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November 25, 2013


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NYC's Friday "Shop-and-Frisk" forum creates task force - given Monday deadline  The Rev. Al Sharpton gave retailers a drop-dead date" of Monday to appoint special task force on racial profiling. Retailers must appoint delegates to the task force and submit the list to the National Action Network today. The ultimatum came after an intense, three-hour meeting Friday involving Sharpton, other community advocates and top retail executives. "I feel like I’m holding my Christmas shopping money until I see what happens,” Sharpton said after the meeting. And he wants clarity on retailers’ policies regarding the level of access the NYPD has to their stores. We want this before the Christmas holiday and agreed-on policies with a monitor or we’re going to go ahead and do what we need to do,” he said, a veiled threat of civil disobedience toward retailers. Retailers gave the civil rights advocates a packet of documents they said are policies that they are enacting to address alleged profiling in stores. Both Barneys and Macy’s have blamed NYPD detectives for targeting the shoppers, a charge police officials have repeatedly denied. The NYPD wasn’t invited to the meeting. Kirsten John Foy, head of the Brooklyn National Action Network, said many stores admit they’re struggling with a new wave of identity theft and credit card fraud. Editors note: As reported earlier in the Daily when the story first broke - and indeed confirmed by the National Action Network in this article, the identity theft epidemic that's hitting this country may have played a role in this over reaction on the part of the NYPD. However clearly, the retail industry as a whole needs to address the issue of racial profiling. And while no retailer in North America has ever had such a policy, the individual actions of a few, even if it's only the NYPD, taint the entire landscape and warrants the creation of this task force. As the nations largest employer, the retail industry and the Loss Prevention community itself has the opportunity to take a leadership role in this effort and truly show the entire country that we will take every step necessary in training our store populations in anti-profiling. As this is a call-to-action moment in our industry and it's a time when all of us can make a difference. (Source

NYC "Shop and Frisk" meeting creates Task Force - working on industry-wide policies & standards -Racial Profiling occurs at all levels - Not Just an LP issue Addressing the profiling of all kinds throughout the retail community and stressing that it's not just an LP issue the group was challenged with eliminating racial profiling throughout the retail community. And created various committees such as those for community reinvestment and economic development (examining companies’ marketing plans to see how much of their budgets are directed to minorities); improving protocols for racial profiling, and security training. With the task force comprised of retail delegates, the names of which must be submitted today to the National Action Network, this working group must provide its first outline by December 4th to civic and retail leaders. The goal of the task force is to: create uniform training and standards for the LP industry and non-LP retail staff; to review the policies, procedures, and standards for detention of suspected shoplifters; to develop accountability by the retailers; to audit the anti-profiling training for effectiveness; and to ensure the voluntary compliance with the recommended policies. There were about a dozen retailers in attendance and “everyone acknowledged there are issues that have to be dealt with, sooner, rather than later.” The NYCLU’s Lieberman added: “It was good to have the retailers and civil rights leaders sitting around the table together with a shared commitment to figure out how to really put an end to racial profiling. There’s hard work to do. The missing link is the New York Police Department. They’re missing in action.” She added that the task force will set its agenda and start to move forward, but she is concerned about how forthcoming the retailers will be about their relationship with the NYPD. (Source

New York State Senator introducing legislation that requires cops in stores to be tracked after racial profiling allegations - the "Black Box of police activity and private businesses"  Following a barrage of allegations of racial profiling against black customers at Macy’s and Barneys, a state senator wants to force the NYPD to disclose extra police services it provides to businesses. Sen. Daniel Squadron (D-Brooklyn) is set to introduce a legislative proposal Monday that would require the mayor’s office to file an annual report listing any contracts the NYPD enters into for police services to businesses beyond normal protocol. The report, according to a draft of the bill, would have to list all arrangements for additional police services, any policies and procedures that regulate the practice, and a list of revenues generated. (Source

Toronto's "Stop and Card" policy has their police facing racial profiling claims - with $65M lawsuit filed by Black Action Defense Committee on Nov. 15th  A proposed class-action lawsuit seeks $65 million in damages and other remedies from Toronto police for alleged racial profiling practices and documenting of citizens. The suit, filed Friday by the Black Action Defense Committee, came in advance of a special Toronto Police Services Board meeting held on Nov. 18th over the controversial police practice of carding — encounters where police question citizens and document personal details in stops that typically involve no arrest or charge. Police defend the practice of carding citizens as a valuable investigative tool that allows investigators to make links between people and places, and say they target areas where violent crime is taking place. After many reports by academics, the media and court decisions, the police and board “haven’t done anything to address this at all,” so the committee is hoping a class-action lawsuit will allow for a “holistic comprehensive judicial remedy” to carding and racial profiling. (Source

ShopperTrak revises holiday traffic downward based on expanded sample
Using new traffic forecasting methodology, ShopperTrak now forecasts that 10% fewer shoppers will visit brick-and-mortar stores in the holiday months of November and December as compared to last year. In September, the company has projected a 1.4% decline in traffic. (Source

Thanksgiving shoppers will spend half their holiday budgets this week

Retail Net-Alert Welcomes Macy's and h.h.gregg to its Organized Retail Crime Network Notification System  Department store chain, Macys, and home appliances and consumer electronics retailer, h.h.gregg, have adopted Retail Net-Alert’s Organized Retail Crime Network Notification System as part of their efforts to combat theft and loss of merchandise to organized criminals. At the core of the Retail Net-Alert system is the mobile application that runs on any modern smartphone. The application features an easy to use interface for fast and accurate communication between teams and individuals, and integrates voice broadcasts and facial recognition capabilities to quickly react to criminal activities as they occur. Apart from clothing and electronics chains, Retail Net-Alert is currently being tested in other markets and industries including the grocery and drug store chains where retailers who also are frequent targets of ORC. “Our strategy is to work with the grocery and drug retailers in the near future to demonstrate that our awareness and notification system can make a difference to the safety of their employees and safeguard of their products,” Rob Strickland concluded. (Source

Scammers promise easy money in trolling for LinkedIn users
Scammers exploiting the weak job market are looking for hapless victims on LinkedIn, which has become a major meeting site for job seekers and recruiters. While job scams are regularly found on Facebook, LinkedIn was considered less susceptible because of its professional clientele, Stanescu said. However, it seems that a LinkedIn profile with a picture of a pretty woman posing as a job recruiter and promising easy money is too hard for people, particularly men, to resist. In a recent scam reported by Bitdefender, "Annabelle Erica," a good-looking blonde, promised to put job applicants in touch with hundreds of companies looking for English translators. Promising more than $3,600 a month, the profile included a shortened URL that linked to a website registered on a ".com" domain to avoid suspicion. The domain is a favorite among businesses. On the site, applicants are asked for their email addresses and the passwords to their accounts. The tricksters also ask for a credit-card number to pay the fee charged for finding the job. LinkedIn said in an emailed statement that it "immediately removes profiles that are found to be spreading inappropriate content or engage in spam/phishing." (Source

Mobile Malware, Virtual Currency Dominated 3rd Quarter Cyber Threats, McAfee Reports  Mobile malware, signed malware, spam spikes and virtual currencies were the four dominating cyber threats in the third quarter of 2013 “demonstrating the ongoing need for vigilance to protect sensitive data on the part of both enterprises and individuals. The third quarter also saw notable events in the use of virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin, for illicit activities such as the purchase of drugs, weapons and other illegal goods on websites such as Silk Road. The growing presence of Bitcoin-mining malware reinforced the increasing popularity of the currency.” (Source

Online gaming company settles $1M Bitcoin fraud case - Newark, N.J.
An online video game company accused of infecting thousands of computers with malicious software and using that access to illegally mine for the electronic currency Bitcoin has agreed to pay a $1 million settlement, the New Jersey attorney general’s office said Tuesday. (Source

Avoid the Smash-and-Grab in the #1 target - C-store/gas stations - 22,000 robberies in 2010-2011  Convenience stores are a top target for crime. According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, c-store/gas station robberies numbered nearly 22,000 in 2010-2011. Yikes! Store owners can apply these effective strategies to minimize risk: 1.Tighten cash-handling measures 2. Beef up security. 3. Stay bright. 4. Maximize visibility 5. Install surveillance. Most importantly, reemphasize to employees not to take things into their own hands. No matter how frustrating it is to incur a robbery, keeping everyone safe has to be the top priority. (Source

Fire Ravages Abercrombie Flagship in Paris
A fire has ravaged the Abercrombie & Fitch Co. flagship on Avenue des Champs-Elysées in Paris, and the store will require a full refit before it can reopen, according to a spokesman for the Paris fire brigade. The blaze broke out in a clothing display section on the second floor of the four-story unit shortly before 7 a.m. on Sunday and destroyed 1,075 square feet of retail space, said Lieutenant colonel Frédéric Grosjean. It took 60 firefighters and 18 engines to extinguish the flames, and the smoke damage is extensive. (Source

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Going inside cargo theft - great video
When driving down the highway, you probably wouldn't even notice a tractor trailer riding beside you. That trailer has the potential of being filled with stolen cargo headed for the black market entrepreneurs who can peddle it nearly anywhere. George Giles heads the New Jersey State Police Cargo Theft Unit, an elite squad of highly trained and very successful detectives. "These guys aren't playing around; they are definitely professionals." Giles said. This isn't a cheap operation either. The job is a million-dollar-job. The crew doesn't just operate in New Jersey, but throughout the Nation. (Source




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Thought Challenge


By Ken Gladney
Loss Prevention Coordinator
Half Price Books

Recently a peer and I were talking about integrity, and what does integrity really mean. The word or term integrity gets thrown around a lot in the business world. Specifically in our profession and industry everyone we speak with states they have a high level of integrity. Most organizations have vision and mission statements, values and principles that always have a bullet point about integrity. During job interviews we are often asked about integrity and what it means to us. As Loss Prevention professionals we deal with integrity issues or most often the lack of integrity. But, really what is integrity?

Webster’s defines integrity as “the quality of being honest and fair”. From a basic standpoint that sounds about right. We often associate integrity in the retail business world as “doing the right thing when no one is watching”. I would agree with that too. However, I would like to take it one step further. Is Integrity also “doing the right thing even though you may face negative consequences?” This sounds a little strange, because the foundation of integrity is honesty; and, if you’re honest there shouldn’t be any negative consequences. My thinking behind this is simple. Upon entering the U.S. Marine Corps. a recruit is introduced to fourteen Leadership Traits. One of which is integrity. In the Marine Corps integrity is the cornerstone of one’s character. Integrity in the Marine Corp. is about earning trust, and acting with honor when eyes are on you, and when no one is watching. By the way Honor is one of the core values of a Marine. In the Marine Corp. integrity is not just a word. It’s a culture and a belief.

I learned the true definition of integrity as a young Marine when I was faced with challenging and countering an order by a senior enlisted Marine. I knew that the outcome of the mere challenge was not going to be good. However, I knew that what I was doing was the right thing for my Marines, and the overall mission. I also knew that if it didn’t work out I was in for a long hard tour of duty. However, it did work out and the respect I gained from this harden old school Marine, as well as my Marines would carry forward forever. Most would argue that was really some form of intestinal fortitude, and it was. However, more importantly it was about my level of personal and professional integrity and doing the right thing. Remember as a Marine this was my culture and belief.

Carry that lesson forward to our business and industry world. How many of us would do the same in our everyday business? Would you challenge something, or do the right thing as you stare in the face of negative consequences? Do you really have the high level of personal and professional integrity you claim to have?

When it’s all said and done. No matter how far we have progressed in our profession. No matter how much money we’ve made. No matter how many possessions we’ve amassed; the only thing we take with us is our integrity.

Lastly I would like to close with this quote by an unknown person, “Integrity is choosing your actions based on values rather than personal gain”.

Just my thought....



Retail Net-Alert Welcomes Macys and h.h.gregg to its Organized Retail Crime Network Notification System

Macys and h.h.gregg to use Retail Net-Alert to combat theft and loss of merchandise from organized retail crime.

Atlanta, Georgia - Nov. 20th, 2013 – Department store chain, Macys, and home appliances and consumer electronics retailer, h.h.gregg, have adopted Retail Net-Alert’s Organized Retail Crime Network Notification System as part of their efforts to combat theft and loss of merchandise to organized criminals. Retail Net-Alert is a subsidiary of Atlanta-based Strickland Security & Safety Solutions, and uses a mobile application and encrypted database to improve the defenses of retail businesses against Organized Retail Crime (ORC).

ORC refers to professional shoplifting, cargo theft, retail crime and other organized crime occurring in retail environments. The FBI estimates that ORC cost businesses an estimated $30 billion a year with more than 94% of retailers becoming victims of such crime in the past 12 months. Such criminal events are increasingly brazen and violent, and show no sign of decline despite heightened security measures.

At the core of the Retail Net-Alert system is the mobile application that runs on any modern smartphone. The application features an easy to use interface for fast and accurate communication between teams and individuals, and integrates voice broadcasts and facial recognition capabilities to quickly react to criminal activities as they occur.

“We are thrilled to have both Macys & h.h.gregg on the team,” said Rob Strickland, President of Strickland Security & Safety Solutions. “The best method to combat the multi billion-dollar ORC problem is to take a collaborative approach that factors in people and technology and provide timely communication and information to key stakeholders.”

Todd Zimmerman, National LP Manager at h.h.gregg adds: “We have found Retail Net-Alert to be the fastest and smartest way to increase theft awareness in our multi-store company. We are confident that their systems will position us, and any company, on the cutting edge of protection against ORC.

Apart from clothing and electronics chains, Retail Net-Alert is currently being tested in other markets and industries including the grocery and drug store chains where retailers who also are frequent targets of ORC. “Our strategy is to work with the grocery and drug retailers in the near future to demonstrate that our awareness and notification system can make a difference to the safety of their employees and safeguard of their products,” Rob Strickland concluded.

About Retail Net Alert
Retail Net Alert is designed to assist retail loss prevention executives & store management with providing Organized Retail Crime (ORC) incident notifications to their peers and neighboring locations. The software can be customized to interface with local ORC email groups or to collaborate with fellow retailers. The software is available for every major smartphone, tablet and PC device. For more information visit the website

Retail Net-Alert Contact:
Robert Strickland, President
Phone: 800-422-9075




Kroger employee murdered on the way to his car after getting off work Saturday night sends shock waves through community  Police say 34-year-old Jack Combs was shot on the way to his car after getting off work Saturday night. Combs was a guest services clerk at the Hubbards Lane Kroger. Co-workers remember him as a nice guy who was always pleasant. Detectives are working with Kroger security to piece together what information they have; however, police do not have a motive. "It's kind of scary when you don't know what the motive was or why or if it was just a random act because then everybody could be a bit worried about it," said customer Chaz Rough. (Source

Aurora, Co., cop injured, Best Buy shoplifting suspect shot  Best Buy shoplifter Jonathan Steele was chased by Aurora police and stopped Friday afternoon. After the officer approached the open passenger side door, there was some kind of altercation. The car sped off. The officer got a shot off that hit Steele's leg. The officer was knocked to the ground. Veteran Aurora Police officer Jason Pray was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The suspect is facing charges of second-degree assault and vehicular eluding causing injury. (Source

2 Suspects Armed With Knife & Gun Robbed Victim Inside Towson Mall, MD. 4 P.M. Friday  Another robbery in Towson. This time police say a suspect pulled out a gun right in the middle of Towson Town Center. This after a violent struggle with the victim and a security guard. Police surrounded Towson Town Center searching for the two armed suspects. Investigators say a victim was inside the food court bathroom when two suspects flashed a knife and demanded money and a cell phone. The victim handed them over, and then chased the two men through the mall–pinning one against a wall. A security guard came to help and so did the other suspect. A violent struggle ensued and police say one of the suspects pulled out a gun. Both suspects got away. (Source

Robber fires shot inside Walmart College Grove in San Diego, while robbing register at returns counter Saturday night  Shoppers scattered in all directions when a robber fired a shot in a crowded Walmart at the College Grove shopping center in Oak Park Saturday night, San Diego police said. No one was injured as the robber escaped with cash he took from a cash register at the returns counter. "It was packed with holiday shoppers,” police Lt. Paul Rorrison said. “There were probably 20 people in the immediate vicinity.” (Source

Burglars cut hole in Melbourne mall roof, rob jewelry store in Melbourne, Fla.  Burglars broke into Reeds Jewelers in the Melbourne Square Mall on Friday after police say they cut or smashed a hole through the roof of the building, then cut a hole into the store and made off with “selected jewelry items.” (Source

3 Romania/Bulgarian men held in Chicago ATM-skimming fraud ring
Three local men accused of using "skimming" devices to steal bank account information they used to drain ATMs overseas and in Chicago, authorities said. The defendants were found to be part of an ongoing organized financial institution fraud ring in which fraudulent debit ATM cards were re-encoded with bank account information that belongs to victims in the United States and overseas." (Source

Two Polish brothers given suspended sentences - running online counterfeit Calvin Klein underwear scam  Craigavon Crown court, sitting in Belfast, heard that following a tip-off from Data Protection Act officials, police raided the home of Jankowski at Church Street, Portadown on May 24, 2012. Officers seized a total of 1,212 pairs of counterfeit Calvin Klein underwear and the two sold them on eBay for over 13 months, selling 1,007 pairs. (Source

Police looking for two male suspects hitting retailers in Harrisburg and Hershey, Pa., with stolen credit cards and access device fraud  Authorities are look for help from the public in identifying two men wanted for several thefts of credit cards and access device fraud. The thefts occurred at local businesses in downtown Harrisburg and Hershey, and the cards were then used at department stores, pharmacies and home improvement stores in between those two areas of Dauphin County, according to a Crime Stoppers news release. (Source

Fast-acting McDonald’s workers beat up robber, take gun in Houston, TX.
Two brothers, one a father and the other a soon-to-be father, did not think twice when three armed robbers stormed a McDonald’s near Willowbrook Mall late Thursday. Banks and his 21-year-old brother, Xavier, said it was around midnight Thursday when three men with guns pulled up to the restaurant. "As they pulled up, you can see a guy spring out through the window. He was armed and masked and everything,” One of the men climbed through a drive-through window, but Banks surprised the gunman and beat him up and took his gun after it jammed. Employees locked the drive-through window and waited for police to arrive, but the two gunmen outside shot out the window so the suspect inside could escape. Authorities said the three men left empty-handed, and they even left behind the truck they pulled up in, which was reported stolen. (Source

Significant spike in credit and debit card fraud in Western Montana - U.S. Secret Service "aggressively" investigating

Credit card skimming devices found at Flying J truck stop, Richfield, Utah

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Police searching for J.C. Penney robbery suspect

Bloomfield Township, Michigan repeat offender busted at Kmart

Long Beach, CA police investigate burglary at beauty supply store

Interpol praises effort of Dubai in fighting counterfeit merchandise trafficking; over $3,2 Million of fake merchandise seized 

Three wanted for questioning in credit card fraud in Wisconsin  Investigators need help identifying three suspects in a series of frauds in the Plover and Stevens Point areas. The three people are wanted for questioning after a recent rash of credit card fraud incidents. They may be responsible for over 78-hundred dollars worth of unauthorized purchases on credit cards. Portage County sheriff’s deputies say the purchases were made October 11th and 12th at Target and Trig’s in Stevens Point, and at Kohls, Lowes, Wal-Mart, Staples, and Chili’s in Plover. (Source

Delaware State Police Investigates Claymont Home Depot Robbery
Delaware State Police are investigating a robbery of the Home Depot on Naamans Road after one of the employees was sprayed with mace. Police said the incident happened on Friday around 12:45 p.m. as two suspects came out of the store with a shopping cart full of tools. A 40-year-old female employee approached the two men and asked for a receipt; she was sprayed in the face with pepper spray. (Source

Employees walk out at Peyton Manning’s Papa John’s in Denver following the treatment of management following a robbery  The Peyton Manning Papa John's location that was robbed at gunpoint didn't miss a single delivery after the scary incident because management forced them to continue making pizzas throughout the ordeal. Employees claim the district manager ignored police advice to close up shop for the night...out of consideration for the workers' emotional distress. (Source

Today's Robberies and Burglaries

Chicago arrest armed robber who killed off-duty officer working private security at c-store
Canton, Ga., Police Hunt Jewelry Store Robbery Suspects
Richland, S.C., sheriff’s deputies investigating two violent armed robberies
Police investigate armed robberies at Portland restaurants
Attempted Greenville, N.C., robbery ends with speedy arrest
Richmond, Va., police kept busy with two robberies armed within four hours
Ultra Diamonds in the Burlington Coat Factory in Orlando the victim of a $4,499 grab and run
Hilton Head Ultra Diamonds loses a 2CT. Solitare ring, valued at $12,699
CVS – armed robbery - Johns Island, SC – suspect in custody
CVS – armed robbery – Ashland, Virginia – caught on camera, no injuries reported
Walgreens – armed robbery – Cincinnati, Ohio – no injuries reported
Dunkin Donuts – armed robbery – Philadelphia – 4 suspects wanted, no injuries
Harvey, IL police officer shot responding to an armed robbery at a T-shirt shop




Fencing Operation identified - San Bernardino police arrest 30 hitting retailers in 2 day operation  Police arrested 30 people ranging in age from 14 to 60 during a two-day operation in which detectives partnered with local retailers to nab suspected thieves. Detectives from the San Bernardino Police Department joined with loss prevention agents at Target, TJ Maxx, Stater Bros. Markets, Macys, Ralphs, Sam’s Club, Sears and Walmart on Thursday and Friday to identify and arrest people suspected of stealing merchandise, according to a police news release. (Source

Pair arrested for ATM skimming device in Lake St Louis, Mo. - Turning money into gift cards - Eastern Europeans  As reported in the Daily for a few weeks 300 Lake St. Louis residents had been reporting their card numbers being used all over town and in other states. Officials say Arman Simonyan and Vahe Akopyan were arrested in November 15 in Omaha, Nebraska. The suspects were found with over $140,000 in cash, several thousand dollars worth of gift cards and other evidence in the case. (Source

Thief Steals 20 North Face Jackets From Store in Skokie
November 19th between 11:52 a.m. 11:53 a.m. an unknown person(s) stole 20 North Face jackets from the North Face store and fled. (Source

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21 Great Ways to Conquer Stress
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7 Tips to Manage Your Email
You have practice with managing your employees; you know when they are comfortable with what they are doing and can be left alone, or when they may need some help and advice, but your email is another story. It seems to always pile up, can't tell you what's important to read and what's not, yet it is our primary form of communication. Use these tips to get your inbox under control and help manage your email process. (Become a master of efficiency)

10 Thoughts That Can Super-Motivate You  The ability to keep yourself motivated is the key difference between if you will succeed or if you will fail.  Use these ten thoughts to keep you on that path to greatness! (Motivation comes from managing your mind and your emotions)

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As all of us progress in our careers, we carry our past with us. And as one pointed out in response to last Wednesday's tip, that past is written in "indelible ink" that can't be simply erased in the process of attempting to reinventing ourselves. On the contrary, it must be recognized, accepted, and critically reviewed for any of us to successfully reinvent ourselves. Self-reflection and self-assessment is a difficult task for all of us, however, without it how are we to truly grow. Reinventing one's self is not a transaction, it's a process that continues through life and can only happen if we're honest with ourselves and truly willing to make changes. But in paraphrasing a famous 20th century philosopher, Joseph Campbell, he said we are today what our yesterdays made us, but we can be tomorrow whoever we wish to be as long as we start being it today. It may not be simple, but it does start with a first step.

Just a Thought,
Gus Downing

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