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Research in Action: LPRC 2013 Impact Conference Recap

More than 180 leading executives from over 35 major retailers participated in the LPRC's ninth annual Loss Prevention conference last week

The Loss Prevention Research Council’s 9th annual Impact Conference, held at the University of Florida in Gainesville from October 14-16, drew over 180 leading executives from the Loss Prevention industry, including those from over 35 major retailers.

This year’s Impact Conference allowed multiple retail and solution companies to work hand-in-hand addressing different major loss prevention issues via interactive working group and action team breakout sessions.

All participants benefited from multiple presentations on this year’s LPRC’s research results and offender interviewing session, using the results to calibrate their upcoming action plans.

The LPRC would like to give a special thanks to Bill Titus, VP Loss Prevention & Safety for Sears Holdings Corp., and the rest of LPRC’s Board of Advisors for helping map the organization’s research strategy going forward.


Thank you to Dr. Read Hayes for the article and photo submissions.




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"Can Wages Buy Honesty?" with Tatiana Sandino & Jim O'Connor, VPLP Bed, Bath & Beyond

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Aug 425 326 23.3%ò
Sep 375 304 18.9%ò
Oct 464    
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Total 4258 3007 5.8%ò






The Library of Loss Prevention - Search data now...

Northern Michigan University, located in Michigan’s incredible Upper Peninsula, offers one of the only baccalaureate loss prevention management programs in the United States. It is offered completely online and accepts up to 92 transfer credits. An affordable investment into a dynamic and growing profession. Learn more here


News Brief - Sponsored by WG Security Products

Nightline Special - Black Market for Counterfeit Goods Rakes in $500 Billion Yearly  Nightline embeds with LAPD to cover counterfeit case and problem in California. Trade groups claim criminals steal copyrighted material worth half a trillion dollars every year. Counterfeit goods account for nearly 10 percent of worldwide trade, an estimated $500 billion annually, according to the World Customs Organization. "There's more money made on counterfeit goods than narcotics," according to one LAPD officer. The front line in the fight is at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, the biggest in the United States. More goods come through these ports than all other major American ports combined, approximately 40 percent of all maritime cargo. That's because this is the first stop for almost everything the U.S. imports from China, Japan and Korea. (Source

Worn and Returned: The Truth About 'Wardrobing' - More coverage on Bloomingdales new "b-tags"  Who exactly are the biggest wardrobing offenders? It seems there's no one-size-fits-all answer. But what drives our desire to try and beat the system? Social pressure may be one factor. Prabhakar says that the state of the economy also plays a factor in wardrobing. "Stores saw a spike in wardrobing during the recession when people weren't spending as much but still had events to attend and interviews to go to," she explains. "You usually see a spike in wardrobing during times of economic downturn." It's technically illegal, but the problem is there aren't any real [legal] consequences," says Prabhakar. "And it's difficult to tell if someone has only worn a garment once." According to the National Retail Federation's 2012 Return Fraud Survey, which was completed by loss prevention executives at 60 retail companies, nearly two-thirds (64.9%) of retailers said they were victims of wardrobing last year. It's not just retailers who suffer from the negative effects of wardrobing—shoppers can also feel an impact in the form of stricter return policies. Bloomingdale's is one major retailer who is reacting to wardrobing with a pretty drastic measure. The store is now attaching "b- tags"—bulky, 3-inch black plastic tags—to dresses retailing for $150 or more. The tags are cleverly attached in places that are difficult to hide when the item is worn, such as on the front bottom hemline, and items returned without the b-tags will not be exchanged or refunded. "These b-tags are in place to reinforce the fact that Bloomingdale's will be unable to accept a return of merchandise that has been worn, washed, damaged, used and/or altered," a Bloomingdale's spokeswoman tells us. (Source

Restaurants Turn To Affordable Cloud-Based Surveillance Technology to Safeguard Patrons and Inventory  Genetec, a leading provider of unified IP security solutions, announced today that its new cloud-based video monitoring service, Stratocast, is offering restaurants throughout North America an affordable way to help them safeguard their patrons and inventory. (Source

Retail Whistleblower to get $309,687- former traveling pharmacist - Kmart Corporation to Pay U.S. More Than $2.5 Million to Settle False Claims Act Allegations for Partially Filled Prescriptions  Kmart Corporation has agreed to pay the United States and 32 participating states a total of $2,550,000 to settle allegations of false prescription claims by its national pharmacy centers to government health insurance programs, U.S. Attorney Barbara L. McQuade announced today. Kmart is alleged to have violated the False Claims Act by billing government health care programs (Medicaid, Tricare, and the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program) for all drugs included in a prescription when, for many prescriptions, it dispensed only a portion of the prescribed drugs. Although billed in full to the government health care programs, the remaining portion of the prescriptions were never dispensed to beneficiaries and were later returned to stock. A portion of the settlement amount will go to Mark Kirsch, to settle the qui tam or “whistleblower” complaint against Kmart Corporation. Kirsch, a former Kmart traveling pharmacist who filed the action in Detroit in the Eastern District of Michigan, will receive $309,687. (Source

UK TV show featuring shoplifters bragging about crimes blasted for ‘glorifying lowlifes’  Channel 5 documentary Shoplifters and Proud follows unashamed thieves like Owen Brazil and Jade Underwood as they boast about stealing from shops to order. Brazil, 29, from Manchester, gives camera crews a tour of the stores he has stolen from while describing the ‘buzz’ he gets from it
And Underwood, described by the show’s narrator as the ‘Queen of Shoplifting’, says: “There’s not one day gone by this week where I’ve not shoplifted.” But the show has been slammed by Greater Manchester police commissioner Tony Lloyd and Manchester councillor Pat Karney. (Source

Calif. employers must make security accommodations for domestic violence victims starting Jan. 1  Employers will be prohibited from discriminating against victims of domestic violence and will be required to make reasonable accommodations in the workplace to protect them under a bill signed recently by the Gov. The new law bars employers from terminating or taking adverse actions against a worker based on his or her status as a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking. While the law will also require employers to accommodate requests such as changing a worker's telephone extension to protect against potential harassing phone calls at work, it does not require any accommodations that would create an undue hardship on business operations. (Source

The Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center studies shopping malls and sport venues as possible ‘soft targets’ for terrorist threats  The ACTIC is staffed by law enforcement officers from different agencies statewide, and investigates about 160 tips per month. Captain Harrison of the Department for Public Safety stated, “the counter terrorism center was initially created to combat terrorism. ” "Over the last several years during the holiday season especially when the malls are especially crowded we like to reach out to the mall community and let them know to be a little more vigilant during those times." (Source


Law Enforcement and Retail Partnerships
Making a Difference in their Communities

Just another great example of partnerships that can truly make a difference in the communities around us.

Workplace Violence: Meeting the subject of a threat assessment: Is it always necessary?  We know it takes a team effort and a multidisciplinary approach to solve the complex problem of workplace violence prevention. All successful threat assessments require both information and conversation. We must know as much as possible about the subject making the threat and his or her intended targets. And we must be able to communicate with as many people as we can (with confidentiality in mind, of course) to ask questions, get answers, and develop our potential solutions. Threat assessment is a team approach in every respect, because the decisions either come from or affect so many stakeholders. So if we agree that threat assessment is a collective effort and that we must get information from multiple sources, it's time to answer a question that has been posed to security professionals: Can you do an accurate threat assessment without actually meeting the subject? The short answer is yes. Given my choice between meeting with a subject or not, my answer stays the same: it depends. Will my meeting with that person help or hurt? Will it make it more or less likely the person will act out? Does it make it better or worse for the organization and any current or potential victims? Can I do my best work on the edges of the situation or do I need to be hands-on? Editors Note; Great article and a must read! (Source

The waning era of the "big box" - smaller is better & urban is the place to be
From the announcements of just five Big Box retailers, anything from 1100 to 1350 big boxes could be shuttered over the next year or so. A pattern seems to be emerging, with growing retail buzz around how to make stores smaller, more selective, highly curated – in short, create a better customer experience. Due in part to the lack of availability of large spaces in prime areas and the speed with which a chain can get to market when it enters with a smaller store format. But we must also factor in the continued growth of online commerce – Internet pureplays which desire a brick-and-mortar presence, while current brick-and-mortar chains may find there’s less need for larger spaces as their online businesses expand. (Source

Kohl’s Department Stores to Open at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day

J.C. Penney gives up on Martha - Macy's Wins - before court ruling

Target hires former CIA officer as "kids' gift detective"

Study: Self-checkouts causing shopper frustration, abandoned carts
Recent research from Tensator found that one out of every three shoppers (out of nearly 400 polled) has walked out of a store without the goods they intended to buy — simply because of a bad experience with a self-service checkout. The findings also revealed that 84 percent of those questioned needed staff assistance when using a self-service checkout and 60 percent of customers actually preferred the more traditional, staffed checkouts. (Source

Secure evidence gathering using mobile devices
At-Scene, a provider of mobile law enforcement applications and solutions, yesterday unveiled the iCrime Fighter Enterprise mobile evidence gathering solution for secure field data collection using smart phones and other mobile devices. The iCrime Fighter solution, which was officially launched yesterday at the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference in Philadelphia, allows officers in the field to capture field notes, evidence, images, videos, and audio statements at the scene using the iCrime Fighter app and securely upload all files to At-Scene says that smart phones and other mobile devices are increasingly being used by law enforcement officers in the field because they offer convenience and enable departments to replace digital cameras, video cameras, audio recorders, and field notebooks with one hand-held solution. (Source

Pirate Attacks by Heavily Armed Gangs Surge off Nigerian Coast
Pirate attacks off Nigeria’s coast have jumped by a third this year with ships passing through West Africa’s Gulf of Guinea, a major commodities hub, increasingly under threat from gangs wanting to snatch cargoes and crews. Unlike the dangerous waters off Somalia and the Horn of Africa on the east coast of Africa, through which ships now speed with armed guards on board, many vessels have to anchor to do business off West African countries, with little protection. This makes them a soft target for criminals and jacks up insurance costs. Data from the IMB, which coordinates the fight against maritime crime and malpractice, showed Nigeria remained the main source of piracy in the region with 29 attacks on vessels recorded in the first nine months of 2013, up from 21 in the same period last year. (Source

6-foot Florida gator takes a turn as Walmart greeter  The incident happened Sunday morning in Apopka, outside Orlando. The gator stopped in the entryway, causing the automatic doors to open and close until employees locked them. Orlando television station WKMG reports Apopka police officers tried to lure the gator away as customers gathered to watch and take pictures. The gator took off toward the nearby woods. Officers searched the area but couldn't find it. (Source

14 Wal-Mart facts that will blow your mind
Here are some things you might not know about America's largest retailer:

• Wal-Mart averages a profit of $1.8 million every hour.
• 35 million people shop at Wal-Mart every day, as much as the population of Canada.
• Wal-Mart's $316 billion U.S. retail sales exceed those of Kroger (KR +0.40%), Target (TGT -0.29%), Costco (COST -0.52%) and Walgreens (WAG -0.29%) combined.
• The average Wal-Mart supercenter sells 140,000 individual items.
• Wal-Mart opened between four and five new stores every week in 2012.
• The Walton family is worth $150 billion, about as much as Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Michael Bloomberg combined.
• Wal-Mart commonly receives 25 applications for every open job.
• Between Wal-Mart's opening in 1962 and 2002, the number of single-store retailers in the U.S. declined 55%.
• Wal-Mart accounts for 25% of Clorox's (CLX +0.59%) total sales.
• Wal-Mart's top-selling item in 2012 was the banana.
• 90% of Americans live within 15 minutes of a Wal-Mart.
• Wal-Mart's net sales were $466 billion in 2012. That's more than Argentina's GDP.
• Wal-Mart has 2.2 million employees, more than the population of Houston.
• If Wal-Mart were a country, it would be the 26th largest economy in the world. (Source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Rent-A-Center Q3 down 0.8% with sales up 2.1%
Coach Q1 North American direct sales down 6.8% with North American total direct sales down 1%
Radio Shack Q3 down 8.4% with sales down 10.2% and a net loss of $112M




Home Depot Loss Prevention agent stabbed while making an apprehension in La Quinta, California  Police are asking for the public’s help to find a man who stabbed a loss prevention officer with a sharp weapon Monday at Home Depot. The loss prevention officer was taken to a local hospital in serious but stable condition to be treated for cuts. The attack happened about 10:45 a.m at Home Depot store at 79900 Highway 111. While being detained by the guard, the man “attacked the loss prevention officer with a sharp weapon by stabbing and slashing.” After the attack, the man ran from the store and the female companion fled in a car parked nearby. (Source

Building Materials - Retailers Alert in Ontario, Canada, From OPP - Ongoing Scam  The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Norfolk County Detachment wants to alert all businesses that deal with building materials. The OPP have received fraud complaints throughout the province from various retailers after they have received a call from a Montreal sourced group placing orders for construction material by phone using fraudulent credit card data. (Source

Armed security guard shoots fleeing shoplifter - almost hit by fleeing vehicle in Buffalo, N.Y.  An armed security guard shot one man and grazed another after nearly being struck by the two men’s fleeing vehicle in the Tops grocery store parking lot. And detectives believe that confrontation followed a shoplifting incident involving the two suspects Sunday night. (Source

Thieves stole 6K worth of merchandise from Philly sneaker store  Police are looking for a pair of thieves who stole more than $6,000 worth of merchandise from Sneaker Villa store in Cedarbrook. (Source

Killer 'clowns' murder Mexican ex-drug capo
La Paz (Mexico) (AFP) - Gunmen disguised as clowns at a children's party shot dead the eldest brother of Mexico's once powerful Arellano Felix drug cartel family, authorities said Saturday. Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix, 63, was gunned down at a family event Friday in Cabo San Lucas, a tourist resort in the Baja California peninsula. Francisco Rafael's murder is likely "due to unpaid old debts, and old retributions" from the times that the Arellanos were at the height of their power between 1990 and 2000. (Source

San Antonio woman drops her cell phone during a struggle with Loss Prevention at H.E.B  Robin Recio, 25, could be seen stuffing merchandise in her blouse and purse. A manager confronted her as she tried to leave the store and a struggle ensued, according to investigators. Police said Recio managed to hit the manager several times before taking off but dropped her cell phone while fleeing. The manager told police he was able to get the suspect's information from the phone and also picked her out of a photo lineup. (Source

Rodeo Drive Smash & Grab at Saint Laurent is Worth over $100,000  A crew pulled it off at the Saint Laurent Paris boutique, at least until the Beverly Hills Police Department tracks it down. The department says "multiple suspects" shattered the entrance to Saint Laurent Paris about 4:15 a.m. yesterday and made off with more than $100,000 worth of fine French goods. (Source

Three armed suspect rob a CVS Pharmacy in the Mid City area of New Orleans One gunman held the security officer at bay, while two other suspects grabbed the money from the front registers. No one was reported injured. (Source

Whole Foods in NYC robbed of $60,000; two armed suspects being sought by the NYPD  A pair of armed robbers held up employees at a Whole Foods in Manhattan Sunday night and made off with more than $60,000 cash, the NYPD says. Employees at the Whole Foods on East Houston Street were robbed while using the store's elevator to take the cash to the store's second floor at about 10 p.m., police say. (Source

Temecula, CA. Apple Store smash and grab burglar pleads guilty; sentenced to 5 years and $600,000 in restitution  Riverside County sheriff’s officials have said Howard used his own 2003 BMW X5 to smash through the glass storefront and metal security gate of the Apple Store at The Promenade mall about 5 a.m. Sept. 6, 2012. Surveillance footage showed other men with their faces covered jumping out of the SUV and beginning to grab iPhones and iPads off display tables. The burglary was cut short because the security gate dropped back down, trapping the SUV in the store. The driver had to ram the gate repeatedly to escape. (Source

Suspects sought in Mooresville, N.C., credit card fraud cases

Burglar falls through the ceiling of a Melbourne CVS store; arrested by police 

$25,000 Kentucky bourbon theft believed to be an inside job

Serial Fast-Food Armed Robbery Suspect Caught in Maple Grove, Minn.

KFC employees chase down a robber in Syracuse

Armed gunman demands cash from a Rite Aid in Falls Township, Pennsylvania

Verizon store robbed in Miramar Ranch, California

Pittsburgh Police seeking the identity of a suspect in a Family Dollar robbery

Price Chopper shoplifting suspect in Bristol arrested for robbery; attempting return fraud

Suspected GameStop robber surrenders in Vero Beach; wanted for similar heists in Brevard, Palm Beach

Serial burglary suspect sought by Philadelphia police; hitting smaller retailers in Northeast Philadelphia

Police release surveillance tape of Walgreen’s robbery in Corryville, Ohio

Dayton, Ohio Thrift Store burglarized; thieves steal register cash and cut open the safe

Cedar Rapids, Iowa Police arrest a suspect believed to be connected to over 30 smash and grabs of small businesses

UK’s Scotland Yard arrests 5 suspects connected to at least two jewelry store smash and grab

Thieves leave empty-handed after crashing a stolen U-Haul into an Atlanta Metro PCS store  Three thieves ran off empty-handed after crashing a stolen U-Haul into a Metro PCS at 6:45 this morning. Police said two men and a woman in the U-Haul panicked when they saw an employee from a nearby convenience store step outside to see what happened, and they ran off. No merchandise was stolen from the store. (Source




How to Stay Ahead This Shopping Season:
Insights from Video Business Intelligence

Black Friday is a little more than one month away and with it signals the retail market’s shift into the high season of frenzied consumer shopping. Retailers continue to seek new ways to leverage technology to protect stores from the ever-present threat of internal and external theft, fraud and organized crime that zaps bottom-line margins. Video surveillance technology is a valuable addition to any retailer’s technology toolbox, allowing users to not only look to video to reduce losses but tap into new data streams that deliver new levels of business intelligence. Video business intelligence combines intelligent functions such as people counting, queue management, store performance and customer behavior analysis to deliver new levels of operations, security and buyer behavior than previously possible.

Join Verint and Alex Johnson, Senior Director of Retail Solutions, Verint Video Intelligence Solutions, to hear the new ways retailers are leveraging video surveillance, video management software and embedded analytics to deliver real-time situation awareness and Actionable Intelligence to protect assets and enhance the customer shopping experience.

Discover “How to Stay Ahead This Shopping Season,” during this exclusive webinar from Verint on Thursday, November 7, 2013, at 2:00 p.m. Learn about video technology trends and business intelligence solutions for retailers, as well as the top trends forecasted for the 2013 holiday shopping season.

WHO: Verint Video Intelligence Solutions
WHAT: Interactive Webinar: “How to Stay Ahead This Shopping Season – Insights from Business Intelligence”
WHEN: Thursday, November 7, 2013, 2 to 3 p.m. (Eastern time)

WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: Verint’s Video Business Intelligence® platform provides a comprehensive, video management portfolio for retailers that bundles loss prevention and asset protection with critical real-time tools that help this market understand and manage store performance, and deliver a positive customer experience. Targeted video analytics integrated with electronic article surveillance, RFID sensors and point-of-sale data yield real-time business intelligence. Verint’s advanced video management solutions provide retailers with a wide array of tools to protect infrastructure, reduce liability, convert sales and ensure strong profits. The Webinar will include a look at:

Business trends for the holiday season
How to better prepare, capture and analyze relevant data
How Verint’s Video Business Intelligence portfolio delivers in-depth insights into the customer experience
Tips for getting the most out of data
How to deploy better security, including best practices

Webinar is FREE for media representatives. Contact Rhianna Daniels at 813-645-1242 or email to schedule a follow-up interview. 



ORC duo busted hitting CVS stores in Scranton, PA. - hit other stores as well
A couple stole 23 boxes of Rogaine and other items from area pharmacies and stores. Christopher McElroy, 40, P.O. Box 7172, Garden City, N.Y., and Kelly Bruckner, 29, 26 Salem Road, Hicksville, N.J., were seen stealing $212 worth of the hair restoration cream from the Davis Street CVS in Scranton just before 4 p.m. Shift supervisor Mark Maguire told Patrolman James Golden that three other CVS stores in the city experienced similar thefts. The thieves made off with an additional $333.96 in Rogaine and $55.99 in Crest White Strips. Police received consent to search the car from the driver, Cynthia Harris, 55, 32 Mistletoe Lane, Levittown, N.Y., and found 23 packs of Rogaine as well as various medications, supplements and clothing with T.J. Maxx tags stuffed in black garbage bags in the back seat and the trunk. (Source

ORC trio busted yesterday in Big Rapids, MI. may be linked to more credit card fraud at Meijer's stores  Three men taken into custody after a public safety officer found numerous stolen electronics items in their vehicle are being investigated for credit card fraud at Meijer stores in Kent County. According to Miller, the trio had nearly $3,000 worth of televisions, laptop computers, stereos, speakers, Airsoft guns, video games and other items in their possession. As an investigation into the suspected retail fraud continued, it "opened up to other activity," Miller said. Police learned the trio may be linked to multiple credit card fraud instances at Meijer stores in Kent County. (Source

Oswego County, N.Y., duo charged with stealing 25 iPhone cases from Granby Wal-Mart  Two Oswego County men accused of stealing more than two dozen iPhone cases from the Granby Walmart were wanted for other crimes, Oswego County sheriff's deputies said. Dale Daugherty, 28, of Oswego, and Marshall J. Butler, 30, of Mexico, were both charged Saturday evening with fourth-degree grand larceny, a felony. (Source


“Protection 1 is proud to be sponsoring the D-D Daily ORC column to ensure the LP industry gets the information, education and critical data they need to fight this national epidemic.”
Rex Gillette, VP Retail Sales, Protection 1.

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Vendor Spotlight

WG Security Eliminating Wardrobing with the Seal Tag

Recently, news outlets such as ABC News, Bloomberg Businessweek, Yahoo!, Fox, and even the Daily Mail in the U.K., published stories about the new and exciting method Bloomingdale's has initiated to fight the scourge of wardrobing. According to these stories and citing the National Retail Federation, wardrobing is a form of fraud that cost retailers $8.8 billion last year. While Bloomingdale's is to be commended for an outside-the-box way to reduce shrinkage, what you don't know is that this revolutionary wardrobing prevention plan was a collaborative effort between Bloomingdale's and WG Security Products Inc., the California-based company that has developed a reputation over the last 15 years for innovative and original EAS technologies.

The device in use at Bloomingdale's locations throughout the nation to stop wardrobers in their tracks is the Seal Tag, available now from WG. It is not an EAS tag, but a one-time use device which is typically applied at the point of sale, to a noticeable area of the garment. Customers are instructed that removal of the Seal Tag voids any return policy. This prevents customers from wearing the garment for a day and attempting a return, therefore ensuring honest returns. The Seal tag is very easily removed by hand and once removed, cannot be re-applied. It can be personalized, with your business logo imprinted on the front, adding a degree of elegance. You can watch our video for more information about wardrobing and the Seal Tag.

If wardrobing is a concern for your business (and judging from the comments section of these stories, it should be), the Seal Tag is the answer for you. Contact for more information on the Seal Tag.

For the retail subject matter experts, read the recent column in Retail Wire!

Dennis Jordan
Marketing, WG Security Products



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Regional LP Manager Forever 21 Towson, MD Forever 21
Regional AP Manager REI Kent, WA REI
Regional LP Specialist Hannaford/Delhaize America New Hampshire/Massachusetts Hannaford/Delhaize America
Regional LP Manager Pet Supermarket Atlanta, GA Pet Supermarket
Director LP Dist Center & Refurb Operations GameStop Grapevine, TX GameStop

National Account Mgr



Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention


Philadelphia, PA

Downing & Downing

Regional LP Director Confidential Nashville, TN Downing & Downing
Regional LP Manager Confidential San Francisco, CA Downing & Downing
District LP Manager Confidential San Diego, CA Downing & Downing
District LP Manager Confidential New York, NY Downing & Downing
LP Analyst Confidential New York, NY Downing & Downing

Zone AP Manager


Vancouver, BC

Downing & Downing



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AP Manager in Training Walmart Las Vegas, NV Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Brooklyn Park, MN Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart South Bend, IN Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Forsyth, GA Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Columbus, NE Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart West Boylston, MA Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart West Lafayette, IN Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Margate, FL Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Freehold, NJ Wal-Mart
LP Manager Kmart Bishop, CA Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Kmart Knoxville, TN Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Kmart Indianapolis, IN Sears Holdings Corp
ETL Asset Protection Target San Diego, CA Target
ETL Asset Protection Target Orange County, CA Target
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Dallas, TX Lowe's
Area LP Manager Family Dollar New York, NY Family Dollar


On the Move: Home of the Industry's Original - Sponsored by Cival Demand Associates

Paul Phelan was promoted to District Asset Protection Manager for Abercrombie & Fitch.
James Schroeder was named Regional Internal Investigator for Bloomingdale's.
Jon Parrett was promoted to Senior Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Big Dog Holdings.
Gabriel Levit was named Market ORC Investigations Manager for Toys R Us.

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Unhappy Employees Outnumber Happy Ones by Two to One Worldwide  If you're not satisfied with your current position, don't worry because you're not alone. According to a recent report by Gallup, only 13% of workers felt connected with their jobs. Gallup put together a list of statements to see where workers fell into being engaged or not. (Where do you stand?)

How to Give Feedback that Inspires Improvement  It just simply won't work if you just threaten your employees with being fired if they don't perform well, you have to provide them with feedback, but it has to be specified and direct. Use these tips the next time you need to provide some insight. (Light a fire)

If There is a Key to Success, This is It
The success of a business depends on how well the members make and enforce high quality decisions at every opportunity. Each decision that is made, impacts your company's perception, so make sure you're providing the right tools to let your teams make the right decisions every day. (It's in your employees' hands)

To Find Success, First Write your Failure Resume 
Sounds counterintuitive doesn't it, but failures are very important to overcome and learn from. If you learn from your failures, and own them, it will help you move on, and you can enhance your own brand in the process. (Come to terms with your setbacks)

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Repetition is one of the keys to success. Developing and evolving your approach, your message, your actions and processes and focusing on repetitively delivering them, you'll be able to almost transcend your message and focus on its delivery as opposed to its action. We all have core things we do every day and if you can develop repetitive responses, that ensures continuity, you can then begin to master what you do and truly make an impact on the group you're working with.

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