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The NRF LP Protect 2016 Effort & Impact
Bob Moraca

Quick Take 6

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2016 GLPS - Group LP Selfies
Your Team - Your Pride - Our Industry
One Team at a Time

GameStop Asset Protection team volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House

"GameStop is a family of specialty retail brands that makes the most popular technologies affordable and simple"


Front Row (Left to Right): Stephen Ortiz, LP Coordinator; Asia Crawford, OV Agent; Monica Trevino Sr. Mgr Asset Protection; Mary Pham, LP Coordinator; Michael Nguyen, Project Specialist

Middle Row (Left to Right): Deborah Beene, AP Administrator; Kim Frazier, LP Coordinator; Nadine Bruggeman, AP Manager; Brandy Barker, OV Agent; Kenya Graves, OV Agent; Cody Valadez, OV Agent; Robert Niemeyer, OV Supervisor

Back Row (Left to Right): Dusty Gunderson, Sr. Counsel; Mitchell Williams, LP Coordinator



Kendra Pryce, CFI promoted to Director of Investigations for Nike

Kendra has been on the Nike team, holding different loss prevention and investigations roles throughout her career, since 2008. She started in Loss Prevention Pacific Northwest at Nike in 2008, and worked her way up the ladder, to hold such titles as Global Loss Prevention Operations Manager, and Global Investigations. She was also a Loss Prevention Manager for Macy's West and part of the loss prevention team at Target. Congratulations Kendra!

Kimberly Sanders named Senior Manager of Asset Protection Operations for JCPenney

Kimberly was previously the Regional Asset Protection Manager for Toys "R" Us for over two years before taking this new role. She has also held other loss prevention and investigations positions such as District Loss prevention Manager for Kohl's Department Stores and Regional Investigations Center Team Leader, Assets Protection Business Partner and Executive Team Leader of Assets Protection for Target. She was also a Police Officer for the Arlington Police Department for over five years. Kimberly earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Forensic Science from Baylor University. Congratulations Kimberly!

Sales of fake Nikes funding terrorism
Study Draws Definitive Link

Sales of counterfeit Nike shoes have helped fund terrorism around the globe, according to a new report sponsored by the French government.

So have the sales of counterfeit clothing, perfumes and other accessories, as well as drug deals, cigarette smuggling and the proceeds of other criminal activities.

In fact, some 20 percent of financing for terror groups comes from those channels, prompting the Investigative Project on Terrorism to comment that the Islamic terrorists who attacked Paris in January 2015 "earned money from drug trafficking and counterfeit sales, including Nike shoes."

"The Belgium city of Molenbeek, home to a disproportionate number of radical Islamist terrorists and sympathizers, is strongly associated with counterfeit activities. In 2012, for example, authorities there seized about three tons of counterfeit clothes, perfumes, and other accessories," IPT said.

The terror monitor noted: "Terrorists' reliance on counterfeiting has attracted further attention with the rise of Islamic State terrorist networks. Without a formal state sponsor, and facing considerable setbacks in Syria and Iraq, ISIS may start to rely more on crime to fund operations. The terrorist organization also extensively recruits European operatives with criminal backgrounds."

The report is from the Union des Fabricants (UNIFAB), which "was designated by the prime minister to represent the private sector in the inter-ministerial group on counterfeiting."

The study itself recommends that international laws be harmonized, specialized courts be created to handle such cases, all Internet actors be encouraged to crack down on counterfeiting, victims and anti-counterfeiting associations should be allowed to pursue civil actions, and awareness and cooperation should be increased, among other things.

It outlines, for example, how Hezbollah, "has exploited counterfeiting methods on several occasions" and how in 2006 U.S. authorities arrested 19 people who were part of a counterfeit drug network spanning five countries and funded Iranian sponsored terrorist organization.

Further, ISIS now "is structured like a real multinational company," with much of its revenue from cigarette smuggling and counterfeiting.

More and more it is being linked to organized crime, and the report puts all the links together.

The report concluded: "Counterfeiting threatens the economy of all developed and developing countries. It has changed its face in just a few decades, becoming largely industrialized and now affecting all economic sectors. It has particularly turned into a form of organized crime that finances terrorist organizations.  wnd.com

Labor Group pressures Wal-Mart to solve escalating crime problem- In TV Ads Airing In 4 Cities
Making Change at Walmart, the national labor organization supported by the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, announced the launch of a multimedia campaign (including TV spots) to bring attention to shoplifting and other petty crimes at Wal-Mart stores, calling the level of police resources required to deal with criminal activity "troubling."

Law enforcement logged some 16,800 calls - two calls per hour, every hour, every day for one year - to Wal-Mart stores in four Florida counties, according to a Tampa Bay Times analysis cited by Making Change at Walmart. The group also referenced Bloomberg News data that found police were called to one of Tulsa's four Wal-Mart stores just under 2,000 times in a year, compared to about 300 calls to all of the city's four Target stores.

Wal-Mart says it's taking the issue seriously, shifting more employees and security monitors to sales floors, store doors, and self-checkout areas to combat shoplifting and fraudulent returns, according to Bloomberg.

The TV spots and local press events unveiled by Making Change at Walmart, which has also long advocated for better wages and working conditions at the retailer, will run first in Tampa, Tulsa, St. Paul and Dallas. (Last year police responded to two Twin Cities-area Wal-Mart locations 1,126 times, and across five Texas cities last year, there were a combined 6,077 police calls to Wal-Mart stores.)

"Wal-Mart must stop asking local police departments to do their job, and taxpayers to subsidize its security," Making Change at Walmart campaign director Randy Parraz said in a statement. "This is not an issue of whether Wal-Mart can do more, it is about why they are putting profits ahead of the community. The simple solution is for Wal-Mart to do what is right and invest more in under-staffed stores and security."

The group cited an August investigation by Bloomberg Businessweek that found, in addition to shoplifting, more than 200 violent crimes (including attempted kidnappings, stabbings, shootings and murders) at U.S. Wal-Mart stores during the first eight months of 2016, or about one per day. "It's ridiculous-we are talking about the biggest retailer in the world," Tulsa police officer Robert Rohloff told Bloomberg Businessweek. "I may have half my squad there for hours."

Wal-Mart says it is dedicating people and technology to combat the problem. This summer, the retailer quietly launched Restorative Justice, an experimental program to fight crime in stores and reduce reliance on local law enforcement. Restorative Justice offers some accused shoplifters the option to pay an undisclosed sum to complete an online remedial program, thereby avoiding jail time. Wal-Mart said it aims to reduce the number of police coming to its stores and "hopefully [give] people a second chance."

After ending its longstanding store greeter tradition in 2012, Wal-Mart brought them back to most of its U.S. stores this year in an effort to make those locations more customer-friendly and theft-proof. Thieves are responsible for about $300 million in Wal-Mart product loss each tear. retaildive.com

Union, local groups to stage press conference at Tulsa Wal-Mart
The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union said it plans to hold a press conference Thursday afternoon with local labor groups at a Tulsa Wal-Mart known for the constant police presence there.

In a news release, the union said the event is going to be used to call attention the amount of local resources that are deployed because of the amount of petty crime at Wal-Mart stores.

The union has released a video that it says is intended to highlight "the impact on local police departments and the failure of Walmart to use its $14 billion in profits to address these security issues at Tulsa-area stores." tulsaworld.com

Keeping Retail Employees Safe During the Holidays
OSHA Ramps Up Inspections of Retail Stores - Focusing on Egress
Here is the official release from OSHA

As retailers, consumers and workers head into the hectic holiday season, the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration is launching an enforcement initiative focused on protecting people employed in the retail industry in the greater Wilkes Barre area.

The agency's Regional Emphasis Program for the Retail Industry will institute a program of comprehensive safety inspections of certain retail establishments, with a focus on proper exits, material handling and storage and electrical hazards.

"Unfortunately, retail establishments - including some of the nation's leading retailers - have a long history of leaving workers vulnerable to unnecessary hazards that can cause injuries and possibly death," said Richard Mendelson, OSHA's Regional Administrator in Philadelphia. "Our initiative seeks to ensure that retail employers are fulfilling their responsibilities and keeping workers safe from common, and easily correctable, hazards such as blocked exits and storing merchandise in unsafe manners. A busy season is no excuse for ignoring safety."

Recent history shows OSHA inspections often reveal retail industry workers facing significant injury risks related to improper storage of materials, obstruction of exit routes and electrical and fire hazards. The agency has cited widely known chains repeatedly for these hazards as well as the risk of slips, trips and falls; amputations and boxes stacked perilously in storerooms. OSHA has levied more than $1M in total fines to employers in the retail store industry across the nation.

Since 2013, inspectors in the Philadelphia region have conducted 313 inspections of retail establishments, with 191 of the inspections resulting in citations. The emphasis program will cover each of the counties that fall under the jurisdiction of the Wilkes-Barre area office, including: Bradford, Carbon, Clinton, Columbia, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Lycoming, Monroe, Montour, Northumberland, Pike, Potter, Schuylkill, Snyder, Sullivan, Susquehanna, Tioga, Union, Wayne and Wyoming.

Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, employers are responsible for providing safe and healthful workplaces for their employees. OSHA's role is to ensure these conditions for America's working men and women by setting and enforcing standards, and providing training, education and assistance.

For more information on the Retail REP, OSHA's toll-free hotline at 800-321-OSHA (6742) or the agency's Wilkes Barre Area Office at 570-826-6538 or visit http://www.osha.gov.

Editor's Note: As predicted in the Daily this week, OSHA is in fact ramping up retail inspections focused on egress. Certainly with the recent fires, loss of life, and Dollar General's violations making news all year, this is a serious issue for our industry. oshatoday.com

Former CEO of nation's largest coupon clearinghouse convicted in $250M coupon fraud scheme
The former chief executive officer of one of the nation's largest coupon clearinghouses has been convicted in a fraud scheme involving retail coupons.

Thomas C. Balsiger, the former CEO of Cleveland, Ohio-based International Outsourcing Services, was found guilty on 12 of 27 counts related to the scheme earlier this week. His sentencing is scheduled for March.

Balsiger along with 10 other individuals were first indicted by a federal grand jury in 2007. They were accused of defrauding manufacturers who issued coupons along with retail clients of $250 million. That figure included $15 million from Wisconsin manufacturers including Racine-based S.C. Johnson, Kimberly-Clark and Plymouth-based Sargento Foods.

The indictment alleged Balsiger and others distributed fraudulent coupons to larger retail outlets, invoiced manufacturers as if coupons were redeemed at larger retail stores instead of small ones to avoid suspicion, set targets for the volume of fraudulent coupons and took steps to cover up the scheme when manufacturers noticed problems.

The indictment also says ISO directed employees to use a cement mixer to mix fraudulent coupons into shipments.

He faces a maximum of five years in prison for the obstruction charge and up to 20 years in prison for each of the other 11.

A number of the other defendants in the case have either pleaded guilty or entered into deferred prosecution agreements. Some of the cases remain open or are awaiting sentencing. biztimes.com

High-Fashion Espionage - Selling Collections to Competitors???
Worldwide Con-Man High-End Fashion Stylist Hits Fashion & Public Relations Firms for tens of thousands in samples

London-based Dazed media, which publishes Dazed & Confused and AnOther Man, has alerted fashion colleagues worldwide to a fraudster stylist who's been swiping samples for non-existent shoots.

As a result, fashion and public relations companies are looking for a man who calls himself Arnaud Henry Mensan. He claims to be international editor-at-large for Dazed & Confused and has already stolen tens of thousands of dollars worth of samples for "shoots" at Dazed, AnOther Man and Elle France.

Dazed discovered the fraud after the designer Sadie Clayton got in touch over the summer to inquire about four samples she had sent to Mensan, in Japan, for shoots alleged to be taking place for Dazed and i-D magazine.

A member of the Berluti press office in Tokyo also contacted the Dazed team to ask about missing samples, and has since filed a report with local police.

WWD contacted several brands that fell victim to Mensan's scam. Isabella Wong of Northskull, a London-based jewelry brand, said it had handed about $1,800 worth of jewelry to Mensan last year that was never returned despite repeated emails and attempts to contact him via his social media channels.

Kristoffer Lundin, marketing director at Norwegian brand HAiKw/, had a similar story. "He 'borrowed' our entire spring-summer 2017 sample collection, worth $130,500, from our agent in Tokyo in late September for some Dazed and AnOther Magazine shoots supposedly taking place in early October.

Editor's Note: And these were the companies that were contacted and came forward. Most probably won't for a number of reasons.

And we'd imagine he's sold most of the brands samples potentially to competitors for copying - high-end espionage! But we'll never know that story. Why else travel the world pulling off such a con for the money we're talking about.  wwd.com

How Safety - Ruined - Saved - Ruined Chipotle
How company culture drives the business

In the most recent quarter, Chipotle's same-store sales dropped 21.9% one year after the well publicized E coli outbreaks across the nation.

Not having their eye on safety to begin with led to this massive issue that has almost ruined this wall street darling. Now with their massive safety roll-out and change of culture there CEO just said in a startling admission, Ells said Tuesday that the company internally rates half of its roughly 2,100 restaurants with a "C" grade for service.

"We took our eye off the ball on the customer service side," Ells said, according to the Wall Street Journal. He made the remarks during a presentation at a Barclays investors conference Tuesday. 

This is a critical issue for Chipotle, which is trying to dig itself out of a massive slump following an E. coli outbreak that sent sales plunging by as much as 30%.

Now with the decline in service, it's hard to tell whether Chipotle will ever return to powerhouse it was before, according to Matthew DiFrisco, and analyst for Guggenheim Securities.

The prioritization used to be speed, speed, speed - and now it is cleanliness and safety," DiFrisco said on CNBC Tuesday. "These are all good priorities. However, the prior success - the 26% restaurant margins and $2.6 million in volume per store - those were all indicative of everyone running with the goal of speed. That's gone away... and that's what I think, structurally, will be changed forever." 

Editor's Note: It's critical you have the right culture and the right safety program to begin with, because once you have such a major shift it's hard to get everyone back on track to what made you successful to begin with.  businessinsider.com
Stricter penalties & more enforcement for retail theft prosecutions in Maryland?
Maryland Retailers Association President Reviews Issues Facing Industry In 2017

Cailey Locklair Tolle, president of the Maryland Retailers Association (MRA), is looking ahead at the key issues facing the industry next year.

The MRA also is keeping an eye on issues related to paid sick leave; 21-day restrictive scheduling; possible stricter penalties and more enforcement for retail theft prosecutions; and minimum wage.

Editor's Note: Are they in favor or opposed to stricter penalties? Can't really tell by this article. We will follow up on this. Stay tuned. theshelbyreport.com

Congress supports key security legislation
The House recently approved the Power and Security Systems Act, H.R. 6375, a bipartisan bill introduced by Reps. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.), and Peter Welch (D-Vt.) that removes the expiration date on the no-load exemption for security and life-safety products under current energy efficiency standards governing external power supplies.

SIA, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association and the Electronic Security Association all support H.R. 6375.

The Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) of 2007 required improved energy efficiency for battery chargers and external power supplies (EPS) operating in certain modes, including a standby or "no-load" mode.

The Senate is expected to take up the measure before adjourning for its holiday break, and SIA anticipates President Barack Obama will sign the measure prior to leaving office. securitysystemsnews.com
The Canned Tuna Cartel
Bumble Bee Senior VP Pleads Guilty To DOJ Seafood Cartel Charges
The three largest producers fixing prices on canned tuna nationwide

A vice president of Bumble Bee Foods LLC will plead guilty in a California federal court to charges that he participated in a conspiracy to fix seafood prices in the U.S., the first charges brought in the U.S. Department of Justice's investigation into collusion in the industry.

Walter Scott Cameron took part in the conspiracy from 2011 through 2013, according to the DOJ. Cameron and his co-conspirators fixed, raised and maintained the price of packaged seafood sold in the U.S., the agency said Wednesday. According to the DOJ charges, Cameron attended meetings with other packaged seafood executives to discuss and agree upon prices. Cameron will pay a fine and cooperate in the ongoing investigation, the DOJ said.

"Today's charge is the first to be filed in the Antitrust Division's ongoing investigation into price fixing among some of the largest suppliers of canned tuna and other packaged seafood."

The investigation has sparked lawsuits by private parties, including Wal-Mart's antitrust suit in Arkansas federal court that accuses the three largest producers of packaged tuna products in the U.S., StarKist, Bumble Bee and Tri-Union Seafoods LLC, doing business as Chicken of the Sea, of conspiring to fix prices.  law360.com

The 50 Best Places to Work, According to Glassdoor
Career website Glassdoor Inc. has released its annual report on the best places to work based on employees who elected to anonymously submit a company review on its website over a 12-month time frame. In order to qualify for consideration, at least 75 employees of a company must submit reviews.

Here's eight retailers who made it ranked in order:

7 - In-Out-Burger
27 - HEB
33 - Trader Joes
34 - Costco
38 - lululemon
45 - Ikea
48 - QuikTrip
50 - Wegmans Food Markets  bloomberg.com

Starbucks Launching Ambitious Plan to Combat "Seismic Change"
at Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

The slow and steady decline of retail that's shuttering department stores and putting malls out of business is also taking a toll on Starbucks. 

"We can't hide behind the fact that there is a seismic change that we're experiencing as a brick-and mortar retailer," Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said at the company's Investor Day on Wednesday. As customers increasingly shop online instead of in person, Starbucks can no longer rely on foot traffic as a way to get people in the door, Schultz said.

Starbucks plans to open 12,000 new stores around the world in the next five years, with projections of 10% revenue growth. The company is banking on two strategies: becoming a "destination" and investing in digital. businessinsider.com

Sears "expects to end up with a smaller but meaningfully-sized store base"
More Store Closures Coming - Q3 Results= Sales Down 13.7%

Sears said it plans to continue to "accelerate the closing of underperforming stores," and highlighted the fact that more than 750 leases on Sears and Kmart stores expire in the next five years - giving Sears more flexibility to close those stores. businessinsider.com

Atlanta Invests $350,000 In Operation Shield Video Surveillance Program
Mayor Kasim Reed announced that the City of Atlanta has invested more than $350,000 in technology enhancements to the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) platform at the Operation Shield Video Integration Center (VIC), funded through the Renew Atlanta infrastructure bond program. Currently, the VIC integrates approximately 7,500 publicly and privately owned cameras which significantly increase the Atlanta Police Department's coverage and situational awareness of the city streets, using state-of-the-art analytical software.  security-world.com

Kroger picks up 4,000 veterans as part of one-day Honoring our Heroes hiring event

Amazon: No, we're not opening 2,000 stores

U.S. Submits Final Rule to Fight Seafood Fraud

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Canada's Dollarama Q3 comp's up 5.1%, sales up 11.2%
lululemon Q3 comp's up 4%, net revenue up 13%
Costco Q1 U.S. comp's up 1%, net sales up 3%
Sears Holdings Q3 comp's down 7.4%, Kmart comp's down 4.4%, Sears Domestic comp's down 10%, sales down 13.7%

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Sam's Says Scan & Go
The app allows members to completely bypass the checkout lane at any Sam's Club nationwide by scanning items as they shop and making a payment using their phones. As shoppers using the app exit the store, they will need to show a digital receipt - a process that takes mere seconds. Android and iPhone users can download the free app, which includes a digital version of their membership crd.  nrf.com

Amex Acquires InAuth
InAuth provides mobile device authentication and intelligence solutions for financial institutions, banks, payment networks and merchants - and its reason for being is to figure out fraud at the device level, before the transaction ever gets off the ground.

"Accertify started working with InAuth a few years ago, Williams noted. "We saw then a new way to identify the fraudsters - by not looking at the transactions but at the device used to initiate the fraud. This means you don't ever have to really look at the transaction data because the device data clues you into the fact that it's fraud immediately."

InAuth makes the fraud detection process invisible by simply checking in with whatever device a customer is using in a transaction. A foreign transaction on a familiar device - for example, because its user is on a cruise ship somewhere exotic that she's never been before - doesn't look suspicious; a foreign transaction on a device it has never seen before - especially if that device is logging in from a region where fraud is endemic, does.  pymnts.com

4 top disaster recovery packages compared
There's arguably no more important IT task than making sure business systems and data can be restored after a disaster. So we asked system administrators to identify the best features - and what's missing - in four leading software suites for disaster recovery.

Four of the top disaster-recovery (DR) software suites are Veeam Backup, Altaro VM Backup, Zerto Virtual Replication and VMware's Site Recovery Manager (SRM), according to reviews written by users in the IT Central Station community.

VMware SRM - Valuable Features
This product allows organizations to have a solid business continuity plan in place in case of disaster. By running regularly scheduled simulated test fail-overs a business can realistically plan accordingly and customize their DR strategy.

Site Recovery Manager is valuable because it helps with the difficult problem of making a group of virtual machines fail over to your DR site and bringing them up.

Room for Improvement - Perhaps more features are needed to allow for recovering VMs in situations where replication on the production site has been paused for, say, a week or more.

Zerto Virtual Replication - Valuable Features
Zerto was able to use an EMC SAN and an HP SAN with no issues or compatibility problems, which allowed us to avoid buying expensive hardware for a DR site. Zerto has allowed us to feel comfortable our data is being replicated, and the data is not corrupted.

I hope that in the future the product will offer integrated encryption [for VPN data transfers] between sites.

Veeam Backup - Valuable Features
By using an adequate number of backup proxies, more jobs can be executed simultaneously. Image replication for DR and Sure Backup to verify data consistency have also met our audit criteria for data protection objectives. Veeam is a great product and always works. The product setup is easy, and it's easy and straightforward for a technical person to learn the product.

The software really needs to expand into backups for physical machines. Endpoint Protection is a good start, but physical backups are the missing component to crush the competition.

Altaro VM Backup - Valuable Features
Generally, the entire program is brilliant, and there isn't any one feature that I can pick out. However, I'd always recommend using the Altaro offsite backup server, as this works brilliantly.

I have tested version 5 only. However, I would like to see the addition of a VM converter from another solution (VMware) and a P2V [physical-to-virtual migration] capability. csoonline.com

Hackers wanted
Enterprises are realizing that the term hacker is not synonymous with criminal, and that hiring hackers may be the only way to keep up with the real bad guys.

Some 59 percent of executives surveyed by Radware and Merrill Research have either hired or would hire an ex-hacker as a way to inject cybersecurity talent into their workforce. More than a quarter of organizations have been using ex-hackers for more than two years, according to the survey, including so-called white hats or ethical hackers, gray hats - those who skirt the law or ethical standards but not for malicious purposes -- and black hats who operate with malicious intent.

Postings for ethical hacker jobs on the tech career website Dice.com has jumped from 100 jobs in 2013 to over 800 jobs today. "While that's still a small number considering there are more than 80,000 tech jobs posted on Dice on any given day, it's clear demand for these professionals is growing rapidly," says Bob Melk, Dice president.

"Someone who hacks for fun or who hacked as a researcher -- those people certainly could be great hires. They make good hunters and forensic investigators. They may not have the certifications, but they have the skills."

But hiring someone who's had a run-in with the law for hacking has its risks, and companies must weigh those risks against their objectives. "Should you hire felons or criminals regardless of their background? That depends. In some cases, it might make sense" based on their individual risk assessment, Rice says. csoonline.com
Common security mistakes in collaboration tools

The Retail Equation, Sysrepublic Open Data Center in Europe, Expand London Office

Strongly Positioned to Support Fast-Growing Global Customer Base


IRVINE, Calif. - The Retail Equation and Sysrepublic, industry leaders in retail analytics solutions and the newly merged retail business unit of Appriss, today announced two strategic moves to support increasing demand from global retail customers. The companies have opened a data center in Europe to service a growing list of international clients, especially those in the European Union, as well as moved their Central London office to a larger space to accommodate twice the amount of staff and in-house product development, support and delivery functions.

The co-located data center, which is ISO 9001 certified and adheres to European Data Protection Standards, provides world-class hosting facilities with rich connectivity options and direct connection to a principle connectivity hub in Europe. It has current capacity for many retailers and is fully expandable in the future.

"This data center will provide our UK, European, and Middle Eastern clients with a secure hosting solution beyond our existing data centers in the United States. In fact, several clients have already migrated to the new location," said Mark Hammond, president of The Retail Equation and the retail business unit of Appriss. "This European data center, combined with our existing data centers, creates an unmatched, secure data analytics solution set for our clients."

The new work space more than doubles the total square footage, while tripling overall meeting, training, and presentation space. Still based in Central London, the office is easily accessible to European and Middle Eastern clients.

Read full press release here.

A better choice for retailers

As a national leader in retail business security, Protection 1 has developed a reputation for top-notch customer service that has helped the company continue to grow, rapidly expanding its footprint across North America in recent years. Rex Gillette, VP of Retail Sales for Protection 1, talks about the company's recent merger with ADT and what it means to their retail business, the "1 Touch Pod" approach of their National Account Operations Center, and the key features behind their next-generation eSuite 2.0 data analytics platform.

LPNN Quick Take #7

Garret King, Business Development Manager for Cam Connections - a division of Protection 1, chats with Joe and Amber about his work with the Loss Prevention Research Council, how he got into the security integration business, and fashion in this LPNN Quick Take.

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The Real Cost Of Fraud Detection
While most online businesses are getting good at detecting fraud and flagging potentially shady transactions, the bigger issue is becoming the false positives-transactions that are legitimate, but for one reason or another get flagged as potentially fraudulent. As it turns out, the cost of these false positives is far higher than the direct cost of fraud itself.

These costs not only come directly from the loss of the sale, but compound as legitimate customers avoid going back to merchants that accuse them of fraudulent charges and further damage the brand through word of mouth.

According to a study released by Javelin Strategy & Research, the direct losses due to fraud are about 7 percent of the total cost of fraud and fraud management in e-commerce business. The dollars lost to false positives are almost three times higher at 19 percent. The overhead for fraud-fighting tools and personnel make up the remaining 74 percent.

So, why does it look like so many online merchants going overboard on their fraud detection? There may be two potential explanations.

First, the recent rollout of chip cards in the U.S. is making in-store fraud much more challenging. In response, these fraudsters are increasingly turning to online targets. As fraud detection filters adjust to the changing patterns, they trigger even more false positives.

The second cause is that many merchants are still using outdated fraud-fighting tools. The previous generation of tools do not use more modern techniques that are available to legitimize customers, such as two-factor authentication, geolocation, or device reputation.

It can be hard to convince merchants who have been spending thousands or millions of dollars on fraud detection that they need to upgrade yet again, but you can be sure that the fraudsters are using the most advanced tools at their disposal. And the priority of any business should be the vast majority of legitimate customers who are just looking for a more convenient way to get their shopping done without being flagged. cardnotpresent.com

Amazon sued over counterfeits once again
E-commerce giant Amazon is facing yet another lawsuit after the makers of the Snuggie blanket and other products went to court claiming trademark infringement from "astronomical" numbers of counterfeits sold via the online marketplace.

Manufacturers Allstar Marketing Group LLC, Ideavillage Products Corp and Ontel Products Corp brought the case against Amazon alleging the online marketplace had allowed its product display pages to be "hijacked" by counterfeiters from countries in Asia who were taking a "free ride" on the brand names' successes.

They allege that Amazon has not made moves to stop the sale of their fakes, which are in the thousands.

The companies claim they have lost profits from the presence of online fakes, which are being sold at a "rampant rate", while their reputations have taken a hit as a result of negative reviews by customers who have bought the counterfeit products.

They also accuse Amazon of copyright infringement and violating New York state false advertising and unfair competition laws, and are seeking millions of dollars in lost profits and punitive damages through the lawsuit. securing industry.com

ORC Leaders Series


This Week's Leader
Matt Thompson, Regional LP & Safety Director, Lowe's
Their leadership story

Read about the other 'ORC Leaders' Here

Pittsburgh, PA: Man ran a $2M shoplifting ring from his record store
A former Oakland record store owner pleaded guilty to theft Tuesday and was sentenced to house arrest for what state prosecutors called a $2 million shoplifting ring. Anthony J. Cicero, 51, pleaded guilty to one count of organized retail theft and was sentenced to six months of house arrest, 10 years of probation and ordered to pay a total of $175,000 in restitution. Prosecutors from the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office withdrew charges of corrupt organizations, conspiracy, theft and receiving stolen property. The Attorney General's Office said Cicero had made more than $2 million by paying drug addicts to steal books, DVDS, toys, dietary supplements and other merchandise from retailers, which Cicero then sold on Amazon and eBay. About 1,500 stolen items were found in a back room at Slipped Disc, the now-closed record store. triblive.com

Lebanon, OH: Rogaine thief hit Walgreens and CVS from FL to NJ
sentenced to 2 years

Andres W. Arias, 36, of Boca Raton, pleaded guilty Tuesday in Warren County Common Pleas Court to engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity, a second degree felony. He paid $22,000 in restitution and agreed to a two-year prison sentence. Between December 2015 and February 2016, Arias worked within a criminal network from Florida and New Jersey to steal from Walgreens stores in Cuyahoga County, Hamilton County, Summit County and Warren County, and from CVS stores in Summit County.

As part of the scheme, Arias flew to targeted cities, rented vehicles and drove to targeted stores. Once inside the stores, he concealed store items including products such as Rogaine, Prevagen, and Alli in false pockets in his pants and left without paying for them. Then he shipped the stolen merchandise to associates in New Jersey, who deposited money into his bank account. daytondailynews.com

Brooksville, FL: $20,000 of High end bicycles stolen in Smash & Grab; suspect arrested on new bike
Deputies caught a man they said stole more than $20,000 of high-end bicycles from a Brooksville bike shop on Sunday. Hernando County sheriff's deputies arrived at the Brooksville Bicycle Center, after the store's front window had been smashed. Eleven bikes, ranging in price from $279 to $6,795, were missing. The investigation led deputies to John Hazelton, who had been seen near the shop at the time of the burglary riding a new bike, price tags still affixed, deputies said. Eight of the bikes were recovered. tampabay.com

Bennettsville, SC: Major Theft Ring busted in SC; 2 storage trailers filed with stolen Walmart goods
Two Scotland County men were arrested as part of a lengthy joint investigation by North Carolina and South Carolina law enforcement. The investigation of a "major theft ring" included allegations of stolen goods, larcenies, and drug complaints. "We believe we have broken up a major theft and stolen goods ring that was wrecking havoc on North Carolina and South Carolina," said Marlboro County Sheriff Charles Lemon. "The investigation thus far has shown that drugs were the influencing factor that drove the thefts and also played a major part in the criminal enterprise."

The arrest follows a raid at a home in Bennettsville, stolen goods were recovered. Investigators said they also found drugs, stolen firearms and seized cash. Deputies said they also seized two trailers full of items suspected to be stolen from Walmart, as well as mopeds and other items. They are working with Walmart loss prevention to identify and sort out the property, according to investigators. laurinburgexchange.com

Garden City, KS: Garden City PD and Kroger/Dillons Food Stores Raid Three Markets; 4 Busted in Fencing Operation
On December 6, 2016 the Garden City Police Department, in cooperation with Kroger/Dillons Food Stores and the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) concluded their investigation of the illegal sales of food and alcohol products in Garden City. Undercover investigators were utilized to investigate the alleged theft of food products, alcohol, and household goods from Dillons to be resold in various establishments. Search warrants were obtained and executed for the following businesses involved in the investigation:

Panderia Y Tortilleria Real, 107 N Jennie Barker Road #3
Garcia Carniceria Y Restaurant, 622 N Eighth
La Playa Dorada, 212 W Fulton #A

The following subjects were arrested on allegations of receiving/purchasing stolen property and charged with felony Theft:

Ramiro Serrano, 53, 407 Evans (Panderia Y Tortilleria Real)
Maria Serrano, 52, 407 Evans (Panderia Y Tortilleria Real)
Juan Antonio Montelongo, 50, 4101 E Highway 50 lot #485 (La Playa Dorada)
Moises Garcia, 45, 2340 N Sherlock Road (Garcia Carniceria Y Restaurant)

Non-perishable items will be returned to Dillons at the conclusion of the investigation. Perishable items utilized and seized during the operation will be donated to local food banks. During the course of the operation, $3,262 worth of stolen property was sold to the businesses. Read full media release from Garden City Police here

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Shootings & Death

Ithaca, NY: Man shot and killed in Walmart parking lot; Police arrest suspect after stand-off
A homicide suspect who shot at law enforcement after fleeing the scene of a deadly shooting in a Walmart parking lot early Thursday is now in custody after a standoff with authorities at a residence in Dryden, according to police.

After responding to reports of a shooting at Walmart at 12:52 a.m., officers noticed a vehicle matching the suspect's driving north on Route 13 and attempted to make a traffic stop, according to Ithaca Police Chief John Barber.
The victim, wearing a UPS uniform, was fatally shot by a man in a black truck, who then ran over the victim and peeled out, according to witnesses. The suspect fled for a quarter mile, Barber said, before turning into a driveway, exiting the vehicle with a "long gun" and firing at least one round in the direction of officers, who did not return fire and were uninjured. ithacajournal.com

Glendale, AZ: Police report shooting, 2 victims at Wal-Mart store
Glendale police say two people were shot at a Walmart near 95th Avenue and Camelback Road. Officers were called to a shooting inside the store just before 11:30 a.m. Wednesday. Police put the store and parking lot into lockdown and found two people inside with gunshot wounds. One person was taken to a hospital with a life-threatening injury and the other has a non life-threatening injury, police said. Both were in stable condition as of Wednesday night. Police said the shooting was not random gunfire and it appears that both victims and suspects knew each other. kvoa.com

Macon, GA: Family Dollar clerk unable to let robber in store safe, gets shot
A clerk was shot Thursday morning at a Macon retailer after telling a robber she couldn't open the safe. The gunman entered the Family Dollar on Emery Highway at about 9:16 a.m. and ordered the female clerk to let him in the safe. When she said she couldn't, the robber shot her in the upper thigh, according Bibb County Sheriff's Deputy Linda Howard. The gunman then ran from the store in an unknown location. 13wmaz.com

Montgomery, AL: Former Eagle Scout set to be executed for the
murder of a C- Store clerk

An Alabama man convicted of killing a store clerk is scheduled to be executed Thursday, but lawyers for the former Eagle Scout are urging it be blocked because a judge overrode a jury recommendation in imposing the death sentence. Forty-five-year-old Ronald Bert Smith, Jr., is set to receive a lethal injection at 6 p.m. CST Thursday for the Nov. 8, 1994, shooting death of Huntsville store clerk Casey Wilson. It would be Alabama's second execution this year if carried out. seattletimes.com

Robberies & Thefts

Eight Armored Car Robberies in Houston This Year
Sting Operation Busts Armored Car Robbery Crew in Houston

A gang of gun-toting robbers thought they had an armored truck filled with cash in their sights at a far north Houston bank Wednesday, but discovered too late it was full of Houston police officers, who arrested four of them and killed a fifth in a brief shootout.

The carefully planned operation - which involved multiple law enforcement agencies, including the FBI - was part of a broader effort to combat a rash of armored car heists plaguing the Bayou City area in recent months.

"Houston's known to be ... the armored car [robbery] capital of the world," newly minted Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo told reporters at the scene.

Eight armored cars have been robbed this year in the Houston area, according to FBI spokeswoman Shauna Dunlap, and three guards have been fatally wounded in robberies in the past two years.

Acevedo said there's a "high probability" the crew involved in the latest heist is connected to those deaths.

Three suspects were arrested at the scene, and a fourth fled but was later arrested.

Another suspect was stationed at an apartment complex with an assault rifle, ready to shoot at armored car personnel. Instead, he opened fire when the SWAT team drew near, the chief said.

The robbery ring had "conspired for weeks' to rob the armored car when it made the scheduled stop, and planned to kill the courier, federal officials said in a statement. chron.com

South Bend, IN: Police seeking suspect in 31 robberies since November
Police are looking for a man who is accused of robbing three South Bend businesses in as many days - a spree that came as robberies surged across the city, with businesses targeted in 31 holdups since the start of November. Teon McClain, 42, is charged with holdups Nov. 15 and Nov. 17 at a Family Video, Family Dollar and Little Caesar's. Police say he was armed with a handgun in at least two of the robberies. southbendtribune.com

Little Rock, AR: Police release AutoZone Armed Robbery video
Little Rock police have released surveillance video of an armed robbery at an auto parts store last month. The video from the Nov. 9 holdup shows the masked gunman enter the AutoZone at 5609 Baseline Road and point a handgun at an employee while demanding cash from the registers. arkansasonline.com

Arnold, MO: Mother's call stops alleged robbery suspect on his way to targeted business

Alberta, CN: Man assaults security guard at Saks Off 5th, CrossIron Mills Mall

Prince George RCMP seeking suspects in $11,000 Jewelry Heist

Winnipeg, CN: Police In York Region seek Pharmacy Robbery suspect dressed as Santa

Arson & Bomb Threats

Yuma, AZ: Woman suspected of starting more than dozen fires in court
A Yuma judge is considering a woman's emotional competency to stand trial. The woman is accused of arson, suspected of starting more than a dozen fires in Yuma. 34-year-old Janice Pablo was arrested on Monday afternoon after police say she started 13 fires, at three different locations, in less than 2 hours. According to reports, the spree started at her mother's home around 9 a.m. Police believe Pablo then went across the street to a grocery store where she set three fires inside the store and two outside, at the parking lot. Pablo is facing 3 felony charges for arson. kyma.com

Portland, OR: Man tried to light Grocery Outlet Bargain Market on fire
Portland Fire officials said a man tried to light a grocery store on fire Wednesday morning, and authorities later arrested him. Crews were called to the Grocery Outlet Bargain Market around 9:30 a.m. for a commercial fire. Officials said a man used a squirting lighter fluid bottle to spray fluid all over the store, trying to light it on fire. He also lit a small fire in a recycling bin outside the store. No one was injured, and there was no major damage to the store. katu.com

Alexandria, MN: Viking Plaza Mall evacuated after bomb threat; no bomb found

Bossier City, LA: Authorities Investigate Suspicious Suitcase at Pierre Bossier Mall

Counterfeit Goods

Cartier sues jewelry company in counterfeiting suit
France-based luxury goods company Cartier has sued a US jewelry firm in a trademark infringement and counterfeiting suit. Cartier filed its lawsuit (pdf) against Jewelry Unlimited at the US District Court for the Southern District of New York on Tuesday, December 6. The luxury goods company argued that Jewelry Unlimited has engaged in unfair and deceptive business practices through the sale of counterfeit watches bearing the 'Cartier' trademark. Further, the suit said that the jewellery company imitated Cartier's jewellery designs and made false statements about Cartier's pricing. worldipreview.com

Credit Card Fraud

Elkhorn, WI: Couple charged with 14 counts of Identity Theft and $1,000 theft form Walmart

Brookville Bicycle - Brooksville, FL - Burglary
Citgo - Orlando, FL - Shooting, female bystander wounded
CVS - Lancaster, OH - Armed Robbery
Disc Replay - Columbus, IN - Robbery
Dollar General - Astor, FL - Armed Robbery
Dunkin Donut - Hinsdale, IL - Armed Robbery
Eagle Mart - Round Rock, TX - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Macon, GA - Armed Robbery/ Shooting - clerk shot
Family Dollar - Chester, PA - Armed Robbery
Kangaroo - Florence, AL - Robbery
Likker Locker - Paradise, CA - Burglary
Metro PCS - Springfield, IL - Armed Robbery
Shell - Ellington, CT - Burglary
T-Mobile - Beaumont, TX - Robbery
Valero - San Antonio, TX - Robbery
Walgreens - Chicopee, MA - Armed Robbery
Walmart - Ithaca, NY - Shooting/ 1 man killed
7-Eleven - North Fort Myers, FL - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - St Louis, MO - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Amherst, NY - Robbery

Daily Totals:
15 robberies
3 burglaries
3 shootings
1 killed

 Featured Job Spotlights

Vice President Asset Protection
Grand Rapids, MI

The Vice President of Asset Protection is responsible for strategic oversight and direction of Meijer's Asset Protection programs for the Stores, Distribution, Manufacturing and Corporate functions at Meijer. This executive position is accountable for the development and implementation of Asset Protection programs including Shrink Reduction, Risk Mitigation, Safety and Security Plans, Training, Investigations and Analytics to drive overall operating efficiencies while supporting the Company's strategic focus of a "Customer First" experience...

Director Asset Protection
Los Angeles, CA

• Hiring, training, and supervision of Regional LP managers and investigators in their area, and achieving stated shortage goals.
• Develop and execute strategies and policies in conjunction with SVP of Store Operations & CFO, to ensure LP programs stay current with shortage trends and company direction...


Director, Loss Prevention & Safety
Westlake Village, CA

The purpose of this job is to develop and implement programs and activities for the Loss Prevention department, to include inventory control and shrinkage protection, investigations, safety and health, and bad debt...


Director, Supply Chain Loss Prevention and Safety
Perris, CA

The Director of Loss Prevention is responsible for achieving the shortage and safety goals set for the Supply Chain. This is done by supervising and promoting Loss Prevention initiatives and programs, and by developing and maintaining a strong collaborative partnership with Operations and Human Resource business partners...

Director Loss Prevention
Dallas, TX

The National Loss Prevention Director will create and lead Loss Prevention programs for corporate owned/managed units. Create and review Loss Prevention program processes in stores to drive shrink reduction and bottom line profits. Provides leadership to operations teams and stores in the management of critical incidents...

Director, Loss Prevention
New York, NY

Maintain inventory levels and reduce loss. Responsible for developing and maintaining the strategy for reducing shrink and increasing profitability within the Fashion division. Building programs to sustain a high level of Loss Prevention awareness in our boutiques, and support our MBR partners and corporate partners...


Global Security & Retail Loss Operations Manager
San Francisco, CA

The Global Security & Retail Loss Operations Manager will be responsible for the strategic planning and execution of projects/programs. You will ensure that projects are completed on schedule and to the scope established and agreed upon with key stakeholders...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Los Angeles, CA

Business Impact of this Position
Complete weekly schedules, taking into consideration all cost saving measures whenever possible.
Teach and train store associates in security, store operations, asset protection policies/procedures and how to reduce shrink and other related store expenses...


Specialist, Asset Protection
Miami, FL
The specialist, asset protection will oversee the protection of company assets within an assigned group of stores. This position will execute the asset protection program designed to minimize inventory shrink, workers compensation claims, general liability claims, cash loss and bad checks...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Bay Area, CA
Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:
• Conducts internal investigations related to theft, business abuse, and safety violations by conducting interviews, determining course of action, and writing reports. • Formal interview training, i.e. Wicklander-Zulawski or Reid Techniques...

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Dale Lindgren
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Matthew Yount
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Justin Hallstrom
named District Loss Prevention Manager for TJX Companies

Randy Lima, CFI named Regional Loss Prevention Manager (West Tennessee) for Dollar General

Randy brings with him over 25 years of retail loss prevention, fraud investigation and organized retail crime investigation, most recently having spent over 20 years with Walmart Loss Prevention and Security as a District Loss Prevention Supervisor, Regional Asset Protection Director and Project Manager.

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