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Omni Loss Prevention 
Art Silva

Quick Take 19

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2016's GLPS's - Group LP Selfie's
Your Team - Your Pride - Our Industry
One Team at a Time

Macy's Central and Regional Asset Protection Team at
Quarterly AP Leadership Meeting


From Left to Right: Eric Agurcia, Alisa Dart, Steve Boarman, Brian Stromberg, Joe Coll, Chris DeSantis, Tara Nutley, Rob Flitsch, John Matas, Kevin Colman, Khris Hamlin, Cynthia Grizzle, Dave Rogers, Myrna Petersen, Andy Noltkamper, Pamela Velose, Wallace Parks and Mike Coyle

Scott Sanford named Director Loss Prevention for Dollar Express

Scott was previously on the Investigations team for Best Buy since August, and before that he held the position of Director of Investigations & Training for Barnes & Noble, Inc. since 2005. Scott has held other loss prevention leadership position such as Regional Director of Loss Prevention, Safety and HazMat for Lowe's, Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Dunham's Sporting Goods, and Corporate Loss Prevention Manager for Concord Wrigley Drugs. Congratulations Scott!


Michael Redman named the Director of Loss Prevention for Unified Grocers, Inc based in Los Angeles, CA
Founded in 1922, Unified Grocers is a retailer-owned wholesale grocery distributor that supplies independent retailers throughout the western United States. Unified, which generated approximately $4 billion in sales during fiscal year 2015, offers independent retailers all the resources they need to compete in the supermarket industry. Congratulations Michael!

Echoes of a Board Room
CEO's Top Two Priorities
Cyber Security & Safeness

Board rooms, executive compliance committees, and senior executives across America are focused on what a number are now calling their "top two priorities, cyber security and safeness."

We've heard this a number of times over the last few weeks from some of the largest retailers in North America. With LP/AP executives coming our of holiday season strategy meetings with senior management who are all focused on cyber security and store safeness - otherwise known as violence in the stores.

The volume of these two concerns has reached a level this writer has never heard before in thirty years. Every senior management group is aware of the consequences and is calling it out as their top two priorities.

A cyber breach, pos skimming breach now, could have a dramatic impact on holiday sales, with most studies showing that you can lose 30% of your customers for as long as three months after one happens. Especially with having to go public instantly with all the facts.

Couple that with civil unrest being at an all time high, robberies up 60% alone in August and 50% in October and what we have is every senior manager worried about a shoe dropping in one of their stores that decimates holiday sales.

Added onto this stress, we have the never ceasing Amazon black hole sucking brick and mortar sales.

Never before has LP/AP been in such a high profile position. Yes shrink is a priority and ORC is at epidemic levels, nut a cyber breach and shootings at Malls, strip centers, and inside stores stops the customers from even coming into your store. And at the end of the day you've got to have shoppers and this is the holiday season. Don't make the sales - and you may not even been here in February.

Store safeness and protecting the front end, the registers from skimmers and hackers has got to be the priority of everyone first and foremost. Lets keep them all safe out there please.

The D&D Daily's 'Retail Violent Deaths' report is coming soon - and you're going to be very disappointed and sad to see the results. As this first ever public report will change your perceptions forever. Just a thought Gus Downing

Walmart cracks down on shoplifting by taking justice into its own hands
Walmart, is tackling the problem with an experiment: giving first-time offenders a chance to avoid the legal justice system with a program called Restorative Justice. It's already making a big impact in San Antonio.

Now Walmart is taking justice into its own hands. It's offering first time offenders a choice: either they call the police or you take an online educational program called Restorative Justice.

The eight-hour online program is currently being offered at one-third of Walmart stores nationwide.

The goal of Restorative Justice is to give first-time offenders a second chance so they make better choices. It is voluntary and it prevents them from having to go through the criminal justice program," said Anne Hatfield, director of communications for Walmart.

The interactive educational program is meant to help shoplifters understand why they committed the crime, how someone was harmed, and how to make amends.  It also educates people on how to reduce debt and create a budget.

"Research shows that Restorative Justice is more effective than legal justice. Legal justice focuses on three questions: What law was broken? Who broke the law? And how should they be punished? Restorative justice focuses on three different questions: Who was harmed? What needs to be done to repair the harm? And who's accountable, who's responsible for that repair?" said Dr. Michael Gilbert, director of the UTSA Office of Community and Restorative Justice.

"Restorative Justice is much more constructive. Those alternatives are likely to produce someone who is less likely to do it again. They're likely to produce someone who is not going to create more victims and likely to reduce the cost to taxpayers because they won't be involved in the justice system," Dr. Gilbert said. "Justice does not mean punishment. Justice does not mean a legal process. Justice means we are holding people accountable for their actions. We just have to be willing to open our eyes and see that these are reasonable, appropriate and effective approaches."

Restorative Justice is offered in a third of Walmart stores.

"On the average we're seeing a drop in calls to police 35 percent nationwide,"
said Hatfield of the areas where Walmart is offering the Restorative Justice course. kens5.com

Trump Tower security hurts Fifth Avenue retailers
President-elect Donald Trump's New York City home sits smack in the middle of one of the world's premier shopping districts, and Fifth Avenue's merchants are grumbling about how the tight security that restricts pedestrian traffic is making their lives tougher.

With Trump Tower turned into a fortress, sales plunged Wednesday, the day after Trump won the presidency, though they had come back to a degree by Friday, neighborhood retailers said in interviews. Sales at the Giorgio Armani Boutique, a block down from Trump's digs, were "tragic" on Wednesday and "a bit better" on Friday, said an employee, who asked not to be named. He gestured at the clothes store's sales floor, which had only one customer. "You have eyes to see," he said.

The question is: How much will the security zone stretching along that part of Fifth make traversing it an ordeal? People are shuffling through narrow barricade-lined sidewalks past heavily armed men, an experience not conducive to window browsing. 

An admittedly unscientific check with a series of stores near Trump Tower found subdued activity in outlets ranging from jeweler Mikimoto to Louis Viutton, maker of luxury handbags and other goods. "We hope this all clears up," said a salesperson at fashion house Prada, who termed Friday's sales "so-so." 

The level of security "has been a problem" for retailers, said Tom Cusick, president of the Fifth Avenue Business Improvement District, a nonprofit group that fosters commercial activity in the area. The authorities told him they "will make some adjustments next week," presumably to improve customer accessibility and appeal. 

Not helping retail customer appeal is the controversial Trump's presence as a magnet for protesters. On Wednesday, an estimated 10,000 of them marched outside Trump Tower.

In January, Trump and his family will move to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington, D.C., although they most likely will return to their long-time Fifth Avenue home from time to time.

Editor's Note: According to our sources, Mrs. Trump doesn't want to move and Trump himself wants to come back "every weekend."  cbsnews.com

Protests continue in Philadelphia, LA, more
Immigrants and their advocates are continuing to march in Manhattan to protest Donald Trump's presidential election win. Demonstrations throughout the country - and the world - entered a fifth day Sunday.

Several hundred protesters in Philadelphia were marching downtown, some carrying signs that read "Donald Trump has got to go!"

A few hundred people gathered outside CNN's Los Angeles headquarters in a peaceful protest.
In San Francisco, hundreds marched from Golden Gate Park to Ocean Beach chanting "Love trumps hate!"

Demonstrations in other cities such as St. Louis, Denver, Chicago and more were planned. Seventy-one people were arrested in Portland, Oregon, late Saturday and early Sunday during anti-Trump protests downtown. Authorities said protesters failed to obey orders.  wpslocal6.com

Omnichannel's pervasiveness requires an efficient strategy for processing returns
Retailers are preparing for not only the busiest season of the year but also the onslaught of post-holiday returns.

Today's returns require a reverse logistics strategy that works from the consumer all the way back to the manufacturer. Inefficiency can result in reduced brand perception and customer satisfaction, abandoned shopping carts and loss of revenue.

Omnichannel retail has not only increased the number of returns but complicated the process, with more returns coming from more channels: A product bought online in Georgia and shipped from a Memphis distribution center could be returned in a store in Houston and sent via mail to a returns center in Ohio.

As omnichannel fuels more returns, fraud is rising as well, says Robert Moraca, NRF vice president for loss prevention. According to NRF's 2015 retail return fraud survey, almost 4 percent of total returns are fraudulent. Annual merchandise return fraud and abuse combined is estimated to be between $9.1 billion and $15.9 billion for the entire retail industry.  nrf.com

Rite Aid Says Convicted Ex-General Council Flip-Flopped In Fee Appeal
Rite Aid Corp. accused a once-imprisoned corporate counsel Wednesday of raising new or contradictory claims in the former executive's Delaware Supreme Court appeal seeking company payments for legal fees arising from charges filed after a $1.6 billion accounting scandal.

Brown was convicted on charges related to the misappropriation of Rite Aid's money, as well as obstructing investigations into the conspiracy behind the crimes. Federal officials accused him of submitting false documents to Rite Aid's Board to justify the conspirators' actions, as well as destroying evidence and witness tampering.

The former executive subsequently pursued four suits against Rite Aid in three different courts, "demanding that the corporation he looted pay his criminal defense costs." Rite Aid said.

Brown served more than five years of a 7.5-year federal prison sentence before his release in 2011. His fee lawsuit in Delaware estimated that more than $6.3 million had gone to investigation, preparation and defense expenses in the criminal case, although his attorney did not seek a specific amount.  law360.com
NYC: the bootlegging capital of the U.S.
Cost $1.6B a yr. in tax revenue

The enterprise has grown exponentially since the city and state quadrupled tobacco taxes between 2001 and 2011. As nationwide liquor sales have jumped 106% since 2000, the state's tax revenues on hard alcohol have risen by only 50%.

Prosecutors bring charges almost every week against smugglers who sneak in carloads of cigarettes, typically from Virginia, where state taxes are just 30 cents per pack, the second-lowest rate in the nation. New York levies $4.35, the highest in the country.

The state did create a "strike force" targeting cigarette smugglers two years ago, and arrests for alcohol, cigarette or tobacco smuggling doubled last year, to 133, the tax department spokesman said, and are on pace to increase again this year. But the underground economy is full of resourceful characters, and even with the state's crackdown, a study published last year by the National Research Council estimated that 45% of cigarettes sold in the city are smuggled in. A Tax Foundation study pegged it at 58%.

In poor areas, such as the South Bronx, more than 80% of cigarettes are contraband, according to a study by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Demand comes from the fact that a legal pack of smokes runs about $13 in the five boroughs, while smuggled cigarettes at a bodega typically cost half as much.

The big money is in cigarettes. Smugglers can make $13,308 per trip, mainly because many more cigarettes than liquor bottles can fit in an SUV.  crainsnewyork.com
Analysis: Holiday sales should increase, but profits will stay flat
Holiday retail sales should increase 2% to 4% over last year but retailers should not be expecting a similar profit boost.

National holiday shopping revenue is expected to be close to $850 billion. But growing online sales will keep pressure on storefronts as internet sales are expected to have another a double-digit increase (10% to 15%) over last year. chainstoreage.com
Director of Loss Prevention reposted for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in
Los Angeles, CA

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has an immediate opening for a Director of Loss Prevention who will be based in our Home Office in Los Angeles. The Director of Loss Prevention, in partnership with our field and store leadership teams, will be directly responsible for developing, managing, implementing, executing and validating the loss prevention functions and initiatives throughout the domestic territory, consisting of approx. 180+ stores and lending support to our 1000+ global franchise partners. The Director of Loss Prevention will supervise all loss prevention field operations and safety initiatives of the Sr. Manager of Loss Prevention. This position reports to the Director of Real Estate, Legal and Risk Management. apply2jobs.com

Senior Manager, Global Fraud Analytics & Point of Sales Investigations - Starbucks - Seattle, WA
This job contributes to Starbucks success by monitoring, investigating and auditing company systems and data for potential loss. We are looking for someone that has a keen eye and passion for digging into data, identifying anomalies, writing algorithms, and building output metrics. They will lead a team that uncovers these leads that requires further investigation and partnership with our field Partner & Asset Protection team and will be responsible for creating plans and programs to mitigate future risk. This position will help to train others and coordinate multiple projects within the program in accordance with established standards and best practices. taleo.net

Holiday disaster looms as UPS workers vote to strike

Kenneth Cole Shutting Down all 63 Outlet Stores

Burberry $124M Restructuring Costs Hit Pretax Profit

American Apparel Files Bankruptcy Again
Canadian Co. Buys Intellectual Property - No Stores

Last week's #1 article --

Some Mall Owners Looking forward to Macy's Closures


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LP Executive Helps Others Solve LP Challenges

This Rocateq USA executive understands retail Loss Prevention

Solving shrink and margin erosion challenges for retailers is nothing new to Tim Bartkowiak, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Rocateq USA. With previously held Director-level leadership positions with SpartanNash and Dollar General, Tim's understanding of the complexities of retail is a breath of fresh air for Loss Prevention executives looking to enhance their company profits through shrink reduction and expense reduction.

In a recent whitepaper entitled, "Pushing Out Profits: Loss Prevention's Missed Opportunity", it was revealed that losses due to shopping cart thefts, as well as large shoplifting "push-outs", cost retailers millions of dollars in losses each year. In fact, it takes an average of $4600 in retail sales to generate enough profit to replace one shopping cart. Since loss prevention departments are not typically responsible for purchasing replacement shopping carts, many loss prevention executives are unaware of how much money their respective companies spend on this preventable problem each year.

The truth is, losses caused by shopping cart thefts and shoplifting push-outs is enormous, and many loss prevention executives don't have visibility into these numbers. Once Loss Prevention executives obtain and analyze their organization's shopping cart replacement costs, an enormous cost-reducing opportunity is revealed. Rocateq USA's patented solutions not only prevent shopping cart thefts, but they prevent shoplifting push-outs, thereby helping to ensure your merchandise remains in-stock and available for customers.

Bartkowiak, a well-known loss prevention industry veteran, understands the intricacies of finding ways for loss prevention executives to add even more value to their organization. In fact, he has built a career on it!

Visit www.rocateq.com/usa for more information.

Rocateq USA: Closing the Gap on Profit Erosion

Rocateq USA is a leading international cart containment, and business intelligence solution provider. Rocateq USA is committed to providing retailer's quality, valuable and actionable technology, and software that contributes to smarter shrink control solutions and profit enhancement. As any retailer knows, smarter shrink control equals profit growth.

To find out more visit www.rocateq.com/usa

River Island Rolls Out Nedap !D Cloud RFID & Decathlon ramp up RFID usage
Two large European retailers are continuing their wide-scale RFID deployment as they look to the technology to help solve various pain points in their businesses, including inventory management, reducing loss prevention and boosting stock accuracy.

River Island has embarked on an international roll-out of RFID hardware and software in 280 of its stores, following an initial pilot last year.

Using Nedap's !D Cloud technology, the fashion retailer says it has been able to gain a better view of its stock and increase sales due to improved product availability.

The River Island project represents one of the largest RFID implementations with a native cloud application in the fashion retailing world. It is supporting a range of its modern retail services, including ship-from-store, buy online return in store and buy online pickup in store.

Jon Wright, head of global loss prevention & safety at River Island, explained: "In a world of omnichannel, product availability is king.

"Therefore, accurate stock data is vital for us to successfully offer omnichannel services to our customers. We are impressed with how advanced !D Cloud is, yet how little IT effort it takes to implement it, which makes adopting RFID extremely easy. This enables us to focus on the most important part right from the start - raising the stock accuracy in all our stores and gaining full control over our inventory through item-level visibility."

A growing number of retailers around the globe are looking to RFID to solve a number of pain points around stock accuracy and security, including Tesco's F&F fashion division, German fashion house Gerry Weber and menswear retailer Gieves & Hawkes.  essentialretail.com

Biometric Security for Retail:
Imageware Debuts First Ever Multimodal Biometric Authentication Solution for the Microsoft Ecosystem

ImageWare Systems, Inc., today introduced GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite, an innovative, multi-modal, multi-factor biometric authentication solution for the enterprise market. An algorithm-agnostic solution, GoVerify ID Enterprise Suite is the first ever end-to-end biometric platform that seamlessly integrates with an enterprise's existing Microsoft infrastructure, offering businesses a turnkey biometric solution for quick deployment in an afternoon or less.

Working across the entire enterprise ecosystem, GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite offers a consistent user experience and centralized administration with the highest level of security, flexibility, and usability.  eprretailnews.com

The Rise of Robots in Retail
The retail industry is on the precipice of a robotics revolution. While leading-edge retailers like Amazon have been using robots, their role has largely remained experimental or behind the scenes, primarily used in warehouses and fulfillment centers to perform pick, pack and ship duties. That is about to change.

Warehouses and Distribution Centers Today it's estimated the robots save Amazon $22 million at EACH facility. Walmart plans to use drones in its warehouses within the next few months to check inventory in a fraction of the time it takes humans today. 

Surveying Store Conditions Retailers are moving them to the front of the shop, allowing robots to roam the store floor to capture real-time information on shelf conditions, take stock of inventory and note planogram compliance and effectiveness.

Customer Service Robots are even being employed in more customer-facing, service-oriented roles. Brick-and-mortar retailers realize that to better compete with e-commerce giants, they need to improve customer experience and convenience in store - and robots can help.  

Robotics technology is maturing rapidly and breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, computer vision and natural language processing (which makes robots both more useful and more personable) are accelerating adoption. At the same time government agencies and standards bodies are working on standards and regulations to make robots safer and more interoperable with other IoT technologies.

Robotics Revolution retailers will first need a digital-ready foundation and an IT architecture in place that is capable of supporting pervasive, robust wireless connectivity, data collection and aggregation, flexible cloud computing, edge analytics, mobility, and more.

Editor's Note:

Fast Food Industry - One set of robots seems not to be mentioned much in all of these articles, but is coming very quickly to the industry that actually started the 'Fight for $15' campaign that ignited this whole push for raising the minimum wage across the nation, the fast food industry. Where robots are just entering the market that actually replace the cooks by making the hamburgers to perfection and to individualized specifications, and that's going to revolutionize that industry very quickly once they start to be rolled-out.

A fact that a former CEO of McDonald's pointed out in his article in the Wall Street Journal a number of months ago but was ignored due to the fact that it didn't support the "Fight for $15."

Security Guards - Access Control - Patrolling etc. Robots have just begun to make an impact and that will continue.  chainstoreage.com

37% of IT pros to look for new jobs in 2017
The most frequently cited reasons are: to advance my IT skills (cited by 69%); to get a more competitive salary (64%); to work at a company that makes IT more of a priority (40%); I'm burnt out at my current job (40%); to find a better work-life balance (38%); to get better benefits (401k, healthcare) (33%); to work with a more talented IT team (26%); to get better work-from-home options (24%); to get a better job title (22%).

More than half (59%) of respondents believe they're underpaid, yet only 24% expect a salary increase from their current employer in excess of 5% in 2017, and only 12% expect a promotion.

Faith in the hiring climate is another driver: 70% of respondents expect the IT job market to remain favorable in 2017, which is inspiring many IT pros to seek out higher paying jobs with greater potential for advancement. cio.com

Global Investigations Manager position posted for Square in San Francisco, CA
As a Global Investigations Lead, you'll lead a team of investigations staff to carry out systematic and formal inquiries to discover and examine instances of fraud and other loss cases on our payments platform. Working with our talented Risk, Compliance, and Engineering teams to to help protect our Seller community, this team is a vital component to help mitigate risk, and for the eventual recovery of assets. The investigations program is an important component of Square's Trust and Safety team, where you'll provide leadership and inspiration to your team, help Square manage risk, refer cases for adjudication, and assist law enforcement with civil and criminal process. You'll also work with our People team and manage our pre-employment background staff, in order to ensure fairness and compliance. smartrecruiters.com

Live interviews from the NRF Big Show January 2016

Driving Value Beyond
Loss Prevention

Paul Paglia, VP of LP & Retail Operations, DKNY

Learning how to drive value beyond your job description and becoming a full business partner is key to not only career development but also to surviving in today's retail environment. In joining DKNY in 2009, Paul Paglia obtained operational responsibilities in addition to his LP function. As VP of LP & Retail Operations, Paul shares how you can go from being viewed as "just the LP person" within your organization to eventually being looked at as "the solution person". Hear his step-by-step guide on how to make yourself indispensable.

Episode Sponsored By:

2016 Group LP Selfie Awards

Pizza Party/NRF Protect Free Trip Drawing

LP teams throughout North America continue to send in so many great "Group LP Selfies" to the Daily, sharing their team pride with the LP community, getting a commemorative plaque for their office, and earning a chance to win a free pizza party for their team. Greg DeTardo and Melissa Torreano of NuTech National join Gus Downing to pick three new winners. Also, see which lucky LP exec gets a free trip to the upcoming NRF Protect Conference!

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20% of 150,000 Instagram Posts of 5 Fashion Hashtags Sell Counterfeit
A recent study looked at 150,000 Instagram posts using the five most popular fashion hashtags: #LouisVuitton, #Chanel, #Fendi, #Gucci, #Prada.  The study found that nearly 20 percent of the posts featured counterfeit items!

Foucart said trying to enforce the law on social media is like playing whack-a-mole: when you shut down one bogus account, more spring up. In fact, the Instagram study uncovered that Instagram counterfeit kings are using sophisticated bots to run multiple accounts at the same time.

"We've seen criminal organizations that are selling counterfeit goods that are invested in gun running, forced child labor," Foucart said. "Counterfeiting can go to finance and fund terrorist activity."

Instagram responded to the study by saying that it responds to reports of counterfeit content sometimes within hours and proactively fights back with "sophisticated spam detection and blocking systems." wmcactionnews5.com

Alibaba Group Generated $17.8 Billion U.S. of GMV
on Nov. 11 Global Shopping Festival

"This year's 11.11 is a preview of the future of retail, where entertainment, commerce and interactive engagement intersect seamlessly," said Daniel Zhang, chief executive officer of Alibaba Group. "From the kick-off of warm-up activities to last night's countdown gala and all the way through the 24-hour global shopping festival itself, we've seen unprecedented engagement between consumers and merchants. 11.11 showcased how online and offline retail will be reinvented to offer brand new shopping experiences to our hundreds of millions of mobile, digitally savvy active users."  businesswire.com

Fake apps, fraud take joy out of holiday shopping
Criminals are going after the databases of online merchants and trying to engineer an account takeover, Pascual said. The crooks don't need to steal your credit card or debit card number, he said. Instead, they use information found elsewhere, maybe via a breach, to gain access to your online account with a given retailer.

Once they're in, the crooks could get access to the credit card you had stored with the online retailer. They might order something online and pick it up in the store. Criminals know that many people re-use passwords, so they can hack into accounts using passwords obtained via other breaches. "It's just a matter of the odds, at least some of them are going to hit," Pascual said. "They didn't have to go into the dark web and buy the card numbers." usatoday.com

Macy's continues its online growth in Q3

Hesperia, CA: San Bernardino Sheriff investigating theft of 400 televisions,
valued at $72,000

Authorities on Friday announced they're seeking the public's assistance in locating a man who was wearing dark clothing and a baseball hat when he stole a tractor-trailer loaded with nearly 400 televisions valued at $72,306 from the 9000 block of Tamarisk Avenue on Oct. 29. The tractor trailer, marked with "JTS Trucking," has since been located, but the televisions have not been found. Authorities have exhausted their leads and have asked for the public's help. San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department officials say the trailer contained 377 32-inch and 18 55-inch Samsung LED televisions. vvdailypress.com

Baton Rouge, LA: Albertson's employees steal $25,000 in refund scam
Police say three employees at a Baton Rouge Albertson's stole more than $25,000 through a return refund scam. Police officers were called to the store on Friday in reference to employee theft. Store management told officers that the three suspects used false return refunds to steal more than $25,000 from the store. Police say store security video showed the three employees completing the false returns then pocketing the cash from their cash drawers. The BRPD say Pitts admitted to scamming the business multiple times over a four-month period. wbrz.com

Ashland, OH: Rolling Meth Lab Found After Shoplifting Call
A rolling meth lab was found following a simple shoplifting charge. The Ashland Police Department arrested Joshua Paul Orr, age 34, at Wal-Mart for attempting to steal electronics. The officers towed his car, and subsequently found what they believed to be a One Pot Meth Cooker inside. METRICH Task Force, BCI, and Ashland Fire Department were called to the scene to confirm. It took the officers over an hour to neutralize the chemicals and tag all the evidence. Detectives from METRICH Task Force said all preliminary test positively indicate that the substances found are normally used for the process of making Meth. wmfd.com

West Haven, CT: Man Steals 55-Inch TV from Walmart, Greeted by Awaiting Police Officers; suspected in similar incidents

Hesperia, CA: $10,000 Worth of Merchandise Stolen From Hesperia Outdoor Power Equipment

Oconee County, GA: Hunter tries to steal $900 of equipment from Walmart, flees empty handed

Greece, NY: On Nov. 2, someone was detained after stealing $529.89 worth of teeth-whitening strips from the Mall at Greece Ridge

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Visit the ORC Resource Center

Shootings & Death

Guilderland, NY: Gunshots ring out at
Crossgates Mall

There have been no arrests yet in Saturday's shots-fired incident at Crossgates Mall. No injuries have been reported, and police are still looking for a suspect, described as a black male, 6 feet tall, weighing 180-200 pounds, and wearing a white shirt. The Guilderland Police chief said they are following several leads, and that the incident sprang from an argument that led to one person firing. When asked whether the incident might be gang related, Chief Carol Lawlor declined to comment. Members of at least 15-16 local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies responded to the incident. Police said the clearing of the civilians in lockdown inside the mall was slow because it is "huge," and following the proper procedure was a lengthy process. Mall officials opened the facility as usual Sunday morning, with a heightened police presence. wnyt.com timesunion.com

Update: Crossgates Mall returning to normal following gunfire

Kansas: Two Ex-Cons and a woman killed in crash fleeing Walmart, vehicle had stolen tag
Two Hutchinson men killed in a high-speed crash on Friday during a law enforcement pursuit had shoplifted a large amount of merchandise from the Newton Wal-Mart and were driving a vehicle displaying a stolen tag. The pair died after the driver of the vehicle, who was wanted as a parole absconder, attempted to avoid "stop sticks" placed in the highway by law enforcement and lost control of his car, slamming head-on into a semi truck stopped on the highway shoulder. The incident began about 8:50 a.m. when three people - the two men and a woman - attempted to steal $600 worth of merchandise from a Newton Wal-Mart. hutchnews.com

Robberies & Thefts

Vero Beach, FL: Three teenage girls Arrested For Smash-And-Grab Burglaries: used pickax
Police arrested Victoria Dejesus, 19, and Deztanie Dejesus, 19. The third girl is 15-years-old. The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office arrested them on grand theft charges in August. The pair also is under investigation for a series of pickax break-ins up and down the Treasure Coast. The thieves broke into Giorgio's NY Pizzaria and Computer Connection. sebastiandaily.com

Botucatu, Brazil: Burglary of a clothing store; EVERYTHING gone in 60 seconds
Thieves who broke into a clothing store in Brazil and pillaged its contents in just a minute. Video begins with six raiders, running into the store in Botucatu in southern Brazil during the early hours of last Friday. They immediately throw down two large rugs and quickly pull garments from shelves and throw them in. The video shows the bandits running to every corner of the Polo Play store hauling trousers, polo shirts and jackets from shelves and hangars. 9news.com.au

Orlando, FL: Burglars say Shop Owner tortured them, strip naked and held a gun point for 2 hours
A burglary call at an Orange County business ended with the arrests of not only the suspects who broke in, but the owner of the bicycle shop and two others, as well. The culprits claim the owner tortured them for hours before calling 911. They claim the owner of the bike shop made them strip down to their underwear, beat them and held them at gunpoint for more than two hours. whio.com

Gastonia, NC: Belk LP Agent assaulted; Shoplifter facing multiple felony charges

Florence, AL: Dropped purse during Belk Robbery leads to Assault and Robbery charges

Port Orange, FL: Man tries to steal at Walmart, leaves baby in car

Piercing Pagoda in the Pyramid Mall, Ithaca, NY reported a Distraction Theft on 11/12, item valued at $999

Zale in the Vacaville Premium Outlets, Vacaville, CA reported a Grab & Run on 11/12, item valued at $2,040

Credit Card Fraud

Verona, NY: Man guilty of using stolen credit cards in $10,000 theft; 28 victims
A Brooklyn man who once served time in state prison as a contract killer will be sent back to lockup after he was found guilty in Federal Court of using stolen credit card information at the Turning Stone Casino. Alexander then used these phony credit cards to buy expensive iPads from the Wal-Mart in Utica and withdraw cash from the Turning Stone Casino in Verona, authorities said. In total, Alexander stole $10,647 from his various victims' bank accounts. romesentinel.com

Roseville, MN: PD Investigating String Of Purse & Wallet Thefts


Fairbanks, AK: Juvenile identified in Michael's Crafts Arson

Skimming Reports

Skimming Gang hitting East Tenn. - Cops Warn Public
In recent months, local banks and consumers have made increased reports of the fraudulent use of credit/debit cards, which authorities say they believe result from criminals targeting gasoline pumps in the area.

"What we believe is there are several individuals who are working together and placing credit and debit card skimming readers on gas pumps in Sevier County and surrounding counties," said Bob Stahlke, spokesman for the Sevierville police.

Local, state and federal law enforcement agencies have been working on an investigation into the issue, he said, and on Monday they plan to discuss action that consumers and business owners can take to combat the problem.  knoxnews.com

Auntie's Market - Holyoke, MA - Armed Robbery
BevMo - San Luis Obispo, CA - Burglary
Beverage & Smoke - Lower Macungie Township, PA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Lindsay, CA - Armed Robbery
Campus Convenience - Keene, NH - Robbery/ Assault
Carriage House Boutique - Lemoyne, PA- Robbery
Cold Stone Creamery - Dayton, OH - Robbery
Computer Connection - Vero Beach, FL - Burglary
CVS - Columbus, OH - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Tuscaloosa, AL - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Whitley County, KY - Robbery
Domino's - Morgantown, WV - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Omaha, NE - Armed Robbery
Game PODS - Helena, MT - Burglary
Giorgio's NY Pizzaria - Vero Beach, FL - Burglary
Hesperia Outdoor Power - Hesperia, CA - Burglary
James and Wilks Pharmacy - Dyersburg, TN - Armed Robbery
Keva Juice - Carson City, NV - Armed Robbery
Knob Superette - Connelly Springs, NC - Shooting / 1 wounded
Kwik n Kold - Dayton, OH - Robbery
OSH Hardware Supply - Chico, CA - Robbery
Prospect Park Market - Des Moines, IA - Armed Robbery
Rhodes 101 - Cape Girardeau, MO - Shooting/ 1 injured
Safeway - Chico, CA - Robbery
Shell - Clinton, IA - Armed Robbery
Stripes - Corpus Christi, TX - Armed Robbery
Tobacco Town - Henrico County, VA - Shooting/ employee killed
Walgreens - Champaign, IL - Robbery
Wayside Liquor - Paso Robles, CA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Upper Southhampton, PA - Robbery

Daily Totals:
22 robberies
5 burglaries
3 shootings
1 killed

 Featured Job Spotlights

Vice President Asset Protection
Grand Rapids, MI

The Vice President of Asset Protection is responsible for strategic oversight and direction of Meijer's Asset Protection programs for the Stores, Distribution, Manufacturing and Corporate functions at Meijer. This executive position is accountable for the development and implementation of Asset Protection programs including Shrink Reduction, Risk Mitigation, Safety and Security Plans, Training, Investigations and Analytics to drive overall operating efficiencies while supporting the Company's strategic focus of a "Customer First" experience...

Director Loss Prevention
Dallas, TX

The National Loss Prevention Director will create and lead Loss Prevention programs for corporate owned/managed units. Create and review Loss Prevention program processes in stores to drive shrink reduction and bottom line profits. Provides leadership to operations teams and stores in the management of critical incidents...


Loss Prevention Director
Charlotte, NC

Design and develop programs and processes to reduce shrink, protect company assets, and improve Loss Prevention operational efficiencies.
Essential Responsibilities:
• Provide direction and supervision to the Loss Prevention corporate and field staff
Direct 4 corporate level staff (1 manager level and 3 specialists) and 6 field Loss Prevention Managers...

Director, Loss Prevention
New York, NY

Maintain inventory levels and reduce loss. Responsible for developing and maintaining the strategy for reducing shrink and increasing profitability within the Fashion division. Building programs to sustain a high level of Loss Prevention awareness in our boutiques, and support our MBR partners and corporate partners...


Global Security & Retail Loss Operations Manager
San Francisco, CA

The Global Security & Retail Loss Operations Manager will be responsible for the strategic planning and execution of projects/programs. You will ensure that projects are completed on schedule and to the scope established and agreed upon with key stakeholders...

Manager, Loss Prevention and Safety, Distribution Center
Hagerstown, MD

The LP and Safety Manager position is responsible for managing all aspects of loss prevention and safety for an assigned distribution center to reduce team member accidents and financial losses within the facility. • Conduct training on all loss prevention and safety related topics to provide the facility with an educated and aware team member base...


Specialist, Asset Protection
Miami, FL
The specialist, asset protection will oversee the protection of company assets within an assigned group of stores. This position will execute the asset protection program designed to minimize inventory shrink, workers compensation claims, general liability claims, cash loss and bad checks...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Bay Area, CA
Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:
• Conducts internal investigations related to theft, business abuse, and safety violations by conducting interviews, determining course of action, and writing reports. • Formal interview training, i.e. Wicklander-Zulawski or Reid Techniques...


Loss Prevention Specialist
Irvine, CA

Hourly position reporting directly to the RSC Loss Prevention Manager. Independently audits for compliance to Company Policies and Procedures. Uses results to further direct efforts toward specific training and development needs of the Distribution Center...

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Daniel Lumbard, CFI
was named Regional Operations Manager for Burlington Stores.

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Usually driven by opposing sides, debates are driven by individual experience and environmental influences that are often times invisible and therefore unrealized. But at the end of the day, regardless of opinion, all debates spur discussion, thought, and emotion. And that is what causes change and understanding.

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