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Building Industry Pride - One Team Selfie at a Time

Bealls & Burkes Outlet LP West Division Team

"We are #Relentless on our pathway to GR8!"

Pictured, left to right: R.I. James Browning, RLPD James McLemore, LPMM Canaan Peacock, LPMM Josh Schmidt, LPMM Robert Jenkins, RLPM Ryan Barthel, LPMM David Branum, T.A.C James Alexander, LPMM Jorge Palma, R.I. Tora Harris, LPMM David Land, LPMM William Savage, RLPM Brett Thacker

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California Moves to Correct Prop 47 - Making Serial Theft a Felony
A coalition including police officers and prosecutors on Monday proposed a California state initiative that would end early release of rapists and child traffickers and expand the number of crimes for which authorities could collect DNA samples from those convicted.

The ballot measure is sponsored by the California Public Safety Partnership, and would reverse some elements of Proposition 47, which was approved by voters in 2014 and reduced some crimes deemed nonviolent from a felony to a misdemeanor.

The proposed initiative would add 15 crimes to the list of violent crimes for which early release is not an option and would also allow DNA collection for certain crimes, including drug offenses, that were reduced to misdemeanors under Proposition 47.

Proposition 47 also made theft of goods valued at less than $950 a misdemeanor, so some criminals are committing serial thefts and keeping each one to $949 or less, Cooper said. The initiative would make serial theft a felony.

The measure also mandates a parole revocation hearing for anyone who violates the terms of their parole three times.

A representative of the group behind Proposition 47 said it was not reasonable to blame the ballot measure for an uptick in some crimes in some parts of the state.

The proponents of the initiative need to collect signatures from 365,880 voters by the end of April to qualify the initiative for the November 2018 election.

Editor's Note: This is an opportunity for the entire industry to get engaged, involved and your corporate counsel sending letters as well. latimes.com

Learn more about Prop 47 here, including a list of elected officials and organizations supporting and opposing the legislation

California Public Safety Partnership to File Statewide Ballot Initiative
California Public Safety Partnership to File Statewide Ballot Initiative to Fix State's Recent Criminal Justice Reforms At a press conference on Monday, October 30, the California Public Safety Partnership, led by Nina Salarno Besselman, President of Crime Victims United, along with Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert and Assembly member Jim Cooper (D - Elk Grove) will file a statewide ballot initiative making repeat offenders eligible for felony prosecution when convicted of a third theft of property valued at $250 or more. govbuddy.com


The Walmart Restorative Justice Program

IACP Recognizes Walmart & Arlington, TX Police Department  for Public-Private Partnership

The International Association of Chiefs of Police's award, in honor of Chief Michael Shanahan (Retired), who served the University of Washington Police Department for 24 years before retiring in 1995, seeks to recognize outstanding achievements in the development and implementation of Public/Private Cooperation in the Public Safety.

The Arlington Police Department and the Walmart Corporation, collaborated to form a new initiative called, The Walmart Restorative Justice Program. Little did either party know, but the future results of this partnered effort would not only exceed Arlington's goals as a police department, but would drastically shift Walmart's perspective on shoplifting prevention. As overall crime rates in Arlington, Texas decreased annually from 2010 to 2014, some specific areas increased. Theft was on the increase and a large portion included the number of shoplifting occurrences at the three Walmart stores within Arlington.

To affect the crime trend, from a public/private approach, Assistant Chief Kolbye engaged Walmart Corporation and collectively initiated and implemented a multifaceted plan of action that would change both the police department's and Walmart's philosophy on crime prevention. Arlington partnered with the Walmart Corporation to form a task force calling it the "Walmart Restorative Justice Initiative". The initiative focused on rehabilitation and improving long-term behavior of offenders to reduce recidivism rates. theiacp.org

Restorative Justice Driving 35% Reduction in Police Calls Nationwide
"Arlington Police, Walmart Gain International Attention for Shoplifting Program"

As Assistant Police Chief over Arlington PD's field operations Kevin Kolbye approached executives at Walmart to see if there was something they could do to help reduce police calls for shoplifters. The company was already in the process of trying to improve loss prevention strategies at its stores.

As part of that initiative, the Arlington Walmart locations put several new security measures in place, including additional staff at store entrances and more visible monitors alerting customers they were being watched on surveillance systems.

Arlington Police then agreed to have a handful of officers routinely patrol the stores on foot and occasionally park decoy police cars in store parking lots.

But Kolbye says the critical piece of this program -- giving offenders the opportunity to redeem themselves.

"Like a lot of crimes, you can't just arrest your way out of shoplifting or theft," said Kolbye. "Hopefully what [this program] does -- it gives the individual who gets a second chance to think twice about committing another shoplifting or theft."

Since launching the program in October 2015, calls for service at Arlington's three Walmart locations are down 55 percent and shoplifting / theft arrests are down 65 percent. That, in turn, has saved officers more than 12,000 hours of time.

Earlier this month, Arlington Police, Walmart, and the Corrective Education Corporation (which provides the offender educational program) were invited to the International Association of Police Chiefs Conference where they received three major awards for the program.

"We're encouraged by a 35% reduction in calls to law enforcement agencies nationwide, on average, since we began implementing Restorative Justice and other crime deterrence programs. We'll continue our outreach to law enforcement across the country as part of our ongoing commitment to meet our customers' and associates' expectations of a safe and enjoyable shopping experience." nbcdfw.com

ORC Continuing to Make Headlines in Hawaii Almost Weekly
Macadamia nuts among hot commodities for ORC in Hawaii

Only in Hawaii do you find thieves stealing canned meats like Spam from stores. We've reported incidents where people try to take cases of it.

But that's not the only food item they target. At the Walmart in Kunia, macadamia nuts are in locked boxes.
Tina Yamaki, president of Retail Merchants of Hawaii, tells us Spam and macadamia nuts are easy to resell, because they’re so popular.

"We've been told it's organized retail crime, so people are using it to buy drugs," said Yamaki. "People use it to barter drugs because it's something that you can eat. It keeps well."

Yamaki tells us stolen items are also being sold in other stores.

"To do business in general is expensive, so I think some retailers when they are asked, hey, instead of spending $3 on Spam, you can buy for a dollar, some people have been taking it in unfortunately," she said.

Other security measures include placing items behind the service counters, placing products at the front of the store, and working with other retailers and HPD at Retail Merchants of Hawaii's monthly meeting. "We kind of talk about hey, this person stole something here, be on the lookout, and kind of letting other retailers know as well," Yamaki said. khon2.com

Party City Workers Win Several Cert. Bids In Wage Row
A California judge certified several subclasses of Party City employees in a consolidated action over wage, meal break and bag check claims on Friday, but stopped short of certifying a class of student interns, citing a lack of records to identify class members. law360.com

Imagine the Possibilities
EBay goes live with image search capabilities

EBay rolled out two artificial intelligence-based image-recognition features - Find It On eBay and Image Search - this week, allowing photo-driven search among all of eBay's 1.1 billion listings from mobile devices, according to an eBay blog post.

Find It On eBay allows a shopper to start their search on any social platform, blog or website and share a product image with eBay's mobile app to find similar listings on the online marketplace.

Image Search is a similar concept, featuring a camera button that allows a user to take a photo or use an existing photo to start the shopping search. EBay will then display listings for items that are a close match or visually similar to that image, according to the post.

Editor's Note: Imagine the investigative applications. Wow this is the future. Facial recognition will become as normal as fingerprints. retaildive.com

Sears Gets $200M in 30 Days
Sears CEO Loans Sears Another $60M - Third Loan in 30 Days

Earlier this month, Sears borrowed $100 million from affiliates of Sears CEO Edward Lampert's hedge fund, ESL Investments. ESL agreed to lend up to $100 million more by Dec. 1 if Sears identified additional collateral to secure the loan. Sears borrowed $40 million of that second $100 million on Oct. 18 and drew the remaining $60 million exactly one week later. chicagotribune.com

Hurricane Harvey Looters Exposed
Interactive Map Shows Looting Locations With Suspect Mugshots

During the worst times of Hurricane Harvey, when families were at risk and homes and businesses were being destroyed, there were vultures preying on people. We are talking about looters, the people arrested for stealing from homes and businesses during the disaster.

"Like it or not, there are evil people out there that are aware this is easy pickings," said Andy Kahan, the city of Houston's crime victim advocate. Kahan's home also flooded, and he witnessed looting as he was boarding a rescue boat.

KPRC Channel 2 News has spent weeks combing through documents and looking into the arrests made during the hurricane. They put together an interactive map that shows many of the looting locations along with mug shots and names of the people arrested at each location.

"There are multiple convictions -- people are on bond, one particular person was paroled December 2016 after doing half of his 20-year sentence," Kahan said.

In Texas, there is no criminal charge called looting. Instead, when burglaries, thefts, robberies and assaults happen in declared disaster areas the penalties can be stiffer. It's called an enhancement charge.

"If it's a burglary of a habitation for instance, and it was charged as a second, it could be enhanced up to a first degree," said David Mitcham, from the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

Two to 20-year sentences are replaced with five to 99-year sentences. The Harris County District Attorney's office said hundreds of suspected criminals -- not all looters -- initially appear to be eligible for Harvey-related penalty enhancement. click2houston.com

America's department stores are under fire ahead of the holidays
The holidays are right around the corner, and some of retail's biggest names are being called out by Wall Street. Macy's and J.C. Penney were both downgraded by Citi Research on Monday, to sell from neutral ratings. Retail rivals Sears, Kohl's, Nordstrom and Dillard's were also each dipping lower, dragging the S&P 500 Retail ETF (XRT) down with them.

Citi analyst Paul Lejuez is calling for "another promotional holiday season" ahead for an already challenged department store industry. Too many deals and discounts throughout the November and December months could eat into company profits if retailers aren't able to rack up dollars elsewhere.

"In an environment where consumers are increasingly turning to Ecom, and where department stores are selling 'other people's stuff' that can often be bought elsewhere, we believe the company needs to have far fewer locations," Lejuez wrote in a note to clients about Penney's.

Penney's has already announced 140 store closures in 2017, hoping to improve liquidity, but some analysts are saying it won't be enough. cnbc.com

There may be fewer 'last-minute shoppers' this holiday season, survey finds
It's still October, but Christmas is quickly approaching, and so are retailers' all-important holiday sales. This year, more Americans are expected to begin their holiday shopping in the middle of the season, or Thanksgiving weekend, as opposed to late in the season, or early December, a new survey from NPD Group has found.

This marks the first time the research firm has noticed such a drastic shift forward in shoppers' spending timelines during the November and December months.

"The consumer that used to wait until after Thanksgiving weekend now shops during it," said Marshal Cohen, an analyst with NPD Group. cnbc.com

Variable Pay Plans Are Pushing Aside Holiday Bonuses
Holiday season payouts will be larger but scarcer in 2017

Bonuses bestowed on workers as an end-of-year holiday gift are becoming scarcer, while variable pay plans that tie payouts to meeting individual and organizational goals, usually paid in the first quarter of the new year, have become more popular.

That said, the smaller pool of employers that continue to give out holiday bonuses are, on average, being more generous compared with employers that gave out holiday bonuses in previous years, according to new survey findings.

Holiday bonus budgets may be affected by whether the company "had a good year," but individual bonus amounts are often determined by an employee's job position - either calculated as a flat amount or based on a metric such as one week's salary. Alternatively, the size of bonuses may be left to the manager's discretion and hinge on an employee's perceived value.

● 63 percent of companies plan to give their employees a monetary holiday bonus - smaller amounts may be put on a gift card - which is down from 75 percent in 2016.

● Those receiving a holiday bonus will see the average dollar amount rise by 66 percent to $1,797, up from $1,081 in 2016. The average holiday bonus in 2015 was $858. shrm.org

Man With ISIS-Like Halloween Costume Sparks Panic at Nebraska Mall
A man dressed in a Halloween costume that resembled an ISIS gunman threw a Nebraska shopping mall into a panic. Families scattered when they saw a man wearing a black cape and head covering carry a fake rifle and black luggage into Omaha's Oak View Mall.

"It was a packed place, there were kids everywhere," mom Desirae Anson told KETV. "Anything really could have happened."

Mall security guards called police, but the costumed figure disappeared before he was apprehended. Later Hugo Mendoza, dad of two daughters, recognized himself in the viral photo of his costume and explained his costume had been misunderstood and was supposed to be an armed nun from the movie "The Town."

"I was there to have a good time with my daughters and my girlfriend. I wasn't there to scare little kids or make people feel uncomfortable," he said. foxnews.com

Burger King takes jab at McDonald's with 'Scary Clown Night'
Coulrophobes should steer clear of Burger King this Halloween. The burger chain expecting lots and lots of clowns today. The chain announced in a video release that they will be offering free Whoppers to anyone dressed up like a clown for their Scary Clown Night. They also took some time in the video to make a few digs at one clown in particular.

The video they released for Scary Clown Night starts with a kid biking through the streets at night when he is confronted by a clown bearing a striking likeness to McDonald's iconic mascot Ronald McDonald. The advertisement continues with clowns of all shapes and make-up following the bike to Burger King.

The video then ends with the Ronald McDonald-like clown demanding a Whopper. The Home of the Whopper takes another jab with the final tag line: come as a clown, eat like a king. foxnews.com

Honolulu Police Hire First Female Chief
In picking Maj. Susan Ballard as the island's new police chief, the Honolulu Police Commission chose someone who's been a commander within the Honolulu Police Department but -- by several accounts including her own -- was outside of the inner circle that flanked now-indicted and retired Chief Louis Kealoha. Commissioners said they felt confident that Ballard, a 32-year HPD veteran who has been a major in five divisions, will be able to lead the department out of a tumultuous and scandal-plagued period. governing.com

Texas AG Says 127 Gas Stations Gouged Prices During Harvey

New Ordinance Requires Chicago Hotels to Provide Staff with "Panic Buttons"

Technology Ignorance Will Cost the Average Retailer More Than $300,000 this Holiday Season

Rent-A-Center to Explore Options

Charming Charlie Looking for Loan Before Holiday to Avoid Default

Fashion company LuLaRoe facing a $1 Billion dollar lawsuit

J.C. Penney pins holiday hopes on Lego partnership


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"Tackling Phone Scams that are Costing Us Millions" Bill Ball, McDonald's, Bret Kirby, Federal Bureau of Investigation
"Heroin & Opiate Epidemic: Vagrancy Challenges and Solutions" - Detective Laura Steele, Snellville, GA
"Best Practices for Presenting Cases & Preparing for Court" - John Melvin, Chief Assistant District Attorney, Cobb County District Attorney's Office

The workshop is designed to not only connect restaurant security practitioners and local law enforcement professionals, but is also designed to develop awareness on trending issues and foster open discussion and solutions among the attendees. This workshop will have an emphasis on the greater Atlanta area. Certified Forensic Interviewers (CFI) will receive CEU's toward re-certification.

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Retail Industry Pioneer Robert Thompson Passes Away
Founder of Thompson Lock & Supply Corp.

Robert L. Thompson Jr., 67, a life-long resident of White Plains, died October 13, 2017. He was born March 29, 1950 to the late Risabetta and Robert L. Thompson. Robert and Susan (née Berger) were married on June 23, 1979 in Millbrook, NY. He was President of Thompson Lock & Supply Corp. for 40 years. Robert had a great love for music and animals and also took interest in boats and planes.

Robert is predeceased by his parents, Robert L. Thompson and Risabetta Thompson, and by one brother, Charles Thompson. He is survived by his loving wife Susan Thompson, and their two children Christine Flynn and Robert L. Thompson, III all of White Plains, NY. He is also survived by a brother, Steve Thompson.

Robert was a pioneer in the retail industry that provided his expertise and products to many national retailers.



CONTROLTEK's Systems Deployment Difference

CONTROLTEK's nimble, quick-to-listen and quick-to-act approach to its work sets it apart from the massive organizations in the inventory protection industry. This differentiation is displayed in the CONTROLCare Support Services which are tailored to meet installation and service requirements of organizations of any size.

Structured Delivery
In order to ensure consistency and uniformity of every installation, CONTROLTEK uses centralized scheduling and program management. The company's project managers ensure on-time delivery of materials to each work site, coordinate with store staff, manage field technicians and provide updates to the centralized project management system. All CONTROLTEK's field technicians are network-certified, and understand not just hardware installation, but network connectivity and common IT protocols as well.

Full Transparency
With CONTROLTEK's Client Data Repository Portal retail partners see everything the project managers see. With one simple login LP leadership teams can check on the status of each store: location map, site survey, installation date, equipment delivered and installed, technician's time of arrival and departure, and before and after photos. LP departments have full visibility to the project so there are no surprises.

Robust Infrastructure
In order to ensure scalability, CONTROLTEK has built an infrastructure that can support roll-outs of any size. The company's smallest project to date has been one location; the largest - 1,800 stores in nine months. And what CONTROLTEK prides itself on is its consistency in delivery and quality. All processes and documentation are systematized, including scope of work preparation, planning, diagrams, contact lists, support lists, as wells as training and quality control. CONTROLTEK's ultimate goal is that when it finishes installing at multiple locations, you can't tell one store from the other. High quality, high consistency, everywhere.

To learn more about CONTROLTEK, click here.


Credential Theft the Most Common Element Across Cyberattacks
Preventing Credential Theft: A Security Checklist for Boards

Within any organization, certain employees have access to information that could tip the scales of risk for the business. If a cybercriminal were to gain access to a company's most sensitive information through stealing credentials from one of these employees, the business could face serious financial and reputational repercussions. Board members, though typically not employees, are included in this group of vulnerable targets for two key reasons:

They possess materially important data. Board members have access to information that is materially important to the business; yet because they typically aren't employees of the business, they don't go through the same security training or have company-issued devices.

They have an ability to influence. Often a hacker will impersonate an executive when sending a phishing lure to intended victims.

Credential Theft Prevention Checklist

According to the 2017 Verizon Data Breach Report, 81% of hacking-related breaches leveraged either stolen and/or weak passwords, up from 63% reported in prior years. Given that credential theft is the most common element across cyberattacks, it's no longer an option to delay conversations with security leaders on the topic. To be proactive, board members should reference this checklist:

Understand how data is accessed. As a first step, boards should ask themselves the following questions:

● What is the value of the information to which we have access?

● How are we getting access to that information?

● How is that information protected?

● Given the sensitivity of the information, do we think it is protected enough?

Ask about multifactor authentication. Passwords alone are never enough. ● How does the company ensure that, when someone authenticates, it authenticates who they really are?

Be familiar with the company's overarching information security strategy. Credential theft is one tactic cybercriminals use, and how a company addresses this is part of its overarching cybersecurity strategy.
What kind of technology is the company investing in to prevent not only credential theft-based attacks but also other types of cyberattacks? 

Board members are in a unique position as highly influential leaders - and as potential victims - to keep the scales of business risk steady. darkreading.com

Great Point Here - Why Employees Hide Getting Hit at Work
59% of Employees Hit with Ransomware at WORK - Personally Make Payment

Office workers pay an average ransom of $1,400, and a whopping 59% of employees who get hit at work personally paid the extortion money, according to a report released today by Intermedia.

The 2017 Data Vulnerability Report Part 2, a survey of 1,000 office workers at small-to midsized businesses, also found 68% of business owners and executives personally paid ransom payments. The average ransom paid was approximately $1,400, the study notes.

I think employees pay it because it's fast," speculates Jonathan Levine, Intermedia's CTO. "While everyone is trying to figure out the company's policy on paying ransom, the people still need to get the work done." He believes most employees do not back up their work, and adds it's not surprising a majority of the workers personally paid the ransom.

But Chris Hornick, president-elect of the Northern California Human Resources Association and CEO of HBSC Strategic Services, has a different view on why employees are willing to shell out hundreds of dollars of their own money.

If an employer learns that company equipment is used for non-work related activities, it could be a fireable offense, Hornick says.

For example, if an employee clicks on a bogus email attachment touting details for a free luxurious vacation to the Bahamas and it results in a ransomware attack, the employee may face termination.

"This could be why employees don't want to disclose it and pay the ransom themselves," Hornick says. "It's a double-edged sword because usually employees know their employer wants them to disclose ransomware attacks."

Thirty-seven percent of survey respondents note their employers paid the ransom. The Intermedia report advises companies to inform workers about the possible dangers of dealing with ransomware attackers directly.

The report also advises creating an environment where employees realize there is no shame in becoming a ransomware victim, and that personally paying ransom should never be an option. darkreading.com

Retailers dipping their toes in facial recognition for a better customer experience
Walmart is the latest retailer testing facial recognition technology in an effort to create a better customer experience. Customer experience (CX) expert Brennan Wilkie says that facial recognition will be a key technology moving forward in the personalization of shopping.

"Installing facial recognition monitors in stores has the potential to grant retailers insight into the in-store customer experience," Wilkie, the senior vice president of customer experience strategy at InMoment, told FierceRetail. "They can use it to determine, for example, whether customers are frustrated during self check-out and notify staff to respond with triage, pre-empting complaints and ultimately attrition."

Retailers can then pair the facial expression data with customer demographics, loyalty metrics and other product purchase information, a brand can gain a deep understanding of the consumer.

However, Wilkie warns that Walmart and other retailers will need to be cautious as they test and implement these new tools in order to avoid crossing the line of customer privacy with this new tool. To address this, brands must be transparent about where, when and why they're using this new technology, and of course, offer value in return for this privacy invasion.

There are several other challenges associated with using facial recognition. For example introducing new data when companies are already swimming in Big Data and struggling to derive value from it.

"Having a strong strategy for how to manage, access, analyze and action the information will is paramount," Wilkie said. "Practically, there may be pushback from customers who are uncomfortable with the idea of their in-store actions being not only recorded by facial recognition monitors (often already done for security purposes), but observed and analyzed for business strategy reasons. If retailers can communicate the overall benefits of the technology as they roll it out, any negative feedback should be outweighed by the positive. This strategy has worked well with newly introduced in-store technology, such as self-checkout lines and chip readers, in the past." fierceretail.com


How to Speed Up Your Work by Using Hotkeys

It seems that no one writes with a pen and paper any more. If you're like most, typing has become useful than writing. Here are a few hotkeys to make life easier.

For Windows computers use Ctr + C to copy highlight text. Use Crt + V paste past what's in the clipboard. Ctr + P is to print; Crt + A is to select all; and Ctr+ Z is to undo.

These are just a few hot keys to help make life easier. I will list more hot keys in upcoming Tek Tips.



#2 Episode from 'Live in DC'
at NRF Protect 2017

High Performance Teams

"Good People, Good Everything"

Alisa Dart, VP of AP, Macy's

With all the changes the retail world is facing, there's one aspect of the industry, every organization and every team that's never changed and will never change. And that is the people - the human beings on your team who will determine your success or your failure.

Alisa Dart
, Vice President of Asset Protection for Macy's, oversees their entire field AP team, covering 600 stores nationwide, 5 operating regions and 39 districts. Hear her perspective and experience when it comes to developing high performance teams.

Episode Sponsored By:

View all episodes from 'Live in DC' here

Solution Providers: Have a video or commercial you want to publish? Contact us



Worldwide Sweep of Online Pharmacies Ends
With 400 Arrests - 3,500 Online Pharmacies Shut Down

The International Police Organization and regulators and law enforcement from around the world just conducted a major sweep of online pharmacies. Over the course of one week in mid-September, INTERPOL seized more than 25 million illicit and counterfeit medications, or $51 million worth, and made 400 arrests worldwide. It also shut down more than 3,500 illegal online pharmacies, including some selling pain pills laced with fentanyl. Illegal trafficking and abuse of this powerful opioid is killing tens of thousands of teenagers and adults in the United States each year.

In fact, 96 percent of online pharmacies operate illegally, selling drugs without a prescription or distributing counterfeits. This puts the public's health at great risk.

Many of these counterfeit medications fuel the U.S. opioid epidemic. Counterfeiters will turn a few thousand dollars into $10 million by buying fentanyl powder - often purchased from Chinese labs - and a pill press online.

And now some members of Congress are proposing drug importation legislation that would allow Americans to purchase drugs from foreign, unregulated pharmacies. Though it may seem well-intentioned, this proposed legislation ignores the realities of the public health crisis America faces today. If enacted, it will also inevitably increase the number of lives that will be lost. thehill.com

Call Centers Leaving E-Commerce Companies Vulnerable to Breach, Fraud
A new study, aiming to draw attention to the vulnerabilities that exist in call centers, found that even the most fundamental data security best practices are not in force, exposing the companies that use them to an elevated risk of data breach. The survey from U.K.-based technology provider Semafone polled contact center agents around the world and found that 72 percent of those that accept card payments over the phone require customers to read payment card information or Social Security numbers aloud. Thirty percent said they have access to that information even when they are not on the phone with the customer.

Semafone CEO Tim Critchley pointed out that contact center agents are in a bad spot. Many work under conditions that lead to low morale (e.g., 80 percent can't have phones at their workstations, around a third can't have paper, pens, bags or personal items). At the same time, a not insignificant number of them have been contacted by someone that wants them to divulge payment card information. cardnotpresent.com

Mobile devices will account for 73% of internet consumption in 2018

Bringing its e-commerce platform in-house helps GNC grow its online sales by 20% in Q3

Online Sales Could Be Target's Best Bet


Large Scale Fencing Operator Pleads Guilty to Running $1.5M ORC Fencing Operation
A Shelby County, AL, business owner has agreed to plead guilty in the operation of a pawn-shop fencing ring.

The U.S. Attorney's Office filed charges on Monday against 59-year-old Steve Randall Scott. Authorities arrested Scott and more than a dozen of his employees in a sting operation last October.

"These defendants encouraged thieves to bring stolen retail merchandise to their pawn shops to fuel an illicit online business where they sold as much as $1.5 million in stolen goods

According to his plea agreement, Scott owned and operated multiple check-cashing, check advance, title loan, and traditional pawn businesses. The stores employed Sarah Vickers Morrow, 39, of Shelby County, who was arrested on one count of conspiring to transport stolen goods across state lines.

In 2015, Scott allegedly agreed to start taking in items from shoplifters and his employees at the time encouraged shoplifters to bring them new, in-box items from national retailers like Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens and Home Depot.

Scott and Vickers would take the items, pay the shoplifters a portion of their value, resell items on Amazon and eBay, and then mail them to locations around the country, according to the release.

U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town tell CBS42 News that Scott's businesses sold as much as $1.5 million in stolen goods. wiat.com

Stolen Credit Card Gang - Walmart Assist - $500,000 Case
Two Cubans, One Nicaraguan Sentenced - Fraudulent Bank Cards
Four Others to Be Sentenced For Their Roles

Elvis Johanny Ortiz Reyes, 34, from Nicaragua, was sentenced to 35 months in federal prison and ordered to pay $408,596.46 in restitution.

Yaser Moreno, aka "Adrian Perez," 27, from Cuba, was sentenced to 57 months in federal prison and ordered to pay $408,596.46 in restitution.

Norge Mayea, 45, also from Cuba, was sentenced to 36 months in federal prison and ordered to pay $44,497.70 in restitution.

A federal grand jury returned a 20-count indictment in August 2016 charging Reyes, Moreno and Mayea, along four others - Jesus Aldana Gutierrez, Roberto Carlos Puebla Saavedra, Ivania Ortiz, aka "Ivania Reyes" and "Lisset Oz," and Yokasta Garcia, aka "Kathy Garcia," for their roles in the scheme.

According to documents filed in the case, from at least August 2014 through July 2016, the defendants obtained lists of credit and debit card numbers belonging to other individuals online. They used the card information to create counterfeit bank cards using devices to encode the cards with the fraudulently obtained account information. The defendants went to various retail stores and purchased prepaid gift cards and shopping cards with the counterfeit cards. The defendants then took those purchased prepaid gift cards and shopping cards to other stores and purchased items, including other gift cards, to further launder the illegally obtained money.

The scheme was discovered after an investigator from JPMorgan Chase observed a large volume of fraudulent transactions being made with unauthorized JPMorgan Chase debit card numbers at Walmart stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area. JPMorgan Chase's investigator worked with Walmart investigators to collect surveillance footage and conduct surveillance of the defendants engaging in the fraudulent transactions.  justice.gov

Waco, TX: Two arrested, 1 sought in thefts of baby formula;
estimate loss at $30,000

A man and a woman have been arrested and police were looking for a third suspect Monday in connection with an investigation of the theft of tens of thousands of dollars' worth of baby formula from stores here and in North Texas. "It is believed the formula is used to cut various illegal drugs or is sold on the black market," Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said. Victoria Boone, 21, and Steve Young, 41, have been arrested, both on warrants charging engaging in Organized Crime. Javoa Dewayne Brewer, 21, is also wanted in connection with the thefts of Similac powdered baby formula from stores in Waco and other cities including Arlington, Sachse and Coppell. "At this point in the investigations, it is believed that the thefts have resulted in 25 to 30 thousand in property loss to the various store owners," Swanton said. "The amount of loss to our local Waco H-E-Bs alone was about $7,000," he said. kwtx.com

Pleasant Prairie, WI: 5 'Professional Shoplifter' arrested at Pleasant Prairie Premium Outlets; hitting 16 stores, nearly $20K in merchandise recovered
Five people police believe are part of a professional shoplifting crew are expected to be charged Thursday after having allegedly hit more than a dozen stores on Saturday. Pleasant Prairie Police Chief David Smetana said his department received a call from security personnel at at about 3:30 p.m. Saturday that they believed a group of people were shoplifting at multiple stores. Smetana said police set up surveillance on the suspects' vehicle and stopped that car and another vehicle when they attempted to leave the mall. He said police recovered "booster bags" in the suspects' vehicle. Smetana said items taken from 16 stores at the outlet mall Saturday were "in excess of $19,000 in merchandise." While some shoplifting crews specialize in taking specific merchandise - for instance pricey perfumes - items recovered Saturday included "shoes, clothing and accessories," Smetana said. kenoshanews.com

Fairfield, CT: Bridgeport Shoplifter Caught On Tape At Kohl's; $1,600 in merchandise
A Bridgeport woman faces shoplifting charges after she was seen on surveillance video concealing more than $1,600 in merchandise in a baby stroller at Kohl's Saturday, police said. A loss prevention staffer said Tatiana Garcia, 30, was in the store for almost two hours, using pliers she said she brought from home to cut any security tags off clothing, jewelry and toys valued at $1,612.97, police said. Police said there was no child in the stroller. dailyvoice.com

Longview, WA: Walmart Shoplifter previously banned from store charged with Felony Burglary in repeat offence

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Shootings & Deaths

Man Shoots at Girlfriend Inside Hair Cuttery Salon in Owing Mills, MD
Police said they believe the shooting began Sunday afternoon as a domestic dispute between a 42-year-old woman, who was a customer, and her boyfriend. Police said the argument escalated at the store at the Foundry Row Shopping Center. Police said the man returned to the store pointed the gun at an employee, and chased his girlfriend to the back of the store. As she fled through a back door, the man fired several rounds in her direction, police said. The woman was not injured.  wbaltv.com

Seven men accused of 9 armed pawn shop robberies & 1 death in 3 counties
The suspects in January's Little Havana pawn shop robbery that resulted in the fatal shooting of a 65-year-old customer won't face murder charges. Instead, they're three of the seven Miami residents staring at a total of 21 counts of robbery and weapons charges in federal court from nine armed robberies of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach pawn shops between Nov. 15, 2016 and June 20, 2017.  miamiherald.com

Midrand, South Africa: Gunman killed, police wounded in dramatic Kyalami Corner mall shootout
Two policemen were wounded, two suspects arrested and a third suspect was killed in a dramatic shootout at Kyalami Corner in Midrand on Tuesday morning. Police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Lungelo Dlamini said while police officers were conducting a crime prevention operation in Bramley, a group of men hijacked an unmarked police vehicle with the officer inside. They also kidnapped a woman that was walking on the street. The car was later abandoned at Kyalami Corner and the men ran into a Mall, Dlamini said. "When police responded to the incident at the mall, a shootout ensued. The police officer that had been hijacked was shot and a second one was shot in the hand. The woman who had been kidnapped did not sustain any injuries," Dlamini said. news24.com

Shreveport, LA: Catering Company Owner shoots suspect in head after being assaulted

Robberies & Thefts

Update: Chelsea, England: 1 of 9 suspects arrested in the Moped Gang Raid on Michael Kors Store
Nine suspects on five bikes were involved in the raid which took place at the Michael Kors store in Duke of York Square in Chelsea back in February. The shocking footage shows one suspect throwing a brick at the window, while another uses a stick to smash it. The remaining suspects kick the window in before running into the shop to remove handbags. Detectives from Kensington and Chelsea have made six arrests in connection with the investigation. A 23-year-old man was subsequently charged with burglary. The other five were released with no further action. Det Con Sam Weller, of Kensington & Chelsea CID, said: "We are appealing to the public to help us identify this gang. lbc.co.uk

Santa Clara, CA: Police Break Up Teen Melee At Great America Halloween Haunt
A group of about 100 juveniles caused fights and stole cellphones from attendees of a Halloween Haunt event at the California's Great America theme park in Santa Clara on Saturday night, a police spokesman said. Police received calls around 10:45 p.m. Saturday reporting cellphone thefts and fights at the park, where more than 20,000 people had gone for haunted mazes and other Halloween-related activities, Santa Clara police Lt. Dan Moreno said. patch.com

Tangipahoa Parish, LA: C-Store employee steals $21K in lottery tickets, Cashing out only $3K in winnings

Clermont, FL: 4 arrested, 2 wanted in CVS Armed Robbery

Durban, South Africa: Armed Gunman again hit Gateway Mall; cash and 71 cell phones

Skimming Theft

Venezuelan Skimming Crew Busted in Clarkton, NC with 326 cloned cards and skimming devices

Sentencings & Arrests

Augusta, GA: Arrest made in connection with last month's Augusta Mall shooting
The brother of the man wanted in connection to the shooting at Augusta mall has been arrested. Travis Sloans Junior is being charged with harboring or concealing a fugitive. The Richmond County Sheriff's Office is still looking for 19 year old Travele Sloans. He is considered a suspect in the shooting that happened in the parking lot at Augusta Mall at the end of September. wjbf.com

Decatur Man Pleads Guilty to Armed Robbery of Circle K & Murder of Co-Conspirator

Armed Robber Sentenced 33 Yr's in Newport News, Va., for 5 c-store robberies in a 10-hour period

Mobile, AL: Arrest made in gas station murder

Arson & Fire

Manchester, NJ: 2nd fire at shopping center in month deemed suspicious


Oro Valley, AZ: Father and son plead Guilty to Pirating movies;
over 700 illegal downloads

A father and son pleaded guilty to numerous felony charges involving movie pirating in August. Oscar Rogelio Torres Sr. and Jr. were sentenced to probation and had to pay thousands of dollars in restitution. Police said the incident unfolded six months earlier when officers made a routine traffic stop. Police said 26-year old Oscar Rogelio Torres Jr. was driving on a suspended license, and also had multiple warrants for his arrest. Video from officer worn cameras showed OVPD talking to him, opening the trunk of his vehicle, and that's when they discovered over 700 illegally downloaded movies. Officers contacted Homeland Security Investigations and served a search warrant at the home where Torres was living. Agents found computers, and laptops, disc burning drives, and over 500 DVD's and ledgers of movies sold. kvoa.com

Cargo Theft

Up to 16 Attacks per day on Freight Train Cargo in Southern Mexico
A dramatic increase in the number of attacks on freight trains in southern Mexico and near the Port of Veracruz - from a handful of incidents each month to as many as 16 per day - are driving some customers away, Ferromex says. joc.com



C-Store - Columbus, GA - Burglary
C-Store - Hickory, NC - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Fayetteville, AR - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Orangeburg, SC - Robbery
C-Store - Elma, NY - Burglary
CVS - Clermont, FL - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Tulsa, OK - Burglary
Dollar General - Lansing, MI - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Clayton, OH - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Detroit, MI - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Tulsa, OK - Armed Robbery
Grocery - Wendell, ID - Burglary
Office Supply - Aspen, CO - Burglary
Verizon Wireless - Oswego, IL - Burglary
Wendy's - Orangeburg, SC - Burglary
Walgreens - Boise, ID - Robbery
Walmart - Cowlitz County, WA - Burglary


Daily Totals:
9 robberies
8 burglaries
0 shootings
0 killings





Chris Kelly
named Loss Prevention Manager for Nordstrom
Joseph Munoz named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Torrid

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Senior Director, AP Operations & Safety
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The Senior Director, AP Operations & Safety is responsible for leading the Corporate Asset & Profit Protection Operational and Administrative functions for Sears Holdings Corporation. This position will assist the Corporate and Field teams in the development and management of the core profit improvement programs for all formats...

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Dublin, CA

The Director, Loss Prevention Technology is responsible for directing LP technology across both Ross and dd's stores to reduce shortage and support safe and secure environments in both new and existing stores...

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Santa Clara Valley, CA

As the single point of contact for all security related matters, this position provides support to engineering, operations, and other specialized teams, reports on relevant topics to stakeholders at all levels of the company, coordinates the roll-out of policies and directives globally, and any other duties assigned by the Director of Global Security...

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This position will manage fraud and risk operations, analyze, investigate and identify solutions to prevent and mitigate third party fraud and is responsible for proactively identifying sources of and patterns of fraud, to minimize the company's total exposure to financial and reputational risk associated with fraud...

Director Global Security Programs and Strategy
Seattle, WA

Manages and develops a team of physical security and other program and project managers responsible for managing and delivering the Global Security, strategic multi-year programs...

Senior Director, Risk and Loss Prevention
Austin, TX

We are looking for someone to establish and build a risk and loss prevention team and partner with our legal, compliance and information security teams with a targeted focus on RetailMeNot's cash back and gift card offerings...

District Asset Protection Manager - Metro NY and Long Island, NY
Garden City, NY

Amazing opportunity! High profile, fast paced district available for a Multi-Unit Asset Protection professional with operational savvy or a General Manager passionate about Asset Protection and Safety. As the District Asset Protection Manager you will lead administration of Asset Protection programs and training for an assigned district in order to drive sales, profits, and a customer service culture...

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First Time Mentor? Here are 4 Ways to Make an Impact on Your Mentees  Having a mentor is how most leaders got through the hard days and achieved their success, so when someone reaches out to you for mentorship, it's an opportunity to give back what was given to you. Here's how to make a difference as a first time mentor. Challenge through inspiration

7 Tips for Being a Good Mentor
Some may think that mentoring is all about the mentee, but mentors play a vital role in whether the relationship is successful or not. While mentees do most of the work, mentors lead them in the right directions, and without that goals wouldn't be met. Here's how to be a good mentor, in just 7 steps. Give more than you ask for

Why Finding a Mentor Will Be the Best Decision You Ever Make  Mentorships are essential if you want to grow quickly and navigate the career journey that's in front of you successfully. Don't over-think finding a mentor, just get out there, meet people and ask for introductions. It's easier than you think. Here are some tips to help make the process easier. Think differently

The Value of Mentorship in Building a Successful Career  The trusted advice of a mentor can often be key to helping lead us to a promised career or new role, allowing us to rise to our potential or learning valuable lessons. Mentorships don't just fall in place, especially for women, so check out what Johnson & Johnson is doing to change that, and the value of having a mentor. Ignite the power

Knowing the basic interview questions is one thing. Having the answers is another. What's more important is communicating openly and honestly in a professional manner that shows thought, vision and your business knowledge. Try to apply your background to the interviewer's business and how you can impact it and add value. The key to a successful interview is bridging the gap between your background and the prospective employer's company and needs. Preparation-preparation-preparation!

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