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November 26, 2013


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Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

This is a first time ever look behind the scenes of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade from an LP operational perspective. The information being shared for our reader will give you a look at the complexity of coordinating large scale national events with law enforcement and the measures taken by LP to protect the brand.

The 86th Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade took place on Thursday, November 22nd 2012 at 9:00 am in New York City. It is estimated that upwards of 3 million viewers line the parade route from the starting point at 77th Street down to its final destination at the Macy’s Flagship Herald Square store at 34th Street. In addition, the audience on NBC’s nationwide broadcast allows another 50 million people to make the parade part of their Thanksgiving tradition.

Macy’s Loss Prevention plan is put together by Larry Sechuk-VP Law Enforcement Outreach/Special Operations, Walter Avelin- LP Operations/Law Enforcement Liasion and Dave Dagney-LP National Events. The planning process begins in February. There are four distinct operations; rehearsal, balloon inflation, parade and dismantling/deflation. They are spread over four days. As the safety of attendees is of paramount importance meetings are held with NYPD, FDNY, Port Authority Police, FBI and DHS to identify potential issues and develop contingency plans. Starting in September Sechuk provides monthly updates to Tom Roan-Group Vice President / LP. A final review of the Loss Prevention plan is presented to senior management by Roan and Sechuk two weeks before the parade.

The Loss Prevention Team must also coordinate crowd control and protection for talent during rehearsals at Herald Square on the three nights before the actual parade. One of the busiest crosstown streets, 34th Street, is closed each night to allow performers and the camera crews to coordinate timing and ensure that the marks are hit.

The Balloon Inflation takes place on Wednesday at 77th and Central Park West. This has become a major event as well. It draws tens of thousands of onlookers who want to get a sneak peek at the balloons. At 10:00 pm the process of clearing the inflation viewing audience from the perimeter around the Museum of Natural History begins. Once this is accomplished Central Park West must be made ready to stage the float convoy. This year 55 floats were part of the parade. The convoy is escorted by Macy’s LP, and Police through 45 of busiest streets in Manhattan get to their destination on Central Park West.

During the overnight hours Macy’s LP must prepare access routes for guests who have tickets to the grandstands. They must also maintain a secure perimeter from 67th Street to 86th Street to keep unauthorized personnel out of the staging areas. At the same time a separate LP operation seals off 34th Street outside the Herald Square store to allow construction of the grandstands.

Thanksgiving morning presents its own set of challenges.

Macy’s grandstands uptown and downtown allow over 17,000 ticketed guests to view the parade from some of the best viewing locations along the route. Macy’s LP partners with the Stapleton Group and their Vapor Wake K-9 dogs to screen all guests prior to reaching the stands.
Thousands of volunteers who march in the parade must be brought to secure locations to be costumed and then brought to the start line at Central Park West.
A separate operation for the 800 children who ride the floats must be staffed and managed by the LP team.
A ‘frozen zone’ from 34th Street to 39th Street and from Broadway to 8th Avenue must be created and maintained to facilitate the dismantling of floats and deflation of the balloons.
All celebrities who ride the floats must be escorted at all times during the parade.

After months of preparation and planning it is finally time for a parade! Over 150 Macy Loss Prevention executives team up with the FBI, DHS, FDNY and thousands of New York’s finest to ensure that the parade goes according to plan without incident and that Santa arrives at Herald Square promptly at 12 noon.

In addition to the parade in NYC Sechuk and his team are also involved with the planning and safeguards at Macy’s events nationwide during Thanksgiving week. These include; 2 additional parades, 5 tree lightings and 6 window unveilings. All of this in addition to normal 4th Quarter activities that the team is involved with!


*This article was originally published on November 29, 2012.




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Albuquerque's ORC Effort - Chief Raymond Schultz & Karen Fischer, Strategic Support Div. Mgr, APD

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News Brief - Sponsored by WG Security Products

Steve McClain was named Vice President of Loss Prevention for Big Lots.
Steve was previously the Executive Vice President for Universal Surveillance Systems. He had various leadership loss prevention roles in retail as well including Senior Vice President of Asset Protection for The Sports Authority, Vice President of Asset Protection/Customer Retention for Hollywood Entertainment and Director of Assets Protection for Target Stores. Steve acquired his Bachelors of Science in Business Administration/Criminal Justice from Truman State University. Congratulations Steve!

Archie Hogue was named Vice President of Asset Protection/Safety for BJ's Wholesale Club Inc. Congratulations Archie!

Crime, Punishment & Retailing - "Since 9-11 ORC has Grown Exponentially" The Call for an Independent Investigative Body - an article in one of the retail industry's leading blogs - NOT an LP group  Organized retail crime is escalating, but can law enforcement cope with a global crime spree and a new class of criminal? Unfortunately, organized retail crime (ORC) has come a long way. Retailing has become a big piñata and unless there is a concerted, national effort, we stand to lose the battle against ORC the way we are losing the war against drugs. Since 9/11, and with a global recession as a catalyst, ORC has grown exponentially. It is a $30 billion industry that also includes cargo theft, truck hijacking, gift and credit card fraud, and illegal merchandise returns. It has morphed into an international criminal conspiracy with deep roots in Central and South America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East—and conventional wisdom has it that some laundered money from boosted merchandise is funding international terrorism. The question is whether law enforcement, despite some major busts and felony convictions, is really making headway. Boosters are brought in from Central America and ferried around by drivers with lists. They can be in and out of a store in under two minutes, and most times on their way home while local law enforcement is still doing the paperwork.  A New Gangster Squad Needed - I believe we need an investigative agency dedicated to organized retail crimes with strong ties to Interpol, state and local law enforcement, subpoena power and a budget that will enable the group to establish a national database of crimes and criminals and to carry out surveillance activities. I know I shouldn’t use the S-word (surveillance) these days but you can’t always depend on transgender whistleblowers. The problem is also that ORT, or Organized Retail Theft as the FBI calls it, is an investigatory patchwork with no one agency responsible. At this point, I’m not sure that even major associations like NRF are involved in tracking the database. But Ives made it clear that the FBI is not. believe we need a new agency to combat this immense threat, one with its own director and be independent of the FBI, CIA, NSA, Treasury and Homeland Security and accountable only to the Attorney General. And for God’s sake let’s keep politics out of it. (Source

Lawmakers target racial profiling by retailers - The Retail Anti-Profiling Act
Legislation introduced in Albany would require NYPD to annually disclose policies and practices of Barneys, Macy's, Saks and other city stores that pay city hourly fees to hire off-duty uniformed officers. State Sen. Daniel Squadron and Assemblyman Walter Mosley announced the Retail Anti-Profiling Act on Monday. Their bill would require the city to disclose information in agreements that involve additional policing of private businesses, such as Macy's and Barneys New York. (Source

Mobile POS moves to the masses this holiday season
Mobile point-of-sale is being rolled out more broadly by retailers such as Coach this holiday season as marketers brace for showrooming and create compelling in-store experiences. Additionally, a report from Yankee Group earlier this year found that of the merchants surveyed with 500 or more employees, 61 percent had either deployed mobile POS technology or plan to do so by the second half of 2014. "A lot of specialty retailers in particular have been looking at enabling a more Apple-like store experience, where every employee can help and every employee can check out on the spot,” Ms. Baird said. “And I think we’ll see more of that next year.” (Source

URM stores upgrading security following credit card fraud attack  CEO Ray Sprinkle of URM Stores, Inc. said on Monday that he is working to clear up a recent Cyber attack which impacted customers. Secret Service agents are investigating dozens of fraudulent credit card purchases being made across the U.S. The victims are mainly people from Eastern Washington who have made purchases at URM Stores according to authorities. The attack hit the URM payment processing system. The stores hit include Rosauers, Yokes, Super One and Trading Company, among other URM properties. At least 12 Yoke’s Fresh Markets and 21 Rosauers stores were affected. (Source

Mall owners and operators fearing extinction in a digital world - Is the Omni Mall Coming?  While that’s not what’s happening, they are at a tipping point, seeking formats and ideas to reestablish the relevancy of their properties and to reverse declining traffic trends. Traditional shopping centers have to rethink their layouts because the consumer today has limited time. "That’s why the Internet is so popular because it is saving people time.” It’s about how you complement the Internet, providing things the Internet can’t provide, not so much how you compete with the Internet.The biggest challenge is figuring out how to take advantage of this omni opportunity. (Source

One-fourth of Black Friday shoppers plan to start on Thanksgiving evening

Sears considering selling Canadian stores

Nordstrom Pursues Tech-Savvy Move to Install iPads in Fitting Rooms

$1M lost in attack against Bitcoin Internet Payment Services - It's already happening and it hasn't even really started yet

Intel will let online shoppers pay by tapping contactless card or NFC phone against computer

RFID could be a secret weapon for retailers on Black Friday
Macy’s and American Apparel are already seeing improved inventory accuracy and financial results from having RFID installed across a wide portion of their stores. Both retailers stand to be big winners on Black Friday. Nearly three quarters of consumers will walk away from a retail store if a product is not on the store shelf when they are shopping. The research further demonstrates the danger that out-of-stocks represent to retailers, and the value of RFID when it comes to keeping products in stock. “Our research raises concerns about the ability for large, global businesses to effectively adapt their supply chain processes to anticipate and manage the stress of major shopping seasons like the upcoming holidays, including the critical need to maintain the right items in stock and deliver products on time.” “Clearly, RFID and the ability to track through the entire supply chain is an enabler of getting the right product to the right place at the right time,” he says. “Consumer loyalty is getting ever more fragile because there are some pacesetters out there who are applying world class thinking to their operations around logistics. (Source

Facing the facts of facial detection
Tesco is planning to install face-scanning technology to target advertisements to individual customers when they are at the till. The UK's biggest grocer who has 450 petrol stations will be rolling it out shortly. The technology works by identifying a customer's gender and approximate age. The idea is that an advertisement can be shown tailored more specifically to that demographic. What it's doing is taking the personalisation of advertising to a different level, so rather than simply presenting customers with advertisements that may or may not be relevant to their preferences, targeting is more defined. (Source

Cargo Thefts Decline But Losses Increase Dramatically
New report from the logistics security services provider, FreightWatch International, shows it recorded a total of 212 cargo thefts in the United States in August through September, with 76 thefts in August, 84 in September and 52 in October. The average loss value per incident during the period was $256,586. Compared with the previous three-months thefts decreased by 9%, while the average loss value increased by 58%. (Source

Holiday e-retail to jump 15% this year
Holiday e-retail sales will hit $78.7 billion this year, up 15% from $68.4 billion last year, according to a projection released today by Forrester Research Inc. It defines the holiday shopping season as November and December. (Source

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Next Monday, Dec. 2, we will be broadcasting our latest episode from the Loss Prevention News Network - An exclusive interview with former Albuquerque Police Chief Ray Schultz, the man who helped create the very first public ORC network and model that changed the nation's approach to ORC. Stay tuned!

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Tiffany Q3 up 7% with worldwide net sales up11%
Brown Shoe Q3 up 4.9% with sales 12.4%
Cracker Barrel Q1 up 2.5% with sales up 2.8%
Fred's Q3 up 1.4% with sales up 2%
Citi Trends Q3 up 0.6% with sales down 2.4%
DSW Inc. Q3 down 0.7% with sales up 6.8%
Children's Place Q3 down 0.7% with net sales down slightly
Chico's FAS Q3 down 1.4% with net sales up 3%
Barnes & Noble Q2 retail down 4.9% with revenues down 7.5%

With tomorrow being a busy day of travel, we will not be publishing. Be safe on the roads and we at the Daily would like to wish you, your team and your family a very happy Thanksgiving, and we hope you all have a safe and profitable Black Friday. See you Monday!


LPNN - Loss Prevention News Network

Interview Series

Coming Monday, December 2

Interview with Albuquerque Police Department - A Three Part Series

In this three part series, Chief Raymond Schultz of the Albuquerque Police Department and Karen Fischer, Albuquerque's Strategic Support Division Manager discuss how their public-partnership model emerged and came together to help fight organized crime, how it works, and what the future will bring it. Learn how their model evolved into the highly efficient database sharing and website that helps law enforcement and loss prevention executives fight retail crime.

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The Zellman Group Makes Commitment to the
Mexican Recovery Business

Zellman Group Mexico becomes fully registered corporation, located in Mexico City

Greenvale, NY – Nov. 25, 2013 – The Zellman Group – a leading third-party provider of loss prevention, audit and retail solutions – today announced that it is extending its services to Mexico with a new office located in Mexico City.

Effective today, Zellman Group Mexico is now a fully registered corporation. The New York-based firm is partnering with attorney Luis Rio y Llarena, who will oversee the new office located in Polanco, Mexico City. Luis Rio y Llarena brings years of consulting experience to the partnership, having practiced law in both Mexico and Spain.

"We are the first company making a commitment to the recovery business in Mexico," said Stuart Levine, Founder, President, CEO, CFI, CFCI for the Zellman Group.

About the Zellman Group
The Zellman Group was founded in 1997 by Stuart Levine, a veteran of the retail Loss Prevention industry. The unique New York-based firm offers a quality and innovative alternative loss prevention solution to all retailers and food service companies. Developed over the years, with direct input from retail and hospitality clients, The Zellman Group’s managed solutions are a customizable series of best practices that can flexibly apply to companies of any size and segment. With class-leading services in Civil Recovery, Analytics, Investigations, e-Commerce Fraud, Auditing, Consulting and Mystery Shopping, the Zellman Group is the only recovery vendor that is BBB Accredited with an A+ Rating.

For more information, visit



Golf Anti-Counterfeiting Group's Efforts Leads to Elimination of 60 Counterfeit Websites  The U.S. Golf Manufacturers Anti-Counterfeiting Working Group today announced that a preliminary injunction has been issued by the Southern District Court of Florida to shut down 60 websites where counterfeit clubs and products were reportedly being sold. (Source

Burglars broke in through Target roof in San Antonio - police release surveillance images from September  Investigators say the burglars apparently broke in through the roof of the store without setting off the alarm. Officers say the burglars rappelled down into the store, then spent a long period of time placing items near the fire exit. When employees showed up, the burglars walked out the fire exit, setting off the alarm. Meanwhile, the employees believed they had accidentally set off the alarm. Investigators said the same group is suspected in a similar burglary at a Target store in New Braunfels last week. (Source

Former server arrested on 51 counts of identity theft, credit card fraud in Orange Beach, AL.  A former server at two Orange Beach restaurants was arrested this morning and charged with 51 counts of identity theft and two counts of fraudulent use of a credit card. (Source

Calgary parolee male gets another 1 year in Jail for Credit Card Fraud
Police caught Tyler Schatschneider using fraudulent credit cards at Swift Current's Walmart on November 14th, and he had also made fraudulent purchases at two other local businesses. He was convicted of similar charges in Alberta and had been on parole. (Source

Arrests Made After Shoplifting Suspects Lead Chase Near Butler Plaza in Gainesville, Fla.

Pair arrested after report of shoplifting in Marlborough, MA: mall security officer assaulted

Kwik Trip Employee Admits to Stealing $1,100 in Olmsted County, Minnesota

Alert Olympia Sports associate help bust a local counterfeit ring in Westport, Connecticut; three arrested  According to police, an employee from Olympia Sports, 403 Post Road East, Westport reported that a male was attempting to pay for merchandise with what the employee believed to be a counterfeit $100 bill. The employee would not accept the bill after noticing it was counterfeit and the suspect left the bill behind and fled the scene. The employee provided a description of the suspect and the suspect’s vehicle to police and it was quickly located by Police. (Source

Arrest warrant issued for suspects in slashing of store security guard in Saskatoon  Police in Saskatoon are looking for two suspects in the slashing of a store security guard during a shop-lifting incident earlier this year. A warrant has been issued for Kaitlin Shawna Faye McGillivary. She is accused of theft and being a party to an assault. Police are also looking for a male suspect, about 30 years old, on charges of assault with a weapon and aggravated assault. Last May, officers were called to a Saskatoon department store where an employee had been wounded in the neck. Investigators determined that a woman had been acting suspiciously and, when employees approached her, a man got out of a waiting vehicle and began slashing at them. The suspects fled in the vehicle. The injured security guard has recovered. (Source

6 life terms in prison for Santa Clarita Valley, California electronics store robber Jahrell Hayes has been sentenced to six consecutive life terms plus 182 years in prison for his role in a string of armed robberies of electronics stores in the Santa Clarita and San Fernando valleys. The two men were arrested more than a year ago for robbing a Santa Clarita Valley AT&T store at gunpoint. The jury found Hayes guilty of: six counts of kidnapping for the purpose of robbery; seven counts of kidnapping; 10 counts of second-degree robbery; two counts of false imprisonment by violence; one count of possession of ammunition by a convicted felon. (Source

Windsor Police release surveillance photo of G&G Jewelry robbers Windsor police and Crime Stoppers are looking for public help to identify the suspects in a break and enter at G & G Jewelry last Wednesday. The overnight heist at the downtown jewelry store happened around 3:40 a.m., that's when the alarm alerted police. The suspects reportedly entered through the back of the store, using a tool to pry open the door. (Source

Man charged in $100K ‘smash and grab’ phone theft in Edmonton
An 18-year-old Edmonton man is facing charges after a heist that saw approximately $100,000 worth of cellphones stolen from a store in Spruce Grove. RCMP spokeswoman Cpl. Colette Zazulak said most of the phones were iPhones, with a few Samsung Galaxies. The phones were stolen during a “smash and grab” at Maximum Mobility, a Telus store in Spruce Grove. The theft occurred shortly before midnight on Nov. 14, the same day a shipment of $100,000 worth of phones arrived at the store. (Source

Deer Bursts Through Window of New Jersey Frozen Yogurt Shop  A deer burst through the window of a frozen yogurt shop in New Jersey, causing $5,000 in damage as it slipped and slid around the store before it ran out, the owner says. The deer somehow broke into the front window of Peachwave Yogurt Store in Holmdel, N.J., on Oct. 14, around 10 p.m.; the deer escaped unharmed. (Source




The D&D Daily appoints new ORC Advisory Council

The Council's Mission Statement:

The D&D Daily's ORC Advisory Council was formed to help guide and steer the Daily's direction in reporting, supporting, and developing the nation's ORC efforts. With the intention of developing this public vehicle into being able to add value on a state and national level. By documenting and tabulating the trends, we can educate the overall industry and hopefully help influence the retailers, the legislators and the public response.

As the only public vehicle truly reporting and documenting "publicly reported" ORC crimes on a national level, we have a unique vantage point that enables us to truly educate the industry and legislators with a level of creditability never before available. Armed with this information, we can then help ensure that we continue to build and develop the resources we need as an industry to combat this growing problem.

Council Members:




UTORCA – Utah Organized Retail Crime Association

By Britt Davidson, UTORCA Board Member

Salt Lake City, UT

With Organized Retail Crime growing larger each year and costing retailers an estimated $30-$35 billion across the nation in 2012, law enforcement and retail professionals across the state of Utah have decided enough-is-enough. “Criminals are working together and using technology to their advantage, so why can’t we?” says Ben Becker, current Chairman to the UTORCA Board of Directors. By using a secure website, only accessible to approved law enforcement and retail loss prevention professionals, the two groups share information for one common goal; to solve crimes. Since its creation in early 2012, UTORCA has had nearly 600 cases uploaded to its website. Of that, approximately 55% of the suspects involved in the cases have been positively identified which has led to numerous arrests and charges being filed for these once “unknown criminals.” Because of its high success it has also gained 500+ law enforcement and loss prevention professionals in and around Utah in its short two years of existence. The website has been so successful in solving crimes in Utah, that it is now gaining members in Idaho. “It just makes sense.” says Cody Evens, ORC Detective from the Boise PD, when discussing the use of the UTORCA website and partnerships between retail and law enforcement.

Who should apply? While UTORCA is a secured website, anyone employed in law enforcement or retail loss prevention can, and is encouraged to, apply for membership.

Why should you apply? According to the FMI ORC report, Utah lost an estimated $283 million to theft and ORC last year. That calculates to $13.3 million lost in sales tax revenue, or enough to pay a year’s salary for 261 police officers in the US. (This figure is based on the median expected salary of a patrol officer in the United States.

What is the cost of membership to the UTORCA website? Nothing; UTORCA recently gained its non-profit status and is 100% free to its members.

To begin the membership application process, click on the link provided


Shoplifting Ring hits Kmart in Chesterton, Indiana, again
Apparently the same shoplifting gang foiled on Thursday in their efforts to steal from the Kmart in Chesterton. According to police, at 11 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 16, three women and one man--the same suspects in Thursday’s incident--entered the store with baby carriers. The four then proceeded to fill the carriers with electronics and women’s apparel. In addition, they filled diaper bags from the store with merchandise, police said. When two of the women left the store, a loss prevention agent confronted them, prompting them to flee. The other two suspects, a woman and the man, remained inside, hiding, and when the agent returned to the store they also fled. Kmart estimated the loss on Nov. 16 at around $2,000. The agent further advised police that the four are “the same suspects from shoplifting incidents in the Valparaiso, Merrillville, and LaPorte Kmart stores.” (Source

Louisville Couple accused of stealing $40,000 of Dillard's merchandise; Employee Theft  According to an arrest warrant, the thefts took place from the Dillard's at Mall St. Matthews from Dec. 1, 2012 to Nov. 14, 2013. Police say Lindsay Desselle and her husband, Lucien Desselle, were involved in the crime. Lucien Desselle is a former employee of the store, and while working there, he would select high-priced merchandise and place it in packaging priced at a lower amount. Police say Lindsay Desselle would then enter the store, select the high-priced merchandise, and then her husband -- a cashier -- would ring up her merchandise for the lower cost. Together, they stole roughly $40,000 of merchandise which was later sold on the internet. (Source

Babies R Us hit for over $600 in merchandise in Boardman, Ohio
An employee for the store told police the four suspects came into the store, removed security sensors off of four Swing Brand breast pumps and concealed the merchandise in large bags. Each breast pump is valued at $169.99. Altogether, the store lost $679.76 from the theft. (Source

“Protection 1 is proud to be sponsoring the D-D Daily ORC column to ensure the LP industry gets the information, education and critical data they need to fight this national epidemic.”
Rex Gillette, VP Retail Sales, Protection 1.

Do you have an ORC case to share? Publishing it educates the LP & retail community
which might fuel even more jobs and funding.
Share your ORC news and help the industry grow

Vendor Spotlight


Intelligent Loss Prevention - OPEN Merchandising System

OPEN Merchandising System faces high-theft products in an open-sell environment with integrated security features. By detecting product movement, the OPEN System sends alerts if an unusual amount of products are removed from a facing. Making theft public the moment it happens gives store associates time to respond well before the shoplifter nears the exit.




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Business Development Executive Hart Systems United States Hart Systems
Asset Protection Manager Louis Vuitton Las Vegas, NV Louis Vuitton
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Regional LP Manager Spencer Gifts Chicago, IL Spencer Gifts
Director of LP Children's Place Los Angeles, CA Children's Place
Director of LP Children's Place Houston, TX Children's Place
Director of LP Children's Place Chicago, IL Children's Place
Sales Executive Checkpoint Systems East Coast Checkpoint Systems
Sales Executive Checkpoint Systems West Coast Checkpoint Systems
Service AP Manager Best Buy Elkridge, MD Best Buy
Regional LP Manager Forever 21 Towson, MD Forever 21

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Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Tucson, AZ Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Olathe, KS Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Garden City, NY Lowe's
ETL Assets Protection Target Eureka, CA Target
District LP Manager Big Lots Denver, CO Big Lots
Flagship Mgr LP Old Navy New York, NY Gap Inc
LP Manager Macy's Birmingham, AL Macy's
District LP Manager Walgreens Bedford, NH Walgreens


On the Move: Home of the Industry's Original - Sponsored by Cival Demand Associates

Steve McClain was named Vice President of Loss Prevention for Big Lots.
Archie Hogue
was named Vice President of Asset Protection/Safety for BJ's Wholesale Club Inc.
Cynthia Linke
was named Territory Loss Prevention Director for Burlington Coat Factory.
Scott Walters was named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Burlington Coat Factory.
Brent Smerczynski was named Corporate Asset Protection Manager - Operations for 7-Eleven.

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Why Business Leaders with a Higher Purpose Have More Engaged Employees  The secret to getting your employees revved up and excited for the work day, starts with the leaders. If your work doesn't fulfill a higher purpose, your employees won't become engaged, or enthusiastic for that matter. Use these tips to help create a culture that will get your employees actively engaged. (Don't treat all employees equally)

5 Things Smart Managers Know About Building Teams  Building a functional team that can work together towards a common goal can be difficult. Everyone has different skills, personalities, and characteristics, but if you use these five tips, you are well on your way to helping your employees and your company prosper. (Play to each person's strengths)

Are Your Employees Connected to a Common Good?  Your employees are going to have different interests, but a shared value and common purpose are essential in keeping a cohesive community of people within the organization. They want to feel like they are making a difference, not just a paycheck. Having a common good in which your employees feel unified doesn't just make your employees feel better. (Connect on a deeper level)

How to Show Appreciation and Get Better Results from Your Employees this Holiday Season 
It's the season for giving thanks, but it shouldn't be limited to just around the dinner table; show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work and you may find it profits you too! Take the time to show you're thankful by using these tips. (Make an "appreciation day")

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Accepting criticism and feedback is probably one of the hardest things to do especially if it’s unexpected or from an individual or group that’s not really informed well enough to offer constructive criticism. Coming from our superiors or client’s criticism and feedback can truly be valuable and help mold the path a person needs to take in changing or modifying behavior and improving relationships. It all boils down to whether or not you’re willing to accept it and really hear what they’re saying or not saying. It’s human nature to automatically respond defensively and rationalize what you’re hearing thus avoiding having to own it. However, the wise person learns to listen and force themselves not to respond other than to acknowledge that they heard it.

Just a Thought,
Gus Downing

Gus Downing

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