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Partnerships Between Shopping Center Leaders and Retailers
Malachy Kavanagh and
Joe LaRocca

Quick Take 18

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2016's GLPS's - Group LP Selfie's
Your Team - Your Pride - Our Industry
One Team at a Time


Sears Asset and Profit Protection Team
Gets LP Social

Team Enjoys Free Pizza Party
as Winner of 'Group LP Selfie' Competition


Sears' Asset and Profit Protection Team recently gathered together at their corporate office for a free pizza party courtesy of 'Group LP Selfie' sponsor NuTech National. The team was one of three winners selected in a random drawing at one of our recent Live LPNN broadcasts. The winning photo was submitted by Kmart's APP APM Team back in June 2015. Like all other LP teams who've submitted photos to the D&D Daily, Sears also received a plaque with their team picture mailed to their office (which Scott Glenn, Chief Security Officer, holds in the picture above).

LP Teams, be sure to get your photo in before our next drawing this January!
Show your team pride, get a free plaque and the chance to win some free pizza.
Submit yours today!


Protesters target Trump buildings in massive street rallies
Tens of thousands filled the streets in at least 25 US cities overnight -- with demonstrations outside Trump's properties.

While most protesters were peaceful, dozens were arrested. At least three officers were wounded. And about 40 fires were set in one California city.

Here's a snapshot of the rallies across the nation:

NY: Thousands march outside Trump's home
On Thursday afternoon, more than 200 anti-Trump protesters marched from the Union Square area to Washington Square Park in Manhattan. Overnight, about 5,000 people protested the real estate mogul's victory outside Trump Tower, authorities estimated. They included pop star Lady Gaga, a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter.

Oakland, California: 40 fires started
About 7,000 demonstrators filled streets in Oakland on Wednesday night -- and some turned violent. Protesters hurled Molotov cocktails, rocks and fireworks at police. Three officers were injured, police spokeswoman Johnna Watson said. At least 30 people were arrested and 11 citations were issued for vandalism, assaulting officers, unlawful assembly, failure to disperse and possession of a firearm.

Chicago: 'We're taking many steps back'

In Chicago, activists marched down Lake Shore Drive -- an eight-lane expressway along Lake Michigan -- toward the Windy City's Trump Tower.

Los Angeles: Trump effigy torched
Dozens of high school and college students staged rallies near the USC and UCLA campuses. Overnight, more than 1,000 protesters rallied outside Los Angeles City Hall, including many young Latinos.

Washington: 'America has failed'
Meanwhile, protesters in Washington chanted, "No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA," as they marched downtown to the Trump International Hotel.

Supporters: Trump an 'agent of change'
Trump supporters also rallied, showing their elation outside his current and future homes -- New York's Trump Tower and the White House. cnn.com

Security, Protests Disrupt Retailers Near Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue
The aftermath of an election poses a test for retailers

Retailers on the prime stretch of Fifth Avenue pay a hefty price - as much as $4,000 per square foot - for imposing flagships that attract American and foreign tourists and locals. What they don't pay for is protests, demonstrations, street closures and police officers brandishing weapons, but that is what they've been getting for the last two days following the election of Donald Trump as president.

And the stringent security and potential chaos are expected to continue throughout Trump's term given that his primary resident is at Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue between 56th and 57th Streets.

Protests against Trump's victory continued Thursday in Manhattan, including at Union Square and Columbus Circle. They followed a massive protest in New York on Wednesday - as well as in Chicago, Los Angeles and other cities. Additional protests reportedly are being planned throughout the U.S. over the weekend.

For the upscale retailers near Trump Tower, which include Tiffany, Gucci, Prada, Bulgari, Bergdorf Goodman and other designer stores, the Trump campaign has been a headache at times. But his victory is only increasing their pain as consumers head into the key shopping season. Fifth Avenue around Trump Tower has been restricted by the New York Police Department and other security services.

On Thursday, streets were lined with sand trucks and there were metal barricades on the sidewalks. Asked how long the barricades would remain in place, Mike Dugan, a community affairs officer at the Midtown North precinct of the NYPD, said, "Four years. That's his [Trump's] place. He said he's coming back every weekend."

An activist organization called Union del Barrio Los Angeles has a protest planned in the city on Nov. 11 with some 7,500 people checked in to attend on the group's Facebook page. Participants are expected to meet at MacArthur Park and walk nearly three miles to the Edward Roybal Federal Building in downtown to protest the president-elect.

The two shopping centers closest to what is expected to be the marchers' route are Ratkovich Company's Macy's-anchored The Bloc mixed-use project and Brookfield Properties' nearby Figat7th with Target, H&M, Zara, L'Occitane and others making up the outdoor retail center. Spokeswomen for Brookfield and Ratkovich did not immediately respond to requests for comment. wwd.com

Update: Trump responds after another night of post-election protests President-elect blames the media, calls demonstrations "very unfair!"
Less than 48 hours after all the polls closed, President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter Thursday to call the widespread protests around the country against his presidential victory "very unfair."

Trump tweeted, "Just had a very open and successful presidential election. Now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. Very unfair!"

This is Trump's first comment railing against the media since he earned the title of President-elect early Wednesday morning. It comes as tens of thousands filled the streets in at least 25 US cities since Trump's unexpected victory -- with demonstrations outside Trump's properties.

The protests continued on Thursday night across several big cities and on college campuses across the United States, including an outburst of smashed windows and a dumpster fire in Portland that police countered with pepper spray and flash-bang devices. About 4,000 protesters assembled downtown late Thursday chanting "we reject the president-elect!" the Associated Press reported.

Meanwhile, demonstrations also took place in Columbus, Ohio, and Minneapolis, Minn., Thursday evening. Protests in Madison, Wisconsin's capital, and Milwaukee, the state's most populous city, drew some of the biggest crowds, with more than 1,000 demonstrators taking to streets in both cities. fox6now.com cnn.com usatoday.com

Nearly 200 arrested in third night of anti-Trump protests in downtown L.A.
Nearly 200 people were arrested early Friday after demonstrators flooded the streets of downtown Los Angeles and marched between City Hall and the Staples Center, the third night of demonstrations against the election of Donald Trump as president.  latimes.com
Will Donald Trump's presidency be good for retailers?
Editor's Note: Here are some views from multiple sources. However given the nature of politics and the inevitable consequence of having to navigate Washington DC, one might take a breath and remember the expression, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. More clearly put - Trump now has to deal with the reality of government and all that comes with it. From the standpoint that you can't turn a battleship very quickly or easily. And what he said to get elected may not be what actually happens. Certainly there will be change and hopefully some positive change, but at the end of the day as long as he listens and does what's right hopefully it'll have a great impact.

Seems like to me the media still just has not gotten over it yet. Just a thought.

Trump's Policies Could Damage America's Retailers - Bloomberg
What Trump's Election Means For Retail Sales - Forbes
Post-Election Retail: Where Do We Go From Here? - National Retail Federation
Retail Federation Watching for Donald Trump's Trade Policy - The Wall Street Journal
Post-Election Trauma May Depress Holiday Shopping Season - USA Today     retailwire.com

HDA releases 2 pilot studies in advance of Drug Supply Chain Security Act implementation
The Healthcare Distribution Alliance on Thursday presented two viable scenarios out of its Pilot Study for Saleable Returns, a study designed to help pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors comply with requirements set forth by the Drug Supply Chain Security Act.

Results show that a majority of manufacturers, 89%, indicated that distributors will start to receive serialized products before the DSCSA-mandated deadline of Nov. 27, 2017.

"We are pleased to report that overall, manufacturers are working diligently toward this major DSCSA milestone," Fri said. "An important next step is for FDA to publish industry guidance that recognizes and recommends business practices, such as inference and aggregation; establishes state licensure requirements; and takes other measures to promote an efficient and secure supply chain as the industry continues to work toward full unit-level serialization in 2023." drugstorenews.com

Federal Court Rules That Human Trafficking Lawsuit Against Wal-Mart Suppliers Can Proceed
A California federal court judge ruled today that a human trafficking lawsuit against four companies, all of which supply seafood to retail giant Walmart, can proceed. The civil lawsuit, first filed in June, was brought on behalf of seven plaintiffs who were recruited from their home villages in rural Cambodia to work at factories in Thailand producing shrimp and seafood for export to the United States.

Editor's Note: Merely an example how retailers can get caught up in labor issues worldwide as a result of their supply chain and suppliers. Having a strong compliance auditing arm world wide is critical and even then some abuses can go by undetected.  pointofsale.com

New Overtime Rules: Are You Ready
The Department of Labor's (DOL) new overtime rules go into effect on Dec. 1, 2016. These new rules are anticipated to cost employers $12 billion over the next 10 years, according to the DOL. Change: The standard salary threshold will increase from $23,660 annually ($455 per week) to $47,476 annually ($913 per week). theshelbyreport.com

Minimum wage hikes approved in four states
Voters in the states of Colorado, Maine, Washington, and Arizona all approved measures to raise their state's minimum wage in Tuesday's election.

Maine, will increase from $7.50 to $12 by 2020, and later increasing with inflation.
Washington, will increase from $9.47 to $13.50 by 2020
Colorado, increase the minimum wage from $8.31 to $12 by 2020.
Arizona, (currently $8.05) in increments over the next four years until it hits $12 in 2020, also requires employers to provide paid sick time.  chainstoreage.com

Which Types Of Retailers Are Opening New Stores?
Beauty retailer Ulta announced plans to open up to 1,700 stores across the country, up from the 928 it currently operates. Cosmetics provider MAC is also expanding its presence worldwide.

Coffee shops are one of the fastest-growing retail sectors, with consumption of espresso-based beverages nearly tripling since 2008. Starbucks , with 42.4% of market share in the industry, just keeps on growing, recently announcing plans to open about 1,500 more shops around the country, as well as globally.

Dollar stores aren't going out of fashion any time soon, either. For instance, Dollar General plans to open 1,000 more locations through 2020, bringing the chain to a total of 15,000 stores in the United States. These outlets, which were once thought of as the death of a shopping center, are now highly coveted by property owners because of the traffic they bring and diversity of products that they offer. Meanwhile, the merger of Dollar Tree  and the struggling Family Dollar will likely lead to good news for landlords, as the latter discount chain already looks to be improving.

On the grocery front, there is a lot of expansion coming from overseas. Aldi and Lidl, two discount supermarket chains, both based in Europe, are making serious headway in the United States.

Meanwhile, apparel does not seem like it's in trouble either. Forever 21 seems like it'll never stop expanding, while H&M, Marshalls, and T.J. Maxx, also keep opening stores. seekingalpha.com

JC Penney reduces forecast - smart move on Ellison's part
While they experienced what all the other apparel retailers experienced this past quarter the one thing stands out. He called it with expanding Sephora, rolling out 500 appliance showrooms virtually over night, expanding salons and jewelry sections. As they carried him through it. And while some were saying he was merely turning JCP into an HD store, the fact is that it was a great call, as evidenced in the below quote and obviously the numbers supported it.

"For the quarter, Sephora, Home, Salon and Fine Jewelry were the Company's top performing divisions." jcpenney.com

IAI Now Accepting Nominations for 2017 CFI of the Year Award

The International Association of Interviewers (IAI) is accepting nominations for the 2017 "CFI of the Year" award.

The criteria for an individual to qualify for "CFI of the Year" is constantly:
Striving for excellence and professionalism in the performance of his or her duties
Exhibiting the highest level of professionalism while interviewing sources, victims, witnesses, and suspects
Following the CFI Values

Nominations are due by January 13, 2017 and the winner will be announced at Elite Training Day in Oak Brook, IL as well as the CFInsider - second quarter edition.

For more information on nominating a CFI and to see our last year "CFI of the Year" winner, click here.

Gold's Gym posts Director of Loss Prevention position in Dallas, TX
The National Loss Prevention Director will create and lead Loss Prevention programs for corporate owned/managed units. Create and review Loss Prevention program processes in stores to drive shrink reduction and bottom line profits. Provides leadership to operations teams and stores in the management of critical incidents.  icims.com

Today, Gold's Gym claims to be the largest chain of mixed-gender gyms in the world, with more than 700 locations in 37 U.S. states, the District of Columbia,[10] and 20 other countries. wikipedia.org
Loss Prevention Director posted for Rack Room Shoes in Charlotte, N.C.
Position Summary: Design and develop programs and processes to reduce shrink, protect company assets, and improve Loss Prevention operational efficiencies.

Rack Room now operates over 450 stores in 34 states under the names Rack Room Shoes and Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse,[3] a formerly Atlanta, Georgia-based chain which it bought in the 1980s.  linkedin.com

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Camping World Q3 comp's up 5.8%, sales up 4.6%
Nordstrom Q3 comp's up 2.4%, sales up 7.2%
Wendy's Q3 North America comp's up 1.4%, sales down 21.7% ( sold co. owned stores)

Hudson's Bay Company Q3 comp's down 3.6%,
   DSG comp's down 2.4%
   HBC Off Price down 8.4%
   Saks Fifth Ave comps down 4.6%
   HBC Europe comp's down 2.2%
JC Penney Q3 comp's down 0.8%, sales down 1.4%
Kohl's Q3 comp's down 1.7%, sales down 2.3%
Dillard's Q3 comp's down 4%, sales down 4%
Michael Kors Q2 comp's down 5.4%, sales down 3.7%
Ralph Lauren Q2 retail comp's down 8%, retail sales down 5%, wholesale sales down 10%, revenue down 8%

The D&D Daily would like to thank all veterans and active duty military members for their service - Happy Veterans Day! 


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Why Physical Security Should Be as Important as Cybersecurity
Many businesses spend vast amounts of time and money - and rightly so - focused on firewalls and encryption software to protect their IT systems and data. However, physical security is often overlooked in the debate over cybersecurity. Physical security helps companies protect assets, including IT infrastructure and servers, that make their businesses run and that store sensitive and critical data.

Here are some strategies businesses can follow to enhance physical security and make sure their data and IT infrastructure remains secure:

Instill a Culture of Security
"If you do this, your employees are less likely to get disgruntled and will, in turn, not want to harm the company. Train employees on security awareness, such as locking and encrypting their systems, choosing safe passwords and only sharing confidential information with those who need to know."

Invest in Security Gates and Doors
In addition to having a staff member in a building's lobby monitoring who gets access to a company's offices, "systems requiring a proximity card for entry are now quite common, and with good reason."

Monitor Your Systems and Space
"Cameras should be installed at all entry points to a facility, and in key areas such as data centers and telecom closets. The video should be recorded and retained, with a live monitor placed on the desk of someone who can keep an eye on it."

Getting Alerts with Alarms
"Monitored alarms will help to drive away intruders - and ensure that staff or the police will be on their way if the alarm persists."

Focus on the Server Room
"Security gates can be installed in a doorway in order to prevent access to the server room. These gates are easy to use and can be opened completely, providing unrestricted access to the room when needed. However, their strong construction and secure locks keep intruders out when they are locked." biztechmagazine.com

3 ways retailers plan to protect customer data
Here are three ways retailers plan to protect customer data through 2017.

Wall-to-wall coding: Ninety-three percent of 59 North American retailers surveyed expect to have point-to-point encryption (P2PE) up and working by the end of 2017. Think of P2PE as the cloak of invisibility used in the Harry Potter stories. It conceals the credit card data from the moment it enters a payment portal, so it is encrypted before even being sent to the service provider.

Tokenization beyond a symbolic gesture: Six in 10 of the retailers surveyed (61 percent) expect to put multi-channel tokenization into practice by the end of 2017. Tokenization, a technology that first caused a lot of buzz in 2014, is the practice of substituting sensitive customer data with a benign equivalent of identification symbols. "Tokenization protects cardholder data that is at rest in a retailer's or vendor's system by replacing the real 16-digit card number with another 16-digit reference number, thereby making it useless to a hacker," the report explains.

Near-field communications are nearer: Half of the retailers surveyed said they would have near-field communications (NFC) in place by the end of 2016. An additional 22 percent plan to have it ready by the end of 2017. NFC enables two devices to communicate with each when at close range, making it especially relevant for mobile payments. Android, Windows and newer iPhone models (iPhone 6 as well as the Apple Watch) all include NFC technology.

If I may offer a suggestion: Make the data less valuable. Merchants often hold on to much more data than they actually need. They should consider what data they keep and who gets to see it. For example, limit data exposure only to employees who require access to the actual files (not the general purchasing insights) and then reconsider what information to should hold onto, and for how long. Think: Is there a need to maintain credit card information months after a consumer made a purchase? retailcustomerexperience.com

Security Director posted for Dell, in Austin, TX
Protects company property, visitors and team members and to guard against theft, vandalism, and illegal entry. Guard's property against damage, fire, theft, trespassing and illegal entry. Develops and implements policies to ensure physical safety of all property and assets of the organization. Assists, advises and guides all departments regarding security regulations and procedures. Coordinates contacts with outside law enforcement agencies. taleo.net


Introducing...  IntelliGuard 360




Live interviews from the NRF Big Show January 2016

Omni Loss Prevention
The Future is Here

Art Silva, Director of Retail & Field Operations

Art Silva, a Director of Retail and Field Operations for a major national specialty store chain, joins LPNN to discuss Omni Retailing and how it's impacting LP executives both in the field and in the corporate office. From buy-online/pick-up-at-store to same-day-delivery using stores as fulfillment centers to online returns at stores, the number of customer touchpoints is increasing significantly - creating more exposures for retailers. Art shares his thoughts on the Internet of Things, the evolving relationship between LP and IT Security, and whether the industry is really transforming into Omni LP.

Episode Sponsored By:

LPNN Quick Take #19

In this Quick Take, Jim Shepherd from Protection 1 and Joe LaRocca talk about some of the mentors who've made an impact in each of their careers. Also, get a peek into some of Protection 1's future initiatives and areas of focus.

Solution Providers: Have a video or commercial you want to publish? Contact us

Alibaba off to blistering start on Singles Day
More than $7 billion of gross merchandise volume (GMV) was settled through Alipay on Alibaba's China and international retail marketplaces within the first two hours on what has become the world's biggest online shopping event, which kicked off at 12 a.m. in China, on Nov. 10.

Chinese shoppers were so eager to participate in Singles Day that they purchased more in the first hour than the entire 24-hour event in 2013.  chainstoreage.com
Retailers keep rolling out early online Black Friday deals
Wal-Mart, Target and Office Depot push Black Friday online promotions that start well in advance of Nov. 25. internetretailer.com

5 Examples of Card Not Present Fraud
and how Merchants can Stop Them

Looking toward 2017, card not present fraud will likely continue to be a concern among merchants of all sizes. Let's take a closer look at card not present fraud as well as the steps merchants can take to prevent these scenarios from happening.

Making online purchases with stolen card information.
Thieves use stolen cardholder names, card account numbers, and card expiration dates to fraudulently purchase items online.

One of the best ways for merchants to combat online fraud using stolen card information is to implement a payment solution that uses an address verification service (AVS) and requests card security codes located on the backside of payment cards. Both of these features help verify that the purchaser is in fact the cardholder.

"Testing" cards. Fraudsters make several small transactions online using stolen credit card numbers, to see whether the numbers will work.

AVS and card security code verification during checkout can help deter card testing activities by slowing down the transaction, which frustrates thieves focused on instant gratification. Another way to combat card testing is by using a solution that monitors device, IP address, and IP geolocation velocity for irregular purchase activity.

Intercepting packages. Thieves intercept packages containing products that they have purchased using stolen card information.

Merchants can avoid this type of fraud by reviewing orders before fulfilling them, contacting customers via email or phone to confirm the order before shipping, and requiring customers' billing and shipping addresses during checkout.

Online skimming. Hackers exploit unpatched weaknesses in the POS system, use malware to steal data, and then sell the data for fraudulent purposes.

When it comes to fighting online skimming, a multi-layered technology approach is the best bet. Both tokenization and end-to-end encryption technologies bolster security throughout the payments transaction, making it more difficult for fraudsters to steal data for future use.

Gift card fraud. Individuals looking to quickly turn stolen product into cash will often activate gift cards using stolen payment details, then sell these digitally delivered funds on an open marketplace within minutes.

Merchants offering virtual gift cards should update order review processes and ensure sufficient time is built in to check for fraud. Using real-time fraud scoring during authorization and leveraging device identification tools can automate the transaction approval process for certain transactions that have been identified as having qualified device and IP reputational scores. multichannelmerchant.com

Walmart Vs. Amazon: E-Stores Battle It Out

Online shopping slows on Election Day and the day after

Trio busted after plot to hijack truck with $800,000 in iPhones
Last Month's $6.7M iPhone Bust Led to this one
Tied to Miami International Airport

A not-so meticulously planned plot to hijack a truck carrying almost $1 million worth of iPhones was foiled last week by Miami-Dade detectives who spent two weeks undercover observing the crew.

Twice in October and again in November, police working on a tip, followed the trio of men from a Doral cargo company as they tailed box trucks carrying the cellphones, then took off when the goods were delivered. On Nov. 4, police said, the men struck, or at least tried to: With a copy of a truck key in hand, the men followed the vehicle from the Doral cargo company Anicam to another cargo company near Miami International Airport. When the driver got out of the truck and entered the business, one of the men quickly got into the driver's seat and tried to drive away. But the would-be thief and the two men he was with were taken into custody.

The arrest affidavits for the trio busted Nov. 4 say police caught wind of the plan to steal the cellphones while conducting an earlier investigation. Police didn't say what that earlier investigation involved. Late last month, however, federal agents made a similar sting.

On Oct. 25, eight people were charged in federal court with stealing 23,000 Apple iPhones in a tractor-trailer at Miami International Airport. The phones were valued at $6.7 million. Prosecutors said the group used fake identification and altered the trailer to appear as if it belonged to a legitimate company.

Police said they began a surveillance operation on the trio a day after the October indictment, on Oct. 26, when a truck from the Doral cargo company Anicam at 1770 NW 96th Ave. was followed to 8382 NW 68th St.

This time, a cargo truck carrying $800,000 worth of iPhones that the trio were following was being driven by an undercover cop. When the driver got to Atlas Air at 6640 NW 22nd St., he left the truck and police say Cordova got in. He and his two associates were taken into custody. miamiherald.com


San Antonio, TX: Police bust $1,500 a day Shoplifting Operation;
goods from Academy Sports, Express and others

Police arrested a man Thursday suspected of organizing several thousand dollars worth of theft at local retail stores over the past few months. Harjinder Singh, 28, has been charged with organized retail theft. Singh, a clerk at the Zarzamora Food Mart, was allegedly at the center of a shoplifting ring that stole and resold property from sporting goods stores such as Academy and Express. At least five unnamed shoplifters would steal jackets, shirts and hardware, then sell them to Singh for a fraction of the retail value. Singh would then allegedly resell the goods at a profit from the Zarzamora Food Mart. Singh was allegedly able to make as much as $1,500 in a single day, investigators said. Singh was arrested by the SAPD Fencing Interdiction Team, which set up surveillance on the food mart before serving a warrant Thursday. mysanantonio.com news4sanantonio.com


Aspen, CO: Police nab $3,500 Louis Vuitton thief; fought with 4 Police Officers
A teen was arrested Thursday for felony theft after allegedly swiping more than $3,500 worth of goods from a high-end store in downtown Aspen. Samuel Candela-Herrera, 19, was apprehended after an off-duty sheriff's deputy from Texas and his family, who recognized him on the street after witnessing the shoplifting incident, called police and held him on the ground until they arrived. Candela-Herrera punched the 25-year-old off-duty deputy in the face, bit the man's 49-year-old father on the hand and fought hard with three Aspen police officers before he was subdued. aspentimes.com

Sherman, TX: Walmart shoplifter fled, but $700 in merchandise recovered
Officers were dispatched on Nov. 7 to Walmart in reference to a theft. The suspects fled before officers arrived. Loss prevention officers stated the suspects had taken approximately $700 worth of merchandise from the store. Loss prevention stated the items were recovered, but the suspects fled when approached. yourvalleyvoice.com

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Visit the ORC Resource Center

Shootings & Death

San Angelo, TX: Police Involved Shooting in Schlotzskys Deli parking lot is fatal
On Thursday, at 2pm, members of the San Angelo Police along with Special Agents from the Texas Department of Public Safety, Special Agents from the Department of Homeland Security, and Deputies with the US Marshals were working to arrest a known wanted suspect. The suspect was wanted for Felony Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and a suspect in another Aggravated Assault that had occurred in recent days. Detectives and Special Agents encountered the armed suspect and a confrontation ensued. During the encounter the suspect brandished a handgun and multiple shots were fired. The Detectives and members of the various agencies involved fired shots that struck the suspect. cconchovalleyhomepage.com

Vancouver, BC, CN: Canadian Tire robbery suspect killed; Police Officer, store worker stabbed
A man was fatally shot by Vancouver police Thursday afternoon after a police spokesman says he confronted officers when they were called to a robbery in progress at a Canadian Tire store. Sgt. Brian Montague said a police officer was stabbed by the suspect and an employee of the store was also stabbed during the incident. They were listed in stable condition in hospital and Montague said both were expected to survive. Police were called to the store in east Vancouver shortly after 3 p.m. when they confronted the suspect as he ran from the Canadian Tire, he said. Montague said the suspect died at the scene. citynews.ca

Robberies & Thefts

Pittsburgh, PA: Faulty City surveillance cameras fail to capture crimes
About 20 percent of the surveillance cameras in the city of Pittsburgh either don't work or are pointed in the wrong direction. At least three incidents in which the cameras could've helped solve crimes, had they been functioning properly. The murder of 14-year-old Kelvin Lovelace remains unsolved. Nearly two years ago, someone shot the teen at a graduation party in the East Hills. The surveillance camera in the area was facing the trees at the time. In September, another camera Downtown was pointed the wrong way and missed the shooting at the Wood Street T-station. Police used other cameras in that area to track down the suspect. wpxi.com

Hickory, NC: Jewelry Exchange Grab & Run suspect convicted;
will serve 4 to 6 years

34-year-old Mitchell Hines will spend at least four years in prison following a guilty plea earlier this week. Hines pleaded guilty to felony larceny and admitted his status as a habitual felon during his trial on Tuesday. His sentence was enhanced by habitual felon status stemming from prior felony convictions. The defendant entered the Jewelry Exchange in Hickory with his girlfriend on February 25, 2016, and asked to see some diamonds. When the diamonds were displayed, Hines grabbed them and ran out of the store. Video surveillance, an anonymous tip and an ankle monitor on the defendant helped investigators apprehend him less than a week later, and he confessed to the crime. whky.com

Ottawa, CN: Sixth Smash & Grab Jewelry Robbery this year
Ottawa police are investigating another "smash and grab" at a high end jewelry store. It is the 6th one in less than a year. They believe at least two of the attacks are linked. It's always the same method: one person rushes in with a hammer, smashes the display cases as 2 or 3 other guys grab and run. It is a frightening affair for those working there and those shopping. Sarah Ainuddin was helping a customer on a Thursday two weeks ago when four men burst into her family's jewelry store at the Hazeldean mall. "Four young boys walked into the store, split up and started smashing our counter," explained Ainuddin, with Harden's Fine Jewellers, "Thirty seconds and they ran out." ctvnews.ca

Tampa FL: Police chase ends with officers rescuing criminal who can't swim
Deputies resuscitated a man they had been chasing Wednesday night after he ended up in a canal and nearly drowned. Jeral Bornstein, was driving a blue Jeep that had been linked by investigators to a retail theft at a local Walgreens. When deputies saw the Jeep they tried to make a traffic stop. Bornstein fled the traffic stop and Deputies gave chase. Bornstein stopped and fled the Jeep, ran through a tree line and ended up in a canal. Bornstein struggled in the water until two deputies went in and pulled him out. Later, Bornstein told deputies he fled because he was driving without a license. Bornstein has a criminal past, records show he has been arrested 10 other times in Pasco County since 2006, mostly on petty theft and other minor charges. tampabay.com

Oberlin, OH: 300 College student protest a store; store owner caught a shoplifter, student calls him a racist

Redwood City, CA: 'Sunny Day' Gang Member Sentenced For Menlo Park Jewelry Store Attempted Robbery

UK: London: Burglars his C- Store for over $15,000 in Booze and Cigarettes

Menomonee Falls, WI: Bank customer fails to correct Teller's $5,400 mistake, will now face charges

Centralia, IL: Man Just Two Days Out of Prison Arrested for Felony Theft

Smyrna, DE: Kay Jewelers reported an Armed Robbery on 11/10, Police release surveillance photos


Naperville, IL: Arson possible source of small fire at Walmart
Naperville Fire and Police investigators say a fire at the Walmart SuperCenter on 75th Street may have been intentionally set in the fabric section of the store. No one was injured in the blaze that broke out at about 9:40 p.m. Employees used a fire extinguisher to put out the flames before firefighters arrived on the scene. chicagotribune.com

Credit Card Fraud

Bloomfield Hills, MI: Man buys Bearded Dragon with stolen credit card at Pet Supplies Plus

Broward County, FL: Some patients at Broward Health Imperial Point told that crooks got their data

Skimming Reports

South Hills, PA: Skimmer found on ATM inside Get Go; install captured on tape

Antiques on 18th - Sioux Falls, SD - Armed Robbery
AT&T - Miramar, FL - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Las Vegas - Armed Robbery/ Suspect killed by employee
Casey's - Republic, MO - Robbery
Citgo - DeLeon Springs, FL - Burglary
Dollar General - Youngstown, OH - Armed Robbery
Game Stop - Fort Smith, AR - Armed Robbery
Hontoon Convenience - DeLand, FL - Burglary
K2 - Bloomfield, NJ -Shooting/ employee wounded
Kay Jewelers - Smyrna, DE - Armed Robbery
Mr. Clark's - Rockford, IL - Armed Robbery
Phelps Pawn - DeLeon Springs, FL - Burglary
Side Door Pantry - Holland Township, MI - Armed Robbery
Sinclair - Las Vegas, NV - Shooting/ suspect wounded by Police
T-Mobile - Phoenix, AZ - Armed Robbery
US Cellular - Dixon, IL - Armed Robbery/ 2nd in 2 days
Walgreens - Champaign, IL - Armed Robbery

Daily Totals:
12 robberies
3 burglaries
3 shootings
1 killed

Weekly Totals:
98 robberies
17 burglaries
16 shootings
9 killed

 Featured Job Spotlights

Vice President Asset Protection
Grand Rapids, MI

The Vice President of Asset Protection is responsible for strategic oversight and direction of Meijer's Asset Protection programs for the Stores, Distribution, Manufacturing and Corporate functions at Meijer. This executive position is accountable for the development and implementation of Asset Protection programs including Shrink Reduction, Risk Mitigation, Safety and Security Plans, Training, Investigations and Analytics to drive overall operating efficiencies while supporting the Company's strategic focus of a "Customer First" experience...



Loss Prevention Director
Charlotte, NC

Design and develop programs and processes to reduce shrink, protect company assets, and improve Loss Prevention operational efficiencies.
Essential Responsibilities:
• Provide direction and supervision to the Loss Prevention corporate and field staff
Direct 4 corporate level staff (1 manager level and 3 specialists) and 6 field Loss Prevention Managers...

Director, Loss Prevention
New York, NY

Maintain inventory levels and reduce loss. Responsible for developing and maintaining the strategy for reducing shrink and increasing profitability within the Fashion division. Building programs to sustain a high level of Loss Prevention awareness in our boutiques, and support our MBR partners and corporate partners...


Global Security & Retail Loss Operations Manager
San Francisco, CA

The Global Security & Retail Loss Operations Manager will be responsible for the strategic planning and execution of projects/programs. You will ensure that projects are completed on schedule and to the scope established and agreed upon with key stakeholders...

Manager, Loss Prevention and Safety, Distribution Center
Hagerstown, MD

The LP and Safety Manager position is responsible for managing all aspects of loss prevention and safety for an assigned distribution center to reduce team member accidents and financial losses within the facility. • Conduct training on all loss prevention and safety related topics to provide the facility with an educated and aware team member base...


Specialist, Asset Protection
Miami, FL
The specialist, asset protection will oversee the protection of company assets within an assigned group of stores. This position will execute the asset protection program designed to minimize inventory shrink, workers compensation claims, general liability claims, cash loss and bad checks...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Bay Area, CA
Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:
• Conducts internal investigations related to theft, business abuse, and safety violations by conducting interviews, determining course of action, and writing reports. • Formal interview training, i.e. Wicklander-Zulawski or Reid Techniques...


Loss Prevention Specialist
Irvine, CA

Hourly position reporting directly to the RSC Loss Prevention Manager. Independently audits for compliance to Company Policies and Procedures. Uses results to further direct efforts toward specific training and development needs of the Distribution Center...

Customer Service Specialist
Greater Toronto Area, CANADA

Provide support and maximize efficiencies of the Canadian Business Unit through the delivery of daily support to in-house constituents and sales prospects by providing multi-lingual services in Canada's official languages (English/French)...

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Jeffrey Hedges was named Senior Loss Prevention Specialist for Murphy USA. 

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