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The continuing story of the Regional LP Manager charged with murder

Sociopath, dark side and unempathetic are among Law Enforcement’s descriptions of Bernard Grucza  As the story continues to unfold of the accused murder, background begins to show the world unraveling around Bernard Grucza’s life. Inside the lavish 3,750 square foot home of the Grucza’s were a chandelier and a fireplace, but also a broken marriage, bankruptcy and bizarre behaviors. Weeks before the murder, on June 8th at 1am, Grucza and his wife had a heated argument; Grucza ran upstairs and fired one shot from his 9mm handgun out the window and laid on the floor. His wife ran upstairs to see what happened and rolled Grucza over only to find out he was unharmed. Grucza told his wife he was testing her love for him. (Source

Verint Video and Situation Intelligence Solutions Presented Top Industry Honors
Verint’s Nextiva Video Business Intelligence (VBI) was among the awarded solutions that earned the 2013 Retail Fraud Award in the category of “most innovative in-store surveillance” solution. The award program—presented by Retail Knowledge Media, a leading retail industry publication that accounts for more than 79,000 readers—recognizes the most exciting vendors and innovations designed for the retail fraud and loss prevention markets. Verint continues to deliver surveillance solutions that enable users to easily and reliably make sense of vast amounts of video data. (Source

Kroll Global Fraud Report Reveals Significant Surge in Corporate Fraud; 70 Percent of Companies Affected by Fraud in the Past Year  The number of companies falling victim to fraud has increased in the past year, according to the 2013 Kroll Global Fraud Report. Overall, 70 percent of companies were affected by fraud in the past 12 months, up from 61 percent the previous year, with an increase in every category of fraud covered by the study. The sharpest increase was in vendor, supplier or procurement fraud, suffered by one in five businesses (19 percent), up from 12 percent last year. Indeed, of those companies that fell victim to fraud in the past 12 months, one third (30 percent) experienced fraud perpetrated by vendors or suppliers while 11 percent suffered at the hands of joint venture partners. (Source

The line between brick & mortar and e-commerce evaporating rapidly - with one more retailer's announcement - Neiman Marcus to invest $100 million in omnichannel project  Luxury department store retailer Neiman Marcus Group plans to invest in a $100 million project designed to drive sales across all its retail channels: physical stores, mobile and online, the Dallas Business Journal reported. Editors note: With the lines between the two disappearing so to are the lines between the traditional store Loss Prevention model and a huge piece of the IT security functions. (Source

The new "Dark stores" in the grocery industry are coming worldwide - new risks for LP  With the online grocery business growing, one retailer in the UK is opening what they call a "Dark store" specifically designed for the online customer. Large warehouses with interiors laid out like supermarkets so staff can walk around to compile orders and being able to serve 20,000 online customers weekly. Looks just like a store, just designed so the employees can pick and move quickly and easily. Tesco, the UK's biggest grocer is opening its sixth such store this month, while upmarket supermarket Waitrose recently announced its second. Editors note: They pose the same if not even more internal theft risks then a normal store itself. With the goods being carried out by an employee as opposed to a customer. (Source

'Amazon Tax’ is struck down by Illinois Supreme Court - The online tea-party battle continues with Amazon winning this one 

Top Apparel Companies Transform Their Processes with Business Intelligence

Target tests hands-on electronics department - An Asset Protection Challenge?

Cautious Consumers Trim Holiday Gift Giving Budgets (Even for Themselves), According to NRF Survey

U.K. e-commerce increases 20% year over year in September

Sports Authority Announces Grand Opening of First Puerto Rico Location

RadioShack Brings Its Newest Concept Store Home to Boston

Washington State Grocery Unions Give 72 hour Strike Notice

Owner of three Milwaukee McDonalds indicted for funding drug trafficking & laundering proceeds

Fourth Annual Staples Survey Shows Alarming Increase in Sick People Coming to Work Contagious, Despite Knowing How to Try to Prevent the Flu

How one retailer used a James Bond team building exercise to break down silos and gather intelligence  What great things are your competitors doing that your company could learn from? What are their weak points that you should be exploiting? Maybe it’s time to send in a team of specialists to find out. And by specialists, I mean the intelligence superstars on your staff. Recently, I attended a management-development conference for a major national retailer. Managers and executives assembled from across the country to listen to pep talks from the C-suite, updates from their most accomplished peers and lectures from hired speakers. They also tackled a uniquely innovative project. One afternoon, the group divided into teams of eight to 10 to infiltrate nearby malls and observe rival retailers. Each team would report back to the full group with a slide presentation the next day. What they found may interest you - read on at

Credit Card Skimming Laws and Legislation
Since 2001, 31 states and Puerto Rico have enacted statutes that provide criminal penalties for using a credit card skimming device, also known as credit card re-encoder or wedge, used to steal an individual's credit card number and data stored through the credit card's magnetic stripe. Is your state covered? Read more:

Thieves Pose as Truckers to Steal Huge Cargo Loads - An increasing trend
To steal huge shipments of valuable cargo, thieves are turning to a deceptively simple tactic: They pose as truckers, load the freight onto their own tractor-trailers and drive away with it. It's an increasingly common form of commercial identity theft that has allowed con men to make off each year with millions of dollars in merchandise, often food and beverages. And experts say the practice is growing so rapidly that it will soon become the most common way to steal freight. News reports from across the country recount just a few of the thefts: 80,000 pounds of walnuts worth $300,000 in California, $200,000 of Muenster cheese in Wisconsin, rib-eye steaks valued at $82,000 in Texas, $25,000 pounds of king crab worth $400,000 in California. (Source gets over 6,000 executive readers in first week - Solution Providers' news real-time  Established just two weeks ago, the digital vehicle is designed to deliver the Loss Prevention industry's press releases from the industry's solution providers to the entire Loss Prevention community real-time. Out of respect for the increased demands on every executive in the retail industry, we've created this new vehicle in order to consolidate the information and eliminate your need to search the net and find the new information that can change and impact the retail Loss Prevention community. Posted as we receive them on our LPNEWSWIRE page and emailed to the entire industry every Thursday, this new vehicle is just another way the Daily is adding value and helping you stay informed in real-time. Visit LPNEWSWIRE and see your business partners making the news.

Quarterly Results Q3 orders up 2% and revenue up 18%
eBay's U.S. Q3 sales up 15%
Genuine Part Co. Q3 sales up 9%
VF Corp. Q3 revenues up 5%
Supervalue Q2 retail same stores sales down .9% with retail food sales down 1.1% & wholesale sales down 1.6%

Last week's most popular news article --

Retail Murder Mystery Solved

Toys R Us Regional Loss Prevention Manager kills a Buffalo store manager who caught him breaking into safe  Bernard Grucza, a Regional Loss Prevention Manager with Toys R Us has been arrested in the stabbing death of an assistant store manager in the store’s office in suburban Buffalo. Investigators believe the Grucza was attempting to steal money from the store when the manager walked in on him in the early morning hours. Hamburg police Wednesday announced the arrest of Bernard Grucza, 38, of Elma on a charge of second-degree murder. Grucza is accused of killing Laurence Wells, 35, before the store opened June 29. Grucza, pleaded not guilty and is being held without bail. Investigators said they believe Grucza was robbing the safe at the store when he was caught by Wells. News video following the slaying showed Grucza at the scene consoling fellow employees. Investigators also said Grucza was also a suspect in break-ins at Toys R Us stores in southern Pennsylvania. (Source (Source






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Is the Term "Accident" Still Acceptable
Every career, every field of endeavor or employment has their own terminology. This terminology can be critical to making sure everyone is on the same page and knows what exactly certain words mean and when they should be used. One of these words, that been under much scrutiny, is the term "accident." Should it still be used when discussing safety? An accident is described as something that happens that occurs unintentionally, so in regards to safety, maybe a different term should be used such as "incident." While this is up for much debate and could be argued both ways a million times over, the thought is nonetheless provoking! (Source



Schnucks HQ worker charged with stealing $111,000 from company cafeteria funds  A University City woman who worked in the accounting department at Schnucks headquarters in Maryland Heights faces felony theft charges for allegedly stealing more than $111,000 from the supermarket chain. (Source

Armed security guard charged with murder in a Subway shop altercation in Baltimore, MD.  An armed security has been charged with murder after police say he shot and killed another man in the wake of an argument inside a Baltimore sandwich shop. (Source

Burglary crew busted in Salt Lake that hit Staples and others - police searching for more suspects  Traffic stop by West Valley City police leads to stolen vehicle, credit card and bank check fraud. Investigators learned that the suspect also had a storage unit, where further searching turned up a stolen motorcycle and a cache of other purloined property including printers and other electronic items taken during a break-in at a Staples office supply store. Search warrants also produced further evidence implicating [him] and other yet unidentified suspects in several burglaries and incidents of fraud. Hauer said additional charges, ranging from auto theft, fraud and identity theft to burglary are being screened. (Source

Two Mexican males to spend 9 years in prison each for 900 counterfeit credit cards scheme in McAllen, TX.  Both suspects pleaded guilty to using more than 900 counterfeit cards. U.S. Secret Service and McAllen police arrested the men and seized the cards in January. Authorities began looking into a counterfeit ring on January 15, after customers at Inter National Bank noticed several large withdrawals from customer’s accounts that totaled over $250,000 from four ATMs. McAllen police caught Torres only a day later, as he arrived at the bank to make another withdrawal. In their hotel room police seized $208,000, 900 counterfeit cards, two computers, a credit card printing machine and a card encoder. (Source

Wal-Mart pharmacy tech admits to stealing $100,000 worth of pills in Deland, Fla.  By her own admission, Rachel Parkins stole more than 4,500 hydrocodone pills since February, authorities said, but the Drug Enforcement Agency said the number could be as high as 20,000. The DEA arrested Parkins last week and she admitted stealing up to 90 pills a day. They are continuing the investigation and more arrests are possible. (Source

Victoria's Secret teen shoplifter with dead baby in bag faces murder charges in Manhattan  Tiona Rodriguez, 17, told police she suffered a miscarriage on Wednesday, but an autopsy revealed that her baby boy was born alive, nearly full term at eight months — and now cops are trying to figure out if he was killed. Rodriguez had the dead baby in her bag on Thursday when she was busted for shoplifting at a Victoria's Secret. Sources said asphyxiation is one of the possible causes, but investigators have not ruled out other explanations for the boy’s death. The 17-year-old Brooklyn mom has been charged with swiping sexy underwear and cosmetics from the flagship store at Broadway and W. 34th St. on Thursday. (Source

Off duty DC cop assaults store clerk and is convicted of assault  Dramatic footage is released of a D.C. police officer assaulting a store clerk in Northest D.C. because the employee allegedly made a sarcastic remark at the officer. (Source

Shoplifter uses stun gun on Safeway security agent in Pima County, AZ.  A shoplifter used a stun gun to attack a security guard when he tried to keep her from leaving the store with a purse full of stolen liquor last month. The Pima County Sheriff’s Department released a surveillance photo and video footage of the woman and a male accomplice suspected in the Sept. 21 theft and attack at the Safeway grocery store. (Source

One suspect killed by police following a botched burglary attempt at a South Carolina Motorcycle store  Richland County Coroner Gary Watts said a man who tried to run over sheriff’s deputies early Friday morning died of gunshot wounds. Investigators said Eddie Hollins attempted to run over two deputies and did run over his alleged accomplice, James Branch, after the deputies said they found the suspects trying to break into Columbia Powersports. Deputies said they shot at Hollins and wounded him as he drove toward them. Hollins drove about a mile and then crashed into another building. He was declared dead on the scene. (Source

Burglar flees with $172,000 of merchandise from an Ultra Diamonds store inside an Arcadia Burlington Coat store  A burglar who gained entrance to the Burlington Coat store during store hours hide in the building until after closing. The suspect exited his hiding spot at 10:30pm when he smashed out the jewelry showcase and escaped with 638 pieces valued at $172,446.27. The theft was reported shortly after 7:30am when the opening associates noticed the cases. Arcadia Police are investigating.

Possible Dunkin Donuts serial robber arrested Sunday in Andover; holding up the store at knifepoint

Minnesota man who robbed stores and restaurants identified from news reports by his ex-wife

Huntsville Juvenile charged with 3rd Degree robbery following a struggle with a CVS Manager

Ashville area man charged in robbery and kidnapping of a Dollar General in Woodfin, NC 

Detroit armed robber shoots Dollar Tree clerk in leg - robbed other dollar stores as well 



WG Security Products Launches new U.S. Hard Goods Division with Key Management Addition

WG Security Products, Inc. Names Tim Gates Vice President Hard Goods Division

WG Security Products, Inc., San Jose, Cailf., is pleased to announce a key addition to their U.S. senior management team. Tim Gates has joined WG Security Products as Vice President, Hard Goods Division. With over 20 years of successful electronic article surveillance experience, Tim will be responsible for developing this critical vertical market in North America's retail industry.

With WG Security Products' deep worldwide history of designing, manufacturing, and delivering some of the industry's most well known hard goods EAS solutions, Tim's main objective will be to develop responsive partnerships with the retailers throughout North America and expand and integrate WG's well established, new, and future EAS hard goods solutions.

Tim joins WG with an extensive and very successful background in the hard goods EAS industry specifically. His subject matter expertise will help ensure that WG develops and delivers Best-In-Class solutions, with leading edge technology, that are focused on increasing sales and maximizing each retailers return on investment.

"Our worldwide market and manufacturing capabilities have been well established for some time," noted Graham Handyside, Executive Vice President Worldwide Operations for WG. "We see a great opportunity with Tim joining our team, to partner with the U.S. retailers and provide them with a hard goods subject matter expert that is dedicated to improving their sales with the most technologically advanced and cost-effective EAS and RFID solutions available in the market. We're pleased to have Tim join our team and offer this resource to the U.S. retailers."

Tim is committed to adding value to each retailer he engages and believes that EAS solutions must go well beyond merely preventing theft and actually allow a retailer to improve sales and profitability. "With the customer experience being the driving force in today's highly competitive retail environment EAS solutions have to add value to that experience while at the same time maximizing sales and offering maximum protection. A balance that can prove to be very challenging. With over 20 years of experience in this industry myself and coupled with WG's worldwide design expertise, I firmly believe we're well positioned to make major contributions in the U.S. retail market."

About WG Security Products, Inc.
WG Security Products designs, manufacturers, sells, services and supports the world's most advanced lines of fully integrated electronic article surveillance (EAS) and Smart Tags RFID. The company's customers represent all market segments including retail, gaming, and private industries. Our international staff of engineers works hard every day to provide tomorrow's answers to today's questions. Featuring outside-the-box thinking that our competitors cannot match, WG is bringing loss prevention solutions into the 21st century and beyond.

WG was formed in Asia more than a decade ago. We have maintained our international presence with corporate and warehousing locations in California, Shanghai and Germany. Our products can be seen all over the world, from Eastern Europe and Asia and the Middle East to Africa, Australia and the Americas. Our expansive business partner network abroad and regional specialists in the United States ensure that WG is never too far away from you.

WG Security Products' name equals safety and protection. We deliver the high-tech products to provide safety and protection for people, assets, and information. WG is one of the world leaders in electronic security, and many of our customers are among the top retailers worldwide.

Who Are Our Customers?
Department and specialty stores, discount and general merchandise stores, drug stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, music and video rental stores, home centers. Commercial offices, factories, government facilities, hospitals, colleges and universities, casinos. Plus, a strong dealer/distributor network worldwide that helps us meet their customer's security needs.

Tim Gates directly at for more information on how he can add value to your EAS efforts.



'Get Money Team' retail crime ring busted in Indy - Police used GPS tracking and Facebook to bust them  The "Get Money Team," group of women identified in more than 20 reported incidents of retail theft in Marion and surrounding counties. Operating since 2000 as an ORC gang known as the ‘Get Money Team." This group is known throughout their community as the ‘Boosters." "The group took orders and sold stolen merchandise out of their homes, trunks of their vehicles and hair salons. Prosecutors said surveillance cameras caught several of the thefts and that police became familiar with members of the group. They attached GPS devices to several of the suspects’ cars to track their movements—and found the women were often traveling to malls and retail stores. The women were also all connected on Facebook and referenced their activities, in one post referring to themselves as the “MONEY TEAM.” The group has been charged with multiple felony counts, including corrupt business influence, criminal recklessness, theft and forgery, in relation to alleged counterfeit $20 bills presented by two of the women. Court documents said the suspects pilfered multiple retail outlets including Burlington Coat Factory, Rack Room Shoes, Victoria's Secret, Buckle, Carter's and Sunglass Hut. (Source (Source

Two men from California used counterfeit credit cards for $100K at Nordstrom, Macy and others  Police arrested two men from Los Angeles accused of using counterfeit credit cards to make more than $100,000 in purchases throughout the Portland metro area. Xunhai Zheng, 33, and Jin Hua Lin, 22, are charged with aggravated theft, aggravated ID theft and organized retail theft. Police were called to the Washington Square Mall on Wednesday after Nordstrom security workers spotted the duo. Investigators said they had been notified about Zheng and Lin the previous day after store owners discovered they had used fraudulent credit cards to purchase gift cards and other merchandise. Officers followed them throughout the afternoon. Police said they went on another "shopping spree" at the Macy's store in The Streets of Tanasbourne shopping center. Zheng and Lin then went to a hotel in northwest Portland, where they were ultimately arrested. A search of the hotel led to an extensive collection of gift cards and merchandise purchased with counterfeit credit cards. (Source

ORC ring led from inside Ala. prison with inmates cell phone scams leading to retail fraud arrest - loading up their prison accounts with sales of fraud purchases  Timothy Richard Robertson, 45, charged with fraudulent use of a credit card and first-degree theft of property by deceit for buying and selling merchandise to load up his friends/inmates prison accounts. The inmates would smuggle cell phones into the prison, call phone numbers of hotel rooms or other random phone numbers and use a ruse to convince the person on the other end of the phone to give them credit card information. They would then send that information to people on the outside who would make purchases, sell the items and then deposit money into the inmates’ prison accounts. Ventress Correctional Facility is conducting an internal investigation and will likely charge inmates as co-conspirators in the theft ring that may have been operating all over the state. (Source

Organized Retail Crime charge dismissed for one of the first people to be charged under Michigan's new state law  One of the freshman class of people charged with Michigan’s Organized Retail Crime law, a felony punishable by as much as five years in prison, saw the charge dismissed and was able to walk out of the courtroom a free woman. Lisa Dawn Ehorn, 26, pleaded guilty to second-degree retail fraud on Monday, Oct. 21, and Kent County Circuit Court Judge George Buth sentenced her to time served, as well as a slew of fees totaling more than $1,000. (Source

Female duo busted stealing 614 items from Wal-Mart in Utica, N.Y.  Sara Millron, 27 of Clinton, and Elizabeth Wust, 29 of Edmenston, N.Y., were both eventually arrested on the basis that they allegedly stole 614 items of merchandise, valuing a total of $4,092.71 from the chain store. (Source

UK Serial shoplifter with 163 offenses must serve 6 months in jail
Shoplifting $691 U.S. from UK retailer Marks & Spencer's they found a devie for removing security tags in her purse. The judge heard that Clarke had a total of 163 previous convictions, including 112 similar theft offences. He branded Clarke’s record as “appalling” and told her: “This was on any view a premeditated criminal expedition, organised and professionally executed by you. The goods taken were of high value, 443 pounds worth of clothing and food. (Source

Two Miami men busted on I-75 in Bonita Springs, Fla. - the west coast of Fla. - with 15 counterfeit credit cards  Lee County's Highway Interdiction Unit stopped two Miami men on I-75 in Bonita Springs and found pot and altered credit cards. The detective could smell marijuana coming from the vehicle and a subsequent search of the pick up uncovered a gram of marijuana and 15 fraudulent or altered credit cards. The two suspects purchased $2,000 in merchandise using the phony credit cards. Both men face charges of trafficking in counterfeit credit cards and possession of marijuana. (Source

Michigan trio hits multiple stores in two or three Michigan counties - busted this morning  BIG RAPIDS, MI – Police say three young men stole televisions, audio systems, a laptop computer and other items but were caught early Monday, Oct. 21, during a traffic stop. Big Rapids police said the suspects, a 20-year-old Kentwood man and two 19-year-old men from Baldwin stole more than 30 items from Meijer Inc. and Walmart in two or three counties. (Source

Two arrested for Organized Theft in Corpus Christi, TX.
Corpus Christi Police arrested a man and a woman at a store on South Padre Island Drive for Organized Retail Theft Sunday night. Officers discovered evidence to support an accusation that the stolen retail merchandise was bartered, sold, or otherwise disposed of in a manner beyond ordinary theft. Corpus Christi Police arrested 30-year-old Bonnie Vidrio (11/11/1982) and 31-year-old Joel Garcia (9/3/1982) for Organized Retail Theft and delivered them to the city detention center. No retailer was mentioned.

Two Gainesville Furniture store employees accused of theft; selling stolen new product to a consignment shop  The men worked for Walker Furniture stole the chairs over the past year and used a company truck to take them to a consignment shop, where they were sold at a drastically reduced price. An employee of the consignment shop told police that he had been dealing with Jones and Edwards since the store opened about a year ago. The employee said Jones and Edwards told him that Walker Furniture was overstocked and wanted to sell the chairs. (Source


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Vendor Spotlight

Verint Video and Situation Intelligence Solutions Presented Top Industry Honors

Nextiva Video Business Intelligence Solution Named Most Innovative In-Store Surveillance Solution
Nextiva PSIM Solution Awarded for Innovation in Information Technology and Security

MELVILLE, N.Y.-- Verint Systems Inc. today announced that it has received two new industry awards for its advanced Video and Situation Intelligence Solutions.

Nextiva Video Business Intelligence Earns Innovative In-Store Surveillance Distinction

Verint’s Nextiva Video Business Intelligence (VBI) was among the awarded solutions that earned the 2013 Retail Fraud Award in the category of “most innovative in-store surveillance” solution. The award program—presented by Retail Knowledge Media, a leading retail industry publication that accounts for more than 79,000 readers—recognizes the most exciting vendors and innovations designed for the retail fraud and loss prevention markets.

The Verint VBI solution was shortlisted among other surveillance solutions based on its innovative approaches to in-store surveillance, and won the honor due to its unique ability to capture and analyze shopper movement patterns to help enhance loss prevention efforts, increase conversion rates, improve operational efficiency and maximize customer satisfaction.

Nextiva Video Business Intelligence is a comprehensive intelligence platform that helps expand the application of surveillance infrastructure by using video from existing video security cameras to extract data about customer behavior, shopping patterns, employee efficiency and overall store operations.

Nextiva PSIM Receives Innovation in Information Technology and Security Honor

Verint was also the recipient of an innovation in information technology and security award at the 2013 Golden Bridge Awards. There, its Nextiva PSIM (physical security information management) solution was selected as a “silver-level” winner in the “integrated security solutions” category.

The Golden Bridge Business Awards were created to honor and generate industry and peer recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and individuals from around the world. Nextiva PSIM was selected based on its ability to transform raw security data into Actionable Intelligence through the integration of multiple systems and sensors into one interface.

Nextiva PSIM generates video-centric, real-time situation intelligence from vast amounts of data to enhance security, while streamlining management and optimizing costs. The newest version of the Verint PSIM portfolio features deeper integrations with third-party systems—including video management, access control, and license plate recognition and face detection—to help reduce project delivery time and streamline usability. Its visual tracking capabilities can track subjects across cameras, leveraging proximity calculations and visual video layout to follow subjects in highly dense and complex environments.

“Verint continues to deliver surveillance solutions that enable users to easily and reliably make sense of vast amounts of video data,” says Steve Weller, senior vice president and general manager, Verint Video and Situation Intelligence Solutions. “These recognitions demonstrate our commitment to providing technologies that meet the needs of the most complex and rigorous surveillance environments, while helping users delve into new areas of intelligence to increase security, build awareness and become more proactive.”


Industry Information
Verint Systems
Courtney Mamuscia, 303-254-7150
Industry Information
Verint Systems
Marije Gould, +44 (0) 1932 509298
Investor Relations
Verint Systems
Alan Roden, 631-962-9304



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Downing & Downing



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LP Manager Kmart Clinton, MD Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Kmart Greenbelt, MD Sears Holdings Corp
District LP Manager Sears Yonkers, NY Sears Holdings Corp
District LP Manager Sears Los Angeles Valley, CA Sears Holdings Corp
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Visalia, CA Lowe's
LP Manager Macy's Victor, NY Macy's
AP Manager Cabela's Springfield, OR Cabela's
LP & Safety Manager Bi-Mart Corp Eugene, OR Bi-Mart Corp
DC LP Manager Marshalls Pennsylvania, US TJX Companies


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David Magallon was named Operations Manager, Loss Prevention for Gap.
Steven Maly was named Divisional Loss Prevention Manager for Jiffy Lube.
Diana Gallion was named Division Loss Prevention Manager for Kroger.

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How to Listen When Your Communication Styles Don't Match  Not everyone communicates in the same way so how can you fix this mismatch and make sure the people you're communicating with are really hearing you? Use these tips when dealing with different types of communicators. (Got a screamer?)

How to Eliminate Negative Relationships and Make Room for Inspiring Ones 
Cross out all those people who don't inspire you, or don't challenge you inside or outside of work. You don't need to be around people who will bring you down. Surround yourself with inspirational friends! (Use the BET system)

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9 Ugly Truths Bosses Hide from Employees  To be an effective boss, you need to keep some thoughts and feelings to yourself. Some things are just not meant to be shared with your team members. These nine common thoughts are best kept to yourself, not said out loud. (Speak no evil)

Job Hunting Dilemma: 5 Reasons Why You Didn't Make the Cut  In today's tough economy, there is some fierce competition going after the same positions that you want. Don't fall into these categories; nail that first interview and keep your head held high. (First impressions are everything)

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"There's two types of coaches - Them that’s fired and them that’s gonna be fired.”  Many years ago I went to an HR luncheon where the old cowboy football coach Bum Phillips was the luncheon speaker and I'll never forget his opening line. And it brought down the house. Last week Bum passed away and I just had to run this today. As I've quoted it for years and quite frankly it's the truth. Over 70% of all executives will face it at some point in their career, or at the end of it. The real issue is how you deal with it. How you get up after being knocked down. As it always amazes me how for some, their loyalty or should I say job-security, becomes more important than their own career development. When in reality corporate America, in keeping with their responsibilities, will cut jobs when they have to, regardless of your accomplishments or tenure. That's not to say that loyalty is not one of the most important characteristics there is, because it is. But it is to say that when opportunity knocks a wise person listens.

Coming from an old knocker,
Thanks Bum - You made my day, the day I heard your speech and gave me a life long quote to use.
And on a side note - having been out all last week with a bug - It's great to be back!

Just a Thought,
Gus Downing

Gus Downing

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