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Mar. 13-15, 2018

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The Armed Robbery Epidemic
Read Hayes, PHD, Dir. LPRC, Bob Oberosler, Group VP LP, Rite Aid, Kevin Larson, Sr. Mgr AP, Kroger

Quick Take 14

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2017 GLPS - Group LP Selfies
Your Team - Your Pride - Our Industry
Building Industry Pride - One Team Selfie at a Time

Rite Aid Northeast Region 22 Asset Protection Team celebrating World Class shrink results year after year

"Living The Rite Aid Experience"

Pictured from left to right, around the table: Robert Corrado, SR MGR Investigations; Chuck Kostyk, APDM; Dan Perron, APDM; Brian Guay. APDM; Paul Borosavage, APDM; Kevin Earley, APDM; Wayne Cyrway, APDM; Mike McKinney, SR Director Div. 2

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Scott Ziter promoted to Vice President of Risk Management for Golub Corporation/Price Chopper Supermarkets
Scott was previously the Director of Asset Protection for over three years for this retailer before earning this promotion. He's also held other asset protection leadership positions including Vice President of Asset Protection for Ahold USA, Director of Asset Protection, Senior Director of Asset Protection, Division LP Manager and LP Field Manager for Stop & Shop Supermarket Company. Scott earned his Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice/Psychology from Westfield State College. Congratulations Scott!

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Over 80 Restaurants Pack the House for RLPSA CONNECT

The Restaurant Loss Prevention and Security Association (RLPSA) held its fifth regional RLPSA CONNECT workshop on November 2, at the Chick-fil-A headquarters in Atlanta. The room was packed with not only big brands, but local franchisees as well.

RLPSA's regional event is networking at its finest, and with more than 80 restaurant representatives sharing challenges and solutions with each other, collaboration was the theme of the day. The mission of RLPSA's CONNECT events is to bring together local and national restaurant representatives to build long-term, productive relationships to help each other decrease loss, protect people, and grow profits within their respective organizations.

Rocco Prate, president of the RLPSA, and Karen Bremer, the CEO of the Georgia Restaurant Association (GRA), welcomed the group to Atlanta. Bremer provided a brief recap of the restaurant business in Atlanta and initiatives that the GRA is tackling. Presentations included:

Tackling Phone Scams that are Costing Us Millions - by Bill Ball from McDonald's, and Bret Kirby, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Community Policing Best Practices - by Sergeant Thomas Atzert of Crime Stoppers of Greater Atlanta

Outsmart Crime: CAP Index - Regional QSR Crime Statistics Update - by Basia Pietrawska, vice president of crime intelligence analytics for CAP Index

Best Practices for Presenting Cases & Preparing for Court - by John Melvin, Chief Assistant District Attorney, Cobb County District Attorney's Office

Heroin & Opiate Epidemic: Vagrancy Challenges and Solutions - by Detective Laura Steele, Snellville City Police Department

Executing Loss Prevention with the Chick-fil-A Culture - by Lindsey Fox, Lead Analyst, Restaurant Financial Services, Chick-fil-A

Read the full recap here

'Tis the season for retail security threats
The most likely consumer security threats this holiday shopping season include return and refund frauds, retail and bank account takeover, website outages and point-of-sale breaches, according to Booz Allen's Cyber4Sight 2017 Peak Retail Season Special Report.

Whether it's by demanding payments to end site-disrupting denial of service attacks, or by leveraging compromised consumer accounts to commit return and refund fraud, malicious hackers are sure to exploit whatever retail system vulnerabilities they can find this year, just as they have in years past.

To help businesses take a more strategic approach to peak retail season cybersecurity, our team of world-class intelligence analysts and computer forensics experts have put together the following report on this year's major threats.

"The 2017 peak retail season will likely see a continuation of the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) employed by cybercriminals in previous years, with varying degrees of intensity and some innovations."

Top Threats

Ranked by severity:
1. Point-of-Sale Breach
2. Website Outages
3. Retail and Bank Account Takeover
4. Return and Refund Fraud

Ranked by likelihood:
1. Return and Refund Fraud
2. Retail and Bank Account Takeover
3. Website Outages
4. Point-of-Sale Breach  boozallen.com

One of the Biggest Insider Organized Retail Fraud of Customers in History
Fraud Trial for ex-'Pilot Flying J Truck Stops' - Executives Set to Start
20 Executives Defrauded Trucking Companies of $85M in Rebate Scheme

Jurors in a Chattanooga courtroom will be going inside what the nation's largest diesel fuel retailer concedes was a corrupt sales division where fraud was taught and celebrated.

"(Expletive) them early and (expletive) them often," jurors will hear former Pilot Flying J Vice President of Sales John "Stick" Freeman say in a secretly recorded staff meeting. "I mean, (expletive), sell it to them the way they wanna buy."

Eighteen former employees in the diesel sales division have admitted promising trucking firms a certain rebate on diesel fuel but paying much less and lying when the firms grew suspicious. Two more were granted immunity.

More than four years after a federal raid at Pilot Flying J headquarters, the trial for the truck stop giant's former president and three other former employees begins Monday in U.S. District Court in Chattanooga.

Hazelwood the former president, is the highest-ranking former employee standing trial. Wombold is a former vice president of national accounts, and Karen Mann and Heather Jones are former account representatives.
The four are accused in an alleged scheme of conspiring with others at Pilot to rip off some trucking company customers of promised diesel fuel rebates. Federal prosecutors allege the scheme netted the company millions. It's alleged to date to at least 2008, although court records suggest it could have started in 2006.

The four facing trial Monday were among eight indicted in February 2016. Four of those defendants pleaded guilty this summer and are set to be sentenced in January.

In 2013 and 2014, 10 former employees also pleaded guilty, mostly to fraud charges. They, too, await sentencing.

Along with a slew of records seized in the April 2013 raid on Pilot headquarters in Bearden, federal prosecutors are expected to use testimony from former Pilot executives, assistants and sales personnel in their bid to seek convictions.

Pilot CEO Jimmy Haslam has not been charged and has said he knew nothing about the alleged plot.

Pilot has paid a $92 million fine in the case. The company itself avoided criminal prosecution. It also has paid about $85 million to settle claims by trucking companies who alleged they were defrauded in the scheme.

Two former employees have been granted immunity in the case for working with federal investigators. wbir.com

Closing the gap on unknown shrink
Operational shrink has been underestimated, says Colin Stewart, Director of Asset Protection at Abercrombie and Fitch with responsibility for fifteen Countries in Europe and the Middle East.

"There is always that quoted global industry statistic that 5% of your risk is operational, 40% is external and 45% is internal," he tells RRN.

"Our experience is, that those percentages are a fallacy. What is driving my loss? It's the ultimate question for all of us, but as it is invariably the case, our answers are largely anecdotal. In recent years however, we have become far more efficient at answering that very question, using data analytics to demystify shrink drivers and put measures in place to address the problem".

Those reductions were achieved without using RFID, which is a 'wonderful' technology, Colin says, but not one that many companies have.

ANF is testing RFID, but in the meantime, "the question is how do we continue to improve our accuracy, with customer centricity in mind".

Colin will highlight his team's use of prescriptive analytics to home in on unknown shrink. The company has been using two systems, one that helps to filter out the noise of operational shrink and isolate internal LP issues.

The other, which monitors arrivals of good in store from distribution centres, can alert managers to operational issues in real time.

As a result of these tools ANF has saved $10 million in Colin's area alone, he says. retailrisk.com

Equifax Says No Insider Trading Before Data Breach Revealed
Equifax Inc. on Friday said that four senior executives, including its chief financial officer, who traded in company stock prior to the revelation of a data breach that left 145 million consumers' personal information exposed had no knowledge of the problem when they executed the trades.

A report by a special committee of the Atlanta-based consumer credit reporting company's board of directors found that the trades by the four executives all complied with Equifax's insider trading policies and were properly vetted by Equifax's legal department before the trades were executed. None of the executives investigated by the committee knew about the hack before they sought review of their trades, the report said. law360.com

Retailers Lowering Standards to Fill Holiday Jobs in Tight Labor Market
In response, retailers are considering workers they may have passed on before and expanding training programs to create qualified candidates. Some are raising wages.

The demand provides an opening for workers like David Townes, who said a previous heroin addiction derailed his work as a collections agent and a court clerk. He received training designed by the National Retail Federation Foundation, the nonprofit arm of a Washington trade group that represents the industry, from Goodwill Industries, an organization that offers social services and runs thrift store.

There were 650,000 open retail jobs in August, the Labor Department's latest count. That is just below the highest level on record back to 2000. Despite national chains such as J.C. Penney and Sears announcing store closures, the number of retail stores has grown in the past five years, while Amazon.com and other e-commerce firms hire many of the same workers.

This year the NRF Foundation started a program to prepare the unemployed for entry-level retail jobs. The federation expects about 5,000 people will earn the fundamentals credential over 12 months. The program also aims to extend stints in the industry, a critical element of countering the labor shortfall. wsj.com

"Macy's, Penney and Sears are likely to take drastic measures in the new year"
According to retail analyst Nick Egelanian, president of retail development consultants SiteWorks International, who called Macy's and Penney "near collapse."

The departure of the Chief Merchant at Penney's and the related shakeup aren't so much part of that collapse, but rather one of the last remaining levers Penney has left to pull, Egelanian told Retail Dive in an email. "This is, however, an indication that the department store model is broken and department store companies are running out of bandages to fix it," he said.

In the long-run, J.C. Penney and its peers face steep existential challenges. Mass merchants have been cutting into their share for years. Amazon and other online players have been stealing apparel sales. And off-price sellers have been growing like gangbusters, as customers seek out steep discounts and "treasure hunt" thrills. That growth has and will likely continue to come at the cost of department store salesretaildive.com

The Amazon Effect
"Horror show just won't end for Macy's and Nordstrom"

More trouble in mall land: Wall Street is bracing for more signs of the retail apocalypse this Thursday when Macy's and Nordstrom (JWN) detail the latest pain from the loss of mall shoppers who've migrated online.

Worse than slumping sales, department stores are likely to paint a gloomy picture about their busiest and most critical time of the year. Morgan Stanley recently warned that sales will outright decline during the holiday quarter at both Macy's (M) and Nordstrom.

The obvious reason for shrinking sales is that fewer and fewer Americans are heading to the malls to do their Christmas shopping. Instead of battling the crowds, they're finding great deals and more convenience on Amazon and elsewhere online. cnn.com

Looted Antiquities Flood Online Sites Like Amazon, Facebook
A flood of potentially stolen art objects from the Middle East is showing up on Amazon, eBay, Facebook and WhatsApp, often ensnaring unsuspecting buyers. The growth of social networks and e-commerce platforms, coupled with the recent industrial-scale looting by Islamic State across the Middle East, has brought a stream of stolen antiquities online.

Law-enforcement officials say the online outlets have become a vexing challenge as they battle a wave of looting that is stripping heritage sites of ancient artifacts. Revenue from the sales is often used to finance various types of terrorist and criminal groups that also use the trade to launder other illicit income including drug and weapons trafficking, U.S. and European government officials say. wsj.com

Bluffton, SC: Store Manager gave her own money to save the store.
Turns out, it was a scam

A store manager in the Tanger 2 Outlets in Bluffton transferred just over $900 to people who claimed over the phone that they were on the business' corporate level. The New York and Company manager got a call Thursday morning telling her the store would close and be fined if the manager could not transfer approximately $900, according to the report. Since the store did not have the full amount in the register, the manager used some of her own funds to complete the payments. She made three transactions through Western Union, all just over $300 each, to be picked up in Houston.

The caller claimed to be with the company's corporate Loss Prevention division and said a customer had hurt herself in the Bluffton store, sparking the need for the payment. The Bluffton store manager was passed to two other people on the other end of the phone who claimed to be the regional manager and the vice president of the company, according to the report.

After the transfers were made, the store manager called her local Loss Prevention Manager who told her it was a scam. By that time, the money she transferred had already been picked up. islandpacket.com

The Big Chill or is it Fear?
January & February - Right Around the Corner

This holiday shopping season is probably one of the most dramatic, stressful, and scariest shopping seasons we've ever faced in mainstream retail.

Yes we all went through that October '08 to Feb '09 'Great Recession' nose dive that displaced tens of thousands and sent a number of retailers spiraling downward and a few out entirely. But what we're facing now can't be cured by a market correction or a massive federal bailout.

What we're facing now is the "Amazon Effect" coupled with all the other e-retailers and they're not going away. In fact they'll be taking more and more of the pie with each passing month. It's inevitable.

Right now the vast majority of mainstream retailers are holding their breath and waiting to see how much of a bite Amazon's going to take and right now there's not much anyone can do to slow them down over the next eight weeks.

So the real question is who survives and who doesn't? And I don't think the industry has ever been in such a precarious position.

The job cuts and store closures coming in the first quarter of 2018 could be historic.

To top all of this off, we then have the weekly active shooters, the constant terrorist threat, the lone wolves, pockets of civil unrest, cyber crime, data breaches, ORC, armed robberies and all the other associated risks that, regardless of what the recent FBI crime stats show, all appear to be increasing.

Yes, this holiday shopping season appears to be different than any other season we've experienced, or at least any this writer has experienced.

But, everyone has prepared for this and everyone knows what's at stake. So tie your shoes a little tighter and let's take it to the next level, because the best performers almost always survive and individual performance is the only thing you have control over. And if there's ever a shopping season that demands your best performance this one is it. Good Luck - Just some thoughts. Gus Downing

Sr. Director Asset Protection Retail Operations for Whole Foods in Austin, TX
This role reports to the Global Vice President of Retail Operations. This person will be responsible to develop a Global loss prevention strategy, outlining policies, goals and objectives that meet regional needs while providing a safe shopping environment consistent with Whole Foods Markets brand. linkedin.com

Whole Foods has more than 473 retail and non-retail locations in the U.S., Canada, and UK - and even more stores in development. Today they're the world's leader in natural and organic foods. wholefoodsmarket.com

Director Retail Loss Prevention and Safety job for Office Depot was taken down - page no longer exists

Hertz Manager Corporate Security job taken down off web site

Is Nordstrom Next On Amazon's Shopping List?

Illegal to ask salary history in NYC

Toys R Us is staying open for 30 straight hours of Black Friday

Quarterly Results

Sprouts Farmers Market comp's up 4.6%, net sales up 16%
Weis Markets Q3 comp's up 1.5%, sales up 15%
Canada's Second Cup Q3 comp's flat, sales down 1.9%
Bloomin' Brands comp's down 1%, sales down 5.6% (Outback, Carrabba's, Bonefish Grill, Flemings)
Michael Kors Q2 retail comp's down 1.8%, retail net sales up 8%, wholesale net sales up 2.5%, total sales up 5.4%
CVS Q3 retail comp's down 3.2%, pharmacy comp's down 3.4%, front-end comp's down 2.8%, pharmacy services up 8.1%, net revenue up 3.5%

Last week's #1 article --

Sears to close another 63 stores - 45 Kmarts and 18 Sears


Don't Get Scammed -- Get Prepped

Register for "Fight Holiday Fraud" Webinar
Tuesday, November 7 at 3 p.m. EST

Restaurants are gearing up for the holidays and dialing in their fraud strategy. This virtual event includes fraud experts from Dunkin' Brands (Dunkin' Donuts & Baskin Robbins), Wendy's, the Restaurant Loss Prevention & Security Association and Kount discussing how to accept more orders with confidence.

We'll discuss:

● eCommerce holiday trends in restaurants
Guidelines and timelines for preparing for the rush
Leveraging the right data to fight fraud


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The Loss Prevention Research Council's
Impact Conference Oct. 2-4 2017, A Six Episode Series

Filmed on location at the University of Florida


The IMPACT Conference helps retailers & solutions partners better employ research tools
to assess the real-world impact their LP efforts have on sales, crime, and loss levels.


Introducing the Loss Prevention Research Council

Who They Are & What They Do

In this six-minute episode, Gus Downing, Publisher & Editor of the D&D Daily, explains what the LP/AP industry's only "Think Tank" - the Loss Prevention Research Council, is all about. Learn about its mission, its objectives, its structure, and how it delivers "evidence-based" solutions for the decision makers and leaders of the industry.

Over the next five episodes, which we urge every LP/AP executive to watch, you'll learn and see how critical this "Think Tank" is to helping the industry develop evidence-based solutions that solve the shrink and crime issues retailers face.

A few of these episodes are lengthy, as they dive deep into the LPRC model and allow you to see exactly how these scientists, retail LP/AP leaders, and solution partners are working together to help develop the solutions that help you deliver best-in-class results.

So stay tuned and take the time to learn. As this is the LP/AP academic "Think Tank".

Sponsored By:


Eliminating the guess work, the trial by error, and word-of-mouth old-school approaches,
the LPRC delivers Evidence-Based Solutions and Actionable Results.



Offender, Shopper and Employee Feedback Study: Turtle

The Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC) conducted a series of in-person survey interviews in the Gainesville, FL. Big Box retailer StoreLab in order to understand the impact of the Turtle on associates, shoppers and shoplifters. This research focused on the Turtle's impact on protecting DEWALT Power Drills, one of the Big Box retailer's high-loss products.

Employee Feedback
● 100% of associates agreed that the Turtle is effective in deterring theft.
● 100% of associates strongly agree that the Turtle is not disruptive to their daily duties.

Offender Feedback
● 85% of the offenders said they would not steal the product if it was protected by the Turtle.
● Over 90% of shoplifters noticed the Turtle and all of them understood the purpose of the Turtle.

Shopper Feedback
● 90% of customers believe the Turtle is effective at preventing theft.
● 97% of customers stated that the presence of the Turtle did not have a negative impact on their shopping experience.

Click here to download the case study.

Twitter employee deleting POTUS account is a lesson for all companies
Trusted insider turned the lights out on Twitter account of President Donald Trump
Reminding us all how superuser access can be abused

Who likes to start their day with an aw-shucks moment? No one I know, yet that is exactly what happened over at Twitter when a departing customer support employee hit the kill switch for the Twitter account of the President of the United States (POTUS) Donald Trump.

With seemingly a mere click of the mouse and a few keyboard commands, the unidentified employee shut off the monolithic Twitter stream of POTUS, and, we assume, walked out the door. And Twitter claimed it was his last day of work and probably his last act, having resigned earlier.

Twitter tweeted: Update: We have implemented safeguards to prevent this from happening again. We won't be able to share all details about our internal investigation or updates to our security measures, but we take this seriously and our teams are on it. https://t.co/8EfEzHvB7p

The tweet asks us to trust they are doing the right thing, investigating, and though we won't be able to see their security measures, they will be appropriate and designed to not allow such an event from happening again. 

While many cheered the silencing of the POTUS Twitter account, those looking at the event through the prism of information security and insider threats weren't smiling.

Indeed, their minds raced to the multitude of actions that this insider on his/her way out the door could have taken that may have caused a cascade of events to occur. The "what ifs" are innumerable - tweet a declaration of war, order a covert action, post inappropriate images, etc., etc., etc. 

Think about your own company. What can your insider do to damage your brand or trust with your users? Take this event, and internalize it before it happens to you. csoonliine.com

Consumer data security bill is emerging that could succeed
A backroom deal between the financial sector and retail groups could unlock consumer data security legislation after years of stalemate, although significant policy and political obstacles must be cleared before Congress can notch a historic achievement on cybersecurity.

Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer, R-Mo., chairman of the House Financial Services institutions and consumer credit subcommittee, revealed last week that he is drafting a data security and breach notification bill. Industry sources said the measure is based on a landmark compromise between longtime rivals on the issue, the Financial Services Roundtable and the Retail Industry Leaders Association.

That agreement has been quietly circulated among stakeholders but hasn't been publicly released.
The Financial Services panel now appears determined to move a broadly supported bill, while Energy and Commerce is still undecided. In any case, Energy and Commerce almost certainly will either produce its own bill or demand a referral of any measure passed by Financial Services.

Hurdles for the legislation include determining how the rules would apply to third parties that handle consumer data, how much authority the Federal Trade Commission has to set proactive rules, timing requirements for notifying consumers of a breach and whether security standards should be spelled out in detail.

Throw in the question of pre-empting state standards on notification and data security and it's a complex mix of issues that still must be resolved. But the process is now underway in the House. washingtonexaminer.com

Theory Of Payments Evolution: EMV Will Get Better With Age
Two years later, only half of U.S. merchants are EMV-enabled. In the event of a chargeback, the party supporting the most secure technology for the fraud type prevails.

But fraud liability isn't all that the EMV shift has changed. Dan Lane, president and CEO at Merchant Link, said it has introduced confusion and inconsistency for merchants and consumers alike. It has affected the speed of sales and forced merchants to make decisions about their entire point-of-sale systems - plus the consumer experiences it facilitates, for better or for worse.

Lane said the EMV shift has been difficult, but it has also created new opportunities and will continue to do so. Here's how the space is morphing today and what Lane believes is coming tomorrow.


Across the board, said Lane, merchants are looking at their entire payments strategy and choosing to consolidate. They no longer want a multi-vendor setup where they get a PIN pad from one company, a gateway service from another, et cetera, he said. They want one provider delivering a total solution. Often, changing one technical element can have a domino effect on everything else, leaving them with little choice in the matter.

Lane said some merchants are also opting to outsource payments from their software systems due to the complexities of accepting EMV chip cards. The logic, said Lane, is that they're spending a thousand dollars for a new POS - or several thousand for several units - so it better integrate well with the entire system, and it better not need to be replaced again in two years.

Theory of Evolution

With so many options, it's no wonder merchants aren't offering a uniform experience, said Lane. They each have different needs and are making different choices, which leads them down different certification paths and creates a different customer experience.

Gradually, merchants will provide feedback to service providers, allowing them to hone their products and adapt through new configuration options. Lane said that people have been in such a rush to make the technology available that the initial versions can't provide all the options retailers want and need.

That's part of why so many merchants are hanging back, he said. Why invest now when there will be a new "latest and greatest" product tomorrow?

EMV is here to stay, but that more changes are also in the pipeline, as mainstream contactless payments are coming - much sooner than people think.

Luckily, the new terminals created to accept EMV are also capable of taking contactless payments - meaning when tap-to-pay does arrive in a mainstream way, the integration will be much easier, since processors will be able to handle them from day one. When that happens, Lane believes the transition will be fast - certainly faster than the EMV transition. pymnts.com

10 Mistakes End Users Make That Drive Security Managers Crazy
40% of all data breaches are caused by insiders. And of those insider breaches, 26% are caused by abuse or malicious intent by insiders, and 56% are caused by inadvertent misuse or sheer accidents by employees.
Forrester research pinpointed the 10 common ways employees mishandle - and inadvertently breach - an organization's security.

● Leaky Amazon S3 Buckets: Administrators should keep on top of the staff to set simple passwords for cloud storage, but sometimes they forget as well.
Leaving a laptop at the security line at an airport: Yes it does happen more than you think.
Losing track of corrupted thumb drives:  Drives from previous employers, drives for presentations, sharing drives. Which ones are corrupted?
Mishandling company information: Users mishandle company information all the time.
Sloppy care of security cameras and other devices with IP addresses: Failure to change default passwords can lead to a DDoS attack.
Careless handling of BYOD devices: More companies are insisting to put MDM software on the device so they can remotely wipe the unit once it's no longer in use.
Poor handling of user privileges: People change jobs internally all the time and their privileges do as well.
Lax attention to "tailgating" at physical entry points: Unauthorized people slip in all the time. If they don't know them they shouldn't be allowed in.
Blogging about work matters: Blogging has become so common that people blog about company projects and not realize they've compromised the company. darkreading.com

US SEC's Cyber Unit to focus on blockchain technology

U.S.-CERT: Vulnerability Summary for Week of October 30, 2017



Online Returns Are Exploding
Online Retailers Are Desperate to Stem a Surging Tide of Returns

Almost a third of web orders end up being sent back, vs. 9 percent of purchases at physical stores.

The expense of processing and shipping boomeranged items can range from 20 percent to 65 percent of an e-tailer's cost of goods sold, says United Parcel Service Inc. So web merchants are seeking ways to make returns less costly.

A full 75 percent of online shoppers returned merchandise this year by shipping goods back to the merchant, according to the UPS study.

Retailers are providing more sizing information and photos of goods-obviating the need for many returns. Dockers.com gives the size in inches of thigh and leg openings for its eight clothing fits for men. E-tailer ModCloth lets customers upload photos of themselves wearing its clothes-helping others envision how the styles look on bodies that aren't a model's.

Some merchants craft return policies to get merchandise back quickly enough to resell at a good price before it goes out of style or is superseded by a later model. But electronics kingpin Best Buy Co. also is using longer return windows as a selling point for its best customers. While regular shoppers get only 15 days to return most items, members of its My Best Buy loyalty program who gain Elite status-those who spend $1,500 in a calendar year-get double that period. Elite Plus members-who must spend $3,500 in a year-get 45 days.

About 58 percent of consumers prefer being able to return goods to a physical store, according to a UPS study of online shopping habits. And merchants have good reason to want returns handled this way: UPS says 66 percent of respondents who bring back online orders to a physical store make a new purchase during that visit.

Some e-tailers let partners help with returns. Kohl's Corp. will start accepting free returns of Amazon merchandise at 82 Kohl's stores in Los Angeles and Chicago. And startup Happy Returns accepts returns for several online retailers including Tradesy Inc. and Everlane at counters inside malls or at neighborhood boutiques. bloomberg.com

It's Becoming cut-throat - Driving the last nail
Amazon reportedly slashing Marketplace prices

Until now, Amazon has generally controlled prices only on merchandise it sells directly to consumers. Now, it is discounting some items sold by third parties, covering the cost difference itself to ensure competitive pricing.

The new "Discount provided by Amazon" tag allows Amazon to compete more fiercely with low-cost rivals including Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Dollar General Corp. just as the all-important holiday season gets under way. It shows how much Amazon is willing to pay for market share, part of its strategy to reinvest profits to grow the company. wsj.com


Woman Sentenced for $6 Million "Mystery Shopper" Fraud Scheme
A Houston, Texas, woman, Timeiki Hedspeth, 39, was sentenced today to nearly 15 years in prison for her role in a $6 million fraud scheme involving "Mystery Shoppers."

In 2012 federal law enforcement began an investigation into an extensive scheme that operated nationally and internationally, stemming from Nigeria. The investigation determined that participants in the scheme, including Hedspeth, recruited individuals throughout the United States via email to serve as "Mystery Shoppers," in which the individuals would receive financial instruments, such as a cashier's check or Postal money order, to evaluate the services of certain money transmission services, including Western Union and Money Gram. Once a recruited individual, or "Mystery Shopper," responded to the email solicitation with interest, the conspirators would obtain personal identification information from the Mystery Shopper, which was then placed on the counterfeit cashier's check or Postal money order. The conspirators would then mail the Mystery Shoppers a counterfeit cashier's check or Postal money order for the Mystery Shopper to negotiate at their own bank, keeping a portion of the payment for their services. The Mystery Shopper would then wire the majority of the funds to conspirators or other recruited individuals who retrieved the transmitted funds and engaged in further distribution of the fraudulent proceeds. From 2010 - 2016, Hedspeth had millions of dollars worth of counterfeit checks and money orders emailed or shipped to her for distribution to Mystery Shoppers, and retrieved and forwarded hundreds of thousands of dollars in proceeds from money transmission services.

Hedspeth was sentenced today to 175 months in prison. Several co-conspirators have also been sentenced, including: Toheeb Odoffin (90 months), Zoelithia Williams (100 months), Hafeez Odoffin (110 months), Habeeb Odoffin (120 months), and Christie Easter (130 months). justice.gov

Hempstead, NY: Two women arrest in $7,000 theft from multiple Home Goods stores
Two women have been charged in connection with the theft of a variety of merchandise worth more than $7,000 from HomeGoods stores in Port Washington, Rockville Centre and Westbury, Nassau County police said. Police said Nataysia Dingle, 30, and Shamiqwa Dixon, 22, were arrested on Saturday and charged with third-degree larceny. Dingle was released into the custody of the probation department and Dixon was held on bail. Authorities said the theft at the HomeGoods on Old Shore Road in Port Washington happened on Thursday but that it was unclear when the other incidents too place. newsday.com

Orland Park, IL: Identity Theft Crew Hits Orland Square Apple Store
A New Jersey man recognized was arrested after he purchased three iPhones (totaling $3,000) at the Orland Square Apple store using another man's social security number, reports said. Limbert Reynosa, 31, of Pleasantville, NJ, was one of several people who police said had recently arrived in the Chicago area as part of an identity theft crew. Reynosa is facing felony charges. patch.com

Cedar Springs, MI: 2 held after 89 guns stolen from western Michigan store
Two suspects involved in theft of 89 guns from a Cedar Springs business have been arrested, according to the Kent County Sheriff's Office. The theft happened around 7:30 a.m. Saturday at the Family Farm and Home in Cedar Springs. The Sheriff's Office said they have recovered 13 guns and two suspects are in custody. freep.com

Kennewick, WA: Police now looking for a suspect, who helped steal thousands in merchandise from Macy's
One woman is behind bars and another is still on the run, after allegedly stealing $2,156.00 worth of merchandise at the Macy's in the Columbia Center Mall in Kennewick. Kennewick Police responded to the Macy's in reference to a shoplift last night. keprtv.com

Sequim, WA: Man jailed following nearly $1,000 theft from Walmart
Clallam County Sheriff's Deputy Don Kitchen said he stopped to investigate Saturday after he found a shopping cart in a bush near Walmart - full of unbagged items with security devices still attached. Inside the cart was a radio control drone, duffle bag, air gun, flashlight, BB gun, tent, holster, tools and several other items, totaling $975.39. When Kitchen stopped to look at the cart, Jason Brack, 20, stood up from the bushes and attempted to "nonchalantly" walk away. peninsuladailynews.com

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Shootings, Stabbings & Deaths

Police-Involved Shooting After Armed Robbery at KFC Restaurant
An armed robbery at a KFC restaurant in southwest Miami-Dade Sunday morning led to an exchange of gunfire between police and the armed man. Miami-Dade Police Department responded to the KFC restaurant on South Dixie Highway around 1 a.m. Sunday. Police say as employees were exiting the restaurant, they were confronted by 24-year-old Johnclif Pierre, who ordered them back inside the location while demanding money.

Pierre ordered the store manager to open the safe, but was unsuccessful. The store manager telephoned his supervisor to request for another passcode for the safe. In fear that something was going wrong at the store, the supervisor notified police. Pierre remained inside as responding officers arrived, police say. Officials say Pierre then shot at police in order to flee and police returned fire. A perimeter was established and the armed man was caught in the area. nbcmiami.com

Hartwell, OH: Gunshots fired at Suspect
outside Kroger

Authorities are searching for a man wanted in an officer-involved shooting Sunday afternoon. Ronald Foster fled on foot after firing at a Springfield Township police officer, according to Lt. Chris Niehaus. The confrontation started around 1:30 p.m. after police stopped Foster for a traffic violation. Foster parked his Jeep Cherokee in the Kroger parking lot, he then exited his vehicle, produced a firearm and shot at the officer. The officer returned fire and Foster fled the scene. The officer was not injured. fox19.com

Jackson, TN: C-Store cashier refused to sell a man cigarettes, he returned with a gun and began shooting
Jackson police were called to T & D's Cornerstop before 7 pm for a shooting. Witnesses said a man went into the store to buy cigarettes and the cashier wouldn't sell them to him. They said the man went outside the store, got a gun, went back in, and started shooting. Two people were shot and sent to the hospital by ambulance. wbbjtv.com

Lufkin, TX: Dollar General Customer killed in Armed Robbery
On Friday at 9:51 p.m., dispatch received a call from the store about an armed robbery attempt, according to the Lufkin Police. The suspect allegedly shot a customer who was checking out at the register at the time. Following the shooting, the suspect fled on foot toward into a wooded area. The customer died as a result of the shooting. lufkindailynews.com

Billings, MT: Suspect killed after standoff with police at sporting goods store
A man is dead following a dangerous standoff that lasted nine hours Saturday. Billings Police Chief Rich St. John confirmed the suspect drove an SUV through the front entrance of the Big Bear Sports Center around 3 a.m. Officers who arrived on scene were shot at by the suspect. Several volleys of gunfire were exchanged. Several flashbangs were deployed throughout the standoff. The suspect remained uncooperative through the negotiating process despite numerous attempts to end the standoff peacefully. The suspect reportedly came from Wal-Mart where employees had kicked him out of the store for attempting to steal firearms. ktvq.com

Calumet City, IL: Macy's Shoplifter in a Stolen SUV dies in fatal crash during Police pursuit
The incident occurred Friday at 4 p.m., Dolton police confirmed one fatality and injuries to others, following a police pursuit involving Calumet City Police. Officers who responded to the call of stolen merchandise attempted to pull over the reported stolen vehicle. Moments later, after a short pursuit, police say the SUV crashed into a vehicle crossing the intersection, went airborne, and landed on its side with at least three young men inside. Calumet City police say 15-year-old Ryan Thomas died as a result of the accident. Two other individuals were taken to area hospitals. cbslocal.com

Oklahoma City, OK: Police investigating fatal shooting in Walmart parking lot
On Sunday, 2:30 p.m., police got calls from witnesses reporting a crash in the parking lot of Walmart. Officers found a pickup truck had hit a parked car and that the driver had multiple gunshot wounds. Investigators have pulled surveillance video from the store, which shows the truck speeding through the parking lot and a black sedan following closely. Police are not sure if the sedan is related to the shooting. Officers are still looking for the shooter. koco.com

Birmingham, AL: Man pulled gun on Texaco Cashier, maced, shot and killed; Police believe it was justified

Detroit, MI: Detroit Police identify 2 suspects in O'Reilly Auto Parts Armed Robbery/ Homicide

Franklin, WI: Fraud complaint at a store ends with man running from Police, jumping in a pond and drowning

Buffalo, NY: Man shot outside C-Store

Chester, MD: Man stabbed outside 7-Eleven

Robberies & Thefts

Wheaton, MD: 5 Charged in Cash Depot Armed Robbery
Montgomery County police have arrested four men and a teenager, whom they believe may have been responsible for a string of commercial armed robberies. mymcmedia.org

Las Vegas, NV: Police seek 2 women suspected of shoplifting, slashing worker at Northwest Valley business
Police are searching for two women suspected of shoplifting and attacking a person Friday night at a northwest Las Vegas valley shopping center. The incident occurred just after 8 p.m. on the 7900 block of West Tropical Parkway. When confronted about the shoplifting, one of the suspects produced a knife and began slashing at the victim. news3lv.com

Brooklyn, NY: Police search for a female suspect in string of Robberies across NYC
Police say the suspect stole valuables from nails salons, restaurants, beauty parlors and jewelry stores in at least 9 cases in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens between February and October. news12.com

Placentia, CA: Police Seek Suspects Who Stole $60K in Apple Devices
at OC Verizon Store

Police on Sunday released new photos in an effort to catch two armed suspects who stole Apple electronic devices valued at $60,000 from a Verizon store in Placentia. The armed robbery happened around 6:30 p.m. Saturday when two men wielding handguns walked into a Verizon Mobvitel store on 664 Rose Dr. in Placentia and ordered all three employees into the back restroom. nbclosangeles.com

Kay Jewelers in the Tanger Outlet Southaven, Southaven, MS reported a Distraction Theft on 11/4, item valued at $1,199

Kay Jewelers in the Boca town Center, Boca Raton, FL reported a Grab & Run on 11/4, item valued at $5,999

Kay Jewelers in the Wolfchase Galleria, Memphis, TN reported a Grab & Run on 11/5, item valued at $7,999

Osterman Jewelers in the Dayton Mall, Dayton, OH reported a Grab & Run on 11/4, item valued at $4,595

Piercing Pagoda in the Lynnhaven Mall, Virginia Beach, VA reported a Grab & Run on 10/28, items valued at $289

Piercing Pagoda in the Danbury Fair Mall, Danbury, CT reported a Grab & Run on 11/4, item valued at $629

Piercing Pagoda in the Lindale Mall, Cedar Rapids, IA reported a Grab & Run on 11/4, item value Unknown

Piercing Pagoda in the Pheasant Lane Mall, Nashua, NH, reported a Grab & Run on 11/5, item valued at $889

Zales in the Towne East Mall, Wichita, KS reported a Grab & Run on 11/3, item valued at $999

Zales in the Bay Plaza, Bronx, NY reported a Grab & Run on 11/3, item valued at $22,669

Zale Jewelers in the Westfield Culver City, Culver City, CA reported a Grab & Run on 11/4, item valued at $5,339

Cargo Theft

Cargo Theft: Sweden: Thieves barge into a moving cargo truck, pull off a breathtaking heist
Cameras set up inside delivery trucks of PostNord Sverige, a Swedish postal service, after they had anticipated that goods were being stolen in transit. indianexpress.com

Arson & Fire

Bakersfield, CA: Kern County Fire Department saves $1 million in property damage during strip mall fire

Sentencings & Arrests

Detroit, MI: Arrest made in connection to murder of auto parts store employee


Baymont Inn - Colorado Springs, CO - Armed Robbery
Belk - Wilmington, NC - Armed Robbery
Cash Depot - Washington, DC - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Little Rock, AR - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Orangeburg, SC - Burglary

C-Store - Topeka, KS - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Augusta, ME - Robbery
C-Store - Atlanta, GA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Clairton, PA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Lexington, KY - Burglary
Circle K - South Portland, ME - Armed Robbery
Circle K - Charlotte- Mecklenburg, NC - Armed Robbery
CVS - Columbus, OH - Robbery
Dollar General - Knox County, TN - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Waco, TX - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Memphis, TN - Armed Robbery
Gun Store - Murfreesboro, TN - Burglary
Gun Store - Cedar Springs, MI - Burglary
Hardee's - Lexington, KY - Armed Robbery
IGA - Centralia, IL - Robbery
KFC - Miami, FL - Armed Robbery/Shooting
Metro PCS - Phoenix, AZ - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Sun Prairie, WI - Robbery
Sleep Inn - Provo, UT - Armed Robbery
Tobacco Store - Rehoboth, DE - Armed Robbery
Verizon - Placentia, CA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
22 robberies
4 burglaries
1 shooting
0 killings




Scott Pickrel
named Area Loss Prevention Manager for Wal-Mart Distribution Centers

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AVP, Global Executive Protection & Physical Security
Framingham, MA

The Assistant Vice President, Global Executive Protection and Physical Security develops and executes ongoing strategies to minimize risks to the senior level executives of the organization as well as assists in ensuring the successful strategy and implementation of global Home Office Campus and Corporate buildings premises security and life and safety operations...


Sr. Director Asset Protection Retail Operations
Austin, TX

This role reports to the Global Vice President of Retail Operations. This person will be responsible to develop a Global loss prevention strategy, outlining policies, goals and objectives that meet regional needs while providing a safe shopping environment consistent with Whole Foods Markets brand...

Senior Director of Loss Prevention & Safety
Modesto, CA

The Senior Director of Loss Prevention and Safety provides overall leadership for the company's loss prevention and physical and food safety activities and is responsible for the development, maintenance, and continuous improvement of enterprise-wide loss prevention programs and food safety strategies...

Senior Director, AP Operations & Safety
Hoffman Estates, IL

The Senior Director, AP Operations & Safety is responsible for leading the Corporate Asset & Profit Protection Operational and Administrative functions for Sears Holdings Corporation. This position will assist the Corporate and Field teams in the development and management of the core profit improvement programs for all formats...

Director, LP Technology
Dublin, CA

The Director, Loss Prevention Technology is responsible for directing LP technology across both Ross and dd's stores to reduce shortage and support safe and secure environments in both new and existing stores...

Global Security Manager
Santa Clara Valley, CA

As the single point of contact for all security related matters, this position provides support to engineering, operations, and other specialized teams, reports on relevant topics to stakeholders at all levels of the company, coordinates the roll-out of policies and directives globally, and any other duties assigned by the Director of Global Security...

Loss Prevention Investigator
Northern Virginia/DC

The Loss Prevention Investigator is responsible for utilizing proper investigative techniques and act as the primary liaison with field operations management. Conducts investigations into cash losses, deposit shortages, associate theft, overall shrinkage, and other matters...

Wawa is a diverse, talented and customer friendly organization, where our associates are our most valuable asset. We offer educational assistance programs, advancement opportunities, competitive compensation, excellent healthcare benefits, 401(k) with company match, Employee Stock Ownership Plan, and Employee Resource Groups with a focus on veterans, women, LGBTQ, young professionals, and diverse cultures.

District Asset Protection Manager - Metro NY and Long Island, NY
Garden City, NY

Amazing opportunity! High profile, fast paced district available for a Multi-Unit Asset Protection professional with operational savvy or a General Manager passionate about Asset Protection and Safety. As the District Asset Protection Manager you will lead administration of Asset Protection programs and training for an assigned district in order to drive sales, profits, and a customer service culture...

Protection Specialist
Chanhassen, MN

The Protection Specialist Position reports to the Protection Team Supervisor. Protection Specialists work in Iverify's virtual security monitoring center, the "I". Protection Specialists monitor for both emergency and non-emergency electronic video and audio signals and respond to incidents accordingly...

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While progress is a slow process comprised of small intentional steps, it requires a deep focus and an unwavering commitment toward always accomplishing the basics and integrating the change or evolution methodically. While your eyes remain locked on your end result, one must always look inward and be able to see or realize the miss-steps or the mistakes along the way, or else you'll never reach the goal. Without the ability or willingness to admit self-failure, progress will always be elusive. For it is through failure that we learn how to win, and both play their equal parts in progress.

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