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NYPD Commissioner
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Card Fraud Losses Reach $21.84 Billion in 2015 - The Nilson Report
Fraud losses incurred by banks and merchants on all credit, debit, and prepaid general purpose and private label payment cards issued worldwide reached $21.84 billion last year when global card volume (purchases of goods and services combined with cash advances and withdrawals) totaled $31.310 trillion.

This means that for every $100 in volume, 6.97¢ was fraudulent, up from 6.21¢ per $100 in 2014. Fraud, which grew by 20.6%, outpaced volume, which grew by 7.3%, according to The Nilson Report, the top trade newsletter covering the card and mobile payment industries.

The U.S. accounted for 38.7% or $8.45 billion of gross card fraud losses worldwide, while generating only 22.9% of total global purchase and cash volume. U.S. fraud reached 11.76¢ per $100 last year.

Losses to card issuers reached $15.72 billion or 72% of gross fraud losses worldwide. Merchants and acquirers lost the remaining $6.12 billion or 28% of the total. Issuers absorbed the majority of fraud losses last year. Issuer losses occur mainly from counterfeit credit and debit cards used at the point of sale and ATMs.

"The industry's best defense against counterfeit fraud are EMV cards and the terminals needed to read their chips," said David Robertson, Publisher of The Nilson Report. "EMV has been steadily penetrating dozens of countries, but in the U.S. where issuers poured EMV cards into the market, merchants lagged in deploying terminals." By year-end 2015, EMV-compliant cards handled nearly 36% of Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, Discover/Diners, JCB, and American Express card transactions worldwide. In the U.S., compliant transactions accounted for less than 2% of the total.

Fraud losses to merchants and their acquirers occurred overwhelmingly from CNP transactions, and the problem is aggressively worsening. Losses to CNP fraud exceeded $5.65 billion last year, with growth in nearly every country. In the U.S., CNP already accounts for more than 50% of total fraud losses.
By 2020, card fraud worldwide is expected to total $31.67 billion. Even though fraud has worsened every year this decade, it is still lower than the peak years of the 1970s when measured as basis points of total volume. bezinga.com

Mall Security Training Focused on Terrorism

30,000+ Trained By Top Retail Counterterrorism Center at LSU

Throughout the year, there has been a string of violent activity and terror incidents in retail locations across America, from stabbings in Minnesota to shootings in Texas and Washington. As terrorists and other bad actors look for soft targets, they have set their sights on malls and shopping centers.

Given the violent trend, it's vital that security personnel across the country are prepared and well-trained to face this growing threat. One counter-terrorism program designed specifically for shopping center security personnel hopes to do just that. 

The five-hour online course, called the Shopping Center Security Terrorism Awareness Program, is offered through the National Center for Biomedical Research and Training (NCBRT). The NCBRT is the primary security training arm of the Stephenson National Center for Security Research and Training (SNCSRT) at Louisiana State University - one of the top training centers in the country.

"During this course participants will examine weapons that may be u​sed in a terror attack and will be able to describe various attack tactics that may be used against a retail facility," the program description reads. "Participants will also be able to assess potentially suspicious behavior and will be able to conduct surveillance at their facility."

According to NCBRT Director Jim Fernandez, the class has trained thousands of security personnel annually since 2010, when the NCBRT teamed up with the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) to offer it as part of a training program they do for DHS and FEMA.

Overall, the SNCSRT has trained roughly 30,000 shopping center security personnel through its DHS-certified program, according to a Sept. 19 report in WWD.

Fernandez says the level of interest in the retail counter-terrorism course often fluctuates depending on current events, but interest is increasing as the year winds down and concerns about terrorism remain high.

"The numbers vary to how many we train every year depending on what's happening in the world. It usually averages around a few thousand," Fernandez said.  "So far in 2016 we are at about 1,600, but the numbers are picking up."

Fernandez urges anyone working in store security to participate in the training, particularly since terrorism has been steadily creeping into the retail arena.

"It's an excellent program and very relevant to the problems we face today," he said.

Click here for more information about the free training course.

3SI Security Offers a Better Solution to Stem the Epidemic in Pharmacy Crime
Prescription drug abuse was declared an "epidemic" by the CDC in 2010 and the staggering rise in crimes against pharmacies indicates the situation is continuing at alarming proportions. Pharmacists are challenged with finding effective solutions that don't affect day-to-day operations, are easy to implement and use, and work to reduce crime and the impact on operations after a crime.
PharmaTracker by 3SI Security Systems has proven to be a reliable solution and is endorsed by Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company.
Read more in today's Press Release column below.

Super Bowl Security Could Cost Minneapolis Millions 
Cost between $6.5M to $8.1M

When a city signs on to host the Super Bowl, it agrees that security for both the game and pregame venues will be provided by the local community.

Sixteen months before a Super Bowl lands in Minneapolis in 2018, the city already has allocated hundreds of thousands of dollars for security, and millions more could be spent on public safety for one of the world's most high-profile events.

The law enforcement presence will rival the heavy security that surrounded the Republican National Convention held in St. Paul in 2008 and will dwarf the public safety operations that surrounded the Super Bowl in 1992, the last time it was held here.

Minneapolis Police Cmdr. Scott Gerlicher, who is overseeing police operations for the Super Bowl, stresses that he plans to promote "family friendly interaction" between police and the public in keeping with the festive nature of the event. But security precautions will be intense.

"You've got public safety, you've got terrorism, you have human trafficking, you have professional criminals who come every year," says Erroll Southers, an adjunct professor of homeland security and public policy at the University of Southern California. "I hate to say it, but it is a Super Bowl for criminals, too. They see the opportunities and that is why the security must be so robust."

The Minneapolis City Council has already voted to spend at least $471,000 for a three-year lease for office space for a police command center near U.S. Bank Stadium, site of the 2018 game. The command center will also be used for the X Games in 2017 and 2018, and the Final Four basketball tournament, coming in 2019.

When a city signs on to host the Super Bowl, it agrees to a stipulation from the National Football League that security for both the game and pregame venues will be provided by the local community "at no cost to the NFL."

The cash is raised by a local host committee that solicits big donors and reimburses government entities, which must make up any differences.

The Twin Cities can expect more than a week of Super Bowl parties and events that will require security with Minneapolis police, the lead agency, supplementing its numbers with officers from around the state and region that it will have to pay.

Santa Clara, Calif., home of the 2016 Super Bowl, ran up $3.5 million in bills, mostly for security and all of it reimbursed by its host committee.

But nearby San Francisco, which hosted most of the Super Bowl parties and events, got no host committee reimbursement. It spent about $3 million on police, according to a city report that concluded the city came out ahead anyway because of other revenue, including hotel and sales taxes.

The city of Houston, site of the 2017 Super Bowl, expects to spend $5.5 to $6.5 million, about 90 percent of that for public safety, said Susan Christian, special events director for the Houston mayor's office. She expects it will all be reimbursed by its host committee.

But another $1.6 million in Super Bowl security costs is expected to be incurred by Houston's NRG Stadium, which is owned by Harris County, said Ryan Sullivan, spokesman for the sheriff's office.  emergencymgmt.com

LP 'Economically Profiles' Every Customer, claims UK retail workers on Reddit
Retail workers have taken to an anonymous internet forum to share secrets about their jobs they think will shock consumers. One user started the Reddit question and answer session under the headline: 'To all those reddittors who work in the retail industry, what's a secret us consumers would be surprised to know?,' and over 2,500 workers have shared their own experiences.

One worker admitted that every shopper is being profiled by the store's security, explaining: "Worked 10 years in retail. Our loss prevention team profiles you. Teenagers, especially in groups, are watched the entire time they're in the store. You are economically profiled, if you look like trailer trash or a gangster or just s*** broke, there's a camera on you the whole time." dailymail.co.uk

UK retailers caught using Syrian refugee children in factories
Two leading fashion retailers are responding to allegations that Syrian refugee children have been working at factories in Turkey that produce clothing for their brands. Marks and Spencer and online fashion store Asos both said they would make improvements after the BBC uncovered evidence of refugees being illegally employed in their supply chains.

Marks and Spencer described the findings as "extremely serious and unacceptable." "We had previously found no evidence of Syrian workers employed in factories that supply us, so we were very disappointed by these findings," a spokesperson said in a statement to CNNMoney.

Asos said the factory featured in the documentary isn't one of its audited facilities. The issue, it said, is with "unapproved outsourcing to factories we don't know about." cnn.com

Wal-Mart Can't Decertify ZIP Code Collection Class Action
A California federal judge on Monday refused to decertify a class action accusing Wal-Mart of unlawfully collecting shoppers' ZIP codes, saying the case will answer a common question as to whether the big box retailer requested and required ZIP codes for certain credit card transactions. law360.com
Off-price, online, health/beauty stores to pace strong holiday rebound
American consumers will generate an accelerating 4.1% year-over-year increase in 2016 holiday sales, well exceeding 2015's tepid 3.6% growth.

That's according to Customer Growth Partners' 16th Annual Holiday Forecast, which finds that retail sales for the November-December Holiday period will reach $632 billion - a new record, as the above-consensus 4.1% pace. "Holiday 2016 is poised to turn out better than many expect-and may well turn out to be a lot better. After a long slow spell, retailers may finally have some real holiday cheer, to cheer about."

• Health and beauty stores, ranging from CVS and GNC to beauty specialist Ulta, will pace all other merchandise categories with year-over-year growth of 7.4%.

Online and other direct-to-consumer sales, accelerating from last year's already strong pace, will grow 13.9% year over year, and will comprise more than 17% of total holiday spending.

Most department stores, including luxury stores, will struggle again this year, declining by over 2%

Consumer electronics 1.7% negative

Outerwear sales are flat with this fall's warm weather, but apparel will see robust unit growth approaching 4%  chainstoreage.com

OSHA Quietly Issues Guidance on Incentive Programs, Disciplinary Programs
and Drug-Testing Programs

OSHA appears to have slightly reversed course in the area of post-accident drug testing. Initially, the agency took the position that drug-testing in compliance with state and federal law or reasonable suspicion drug testing was permissible, but it was not clear that testing in compliance with worker's compensation laws would also be permissible. The agency has now made clear that "drug testing conducted under a state worker's compensation law or other state or federal law" does not violate the new rule.

The memorandum does reaffirm the agency's position that "the central inquiry will be whether the employer had a reasonable basis for believing that drug use by the reporting employee could have contributed to the injury or illness." natlawreview.com

Halloween Safety Resources for Retailers and Restaurants
Even though Halloween is a fun and exciting evening for children across the country, October 31st presents unique challenges. In some cases, restaurants will have their busiest day of the year when streets are filled with young "trick-or-treaters" and parents chaperoning these young pedestrians. Consider the following RLPSA-sponsored resources to enhance the safety of your employees and customers during the Halloween holiday:

Halloween Door Sign for Mask Removal - 'Remove your Mask' Sign for Posting
Post this sign on all your entryway doors to maintain the safety of your employees and customers by keeping all faces visible.

Employee Safety Tips - Halloween Safety Tip Sheet for Restaurants
Distribute this safety tip sheet to your employees to increase the safety of children, customers, and delivery services.

Reading, PA: 20 year CVS employee fired for confronting shoplifter
Vikki Patterson believed she was protecting a co-worker when she confronted an alleged shoplifter inside the CVS in west Redding earlier this month. The company feels otherwise. Patterson, a CVS employee for nearly 20 years, said she was fired for violating company policy.

"I found out Friday but not through anybody from work. I found out when I tried to sign on to try and see my benefits online and noticed some stuff was missing," the 47-year-old Patterson said Monday. Patterson called human resources and was told she no longer had a job.

A CVS spokesman said the safety of the store's customers and employees comes first during a shoplifting or robbery.

"We do not comment on specific security policies because we do not want to undermine them. However, the actions of Ms. Patterson endangered everyone who was present during the incident at our Redding store, including customers, her co-worker and herself," Mike DeAngelis, CVS's senior director of corporate communication, wrote in a prepared statement emailed to the Record Searchlight.

Patterson has received a ton of support on Facebook after posting her story Friday afternoon. As of Monday afternoon, the post had been shared 237 times, had 649 likes and 427 comments. redding.com

Tyco introduces version 4.9 of American Dynamics' victor VMS
and VideoEdge NVR
Tyco Security Products introduces version 4.9 of the American Dynamics' victor Video Management System and VideoEdge network video recorders (NVR), with more powerful, intuitive features designed to put greater system functionality and key information in the hands of security system operators and administrators. sourcesecurity.com

Director Asset Protection (Special Investigations) for Luxottica Group
in Mason, OH

Partner with stakeholders who have responsibility to ensure investigations and business intelligence is compliant, and effectively managed through asset protection, risk assessment, and training; on fraud directed against customer assets that are held in trust by our company, and on associate and/or other "insider" misconduct involving integrity. Responsible for developing and maintaining networks with senior level internal partners, external investigative units of other retail organizations, key law enforcement agencies, custom officials, and internal investigative departments. 

Luxottica is a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of fashion, luxury and sports eyewear. Our wholesale network covers more than 150 countries and our retail presence consists of over 7,200 retail stores across the globe. Supporting over 4,500 retail stores in North America, a career in our retail headquarters allows us to stay in touch with the end customer and use their ever-changing behaviors and preferences to shape our offerings of the best eyewear and services.  luxottica.com

Global Security Operations Policy Manager for Amazon Corporate Seattle, WA
The Manager, Global Security Operations, assists in creating security policy and provides the related security support for Amazon's Fulfillment Centers (FC), Customer Service Centers (CS), and Transportation Centers across the globe. The Manager supports locations with their understanding of security and loss prevention requirements, how to implement them and to validate that they are adhering to them to ensure that our employees, third party vendors and visitors, and our assets (data, fixtures and equipment) are secure and that the organization is prepared to properly respond to various security related emergencies. This position is based in Seattle, WA and reports to the Physical Security Program Manager. icims.com

11M U.S. Homes Experience Package Theft Last Year

Retailers open lowest number of new stores since 2011 in UK

Nordstrom to hire 11,400 temp's for holiday's - down 3%

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Sherwin Williams Q3 stores comp's up 2.1%, net sales up 4%
Restaurant Brands Q3, Burger King comp's up 1.7%, Tim Horton's comp's up 2%, sales up 3.5%
Brinker International Q1 comp's Chili's down 1.4%, Maggiano's down 0.6%, total revenues down 0.5%


Election Day - Nov. 8th
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Oct. 17: Darkweb Unveiled
Today: ICE Investigators expose Darknet criminals to the light
The stark, white walls of the Cyber Crimes Center are a direct contradiction to the work that takes place within them. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations' (HSI) Cyber Crimes Unit investigators submerge themselves in the world of illicit criminal activity that takes place in the shadows of the Darknet.

The Darknet, a subset of the darkweb, or deepweb, is a place where illegal activity thrives and criminals function in perceived anonymity. The Darknet requires specialized software and permission to gain access. Cyber Crimes Center Deputy Assistant Director (DAD), Patrick Lechleitner said, "The Darknet is not a very sophisticated or special place; it just requires specific permission or access to get into it."

ICE HSI takes a straightforward role in combating illegal activity on the Darknet. Their workload has increased in recent years as criminal activity has infiltrated the cyber environment. As a criminal investigative unit, HSI and its agents combat criminal activity on the Darknet the same way they do offline: one step at a time.

Cyber investigations sometimes begin as traditional in nature then progress into the cyber environment. HSI was one of the primary agencies on the Silk Road investigation that revealed large-scale illegal drug and contraband smuggling through the U.S. Postal Service. The investigation eventually led to activity taking place on Darknet marketplaces.

Investigators discovered a plethora of black market goods available on Silk Road. There were various illegal drugs including heroin, Ecstasy, LSD, marijuana and steroids. Also, illegal weapons, books on how to construct bombs, counterfeit identification and counterfeit merchandise.

Many criminals believe they are operating under a cloak of anonymity when transacting illicit business on the Darknet. This could not be further from the truth. ICE, along with its domestic and foreign partners, is actively engaged in countering Darknet activity. DAD Lechleitner warned; "If you are conducting any illicit activity on the darkweb, there are consequences and federal law enforcement is watching."

Illegal drugs are one of the most dangerous categories of goods marketed on the Darknet. The criminals who market and sell illegal drugs online do not have to work hard to find customers. Illegal drug users are drawn to the convenience and anonymity of buying on the Darknet. These customers are risking their lives by ordering substances that come from an anonymous source. The perceived anonymity of the transaction only heightens the risk. ICE continues to do what it can.

HSI Special Agent Jared DerYeghiayan, Chicago, Illinois, has firsthand, extensive knowledge of the Silk Road investigation and Operation Dime Store. He served as the case agent for the operation, analyzed drugs that were seized, compiled evidence, conducted interviews with suspects and participated in arrests.

Operation Dime Store started as a HSI Chicago RAC/O'Hare investigation in summer, 2011. The operation was in response to small drug seizures taking place at the Chicago mail hub. ICE HSI opened an investigation to look into the specific source of the drugs. Operation Dime Store led agents to the Darknet site Silk Road. Once the breadth and influence of the site was ascertained, HSI's goals were to find a way to shut down the site, intercept packages to identify vendors, identify the recipients of the shipments and make the drug seizures stop. There was much information to disseminate; in almost three years of operation, more than 1.5 million transactions took place.

The investigators employed a number of different investigative techniques to track drug shipments that were being seized in Chicago. SA DerYeghiayan explained: "We analyzed the fingerprints on packaging, analyzed seized drugs, looked for trends and clues that could lead us to where the site was hosted and made undercover purchases to infiltrate the website. We wanted to identify the vendors."

As the investigation progressed, SA DerYeghiayan went undercover and eventually became a top lieutenant for the Silk Road website. The work of HSI investigators resulted in the shut down of Silk Road and the arrest of its owner and operator, Ross W. Ulbricht.

SA DerYeghiayan said, "The most satisfying part of this investigation was shutting down the website and stopping the dangerous flow of drugs and weapons across the world; it was very important for me to shut down that website."

HSI is fully committed to stopping cybercrime and protecting U.S. citizens. DAD Lechleitner warned: "The average American is at risk from Darknet activity in many ways. The illicit nature of the Darknet relates itself to unscrupulous behavior including the theft of personal identification and the existence of counterfeit pharmaceuticals. What people really need to know is when you are conducting what you think is a lawful transaction on the Darknet, you can't be sure it is lawful. You are putting yourself at a huge risk." ice.gov

Read more about Darkweb marketplaces in the Oct. 17 Daily

Senator Prods Federal Agencies on IoT Mess
The co-founder of the newly launched Senate Cybersecurity Caucus is pushing federal agencies for possible solutions and responses to the security threat from insecure "Internet of Things" (IoT) devices, such as the network of hacked security cameras and digital video recorders that were reportedly used to help bring about last Friday's major Internet outages.

In letters to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Virginia Senator Mark Warner (D) called the proliferation of insecure IoT devices a threat to resiliency of the Internet. krebsonsecurity.com

Friday's IoT-based DDoS attack has security experts worried
Connected devices raise security risks to a new level of danger

The Friday cybersecurity attack using connected devices, or the Internet of Things, was serious, unusual and even historic. It also is a taste of the disruptions to come, say security experts.

The attack, which affected a number of major Web sites, reportedly used Internet-enabled cameras as a platform for a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. The attackers exploited manufacturer-set passwords that hadn't been reset by users.

"This is just the beginning," said Sanjay Sarma, a professor of mechanical engineering at MIT who has done pioneering work on IoT systems. "There's more coming, sadly - perhaps a power plant."

Thousands of new devices are connected to the Internet daily. Some of these devices may be running low-power processors incapable of supporting sophisticated security. Embedded devices continue to operate for years after their last software patch, and can even outlive the demise of their manufacturer.
IoT security poses unusual risks. It's one thing to steal usernames and passwords and take intellectual property or money, but it's an entirely different thing to gain access to systems that can physically disrupt and interfere with people directly.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney revealed that doctors disabled the wireless capability of his heart implant to prevent a hack, Hong noted.  csoonline.com

A Better Solution to Stem the Epidemic in Pharmacy Crime

Deterrent for the crimes that can be prevented;
Apprehension and Recovery for those that can't

Prescription drug abuse was declared an "epidemic" by the CDC in 2010 and the staggering rise in crimes against pharmacies indicates the situation is continuing at alarming proportions. Pharmacists are challenged with finding effective solutions that don't affect day-to-day operations, are easy to implement and use, and work to reduce crime and the impact on operations after a crime. PharmaTracker by 3SI Security Systems has proven to be a reliable solution and is endorsed by Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company.

PharmaTracker is a flexible solution available in numerous covert packaging options to match whatever drug is being targeted. Using GPS technology, the device silently activates when a crime occurs. GPS tracking information is accessed by the client, 3SI and local police who work with dispatchers to apprehend the criminals as well as recover stolen inventory. This innovative system's global platform, which has over 75,000 trackers actively deployed, leverages multiple security and tracking applications to deliver impressive apprehension (up to 70% of cases) and asset recovery (more than 80%) rates. Apprehending criminals helps stop future crimes, and recovering stolen drugs will significantly ease the follow up paperwork required by the DEA, Board of Pharmacy, insurance companies, police and suppliers.

Other key features of the product include:
Device health check to ensure its functionality 24/7;
Reliable performance even in Urban Canyon areas (like cities or malls) where tracking is impossible for other devices;
Self-install-capable so device can be up and running in less than 15 minutes. No need to close the store or disrupt sales to install PharmaTracker;
Device automatically interfaces to a designated security contact and/or police... pharmacists never have to intervene in potentially dangerous pursuit or tracking situations.

"Pharmacists spend thousands of dollars on alarm systems, safes, lighting and other security systems to keep prevent or limit the size of a theft" observed Mike Warren, Risk Manager at Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company. "Unfortunately, even the most incompetent criminal can cause several thousand dollars of damage in an attempt to gain access to drugs, or walk in and threaten the staff. PharmaTracker provides an added layer of protection that provides the opportunity to get the criminals off the street."

PharmaTracker is available in multiple design options to address different types of theft problems. Contact 3SI Security Systems to learn more.

About 3SI Security Systems (3SI)
3SI is a global leader in asset protection systems designed to recover stolen cash and high-value assets, apprehend criminals and deter crime with more than 40 years of experience in the financial and retail markets. 3SI's solutions include currency degradation and GPS tracking solutions products to protect cash and high value assets in banks, safes and ATMs, jewelry, pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, other retailers and law enforcement.

3SI global headquarters are near Philadelphia, PA, and European offices are in Zaventem, Belgium. For more information, visit www.3sisecurity.com. To learn more about PharmaTracker, click here.

Live interviews from the NRF Big Show January 2016

LP's Digital Fast-Break Conference

Profitect is the leading global provider of prescriptive analytics, allowing retailers to easily understand and act on their data. Their solution looks at all aspects of the retail supply chain to identify opportunities for sales and margin improvement, such as: training, vendor and cashier compliance, fraud, inventory accuracy, and customer behavior. In this LPNN interview, Guy Yehiav, CEO of Profitect, tells us how their solution goes beyond traditional exception-based reporting. While Mike Limauro, VP of Asset Protection for Weis Markets, tells us how Profitect helped their LP department transform into a profit hub for the organization.

LPNN Quick Take #2

With "Live in NYC" off and running, MCs Joe LaRocca and Amber Bradley provide a rundown of what's to come in our action-packed agenda of interviews covering a variety of LP topics. Joe also shares his William Shatner story in this LPNN Quick Take.

Solution Providers: Have a video or commercial you want to publish? Contact us

Credit-Card Scammers Flock to Online Shopping
The rate of online card fraud is rising sharply as a growing number of purchases take place on the internet while brick-and-mortar merchants race to lock down vulnerabilities in the checkout line. That is prompting new steps to try to curb the threat: The credit-card industry this week is expected to announce a plan to encourage online merchants to provide card issuers with more detailed customer information that could be used to catch fraudulent purchases.

More than 7.5% of online merchants' revenue is eaten up by the cost of actual fraud and costs associated with fraud-prevention tools, according to a survey to be released Tuesday by Javelin Strategy & Research, a consulting firm that specializes in the payments industry. "As the volume of e-commerce transactions increases, it becomes harder for merchants to discern between legitimate and fraudulent activity," according to the study by Javelin, a unit of Greenwich Associates LLC.Aite Group LLC, another consulting firm, estimated in May that so-called card-not-present fraud will rise to $4 billion this year from $3.2 billion in 2015. It expects that figure to jump to $7.2 billion in 2020.

As a result, online merchants and the card industry are scrambling to create products and procedures that can quickly identify fraudulent transactions when an unseen customer taps card information into a computer or mobile device. "In card-not-present transactions, there are so many different kinds of merchants and the fraud manifests in so many different ways that there really isn't a one-size-fits-all solution," says Julie Conroy, an analyst at Aite.

Among other solutions, the card industry is touting technology called tokenization. This replaces cardholder information such as account numbers and expiration dates with a unique series of numbers that validates the customer's identity. That way, hackers can't steal actual card data if a merchant's payment system is breached.

And this week, the industry will introduce new standards for card issuers to put technology in place that will accept additional data from merchants who want to authenticate transactions. The move will allow merchants to send information such as the customer email address, billing and shipping details to the banks as additional tools to verify that the purchase is authentic.

The Javelin study found that digital-only merchants are spending more than other online merchants to combat fraud, with 8.6% of their revenue being used to cover fraud losses and fraud management.

Editor's Note: We will be including this Javelin Strategy and Research study tomorrow in the Daily. wsj.com

Mobile payments propel PayPal's growth

Kount to offer Artificial Intelligence services

Miami, FL: Five charged in theft of 23,000 Apple iPhones,
valued at over $7 million

The FBI arrested five people who are accused of stealing 23,000 iPhones worth nearly $7 million. Authorities said the phones were stolen from Lan Cargo at Miami International Airport. Yoan Perez, 33; Rodolfo Urra, 36; Misael Cabrera, 37; Rasiel Perez, 45; and Eloy Garcia, 42, are all in federal custody. According to the federal indictment, the charges carry penalties of 5 to 10 years in prison if convicted. cbs12.com

Harlingen, TX: Feds Warn of Drug Cartel Money Laundering Scheme in South Texas
Mexican drug cartels have been buying and selling counterfeit goods at flea markets and small stores as a way to launder their drug proceeds, federal agents said. As Halloween celebrations approach, authorities are warning about certain counterfeit goods that could pose a health risk to unsuspecting customers. "Transnational criminal organizations have been trading in counterfeit goods in order to launder their money," said Ed Hurtado, a Supervisory Special Agent with U.S. Homeland Security Investigations. breitbart.com

Jackson, TN: Police seek 3 women in theft of $1,000 in clothes from Belk
Officers are hoping the public can help them identify three women they believe stole over $1,000 in clothes from Belk at the Old Hickory Mall. The incident took place Oct. 13 when loss prevention associates reported three women stole clothing valued at $1,058, according to a release from the Jackson Police Department. wbbjtv.com

Fairfield, CT: Police Charge Two Men With Stealing Drills from Home Depot: short Police chase

Two Shelton men were arrested Saturday, after police said they stole two drill combination packs from Home Depot in Fairfield and sped off in a pickup, attracting an officer's attention. At about 5 p.m., Dennis Marques, 24, and Alex Monteiro, 26, set off security alarms when they left the store carrying two DeWalt drill packs valued at $758, police said. Officers discovered that Marques was listed as a missing person with the Shelton Police Department. dailyvoice.com

Baton Rouge, LA: Two suspects arrested hit 3 stores, using a taxi
Wesley Moore, 28, charged with aggravated battery, one count of misdemeanor theft, two counts of felony theft, and resisting arrest. Dewayne Stafford, 54, charged with two counts of principal aggravated battery, one count of principal misdemeanor theft, and two counts of principal felony theft. Stafford, the getaway driver and is also an employee for Yellow Cab. The suspects hit Burlington Coat Factory, Stage and an Optical store on Monday. Suspects grab merchandise and ran, reportedly pepper sprayed a security guard as they fled. wafb.com

Boise, ID: Women stole clothing from Gordmans, then came back the next day
Police found meth and marijuana on the women, as well as a pair of pruning shears used to cut tags off of merchandise. Juliana Lupo and Roxana Beck are each charged with felony counts of burglary and possession. Stolen perfume and other items were recovered, loss prevention believed the suspect got away with over $100 in merchandise the night before. idahostatesman.com

Lebanon, NH: Police seek Walmart shoplifter, recovers hundreds in merchandise
Police are asking for help in identifying an alleged shoplifter they say took several hundred dollars of merchandise from a Walmart store. Police said the man reportedly fled when confronted by the store's loss prevention personnel at around 7:20 p.m. on Thursday. "Loss prevention was able to recover the majority of merchandise but were not able to apprehend the suspect," police said in a press release. unionleader.com

Sparks, NV: Career Criminal busted using Counterfeit money to fund ORC
Murry McKinley, 46, was arrested after detectives received information that he was involved in a counterfeiting ring. Detectives learned that he was allegedly using counterfeit money at convenience stores and other businesses, as well as taking part in organized retail theft. Police describe him as a career criminal, and his case was investigated by the Northern Nevada Repeat Offender Program. mynews4.com

Penticton, BC, CN: Woman steals $1,500 of merchandise from Walmart; court gives her probation, heroin addition treatment

Zhejiang Province, China: Zara and Uniqlo merchandise recovered from Shoplifters with 'concealed metal bucket' to defeat EAS system

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Robberies & Thefts

Terre Haute, IN: Two Arrested in Murder/ Robbery of a Radio DJ;
Walmart LP noticed stolen Credit Card/ ID

Just after 2:30 Tuesday morning Terre Haute Police announced that they had arrested two more people in connection with the Murder of WFNB DJ Matt Luecking. Asst. Chief Keen, said that they arrested Benjamin Selig for a felony count of Assisting a Criminal and Kathleen Featherstone on Felony Murder, Robbery, and Burglary charges. Within an hour of the murder being discovered, two men tried to use Luecking's credit card and identity at the Walmart in Clinton. Walmart loss prevention became suspicious of the two males when one of the individual started looking for the identification in order to sign for the purchase. When the pair left the store they inadvertently left behind the ID belonging to Luecking. mywabashvalley.com

Beachwood, OH: Bail Reform: $12 underwear thief jailed for 8 days
because he can't afford bail

Not because of the 21-year-old sales clerk's criminal record. He had none. Not because he posed a danger to society. The unarmed theft of underwear is not deemed a violent crime. Rather, Dotson languished behind bars simply because he could not afford to make bail and because the wheels of justice otherwise grind slowly for many poor defendants in Cuyahoga County. Today, cleveland.com offers Dotson's story as part of Impact 2016: Justice for All,a series examining inequities in some of our bail systems and the need for reform. cleveland.com

Cedar Falls, IA: Babysitter arrested for allegedly leaving child during shoplifting incident
A babysitter was arrested for allegedly leaving a child at a store before taking off with stolen merchandise. Breanna Henry,18, was hired to babysit for the day while the child's aunt was at work. Henry was not allowed to leave the house with the child. Police were called to the Cedar Falls Walmart in reference to a theft in progress. According to police, they were told Henry knocked over a male trying to get out of the store before taking off, leaving the child at Walmart by herself. The Walmart employees took the child to the security office until police arrived. kwwl.com

Fargo, ND: Police investigating attempted Shoplifting/ Armed Robbery
at Spirit Shop

Police say they are investigating an armed, attempted shoplifting and terrorizing incident at the Spirit Shop. Sgt. Matt Ystebo says the suspect did use a knife in the incident, but did not make away with anything from the store. valleynewslive.com

San Francisco, CA: Security Guards Thwart Armed Creepy Clown Shenanigans
At Market Street's Westfield Centre

Market Street's troubled Westfield Centre narrowly missed another blow to its reputation Sunday, when mall security guards reportedly thwarted a possible armed robbery by a gang of, I kid you not, men carrying "creepy clown" masks. The creepiness went down at 3:15 Sunday, when the guards saw three suspects, two clown masks that they were holding, and one of the three brandished a gun. The men, who were huddled in one of the mall's emergency stairwells, fled through the mall's Powell and Market exit when they spotted the guards. sfist.com

Kanawha County, WV: Guilty plea in four area CVS Robberies
A man accused of robbing four CVS stores in Kanawha County pleaded guilty Monday to charges stemming from two of the stores. Charles "Eddie" Jacobs, 31, was charged in December with four counts of second-degree robbery. Police say he robbed CVS stores in Charleston, Dunbar and Teays Valley. wvgazettemail.com

Maricopa County, AZ: Annual Volunteer Mall Patrol Posse is gearing up
for the holiday shopping season for the 23rd straight year

The sheriff, Joe Arpaio, instituted the mall patrol posse soon after taking office in 1993 after a spate of vehicle break-ins at the malls during the previous holiday season. Sheriff Arpaio mobilized his volunteer armed posse to aid front-line deputies and will have them ride with deputies as they patrol towns and cities. yourwestvalley.com

New Orleans Police seeking suspect in 5 Armed Robberies; Jimmy John's, Smoothie King, Book store and two Rite Aid's

Vancouver, WA: Walgreens $20,000 Armed Robbery suspect back in court; released from prison in June

Lynchburg, VA: Boost Mobile Manager charged with Deposit Theft; fake Robbery claim

UK: St. Ives: $250,000 of product and over $100,000 worth of gold jewelry stolen in Smash & Grab

UK: Derby: CCTV images released of large scale Cigarette theft

Australia: Melbourne jewelry shop manager confronts 3 Armed Robbers during Smash & Grab

Kay Jewelers in the Chico Mall, Chico, CA reported a Grab & Run on 10/24, item valued at $1,049

redit Card Fraud

Boynton Beach, FL: Woman busted after $4200 shopping trip with fake cards A woman from Fort Pierce is accused of using a fake driver's license and fraudulent credit card to buy two Apple MacBook laptops at Best Buy. Police arrested Sabrina Simmons just as she left the store on Congress Avenue Sunday night. A store loss prevention officer told police Simmons tried to pay for the computers with a Gap Visa card that had someone else's name on it. The loss prevention officer also said Simmons had a fake driver's license due to the coloring and print. Simmons is facing a charge of fraudulent use of a credit card and possession of an altered driver's license. cbs12.com

Albertson's - Pocatello, ID - Armed Robbery
Blue Nile Food - Denver, CO - Shooting/ 1 injured
Boost Mobile - Lynchburg, VA - Robbery
Burlington Coat - Baton Rouge, LA - Robbery/ Theft
CVS - Charleston, WV - Robbery
Corner Store - Granville, OH - Burglary
Dollar General - Sampson County, NC - Burglary
Dollar General - Macon, GA - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Knox County, TN - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Rocky Mount, NC - Armed Robbery
Home Depot - Grand Junction, CO - Robbery/ Assault
JP Fashion - Rockford, IL - Burglary
Kangaroo - Florence, AL - Armed Robbery
Kwik Shop - Pocatello, ID - Armed Robbery
Quik Trip - Tulsa, OK - Armed Robbery
Rite Aid - Clearlake, CA - Robbery / 1 arrested
Ruby Tuesday - Martinsburg, WV - Burglary
Rural King - Columbus, IN - Burglary
Save -A- Lot - Marshall, TX - Armed Robbery
Shockoe Valley Market - Richmond, VA - Armed Robbery
Spirit Shop - Fargo, ND - Armed Robbery
Stage - Baton Rouge, LA - Robbery/ Theft
T- Mobile - Memphis, TN - Armed Robbery
Tic-Toc - North Beaver Township, PA - Robbery
Valero - San Leandro, CA - Burglary
X-Mart- Macon, GA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Huntington, WV - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Palm Beach Gardens, Fl - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - West Hempstead, NY - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Suffolk, VA - Armed Robbery

Daily Totals:
23 robberies
6 burglaries
1 shootings
0 killed

 Featured Job Spotlights

Vice President Asset Protection
Grand Rapids, MI

The Vice President of Asset Protection is responsible for strategic oversight and direction of Meijer's Asset Protection programs for the Stores, Distribution, Manufacturing and Corporate functions at Meijer. This executive position is accountable for the development and implementation of Asset Protection programs including Shrink Reduction, Risk Mitigation, Safety and Security Plans, Training, Investigations and Analytics to drive overall operating efficiencies while supporting the Company's strategic focus of a "Customer First" experience...

Director, APP Support
Hoffman Estates, IL
The Director of Asset & Profit Protection Support assists the Format Leader, APP by acting as a liaison with the Format Operations Team(s) to help define strategic and tactical directions. They work cross functionally to ensure achievement all business goals and targets are met...


Director, APP Pharmacy
Clementon, NJ

The Director of Asset and Profit Protection - Pharmacy provides disciplined leadership to Pharmacy for the purpose of supporting the national (SHMC) AP Strategy. The Director must work collaboratively with the Pharmacy BU, Pharmacy Regional, field, and store Leadership Team to mitigate risks in stores and drive efficiency in operations to generate profit improvement (EBITDA)...


Director, Loss Prevention
Mississauga, ON, Canada

Reporting to Executive Vice President, Stores, You will be responsible for driving and developing the Loss Prevention strategy for Rexall to reduce shrinkage and reduce risk of internal and external theft. Serves as the business leader responsible for the development, implementation, and management of the organization's corporate loss prevention, strategy, and programs to support Rexall strategic imperatives: personnel, process and technology...


Sr. Manager, Loss Prevention
Highland Heights, OH

The Sr. Manager, Loss Prevention will develop and lead a culture of honesty to ensure revenue and EBITA goals are met. This role is instrumental in developing and driving the culture and integrity throughout the entire organization. The Sr. Manager, Loss Prevention's primary responsibility is to prevent loss of company assets while maintaining a safe business environment...


Specialist, Asset Protection
Miami, FL
The specialist, asset protection will oversee the protection of company assets within an assigned group of stores. This position will execute the asset protection program designed to minimize inventory shrink, workers compensation claims, general liability claims, cash loss and bad checks...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Bay Area, CA
Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:
• Conducts internal investigations related to theft, business abuse, and safety violations by conducting interviews, determining course of action, and writing reports. • Formal interview training, i.e. Wicklander-Zulawski or Reid Techniques...


Loss Prevention Specialist
Irvine, CA

Hourly position reporting directly to the RSC Loss Prevention Manager. Independently audits for compliance to Company Policies and Procedures. Uses results to further direct efforts toward specific training and development needs of the Distribution Center...

Market Investigation Manager - Asset Protection
Rialto, CA

The Market Investigations Manager (MIM) has primary responsibility for internal and external theft investigations with a primary focus on Organized Retail Crime (ORC) within a designated market. It supports the Asset Protection (AP) team mission through the identification and resolution of AP issues... 

Customer Service Specialist
Greater Toronto Area, CANADA

Provide support and maximize efficiencies of the Canadian Business Unit through the delivery of daily support to in-house constituents and sales prospects by providing multi-lingual services in Canada's official languages (English/French)...

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