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No one injured in NYC Macy's Herald Square store fire  Fire in basement of Macy's flagship store in NYC out in about 1 hour; no injuries. A two-alarm fire broke out in the basement of Macy's flagship store Friday night, sending plumes of smoke into the air and forcing shoppers and store clerks outside while firefighters brought the blaze under control. No one was injured in the fire that broke out about 8:15 p.m. at the iconic department store on 34th Street, fire department spokesman Jim Long said. The fire was extinguished in about an hour. Fire marshals are investigating the cause, Long said. Long said 25 units and 106 firefighters responded. He said sprinklers in the building kept the blaze from spreading. Witnesses told local media they saw heavy smoke on the Seventh Avenue side of the building, which covers an entire city block and has 10 ½ levels. Dozens of onlookers gathered near the store to watch the spectacle. (Source

Card fraud in the US: How EMV technology will change everything
In recent months, the US has been at the root of the global EMV discussion (the name EMV comes from Europay, MasterCard and Visa). With adoption of the new standard slow-going, the US is one of the last major economies to make the transition. As a result, it has found itself on the receiving end of fraud migrating from mature EMV markets, exposing itself as a point of weakness for fraudsters. Ultimately, EMV will only truly benefit the industry as whole if all regions embrace the standard and work collaboratively to stamp out fraud. The U.S. is making steady progress and is well-positioned to take advantage of being able to deploy tried and tested approaches to EMV migration. This unified approach across a global payments chain will ensure that everyone gets the full benefit and protection EMV was designed to provide. (Source

Inching Toward an Omnichannel Future
Retailers are trumpeting their omnichannel achievements in an increasing game of one-upmanship as they rush to prove their digital, social and brick-and-mortar expertise. The good news is that companies realize they have to be present in all channels to serve the ever-elusive fashion consumer. The bad news? The race has just started. The use of this word omnichannel is making me sick,” David Geisinger, head of retail business strategy at eBay Inc., told WWD at the company’s offices here. “It’s grossly overused.” (Source

Drug Tests Falter as Way for States to Deny Public Aid
With safety-net spending under review around the country, proposals to make welfare and unemployment checks contingent on drug testing have become a routine rallying cry in dozens of states. Supporters say the tests are needed to protect welfare and unemployment compensation funds as the nation emerges from the recession. But their enactment has often been hampered by legal challenges and the expense of running the programs, which generally uncover relatively few drug users. (Source

Consumer confidence falls to 10 month low

SAS Study: Data privacy, personalization concerns consumers

RFID market worth $30B by 2024

Business roundtable targets fraud issue in New Jersey
Since starting the Business Roundtable series in 2010, 8th District state legislators have offered local businesses an opportunity to meet face to face with key individuals from state government, including Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno. (Source

SmartMetric launches new biometric activated ATM & Credit Card technology
SmartMetric has rolled out its new biometric card technology, which the company claims to target fraudsters and has potential to save the US card payments industry billions per year. The SmartMetric system is built around the banking industry standard EMV system, hence banks don't require to retrofit existing retail ATM's or POS retail card readers to make them "biometric" compatible. The company said that the new biometric technology requires a person's fingerprint to activate the 'EMV' ATM or Credit Card that will protect both financial institutions and card holders against significant fraud. (Source

Experian Sold Consumer Data to ID Theft Service
An identity theft service that sold Social Security and drivers license numbers — as well as bank account and credit card data on millions of Americans — purchased much of its data from Experian, one of the three major credit bureaus, according to a lengthy investigation by KrebsOnSecurity. An individual who read a story about the operators of a similar ID theft service online having broken into the networks of LexisNexis and other major data brokers wrote to say that he’d gone back and reviewed my previous stories on this topic, and that he’d identified the source of the data being resold by The reader said the abbreviations matched data sets produced by Columbus, Ohio-based (Source

Deloitte Launches Deloitte Diligence: A New Tool to Combat Fraud and Corruption
Deloitte today launched Deloitte Diligence, an online anti-corruption and anti-fraud tool that helps organizations address regulatory and reputational risk by streamlining the management of third-party investigations and analysis. As U.S. and foreign regulators keep closer watch on the relationships between global organizations and their business partners, Deloitte Diligence enables organizations to conduct tailored background investigations, from review of adverse media and global watch lists to extensive public records research and source queries. Deloitte analysts help identify and address the potential risks of working with outside individuals and businesses to help organizations manage regulatory risk and avoid costly mistakes, risk and reputational damage. (Source

Managed services: In-house or out?
Most readers say Vector’s move to bring managed services into the fold is the way to go. In the eyes of many in the industry, bringing managed services expertise in-house offers a way to gain a competitive edge and keep pace with the convergence of IT and security. Some recent acquisitions, such as Vector Security’s August acquisition of IRG, or Skyhawk’s purchase of Big Networks, reflect the expansion of this philosophy. Our readers tend to see value in the approach as well. In SSN’s November News Poll, 55 percent indicated that bringing managed services know-how inside is the best way to offer such services. Meanwhile 87 percent agreed that IT and security are merging. (Source

Tyco Lenel deal important to large group of TycoIS customers
Tyco Integrated Security announced at the ASIS show a new partnership with access control provider Lenel Systems International. The deal will provide TycoIS customers who have Casi-Rusco access control systems with an upgrade to Lenel’s OnGuard Access Control Solution, an enterprise card access solution. It’s an extremely important deal because “Tyco has the largest installed base of customers with Casi-Rusco systems,” Jay Hauhn, TycoIS CTO and VP of industry relations, told Security Systems News. “We have thousands of customers." Lenel in the past two years has “end of life-d” its PicturePerfect system. “It made sense for us to take [a new Lenel product] to the installed provide a legitimate upgrade path with an approved Lenel VAR,” Hauhn said. Tyco had been working with Lenel for several months before the ASIS show, and TycoIS customers who have Casi-Rusco systems are “anxious to do something with us,” Hauhn said. (Source

Security Firm Drops Coverage, 55,000 Workers Sent to Obamacare Exchanges
Even the lowest-cost health care plans are being dropped for some 55,000 employees of the nation's largest security guard provider, as it joins the ranks of the large-scale employers moving to insurance exchanges provided under the Obamacare law. The U.S. branch of Securitas, a Swedish company, offers its employees the sort of minimal health plans that are in place at many companies, but even those are being phased out next year in favor of the government plan, The Wall Street Journal reported. The "mini-med," plans, which typically only offer basic coverage, often cap employee benefits at $3,000 per year. "The mini-meds go away and we're not replacing them," Jim McNulty, Securitas' U.S. operation spokesman told the Journal. "Their option is to go to the exchanges." (Source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

J Crew Q3 up 4.3% with sales up 11.3%
Fredrick's of Hollywood Q4 down 12.6% with net sales down 19%

Last week's most popular news article --

Flash Rob? - Group of thieves steals armfuls of coats from Tinley Park Dick's Sporting Goods store in Chicago  A group of "up to 8" individuals stole armfuls of coats from Dick's Sporting Goods on 191st and Harlem Avenue in Tinley Park Tuesday night around 6, police said. (Source





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Can You Catch Up on Lost Sleep During the Weekend?
Sleep deprivation can impact your employees ability to work safely, so how much does sleeping in on the weekends really help? A new study using research from Penn State and other grad schools has the good and bad information: your sleep on the weekends helps you allay the feelings of fatigue and daytime sleepiness you feel during the week, but it doesn't improve your brain function. (Source

How to Have Effective Meetings
Any suggestions on how to make sure your meetings are not wasting people's time, ineffective, and causing people to doze off should always be welcome! Use this infographic to make sure people aren't fake listening to what you have to say in your team meetings. Don't let your meetings turn into daydreaming periods, make sure the time spent in the conference room is valuable and informative. (May have to register) (Source


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Episode 1 - "Can Wages Buy Honesty" with Harvard Professor Tatiana Sandino and Jim O'Connor, VPLP, Bed Bath & Beyond - Part 1

In this three-part interview, LPNN and Tatiana Sandino, discuss her study, "Can Wages Buy Honesty: The Relationship between relative wages and employee theft." Her and her co-author wrote this study based on an interest of the challenges that can be faced when controlling employee theft in the retail sector, and how companies paying higher wages could affect employee theft.

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Two robbery suspects killed another in the hospital following a shoot-out with Police during a Pizza Hut robbery in Wilmington, NC  According to police; three men went into the Pizza Hut around 11:45 Friday night and reportedly robbed several employees and the business. Police said the suspects refused to comply with officers as they were leaving the building. Shots were fired, two died as a result of their injuries. They were both pronounced dead several hours after the shooting. Jalani Smith, 20, was released from the hospital and is being held in lieu of a $1.5 million bond. Smith was charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery, armed robbery and first degree kidnapping. (Source

Saturday morning Smash and Grab at Kohl’s in Pearland, Texas 
A brazen daytime smash-and-grab robbery involving a sledgehammer left a jewelry counter clerk screaming for help at a west Pearland Department store around 10 a.m. Saturday. A terrified clerk told detectives she hid under a display case and started screaming for help after she came face to face with one of the robbers. The suspects then cleaned out the store’s gold and diamond jewelry and fled the scene. (Source

Security guard charged after firing shots at fleeing thief in Atlanta  Police have charged a private security guard who shot at a fleeing suspect. Witnesses said that the guard fired multiple shots at a man who had just stolen a bag of money at a gas station on Cascade Road Tuesday afternoon. Authorities charged the guard with reckless conduct, saying he failed to use good judgment. In Tuesday's theft, the suspect did not have a weapon, but the guard reportedly told authorities that he pretended to have one. (Source

NW Ohio man gets 8 years in ID theft investigation - while in prison
An Ohio man has been sentenced to more than eight years in prison for identity theft crimes. According to the government, at his sentencing evidence was presented that Stevenson continued to access computers from prison and directed others to illegally transfer money from Western Union and others. The federal judge in Toledo recommended that Stevenson be denied computer access in prison. (Source

Rapper Guerilla Black gets nine years for credit card fraud
Rapper Guerilla Black has been sentenced to nine years behind bars for credit card fraud. The You're the One hitmaker, real name Charles Tony Williamson, was arrested in January (13) amid accusations of federal conspiracy, unauthorised access to a protected computer to facilitate fraud, access device fraud, bank fraud and aggravated identity theft charges relating to his involvement in a major scam. He pleaded guilty to all counts in July (13) and in a Seattle court in Washington on Friday (25Oct13) he was handed a nine-year stint behind bars. Williamson's jail time will be followed by five years of supervised release. The Compton, California native purchased more than 27,000 stolen credit card numbers from computer hackers who had targeted restaurants and supply stores in the Seattle, Washington area. The illegal operations are alleged to have netted him $150,000 (96,774 pounds). (Source

Shoplifting blitz mum banned from stores in five towns after 13 years of theft in UK  Shameless Diane Caswell, 38, who has a string of convictions for theft and has been in and out of jail since 2000, caught buses and trains to carry out regular away-day shoplifting raids, a court heard. She was once caught with two girls on CCTV filling four bags with toys in a shop during a snatching spree at 16 stores. Blackburn magistrates have now given Caswell an Antisocial Behaviour Order which bars her from entering 27 shops in the Lancashire towns of Blackburn, Clitheroe, Nelson, Darwen and Accrington. (Source

Drug addict stabs meat with syringe at Walmart
POULSBO, Wash. - Police have arrested 33-year-old Daniel Oaks Thieman, a heroin addict who they say walked into a Poulsbo Walmart, stabbed meat tubes, fell asleep, and then walked out of the store Friday morning. Shortly after 6 a.m. an employee was alerted by a customer that a hypodermic syringe had been found stabbed into a Jimmy Dean sausage tube. While removing the meat, the employee noted another tube with hole pokes, and immediately alerted the on-duty manager who dialed 911. (Source

Local Wal-Mart evacuated third time in a week after bomb threats
WEST MILWAUKEE-- The West Milwaukee Wal-Mart was evacuated for the third time in a week after another bomb threat. Police responded to the same Walmart for a bomb threat this past Wednesday and Sunday. They were also called to the store for threats of similar mature in September and July. (Source

Lesser charge for suspect in Rite Aid death in Norfolk, Va.
Prosecutors are backing off a murder charge against the man who claims he shot another man in self-defense after an argument in a Rite Aid. The dispute in the pharmacy line culminated in a gunfight between Ramon Colorado, who had a history of threatening behavior, and Bernell Benn, who was waiting for blood pressure medicine. Colorado was killed, and Benn was shot in the back and charged with second-degree murder after the incident on Aug. 16, 2012. (Source

International Fraud Ring Recruited Short-Term Visa Holders  The recruitment pitch to students on short-term visas must have seemed irresistible: give us your good name and some help in our fraud scheme, and we’ll put money—potentially thousands of dollars—in your wallet before your return trip home. In charges unsealed late last month in San Diego, FBI agents and their law enforcement partners named dozens of young visa holders from former Soviet-bloc countries who took the bait and became willing co-conspirators in a range of elaborate fraud schemes. In four separate indictments, a federal grand jury laid bare how a Los Angeles-based Armenian crime ring ran scams in L.A. and San Diego that relied on a steady tide of accomplices whose time was short in the U.S. While the crimes themselves were not especially novel—identity theft, bank fraud, tax fraud—the explicit recruitment of co-conspirators with expiring visas was a twist. (Source

A 350lbs. man assaults 2 Loss Prevention agents at a Tom’s River NJ Target

The large man was observed concealing merchandise as he rode through the store on a motorized electric wheelchair. Once outside, things turned for the worse as the man refused to cooperate with the Loss Prevention officers. The man shoved the LP agents and fled in his vehicle. Police later made the arrest. (Source

One suspect arrested by Gap Loss Prevention at Roosevelt Fields; second suspect smashed his getaway car into police and fled 
Loss Prevention officers in the Roosevelt Field Mall’s Gap noticed a man and a woman loading several stolen items from stores into a car in the parking lot. Nassau County’s Officers responded to the call and found the two at a bus stop near the mall. Olga Carriazo, 28, was placed under arrest without incident. Her male counterpart did not go down so easy. He drove his car and tried to exit the parking lot when an Officer attempted to stop his getaway. The man sped up and slammed the car into the patrol vehicle. He immediately abandoned the car and fled on foot. (Source

Surf Shop Burglar crashes his motorcycle following smash and grab in Bonita Springs, FL; scattered evidence all over the road 
Police in Bonita Springs responded to a motorcycle crash with injuries. When they arrived, police found 36-year-old Damon Miljour and his motorcycle lying in the road. He was taken to the hospital. Police also found several items scattered, including sunglasses, wrist watches and shoes. The items appeared to be new and still had the price tags on them. Police went to the surf shop where the items came from. The side window of the store had been smashed out. (Source

Ohio man smashes 3 vehicles in attempted get-a-way; wanted on robbery charges from Meijer 
Shawn Ross attempted to flee during a police chase and smashed his own vehicle into a police cruiser. Ross fled on foot to an apartment complex where he stole a van from a woman and her son in the parking lot; he later smashed that vehicle into a pole. Ross was later arrested attempting to break into a home. (Source

Portland woman was arrested at Best Buy for credit card fraud

Seattle Beauty supply store held up at knifepoint Saturday afternoon

Then 17-year-old Pawn Shop murder suspect appealing his conviction in SC  

Minnesota I-94 Game Stops and Burger Kings, Monticello robbery suspect arrested

Family Dollar shoplifting turns to robbery at knifepoint in Waterbury, Conn.

Erie, PA Dollar General store robbed Saturday night at gunpoint

Store employee and his friend arrested in Arkansas for fake robbery of a convenience store.

Woman in Dothan, Alabama charged with 11 counts of credit card fraud; spree lasted 2 months.

St. Louis Police arrest 5 at World Series for selling counterfeit tickets and merchandise 

Northern Kentucky Gas Station clerk left paralyzed following a struggle during a robbery 
Police are trying to find a robber they say left a Northern Kentucky store clerk paralyzed during an attack. Police say the robbery happened Thursday night at a Shell station in Florence. They say the robber tried to stab the 67-year-old clerk, but wasn't able to. Police say the robber then put the clerk in a choke hold, causing his neck to break. The victim's family says he's now in critical condition at a hospital. (Source

Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona Pharmacies continue to be a target in nearly year long robbery spree 
A spree of robberies targeting pharmacies in north Phoenix and Scottsdale is about to enter its 11-month with no suspects or end in sight. The “OCD Bandit,” so dubbed by police due to his penchant for robbing pharmacies at gunpoint and demanding oxycodone, last struck Oct. 2. Since the first known robbery on Dec. 6 last year, police estimate the bandit has hit 20 pharmacies at locations including Fry’s Food Stores, Albertsons, Walgreens and CVS stores. Phoenix police Sgt. Darren Burch, who coordinates the Valley-wide Silent Witness program, said the urgency to identify the bandit grows with every new crime. (Source

Kay Jewelers hit with a $7299.00 Grab and Run at the Iverson Mall in Maryland
A suspect stating he was buying a present for his Grandmother grabbed a pair of 2 ct solitaire earrings from a sales associate and fled the mall. The incident occurred at 1pm on Sunday, mall security and Prince Georges County Police Department have been notified.

Ducks Invade Drug Store in Saratoga Springs, NY  About 50 ducks made their way through the automatic doors at a CVS drugstore in New York. The employees tried and failed to get the ducks out of the store, but one employee thought of a clever way to lure them out of the store: popcorn. The ducks didn't do any serious damage to the store and certainly gave customers a show! (Source



PayPal ramps up Africa presence with Equity partnership

PayPal, the payments services arm of eBay, has entered a partnership with one of east Africa's biggest lenders, Equity Bank, to tap into the fast-growing African economies.

Read more here.

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Denver businessman indicted by feds in multi-million dollar retail theft scheme - $16+ million  Lincoln County businessman has been indicted for his role in an alleged multi-million dollar organized crime retail theft scheme. Steve Hale, 64, and owner of Double D Distributing, LLC, formerly based in Denver, has been indicted on conspiracy to transport stolen goods in interstate commerce, interstate transportation of stolen property and related charges, announced Anne M. Tompkins, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of North Carolina. The indictment remained under seal until today, following Hale’s arrest yesterday afternoon. Double D was located at 6661 Denver Industrial Park. The federal charges against Hale are the result of “Operation Cash Back,” an investigation that began in September 2010 into the buying and selling of stolen over-the-counter (OTC) non-prescription drug and health and beauty aid (HBA) products. Six defendants have been sentenced to date in connection with Operation Cash Back. Bonnie Bridges, Kimberley Morris, Michael Morris, Darlene Schoener, William Schoener, and Darryl Brock were sentenced in January 2013 to prison terms ranging from 18 to 86 months. The amount of stolen property involved in the Bridges case from 2006 to 2011 exceeded $16 million. Hale was a second-level “fence” for an organized retail theft scheme involving millions of dollars’ worth of stolen consumer goods transported in interstate commerce. The indictment alleges that professional shoplifters, known as “boosters,” committed large-scale retail theft of thousands of consumer products, including popular name brand over-the-counter non-prescription drug products and over-the-counter health and beauty aid products, and sold the stolen goods for cash to multi-level fencing operators, known as “fences.” (Source

Hollister employee busted for $5000 theft at the Post Oak Mall in Texas; upset she did not get recognition for turning in other store thieves  A Hollister employee was arrested Thursday after stealing $5,000 from the store at Post Oak Mall, police said. Lauren Elizabeth Camp, 24, of Bryan was charged with state jail felony theft. The store's loss prevention manager received an anonymous tip in late August that one of the store managers had been stealing since May. Camp admitted to taking merchandise from the clothing store and said she let her friends and two other employees steal as well. She returned 64 clothing items, fragrances and accessories worth $3,100 and estimated that she had allowed another 45 items to be taken from the store, the report stated. One of the other two employees charged with misdemeanor theft told investigators Camp had told him she was stealing because she was upset she never got rewarded for stopping another manager from stealing. (Source

Organised crime gangs are targeting Britain's payday lenders - up 90%, according to fraud experts  Organised crime gangs are targeting Britain’s payday lenders, according to fraud experts, who have reported a massive increase in offences against the controversial easy-loan firms. Figures from fraud prevention service CIFAS show that cases of identity fraud against loans rose more than 90 per cent in the first eight months of this year to 13,633 attempts, compared with 7,104 for the whole of 2012. A CIFAS spokesman said: ‘In the past 24 months payday lenders have gone from being virtually invisible to everyone knowing about them and demand for this form of finance is rising. (Source

Woman arrested on organized fraud charges in Hernando, Fla.
A Lake Panasofkee woman was arrested on charges of organized fraud after investigators found she had made or attempted to make 46 fraudulent purchases with her mother's credit card. (Source


Florida Highway Patrol’s Bureau of Investigations is working to reduce Cargo Thefts 
JaxPort, works with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to protect against the thefts. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is part of a statewide task force established in 2002 that deals with cargo thefts and includes sheriff’s offices, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the FBI. As soon as thefts are discovered by trucking or companies, a notification system broadcasts the information to law enforcement, inspection stations and state transportation officers. (Source

The Daily is following a major San Diego fencing operation bust - Stay tuned for more information as we receive the case detail shortly

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