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Command & Control: SOCLab Operations
Fred Becker and Tom Meehan

Innovation and Action
Garret King

LPRC Research Update
Stuart Strome

LP/AP Supports Total Enterprise Success
Read Hayes, PhD
Tom Arigi

Future of LP: Innovation, Evaluation, Collaboration
Read Hayes, PhD
John Voytilla
Brian Bazer

Introducing the LPRC
Gus Downing



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2017 GLPS - Group LP Selfies
Your Team - Your Pride - Our Industry
Building Industry Pride - One Team Selfie at a Time

Ocean State Job Lot Loss Prevention Specialist Team

"Compete with passion and play to win"

Pictured from left to right: Ed Van Allen, Regional Loss Prevention Manager; Larry Moore, LPS; Alexandra Robbins, LPS; Carmelo Serrantino, LPS; Stephen Catania, Director of Loss Prevention; John Conor-Bedel, LPS; Sean Kelleher, DLPM; Jill Brugman, LPS; Steve Martin, DLPM; Vickie Gray, LPS; Bill Thompson, Regional Loss Prevention Manager; Colton McGowan, LPS; Jared Armstrong, LPS Supervisor

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Paul Paglia named Vice President of Operations for Safe Environment Business Solutions

Paul was previously the Vice President of Loss Prevention & Retail Operations for The Donna Karan Company, LLC. for over eight years. He's held other loss prevention positions including Regional LP Director for Bloomingdale's, Senior Regional LP Manager for The Home Depot, Loss Prevention Manager for JCPenney, and LP Associate for Sears Holdings Corporation. Paul earned his Bachelors of Science in Management from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Congratulations Paul!

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CVS Eliminates All Store Detective Positions & Downsizes Areas
With a few highly publicized incidents around the country over the last few years CVS recently eliminated the remaining 250 Market Investigators/ Store Detectives. At the programs peak CVS had 600 of those positions. positions. Additionally they reorganized the company's operating Area's from 11 down to 7.

Walgreens and Target Cut Field ORC Positions
Walgreens recently eliminated the Director of ORC and the entire field ORC team. And more recent Target eliminated the ORC job function itself but still has about two dozen market investigators spread out across the country.

Ahold Delhaize reorganizes - Shared Services
Ahold Delhaize is combining all of its U.S. businesses under one new company, which will have a new president.

The company will be called Ahold Delhaize USA, effective Jan. 1, and it will be the parent company for all of Ahold Delhaize's U.S. companies, including its local brands, Stop & Shop, Food Lion, Giant, Hannaford, Giant/Martin's, and Peapod, as well as Retail Business Services (RBS), a U.S. shared services company providing support to the brands. retailleader.com

Back Away from the Mistletoe: Holiday Parties Get Post-Weinstein Makeover
The company Christmas party is likely to be a bit more restrained this year, with headlines of allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace uppermost in many people's minds. In reaction to this, some organizations are cutting back on alcohol at these functions or offering more food. At one organization, an HR professional will troll hallways, check secluded areas and try to watch for people who look like they are stuck in an uncomfortable situation.

With a series of high-profile workplace sex scandals on their minds, employers are making sure their holiday office parties don't become part of the problem. There will be less booze at many. An independent business organization has renewed its annual warning not to hang mistletoe. And some will have party monitors who keep an eye out for inappropriate behavior. 

Companies aim to avert problem behavior at office parties with a list of 'don'ts' and by eliminating open bars. FCB Worldwide Inc., for example, isn't mincing any words detailing the kind of behavior that could land employees in trouble at the ad agency's various holiday parties this season. shrm.com

Recognizing LPCertified Leaders in Our Industry
We are pleased to recognize and congratulate our most recent industry leader and LPF Board Member who has obtained their LPC certification!

Who: Dennis Wamsley, LPC
What: Director of Loss Prevention & Safety
Where: Publix Super Markets, Inc.

Despite his demanding schedule and having other impressive educational credentials, Dennis still recognized the importance and made the time to obtain the industry-leading LPC credential.

To learn more about the LPC prep course, click here or visit the Loss Prevention Foundation website.

Tallahassee, FL: Florida Senators push for criminal justice reform; increase Felony threshold to $1,500
The bill is one of several championed by both Republican and Democratic senators in recent years. Sen. Randolph Bracy, D-Orlando, has offered bills to increase the threshold for a felony theft charge from $300 to $1,500; to change sentencing guidelines to allow for lighter sentences; and to reduce a third driving on a suspended license charge from a felony to a misdemeanor.

Bracy said he'll be filing legislation in the next few days aimed at overhauling Florida's bail system, which critics think keeps poorer suspects in jail and lets richer suspects go free while awaiting trial, regardless of their threat to public safety. orlandosentinel.com

San Francisco Police Chief Authorizes Retail Task Force to Crack Down on The "Tenderloin" Black Market
For quite some time organized retail theft investigators have been trying to get the San Francisco PD involved in cracking down on the area in the Bay known as the 'Tenderloin' where thieves unload stolen merchandise almost without any interference at all.

Local news media have actually covered the story and taped thieves selling stolen meats and various other goods.

The task force has just been put together and is working with several retailers in the area and is a great accomplishment on the part of all the retail LP executives who've been working towards this for so long.

Amazon wins $3.6M lawsuit against vendor - manipulated automated purchasing system
Vendor - Gaming Automated Inventory Ordering System
Floods Amazon With Product - Refuses $4M Returns

A jury in Seattle awarded Amazon $3.6 million after the tech giant sued a vendor for manipulating its automated ordering system and refusing to accept returns of its own products. Beautyko, a vendor that sold exercise apparel and equipment to Amazon.

Amazon accused Beautyko of not only selling physically identical products with different names through various vendor accounts, but selling those products in multi-pack sizes that were designed to jam Amazon's system and were "unreasonable for Amazon to then sell to Amazon retail customers."

Amazon began investigating after it noticed a big increase of Beautyko inventory without corresponding sales, which noted that Beautyko "spent months testing the parameters of Amazon's automated purchasing system before flooding Amazon with inventory."

After it uncovered the manipulation, Amazon contacted Beautyko, which refused to accept returns. Amazon was forced to liquidate and incurred damages of $4 million as a result.

"Amazon has zero tolerance for fraud," Amazon said in a statement provided to GeekWire. "Amazon is investing heavily in protecting the integrity of the Amazon marketplace for consumers and sellers. Among other measures, we take independent legal action against bad actors. Amazon vs. BeautyKo Trial Brief geekwire.com

Seattle Judge Orders Whole Foods to Re-Open Closed Store
Second Time Judge Orders Major Chain to Keep or Re-open Stores

A judge is forcing Whole Foods to reopen a 365-branded store that it closed in October, after the property owners sued the grocery chain.

● This marks the second recent ruling in which a major chain has been forced to reopen closed stores.
● A judge has ruled in a separate case that Starbucks must keep operating 77 Teavana stores that it planned to close
● As these mall operators become increasingly desperate to keep the lights on, many more retailers could find themselves in court, fighting to shut down dying stores

The recent rulings are a sign that mall owners are starting to fight back against the deluge of store closures rocking the retail industry, which could make it increasingly difficult for major chains to shut down stores. businessinsider.com

Safety Leadership Conference 2017: Opioids in the Workplace
Employers that provide assistance to workers affected by drug abuse have a lower turnover rate.
There were 4.453 billion prescriptions were written in 2016, according to Statista.com. Each of these prescriptions came with a list of different side effects, and they have a big impact on the workplace.

With the estimated yearly economic impact of $193 billion for illicit drug use, employers must have strong policies in place to address drug abuse while ensuring they comply with legal requirements. In addition, educating workers and treating substance abuse problems as a disease is crucial to a positive work environment.

There are five key components to an effective substance abuse program: written policy, effective and accurate drug testing, employee education, supervisor training and an employee assistance program. ehstoday.com

Rethinking Zero Tolerance on Drugs in the Workplace
Some employers relax pre-employment drug standards in order to fill jobs

Low unemployment and increasing use of illegal drugs are narrowing the pool of qualified workers in many regions and industries. State laws allowing medical and recreational use of marijuana are complicating recruiters' efforts to find drug-free employees, as is the continued abuse of prescription opioids.

Drug abuse remains rampant in the U.S. Marijuana and opioids are not the only problems. Cocaine and methamphetamine abuse continues to rise nationally, according to the Quest Diagnostics 2017 Drug Testing Index. The percentage of job applicants who test positive for illegal drugs in the U.S. is also increasing, according to Quest, a major testing company based in Madison, N.J. It was 3.7 percent in 2012, 3.8 percent in 2013, 4.0 percent in 2014, 4.2 percent in 2015 and 4.4 percent in 2016.

Before relaxing zero-tolerance drug policies, make sure everyone in the company leadership supports the move and how to deal with the consequences. "Make sure these decisions are pushed up the chain. Consider your risk tolerance for the workforce, and consider your risk tolerance for litigation."

"There's clearly much more of a fitness-for-duty component now." "There's nothing wrong with tailoring your drug testing to the job," Calli said.

No one is predicting a sudden solution to the problem of drug abuse-or how employers should react. "It's going to get messier before it gets better," Capwell said. shrm.com

Pilot Flying J $84M Rebate Fraud Trial Update
Judge: Former Pres. Disparaged Black People, Women & Cleveland in Secret Recordings
Tapes Could "Lead to Boycotts & Protests"

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) - A federal judge, who is black, says the former president of the truck stop chain Pilot Flying J disparaged black people, women and the city of Cleveland in secret recordings that have been kept under seal in his fraud trial and will let the jury hear the recordings.

U.S. District Judge Curtis Collier said Thursday that Mark Hazelwood used "vile, despicable, inflammatory racial epithets," and disparaged Cleveland and its football team. Pilot Flying J is controlled by the family of Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam and Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam.

The recordings were made by former Pilot Flying J salesman Vincent Greco, who had turned FBI mole. Collier indicated Hazelwood's remarks were made in the presence of a team of Pilot Flying J sales executives who have since confessed defrauding trucking companies of promised discounts on diesel fuel.

"If it became known the president of Pilot engaged in vile, despicable, inflammatory racial epithets against African Americans, this could lead to boycotts and protests," Collier said.

According to Collier, the prosecutor Trey Hamilton and David Lewen have been seeking to play those recordings for weeks now, but all documents about that had been sealed and hearings held in chambers and again pressed to play the recordings this week.

The company issued a statement calling the behavior in the recordings "not acceptable, tolerated or reflective" of its values. Trial recessed until January.

Hazelwood and the three other defendants are accused in a $92 million fraud scheme in which trucking companies were lured to switch their business to Pilot Flying J with promises of big discounts that sales executives never intended to pay. knoxnews.com

Travelers Expert Says: They're Back
Cargo Theft Ticking Up This Christmas Season

Folks at Regal Logistics said it was the first time in their 50-year history that someone stole a tractor-trailer from its yard in Tacoma has thieves just backed up to a trailer in their yards and stole a container filled with $240,000 of toys.

The Tacoma-area theft comes as cargo heists across the country tick up slightly this year after several years of declines. The FBI estimates that US businesses lose $30 billion a year to cargo theft.

"This year we've had floods, hurricanes and fires, which has made building supplies the most popular stolen items," Scott Cornell, transportation business lead and crime and theft specialist at Travelers, told The Post. "Cargo thieves are good at stealing what is in high demand and what they know they can sell."

And sure enough, the most stolen products in the third quarter were building and industrial materials, representing 19 percent of all goods stolen, according to SensiGuard, a supply chain research firm.

"This is the peak season when the manufacturers move things around and the thieves know that," said John Albrecht of Transport Security. "It's hard to get accurate numbers about this crime because a lot of companies don't want to report it. They don't want their competitors to know" that they just lost a big shipment.

"Task forces across the country had strong arrest records, but now everyone is saying we are seeing the crime come back," Cornell said, adding that some of the bad actors in those earlier arrests may be out on bail or on probation.

"Whenever law enforcement has good results, it's a matter of time before some new groups emerge and fill in the gap." nypost.com

EMEA cargo theft reports rise 41% over Q3 2016

Urban Decay VP Finance Embezzles $1M+
Prosecutors said Paladugo, a 40-year-old Irvine resident, and vp of finance for Orange County-based cosmetics company, set up fictitious business accounts at various banks, using names similar to those of Urban Decay's business partners.

A bank noticed what they believed to be suspicious activity, and alerted Urban Decay's corporate security. The Newport Beach Police Department was notified, and investigators arrested Paladugo on Tuesday, Dec. 5.

If convicted, Paladugo faces up to 13 years and four months in prison. He was being held on $1.2 million bail, according to the DA's office. ocregister.com

Theft - Refund Fraud & ORC - UP this Holiday Season
Fairfax County Christmas Anti-Theft Team targets holiday grinches

The Fairfax County Christmas Anti-Theft Team (CAT) has been working the past four weeks to protect shoppers and businesses from thieves out for their holiday goods.

Fairfax County police have been beefing up their plain clothes and uniformed officers for decades, but reports that the amount of criminal around the holidays is actually up.

ORC Ring: Over Black Friday weekend, authorities said they arrested four women from New York at Tysons Corner after they had more than $29,000 in stolen property from at least 13 different stores. Investigators said they believed the women were part of a larger crime ring.

The CAT team said so far they've recovered more stolen property than in all of the 2016 holiday season, which is upward of $70,000.

Officials said some thieves are taking an older approach and physically pickpocketing victims while they shop.

Detectives said they've seen a large increase in return fraud where criminals steal items and then return them for store credit or at times even cash back. fox5dc.com

US economy adds 228,000 jobs in November
Retail payrolls grew by 18,700 jobs last month, largest gain since January

Likely boosted by hiring for the holiday season.

Retailers, including Macy's Inc, (M.N) reported strong Black Friday sales. Macy's said this month it would hire an additional 7,000 temporary workers for its stores to deal with heavy customer traffic in the run-up to Christmas. nypost.com

The narrative will move from apocalypse to reformation
Apocalypse is a silly word. It means complete destruction. People will always need to buy stuff. Therefore, retail and physical stores will never go away. They will just look different.

The retail stores of the future are in front of us already. They will be one-part Amazon, one-part Starbucks, one-part Bonobos and one-part Ikea, shrouded in the customer-focused ethos of a casino.

Mix it up, shake it up, drink this futuristic cocktail however you want. It is a cocktail of possibility that portends a future of revitalization and reformation, much in the same way Martin Luther sought to reform the Catholic Church in the 16th century.

In 2018, we will begin to see the rise of a new generation of retail inventors who, like Martin Luther, will fight to nail their own modern-day theses on the doors of retail's establishment. retaildive.com

Calgary, Canada: Fraudsters scam businesses of $100,000 with fake purchase orders
A U.S.-based purchasing order scam has hit 10 Calgary businesses to the tune of $100,000, police are warning. Calgary Police said, "The scammers send the business a fraudulent purchase order, which has been made to look like a legitimate purchase order from the post-secondary institution. The items are then shipped to a local address, not associated to a post-secondary institution, and the business does not get paid." The scam involves real employee names, but fake email addresses and domain names. cbc.ca

TalkLP Podcast Debuts First Episode with Shane Sturman, CEO of WZ
TalkLP.com, a podcast covering a vast range of loss prevention, asset protection, and corporate security related topics officially launched on November 10th, 2017. Our podcast offers energetic and unfiltered discussions about industry related current events, best practices, career development as well as discussions with many leading solution providers. Co-hosts, Amber Bradley and Kevin Trimble, are very excited to launch TalkLP.com after multiple months of preparation and recording.

Our first TalkLP.com episode consists of a conversation with Shane Sturman about THE LINK, a simulated training experience by W-Z that provides investigators the ability to obtain effective, relevant feedback to master their interview and interrogation techniques before they attempt a real interview. Listen to the episode here!

Whole Foods Has Removed Their Director of Loss Prevention Position From LinkedIn

Penske Has Removed their Two Safety Director Positions from their website

J.Crew closing Soho - one of its most popular stores - grim sign for the company's future

Ahold Delhaize announces Ahold Delhaize USA, a new parent company for its U.S. businesses

Quarterly Results
Ingles Markets Q4 comp's up 3.6%, net sales up 13%, full yr. comp's up 1.5%, net sales up 5.5%

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Highlights from the 2017 CAP Index
Crime Risk Forecasting Validation Study

CAP Index, the leader in the crime risk forecasting arena, conducted a study to test the strength of the correlation between CAP Index Scores and crime frequencies occurring across the United States.

Nearly eight million address-specific crimes were assessed from 2014-2016, and the following crime categories, as reported by the police departments, were analyzed: Arson, Assault, Burglary, Drug Offenses, Fraud and Forgery, Homicide, Larceny, Motor Vehicle Theft, Robbery, Sexual Offenses, and Vandalism. Each incident was assigned a CAP Index Score and grouped into one of four CAP Index Risk Categories.

Highlights from the report include:

● The vast majority of all crimes occurred in socially disorganized neighborhoods, as measured by CAP Index Scores.

● The percentages of crimes that were reported at locations with above-average CAP Index scores (100+) were:

     ● 91.0% for All Crimes
     ● 93.0% for Crimes against Persons
     ● 90.4% for Crimes against Property

● The vast majority of crimes against persons occurred in socially disorganized neighborhoods, as measured by CAP Index scores.

● The percentages of crimes that were reported at locations with above-average CAP Index scores (100+) were:

     ● 92.8% for Assault
     ● 98.1% for Homicide
     ● 97.8% for Robbery
     ● 82.1% for Sexual Offenses

To download the full report, visit:




The 10 Worst Data Breaches of 2017
It's been another banner year for data breaches. The security tracking organization Breach Level Index reports 10.5 million records lost or stolen every day in the first half of the year, in a trend that continued unabated through the Fall. Consulting firm RiskBasedSecurity reported 7 billion records exposed by the end of Q3.

The Equifax breach in particular may prove a game-changer. The breach sent a powerful message: Even the gatekeepers themselves are vulnerable.

The 10 Worst Data Breaches of 2017:

1. Equifax. Exposed SSN's & DL's of as many as 143 million consumers.

2. Chipotle. Payment card data from cards used on point-of-sale (POS) devices.

3. Dun & Bradstreet Marketing database of some 33 million corporate contacts.

4. Verizon vendor allowed a breach of data impacting some 14 million subscribers.

5. Republican National Committee voting data on nearly 200 million people.

6. The IRS - up to 100,000 taxpayers

7. Kmart store payment systems.

8. SVR Tracking

9. Edmodo

10. University of North Carolina Health Care System. securitymagazine.com

Security Leaders Must Adjust Cybersecurity Budgets to Effectively Address 2018 Cyber Threats
Over recent years most exploits lead back to unpatched or misconfigured systems. In 2018, IT teams will spend more of their budget on remediation systems with tools that can analyze, deploy and audit these fixes. Additionally, as companies purchase and incorporate these tools they will require personnel to configure and examine system output. This will likely lead to hiring outside (third-party) help because of the niche and high-demand skill-set.

Finding these trained analysts is difficult because there is a shortage of experienced security professionals in the industry. Frequently, this means hiring outside help from security as a Service (SaaS) vendors or allocating significant company resources to hire an experienced employee.

As companies tune their 2018 budgets and allocate resources to security programs, many will want to have insight into inherent and potential risks. If the security program has a first-class seat at the budgeting table they can assist with strategizing and mitigating possible breaches through a more proactive, 360-degree approach which includes vulnerability discovery, patch management and continuous security monitoring. securitymagazine.com

Just Like IT Security & LP/AP Relationships Are Evolving so too is:
"How CIO/CFO Relationships Are Evolving"

In an era when organizations have to move forward quickly with innovative -- often expensive -- tech initiatives, CIOs and CFOs may have to form a partnership.

Digital transformation is driving huge organizational changes, not the least of which is the evolving relationships of CIOs and CFOs.

Traditionally, the two roles have been somewhat at odds because CIOs must continually invest in technologies and CFOs are ultimately responsible for financial performance. In today's highly competitive business environment, CIOs and CFOs need to partner at a strategic level to drive growth and enable organizational agility.

Cross-functional collaboration is necessary to drive effective digital transformation; however, everyone interviewed for this blog said empathy for the other person's role is critical.

As businesses undergo digital transformation, the CIO and CFO have to move quickly and in unison. The best results come when they're aligned on the business outcomes they've trying to achieve. That alignment also helps CIOs and CFOs overcome some of the tensions that stem from traditionally separate roles. informationweek.com

Why Cybersecurity Must Be an International Effort
The former head of cyber for the US State Department calls for agreements across countries to improve government cybersecurity.

BLACK HAT EUROPE - London, UK - Government cybersecurity won't improve unless nations begin working together, and with their own technical security experts, to improve their understanding of security problems and the tools used to fix them.

International security will only come with international acceptance of rules, Painter said: "We can't have progress if only a few countries agree." darkreading.com

Attacker 'Dwell Time' Average Dips Slightly to 86 Days
From 100 Days in '15 to 86 Days in '17

Real-world incident response investigation data from CrowdStrike reveals attacker trends with fileless malware, ransomware, and other weapons.

It now takes an organization just under three months on average to detect hackers embedded in their network, a modest improvement over years past.

That's one of the takeaways from data culled from 100 incident response investigations conducted by CrowdStrike this year. The security firm's newly published Cyber Intrusion Services Casebook 2017 shows that organizations are getting a bit better at sniffing out attackers hiding out in their network over the previous two years, when the average so-called dwell time by an attacker was more than 100 days.

CrowdStrike also saw an 11% increase in the number of cases where the victims spotted their own breach first, and didn't have to hear it from the feds or a third party.

CrowdStrike's team in its IR investigations also saw some shockingly long dwell times of 800 to 1,000 days in some cases, but those were "outliers," according to CrowdStrike.

Meanwhile, most of the cases involved fileless malware attacks, aka malware-free attacks. Some 66% of the cases used these more camouflaged techniques to infiltrate their victim, such as employing legitimate Windows services for nefarious activity. Attackers employed stolen credentials, code execution in memory, Remote Desktop Protocol, WMI, PowerShell, and stolen virtual private network credentials, for example.

But the new twist in 2017 attacks (think WannaCry and NotPetya) was self-spreading or self-propagating malware, a sort of new generation of the old network worm. darkreading.com


International LP

The challenges of doing
business in Mexico

Jim Carr, Sr Dir-Global AP, Rent-A-Center

Over the last six years, Jim Carr, Senior Director, Global Asset Protection, Rent-A-Center Inc., has managed the roll-out of 190 locations in Mexico for Rent-A-Center, leading their international and U.S. LP efforts. With this background, he has had the entire retail life cycle of experience in Mexico, from market entry to managing successful locations to closing stores down. Jim shares some of his invaluable international experience and the challenges of doing business in Mexico.

Episode Sponsored By:

Quick Take #4

Hedgie Bartol, Retail Business Development Manager for Axis Communications, explains why people and relationship skills are still extremely important in this digital age, and the value of walking a mile in your business partner's shoes.

Solution Providers: Have a video or commercial you want to publish? Contact us



Amazon & WA State AG Sue 'Con Artists' Claiming Insider Knowledge & Affiliation
Duo Teaching Fraud Classes to Aspiring Third-Party Sellers - Making $$$ Millions

Amazon and the Washington state Attorney General's office allege in a pair of new lawsuits that two men are running a "get rich quick scheme," defrauding "hundreds if not thousands" of would-be entrepreneurs by claiming an affiliation with the retail giant and offering costly seminars focused on making money as third-party sellers and offering "secrets" to gaining an advantage in making money on Amazon.

Court documents allege that Christopher and Adam Bowser claim to have inside information about how to make money on Amazon. They allegedly pitched their experience and track record to get people to attend seminars at a cost of up to $35,000. In marketing materials, the pair claim they have made more than $50 million selling goods on Amazon, including $12 million last year alone.

Amazon and the AG's office allege that the two men use Amazon logos and other materials in mailers and emails to give people the impression that the seminars are associated with Amazon.

"Defendants Christopher and Adam Bowser are con-artists who prey on people hoping to become sellers on Amazon.com," reads the first line of Amazon's complaint.

At the seminars, the techniques presented violated Amazon's rules for merchants, according to the complaint.
"Amazon has zero tolerance for fraud," the Seattle-based e-commerce giant said in an email. "Amazon is investing heavily in protecting the integrity of the Amazon marketplace for consumers and sellers. Among other measures, we take independent legal action against bad actors, and we will continue to do so."

Amazon wrote that the alleged scheme has been successful, with the Bowsers holding events all over the country, including several in the Seattle area over the summer. Up to 100 people typically attend, according to Amazon's complaint, and the goal is to upsell these "students" to more expensive seminars.

In the classes, Amazon alleges that the Bowsers to teach prospective sellers to skirt Amazon's rules by opening up multiple accounts and buying fake reviews for their products. They also supply fraudulent products for students to sell on Amazon and offer costly coaching packages.

Bowsers actively mislead consumers about Amazon's systems and what is permissible under Amazon's selling policies. When the Bowsers' victims realize they have been duped (as many eventually do), the Bowsers refuse to return those victims' money. bloomberg.com geekwire.com

UK MPs call for urgent action to tackle online fraud
Home Office & Joint Task Force Must Step it UP

A new report from the UK's Public Accounts Committee (PAC) concludes that banks are not doing enough to tackle the problem of online fraud. The report shows that online fraud is now the most prevalent crime in England and Wales, with the cost of the crime estimated at GBP 10 billion and around 2 million cyber-related fraud incidents in 2016.

The report says that the Home Office response to the escalating problem has been too slow, coupled the with reluctance of banks to share information about the extent of online fraud with customers. The PAC is calling on the Home Office to provide national leadership and work with other organizations, including banks and retailers, to tackle the problem.

In response to the report, consumer group Which? called for real progress to be seen from the Joint Fraud Taskforce, set up the Home Office in 2016. telecompaper.com

Bot Farms Spiking Online Advertising Fraud
TAG Certified channels reduce fraud levels by more than 83%, new study says

TAG Certified distribution channels reduce the level of fraud in digital advertising by more than 83% compared to the industry average, according to a new study by The 614 Group conducted on behalf of the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) and made available to Marketing Dive in a news release.

The analysis uncovered that levels of Invalid Traffic (IVT) in digital advertising averaged 8.83 % for display inventory and 12.03% when including video inventory. The IVT figure for TAG Certified Channels measured just 1.48% across video and display inventory.

Online advertising fraud has been an issue for years, but its threat has been acutely felt in 2017 in the wake of a number of high-profile, highly-sophisticated bot farms and other bad actors. Since October, a network of "zombie sites," a "Sports Bot" operation and a "Hyphbot" have all been uncovered and are believed to have siphoned off up to hundreds of millions of advertisers' dollars. marketingdive.com

Online Ad Prices Rise as Industry Combats Counterfeit Inventory, Google Says

Surging online orders slow Wal-Mart delivery network

UPS warns of temporary delivery delays after Cyber Monday exceeds expectations

Online holiday sales are up 14.7% year over year, with $42.25 billion left up for grabs


Multi-State Gift Card Scam & Baby Formula ORC Duo Busted in Bellingham, Mass.
Employees at a Massachusetts Walmart store identified a pattern of activity that led to police arresting two people accused in an interstate gift card scheme.

Benjin Zhu, 26, of New York, and Jia Wu, 25, of Pennsylvania, were seen Wednesday buying hundreds of gift cards in the Walmart location on Hartford Avenue in Bellingham, police said. An asset protection employee recognized their activity as similar to recent scams.

The employee could see that the gift cards being used by Zhu and Wu were bought in Ohio, New York and South Carolina just a few hours earlier.

Police responded and found out that the duo possessed nearly 2,000 gift cards and over 50 cases of baby formula, which is known to be a frequently stolen product. At that point, officers arrested Zhu and Wu.

Additional investigation revealed that Zhu and Wu had purchased 1,100 gift cards worth over $70,000 from stores in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts in three days, police said. Most of those cards had already been emptied of their value. Zhu and Wu were charged with two counts of receiving stolen property, aggravated shoplifting by organized retail theft and money laundering. They were arraigned and released on bail. wcvb.com

Canmore, Alberta, Canada: Safeway Pharmacist's arrest only her latest problem with narcotics prescriptions; 33,000 tablets missing
Loss prevention officers from a Safeway store in Okotoks told RCMP in October that a "significant amount" of narcotics had been diverted from the pharmacy. Mounties say an examination of pharmacy records showed more than 33,000 tablets of narcotics were stolen from the pharmacy by an employee over a period of five years.

Rogalsky, 52, of Calgary is charged with fraud over $5,000, theft over $5,000, breach of trust, 15 counts of trafficking a controlled substance and 15 offences contrary to the Narcotics Control Regulations. According to a decision posted to the Alberta College of Pharmacists website in January 2009, more than 39,000 tablets of narcotics were allegedly dispensed "pursuant to prescriptions that did not exist" when Rogalsky was the owner and licensee of a Shoppers Drug Mart in Calgary in 2003. Rogalsky then worked at a Pharmasave in Canmore in 2004, during which time the college alleges "a shortage of approximately 8,000 tablets of narcotics occurred." thecragandcanyon.ca

Bridgeport, CT: Man who scammed $30,000 from Home Depot stores to pay for wedding pleads guilty
A couple who told police that they scammed a dozen Home Depot stores in Connecticut to pay for their wedding and move out of his parents' house will have to postpone their nuptials. Kenneth Matthews, 33, pleaded guilty Thursday to first-degree larceny and retail theft. He faces three years in prison and restitution of $30,000 at sentencing on Jan. 26. His fiancée is expected to plead guilty to misdemeanor charges. Prosecutors say the couple would take a valuable item from the sales floor and bring it to the return counter along with old receipt for the same product to get store credit. They then used the store credit to purchase the same item and pawn it for cash, then use the receipt to repeat the scam. ctpost.com

Hixson, TN: 4 arrested in Sears shoplifting, $1,000 in stolen property recovered

Millburn, NJ: Police arrest 2 in High End Shoplifting schemes; Uffizi, 3 items valued at $8,330 and Neiman Marcus, 9 items valued at $4727.00

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Shootings, Stabbings & Deaths

San Antonio, TX: Woman charged in stabbing Off-Duty Officer and employee at Walmart
The attack happened around 5:30 a.m. Friday inside the store near Interstate 10 and Vance Jackson. Angel Lace Rios has been taken into custody. Sgt. Tim Esp with SAPD said a female employee was walking past Rios in the clothing area of the store when she allegedly approached her and cut her on the chin with a knife. The employee called for help, and one of the people who came to her aid was a store security guard. Esp said Rios then allegedly turned the knife on him, cutting him on the back of his neck and stabbing him under his chin. The guard, who is an off-duty Floresville police officer, suffered a deep gash. Police said Rios was taken into custody at the scene. ksat.com

San Antonio, TX: Customer Fatally Shoots Robber at Restaurant
Officials say a man eating with his family at a San Antonio fast food restaurant fatally shot a man who threatened his family and employees with a gun. Police Capt. Michael Starnes said that the citizen, who is licensed to carry a gun, used his handgun to "take down the robber" on Wednesday evening. Starnes said that employees were also threatened by the robber and they ran out the back of the restaurant. Police said the man who threatened the family and employees died at the scene. kristv.com

Eaton Township, PA: Officers given valor awards for response to Wyoming County Weis Market shooting
The pair were the first to respond to the Weis Market in Eaton Twp. in June, when a gunman opened fire inside the store before turning the weapon on himself. "Your actions during the Weis Market incident on June 8 showed bravery and courage," lodge President James Gray said. thetimes-tribune.com

Nashville, TN: Police search for Gunman is Fatal shooting outside C- Store

Howard County, MD: 2 men charged with Attempted Murder in BP gas station attack

Robberies & Thefts

Gilroy, CA: Robber locks Lane Bryant employees in Bathroom, Apologizes and Says 'Merry Christmas'
The takeover robbery occurred at the back of the Lane Bryant outlet store, where the suspect called the store phone, saying their UPS delivery just arrived, police said. When workers opened the door, they found a man not in a UPS uniform. Detectives said once he was done getting the cash, the suspect ordered the employees into the bathroom. "He pushed a filing cabinet against the door, told them not to come out for 10 minutes, said he was sorry and said to have a Merry Christmas," Smith said. nbcbayarea.com

St Louis, MO: Four men arrested in Jared jewelry heist in Richmond Heights
A federal criminal complaint states that four men entered the Jared Galleria of Jewelry in the Boulevard shopping center on December 4 after 8:00 p.m. At least one of the men told employees to get on the ground and then smashed the jewelry cases with a hammer, stealing loose diamonds and several watches. Police valued the stolen diamonds at $59,375, but did not provide an estimate on the value of the watches. All four suspects, police say, ran from the store and were all eventually taken into custody by responding officers. Authorities said an unrelated incident nearby had several police officers already in the area of the Jared store. kmov.com

Cleveland, OH: C-Store Manager locks Mob inside store, Police respond 25 minutes later

Sacramento County, CA: What's behind the spike in California Pharmacy Robberies? In the northeast Sacramento County suburb alone, the number of pharmacy robberies is up to eight in 2017

Providence, RI: One Robber in custody; tied to Robberies in 4 area communities

Alliance, OH: Mother left naked toddler in bathroom during Dollar General robbery

New York City: Birdnapper Stuffs Exotic Parrot Into Pocket in Pet Store Robbery Caught on Video

Waco, TX: String of robberies has some local business owners worried

UK: Clinton Village, England: Tesco Employees threatened at knifepoint after robbers smash their way into the store

Sentencings & Arrests

Atlanta, GA: Recently-retired Atlanta Police Officer found Guilty in the beating of a man accused of stealing a tomato at Walmart
Trevor King, 49, was facing a two-count federal indictment tied to willfully using unreasonable force and falsifying a police report in the October 2014 incident that broke Tyrone Carnegay's leg. At the time, King was an Atlanta Police Department sergeant working an off-duty security job at a Southwest Atlanta Walmart. wsbtv.com

Worcester Business Owner Pleads Guilty - Defrauding $282,541 in SNAP Benefits Program and Selling Counterfeit Merchandise

Wausau, WI: 7-Eleven robbery suspect sentenced to Life in Prison for Murder in Dane County

Bentonville, AR: Dollar General Armed Robber sentenced to 20 years

Springville, AL: Escaped Inmate With Life Sentence Claims He Was Wrongfully Convicted In Robbery Case

Urbana, IL: Champaign man gets 7 years for robbing downtown music store

Detroit Duo Busted Using Stolen Credit Card Info in Stores - Arrested at Macy's in Fayette Mall in Lexington, KY


Arson & Fire

Modesto, CA: Fire at Market in Modesto Causes $300,000 in Damage


UK: Port of Southhampton: Superdry, Apple and Calvin Klein among $20 Millions of fake goods seized at port; 82,320 pairs of fake Calvin Klein underwear, 1,440 Superdry hoodies, and 450 Dyson fans and Apple charger

Bomb Threat

Boynton Beach, FL: All clear at Walmart after earlier bomb threat


AT&T Houston, TX - Burglary
AT&T - Chicago, IL - Armed Robbery
BP - Columbus, GA - Armed Robbery/ Shooting - Clerk wounded
Boost - Waco, TX - Robbery
C-Store - South Roxana, IL - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Lakewood, OH - Burglary
CVS - Conway, SC - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Alliance, OH - Robbery
Dollar General - York County, PA - Armed Robbery
Lane Bryant - Gilroy, CA - Robbery
Pharmacy - Fresno, CA - Armed Robbery
Subway - New Orleans, LA - Armed Robbery / Owner shot and killed
Tobacco Store - Griswold, CT - Armed Robbery
Walgreens - Weston, FL - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Portsmouth, VA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
13 robberies
2 burglaries
1 shooting
1 killings


Weekly Totals:
94 robberies
18 burglaries
2 shootings
2 killings



None to report.

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AVP, Global Executive Protection & Physical Security
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The Assistant Vice President, Global Executive Protection and Physical Security develops and executes ongoing strategies to minimize risks to the senior level executives of the organization as well as assists in ensuring the successful strategy and implementation of global Home Office Campus and Corporate buildings premises security and life and safety operations...

Senior Market AP Manager- Southern California
Burbank, CA
This Senior Market Asset Protection Manager contributes to REI's success by supporting improved profitability for the co-op through reduced inventory shrinkage, improved margin, reduced Workers Comp and GL claims and premiums, retail and supply chain management...

Regional Asset Protection Director
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The Regional Loss Prevention Director will lead Loss Prevention programs for designated Districts and Stores within assigned Region. Reviews Loss Prevention program processes in stores to drive shrink reduction and bottom line profits. Provides leadership to LP teams and stores in the management of critical incidents...

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● This position will lead the Internal Theft Investigations Team - based out of our Dublin Corporate Office
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This position will lead a team of Crisis Mangers, Senior Analysts and Crisis Analysts based out of our Dublin Corporate Office
They are responsible for all crisis response efforts, company-wide communication, safe travel program and any company threats...

Area LP Manager - Nor Cal
Sacramento, CA

The Area Loss Prevention Manager (ALPM) drives shrink improvement and asset protection programs for two (2) to four (4) Districts which contain approximately 25-65 Ulta Beauty Stores. The Area Loss Prevention Manager is responsible to assess store procedures, promote awareness and methods to prevent, protect and control losses and protect company assets and make recommendations to improve inventory shrinkage, safety and overall store controls...

Store Loss Prevention Manager
Daly City, CA

Store Loss Prevention Managers are responsible for leading Loss Prevention functions within a specific location and for partnering with Store Operations in an effort to prevent company loss. You will be responsible for driving company objectives in profit and loss control, sales performance, customer satisfaction, and shrink results...

Regional Manager Loss Prevention, Audit & Firearms Compliance
Indianapolis, IN

The Regional Loss Prevention Manager is responsible for the control and reduction of shrinkage at the stores in their Territory. Investigates and resolves all matters that jeopardize or cause a loss to the company's assets...

District Asset Protection Manager - Detroit/Saginaw
Taylor, MI

Amazing opportunity! High profile, fast paced district available for a Multi-Unit Asset Protection professional with operational savvy or a General Manager passionate about Asset Protection and Safety. As the District Asset Protection Manager you will lead administration of Asset Protection programs and training for an assigned district in order to drive sales, profits, and a customer service culture...

Loss Prevention Investigator
Northern Virginia/DC

The Loss Prevention Investigator is responsible for utilizing proper investigative techniques and act as the primary liaison with field operations management. Conducts investigations into cash losses, deposit shortages, associate theft, overall shrinkage, and other matters...

Wawa is a diverse, talented and customer friendly organization, where our associates are our most valuable asset. We offer educational assistance programs, advancement opportunities, competitive compensation, excellent healthcare benefits, 401(k) with company match, Employee Stock Ownership Plan, and Employee Resource Groups with a focus on veterans, women, LGBTQ, young professionals, and diverse cultures.

District Asset Protection Manager - Metro NY and Long Island, NY
Garden City, NY

Amazing opportunity! High profile, fast paced district available for a Multi-Unit Asset Protection professional with operational savvy or a General Manager passionate about Asset Protection and Safety. As the District Asset Protection Manager you will lead administration of Asset Protection programs and training for an assigned district in order to drive sales, profits, and a customer service culture...

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