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December 5, 2013


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The Robin Report - Retail Industry Leading Blog - Still features "Crime, Punishment & Retailing" article on home page as first article you see - Calling for independent investigative agency dedicated to ORC with strong ties to Interpol, state and local law enforcement, subpoena power and a budget that will enable the group to establish a national database of crimes and criminals and to carry out surveillance activities. I know I shouldn’t use the S-word (surveillance) these days but you can’t always depend on transgender whistleblowers. (Source

Green Dot telephone bomb threats involving prepaid Visa cards continue
Telephone bomb threats involving prepaid Visa cards. It's a new trend being reported throughout the country, and right here in Pima County. At least a half dozen stores in the past couple weeks have been the target. Including two separate CVS Pharmacies in Tucson Wednesday afternoon. One at Alvernon and 5th, the other at Speedway and Alvernon. The caller demands Green Dot Cards be activated and loaded with cash, or a bomb would go off. Wednesday's threats are being called a hoax. Two CVS stores within blocks each other, customers employees were evacuated mid-afternoon, until authorities gave the all clear. No explosive devices were found. The FBI in Atlanta recently posted an alert warning consumers of such scams. To date no explosive devices have been found anywhere in the county, linked to this type of threat according to the FBI. (Source

National Council of Chain Restaurants issues statement against today's nationwide fast food protests  Today’s protests against the food service industry, orchestrated by special interest groups on behalf of organized labor, are part of an ongoing effort to replace fact with fiction while ignoring simple truths. t is a well studied and accepted fact that beyond teenagers and some part-timers, the vast majority of restaurant workers make more than the starting wage. Workers at the thousands of quick-service restaurant locations across the country are committed to their jobs and realize that these positions provide a foundation to develop skills and knowledge that lead to greater opportunities for advancement, within the restaurant itself or with future employers. (Source

US government to review facial recognition technology
The Obama administration will early next year launch a review into the privacy issues for users when their images are captured by video recognition technology. The fear is that tech companies and government agencies are using such technologies to track people, often without their knowledge, according to The Hill. A number of mobile payment firms are trialing video recognition in order to speed up checkout and payment processes in shops and cafes. (Source

Retailers Post Weak November Sales
Retailers reported weaker-than-expected sales in November as a slew of deals and promotions, particularly during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, wasn't enough to entice shoppers to open their wallets. The seven retailers tracked by Thomson Reuters that have reported so far recorded a 1% increase in November same-store sales, or sales at stores open at least a year. Many retailers, including the major department stores, no longer report monthly sales data, making it difficult to get a snapshot of the entire industry from the few that still report. (Source

MasterCard: Electronics retailers record triple-digit growth on Thanksgiving
MasterCard Spending Pulse reported that U.S. electronics retailers hit the jackpot with their early Thanksgiving openings, recording triple- digit growth on Thanksgiving Day this year compared to 2012. Overall, there was a clear shift in consumer spending from Black Friday to Thanksgiving Day this year. Retail sales on Thanksgiving were up 23.68% year-over-year, while Black Friday sales were up only 2.87%. The Luxury sector benefitted from both days, with strong double-digit growth on both Thanksgiving and Black Friday. (Source

Kohl's to keep stores open 100 hours straight - 6 a.m. Dec 20 to 6 p.m. Dec 24th

Dollar General accelerates expansion, again with 700 new stores in 14'
That's new LP jobs with a strong retailer. During the first nine months of this year, the company opened 577 new stores and remodeled or relocated 534 units as part of a full-year plan to open approximately 650 new stores and remodel or relocate another 550 locations. The company said it operated 11,061 stores as of Nov. 1. As if those figure weren’t large enough, in 2014 Dollar General plans to open 700 new stores and remodel or relocate 525 stores resulting in square footage growth of 6% to 7%. (Source

2 million stolen login credentials discovered for Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, other sites  Almost 2 million stolen website and email login credentials were found on a botnet command-and-control server, with most of the compromised accounts belonging to Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn and other popular services. (Source

International Payment Card Fraud Ring Based in Latvia Shut Down
They compromised payment card information from cash machines. The stolen data was used to make payments in the US, Thailand, the Dominican Republic and Mexico. Authorities from various countries have cooperated in gathering evidence against the criminals, including financial information, online communications, bank transactions, CCTV pictures, and illegal equipment. A total of 8 suspects have been arrested by police. Russian authorities had previously arrested other alleged members of the group. (Source

Dexter POS malware "actively being used to steal credit card data in U.S."
The point-of-sale (POS) malware, dubbed “Dexter,” which recently impacted banks in South Africa costing businesses millions, is actively being used to steal credit card data in the U.S. and abroad, analysts warn. "People that are running point-of-sale systems should take better care of them to keep them from turning into a point of pain," he added. Businesses should be privy to the growing threat of POS malware. (Source

Point-of-sale Malware Infections on the Rise, Researchers Warn
New attack campaigns have infected point-of-sale (PoS) systems around the world with sophisticated malware designed to steal payment card and transaction data. (Source

6 most common FAQs of Barcode vs RFID

Hackers’ server with over 2 million stolen passwords found
Every now and then, security researchers come across a server used by hackers to store stolen account credentials. The latest instance of this has been flagged by Daniel Chechik and Anat (Fox) Davidi of Trustwave’s SpiderLabs, who have discovered a stash login credentials for nearly two million online accounts. More that 75 percent of these are website login credentials (Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, vKontakte, etc.), followed by some 320,000 email account ones, 41,000 FTP, 3,000 Remote Desktop, and 3,000 Secure Shell account credentials. (Source

November Same Store Sales Results

Dollar General up 4.4%
Rite Aid up 2.8%
Costco up 2%
Fred's up 1%
Cato flat
The Buckle down 0.6%
L Brands (formerly Limited Brands) down 5.5%

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Canada's Dollarama Q3 up 4.8% with sales up 14.2%
J Crew Q3 up 4% with revenues up 11%
Kroger Q3 without fuel up 3.5% with sales up 3.2%
New York & Company Q3 up 3% with net sales flat
Mattress Firm Q3 up 2.9% with net sales up 18%
Wet Seal Q3 down 0.8% with net sales down 5%
Guess Q3 North American Retail down 5% with revenue down 3%
Aeropostale Q3 down down 15% with net sales down 15%




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Season Two Kicks Off
October 28
"Can Wages Buy Honesty?" with Harvard Professor Tatiana Sandino & Jim O'Connor, VPLP Bed, Bath & Beyond

November 11
Interview with Lisa LaBruno, Sr. VP Retail Operations, RILA

December 2
Albuquerque's ORC Effort - Chief Raymond Schultz & Karen Fischer, Strategic Support Div. Mgr, APD

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Season 2

New England ORC Event Coverage

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Jim O'Connor, VP of LP on Developing an LP Culture

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Organized Retail Crime Series

Interview with Albuquerque Police Department - Part 3

In this three part series, Chief Raymond Schultz of the Albuquerque Police Department and Karen Fischer, Albuquerque's Strategic Support Division Manager discuss how their public-partnership model emerged and came together to help fight organized crime, how it works, and what the future will bring it. Learn how their model evolved into the highly efficient database sharing and website that helps law enforcement and loss prevention executives fight retail crime.

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Thought Challenge

2012 Second Place Thought Challenge Winner

Life Lesson

by Jon Grander
Vice President, Asset Management
Brown Shoe Company

On November 5th, 2012, I lost one of the most important and influential people in my life, my Dad. His name was Lloyd George Grander and he had a great 82 years, and I was able to enjoy my life by being part of his. As my sister and our families met with the Pastors to prepare for his Funeral, we naturally migrated to all of his accomplishments. Whether it was his Masters degree from Rutgers University, his 30 plus years of being treasurer of the local Rotary Club or being a principal and educator for over 40 years, we were proud of what he did. When we had exhausted everything we could about his career, memberships, and other accomplishments, the Pastor asked two simple questions:

1. What do you remember most about your dad, in other words, what are you going to miss the most?
2. What makes you smile when you think of him?

Those two questions had a profound impact on me and my thoughts shifted. Two things came to mind when I thought about the first question. First was his faith. My parents were both very active in our church throughout their lives. This was more than just attending Sunday service. They were involved in making our place of worship a better place. He did whatever it took, and sometimes, just whatever my mom wanted. He was service oriented and even though he touched so many lives, he was always very humble. Second was his love. My parents were married for 56 years. They truly were that couple that still held hands every day. Although years had put wrinkles on their faces and skin, they still looked at one another like it was the first time. The love they had for one another was beyond something I could put into words. His love for my sister and I, as well as our spouses and children was something I’m not sure everyone gets to experience, but wish we all could. The love that he had was also shared with the relationships he had with people he came into contact with. As we were telling people about my dad’s passing, I had the opportunity to contact his college roommate, (My dad graduated college over 60 years ago but maintained this relationship). Of course his roommate was sad about the news, but shared some memorable stories I had never heard before.

As I thought about the second question, it was obvious that my dad’s sense of humor was the thing that made me smile. He had a very funny sense of humor and would use it to tease people. While some things he said may be considered unfiltered, people that were receiving the teasing loved it because it came from dad. Not sure how he got away with some of the things he said, but I came to realize that they knew how much my dad cared for them, so it was never taken as offensive or in a manner that made people feel badly. Back when he was a Principal, his students would go out of their way to pass my dad in the hall so they could get teased. It made them feel special and connected with him. At my dad’s funeral one of the nurses at the Assisted Care Center he resided stated that my dad always asked how she was doing. She acknowledged being teased relentlessly by my dad, but followed up by saying that each time he asked her a question like how she was doing, he meant it in the most genuine manner. I also found out after his death he was known to give his treasured flashlight collection, generously to night shift nurses so they’d be safe going to their cars at night.

Like many of you, I have read countless books and articles on leadership, management, and personal development. Sometimes the most meaningful things in life don’t come from books but from experiences and people that you interact with day to day. When I think of my dad’s life, he lived the life I aspire to live. He had faith, love, integrity and purpose. He valued people and genuinely cared about the people he interacted with.
Imagine how differently we would conduct our day to day business with questions similar to the ones the pastor’s asked me... what do you enjoy most about the people you work with everyday? Do you ever tell them that or would you wait to eulogize them when clearly it’s too late? What makes you happy about your job and life? Do those two things compliment or conflict one other?

My dad was a great man, and I will miss him greatly. As he was a teacher in his career, he also taught me some of the most important things about life. To pay his life forward, it’s an honor to share some of his memories with you and our LP Community. My thought challenge for you is to reflect on the two questions above as it relates to you. How do you want people to remember you and what do you want them to smile about when thinking of you? What’s your life lesson?



Cobalt-60 theft: Radioactive tractor-trailer found EMPTY in Mexico, hijackers to die within days or minutes  A tractor trailer that was stolen while transporting a deadly cargo of highly-radioactive cobalt-60 has been found empty in Mexico. The lorry was found in a car park near the small farming town Hueypoxtia - close to where it was hijacked while the toxic material was being transferred to a hospital to be used in cancer treatments. According to Juan Eibenschutz, director of the Mexican Nuclear Agency, direct exposure to cobalt-60 could result in death within a few minutes. The thieves may have been opportunists with no idea what they were getting into when they approached the sleeping driver with a gun and ordered him to leave the vehicle. (Source

Fake UK telephone crew gets 32 years in prison for stealing $408,000 in copper phone cables  With a stolen telephone co. van - overalls - hard hats -posing as roadside workers - the gang of 10 committed a large number of thefts over a six month period between April and early December 2012, operating at different times of the day and night. Prior to embarking on these expeditions the thieves received crucial tip-offs from BT employee Zeki Mehmed that enabled them to successfully target specific sites all over London and the Home Countie. Gang members posed as roadside workmen, wearing high visibility vests and setting up cordons and cones before thieving the cable. Busted after a six month investigation and caught red-handed cops seized a stolen phone van packed with two tons of copper cable worth thousands. Between the 10 members they got 32 years in prison. (Source

4 hit Target store with stolen credit cards in Jacksonville, Fla.

Walmart video reviewed in Detroit Lakes bomb scare
Walmart is reviewing its surveillance video as authorities try to determine who is responsible for a Black Friday bomb scare that led to an evacuation of the Detroit Lakes store. (Source

Laurel, Mississippi Police to host shoplifting prevention seminar Dec. 9th

Jacksonville, North Carolina Police seek identities of 3 suspects in credit card fraud: Target hit for $1700

NYC Police Search For Queens Clothing Store Burglar; Man Entered Store Through Roof, Stole $5,000  Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying and tracking down a burglar who stole $5,000 from a Queens clothing store last month. At around 4 a.m. on Nov. 24, the man entered Venzini Clothing Store at 30-64 Steinway Street in Astoria through a hole in the roof. The NYPD has released a surveillance photo of the suspect. (Source

Alexandria, Virginia Wal-Mart employee flees when questioned about alleged theft  Alexandria police arrested a Wal-Mart employee Tuesday after the Coliseum Boulevard store's loss prevention officers called for assistance in chasing her. Alexandria officers responded and apprehended Mekayla Russell, 21, of Alexandria. The officers discovered that, as loss prevention officers were questioning Russell about an alleged internal theft, Russell ran from the store. Officers searched Russell and found illegal pills on her. Further investigation found that Russell allegedly took more than $3,500 from her register while working at Wal-Mart. (Source

Missoula Man Charged With Stealing Over $3,000 From Walmart
A Missoula man, Lucas Lee Kibler, was charged in Missoula Justice Court on Wednesday, December 4, with felony theft by embezzlement while he worked at Walmart. Police responded to Walmart on December 3 for a report of an employee accused of theft. The manager told police that Kibler had worked at the store from October 30, 2013 to November 30, 2013, and in that period had stolen approximately $3,150. The manager provided surveillance video that he stated documented the thefts. (Source

Ocean Township, NJ police seek man who assaulted loss prevention officer at Target  Police are searching for a man they say assaulted a loss prevention officer at the Target store in the Seaview Square mall Wednesday during a shoplifting incident. Store employees told police that the man had been shoplifting at 12:30 p.m. After being confronted, they said the man shoved the loss prevention officer and pushed him to the ground. The loss prevention officer suffered minor injuries. (Source

Juvenile charged in arson at Palais Royal store in the Northwest Mall, Houston, Texas  A juvenile has been accused of setting three Houston business on fire, including a department store at Northwest Mall, fire department officials said Wednesday. No injuries were reported in any of the fires, including one about 1:30 p.m. Tuesday at Palais Royal department store. Store video surveillance showed a person moving in the clothing section at the time of the fire and leaving just as the smoke and fire progressed. The juvenile also was accused of setting fire on Tuesday to a restaurant and another fire at a nearby convenience store. (Source

Boscov’s Loss Prevention stops a woman with nearly $1400 in merchandise in Scranton, Pennsylvania  A Scranton woman faces a misdemeanor theft charge after attempting to steal $1,382.41 worth of merchandise from Boscov's on Tuesday. Faith Bronson, 34, concealed some clothing in several bags while shopping at Boscov's at about 9 p.m. Tuesday, and attempted to leave without paying. Bronson is being charged with retail theft. (Source

Van drives through a convenience store to attempt to steal an ATM in Bluffton, South Carolina; Attempt failed  Bluffton, South Carolina Police are investigating what they say was a failed attempt to steal an ATM from a local convenience store. It was after hours, and the doors were closed and locked. Investigators say two men stole a van, then crashed it through the front of the building around 3:30 Tuesday morning. (Source

Man snatches ring from Tiffany's store in Cincinnati
Police say a man snatched a ring from the hand of a Tiffany & Co. store clerk on Thursday in downtown Cincinnati. It was reported around 11:45 a.m. at the Vine Street location, which is adjacent to Fountain Square. Authorities say the male suspect asked to see some jewelry in the store and took off with a gold diamond ring. (Source

Oklahoma City Police look for man in connection with Goodwill store robbery  Police are trying to identify a man who is wanted for questioning in two separate crimes in Oklahoma City. A man walked into a Goodwill store, 2124 NW 23, about 3:45 p.m. Nov. 19 and stole a backpack out of an office. He was seen on a surveillance video that police have released. Police think the same man may have been involved in an attempted robbery about 6:50 a.m. Nov. 15. (Source

Shoplifting mother leaves child behind in a Kmart in St Louis  St. Louis police say a shoplifting mother left her 4-year-old child behind when she ran out of a K-Mart in south St. Louis. Surveillance video shows store security trying to stop the 35-year-old woman for trying to leave without paying for several items. But she starts to struggle and then the woman’s friend, a 31-year-old male, gets involved in the fight. Police say the woman sprayed mace at the security officer and then she and the man ran out of the store leaving the 4-year-old boy behind sitting in a shopping cart. (Source

Drunken burglary suspect fell through roof of a store in Ormond Beach, Florida Police in Florida said they arrested a drunken suspect who fell through a department store roof during an alleged attempted burglary. Willard, who was earlier given a trespass warning when he tried to return to the bar where he was kicked out, was unable to force his way into the Publix store, so he climbed onto the roof of the neighboring Bealls Outlet. Deputies said Willard attempted to enter the building through an air conditioning conduit and ended up falling through the ceiling of the store. (Source

Today's Robberies and Burglaries

Two men charged with Chesterfield, Mo., jewelry store robbery
BR 17 year old indicted in string of armed robberies in East Baton Rouge
NOPD investigating 2 armed robberies in eastern New Orleans
Chestertown, Del., Woman Arrested for Another Shore Stop Armed Robbery
Boost Mobile – Brooklyn Park, MD – Knifepoint Robbery – no injuries reported
Dollar General – Knoxville, TN – Unarmed Robbery – suspect apprehended within hours




"Shoplifting crew" hit Kohl's Evesham, N.J.
The trio hit Tuesday night, police said. The unidentified trio walked into the store just after 8 p.m. and shoplifted more than $1,500 worth of merchandise before taking off, police said. Video surveillance caught all three, police said, and they're are asking anyone who recognizes them to contact the department at 856-983-1116. (Source

Officers Bust traveling Counterfeit Credit Card ring in Boise
Boise Police were notified this morning by local employees of a major retail chain about suspects attempting to use what appeared to be counterfeit credit cards at one of the retailers local stores. Officers found the suspects, all of whom have out-of-state identification, to be in possession of multiple counterfeit credit cards, or cards made using stolen financial account numbers. Officers found evidence the suspects were using the counterfeit cards to purchase store gift cards and merchandise at stores in both Boise and Meridian. Evidence recovered also indicates that the group had traveled from California just yesterday for the purpose of perpetrating this counterfeit credit card scheme here in Idaho. (Source

California couple guilty of cross-country identity theft, credit card fraud; admission of nearly $400,000 in charges  The second of a two-person counterfeiting team, charged with identity theft and credit card fraud from Florida to California, pleaded guilty Wednesday in an Atlanta federal court. Elton Lee Flenaugh, 34, of Richmond, Calif., who also used the aliases of Josh Ford and Ali Waheed, will soon be sentenced on one count of possession of 15 or more counterfeit or unauthorized access devices, and one count of aggravated identity theft. Part of the plea agreement required Flenaugh to admit he was responsible for $200,000 to $400,000 in fraudulent charges. (Source

Two men steal $650,000 of wine from Seattle wine shop  Two men broke into Esquin Wine & Spirits, which contains 450 privately-rented wine storage lockers, around 2:30 a.m. Nov. 29 and painted over its security cameras. Taking advantage of the holiday weekend, the men stole more than 200 cases of wine over the next 13 hours during nine trips in an SUV. Afterward, the men reportedly cut the gas lines into Esquin and attempted to ignite them. It didn't work, One suspect has been arrested. (Source

Von Maur Store employee charged with stealing $15,000 of shoes in Louisville 
Louisville man has been arrested for stealing approximately 150 pairs of shoes from the store where he worked. Louisville Metro Police say Jeffrey R. Penn, 24, stole the shoes between May 1, 2012 and November 14, 2013 while employed at Von Maur in Oxmoor Center. Penn admitted to the thefts after he was confronted by Von Maur management and told authorities he would list the shoes for sale on eBay. According to police, the value of the stolen shoes was $15,000. (Source

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Vendor Spotlight


Inaugural School Security Solutions Symposium Hosted by Axis Communications

One-day event provided a forum for local schools, law enforcement, industry consultants and leading technology vendors to discuss proactive school safety and emergency response plans

CHELMSFORD, Mass. – December 3, 2013 – Axis Communications, the market leader in network video surveillance, hosted its first School Security Solutions Symposium to discuss planning and technology trends in school security at the Axis Experience Center in Chelmsford, Mass. on Nov. 8.

Nearly 30 local school practitioners, law enforcement professionals, industry consultants and leading technology vendors participated in 10 sessions, including a focus group discussion, technology expo and two keynote presentations on implementing school safety and emergency response plans and an overview of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).

Nicholas Pasquarosa, Jr., a Yarmouth Police school resource officer for the Dennis-Yarmouth Regional School District, spoke to attendees about the importance of creating a plan and gaining support from faculty, IT, facilities and first responders. “Don’t wait until an incident to bring your team together,” Pasquarosa said. “We hope the unimaginable never happens, but if it does, you need to be prepared. Every minute you spend planning and training now could make the difference in an emergency situation.”

School safety plans are not one size fits all and must be adapted to changing threats, Pasquarosa went on to explain. “You can’t copy and paste a security plan because every school is different. Create a plan specifically for your school, your faculty and your community,” he said.

James Smith, a security consultant and CPTED practitioner, discussed how drug activity, community crime rate, the presence of gangs and outsiders and even traffic patterns for vehicles and pedestrians can have significant impact on the ability to establish and maintain a safe school.

“Schools can implement security procedures and equipment upgrades identified through a CPTED audit on an incremental basis to reduce costs. Both existing and new school facilities under development can greatly benefit from new, more efficient lighting and other security technologies,” Smith said.

The forum agenda emphasized how planning and technology can address key areas of school security, including awareness, proactive, action, reaction and recovery. Attendees learned about some of the latest technologies for IP video surveillance from Axis, video synopsis technology from BriefCam, smartphone alert applications from ELERTS, Genetec video management software and outdoor lighting based physical security solutions from TOTUS Solutions.

“The unfortunate reality today is that schools are facing destruction of property, theft, bullying and even violence. It’s more important than ever for schools and local law enforcement to be proactive and develop school security plans,” said Steve Surfaro, security industry liaison, Axis Communications, Inc. “As schools continue to put measures in place, we felt it was important to provide a platform for these discussions and the opportunity to share best practices and learn from each other’s experiences.”

Axis plans to host similar educational symposiums in major U.S. cities throughout 2014. To learn more about Axis’ product offering for education facilities, please visit:

Matt Flanagan
fama PR, Inc.


Domenic Locapo
Axis Communications Inc.



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LP Manager Sears Silver Spring, MD Sears Holdings Corp
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Leominster, MA Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Asheville, NC Lowe's
District LP Manager Walgreens San Mateo, CA Walgreens
LP Manager Nordstrom Canada-Alberta-Calgary Nordstrom
Regional AP Manager Luxottica Los Angeles, CA Luxottica
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