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Tracking Companies Agree to Notify Shoppers, But Retailers Demur - Getting more news coverage  Shoppers may soon learn which stores have been watching them as they stroll through the aisles. Over the last two years, retailers such as Nordstrom have hired software firms that gather Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals emitted from smartphones to monitor shoppers’ movements around stores. They use the data to study things like wait times at the check-out line and how many people who browse actually make a purchase. Now that could change. In response to growing public unease about privacy, on Tuesday a group of companies providing retailers with location tracking services agreed to give consumers notice that they are tracking them — and to encourage retail companies they work with to post instructions explaining how to opt-out of tracking. Notably, no major retailers or the industry group that represents them signed the code of of conduct. The tracking companies are asking their retail clients to do this, but retailers themselves haven’t publicly agreed to post signs in their stores. (Source

"Guns Drawn" when they come in - up to 50% of the time - Robbery's in Drug Stores Sees Huge Increase  There's been a huge increase in the number of robbers who enter the store with their guns drawn over the last two years. Two years ago the numbers were 1 in 6 armed robbery's and last year the number moved up to 50%. That's half of all armed robberies - where the robber comes in the store with their guns drawn and ready to shoot. Is there more violence? Are we seeing more? The answer is yes. The fact above was shared with the Daily from a national private study that shows one aspect of criminal behavior that we should all be aware of.

Barneys NY pledges security policy review after racial profiling claims
Barneys New York department store, accused of racially profiling shoppers, said Thursday it has retained a civil rights expert to lead a review of its policies and procedures and has reached out to community leaders to start a dialogue. Two black shoppers said they were questioned by police after they made expensive purchases at the Manhattan store. One has filed a discrimination lawsuit against Barneys, the city and its police department; the other has filed a complaint with the city's police watchdog agency. Mark Lee, Barney's CEO, offered his "sincere regret and deepest apologies." "We are conducting a thorough review of our practices and procedures as they relate to these matters to ensure that they reflect our continued commitment to fairness and equality," he said in a statement. (Source

The Wall Street Journal conducting research on what's hot in retail LP
The Wall Street Journal is calling around the industry asking LP executives about what's hot in the industry. They're trying to write an article on the Holiday Season and retail LP and have contacted a number of industry leaders including the Daily. We've suggested a view of the leading ORC executives and tried to convey to them some of the hot issues we're dealing with without naming any organization or individual incidents. A few of you will in fact receive some calls. FYI

Facial recognition offers real time demographic
A new partnership between biometrics specialists Argus and retail technology specialists at Box Technologies has enabled the launch of facial recognition solutions for the retail sector, so that stores can know exactly who is in their store at any given time. Face recognition technology has already been recognised as a cutting edge fraud prevention technique, but for the first time Box and Argus will be able to provide customer analytics and marketing information in the retail store. (Source

Organizers Hope for Big Crowd At Surveillance Protest - By - A group we need to watch  Organizers with are hoping for a large crowd to protest the NSA's mass surveillance programs. About 4,500 people have indicated they plan to attend a rally Saturday in Washington, D.C., to protest surveillance programs run by the U.S. National Security Agency. (Source

Petco opens first Mexico store

99 Cents Only Cuts Corp. Office Staff by 160

Fed Accuses Retailers of 'Misguided Interpretation' of Swipe Fee Law

PayPal working with Blackhawk to add gift cards to digital wallets

Millennials Are About to Outspend the Baby Boomer, Catching the Retail Industry Off Guard

Apple has killed NFC. Next up: an Amex purchase?
With the release of the iPhone 5S and 5C, we saw the death of mobile payment as we know it, and the hundreds of thousands of NFC-enabled retailers across the world are now scratching their heads about what to do next. But why has Apple been so violently opposed to the NFC standard that the rest of the payments industry has adopted? In short –it wants all of the pie, not just a thin slice. (Source

Eastern Europeans sought in online marketplace fraud scheme
Six Eastern European men are being sought by U.S. prosecutors for allegedly netting up to US$3 million by placing fraudulent advertisements for vehicles, motorcycles and boats on major online marketplaces. Ringleader Nicolae Popescu is accused of leading a group that placed advertisements for goods costing between $10,000 to $45,000, collecting the money from victims and never delivering the goods. Six co-defendants were arrested in December 2012, the DOJ said. (Source

In Case You Missed It: Asset Protection Associates - Give Back Campaign - Get Involved and help  Yesterday we ran a Vendor Spotlight on behalf of Asset Protection Associates, an Atlanta based but nationwide provider of "Uniformed Protective Services", and one of the best out there. They've started a great Holiday gift giving program for those less fortunate for Thanksgiving by donating one nonperishable item for every "LIKE" they receive on their APA Facebook page between now and November 24th through North Fulton Community Charities. NFCC is a leader in North Fulton offering assistance to over 5,000 families annually. Take a moment and go click on their LIKE button and help give! Great Idea - Do You Have One Second Facebook

FMI Expands Safety Education at Asset Protection Conference!
You and your team will benefit from the dynamic safety specific sessions we have put together to include: • The Energized Approach for Achieving a Safe, Healthy and Productive Workplace • Distracted Driving – Impact on Employee Safety, Productivity and Employer Liability • Floor Solutions That Have Traction • Shock to the Heart: The ABC’s of AED’s! • Safety Incentive Programs • Fuel Safety • Taking the Right Risks • From Knowing to Doing: Getting the Most out of your Safety Training Efforts (Wednesday Professional Development Workshop). For more information visit

Quarterly Results

Amazon Q3 sales up 24% and hit $17.09 billion
Sherwin Williams Q3 up 10.9% with net sales up 9.4%
Aaron's, Inc., Q3 up 5% with revenue up 2%
Columbia Sportswear Q3 net sales down 4%


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Apr 307 377 22.8%ñ
May 342 385 12.6%ñ
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Season Two Kicks Off
October 28
"Can Wages Buy Honesty?" with Harvard Professor Tatiana Sandino & Jim O'Connor, VPLP Bed, Bath & Beyond

November 11
Interview with Lisa LaBruno, Sr. VP Retail Operations, RILA

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New England ORC Event Coverage

Albuquerque's ORC Effort - Chief Raymond Schultz & Karen Fischer, Strategic Support Div. Mgr, APD

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Jim O'Connor, VP of LP on Developing an LP Culture

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Sears Holdings may be open to selling Canadian flagship store - and may close more stores  Sears Holdings' Canadian division may consider selling off its Toronto flagship store if the right buyer comes along, according to published reports. In the latest sign of trouble for the retailer, Sears Canada CEO Douglas Campbell told the Globe and Mail, one of Canada's largest newspapers, that the company was considering closing more stores, including the one at the Toronto Eaton Centre. Sears Canada's head office also is located at Eaton Centre. The newspaper reported that Campbell's predecessor, Calvin McDonald, was reluctant to sell the location because of its symbolic importance, but that Seattle-based Nordstrom was interested in buying the location as it prepares to open its first Canadian store next year. (Source

5 Canadian consumer trends to shape the future of retail
Canadians consumers are increasingly looking for healthy and locally made products, according to a new study from the Business Development Bank of Canada that identifies five trends shaping consumer behaviour. The BDC study released Monday also looks at the increasing importance of the internet in decision-making, with half of consumers conducting an online search prior to buying. The five consumer trends identified by the BDC are: The buy-local movement, Rising health awareness, Frugality, The desire for customized goods, The impact of the internet. Not too far off the consumer in the states. (Source

Best Buy Canada looking to become ground zero in Windows, Apple, Samsung electronics battle - looks like the same in the U.S.  Best Buy Canada is getting even cozier with its manufacturers, who are opening up in-store boutiques inside the retailer’s big stores with dedicated staff to service megabrands such as Windows, Apple and Samsung. The move comes as the retailer, which closed 15 underperforming stores in January, strives to shore up its leading market share in a struggling category after a prolonged period of consumer electronics deflation and stiff competition from Amazon. (Source

Target’s Rough Ride In Canada Will Persist In The Near Term
Target’s Canadian operations have not shown big promise so far. The retailer is off to a choppy start in the region due to low customer satisfaction and initial expansion costs. Canada has been the first international expansion choice for U.S. retailers due to its close vicinity to the U.S. and similar consumer tastes. Though Target expects better performance in Canada in the future, the market is not as lucrative as some developing nations, due to a slow economic recovery, increase in cross-border shopping and small population. Moreover, the retail landscape in Canada is highly developed, and therefore, new retailers find it hard to compete with the existing ones. Only the grocery retailers have seen decent growth in the region, which is not a big business for Target. Considering the factors, we believe that Target is in for a rough ride in Canada in the near future. (Source

Starbucks brews up an expansion
Sales this year in Canada went over $1 billion, and 100 new outlets a year will open nationwide by 2018, including 24 by early 2014 in Quebec. (Source

Vancouver police warn of fraudsters reselling gasoline stored in modified vans and buying with fake credit cards  A series of sophisticated and coordinated gas thefts have Vancouver police searching for criminals who are fuelling the black market. Twice this week police have caught drivers using fraudulent credit cards to fill holding tanks in unmarked, modified panel vans in a rash of gas thefts that is not expected to stop soon, according to VPD spokesman Const. Brian Montague. There’s no question that we’ve seen a level of expertise here both in the modifications of the vehicles being used as well as the fact that you’re seeing forged payment cards,” he said. Police arrived and arrested an 18-year-old man who was allegedly holding more than 200 payment cards that appeared to have been forged. When they looked inside the van he had been driving, they saw that it had been modified and held a plastic tank filled with more than 750 litres of gasoline. (Source

Richmond RCMP arrests a drug store robbery suspect; used an imitation handgun at Garden City shopping center

Robber enters a Calgary grocery store with a screwdriver and knife demanding money  Calgary Police are on the case after a violent robbery in the city’s northeast Wednesday evening. It happened at around 9:30 p.m. at the Basha International Foods on Barlow Trail near Sunridge Mall. The two suspects came in with a screwdriver and a knife and threatened employees. No one was injured. (Source

Owner working to recover after last month’s $40,000 robbery of a Montreal boutique  The owner of a men’s wear store on St-Laurent Boulevard says he’s doing his best to turn the page after a Hollywood-style robbery cost him thousands of dollars. Jonah Leslie, the owner of Héritage-Inheritance boutique, said he got a phone call in the morning about a month ago. He said an employee had opened up the store to discover the second-storey had been almost completely emptied out. Even more shocking was the method the robbers used to access the building. The thieves managed to break through the upstairs wall by going through an empty apartment in an adjacent building. Leslie said that would have required going through two thick brick walls and a gyproc wall. (Source

Retail Fast Facts: October 2013

Total monthly retail sales changed by 3.5 per cent over the comparable month last year.
Total sales excluding food, automotive and gasoline changed by 3.9 per cent over the comparable month last year. Read more (Source



Gunman Surrenders following a 5 hour Hostage situation in a North Carolina CVS robbery  A gunman has surrendered after allegedly attempting to rob a North Carolina CVS in the early hours of Friday and taking three employee’s hostage. The man, who has not been named, was taken into custody just after 7am on Friday following an hours-long standoff with authorities at the pharmacy in Belmont. He had allegedly entered the store armed with an assault rifle just after 1am but before he could express his demands, a customer saw what was unfolding and went outside and called police. When police arrived on the scene minutes later, they ordered him to drop his weapon but he opened fire instead, narrowly missing them. Police Chief Charles Franklin explained that his men then returned fire but did not hit the gunman, and the officers left the store when they learned he was holding hostages. (Source

8 people charged with bank fraud in thefts of $1.5 million at Wash., Nev. casinos in 2005-06 using some McDonald's franchises accounts  According to an indictment unsealed in U.S. District Court in Seattle on Thursday, the defendants used credit-card transaction devices to impersonate stores, including McDonald's franchises and a dog daycare in Seattle, and loaded money from the businesses onto prepaid debit cards. They then traveled to casinos in Washington and Nevada to withdraw the money from the cards. (Source

Creepy Crawling Credit Card Thief Gets 16 Years in Jail - The theater crawler
The mastermind of the credit card and ID theft ring preyed on unsuspecting women watching movies in Greenwich. The mastermind of a credit card and identity theft ring that preyed upon women attending movies in Greenwich, has been sentenced to 16 years in jail. On Oct. 22, 2012, a jury found Johnson guilty of multiple counts of unauthorized use of an access device and aggravated identity theft. Johnson with the assistance of female accomplices engaged in a credit card fraud and identity theft scheme at several movie theaters in Connecticut.(Source

UK Serial shoplifter jailed after abandoning child during crime

Recent armed robberies in Benton connected to organized gangs

Police Shoot Suspected Purse Snatcher Outside Hialeah Publix

Smash-and-grab burglars hit 2 stores in northwest Houston minutes apart

Casual Male associates forced at gunpoint into a storage room during an armed robbery in Hamden, Connecticut  An armed suspect dressed in a black suit robbed the Casual Male XL store in Hamden, Thursday at 7 p.m. Police say that an investigation revealed that the suspect robbed the store clerk and was armed with a black handgun. The suspect demanded cash from the register, which the clerk handed to him. Diaz said the suspect then ordered the associates into a storage room before fleeing to his vehicle. (Source

Dover, Delaware Target store hit by overnight burglary; thief fled with Apple electronics 

Jewelry Robbery suspect in ‘critical condition’ shot by the store’s owner in Alcoa, Tennessee

GameStop in Sugar Land, TX robbed at gunpoint; associate forced in a storage area

Rexall robbery suspect arrested in Waterloo, Iowa may be connected to other pharmacy robberies

3 of 4 suspects arrested in a Detroit local drugstore smash and grab

Jackson, Mississippi Police searching for Family Dollar robbery suspect

Credit Card thief goes on a $2000 shopping spree at Peachtree Mall in Georgia; suspect apprehended

Kroger employee arrested for theft of $14,000 from 7 store safes in the Nashville area  A former Kroger employee is behind bars Friday morning after being accused of stealing $14,000 from the store. Teara Blair is accused of going to seven Kroger stores and stealing money from the store safes. Police said they have surveillance video of Blair opening the safe and putting cash in her sock. Blair remains jailed after being charged with theft. (Source

Austin, Tx area Fabric Store robbed at gunpoint of $200; brings out k-9 unit and helicopter search for the suspect

Tallahassee Police investigating a Walmart robbery; suspect wielded a box-cutter towards the Loss Prevention agent and fled

Greensboro Police searching for 3 armed suspects in a Jewelry Store robbery

18 Handguns stolen from an Oxford, Alabama Ace Hardware store
The Oxford Police Department, with the assistance of the Birmingham Field Office of the ATF, needs your help to find the person who broke into a gun store. It happened Wednesday at the Oxford Lumber/Ace Hardware. During the burglary, 18 handguns were taken. (Source



Axis Adds Outdoor-Ready, Day/Night, 3-megapixel/HDTV 1080p Model to its Popular and Affordable AXIS M30 Series of Fixed Mini Domes

Vandal-resistant AXIS M3026-VE network camera offers a 106° horizontal angle of view, edge-storage and enhanced capacity for intelligent video

CHELMSFORD, Mass. – Axis Communications, the market leader in network video surveillance, presents the vandal-resistant and outdoor-ready AXIS M3026-VE Fixed Dome Network Camera that provides up to 3-megapixel and HDTV 1080p resolution with a 106° horizontal angle of view. AXIS M3026-VE is a discreet and affordably-priced mini dome ideal for areas that require outdoor day and night surveillance with a wide-angle field-of-view, such as at hotels, gas stations, restaurants, offices and schools.

As the latest camera to be launched in the affordable AXIS M30 Series, AXIS M3026-VE features enhanced capacity for video streaming and intelligent video applications. The entire AXIS M30 Series was on display from Sept. 24-26 in Chicago at ASIS International in Axis’ booth #1034.

AXIS M3026-VE also offers true day/night performance thanks to an automatically removable infrared(IR)-cut filter to enable the camera to capture color video during the light of day while making use of IR light at night for high-quality black and white video.

“Based on feedback from our partners and end-customers, we have dramatically enhanced the affordable and discreet AXIS M30 Series over the last year and a half to include options such as 360° and panoramic viewing, integrated IR LED illumination, onboard storage and intelligent video,” said Fredrik Nilsson, general manager, Axis Communications, Inc. “AXIS M3026-VE brings 3-megapixel and 1080p HDTV quality video to outdoor applications that require a wide viewing angle and 24/7 surveillance, while still remaining within the customer’s budget.”

Like other cameras in the series, AXIS M3026-VE enables quick and easy installation. It can be mounted on walls or ceilings, and camera direction can be easily adjusted. AXIS M3026-VE is powered using Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) and comes focused at delivery with a 6.6 ft. network cable to shorten installation time. The camera also supports Axis’ Corridor Format for a vertically oriented field-of-view to maximize coverage of areas such as along walls and aisles.

Main features of AXIS M3026-VE Fixed Dome Network Camera include:

• Multiple, individually configurable streams in H.264 and Motion JPEG video formats
Multi-view streaming, enabling different areas in the camera’s field of view to be cropped from the full view and streamed simultaneously for viewing or recording
• Intelligent video applications such as video motion detection and tampering alarm, as well as enhanced capacity for additional applications through AXIS Camera Application Platform (e.g., people counting, cross line detection)
• Enhanced alarm management with one input and one output port for connection to external devices
• Wide Dynamic Range with dynamic contrast for handling difficult lighting conditions
• Built-in memory card slot to enable several days of recording to be stored locally inside the camera, which can be combined with the free AXIS Camera Companion client for surveillance of sites with 16 cameras or less

A separate housing is not required for outdoor installation as AXIS M3026-VE is IP66- and NEMA 4X-rated to ensure protection against dust, rain and snow. The camera also has an IK10 rating for impact resistance.

AXIS M3026-VE is supported by the industry’s largest base of video management software, including AXIS Camera Station and third-party applications through Axis’ Application Development Partner program. In addition, the camera supports AXIS Video Hosting System for hosted video installations and ONVIF for easy system integration.

AXIS M3026-VE is expected to be available for order in October 2013 through Axis’ distribution channels at the suggested retail price of $649.


Matt Flanagan
fama PR, Inc.


Domenic Locapo
Axis Communications Inc.





The ORC cases since Jan. 2012

$474 million dollars in ORC Cases Reported so far in 2013 with one quarter to go - Identity Theft Leading the Way in the Biggest Cases - With only 3 quarters reported so far for 2013 the Daily has reported on over 662 ORC cases this year, with the biggest cases coming from identity theft. With a 29% increase in cases in the first 3 quarters this year alone over the entire year for 2012, the number of ORC cases certainly reflects a huge increase. Now are we getting better at reporting it and has the increase in ORC laws impacted the nation's journalist in so far as it's being documented by law enforcement now? Yes, both variables have indeed impacted the numbers. But even with those two elements impacting the number we can deduce, that yes ORC has in fact grown over last year. The mere fact that the dollar amounts are up 225% is alarming. And ladies and gentlemen that's just what's being reported publically and reflects what we've been able to prove. So what's the exact multiplier of that number that determines the true extent of the nation's loss? We're open to your comments and we'd love to post them here in a follow up column.

2012 Total Cases No $ amount reported Total suspects $ reported 2013 Total Cases No $ amount reported Total suspects $ reported
Jan 39 14 266 $15,883,150 Jan 66 33 372 $18,930,910
Feb 33 16 210 $1,945,500 Feb 52 26 188 $200,662,400
March 34 10 96 $2,641,620 March 62 24 154 $4,961,800
April 38 19 103 $2,164,050 April 70 38 221 $5,856,050
May 42 19 175 $1,148,100 May 78 24 211 $4,034,114
June 40 13 125 $18,146,700 June 75 32 259 $219,695,478
July 38 13 168 $62,713,016 July 87 32 319 $3,853,854
Aug 48 11 188 $21,195,171 Aug 98 41 300 $10,824,090
Sept 47 16 104 $4,092,915 Sept 74 34 317 $5,305,376
Oct 61 31 140 $1,693,169 Oct        
Nov 55 21 164 $6,451,220 Nov        
Dec 40 15 126 $8,007,690 Dec        
TOTALS 515 198 1865 $146,082,301 TOTALS 662 284 2341 $474,124,072
  Total Cases Cases no $
amount reported
Total suspects $ Reported
2012 515 198 1865 $146,082,301
2013 662 284 2341 $474,124,072
% Change 29% 43% 26% 225%

12 Accused In Wide-Ranging ATM Fraud, Credit Card & Gift Card Theft Ring  The US Attorney’s Office has brought charges against a dozen people for their alleged roles in a wide-ranging crime ring involving ATM fraud, financial account theft and skimming personal bank data. The complaint alleged the group’s members used skimming devices (often tiny cameras) to record bank user’s PINs and passwords. The defendants allegedly replicated the stolen data on blank bank and gift cards. (Source

Denver man faces 30 Federal charges; Feds say he operated at $16 Million theft ring  Steve Hale, owner of Double D Distributing, LLC, formerly based in Denver, was arrested Wednesday. Indictments were sealed until Thursday when the 64-year-old man made a first appearance in federal court. Local officers helped in the investigation because much of the stolen merchandise traveled through Gaston County, according to indictments. A 2011 raid in Bessemer City netted four people convicted in the crime ring. According to court documents, Hale would give “shopping lists” to other people, known as first-level fences. Those people would then pass the lists along to “boosters,” the thieves in the operation. (Source

The Daily is following a major San Diego fencing operation bust - Stay tuned for more information as we receive the case detail shortly

“Protection 1 is proud to be sponsoring the D-D Daily ORC column to ensure the LP industry gets the information, education and critical data they need to fight this national epidemic.”
Rex Gillette, VP Retail Sales, Protection 1.

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Vendor Spotlight

New Braunfels, TX - Detex's improved Outdoor Area System offers gate and door security ideal for retail buildings that have areas exposed to the weather, such as garden centers, restaurant patios, and lumberyards.

Detex Corporation now offers a life safety and security hardware system, such as weatherized delayed egress hardware, to prevent shoppers from slipping out with merchandise, designed specifically for retail buildings that have areas exposed to the weather. For garden center gates, restaurant patios, lumberyards, or building doors that at times stand open, the Outdoor Area System offers gate and door security without concern about hardware deterioration from exposure.

Certain retail applications require a combination of components, and the Outdoor Area System features a range of hardware designed for those needs. In addition, the system is scalable for more complex application requirements. Retail customers can select the exact combinations of components that suit their particular application and know that they will integrate easily with each other and function well in rain, snow and heat.

Other Outdoor Area System components include Detex access control devices that allow entry from an outside courtyard with a keypad or card reader and door prop alarms that produce an audible warning when a door is being propped or held open.

“Retailers can put together a system that keeps their premises secure in harsh environments,” said Ken Kuehler, National Accounts Manager at Detex. “Our weatherized components can take the elements without fail.”

About Detex Corporation
For more than a century, Detex has earned the trust of architects and owners who rely on Detex products for the life safety and security of people and property. A USA company, Detex designs, manufactures, markets and ships products from New Braunfels, Texas. Detex is known internationally for life safety and security door hardware, loss prevention and architectural hardware, integrated door security systems, and guard tour verification.

To learn more about Detex weatherized systems, e-mail or visit



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Regional LP Manager Forever 21 Towson, MD Forever 21
Regional AP Manager REI Kent, WA REI
Regional LP Specialist Hannaford/Delhaize America New Hampshire/Massachusetts Hannaford/Delhaize America
Regional LP Manager Pet Supermarket Atlanta, GA Pet Supermarket
Director LP Dist Center & Refurb Operations GameStop Grapevine, TX GameStop

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Philadelphia, PA

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Regional LP Director Confidential Nashville, TN Downing & Downing
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District LP Manager Confidential San Diego, CA Downing & Downing
District LP Manager Confidential New York, NY Downing & Downing
LP Analyst Confidential New York, NY Downing & Downing

Zone AP Manager


Vancouver, BC

Downing & Downing



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AP Manager in Training Walmart Elk Grove, CA Wal-Mart
Area AP Manager All Facilities Williamsport, MD Wal-Mart
ETL Assets Protection Target Chicago, IL Target
Supervisor Field LP Banana Republic Bridgewater, NJ Gap Inc
Dual Store LP Manager Bloomingdale's Garden City, NY Bloomingdale's
LP Manager Bloomingdale's Chestnut Hill, MA Bloomingdale's
Reg Shortage Control Mgr Bloomingdale's New York, NY Bloomingdale's
LP Supervisor Burlington Coat Factory Christiana, DE Burlington Coat Factory


On the Move: Home of the Industry's Original - Sponsored by Cival Demand Associates

Shannon Brown was named Loss Prevention Supervisor for Burlington Coat Factory.

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How Canned Responses Give you an Extra 30 Minutes Every Day  If you find that you're sending out the same email over and over, use a canned response. Don't spend your valuable time rewriting the same email, watch this Youtube video to help you focus on more important tasks. (Cut down your responding time)

The Neuroscience Behind How Sleep Cleans Your Brain  Sleep does more for our bodies than just help us feel more energized, refreshed, and less anxious and stressed. Sleeping actually allows your brain to become clean, and helps get rid of toxic proteins that could lead to dementia! (Sleeping in is good for you)

3 Life-Changing Habits of High Performers  High achievers have a number of habits and behaviors in common, but what about if you want to be a high achiever too? Use these three qualities that successful people share, and start incorporating these qualities into your everyday life. (You don't always have to be a 'yes' man)

Stop Paying Bonuses: Money Doesn't Motivate Employees   According to author Dan Pink, research shows that giving bonuses to creative people based on good performance won't motivate them, and will likely result in failure! Use these four things to motivate your creative minds instead. (Not money, but mastery)

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The most prevailing comment made by corporate America when they come to market looking for a new senior Loss Prevention executive is bring me someone who has a total business acumen and understands the entire business. Take note to this common theme as it sends a very clear message that you've got to be a retail executive first that happens to be a subject matter expert in Loss Prevention. And as we continue to evolve technologically the demands are greater that you understand the financial, merchandising, supply chain, and operations side of the business and know how to integrate the various shrinkage reduction components within all of them. Being able to communicate all of that is a series of meetings is truly the key and then being able to do it day in and day out is the objective.

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