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FedEx Ground's VP of Safety Scott Mugno Tapped by Trump to Lead OSHA
President Donald Trump has nominated Scott Mugno, vice president of safety, sustainability and vehicle maintenance for FedEx Ground to be assistant secretary of labor for OSHA.

The White House on Oct. 27 announced that President Donald Trump will nominate Scott Mugno, vice president of safety, sustainability and vehicle maintenance, to head OSHA, the federal agency tasked with promoting and enforcing occupational safety and health.

"Mr. Mugno is currently the Vice President for Safety, Sustainability and Vehicle Maintenance at FedEx Ground in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was previously the Managing Director for FedEx Express Corporate Safety, Health and Fire Protection in Memphis, Tennessee. His responsibilities in both those positions included developing, promoting and facilitating the safety and health program and culture. Mr. Mugno was twice awarded FedEx's highest honor, the FedEx Five Star Award, for his safety leadership at FedEx Express.

Mr. Mugno is a graduate of Washburn University School of Law, Topeka, Kansas and St. John's University, Jamaica, N.Y."

Mugno oversees four departments of 200 EHS and maintenance professionals who are "focused on creating a safe work environment for 95,000 team members and the public. ehstoday.com

Dave Heller promoted to VP Chief Sales Officer for Iverify

Dave was previously the VP of Sales and Marketing for Iverify for over two years. He was also the National Director of Sales for Checkpoint Systems for over seven years, before he went to Iverify. Congratulations Dave! Watch our LPNN interview with Dave from our "Live in NYC 2017" shoot here.

Steve Mick named Vice President of Asset Protection for VICTRA
(formerly A Wireless)

In this newly created role, Steve will be responsible for identifying and reducing the amount of "shortage" within the company. While he will supervise the Loss Prevention team, Steve's responsibilities will be very cross-functional in nature and he will partner closely with other functional leaders to drive out product and non-product losses in our business. Steve's focus areas will include shrink, theft, unwarranted returns, fraud, p-card abuse, or any other "shortage" line in the P&L.

Prior to joining Victra, Steve was the Director of Asset Protection Operations and Investigations for Toys R Us, where he oversaw the corporate, supply chain, and field investigations programs. Steve worked for Toys R Us for 14 years, covering a variety of geographical markets on the west coast as a Regional Asset Protection Manager prior to his most recent role at the corporate office in Wayne, NJ. Prior to his experience at Toys R Us, Steve held asset protection roles at The Home Depot, Sears, and K-Mart. Congratulations Steve!

Victra is a privately-held company headquartered location in Raleigh, North Carolina. As Verizon's largest exclusive authorized retailer operating over 1,146 stores in 46 states, we are at the heart of this ongoing transformation.

Justin Curtis promoted to Director of Risk Management for
Xanterra Parks & Resorts

Justin was previously the Risk Manager for Xanterra Parks & Resorts for over nine months before earning this promotion. He's also held other loss prevention roles including Safety and Loss Control Manager for Coca-Cola and Area Loss Prevention, Safety and Haz-Mat Manager for Lowe's. Congratulations Justin!

Bryan Hillman promoted to West Area Director LP and Safety
for PetSmart

Bryan was previously the Loss Prevention and Safety Regional Director of Central Super Region and International for the pet retailer for over eight months. He's held various other loss prevention leadership position for PetSmart during his six years there, including Director of LP and Safety, Senior Regional LP and Safety Manager, Regional LP and Safety Manager. He also held various positions while at Target for over ten years including Store Team Lead and Remodel Coordinator. Congratulations Bryan!

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Employee Theft Costs U.S. Businesses $50 Billion per Year
According to a Hiscox study, U.S. businesses affected by employee theft lost an average of $1.13 million in 2016. Small and midsize businesses accounted for 68 percent of cases, and their median loss last year was $289,864.

The most common embezzlement scheme was funds theft (34.5 percent), followed by check fraud (22.1 percent). Seventy percent of all check fraud occurred at companies with fewer than 100 employees.

Many of the frauds, particularly high-loss cases, involved diverting small sums of money over a long period of time - in 28.7 percent of cases, the employee theft took place for more than five years - which makes detection challenging

The average loss for cases that continued for five years or more was $2.2 million. For cases lasting longer than 10 years, the loss grew to $5.4 million. securitymagazine.com

Three Terrorist Incidents in Three Weeks
Two Around Retailers - Dolphin Mall in Miami & Merchants Square in Williamsburg, VA

With yesterday's NYC incident we have a very tense situation building around the country. Obviously malls and shopping centers around the country have to be very vigilant right now and district operating teams should be very alert to anything suspicious or out of the norm. Let's hope this dies down down and we can all focus on the holiday shopping season. However, it might be wise to review and call attention to emergency response plans in a subtle manner. Just a thought.

Watchdog Raids Canada's Largest Grocery Chains For Criminal Price Fixing
The Competition Bureau says it has raided the offices of certain companies in a criminal investigation tied to alleged price fixing following statements released by some of the countries largest grocery chains.

The bureau says the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Ottawa granted search warrants based on evidence that there are reasonable grounds to believe that certain individuals and companies have engaged in activities contrary to the Competition Act.

Spokeswoman Marie-France Faucher says there is no conclusion of wrongdoing at this time and no charges have been laid, adding she could not reveal more details as the bureau is required to conduct investigations confidentially.

Loblaw Companies Ltd. (Canada's largest retailer) and George Weston Ltd. confirmed they are aware of an industry-wide investigation by the Competition Bureau concerning a price-fixing scheme involving certain packaged bread products and said in a joint statement that they are co-operating fully but would not offer further comment.

Metro Inc. says the investigation concerns certain suppliers and Canadian retailers and that it fully co-operates with the authorities, but also declined further comment. nationalpost.com

ORC Rings Becoming 'More Brazen and Dangerous'
Retailers Spending on ORC Personnel at an All-Time High - $545K Average

For retailers, simple shoplifting is an unavoidable cost of doing business. But now, industry analysts and law enforcement officials say, a greater threat is emerging: theft and fraud by highly organized criminal rings.

The high-stakes enterprises often operate across state lines. They might employ teams of "boosters" - often the homeless or the drug addicted - who go into stores to steal everything from laundry detergent and baby formula to designer clothes and diamonds. They fence stolen goods at pawn shops, kiosks, vans on the street and, increasingly, online auction sites.

And they're becoming more brazen and more dangerous, analysts say, in some cases attacking store employees and even shoppers.

"We probably see organized retail crime incidents across our stores every day," said Jim Cosseboom, manager of investigations and corporate asset protection for the supermarket operator Ahold USA, parent company of Giant, Food Lion and other chains.

"What they're targeting is always shifting," he says, from detergent to razor blades to seafood. But it's anything "that can easily be sold for quick cash ... It's a significant concern."

Organized theft has surpassed internal theft to become the leading cause of retail loss, said Robert Moraca, vice president of loss prevention for the National Retail Federation. Analysts say the increase has been fueled by the opioid epidemic and by the growing understanding among criminals that theft can be quick, easy and profitable.

In a well choreographed assault, Moraca says, thieves can clear shelves of thousands of dollars' worth of goods in minutes.

"And that's happening in multiples," he says. "It's not just a group that gets together and wants to steal. These are groups that already exist for criminal purposes," such as drug trafficking and human trafficking.

"These are hardened criminals, and they get into organized retail crime because it's extremely profitable."

Individual retailers contacted by The Sun were reluctant to discuss details. But the National Retail Federation reported that organized crime cost retailers $30 billion last year. The group recently surveyed retailers on organized crime; all of the respondents said they had been victimized in the previous year. They said they were spending an average of $545,000 on employees dedicated to fighting organized crime, an all-time high. baltimoresun.com

MAORCA and Maryland Retailers Association Fight for State ORC Law
Maryland's Felony Threshold Recently Increased to $1,500

Coordinated efforts between retailers, store security, law enforcement and prosecutors have helped, analysts say, as has the emergence of associations focused on fighting organized retail crime. The Mid-Atlantic Organized Retail Crime Alliance, which includes Maryland, brings together retailers, law enforcement, security and loss prevention officials to share data and intelligence on organized theft, robberies, counterfeiting, check and credit card fraud and other scams.

Thirty-four states have enacted laws against organized retail crime. Maryland has not. The Maryland Retailers Association wants legislation that would distinguish between organized retail theft and other types of theft.

"Being on the I-95 corridor, we are particularly susceptible to organized retail crime," association President Cailey Locklair Tolle says. "Shoplifting in Maryland, both the instances of theft and the dollar amount that's stolen every year, has steadily been on the rise, and part of it does have to do with organized retail crime."

The group is concerned that the increase in the state threshold for felony theft from $1,000 to $1,500 last year will encourage more organized rings to operate in Maryland. The Governor's Office of Crime Control and Prevention looked at theft classifications last year and recommended that lawmakers begin to assess the impact of organized retail crime by developing a definition of the activity to include in Maryland Uniform Crime Reports.

The retailers group plans an informal meeting Monday in Annapolis with members of the Maryland State's Attorney's Association, law enforcement, loss prevention officials and lawmakers to start hashing out solutions. Current theft laws, Tolle argues, fail to address the unique nature of organized crime, with high-level criminals directing lower-level offenders to steal, stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of goods and often operating across county lines. baltimoresun.com

How An Old Brand Stays New, AKA Relevant
Q&A With ADT's Chief Marketing Officer Jamie Haenggi

For sustained longevity brands need to deliver contextually relevant messages across all applicable channels at the right time to consumers. However said brands also need to "keep up with the times" and stay contextually relevant themselves. One such brand is ADT which has been around since 1874. The letters ADT stand for American District Telegraph.

Forbes Magazine recently spoke with Jamie Haenggi, CMO of ADT about a variety of topics including how such an old company stays new and relevant, what the future holds for the industry and more.

Where do you see the industry in 3, 5, 10 years from a marketing perspective and what roles either do OR will things like AI and IoT play?

Jamie Haenggi: This is an exciting time to be in the industry - having been in it for nearly 25 years! There are more consumer electronics players coming to the scene and driving greater adoption of home automation. That is a good thing. There is also true convergence happening with traditional security and the smart home. This too is a good thing. What we are seeing though is an opportunity for real service providers to not just bring these two together, but to be there for the customer in ways traditional CE manufacturers are not able to do.

The growth of IoT is creating new opportunities for ADT to continue to define what it means to feel safe and have peace of mind. We're leveraging our experience at the high-end enterprise level where we have been providing network and cyber security solutions to start to take these services to our small business and residential customers.

How does a company that is more than a century old stay "new?"

Haenggi: In order to actually be in business to claim the age of 143, you have to be relevant and "new" at all times. Innovation is not new to ADT, and is the thing that has kept us around this long - however, our focus on just security and a commitment to deliver great customer service allows us to differentiate ourselves in the market. We don't try to be all things to a customer - but we strive to be the best at security, which today includes integration with the home through smart devices. We must remain relevant to our new wave of customers coming through the door - predominantly Millennials. forbes.com

Madison, WI., Proposing Requiring All C-Stores to Have CCTV's & 30 days Storage
To improve public safety, Mayor Paul Soglin of Madison, Wisconsin, is proposing that all convenience stores in the city use security cameras covering multiple areas with footage kept for at least 30 days. The city's police department began discussing such an ordinance amid rising incidents of gunfire and homicides earlier this year and supports the proposal, the Wisconsin State-Journal reported. However, a representative of the National Association of Convenience Stores, was cool to the proposal, saying that security cameras are not at the top of the list of validated security measures. asisonline.org

Phoenix police study evaluating economic impact of retail theft
Last Study Showed - Impact - $500,000 Tax Loss & 42 Jobs

Phoenix police are partnering with researchers at Arizona State University to evaluate the impact retail crimes have on the economy.

"The many small cases, they all add up," said ASU research economist Eva Madly. 

Two years ago, Madly said a similar study -- looking at two years of retail crime data from the Phoenix Business and Economic Stability Team -- found shoplifters and counterfeiters cost Arizonans around $500,000 in lost tax revenue and 42 jobs. Counterfeiting, Madly said, led to the majority of that loss. 

"It displaces the sale of legitimate goods. It displaces retail employees who, then, don't get paid. They don't spend the money in the local economy," she said. "[These criminals] place an additional burden on taxpayers." 

The study is funded through a federal grant. It will run through September of next year. abc15.com

Senior Director of Loss Prevention & Safety for The Save Mart Companies
in Modesto, CA

The Senior Director of Loss Prevention and Safety provides overall leadership for the company's loss prevention and physical and food safety activities and is responsible for the development, maintenance, and continuous improvement of enterprise-wide loss prevention programs and food safety strategies.   Position is responsible for loss prevention on a company-wide basis for administrative sites, distribution centers and store locations.

The Save Mart Companies is a privately held 83 food chain headquartered in the heart of one of the greatest agricultural areas of our nation - the San Joaquin Valley. csod.com savemart.com

Axis Communications and London's Metropolitan Police Win 'Best Collaborative Solution' at the 2017 Fraud Awards

Quarterly Results

MarineMax Q4 comp's up 5%, revenue up 10%
Publix Q3 comp's up 4.3%, sales up 6.2%
Papa John's Q3 NA comp's up 1%, Inter. up 5.3%, revenue up 2.2%
Regis Salons Q1 comp's up 0.4%, total revenue down 2.8%
Brinker International Q1 comp's down 3.5%, revenue down 2.5%
Steve Madden Q3 retail comp's down 3.8%, retail net sales up 4%, total company net sales up 8%

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Source-Tagging Specialists for ALL Retail Products

ALL-TAG is an American manufacturer of RF Labels and a leading supplier for all other RF and AM products designed to help retailers fight shrink. Founded in 1992, ALL-TAG specializes in helping retailers launch successful source-tagging programs or improve their existing ones for all types of retail merchandise including hard goods and apparel.

In this LPNN interview,
Stuart Seidel, President, and Andy Gilbert, Vice President, tell us what makes ALL-TAG source-tagging specialists, how their EAS hard-tag recirculation process works, and how their global reach helps ALL-TAG quickly deliver standard and custom orders to customers anywhere in the world.

Watch the LPNN video here!


R-CISC and Columbus Collaboratory to Discuss Threat Intelligence Exchange Best Practices at Inaugural International Information Sharing Conference
TruSTAR, a threat intelligence platform built to facilitate information exchange, will lead a panel discussion at the inaugural International Information Sharing Conference in Washington, D.C. on November 1. The panel, titled "How to Launch a Cross-Sector Intelligence Exchange," will feature information sharing group major players Suzie Squier, the Executive Director of the Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center (R-CISC), and Jeff Schmidt, Vice President and Chief Cyber Security Innovator at Columbus Collaboratory.

When bad actors target a wide swath of organizations with the same tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), threat intelligence sharing groups serve a crucial role in enriching their members' cybersecurity data with intelligence gathered across multiple sectors and along supply chains.

In this panel discussion, TruSTAR, R-CISC and Columbus Collaboratory leaders will discuss the challenges, triumphs and lessons learned from assembling their threat intelligence exchange network among Fortune 500 members. They will also address the technology requirements of such initiatives and the roles of government and the private sector in mitigating risks in an increasingly hostile cyber environment. r-cisc.org

Drone Security Risks and How to Protect Against Them
Even industrial drones are based on simplistic computing architectures that were not designed to be highly secure, much like IoT devices, making them vulnerable to even average-caliber hackers. Adversaries can use standard debug tools to circumvent the software and hack the drone to control it, preventing it from completing its tasks.

The Federal Aviation Administration is creating new laws to help defend against malevolent drones, but nothing is standardized at this time. Security executives can help protect their companies by ensuring drones utilize a hyper-secure wireless network that includes role-based access; more than one admin account to manage the network devices' security configurations; encryption and authentication protocols; and secured key distribution. This will minimize the risks of being hacked and ensure the drones stay on task and secure. securitymagazine.com

Mastercard Adds Early Detection System for Fraud & Expanded Tokenization
For Merchants

Mastercard CEO Ajay Banga told investors in their Q3 earnings report that the firm recently added an early detection system that alerts card issuers to the risk of future fraudulent activities, and has expanded tokenization for consumer card information that companies keep stored. Those tokenized card credentials are essentially unusable if stolen, lessening the chances that card credentials can be fraudulently used should a retailer's database be hacked, Banga said. Mastercard noted that Netflix is the first company to have signed on to use its service.

"It's no secret right now that protection of consumer data is a hot topic," he said. "Safety and security is a key priority." pymnts.com

Stolen Code-Signing Certificates Worth $1,200 on Dark Web: Report
Code-signing certificates are selling on the dark web for up to $1,200, making them more expensive than many counterfeit U.S. passports, stolen credit cards and handguns, according to research released Tuesday by key and certificate management company Venafi and the Cyber Security Research Institute (CSRI).

There is a near-consensus among CIOs (86 percent) that the potential value of cryptographic keys and digital certificates to cybercriminals make them the next big online black market, according to the research.

The value of stolen code-signing certificates for enabling man-in-the-middle attacks, hiding in encrypted traffic, malware installation, sensitive data exfiltration, website spoofing, and escalating privileges makes them valuable to malicious actors. The dark web price of $1,200 for a code-signing certificate is roughly the same as a counterfeit U.S. passport, and equivalent to 12 targeted email account hacks or 48 targeted DDoS attacks, Venafi says. thewhir.com

Only 58% of retailers invest in tech to handle holiday sales spikes


Understanding Shrink & Retail Crime in Canada

Shrink Costing Canadian Retail Industry Billions
A 2015-2016 loss report titled Shrink found that the average shrink for retailers operating in Canada is between 1.04 and 1.75 per cent, representing loss in the region of 4.6 billion.



More Than Half of Canadian Retailers Experience Fraud Every Year
According to Statistics Canada's most recent national survey on fraud, about 53 percent of individual retailers fall victim to non-employee frauds each year.

Apprehending the Wrongdoers
Apprehensions are just one way loss prevention teams protect their businesses. There are an estimated 13,000,000 thefts committed at retail annually and 566,000 identified cases of internal thefts.

Understanding the Shoplifter
Shoplifting poses a number of negative results, costing the retailer and its customers, overburdening the police and the courts, requiring greater security at retail establishments, and ultimately costing communities lost dollars in sales taxes. Understanding the shoplifter, however, might help curb the behaviour and subsequent effects.

75% of shoplifters are adults. Approximately 25% are kids. 55% of adult shoplifters say they started in their teens.

Approximately 3% of shoplifters are "professionals" who steal solely for the resale or profit as a business.

Many shoplifters buy and steal merchandise in the same visit. Shoplifters commonly steal from $2 to $200 per incident depending upon the type of store and item(s) chosen.

Retail Organized Crime Continues to Hurt Industry
According to statistics from Calgary police, retail organized crime costs Canadians an estimated $4 billion a year. nxtbook.com

Violence in the Greater Toronto Area "GTA"

'Under siege by thugs': Church and Wellesley businesses call for help after spate of violent crimes
Local business owners in the Church and Wellesley area say they are being pushed out by rising crime after a series of violent incidents in the neighbourhood.

I don't know if I'll be able to stay if something isn't done soon to stop the thuggery in the neighborhood," Steve Dawson, owner of Dudley's Hardware, told CBC Toronto. The hardware store - a staple on Church street for over 80 years - had its front windows smashed in last Friday, Dawson said. The store owner said this comes after two prior violent confrontations with an individual in a mask who damaged his goods and threatened to kill him.

"What we are finding is that there is a revolving door system, where people are apprehended for an incident then in a short period of time they're back in the neighbourhood," said Ward 27 Coun. Kristyn Wong-Tam.

"What we've seen is an escalation of violence largely not from members of the community, but from people who are coming into the community to prey on members of the community," she said.

Local business owners agree. Flyers titled "Church & Wellesley under siege by thugs" can be seen on several storefronts in the area. cbc.ca

Toronto: Residents, merchants voice concerns over violence at Scarborough plaza
"About 50 kids were in a large circle watching and taping it with their phones, while another student was getting beat up," Tuesday's incident was the third time police have been called to the shopping plaza since the start of the school year. citynews.ca

Five Employee Deaths Drive New Legislation & Mandates in Alberta for C-Stores
Pre-Pay at Gas Stations - Time-Lock Safes - Video Monitoring & Emergency Transmitters

Labour Minister Christina Gray says it's about safety of staff at gas stations, some of whom have died trying to prevent so-called gas-and-dash thefts.

"No one should suffer injury and pain (and) no family should suffer the loss of a loved one just because someone was selfish enough to try and drive away with a full tank of stolen gas," Gray told a news conference after introducing a bill to amend the Occupational Health and Safety Code. "Our government promised to take action to protect these workers' lives, and that action begins today."

Gray had promised a response earlier this month after gas-station owner Ki Yun Jo died when he was run over by the driver of a stolen cube van as he fled without paying for $200 in gas in Thorsby, southwest of Edmonton. "It's so rare that we have a clear, established, and highly effective solution to a common crime. Implementing that solution just makes good sense."

The province is also making changes to make the workplace safer for convenience store attendants.

The new law will mandate that the stores have video monitoring and personal emergency transmitters for employees working alone.

Stores that are open overnight will need to have time-lock safes that can't be opened by staff.

They will also have to lock up some of their cash, lottery tickets and tobacco, and keep only limited quantities available up front to discourage theft.

The province said five workers have died and three have been badly hurt due to gas-and-dash thefts or convenience store robberies. nationalpost.com

Hordes Of Bargain-Hunters Destroy Liquidating Sears Canada Stores

Morguard recognized as one of Canada's Safest Employers: Canadian Occupational Safety

NB Liquor to sell recreational cannabis in stand-alone pot stores

Amazon Continues Growth in Canada with Calgary Area Fulfillment Centre

Sherwin Williams Continues Canadian Growth Hits 225 Stores

Canada Goose Spreads Its Wings in Chicago with 10,000 Square-Foot Store

Canadian retail sales up 7.8% - 3 months ending August '17

Dollarama ups expansion goals to 70 in 2018

(Update) Montreal, QC: Parents of murdered grocery store clerk speak at sentencing hearing
A 20-year-old woman who was murdered as she worked in a busy Montreal grocery store was a luminous, loving and peaceful girl whose life was stolen, her parents said during sentencing arguments Wednesday. They asked that a photo of her be projected on a screen in the court and they frequently broke down in tears as they delivered their emotional victim impact statement. Randy Tshilumba was convicted by a jury last Friday of premeditated murder in the stabbing death of Beaulieu-Patry in April 2016. ctvnews.ca

Halton, ON: Man Arrested Returning Thousands in Stolen Merchandise to Walmart

Red Deer, AB: RCMP seize counterfeit currency, shotguns linked to stolen vehicle

Hamilton, ON: 2 teen girls charged after wild brawl at Lime Ridge Mall; Elderly man's cane stolen, used as weapon

Brampton, ON: Shooting near strip mall leaves man in life-threatening condition

Calgary, AB: Dozens bear sprayed during theft at Calgary mall

(Update) Mountain, ON: Dolly Parton-style wig-wearing robbery suspect arrested

(Update) Windsor, ON: Jewellery store robber gets seven years in prison

Toronto, ON: Two Men Wanted In Restaurant Theft

North Edmonton, AB: Possible pizza shop fire arson causes almost $1M in damages

Robberies and Burglaries

C-Store - Hamilton, ON - Armed Robbery (2x four days)
C-Store - Dundas, ON - Armed Robbery
Caroline Supplies - Caroline, AB - Burglary (Guns stolen)
Pharmacy - Stanley, NB - Armed Robbery
• Save on Foods - Okotoks, AB - Burglary (ATM)
Tremont Medical Pharmacy - St. Catharines, ON - Armed Robbery


#3 Episode from 'Live in DC'
at NRF Protect 2017

International LP

The challenges of doing
business in Mexico

Jim Carr, Sr Dir, Global AP, Rent-A-Center

Over the last six years, Jim Carr, Senior Director, Global Asset Protection, Rent-A-Center Inc., has managed the roll-out of 190 locations in Mexico for Rent-A-Center, leading their international and U.S. LP efforts. With this background, he has had the entire retail life cycle of experience in Mexico, from market entry to managing successful locations to closing stores down.

Jim shares some of his invaluable international experience and the challenges of doing business in Mexico.

Episode Sponsored By:

View all episodes from 'Live in DC' here

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Ad Fraud To Increase With End-Of-Year Budget Dumps, Data Shows
More consumers will go online to search for the perfect gift to give loved ones and friends this holiday season, with marketers looking to tap that audience by increasing ad spend.

That end-of-year budget dump in spending will prompt ad fraud to reach its peak during the same time, warns cybersecurity company White Ops. Its paper, "5 Ways to Protect Against the Q4 Ad Fraud Surge," predicts that up to $3.5 billion could be lost to advertising fraud as the industry tries to fill peak holiday demand.

White Ops reports fraud during the holiday season could potentially allow cybercriminals to collect more than 50% of their payout in the fourth quarter of 2017. The total of ad fraud losses for 2017 is estimated to reach $6.5 billion.

The report explores the increase in ad spend and in malicious bots during the holiday season, identifying the impact of these losses during the short yet critical time frame. mediapost.com

The "Amazon Effect" Can Be Deadly
Amazon is driving half of all growth in the retail industry

The same report, released Wednesday, says that Amazon accounts for about 31% of all US ecommerce purchases. The ecommerce giant will drive half of all retail growth from 2016 to 2018, using next year's estimated figures, according to a Morgan Stanley report.

In 2017, many retail giants are struggling. The so-called "Amazon effect" is threatening brick-and-mortar retailers like Macy's, Sears, and JCPenney. 

Retailers have been eager to try and debunk the "retail apocalypse" narrative, pointing to ecommerce sales and overall industry growth.

However, when a single company is responsible for half of overall growth, and even more in online sales, it's time to stop pretending every company is benefiting. The retail apocalypse is in full force - and Amazon is only making it more deadly for many retailers. businessinsider.com

Best Buy to offer free holiday shipping


Medinah, IL, Man Gets 13 Yr's Prison - $7.2M Credit Card Fraud
Sebastian Deptula, 37, pleaded guilty Tuesday to wire fraud after an FBI investigation. He also was ordered to pay $3.6 million in restitution to victims and another $3.6 million in forfeiture to the government.

As part of the scheme, Deptula applied for credit cards using the names and personal information of other cooperating individuals. Typically, they obtained several credit cards for each person to maximize the total amount of credit available. When the co-conspirators received the credit cards, they would rapidly purchase items, including expensive electronics, so the limits could be reached before the card was frozen.
Deptula also often extended the active period of the credit card by making or directing others to make unfunded payments.

Deptula usually took a 20 percent cut of the profits, either through merchandise or prepaid debit or credit cards.

When FBI agents raided his home in Medinah, they reported finding large amounts of merchandise, much of which was unused and in its packaging.

Twenty other defendants are listed in the criminal case. dailyherald.com

Fencing Operation: Boost Mobile Store Owner Selling $100,000 Stolen Home Depot Merchandise
Greenfield, Wis., Boost Mobile store owner was buying as much as $40,000 worth of stolen merchandise a month from a Home Depot employee.

An investigation started at the Delafield Home Depot, with an employee who had a pill problem. Police said when they arrested him, he agreed to lead them to his fence.

Police said John Sudano stole about $100,000 in merchandise from his job at Home Depot. He was selling it on Facebook, until he connected with Boost Mobile owner Raid Hamdan, who police said became his sole fence. "Mr. Hamdan is sending messages to Mr. Sodano actually requesting items. 'Can you get this? Can you get this? Sure. How many?'" Greenfield police Detective Chuck Fletcher said. Hamdan is now charged with eight felonies and six misdemeanors. wisn.com

6th "Manche Boy Mafia" Gang Member Sentenced To Fed. Prison - $350,000 Credit Card Fraud in Tampa Bay
US Judge sentenced Demeko Wells (22, Tampa) to four years and nine months in federal prison for conspiracy to commit credit card fraud and aggravated identity theft.

From January 2015 through November 2016, Wells and others affiliated with the "Manche Boy Mafia" or "MBM" organization conspired to commit credit card fraud and identity theft in the Tampa Bay area. These individuals had purchased stolen credit and debit card account numbers online from various websites. The conspirators purchased or stole reloadable gift cards and used a machine to emboss the stolen account numbers and their own names onto the front of these altered gift cards. The conspirators then used these counterfeit cards at various retailers around the Tampa Bay area to purchase gift cards and electronics, which they either kept or sold for cash.

In total, Wells was held responsible for more than $350,000 in intended or attempted purchases.

In a related case, fellow MBM members have all been sentenced to various prison terms justice.gov

Berks County, PA: Getaway driver in Victoria's Secret heists gets 5 years state prison

UK, England: Sleeping Truck Driver wakes to find 10 masked men stealing a large number of TV's from his trailer with a fork lift

Westchester & Orange Counties, NY: Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Federal Charges For String Of Gunpoint Robberies Of Cellphone Stores

Burr Ridge, IL: Two women steal $800 worth of merchandise from Victoria's Secret in Burr Ridge Village Center

Reading, PA: Getaway driver in lingerie heists pleads guilty

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Shootings & Deaths

Miami, FL: Shooting inside CVS; Investigator with State Attorney's office pulls gun on Armed Robber
Officers arrived at the scene of the CVS on Quail Roost Drive shortly after 7:30 p.m. According to initial reports, a man walked into the store and pulled out a gun before another customer pulled out his own gun and opened fire, causing the alleged robber to flee. Shortly after, a man showed up at Jackson Memorial Hospital South with a gunshot wound - however, police have not confirmed if he was the original robber. The man, later identified as an investigator with the State Attorney's Office, who opened fire stayed on the scene and was interviewed by officers. No charges have been filed. nbcmiami.com

Costa Rica: Shots fired during $5 Million Jewelry store robbery in high end Multiplaza Escazu
Clients reported running for cover as shots rang out on the first floor of the glitzy shopping center as robbers assaulted Eurochronos around 2 p.m., according to police reports. This same store was robbed last April. It is estimated that the robbers made off with upwards of $5 Million in jewelry during today's incident at Multiplaza. news.co.cr

Memphis, TN: Man shot by 3 men outside of C-Store; non-critical condition

Robberies & Thefts

Omaha, NE: Police recover 20 missing guns from pawnshop burglary

Trotwood, OH: Dollar General robbed; Police believe gunman hit other stores recently

San Francisco Safeway employee stabbed, bit by dog during shoplifting attempt is expected to survive

Killeen, TX: Police and US Marshalls take down suspect in a String of Robberies

Disney Cruise Line worker accused of Embezzling $275,000, taking pricey Disney World vacation

Kay Jewelers in the High Point Commons, Prattville, AL reported a Grab & Run on 10/31, items valued at $5,398

Santa Barbara, CA: Authorities Boost Law Enforcement Presence Downtown in Response to Business Concerns

UK, Leicestershire, England: Gas Canisters used to blow an ATM out of a wall; caught of camera

Sentencings, Arrests, Charges

Long Beach, CA: Police search for possibly armed man in double slaying at liquor store; 3 already arrested

Mobile, AL: Arrest made in gas station murder

August, GA: Arrest made in connection with mall shooting

Durham, NC: Suspects charged in violent multi-county crime spree across Triangle

Wilson Borough, PA: CVS Supervisor arrested: stole over $500 in Coupon Fraud

Jefferson City, MO: C-Store Employee arrested for Felony Theft; void fraud over $750

Washington DC: Allan James, is facing felony firearms charges after running what the FBI called a "virtual gun store" on Facebook

Newport News, VA: Man who robbed 5 convenience stores sentenced to 33 years

South Bend, IN: Man faces charges after 5 armed robberies in one day

Fayetteville, NC: Man charged with 2 armed robberies

Cape Charles, VA: Man sentenced for credit card fraud


Jackson County, AL: Authorities bust alleged counterfeit money operation

Credit Card Fraud

Raleigh, NC: Thieves use stolen Credit Cards to purchase thousands in Computer Merchandise from Best Buy
On Sept. 28, police said the suspects stole credit cards from someone at a Panera Bread in Brier Creek. The two suspects then used the credit cards to buy several thousand dollars' worth of computer merchandise at Best Buy. They also tried to use the cards at a Target. wncn.com

Blue Earth, MN: Former Seneca Foods employee has pleaded Guilty to stealing more than $35,000 from the company


AT&T - Stevenson Ranch, CA - Robbery
Batteries Plus Bulbs - Savannah, GA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Las Vegas, NV - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Franklin, IN - Armed Robbery
C- Store - Atmore, AL - Robbery
C-Store - La Plata County, CO - Robbery
C-Store - Kaufman, TX - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Bear River City, UT - Armed Robbery
Circle K - Atmore, AL - Robbery
CVS - Miami, FL - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Trotwood, OH - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - New Hope, MS - Burglary
Farris Truck Stop - Faucett, MO -Armed Robbery/Shooting
Little Caesar's - Cove, TX - Robbery
McDonald's - Durham, NC - Armed Robbery
Motel - Bakersfield, CA - Robbery
Pawn Shop - Omaha, NE - Burglary
Pharmacy - Harrison Township, OH - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Audubon, NJ - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Gaffney, SC - Burglary
Verizon - Santa Barbara, CA - Armed Robbery
Video Store - Hutchinson, KS - Armed Robbery
Walgreens - Oroville, CA - Robbery
Walgreens - Walnut Creek, CA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
21 robberies
3 burglaries
1 shooting
0 killings





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The Senior Director of Loss Prevention and Safety provides overall leadership for the company's loss prevention and physical and food safety activities and is responsible for the development, maintenance, and continuous improvement of enterprise-wide loss prevention programs and food safety strategies...

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Amazing opportunity! High profile, fast paced district available for a Multi-Unit Asset Protection professional with operational savvy or a General Manager passionate about Asset Protection and Safety. As the District Asset Protection Manager you will lead administration of Asset Protection programs and training for an assigned district in order to drive sales, profits, and a customer service culture...

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