent criminal background checks on drivers resulted in the discriminatory firing of numerous black and Latino employees, a legal advocacy group said in a letter Wednesday.

Boston-based Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice said in its letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos that the new policy mostly affects minorities by not considering their past performance at their jobs and only taking into account their previous interactions with the legal system. The committee said in the Boston area alone, delivery companies terminated approximately 30 to 40 drivers, most of whom were black or Latino, as a result of Amazon's policy.

"Amazon does not appear to engage in any process for individualized review, nor provide any opportunity for individuals to explain their record as the [Equal Opportunity Employment Commission] counsels employers to do," the committee said.

The committee contends that Amazon's action is toeing the line of legality regarding Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, saying that while there is no per se ban on employee background checks, the checks must be justified as "business necessary" if they affect a disproportionate number of minorities.

Oren Sellstrom, litigation director for the committee, told Law360 on Wednesday that the delivery companies received a notice from Amazon in early August, and the drivers who did not comply with the heightened requirements were "deactivated" soon after.

"These were people who were on the job, doing a good job, then were called in at the end of the day and terminated en masse," Sellstrom said. "There was no individual review, no individual consideration, they were just told that Amazon wants you gone."  law360.com
Police 'Use of Force' At Stores - The DOJ is Watching

Justice Department to Track Use of Force by Police Across U.S.

The project, the most ambitious the federal government has undertaken in tracking the use of force by police officers, is meant to fill what officials say is a huge and frustrating void in publicly available data on the shootings that have roiled the country.

Under the plan, the Justice Department will gather more data on the use of force by federal agents and help local departments report information on a wider range of police encounters.

Under a third part of the plan, the Justice Department said it was authorizing $750,000 for a "police data initiative" designed to help local departments collect and publicly release information on a wider range of actions, including stops of citizens, searches, the use of force, shootings and other encounters.  nytimes.com

565,000 Fake Credit Cards & 1.5 Million Fraudulent Checking Accounts Opened
by Wells Fargo

The bank had identified 565,000 possible fraudulent credit card accounts and 1.5 million possible fraudulent checking accounts opened between 2011 and 2015 with the help of auditor Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC).

Since then, the bank said it has called 564,000 of the credit card account holders. It said 330,000 of the cards had been closed and 234,000 accounts were still open. 192,000 of these cards were still open but never active while 42,000 were opened and activated. It was unclear whether employees or the customers activated those accounts.

The bank also said in the presentation it was investigating the impact on consumer's FICO credit scores. In turn, Wells said that it will determine if the opening of an unwanted credit card made it more expensive for the customer to receive another financial product because of a lower credit score.  businessinsider.com

Apple Store Staff Fired Amid 'Intimate Photo' theft allegations - 'Photo-Sharing Ring'
Apple has fired four members of staff at a retail store in Australia, amid allegations they stole and shared over 100 intimate photos from female customers who'd turned in their iPhones for repair.

The four male staff at the Carindale outlet in Queensland were also accused of taking photos of staff and customers and rating body parts from 1-10. According to the report, the plot was exposed when one of the accused was caught browsing through a customer's photo library in the store's repair room.

Apple's troubles might extend beyond one store, according to the reports. One employee told the Courier-Mail that similar photo-sharing took place at other Apple retail stores in Australia. Apple hasn't said whether it fired employees at other stores for similar activities.

Apple has flown a human resources executive to Brisbane to handle the problem. We are investigating a violation of Apple's business conduct policy at our store in Carindale, where several employees have already been terminated as a result of our findings. trustedreviews.com forbes.com

Office Depot Decries AIG Bid To Escape $30M Coverage Row
Office Depot filed a blistering request Wednesday that a California federal judge disregard the most recent pleading by AIG in a $30 million suit over insurance for a whistleblower's claims that the retail giant overbilled public bodies for supplies, calling it an "impermissible end run" around civil procedure. law360.com

PetSmart Denies Power Over Ex-CEO In $8.7B Appraisal Fight
PetSmart Inc. has told a Delaware Chancery judge that neither the company nor the court can compel former CEO David K. Lenhardt's live testimony for a looming stock appraisal trial challenging values used in the company's $8.7 billion sale.  law360.com

Retail Sales in U.S. Rose in September by Most in Three Months
Retail sales climbed in September by the most in three months. The 0.6 percent advance followed a revised 0.2 percent decline in August.

Ten of 13 major retail categories showed gains in September. Motor vehicle dealers, furniture stores, restaurants and building supply outlets were among those showing solid increases. Receipts at eating and drinking establishments increased 0.8 percent last month, the biggest advance since February.

Sales at electronics and appliance stores fell 0.9%, while sales at clothing stores were flat. Sales at department stores fell 0.7%. bloomberg.com

Martinsville, VA., police increasing effort to crackdown on shoplifting
The Martinsville Police Department is starting a new initiative in an effort to continue to reduce shoplifting. The mugshots of those arrested for shoplifting will now be posted to the department's Facebook page. wsls.com

Total retail sales in September increased by 3.4% on an unadjusted year-over-year basis

Will others follow Walmart's lead on manager pay to avoid $47.5k OT rule on Dec. 1st?

Ulta Beauty wants 1,400 to 1,700 stores - now operates 928

Save-A-Lot to open 75 stores in '17 - Supervalu may spin off

Master list of retail companies that are expanding

Combating Additional Retail Loss Challenges During the Holidays; The National Retail Federation predicts retailers will hire between 640,000 and 690,000 seasonal workers

PetSmart Charities Springs into Action, Donates More Than $100,000 in Emergency Relief Funds

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10 highest-paying IT security jobs
Here are the top 10 highest-paying security roles, culled from career site Dice.com clients' job postings and median salary range data from cloud compensation solutions firm PayScale.com.

Editor's Note: Of special note here is that even the lower level jobs have a medium height over $100k in base salary and these figures do not reflect additional salary package benefits, like bonuses, stock, or other benefits.

Also as retail is not even mentioned in the survey
these figures would be low at the top level when compared to a strictly retail study because of the increased complexity, size of risk as it relates to the inventory and consumer databases and payment data. As a general rule you'll find that applies to study's in Loss Prevention as well because of the same criteria and the fact that most generic study's are of overall industry. Which includes manufacturing jobs, government jobs, and non-facing consumer companies which lowers the risks and corresponding numbers significantly.

1. Chief information security officer (CISO) - Median Salary Range: $89,555-$243,372
This role is similar to that of the chief security officer, but focuses more intently on protecting an organization's data and intellectual property -- the information-related assets. CISO responsibilities typically include maintaining best practices and designing effective policies to handle breaches and other disasters.

2. Chief security officer (CSO) - Median Salary Range: $67,841-$197,271
Chief security officers prepare organizations to counter existing and emerging threats. These C-suite professionals are responsible for establishing and communicating best practices for maintaining data security, as well as monitoring the effectiveness of security operations. This role often requires certifications in addition to at least a BS degree in computer science or a similar field.

3. Director of security - Median Salary Range: $70,996-$182,236
Directors of security can have varying roles and responsibilities based on their organization, with most of their energy centered on minimizing the risk of attack while guiding internal teams in maintaining proper security procedures.

4. Application security manager - Median Salary Range: $98,044-$176,886
Application security managers are in charge of ensuring any applications produced or used by their organization meet minimum standards for security and privacy. This role often reports to a Director of Security or similar management position.

5. Global information security director - Median Salary Range: $40,530-$151,638
This role involves the maintenance and execution of information security projects and coordinating the response to a breach or an attack if one occurs.

6. Lead security engineer - Median Salary Range: $73,609-$148,171
Lead security engineers can be tasked with many different responsibilities, depending on their organization: securing operating environments, telephony and video conference systems as well as software, hardware and information (both stored and while in transit).

7. IT security consultant - Median Salary Range: $51,518-$126,021
Security consultants work with clients to develop strategies for effective cybersecurity across their entire organization.

8. Cybersecurity engineer - Median Salary Range: $53,582-$124,764
Cybersecurity engineers typically are experienced in penetration testing and other cybersecurity tools, and use them to keep an organization secure against both internal and external threats.

9. Lead Software Security Engineer - Median Salary Range: $58,800 - $123,501
Lead software security engineers are tasked with doing everything from maintaining and deploying employee training programs to developing security-related aspects of application programs. Lead software security engineers should have at least a BS in computer science or a similar field with relevant security certifications.

10. Cybersecurity lead - Median Salary Range: $47,634-$105,585
A cybersecurity lead has a particularly demanding and high-pressure job: evaluating the organization for potential vulnerabilities in conjunction with analysts and other security staff, detecting any attacks underway and informing management. csoonline.com

RFID Cuts Shrink by 33.7%
RFID Commitment Doubles Since 2014

In 2014, 34% of retailers either implemented or were in the process of adding or piloting RFID. Fast-forward to 2016, and those results have doubled to 73%, according to the "Kurt Salmon RFID in Retail Study 2016."

Kurt Salmon tapped 60 soft lines retailers and wholesalers with revenues of at least $500 million, to determine how commitment levels have changed since 2014. The new report revealed inventory accuracy is the most widely used metric, with 93% of surveyed retailers using RFID to manage the process, and gaining an average accuracy improvement of 25.4%. 

Among these retailers, RFID improved customer satisfaction by 11.0%, reduced out-of-stocks by 40.6%, cut shrinkage by 33.7% and, most importantly, boosted profit margin by 60.7%, the report said. 

Two years after the original survey, companies are still discussing RFID's return on investment (ROI). This year however, retailers reported they are on average using RFID in six typical use cases, including labor savings, improved inventory accuracy and enhanced omnichannel fulfillment - and each showed a positive ROI.

Specifically, retailers reported a 12% ROI from labor cost savings due in part to employees conducting cycle counts more efficiently or not at all, the report said. chainstoreage.com

Survey says many companies want to phase out passwords
Almost 70 percent of companies are likely to phase out passwords within five years.

Typically, they involve a combination of methods, including one-time pass codes. These are sent to the user over a registered phone number or email address as a way to grant access. Other methods can involve biometrics, such as scanning the user's fingerprint. Or they can look at the time and place where the user is accessing the service and whether it fits into the person's normal patterns, he said.

When they do stop using passwords all together, only certain pre-checked devices will be able access the company network. Those devices will be assigned to specific users, and SecureAuth will monitor the access for any abnormal activity, like logins from remote locations or at times when those users don't normally work.

42 percent of respondents said a "disruption to users' daily routine" stood in the way of making changes and another 42 percent said resistance by company executives was a problem. csoonline.com

Video: See how quickly debit card skimming device can be installed
The NYPD warned shoppers about debit card skimming devices, posting a video showing how easy it is for one to be installed. silive.com

RFID for Retailers: Either Lead or Be Led

The retail industry is ever-changing. New technology and innovation re-focuses and alters the marketplace at every turn. Retailers must stay ahead of the curve to attract new customers, retain the loyalty of existing customers, and streamline operations to sustain profits.

Adopting RFID is a win-win strategy that allows today's retailers to forge ahead in this ever-changing landscape while leading the industry in a new and innovative direction. Mark Roberti, founder and editor of the RFID Journal, says in an article, "RFID's Tipping Point, "What I see is a technology that is beginning to build critical mass in retail. At some point, enough retailers will have put RFID in stores that suppliers will decide they might as well tag all of their clothing. At that point, other retailers will quickly follow suit, and RFID will spread rapidly through the rest of the retail sector."


Some large global retailers such as Walmart, Macy's, Zara, and JC Penney, are already using RFID technology and the use of RFID tagging has significantly increased over the past five years. But the industry is poised for an exponential growth surge in the very near future. The RFID Journal reports that the retail industry could "see tag volumes grow from 5 billion [at present] to 10 billion to 50 billion in the space of just a year or two." A Frost & Sullivan report on tags, hardware, and middleware/software, predicts that the RFID retail market "will grow from $289 million in 2011 to $3.2 billion in 2017," with significant growth in the areas of "apparel and footwear, perishables, jewelry, and personal care."

Retailers who do not jump on the RFID bandwagon soon, may find themselves lagging behind their competitors in several key areas, such as inventory control and distribution, product authentication, and customer satisfaction.


Retail innovators are eager to get started using RFID technology and realize that, as with the implementation of any new idea, there is a foundation to be laid.

  > RFID requires a commitment from manufacturers and suppliers to put tags on goods.
  > RFID infrastructure takes time to install in stores.
  > RFID necessitates a strategic and purposeful allocation of resources.

Some retailers have started their RFID plan with a limited number of product categories and then expand to more categories as time and money allow. This way they will not be caught short when the "tipping point" is reached and the majority of retailers are scrambling to develop and execute RFID programs.

Click here to see the benefits of RFID technology


ORC Leader Amanda Kilpatrick
An All-Star in the LP Industry

As a Regional Loss Prevention Investigator for Ann Inc., Amanda Kilpatrick covers stores for Loft Southeast and Factory West coast. When she began working at the company in 2013, she took the initiative on working on ORC investigations in the Mid-Atlantic. With this and other various leadership positions in ORC and LP organizations, Kilpatrick has become an all-star in the industry.

She is so passionate about ORC that she helped establish the Mid-Atlantic Organized Retail Crime Alliance (MAORCA), an ORC organization that covers regions in West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and Washington, D.C. This year, she was elected to serve as the group's Vice President.

MAORCA has over 700 members, including 385 in law enforcement. Since the alliance is based in the nation's capital, many of these law enforcement members are involved in U.S. Customs, the Department of Homeland Security, and federal law enforcement.

Kilpatrick says that two other ORC groups, LAAORCA and MetrORCA, were instrumental in helping establishing the framework for MAORCA. She specifically credits Timothy Flynn, another ORC leader the Daily recently highlighted, for being a great resource in helping develop the group into what it is today.

While Kilpatrick is happy with where MAORCA is - over 250 attended their first conference in April - she hopes it continues to grow. She said the organization always wanted to be more than just a website. This year, the group is taking an ORC training program out to Law Enforcement in smaller markets across the five-state region.

Kilpatrick's leadership doesn't end with her involvement in MAORCA, however.

In June 2016, she became a Regional Leader for the NRF Organized Retail Crime/Investigators Network, working in conjunction with Robert G Moraca (Vice President Loss Prevention at National Retail Federation), Jonathan Shimp (Vice President Risk Management, Louis Vuitton) and Gabe Esposito (Director-Security, Loss Prevention & Business Continuity at Verizon Wireless). The NRF ORC/Investigators Network will soon be hosting an open conference call - stay tuned to the Daily for more information.

Kilpatrick is also is a State Representative for Washington D.C.'s Coalition of Law Enforcement & Retail (C.L.E.A.R.) - a position she has held for over two years.

Kilpatrick strongly believes that Loss Prevention and ORC is a field in which building partnerships is critical. She credits her mentor Maurice Cloutier, her boss and VP of Loss Prevention at Ann Inc., for helping instill this in her. She says that Cloutier has developed his people (7 Regionals) into recognizing the importance of using partnerships and networking to bring in new ideas from outside organizations.

Kilpatrick is also grateful for two of her colleagues, Stefanie Mangiante (ORC Regional Manager for CVS) and Amanda Hobert (Market Investigations Manager-ORC for Toys R Us), who have been great partners in the industry. In the years to come, she hopes more women will feel empowered to pursue ORC careers as well.

Ultimately, Kilpatrick has set an example as an industry leader who works tirelessly in the ORC effort. While she has already positively impacted the field throughout her 10+ years in LP, it's clear that she will continue to do so in many different ways for many more years.

For more information on MAORCA, visit the group's website at maorca.org. The organization will also be holding a meeting on Nov. 4, which you can RSVP for here.

"Focus on ORC Leadership"

Coming Next Friday: ORC Leader Jose Rivas, Vice President of the Loss Prevention Organization of the Caribbean (LPOC)

See All the ORC Leaders Here


Innovators in EAS-Video-RFID

WG Security is guaranteed to have a technologically advanced answer to your security monitoring questions. With their international staff of engineers and outside-the-box thinking that their competitors just can't match, WG is bringing loss prevention solutions into the 21st century and beyond. Ed Wolfe, VP of Business Development, tells us about the amazing response to WG's Ninja Tag and how retailers have found a huge savings in time and money when compared to other EAS box tags.

LPNN Quick Take #14

Jeremy Grahn, Corporate LP Manager for Bi-Mart, and winner of the 2016 GLPS Contest, shares the story behind the '50s-themed photo that won him a free trip to NRF Protect. Then Amber and Joe quiz him on texting acronyms.

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Nearly 6,000 online stores hit by hackers
Cards at Risk as Online Skimming Jumps 69%

Security researchers are warning that the number of e-commerce stores infected with credit card stealing malware has risen 69% over the past year, with many site owners failing to take action.

Dutch researcher Willem de Groot found 3501 online retail sites last year were infected with malicious JavaScript, allowing cybercriminals to siphon off card details to sell on the dark web.

However, the figure has now jumped to 5929, with hundreds of the stores having failed to spot or take action since November 2015.

The malware in question apparently uses multi-layer obfuscation to stay hidden, and scans for popular payment plugins like PayPal and URLs featuring the word "checkout."  infosecurity-magazine.com

Flushing Out The Fraudsters
Using legitimate eCommerce storefronts for illegal business

Consider the fact that the ubiquitous online storefront can be a cover for nefarious peddlers of drugs, both illegal and addictive. "A lot of attention is on the Dark Web ... and even cryptocurrency. And it sounds really different and spooky and mysterious," said Frechtling. "But quite a bit goes on in the 'visible web' and with real currency and real credit cards."

Frechtling stated that the proliferation of entry points for those who would commit money laundering has grown even as eCommerce has grown. Online sales surpassed retail, in-person transactions, indicating that these consumers trust the internet more so than they would family, friends or the traditional drug dealer who has a physical supply on his or her person.

Beyond the guise of transaction laundering, where legitimate merchant accounts are used to process activity for other businesses, there's also another way for buyers to purchase drugs online, through a different path, such as when sellers use a different billing descriptor to mask what is actually changing hands.

Mobile wallets are synonymous with credit cards - as consumers set up wallets to connect to credit cards. "Mobile wallets are a great way to buy illicit goods," especially ones that are funded on prepaid cards. The card networks do not see the illicit transactions, just the ones that are used for the initial prepaid transactions.

How does one stop these bad actors and keep them from the legitimate onramps of eCommerce? The first step, said Frechtling, is to recognize that the problem is today and to not wait to see "until I get hit and then start putting up the fences." Internally, all levels of an organization should be aware of the problem, not just risk and compliance, but sales, customer support and dispute and complaint professionals. pymnts.com

MiROC's First ORC Training Seminar A Huge Success

MiROC (Michigan Regional Organized Crime) Association had approximately 150 people, including Retailers, Federal, State and Local LE partners, and area Prosecutors all attend their first ORC training seminar.

This was the first large scale ORC training conference to be held in Michigan of this type, and MiROC was proud to coordinate and hold the event in Canton, MI.

Some of the topics discussed in the free seminar were Prosecuting ORC, Networking via the MiROC website, Intelligence Tools and ORC case reviews, among others. The training seminar was free to the participants!

For more information on MiROC, visit their website here.

150 attendees gather in the conference hall Sr. Investigator for Target, John Shuler, presenting an ORC Overview


UPDATE: St Louis, MO: Three men connected to ORC ring sentenced; profits wired to Mexico
Three men were sentenced this month for their roles in a theft ring that allegedly wired profits to a man in Mexico. According to a press release from the Department of Justice, Shannan Flora, 42, Rigoberto Gutierrez, 28, and Russell J. Witt, 34, were sentenced this month for their roles in a theft ring allegedly run by Jason Parmeley, who was living in Mexico at the time.

According to indictment documents, Parmeley got information from business and individual accounts for retail stores off the internet and used the information to order high-price items like appliances, power tools and computers. The indictment alleges he would send drivers to pick up the items, and have them sold for below-market value. At the hearing, Flora was found to have worked in the ring for three years, Gutierrez admitted to working in the ring for two years and Witt worked as a driver for one year. Witt was sentenced to one year in prison on Wednesday. Gutierrez and Flora were both sentenced to 15 months in prison on Oct. 4. These three join four others who were sentenced earlier in the year. ksdk.com

Irving, TX: Couple use child to shoplift at a
Beauty Supply store

Investigators are trying to identify and find a couple that used an unsuspecting little girl to help them shoplift at stores across North Texas. Police believe the couple used the little girl to shield what they were doing or hold and hand them things to steal, and police fear for the girl's safety. Surveillance video made it clear that a little girl was used in an organized shoplifting system orchestrated by a man and woman over the course of three visits. Irving police began investigating in July but hit a dead-end until recently. A loss prevention officer at another beauty supply store told an Irving detective the couple may be behind other thefts across North Texas since last fall. fox4news.com

Moonachie, NJ: Man arrested in theft of $160,000 worth of cheese products from warehouse
Darluis J. Ortiz was arrested Wednesday after a two-week investigation into the theft, which took place during a night-time break-in on Sept. 23. Multiple actors had entered the warehouse of La Fe Foods, a distributor of Caribbean and Central and South American food products throughout the United States, and made off with a pallet loaded with Tastee Brand cheese products. A joint investigation conducted by agents from the prosecutor's office and the Moonachie Police Department led to the arrest of Ortiz. northjersey.com

Tredyffrin Township, PA: Man busted with $260 of stolen handbags from TJ Maxx
Edgar White was charged with Retail Theft and Possession after he was observed exiting the store with two handbags. While in police custody, it was determined that White had an active warrant for a parole violation. patch.com

Woodland, WA: Police charge 2 with Organized Retail Theft
On Tuesday, Police arrested Jimmie Roscoe Jr. Dixon, 57, of Longview on suspicion of organized retail theft, later that day Tracy Lee Hiatt, 53, of Longview and Dalena Renee Marin, 46, of Longview were arrested on suspicion of second-degree burglary and organized retail theft. tdn.com

Bloomfield Township, MI: Rite Aid Shoplifter has over 90 arrests
on his record

The highly intoxicated man was arrested by Police, a search revealed $59 worth of store merchandise in his pockets (including a fit tracker). Ryan Krych has been arrested over 90 times in the past 20 years for different offenses that include disorderly conduct and other retail frauds," police said Thursday. detroitnews.com

Glen Rock, NJ: Men Stole $1600 Worth Of Alcohol From Bottle King; Authorities said the men may be running a high-end alcohol shoplifting ring throughout North Jersey

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Shootings & Death


$10K Reward Offered for Information in Food Lion Security Guard's Death
Donation Page Set Up to Support Family

Investigators are searching for a man that fatally shot a security guard who was working at a Greensboro grocery store. Police said in a news release that 51-year-old Anthony C. Smith, of Winston-Salem, was working inside a Food Lion store Saturday night when an armed man approached him, shot him once in the head and fled with the guard's weapon. Witnesses told investigators that the man didn't try to rob the store and there did not seem to be a disturbance prior to the shooting. Police are looking for a man captured in surveillance photos. He is described as being in his early 30s and between 5-foot-10 and 6 feet tall. Jim Stevens, the CEO of Guard-One, is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the capture of Smith's killer. journalnow.com

The Loss Prevention Benevolent Fund (LPBF) accepts on going donations so that they can support situations like this? Please donate now to LPBF!
(Donations are tax deductible)

The Family of Anthony Smith is also taking donations via their GoFundMe page here.

Las Vegas, NV: Police shoot, kill man they think is suspect in string of robberies, carjacking
Metropolitan Police Department officers shot and killed a man Wednesday night in northwest Las Vegas after a car chase. Police believe the person killed was a suspect in a recent string of robberies and a Henderson carjacking. reviewjournal.com

Robberies & Theft

St George, UT: Security alarm at Red Cliff Mall triggers multi-agency response
A tripped security alarm at Red Cliffs Mall brought a rush of law enforcement officers to the J.C. Penney Co. store for a possible burglary in progress early Thursday. Officers were initially called to the scene after the mall's security company called Police just after 6:30 a.m. to report the alarm. The multi-agency response was triggered after an officer searching outside the building found a broken window leading into the retail store. Once the broken window was discovered, additional officers responded to Red Cliffs Mall to conduct a search of the building and begin an investigation. More than a dozen St. George Police officers as well as deputies from the Washington County Sheriff's Office descended upon the area to assist in clearing the building. Twenty minutes later the building was cleared and investigators were able to enter the store where they discovered glass merchandise showcases were broken and merchandise was clearly missing. The amount and value of the merchandise that was stolen is undetermined at this point. stgeorgeutah.com

O'Reilly's Employee and Two Others Accused of Staging Armed Robbery
Police were dispatched to the O'Reilly auto parts at 8:40 am on October 2nd. They say an employee, Joanathan Saenz-Meza said he had opened the store and was counting money from the safe when a black male robbed him at gunpoint and took more than $2800 in two bank bags. He also gave police a detailed description of the robber's vehicle in the parking lot. Police obtained surveillance video from cameras from a nearby business that showed the entire parking lot of the store, and said that in that time period, there was no car matching that description in the lot. Two days later, police say Saenz-Meza admitted making a false report and told them he took the money bags and put them in a dumpster in the parking lot, so an accomplice, identified as Brian Boggs, could remove them. texomashomepage.com

Saint John, Canada: Owner of W. Smith and Co. Jewellers feels violated after $10,000 diamond ring stolen by 'professional thieves'
The owner of a Saint John jewelry store believes he was the target of professional thieves after a middle-aged couple came in asking to look at diamonds and soon after, staff discovered a $10,000 stone was swapped for a fake. This isn't the first time someone has stolen from Wayne Smith, but in the 24 years he's owned his Brunswick Square jewelry store, this may be the slickest theft he's encountered. Late last Friday afternoon, Smith said a man and a woman asked to see loose stones. An employee was in the process of showing the couple a one carat diamond, and Smith said they struck when she turned her back to reach for a diamond sizing chart. cbc.ca

Bellingham, WA: Man robbing pizzeria has second thoughts, asks for job application instead
Bellingham Police Sgt. Mike Scanlon said, "He brandished the pistol, waved it in the air, and asked something to the effect of 'Have you guys ever been robbed? Well, you are now!'" He said the employees were cooperating when the heist took a weird turn. "All of a sudden, he puts the gun away and says: 'Hey you guys, just kidding, you got a job application?' " Scanlon said. "They said they weren't hiring." Etchieson fled on foot without any money, and was detained by officers a few blocks away. theolympian.com

Green Bay, WI: Compassionate Police Officer buys food for shoplifter
A Facebook post is going viral, praising a Green Bay Police officer for his handling of a shoplifting case. Officer Roman Trimberger was called to a gas station where a teenager was being held for stealing what a witness said was a pack of crackers. Trimberger said the 19-year-old man stole crackers from the gas station, but felt guilty about it and went back to pay. The manager called police, and the young man waited for officers to arrive. When Officer Trimberger offered to pay for the crackers, the teenager would not let him. However, he told Officer Trimberger that he only had a few dollars to his name. On Tuesday, Officer Trimberger decided to buy the boy a bag of groceries and bring them to his home. wcnc.com

Springfield, IL: Gang members behind theft of guns from Springfield dealer

Chicago, IL: FBI Task Force and Chicago PD arrest suspect in string of violent liquor store Armed Robberies

Charlotte, NC: Police looking for a suspect in string of Armed Robberies; hit 6 store in past 2 weeks

Overland Park, KS: Thief follows a woman to Target check-out, grabs her car keys and steals her car

Albuquerque, NM: The top 12 spots for police calls in ABQ (half are at one national retailer)

Collinsville, VA: Speedway employee busted for stealing nearly $500 in lottery tickets

Kay Jewelers in the North Point Mall, Alpharetta, GA, reported a Grab & Run on 10/13, merchandise valued at $16,498

Zales in the Frontier Mall, Cheyenne, WY reported a Grab & Run on 10/13, merchandise valued at $8,699

New Zealand: Burglars steal 40 pies from a Bakery and do thousands of dollars in damages; 2nd time in 6 months

Credit Card Fraud

Johnson City, TN: Man accused of three year Tri-Cities crime spree
now behind bars

Michael Bristol has been a fugitive for nearly three years, he's charged with more than three dozen crimes relating to identity theft and credit card fraud. He was also wanted by at least nine different police agencies in the Tri-Cities and Southwest Virginia. He's charged with 22 counts of identity theft, 12 counts of credit card fraud, 8 counts of theft under $500, forgery, auto burglary and evading arrest. wjhl.com

Skimming Reports

Long Island, NY: Suspects posed as Repairmen, installing ATM skimmers at five King Kullen Supermarket locations

One Nevada Credit Union hit by ATM Skimming device

ATM Skimmer found in Washington Heights, N.Y.

ATM Skimmer found in Glenbrook, Conn., bank

Big Wheels Travel Center - Lafourche Parish, LA - Armed Robbery
Butler General Store - Coldwater, MI - Armed Robbery
Circle K - Palm Bay, FL - Burglary
Cricket Wireless - Oklahoma City, OK - Burglary
CVS - Phoenix, AZ - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Isle of Wight County, VA - Robbery
Dollar Tree - Bay County, FL - Armed Robbery
Domino's - Fayetteville, NC - Armed Robbery/ employee wounded
Family Dollar - Waterloo, IA - Armed Robbery
Flame Broiler - Fullerton, CA - Burglary
Foyil's Dollar Store - Rogers CO, OK - Burglary
Gun Shop & Range - Simpsonville, SC - Burglary
JC Penney - St George, UT - Burglary
Kmart - Moorhead, MN - Burglary
Kwik N Kold - Dayton, OH - Armed Robbery/ 2nd this week
Little Caesars - Philadelphia, PA - Armed Robbery
Metro PCS - Levittown, PA - Armed Robbery
Metro PCS - Oklahoma City, OK - Burglary
Murphy Express - Pascagoula, MS- Armed Robbery
Rite Aid - Parma, OH - Burglary/ ATM
Rock's - Lansing, MI - Robbery
Shell - Enterprise, AL - Robbery/ Assault
Verizon Wireless - Prairieville, LA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Salt Lake City, UT - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Portsmouth, VA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Pasadena, MD - Armed Robbery

  Weekly Crime Totals
• 16 Shootings
• 7 Killed
• 92 Robberies
• 24 Burglaries

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Executive Vice President
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

The Executive Vice President is in charge for expanding the company's operational performance and attaining its financial goals. They serve as primary administrative officer of an organization. They make reports to the President and are accountable for executing the company's mission, policies and values. They will prepare budgets, create business plans, and solves internal issues as they arise... 

Director, APP Support
Hoffman Estates, IL
The Director of Asset & Profit Protection Support assists the Format Leader, APP by acting as a liaison with the Format Operations Team(s) to help define strategic and tactical directions. They work cross functionally to ensure achievement all business goals and targets are met...


Director, APP Pharmacy
Clementon, NJ

The Director of Asset and Profit Protection - Pharmacy provides disciplined leadership to Pharmacy for the purpose of supporting the national (SHMC) AP Strategy. The Director must work collaboratively with the Pharmacy BU, Pharmacy Regional, field, and store Leadership Team to mitigate risks in stores and drive efficiency in operations to generate profit improvement (EBITDA)...  


Director, Loss Prevention
Mississauga, ON, Canada

Reporting to Executive Vice President, Stores, You will be responsible for driving and developing the Loss Prevention strategy for Rexall to reduce shrinkage and reduce risk of internal and external theft. Serves as the business leader responsible for the development, implementation, and management of the organization's corporate loss prevention, strategy, and programs to support Rexall strategic imperatives: personnel, process and technology...


Loss Prevention Specialist
Irvine, CA

Hourly position reporting directly to the RSC Loss Prevention Manager. Independently audits for compliance to Company Policies and Procedures. Uses results to further direct efforts toward specific training and development needs of the Distribution Center...

Market Investigation Manager - Asset Protection
Rialto, CA

The Market Investigations Manager (MIM) has primary responsibility for internal and external theft investigations with a primary focus on Organized Retail Crime (ORC) within a designated market. It supports the Asset Protection (AP) team mission through the identification and resolution of AP issues... 


Customer Service Specialist
Greater Toronto Area, CANADA

Provide support and maximize efficiencies of the Canadian Business Unit through the delivery of daily support to in-house constituents and sales prospects by providing multi-lingual services in Canada's official languages (English/French)...

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Derek Coburn
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