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November 13, 2013


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Wes Bank was named Director of Security for DHL Global Mail. 
Wes has held numerous leadership positions in the loss prevention industry including Director of Loss Prevention for Velocity Express, Regional Loss Prevention and Safety Manager for Office Depot, Senior District Loss Prevention Manager for Albertson's, and Facilities Loss Prevention Manager for American Stores. He earned his Bachelors of Science degree in Economics from Northern Illinois University. Congratulations, Wes!


U.S. retailers and researchers participate in Mexican
Loss Prevention Conference

The Mexican Retail Association ANTAD’s annual loss prevention conference (Simposio Prevención de Pérdidas y Mermas 2013) took place on October 22-24 in Mexico City. Over 200 LP professionals participated in a series of breakout sessions and exercises. U.S. retailers Rent-A-Center, Walmart, AutoZone, HEB and the Home Depot were among numerous Mexican retailer conference participants. As part of the effort to further merge U.S. and Mexico LP/AP interaction, University of Florida and LPRC’s Dr. Read Hayes presented some new offender behavioral cue-response research for group discussion. Thanks to ANTAD and their members, professional LP continues to grow south of the U.S. border. For more information on future Mexican LP conferences, please contact Blanca Brena at

Thank you to Dr. Read Hayes for submitting the article and pictures.

Weak global economy contributed to $112 billion loss from retail theft
Shoplifting, fraud, organized crime, and errors led to 1.4 percent dent in retail sales. High unemployment and lower wages were major contributors to an uptick in retail crime last year that cost the industry more than $112 billion worldwide, according to the latest global theft report. On average, losses from shoplifting, employee and supplier fraud, organized crime and administrative errors amounted to 1.4 percent of retail sales, according to the latest Global Retail Theft Barometer released Tuesday by underwriter Checkpoint Systems. Overall, the study showed that losses, called shrinkage in the retail industry, were on the rise in the 16 countries covered in the 2012 study. Shrinkage grew a tenth of a percent on average compared to 2011. U.S. retailers reported the same increase. In general, the weak global economy was a key contributor to the rise in shoplifting, employee theft and organized crime. (Source

Roland C. Smith Appointed Chairman and CEO of Office Depot, Inc.
Office Depot, Inc. (NYSE:ODP), a leading global provider of office products, services, and solutions formed by the merger of Office Depot and OfficeMax, today announced the appointment of Roland C. Smith as Chairman and CEO, effective immediately. Editors note: Won't be long now before the go forward teams are announced. And with the corp. state tax issues looming in Illinois, odds are unless Illinois pulls a rabbit out of their hat, the merged companies will end up in Depot's offices in Florida. Which may have an impact on go forward teams. (Source

More shoppers will head online this Black Friday
30% plan to do most of their Black Friday shopping online, versus 25% last year, Accenture says. (Source

Target to spend more on digital efforts than on opening or renovating stores

New Evidence Supports the Growth of mPOS Globally Over the Last 12 Months

Smartphones transforming retail, not with technology, but with messy humanity

Visa: E-commerce sales up 17% in first 10 months of 2013
Seventy-two percent of people also plan to spend more or the same amount of money on gifts this year, compared to last. Almost 50% expect to spend between $301 and $800, while 14% plan to spend more than $800. (Source

Improving C-store Safety & Security
Convenience stores have a variety of safety and security concerns that can become serious problems for owners. From slips and falls to fraud and theft, c-stores face many risks for lost productivity and profit. It’s important for owners to take steps to mitigate these threats to prevent financial loss and reputation damage. (Source

NYPD detective pleads guilty to hiring email hackers
Between April 2010 and October 2012, Vargas obtained credentials for about 43 personal email accounts – and one mobile phone – belonging to roughly 30 individuals, according to an FBI report. As many as 20 email accounts belonged to NYPD officers. Vargas confessed to accessing at least one NYPD officer's personal email account using the compromised credentials. The detective also confessed to accessing a federal database – the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) – without authorization in order to obtain further information on two NYPD officers. A cooperative investigation between the FBI and NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau revealed that Vargas paid more than $4,000 for hacking services. The two charges against him carry a maximum sentence of one year in prison. (Source

Supervalu's 70,000 customer cc data breach tied to bigger data breach of over 376K customer cc info in Ireland  The initial indications are that these breaches were an external criminal act. Ireland-based marketing company LoyaltyBuild has suffered a breach that resulted in the compromise of full card details of over 376,000 customers, and the name, address, phone number and email address of 1.12 million customers. LoyaltyBuild partners with companies to create, manage and deliver customer loyalty programmes, and among those who had their card details stolen were over 70,000 customers of supermarket chain SuperValu’s Getaway Breaks program. (Source

Trucking Industry Sees Drop in Cargo Theft; Hopes It's a Trend
Industry might be wising up to the thieves, but inadequate law enforcement remains a problem. In the post-9/11 era, federal agencies haven’t placed a high priority on cargo theft. “Honestly, they hardly work the crime,” said Coughlin. There are only about six cargo-theft task forces in operation around the country, mostly being run at the state or regional level. It’s up to business to take action to protect its freight in transit and within warehouses. Some companies have formed regional security councils, which they use to share information and provide data to SC-ISAC and similar entities. The effort creates a grassroots mobile-alert system, which communicates with the network of law-enforcement groups that are working commercial theft. Even the most sophisticated security system is useless without diligence by truck owners and operators, however. SC-ISAC hopes the latest numbers show progress in that direction. “We will continue to study and watch this trend to see if it is a true indicator, or just an anomaly,” the group said. (Source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Ace Hardware Q3 retail up 6.9% with total revenue up 8.9%
Macy's Q3 up 3.5% with sales up 3.3%
Canada's Loblaw Companies up 0.4% with retail sales growth up 1.5%
Canada's Metro Inc. (grocery stores) Q4 down 1.8% with revenue down 1.1%




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Advance America employee killed during a robbery in Detroit
Police are investigating the fatal shooting of a clerk at Advance America on Telegraph Tuesday. Officers were called to the business shortly after noon when a holdup alarm was activated, Police Chief Mary Sclabassi said. When they arrived, they found a 30-year-old female employee dead from multiple gunshot wounds. The suspect or suspects had fled. The victim, whom police identified as Chelsea Ann Small, a mother of two from Gibraltar, was believed to have been shot in an apparent robbery at the business, which offers pay day advances, loans and other financial services. (Source

Laramie & Casper, WY Wal-Marts Receive Bomb Threats
Bomb threats were called into simultaneously to Wal-Mart locations in Laramie as well as one in Casper this afternoon from the same phone number. The caller told Laramie Police he had placed a bomb inside the store. Laramie Police quickly evacuated the building and bomb sniffing dogs from the University of Wyoming were called to investigate. Laramie Police say the caller demanded an undisclosed amount of money be transferred to him using a pre-paid debit card. Around 3 p.m. police determined no bomb was in the building. (Source

UK gang of smash and grabbers who had terrorized retailers gets 42 years in prison  This gang of violent armed robbers saw their reign of terror end when they were jailed for 42 years. A jury were shown “extraordinary” footage of the crooks at work as they smashed their way into businesses armed with guns, knives, samurai swords and baseball bats. Shop assistants and security guards were left petrified and running for their lives as the raging raiders threatened and beat them during a crime spree worth more than £200,000. Many of their victims are said to have been left traumatised by their ordeal at the hands of the crazed gang. CCTV shows the gang, who were jailed for 42 years, smash glass displays before realising they had been trapped by shutters after the security system was activated. (Source

Border agent fires at shoplifter's car in Chula Vista, CA
An off-duty Border Patrol agent shot at a shoplifter’s vehicle as it left a Telegraph Canyon Road shopping center Tuesday, but Chula Vista police found no evidence that anyone was wounded. Police said there were two men, a woman and a child in the dark-colored Lincoln that sped away. It wasn’t clear why the agent fired, but a witness reported hearing the agent say something like, “Put down the gun,” before the shooting, police Capt. Gary Wedge said. (Source

Super-hacker Ehud Tenenbaum arrested again - for money-laundering
A decade after 'The Analyzer's arrest for hacking U.S. systems, crime-busters charge him with credit-card fraud. Police said Tuesday that Tenenbaum and four other suspects were believed to have set up a system to transfer large amounts of foreign currency secretly into Israel, and that much of the money belonged to people in Israel who were “known to police.” Tenenbaum first made headlines in 1998 at the age of 19, when he and a number of other Israeli and American hackers were arrested for breaking into systems belonging to the Pentagon, NASA, the United States Air Force and Navy, the Knesset and a number of universities, in an anti-hacking case known as Operation Solar Sunrise. In 2012, a New York court sentenced Tenenbaum to time served for a single count of bank-card fraud. That was part of a hacking scheme that is believed to have brought in some $10 million from banks in the US. He was also arrested in Canada in 2008 for a scheme resulting in the theft of over $1.5 m. from Canadian banks. (Source

King Soopers employee in Denver accused of using position to rob other stores
A King Soopers clerk is accused of using his uniform to gain access to cash registers and steal money from other stores, police said Tuesday. Anthony Cruz, 22, was arrested Sunday after store security apprehended him and called police saying he had tried to burglarize several stores. Police said the first robbery happened on Nov. 6 when Cruz, wearing his King Soopers uniform, went to a fuel center at a store. He told the clerk inside the fuel station that “a head clerk told me to come relieve you. They need help inside,”. The clerk left and Cruz took out a large stack of $20 bills, police said. When the clerk returned, Cruz left with the money, they said. Cruz attempted the same scam twice more, till he was caught on Sunday. (Source

Kay Jewelers at the Tanger Outlets in Washington, PA the victim of a $13,000 Grab and run 
A male and female suspect fled the Kay Jewelers Outlet store on Tuesday evening with a Men’s diamond bracelets and a Men’s diamond ring, total value of $13,298.00. The suspects entered the store at approximately 6pm asking to see a men’s diamond ring, then asked if they had a bracelet to match. Once the associate placed the bracelet on the male suspect’s wrist, both suspects fled the store with the merchandise.

Marks and Morgan Jewelers in Savannah, GA hit with a $5,899 grab and run
On Monday at 7:30pm a female customer entered the store, she asked about an engagement ring. The associate removed the ring from the showcase and began a sales presentation. While doing so, the customer grabbed the ring out of the employees hand and ran out of the store. A fingerprint was successfully retrieved from the showcase and is being processed by Savannah Police.

Memphis Police arrest 2 suspects in several bank robberies inside Memphis-area Kroger stores  The Federal Bureau of Investigation confirms an arrest has been made in connection to the robberies in which a suspect has been dubbed the "Risky Business Bandit." Surveillance photos from various bank robberies at Memphis Kroger grocery stores show the suspect wearing iconic sunglasses made famous in the movie "Risky Business." Matthew Schweitzer, 26, appeared in federal court at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday. According to his attorney, Schweitzer was a trained chef driven to rob banks by an addiction to heroin and methadone. (Source

Jersey City man bites Walmart security officer on neck, charged with robbery
A Jersey City man was charged with robbery after biting a Walmart security guard on the neck while shoplifting from the store in North Bergen last Friday. According to the criminal complaint, Rudy A. Granados of Jersey City was caught trying to steal items from the North Bergen Walmart on Nov. 8 and was stopped by a security officer. In Central Judicial Processing Court today, it was revealed that Granados bit the security officer in a struggle as he was being detained. Granados's attorney had requested the bail be reduced from $50,000, but Judge Margaret M. Marley, citing that the security officer was bitten, denied the request. (Source

Trio of Armed Robbers Target NYC Jewelry Stores  A trio of armed robbers has been targeting jewelry stores in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan over the past several weeks, including one Chinatown business that was raided twice in two days. In the Chinatown robbery on East Broadway, the store clerk managed to push back a robber from jumping over the counter when the crew first hit her store. But the next day, the group returned, and the same robber was able to make it over the counter, security video shows. The attempted robbery and the subsequent actual robbery on Oct. 18 are part of a pattern, according to police. In each case, one man enters and pulls out a gun while two others leap over the counter. (Source

Florida woman charged with felony theft at Walmart in Dothan, Alabama
Dothan police recently arrested a Florida woman on a charge she stole almost $900 in various items from a Dothan Walmart store. Court records show police arrested Takiyah Maria Gregory, 23, of Marianna, Fla., on Sunday and charged her with felony second-degree theft of property. Records show police charged Gregory with stealing 84 items of property worth $889.16 from a Dothan Walmart store on Saturday. Gregory was released from custody after she posted $3,000 bail. (Source

Man with a knife attempts a robbery of a Gymboree Outlet store in Essex, VT  Police are investigating an armed robbery at the Essex Shoppes and Cinema outlet mall. Detective Lt. George Murtie said the incident took place at 11:40 a.m. when a man walked into Gymboree, brandished a knife and demanded money from the clerk. The clerk refused to give the man money, and the suspect fled, Murtie said. “We had police officers there within two minutes,” Murtie said, adding that investigators used a state police tracking dog to search the area. No one was harmed, and police were still searching for the suspect Tuesday afternoon. (Source

Detroit-area man arraigned on felony burglary charges in connection with a T-Mobile store break-in in Troy, MI  A Shelby Township man who police say was wearing an "Iron Man" mask has been charged in connection with breaking into a cell phone store in Troy. Chris Peter Awadish, 26, was arraigned on one count of breaking and entering with intent, a 10-year felony. Troy police were dispatched to a burglary alarm call at the T-Mobile store in a strip mall on East Big Beaver Road around 11 p.m. Nov. 3. The officer went around to the rear of the mall where he observed the two suspects and was able to stop one while the second man fled. (Source

Missouri man sentenced to 18 months in federal prison for selling counterfeit goods in Kansas City, Kansas  A Missouri man who sold counterfeit goods at a store in Kansas has been sentenced to 18 months in prison. Jehad Shalabi, of Blue Springs, Missouri, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to traffic in counterfeit trademark goods. He sold the merchandise at the Joe Black store in Kansas City, Kansas. Prosecutors say FBI agents working undercover bought counterfeit items at the store and agents searching the store in June 2011 seized 588 counterfeit items with trademarks including Polo Ralph Lauren, Nike and Major League Baseball. Investigators say the counterfeit goods accounted for up 20 percent of the store's weekly sales of $4,000 to $6,000. (Source

New Jersey man stole tractor-trailer full of Guinness beer

3 suspects busted buying cigarettes with fake gift cards & smuggling the smokes to other states



Photos released of three suspects being sought for stealing 62 bras from Victoria’s Secret in the Tri-County Mall in Springdale, Ohio  Three women walked into Tri-County Mall and walked out with more than $3,200 in bras. The theft happened on Nov. 5 at about 12:30 p.m. at the Victoria’s Secret store in the mall. Springdale police say three women stole 62 bras valued at $3,224. Detectives said the women waited outside the story for employees to get distracted, then they ran in and loaded the bras into bags. (Source

Three Montgomery, Alabama women accused of stealing nearly $2000 of merchandise from Walmart  Three Montgomery women trying to create their own holiday discounts at the Andalusia Walmart were still in the Covington County Jail Tuesday after nearly $2,000 worth of merchandise was taken, according to Andalusia Police Department Sgt. Jody Scott. Scott said, the three suspects were each charged with theft of property II, after allegedly walking out the door with an array of items. (Source

Columbus man charged with robbery in Springfield, OH, stealing Crest White Stripes from Rite Aid  A 31-year-old man is accused of stealing Crest White Strips from a pharmacy on Friday, then threatening to stab a store security officer when he was confronted. Jerry W. Gelpi, who told officers he lived in Columbus but couldn't remember the address, was acting suspiciously. A Loss Prevention agent saw Gelpi open two boxes of Crest White Strips with a pocket knife and put the product in his pants pocket. When confronted, Gelpi reportedly handed the white strips over and stated he would pay for them. Gelpi then pulled out his knife and told the agent he would stab him. Gelpi then reportedly fled the store, where a police officer saw him fleeing. Gelpi was apprehended soon after. (Source

Two female shoplifters being sought for theft of cases of Red Bull being stolen from a Fort Worth, Target; assaulted a Loss Prevention agent  Officials in Fort Worth are trying to identify two women from surveillance photos who are accused of stealing Red Bull energy drinks and assaulting a loss prevention officer, according to a spokesperson for the police department. Police say that the women were seen loading the Red Bulls into a cart at the Target on Overton Ridge Boulevard at 12:40 p.m. Oct. 26. When the suspects tried to exit the store, loss prevention officers tried to detain them, but the women allegedly assaulted one of the officers and fled the store. (Source

Lower Nazareth, PA woman steals $785 in merchandise from PetSmart
A Monroe County woman, accompanied by her dog, entered a Lower Nazareth Township pet store Friday and stole nearly $800 in merchandise, according to court papers. Store security at PetSmart noticed that Roseanne Marie Simeone, was acting suspiciously in the store. Simeone had formerly been employed as a vendor at the store, and is under investigation for retail thefts in multiple jurisdictions. Simeone had come into the store about 1:50 p.m. with her dog, which she often had groomed at the store. Simeone was spotted taking flea and tick medication off the shelves and placing them in a bag with a sweater on top. (Source

Kroger Loss Prevention apprehends a man with over $600 in baby formula in Johnson City, Tenn.  Johnson City Police Department arrested James Rickey Kennedy and charged him with theft over $500.00, 3 counts of criminal simulation and 2 counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. On 11/11/13, officers responded to Kroger, on a shoplifting. During the investigation it was determined that Kennedy selected more than 40 cans of baby formula and passed the point of sale without making payment. Kennedy fled from the scene with more than $660.00 worth of product. Kennedy had two children with him during the theft. (Source

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