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November 11, 2013


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The New "R"s for Engaging Millennial Learners - Leading in this Millennial Age? Here's two leaders in that field who can help you become better Leaders  We've never mentioned or offered a webinar as a Spotlight on Leadership, but given the importance and impact that this one could have on your leadership skills and the need to learn as much as you can about leading the new workforce, we thought this one stood out. Take a moment to hear their brief explanation and if you want to become a better leader in this Millennial age you might want to invest the time. With two leaders in this specific field speaking and one of them actually involved in our LP & Safety space this will make a difference. As Carol Leaman, CEO at Axonify Inc., whom we wrote a "Spotlight on Leadership" article on ourselves, entitled "Canada's Leading Female Hi-Tech Entrepreneur" Award Winner - Innovating North America's Loss Prevention & Safety eLearning Space," will be leading the conversation with her guest, Dr. Christy Price. Dr. Price is a nationally recognized authority on innovative teaching techniques to engage modern learners and was chosen by the Carnegie Foundation as the Outstanding U.S. Professor for 2012. She is currently a professor of psychology and the founding director of the Center for Academic Excellence at Dalton State College.

What you can expect to takeaway:


Recognize the characteristics of millennial learners and consider how these characteristics impact training design and delivery.


Identify the characteristics of ideal learning environments for millennials and understand how you can transform your current environment to meet the needs of millennial learners.


Assess how well you meet millennial learners’ criteria for the ideal educator, trainer or leader.

Date and Time:

Thursday, November 21st, 2:00-3:00pm EST [Recording available post-event] (Source





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November 11
Interview with Lisa LaBruno, Sr. VP Retail Operations, RILA

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Northern Michigan University, located in Michigan’s incredible Upper Peninsula, offers one of the only baccalaureate loss prevention management programs in the United States. It is offered completely online and accepts up to 92 transfer credits. An affordable investment into a dynamic and growing profession. Learn more here



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Community Strong: Responding to the Boston Marathon tragedy  When the terrible tragedies occurred at the Boston Marathon earlier this year, retailers around the city came together to help their community and the Boston police force. Find out more about their contribution to Bostonians in their time of need. (Source

U.S. shopping malls increase security in time for holiday crowds
With just three weeks to go before the busiest U.S. shopping day of the year - the day after the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday -- government security officials are ramping up efforts to better protect the nation's approximately 109,500 malls and shopping centers. In recent weeks, federal law enforcement agencies have been quietly urging private mall security firms to strengthen and reinforce security measures, including lock-down drills and employee crisis training, according to one federal law enforcement source. Each of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation's 56 field offices around the nation is meeting local police and security personnel at area malls and shopping this month, said FBI spokesman Paul Bresson. Later this month in Sacramento, California, DHS officials will hold expanded security exercises with all the area malls and shopping centers to reinforce training for active shooter and other emergencies, said Steve Reed, head of security at the 77-acre Arden Fair Mall. Active shooter incidents have increased 150 percent over the past four years. (Source

Sports Retailer Takes Steps To Deter Flash Robberies  The Sports Authority retail chain is making changes to deter the type of robberies that have plagued Chicago-area stores. The jackets will no longer be displayed prominently at the front of the stores. Clerks say they’ve been moved to the back, with only three or four on a rack. Customers now have to ask for the jackets and wait for clerks to bring them up from the storage. It’s all to protect customers. (Source

The Volumatic Kount US Retail Fraud Survey 2013 reveals mobile fastest growing sales channel - but fraud prevention practices failing to keep up  The Survey, commissioned by retail consultancy Retail Knowledge, stated: “Mobile channels offer a new opportunity for fraudsters and in conducting these interviews we got a sense that loss prevention processes and technologies are not keeping pace with new mobile options”. The Volumatic Kount US Retail Fraud Survey also highlighted that analytics and monitoring was a top concern and that some 17% of those retailers that trade online do not use any systems for analytics and monitoring. The Survey also revealed that 39 per cent of retailers that trade online do not use fraud management external systems at all, regardless of sophistication. (Source

Getting wise to wardrobing - hitting the UK as well
The Daily Mail recently profiled the growing trend of ‘wardrobing’ in the UK: buying clothes, wearing them – then taking them back for a refund. The Mail featured research by saying: One in six women buy clothes, wear them and then return the items drobing’ culprits, Leicester ladies the least likely to indulge; Nine percent of women surveyed seek out clothes that have a safety pin tag – which means the label can be removed and replaced. However in the US, where the National Retail Federation has identified that wardrobing cost retailers $8.8 billion last year, fashion chain Bloomingdales has found a solution. It now puts unsightly black tags on the front of garments that cost over $150, and won’t accept returns without them. The prevention device, named the Seal Tag, was a collaborative effort between Bloomingdale’s and WG Security Products Inc., a California-based company that has developed a reputation over the last 15 years for innovative and original EAS technologies. It is not an EAS tag, but a one-time use device which is typically applied at the point of sale, to a noticeable area of the garment. Customers are instructed that removal of the Seal Tag voids any return policy. This prevents customers from wearing the garment for a day and attempting a return, therefore ensuring honest returns. The Seal tag is very easily removed by hand and once removed, cannot be re-applied. Read full Daily Mail article here. (Source

Six tips to prevent fraud in the workplace
Organizations lose an estimated 5 percent of their annual revenue to fraud, according to a survey of fraud experts conducted by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. With this being International Fraud Awareness Week, now is a perfect time to think about how your company can prevent malfeasance in the workplace. • Increasing the perception of detection is one of the best fraud deterrents. • Segregate duties • Set the tone at the top • Put it in writing • Require time away. • Reduce the risk of fraud (Source

New York City Asks Court to Vacate Rulings on Stop-and-Frisk Tactic - The ongoing story of racial profiling in NYC  The Bloomberg administration, in its most aggressive push yet to erase the stain of a judge’s rulings on police stop-and-frisk practices, asked a federal appeals court on Saturday to vacate her decisions, which had ordered sweeping changes including the appointment of a monitor. “The district court’s orders lend credence to the notion that the N.Y.P.D. unfairly targets minorities for stops and frisks,” Mr. Cardozo wrote, “undermining its ability to carry out its mission effectively. He also made reference to Judge Scheindlin’s findings that in stopping and frisking people, the department had violated the Constitution and resorted to a “policy of indirect racial profiling. “Wrongly labeling the N.Y.P.D. — and the City — a racial profiling entity and flouter of the Fourth Amendment should be sufficient injustice to vacate the Orders,” Mr. Cardozo wrote. (Source

A KPMG report that analyzed nearly 600 fraudsters between 2011 and 2013 found the typical fraudster is 36 to 45 years old, is generally acting against his/her own organization and is mostly employed in an executive, finance, operations or sales/marketing function. The report found the fraudster holds a senior management position, was employed in the organization more than six years and, in committing the fraud, frequently acted in concert with others. (Source

New Report Identifies Security Industry Risks and Necessary Workforce Skills for it's 2.1M workers  Security industry executives and educational leaders address the top security risks and workforce skills required in the next five years as well as the projected security talent shortage in a report released by the ASIS Foundation and University of Phoenix, a subsidiary of Apollo Group. The current number of full-time security workers is estimated at between 1.9 and 2.1 million. Consistent with the widespread talent shortage due to skills gaps and baby boomer retirements, the need for well-qualified security professionals is expected to grow, according to roundtable participants. To help security leaders improve their talent development strategies, the report describes the key skills security professionals will need to demonstrate for career effectiveness. (Source

53% of U.S. adults say they plan to shop on Black Friday
72% will turn to the Internet to make at least some of their purchases. 35% of U.S. adults who plan to shop on Black Friday say they will do so primarily online, 37% say they’ll shop online and in stores and 28% say they’ll shop primarily in stores. This year’s Black Friday web shoppers will skew young, with 26% of respondents under the age of 35 saying they plan to shop online on the holiday, compared with 18% of those aged 35-54 and 12% of those aged 55 and up. (Source

U.S. e-retail jumps 14.6% in Q3
Consumers spent $53.3 billion with e-retailers in the third quarter, comScore says. They made nearly 11% of those sales from smartphones and tablets, up from 9.9% for the same period a year ago. (Source

Retailers struggle to find omni-channel payment solutions
A key finding is that in many cases, each new selling channel requires a different payment provider; in fact, 27% of retailers surveyed had three or more payment processing software solutions to facilitate payments by channel. In addition, nearly 50% of single-channel retailers anticipate implementing multichannel commerce in the next five years. (Source

Kroger to open five stores, expand three others in Dallas = $150M investment

Best Buy opens many stores 6 p.m. Thanksgiving

Strong 'shopping intensity' expected for Thanksgiving-holiday period

Brand Keys survey shows: Holiday spend to be down 5% in 2013

Physical security to fuel growth in RFID market
The global RFID market will be worth $23.4 billion in 2020, up from $6.98 billion in 2012, with physical security applications like access control playing a major role in the surge. Besides access control, security applications exist for cargo containers, with the U.S. Department of Defense being a major client to help ensure that munitions or other commercial imports on incoming cargo containers are not tampered with. (Source

Cyber-crime gangs increase attacks on brands
A total of 639 unique brands were targeted by phishing attacks in the period, topping the previous high of 614 seen in the fourth quarter of 2012. The trend indicates that cybercrime gangs are spending time looking for new companies and Internet users to victimize. The total number of unique phishing websites was up slightly, from 118,073 in Q1 to 119,101 in Q2. In May, Germany briefly surpassed the United States as the top country hosting websites serving up phishing-based Trojans and downloaders. The full text of the report is available here. (Source

Small Carriers Becoming A Target For Cyber Crime And Freight Theft  Cargo thieves have taken to hacking in to a fleet’s electronic network to gather information on what the most valuable cargo is, where it’s headed, and most importantly where it’s being picked up. Thieves can use this information to perform false pickups where they pose as the driver who is actually supposed to be picking up the freight, accept the load, and then just drive off with it. By the time the real driver shows up, it’s too late and the thief and cargo are long gone. The ability to know where a specific shipment is – especially for high value goods like electronics – makes it easier to steal and more profitable to steal than randomly taking a tractor-trailer on the street. (Source

New Store Opens On Site Of Lane Bryant Shooting In Tinley Park, ILL., where 5 women were killed in 2008 robbery  For the first time since five women were killed at the Lane Bryant in Tinley Park, T. J. Maxx opens store on same site. T.J. Maxx issued a statement that says: “We certainly understand the many sensitivities regarding this location and we respectfully look forward to supporting the community as a good neighbor.” The company says it’s donating $10,000 to a Tinley Park-based charity, Together We Cope, in honor of the victims. No one has been caught for the murders. (Source

Update: Goodwill investigates sale of personal documents in Central Indiana
Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana has hired an outside law firm to review how it sorts and handles donated items after an Indianapolis television station discovered medical records, tax returns and other documents containing personal information being sold at its outlet stores. An investigation by WTHR-TV found the documents, many of which contained Social Security numbers, were included in bins of items being sold at the charity’s giant outlet stores. The items discovered include pay stubs, divorce papers, debit cards, immigration papers and even personal information for former and current employees from the Lawrence Police Department and the Marion County Sheriff’s Department. (Source

October Same Store Sales Results

Limited Brands up 8%
Costco up 3%
McDonalds U.S. stores up 0.2%

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

99 Cents Only Q2 up 5.9% with net sales up 12.9%
Limited Brands Q3 up 3% with net sales up 6%
Wendy's North America Q3 company-owned stores up 3.2% with franchise up 3.1%
Delhaize U.S. (Food Lion & Hannaford) Q3 up 2.2% with sales up 2.2%
Gap Q3 up 1% with net sales up 3%
Ralph Lauren Q2 retail down 1% with retail sales up 5%, wholesale sales up 1%

Last week's most popular news article --

Surveillance Video Captures Flash Mob Robberies At 3 Chicago Sports Authority Stores  Unbelievable surveillance video captured flash mobs dashing into store after store and running out with armloads and sometimes entire racks of sporting goods. It has happened at three different Sports Authority stores in the Chicago area. This past Monday in Burbank at just before 1 p.m., five individuals entered a Sports Authority and soon after they were off. Video shows them running out the door with rack after rack of apparel and an employee giving chase. On Saturday at a Sports Authority on Clark Street, a half dozen entered and stole several racks with lighting fast speed. The store chain sounded the siren, saying, “At Sports Authority, the comfort and safety of our employees and customers always remain our top priority.” (Source


LPNN - Loss Prevention News Network

Leadership & Development Series:

Retail Industry Leaders Association
Interview with Lisa LaBruno, Part 1

In this two part series, Lisa LaBruno, Senior Vice President Retail Operations at RILA, talks with LPNN about the Horizons Committee and their recent creation, the Technology Priorities Document, designed to help drive innovation and address emerging trends in technology in the retail sector. Lisa discusses how the Horizons Committee started, who is involved, and where they plan on going with their submissions, webinars, and the TPD in the near future. In part two, questions are answered from members of the Horizons Committee. Brand Elverston, Director of Asset Protection Strategic Initiatives at Walmart, talks about how the TPD is a driving force to him as a retailer, and the progress he has seen since its launch. Orlaith Murphy, Senior Director of Loss Prevention Operations for Gap Inc., also describes what her vision is of the future of the TPD and its impact on the retail industry. Filmed January 2013.

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Mercer County $300k Jewelry Store Robbery May Be Part Of Multi-State Theft Spree  A jewelry store robbery in Mercer County may be part of a multi-state theft spree. Police are looking into the possible connection between a diamond heist here and one just outside of Chicago. The surveillance video of the heist in the suburban Chicago town of Naperville caught the eye of Robert Tindall. Last week his Robbinsville, NJ jewelry store outside of Trenton was targeted by three diamond thieves including a woman and got $100k in diamonds. (Source

Three Men Arrested in Armed Wal-Mart Robbery in Upper Chi Chester Township, PA  Investigators say three men walked into the Wal-Mart on Conch ester Highway around 11:15 Friday night. No one was injured during the robbery, but police say the men made off with loads of cash. They were arrested a short time later and officers recovered $29,000 in cash and more than $50,000 in checks and money orders, police said. (Source

Advance Auto Parts robbery suspect captured after attempting to escape police A man accused of robbing an Advance Auto Parts store in Fayetteville and raping an employee was charged Friday afternoon with the robbery of three more businesses and faces similar charges in Lumberton and Harnett County. (Source

Prescott, Arizona man accused of threatening store clerk with chainsaw he'd allegedly just stolen  Prescott man was arrested on Thursday after allegedly stealing a chainsaw from a local department store and threatening a store employee with it. Prescott police were called to the Sears store on Thursday regarding a robbery. According to officers, Thomas Reyes took an 18-inch chainsaw from one of the store's displays and attempted to leave the store without paying for it. When an employee tried to stop Reyes, the suspect aggressively turned to him, raised the chainsaw and yelled "back off," police said. (Source

Suffolk County Police arrest a serial robbery suspect; hit 9 stores
Suffolk County police said they have apprehended a suspect wanted for robbing nine businesses, including gas stations, a tanning salon, drug store and a Jamba Juice over the past two weeks. Pattern Crime Unit detectives located Paul Tromblee driving on Sunrise Highway in Brookhaven shortly after 3 p.m. Saturday, arresting him one nine counts of robbery. Police said the 35-year-old Manorville man robbed gas stations in Calverton, Mastic, North Babylon, St. James, Dix Hills, and Bohemia since Oct. 26. He also allegedly robbed Kissed by the Sun Tanning in Islip, a CVS Pharmacy in Lake Ronkonkoma and Jamba Juice in Stony Brook. (Source

Indianapolis Police shoot an armed gunman during a CVS armed robbery
At around 3:30 Saturday morning, IMPD officers responded to an alarm tripped by an employee of the CVS Pharmacy at 21st and North Post Road. When police arrived they saw a man inside the story with a gun in his hand. Officers opened fire, wounding the suspect critically. A police believed there was a second suspect who ran away and was at large for a time. (Source

Man Arrested In Connection With Armed Robbery At CVS In Salinas, California Police arrested a man in connection with an armed robbery of a CVS Pharmacy in Salinas on Friday night. At about 9:10 p.m. Salinas police received a report of an armed robbery in progress at a CVS Pharmacy. Witnesses told police that a white male with a large knife was robbing the pharmacy inside of the store. (Source

Kay Jewelers at Ford City Mall in Chicago the victim of a $4,599 armed robbery The suspect believed to be armed, first request to see a 1.42 ct diamond engagement ring. When the sales associate and manager placed the ring on the gem scope, the suspect grabbed the ring, valued at $4599.00, indicated he had and gun and walked out of the store. Chicago Police are investigating.

Circle K employee stages a one man protest after being fired for having a gun at work  Johnny Jarriel was standing on the curb trying to shoo them away, to boycott it because of what the former employer did to him. Jarriel was an assistant manager at the Circle K on Highway 5 until he tried to defend himself last Saturday morning. Jarriel said when he told the robber the safe was up front and the robber turned his back, he pulled out his own pistol from his pants pocket and fired several shots at his attacker. The apparently uninjured robber took off like a scared rabbit and is still on the loose. (Source

Kay Jewelers in Nashua, NH hit with a $2,199 gold chain Grab and run
On Sunday a young man in his 20’s or early 30’s was observed at both the Pleasant Lane Mall and the Auburn Mall wearing a hoodie to cover his face. On Friday night the same suspect was at the Peasant Lane Mall the and asked to see a 10k gold chain valued at $2199.00, the suspect simply placed the gold chain into his jacket pocket and jogged out of the store.

Rogers Jewelers in Mentor, Ohio the victim of a $11,648 Grab and run of 2 bridal sets  On Saturday afternoon a male suspect entered the store an asked to see two bridal sets which he had looked at earlier in the afternoon. The employee had one ring on the display pad with the second ring on a ring stick which she was holding. The suspect grabbed the ring stick from the associate and the second ring from the pad and fled the store. Each ring set was valued at $5749.00 and $5899.00.

Alabama fraudsters busted hitting Mississippi retailer for $5k with stolen credit cards from NH  COLUMBIA, Miss. - Suspects who spent more than $5,000 in Columbia with stolen credit card numbers busted. (Source

A string of armed robberies hit convenience stores in Yakima and Union Gap, Washington  A chain of robberies are making a pattern, sharing similar circumstances. There has been a total of five armed robberies, three in Yakima and two in Union Gap, Washington. (Source

Husband wife duo and convicted grand theft felon busted stealing TV and tablet in Hernando, Fla.

Suspect arrested after 5 retail robberies in Houston area, including 4 on same day

Parsippany, NJ man arrested; robbed beauty supply shop

South Houston cell phone robbed Saturday afternoon

Dollar General in Smyrna, Tennessee hit with an armed robbery Saturday morning



eBay quietly arrives in Indonesia under the name Blanja

Back in July, Tech in Asia received word that eBay would open its marketplace in Indonesia this year. Now, the moment has finally arrived as eBay and Telkom Indonesia quietly roll out their joint-venture project called Savvy observers will note that the website’s name resembles that of BNI bank’s own e-commerce shop,

Blanja’s website is currently accessible in beta mode and has three main categories: products (which lists out all items from Tsel Store and Social Shop), Tsel Store, and Social Shop.

Tsel Store sells gadgets bundled with Telkomsel offers, while Social Shop serves as Blanja’s C2C marketplace. The entire website is in the early stages at the moment.

Read more here.

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eBay Direct - Click Here  -  (notify - info - questions)


Denver grand jury indicts 10 in widespread identity theft gang who hit O'Reilly Auto Parts, Safeway, US Bank, Wells Fargo, Walgreens, King Soopers, Walmart & others  The group allegedly created phony checks and identifications and used them at local grocery stores, banks and other retail outlets, causing losses of more than $100,000 between September 2012 and August 2013. The indictment alleges Bahl and Crowther led the gang that stole mail, broke into cars and stole cars so they could then steal checks and commit identity thefts, the release said. (Source

Two females charged with organized retail theft in Kilgore, TX  Two East Texas women were arrested after backing into a car in a department store parking lot trying to escape police after smuggling hundreds of dollars worth of meat, Thursday evening. Bobbie Jean Darden, 45, and Annecia Raeshelle Darden, 20, both of Longview, were detained after Kilgore Police identified them as the suspects who stole over $300 of meat from the Kilgore Wal-Mart. The women also hit a car in their attempt to flee law enforcement. (Source

Toronto Crime Stoppers Organized Retail Crime Campaign - Kicks off Nov. 13th
Digital Shadow Inc. and Creative Custom Software, Inc., the developer of Facecrook, are proud to announce their sponsorship of this years Crime Stoppers Organized Retail Crime Campaign. Chief William Blair of the Toronto Police Service along with major Canadian retailers, the OPP, the Retail Council of Canada and media will kick off the launch on Wednesday, November 13 at the Toronto Police headquarters.

Missouri man arrested in string of retail felony fraud cases
A Missouri man was arrested and charged with multiple felonies in Mecosta County last Tuesday. Rodney Vagenas, 51, was arrested in Morley early Tuesday morning after a lengthy investigation by the Mecosta County Sheriff's Office and the Central Michigan Enforcement Team. Vagenas was charged with breaking and entering, felony shoplifting, possession of methamphetamine and possession of marijuana. He is also a parole absconder wanted out of Missouri. Vagenas is also a suspect in a string of retail fraud cases across West Michigan. (Source

Shoplifting gangs exist worldwide - even in Nairobi, Africa
Even in under developed countries shoplifting gangs focused on selling stolen merchandise are hitting stores costing them millions each year and news channels are covering it just like her in North America. (Source

Three Charged with Theft of Baby Formula in Saratoga Springs, New York
Three Washington County residents were arrested on the suspicion of stealing $1,600 worth of Enfamil baby formula from two Saratoga Springs supermarkets during a month-long period. - See more here.

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Rex Gillette, VP Retail Sales, Protection 1.

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Vendor Spotlight

WG Security Eliminating Wardrobing with the Seal Tag

Recently, news outlets such as ABC News, Bloomberg Businessweek, Yahoo!, Fox, and even the Daily Mail in the U.K., published stories about the new and exciting method Bloomingdale's has initiated to fight the scourge of wardrobing. According to these stories and citing the National Retail Federation, wardrobing is a form of fraud that cost retailers $8.8 billion last year. While Bloomingdale's is to be commended for an outside-the-box way to reduce shrinkage, what you don't know is that this revolutionary wardrobing prevention plan was a collaborative effort between Bloomingdale's and WG Security Products Inc., the California-based company that has developed a reputation over the last 15 years for innovative and original EAS technologies.

The device in use at Bloomingdale's locations throughout the nation to stop wardrobers in their tracks is the Seal Tag, available now from WG. It is not an EAS tag, but a one-time use device which is typically applied at the point of sale, to a noticeable area of the garment. Customers are instructed that removal of the Seal Tag voids any return policy. This prevents customers from wearing the garment for a day and attempting a return, therefore ensuring honest returns. The Seal tag is very easily removed by hand and once removed, cannot be re-applied. It can be personalized, with your business logo imprinted on the front, adding a degree of elegance. You can watch our video for more information about wardrobing and the Seal Tag.

If wardrobing is a concern for your business (and judging from the comments section of these stories, it should be), the Seal Tag is the answer for you. Contact for more information on the Seal Tag.

For the retail subject matter experts, read the recent column in Retail Wire!

Dennis Jordan
Marketing, WG Security Products



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Regional AP Manager REI Kent, WA REI
Regional LP Specialist Hannaford/Delhaize America New Hampshire/
Hannaford/Delhaize America
Regional LP Manager Pet Supermarket Atlanta, GA Pet Supermarket
Business Development Executive Hart Systems United States Hart Systems
Regional LP Manager Spencer Gifts Chicago, IL Spencer Gifts
Director of LP Children's Place Los Angeles, CA Children's Place
Director of LP Children's Place Houston, TX Children's Place
Director of LP Children's Place Chicago, IL Children's Place
Regional LP Manager Forever 21 Towson, MD Forever 21
Director LP Dist Center & Refurb Operations GameStop Grapevine, TX GameStop

National Account Mgr



Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention


Philadelphia, PA

Downing & Downing

Regional LP Director Confidential Nashville, TN Downing & Downing
Regional LP Manager Confidential San Francisco, CA Downing & Downing
District LP Manager Confidential San Diego, CA Downing & Downing
LP Analyst Confidential New York, NY Downing & Downing

Zone AP Manager


Vancouver, BC

Downing & Downing



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AP Manager in Training Walmart Watertown, NY Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Osceola, AR Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart West Memphis, AR Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Victoria, TX Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Buckeye, AZ Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Elyria, OH Wal-Mart
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Derby, KS Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Catonsville, MD Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Pocatello, ID Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Portland, ME Lowe's
LP Manager Kmart Phoenix, AZ Sears Holdings Corp


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The First Step to Being Powerful
When you make a mistake, lecturing yourself or beating yourself up about it isn't going to help, and it won't make the mistake fix itself. It's important to make sure you have confidence in your ability to drive change. To become powerful, you need to own yourself. (Watch how you label yourself)

Stop Worrying About Making the Right Decision  Making decisions is an important part of everyone's jobs, but it's hard to know whether or not you are making the right decisions. There's nobody to poll, or button to push to guarantee that you're on the right path, but use these tips to make it a little easier. (Pay attention to your feelings)

Last week's most popular articles--

3 Things a Great Leader Would Never Say  Becoming a great leader is hard work, but sometimes it can be simplistic, such as not saying these three things. You may think saying these things are allowing you to connect with your employees or help them with their jobs, but it's not. (Just avoid these all together)

5 Signs Your Leadership Style is Outdated  In this fast-paced world, with trends and styles ever changing and becoming outdated, it's important to make sure your leadership style is always reinvented; you don't always have the same employees, so why would you use the same leadership style? (Get with the times)

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Progress or moving forward has as much to do with which way you're facing as anything else. If you stay focused on facing your customer and not your internal team then you might find success is a little closer than you think. This goes for the vendor and for the retailer, as we all have customers to serve both internally and externally. And while it's impossible to always stay facing them, the mere thought of it will bring you back a little faster if you just remember that your ultimate success is driven by your customers, whether it's individual stores or companies. Much too often we all tend to get lost in the politics of our inner group and use it as a means of avoiding having to accomplish difficult tasks. But all you've got to remember is to turn around and face the customer and then you'll be back on track getting things done and moving forward.

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