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December 10, 2013


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Major retailers to create customer 'Bill of Rights' explicitly prohibiting profiling & unreasonable searches   Civil rights leaders met Monday with representatives from retail chains including Barneys, Macy's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Lord & Taylor and The Gap, the Rev. Al Sharpton said. The agreement, drafted by the Retail Council of New York State trade group, prohibits profiling and unreasonable searches and states that workers who violate their employers' prohibition on profiling will be disciplined and could be fired. The document also supports internal tests to ensure stores are complying with the prohibition against profiling. The one-page document, released on Monday by retailers after meetings with the Rev. Al Sharpton and other civil rights advocates, is the latest and most public effort by stores in New York City to respond to accusations of profiling of black shoppers. “Profiling is an unacceptable practice and will not be tolerated,” reads the document, to be posted in coming days in stores like Bloomingdale’s, Lord & Taylor and Saks Fifth Avenue. “Employees who violate the company’s prohibition on profiling will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.” The document, which draws from existing store policies prohibiting racial profiling, amounts to a promise from retailers to abide by those strictures and a recognition of the deep resonance that reports of profiling have had with a large number of minority shoppers. Among those rights outlined in the document is a requirement for store security personnel — some of whom roam the aisles in plainclothes — to identify themselves when interacting with customers. Prohibited is “the use of excessive force” or “threatening, vulgar language” when detaining people suspected of theft. People suspected of engaging in a crime can be detained “only in a reasonable manner and not for more than a reasonable time.” It also defines profiling broadly to include not only race, religion and sexual orientation, but also “appearance or any personal or physical characteristics.” (Source (Source

Retail Task Force Sets Roadmap to Address Racial Profiling
Rev. Al Sharpton outlined concrete steps for dealing with racial profiling and “shop and frisk” at stores in New York City at a press briefing Monday morning that followed a retail task force meeting. Sharpton said retailers and civil rights groups hammered out a Customers’ Bill of Rights, listing what consumers can and cannot expect when they shop in stores here. The Bill of Rights is expected to be posted this week in major retail stores, as well as on retailers’ and the Retail Council of New York’s Web sites.

There will be — as already started by Barneys New York — an immediate reevaluation and discussion and agreement on the boundaries of involvement of the NYPD and retailers’ security and customers. "We have asked for an immediate meeting with incoming Police Commissioner William Bratton to have the NYPD agree on what those boundaries ought to be,” said Sharpton. Furthermore, he said, “There will be ongoing discussions of community involvement between these retailers and the community.” Sharpton said he’s pleased with the progress that the task force has made, but there’s still a lot of work to do. “We’re very cautious. This is the beginning of a process. This is not a conclusion of a process.”

Ted Potrikus, executive vice president and director of government relations at the Retail Council of New York, said the task force has held several meetings since its initial Nov. 22 one and has set “a good faith relationship going forward, with all the community groups and the retailers that the Retail Council represents.”

The Customers’ Bill of Rights, obtained by WWD, states: “Profiling is an unacceptable practice and will not be tolerated.” The document notes that the store “prohibits unreasonable searches and/or the profiling of customers by any employee.” Further, it says employees “who violate the company’s prohibition on profiling will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.” It also states: “A person may be detained only in a reasonable manner and for not more than a reasonable time to permit investigation or questioning, provided an authorized employee has reasonable grounds to believe that the person so detained was guilty of criminal possession of an antisecurity item or was committing or attempting to commit shoplifting on the premises.”

The Bill of Rights has no legal force, however, and it is voluntary for retailers to post it. Only those retailers that are part of the task force plan to post the document.

Hudson’s Bay Co. has established an internal working group at Saks and Lord & Taylor to “strategize and work on all the issues surrounding this,” said a spokesman. It plans to display the Bill of Rights at its stores, but the exact location hasn’t been determined.

According to a Macy’s spokeswoman, “We believe that these meetings between retailers and community leaders have been extremely productive. We have formed excellent working relationships, which we expect will carry forward beyond today. We at Macy’s remain unwavering in our commitment to prevent all forms of discrimination, including racial profiling — a practice that we prohibit and will not tolerate. Ours is a company that welcomes all customers.” (Source

NSC taps Agilence Retail to reduce shrink
Liquidation retailer NSC Wholesale Holdings has selected Agilence Retail 20/20 to reduce shrink and improve in-store operations. NSC plans to use the cloud-based exception reporting solution to obtain visibility into daily store operations to increase efficiency and reduce fraud. "As NSC expands we need a tool that can grow with us and provide us visibility into our operations," said CFO Michael Gold, NSC Holdings, LLC. "Retail 20/20 enables to that while providing us with a solution that enables us to see all of our data in a single solution and to reduce losses and improve profit." (Source

Q&A: Daniel E. Karson, Chairman, Kroll Associates Inc.
What is the present focus and strategy?
The core investigations business remains very much the same and our stock in trade remains the same: we conduct business investigations. What change has taken place is in the approach to conducting investigations and the tools we use, most notably in cybercrime and computer forensic investigations. I actually used to send people to do research at the public library using the Readers Guide to Periodical Literature. Now the first days of an investigation are spent indoors looking through electronic files and social networks and websites.
Where is the growth for the investigations business, and why?
The penetration of IT systems is the greatest area of growth for us and it walks hand in hand with conventional investigative strategies. It all really surrounds what I would call information anarchy, the spread of private data through networks. At companies, we all once lived in a castle with a moat around it and one way in or out, but now we all live in Times Square. (Source

Office Depot Inc., formed by the merger of Office Depot and OfficeMax, Selects Boca Raton for Its Corporate Headquarters

Lumber Liquidators raises 2013 outlook; plans 30-40 stores in 2014

Severe weather across the country has had a negative impact on store traffic
There’s always a lull in shopping from right after the Thanksgiving/Cyber Monday rush to about 10 days before Christmas. But this year the lull appears particularly pronounced, to a degree self-inflicted by retailers and one that is bound to impact margins. Last week’s ice storm further hindered shopping in many areas of the country. Consumers aren’t likely to start hitting the malls again en masse until about a week before Christmas when they’re eager to find last-minute gifts, and retailers get crazy again with discounting to move merchandise. They’ve already stepped it up. "Mother Nature smacked us pretty good," says Ascena Retail Group CEO. Retailers also agree that this retail holiday season is one of the strangest ever, marked by dramatically different shopping patterns spurred by new retail tactics, the shorter calendar and discounting getting stretched out, with December expected to be more promotional than November. (Source

Credit card skimming devices and hidden cameras are just two ways crooks make this the most scam-filled time of the year for shoppers - the updated story on skimmers -  IT crime is not limited to the cyber world. There are real-world risks as well, from sophisticated hardware that can steal your personal information just as effectively as any online scam. One of the most popular is the skimmer, which is used on point-of-sale (POS) credit card devices, ATMs and gas pumps. Most are "little more than a false panel which sits atop the PIN pad and above the area where customers swipe their cards," which could be installed and removed in seconds. These are obviously attractive to crooked employees, who could install them when nobody is watching and then remove them if a manager drifts into the area. Or, thieves posing as customers can install them while their partners distract the salespeople. So, while retail managers should check POS devices regularly and monitor them with security cameras, Wisniewski said shoppers can check the POS device themselves. "Aside from giving it a good once over before inserting your card, we recommend giving it a wiggle," he said. "The part of the machine that accepts your card should not move or look like it has been bolted on." (Source

Arundel Mills adds extra mall security in Hanover, Md.

Heat Maps tracking shoppers moves has some concerned about shoppers privacy  Management at some 1,000 retailers this holiday season knows where you've been standing, how long you've had to wait in the checkout line, and which sweater or necktie or shovel you admired most while shopping. New technologies for tracking shoppers in-store, in real time, make this possible. Some rely on signals emitted by customers' smart phones. Another uses images from store security cameras. Whether a tracking technology qualifies as "creepy" (Polonetsky's word) depends in large part, he says, on whether data is being collected on specific individuals, rather than on unidentified customers en masse. Prism's heat maps fall into the second category. (Source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Casey's General Store up 10.2% with total inside sales up 15.5%
Michael's Stores Q3 up 7.9% with net sales up 10.3%
Burlington Coat Q3 up 3.9% with net sales up 10%
The Pantry Q4 up 2%
Pep Boys Q3 down 2.8% with sales down 0.5%




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NSC Wholesale Holdings, LLC Deploys Retail 20/20 Exception Reporting Solution

NSC Wholesale Holdings, LLC, doing business as National Wholesale Liquidators Stores Engages Agilence’s Retail Analytics Team to drive shrink reduction

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ– Agilence, Inc., the leading provider of cloud-base exception reporting solutions, announced that NSC Holdings has selected Retail 20/20 to reduce shrink and improve in-store operations. The next-generation exception reporting solution will provide NSC with visibility into daily store operations to increase efficiency and reduce fraud. Based in New York, NSC operates in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

“As NSC expands we need a tool that can grow with us and provide us visibility into our operations,” said CFO Michael Gold, NSC Holdings, LLC. “Retail 20/20 enables to that while providing us with a solution that enables us to see all of our data in a single solution and to reduce losses and improve profit.”

“Agilence is a cornerstone to our Loss Prevention program, we have great success with the solution,” said LP Director Phil DeGorter.

“Smaller retailers are looking for solutions that provide real value across the organization without breaking the bank,” said Russ Hawkins, CEO, Agilence, Inc. “We look forward to working with NSC as they grow into a national organization.”

About Agilence

Agilence ( is the industry leader in next-generation exception-based reporting solutions for retail loss prevention and operations. Agilence develops Retail 20/20, a highly flexible and powerful, cloud-based reporting solution that provides visibility into daily store operations to reduce fraud and operational inefficiencies. Retail 20/20 provides users with a complete view of their business, empowering them to make informed decisions faster, to increase efficiency and improve profit margins across the enterprise. Founded in 2006, Agilence, Inc. is headquartered in Mount Laurel, NJ. To learn more about Agilence, please email or call 856-366-1200.

Derek Rodner
VP, Product Strategy
856-366-1200 x500



Thought Challenge


By Bill Nichols
Regional Director, Loss Prevention
Bed Bath & Beyond

“There is nothing wrong with change as long as it is in the right direction”. Winston Churchill

“Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts”. Arnold Bennett

“When you are through changing, you are through”. Bruce Barton

Many of us have our favorite aphorisms and philosophies regarding change. And no matter whether we like change or dislike change, it is a fact of life and a fact of business that we must contend with every day; no less so in the discipline of Loss Prevention. In fact, many of us find ourselves as the agents of change on a fairly regular basis. How we effect change, especially when problem solving, often defines how we are viewed by our organization and our peers. And while some changes we get involved with are not always within our power to control, those that we are intending to create, whether for tactical or strategic purposes, must be thought through for both application and outcome.

Although there are many ways to define and analyze change, I often characterize change as being of two types: revolutionary change and evolutionary change.

Revolutionary change is a dramatic, immediate upheaval. It is a drastic action and/or result, and often follows as the outcome of an investigation or store performance review. As such, it may not be a negative from the standpoint of result. If not managed correctly, or if not planned, it can be perceived as a negative, and often times the reality is negative as well. Revolutionary change is usually not a permanent change, but rather a change that leads to other changes, sometimes revolutionary, but preferably evolutionary.

Evolutionary change is gradual, by degrees, hopefully resulting in the development of positive habits and routines. Evolutionary change can be the positive result of revolutionary change. It is the most effective method of creating a change in culture in an organization. The best evolutionary change must begin with an understanding of what needs to be changed and why. The process must then be well thought out, planned and managed, with specific goals and milestones. The application of change management techniques, such as communication, follow up and the building of partnerships, helps to overcome obstacles, especially when an aspect of culture is the goal of your change.

If planned properly and managed well, change can and will become another tool in your management toolbox, rather than another annoying disruption to your routines.




Trucker Shot & Killed by Security Guard at Loves Truck Stop in Dayton, Oh.
Police are waiting on more surveillance video to help them piece together a deadly shooting at a new truck stop in Dayton. Police say he was shot Sunday night inside the truck stop by a security guard who we have learned is employed with Arrow Security. According to police, the 25-year-old security guard shot Sojic in the chest and arm after he felt threatened by the man. (Source

Auto Theft, Other Property Crimes Jump After Early Inmate Release in California
Auto thefts and other property crimes were on the rise following a statewide initiative to release more California inmates early, according to a new study. (Source

Man and Woman Charged with Robbery at Corpus Christi Macy's after Threatening to Shoot Security  Police track down a man accused of threatening a mall security guard at gunpoint during a shoplifting incident at Macy's last Wednesday. The guard was trying to stop a man and woman from stealing clothes at the store when a gun dropped from the waistband of the man's pants. According to police, the guy picked up the gun and threatened to shoot the guard. The guard backed off for his own safety. Officers who took a look at the surveillance video recognized the robber. They later showed up at a house on Mussett to find 22-year-old Benjamin Elizondo and 19-year-old Emma Reyes. Both are charged with aggravated robbery. (Source

Laurel shoplifting suspect steals security guard's gun at Weis supermarket, fires shots, flees  A shoplifting suspect who swiped a gun from a security guard Sunday night in Laurel and fired several shots is still on the loose. Security guards approached the suspect and attempted to take him into custody when a scuffle broke out; during the altercation, officials say the suspect was able to get his hands on one of the guard's service weapons. He then fired several in the store before feeling. Authorities believe that the suspect still has the weapon. No one was hit by gunfire or injured. (Source

Thieves target truck with $120k of Hershey's chocolate

3 hurt in East Texas Wal-Mart hatchet attack

Milwaukee couple has turned themselves in to authorities after a handgun incident at a Burlington Coat Factory in Racine 

Sears shoplifter in Peterborough, Ontario arrested on charges of assaulting a peace officer 

Two women busted Sunday at Walmart in American Canyon, Calif., for forged & fraudulent credit cards

Suspect in at least 9 smash and grab robberies in Union Square arrested in San Francisco 

Subway employee in Hampton, GA remains calm during robbery; asking robbers to get out quickly, thinking of other possible customers coming into the store

Lexington shoplifter charged with robbery at Super Save grocery store

Burglars break into jewelry store from the roof in Wilmington, Delaware

Suspect arrested in $8,000 robbery of Dollar General store in Harlingen, Texas

Laurel, Mississippi Police Host Shoplifting Prevention Seminar

UK’s Southampton docks have seized $19.2 million in counterfeit goods this year 

H.H. Gregg and the Erie Sports Store take extra precautions to fight holiday theft in Erie, PA 

Suspected burglary ringleader arrested after posting Instagram photo  A deputy arrested Depree Johnson, 19, of Lake Worth, after seeing a photo. Five felony convictions didn't stop a Lake Worth man from posting a photo of himself on Instagram holding guns. The photo of Depree Johnson, 19, caught the eye of a Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputy on Nov. 22 due to Johnson's previous convictions for grand theft, burglary, and felon in possession of a firearm. A search warrant executed on Johnson's apartment Wednesday led deputies to a Glock under his bedspread, a Tec-9 9mm pistol stolen from Tennessee and a shoe box loaded with ammo, according to an arrest report. The stash landed Johnson 142 counts of being a felon in possession of a weapon or ammo. Detectives also discovered about $250,000 worth of stolen jewelry, electronics and firearms, and said Johnson led a group responsible for 30-40 burglaries in Palm Beach County. (Source

Mullins, SC Police are looking for a distraction team who robbed the ACE Hardware store  Police have released surveillance pictures from a security camera at Ace Hardware on Main Street in Mullins following a theft at the store last month. Officers say a man and woman walked into the business and got the attention of the clerk. They added that's when a third man comes in and steals money from the cash register. (Source

Would-be robber no match for cage-fighting store owner in Red Lion, Pennsylvania  The customer came to the cash register to pay when Anderton noticed CDs stashed in his back pocket. "I came around the counter and said, 'Can I have my CDs back?' He emptied everything out of his pocket but the CDs," Anderton said. "I put my hand in to get the rest of the stuff and when I grabbed them, that's when he pulled the knife out." Anderton spent years boxing in England recently learned how to cage fight. One of the skills he learned, a choke hold, he used on the suspect. (Source


Today's Robberies and Burglaries

Cosi stores armed robberies connected in PA.
Two Camden, N.J., men face charges in connection with multiple retail armed robberies
Duncan, OK., teenager sentenced in convenience stores armed robberies
Armed retail robberies in Lorain County, OH., may be connected
Suspect Charged in Attempted Robbery at Dover McDonald's
Suspects sought in Hampton, Ga., restaurant robbery
H&M Robbed in Rome by Fake Guard
Circle K – Murphysboro, IL – Armed Robbery – teen arrested following foot chase
Dollar General – Baton Rouge, LA – Armed Robbery – no injuries reported
Dollar General – Martinsburg, WV – no weapon displayed – cashier refused to hand over cash
MetroPCS – Brooklyn Park, MD – no weapon displayed – suspect fled with cash, no injuries
Video Game Exchange – Colorado Springs, CO – Armed Robbery – 2 suspects; no injuries




Natick Mall Macy's security guard part of ORC ring busted at Macy's in Mass.  A Quincy man who worked as a security guard at Macy’s at the Natick Mall was actually the leader of an organized shoplifting ring and used his job to make it easier to steal merchandise, authorities said. Among the 83 items the group tried to steal, were 42 men’s shirts, five women’s suits and a cellphone, the report said. The merchandise was typically valued at more than $7,000, but because of sales, the price was about $4,800. Macy’s officials plan on reviewing past surveillance videos because they found evidence that the ring may have been involved in other thefts, the report says. On Thursday, the Macy’s loss prevention office received an anonymous tip that Hampe, who also worked at another store in Boston, was the leader of "an organized retail theft operation," and that he and his group planned on "hitting" Macy’s on Thursday at 8:30 p.m., the report said. Hampe was recently hired as a store security guard, the report said. Security personnel began monitoring Hampe’s Facebook page. That night, four people, including two whom security officers recognized from Hampe's Facebook page, came into the store. (Source

Multi-city ORC ring leader and two others busted at Cool Springs Galleria Mall in Franklin, Tenn.  Franklin Police broke-up a multi-city shoplifting ring Saturday night, after input from other law enforcement agencies. Police said three suspects stole merchandise Friday night from several stores in Mt. Juliet. Police released information to other agencies describing the vehicles the suspects used to leave the scene. Best Buy loss prevention officers also notified other Best Buy stores in the region about the shoplifters and sent a description of the suspects. Employees at the Brentwood Best Buy recognized them Saturday and called police. Brentwood Police did not have any reason to take two people into custody, but called in Franklin's undercover officers to assist them. During the traffic stop Robert and Charlotte Hartsell told officers they had stolen merchandise inside the car, but it did not belong to them. "They said none of the merchandise in there was theirs, and they were willing to get the owner of the vehicle back to it," according to Kroeger. The two suspects worked with police to convince Brown to come and get his car. Police then set up a sting operation in an effort to catch Brown. They arrested 30-year-old Courtney Brown of Madison after he showed up to get the vehicle loaded with $715 worth of stolen merchandise. Brown, charged with Felony Theft, was also found to be in possession of marijuana, crack cocaine, and Xanax. He remains in custody on theft and drug charges at the Williamson County Jail on a $25,000 bond. Brown is a convicted felon who was out of jail on probation at the time of this arrest. (Source

East Coast Home Depot UPC switcher/refunder to spend 3yrs. 5 months in federal prison  Christopher M. Smith was sentenced in a judgment entered Friday, Dec. 6, by U.S. District Judge Terrence G. Berg to three years, five months in federal prison after he pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud for participating in the scheme that stretched from Florida to Michigan and involved more than 100 Home Depot stores. Smith was also ordered to pay $311,000 in restitution after he admitted that he and others began the scheme in February 2010, according to a plea agreement filed Aug. 14, in Flint U.S. District Court. An affidavit filed in May by the Federal Bureau of Investigation alleged that Smith and another man masterminded the scheme that included switching UPC codes on expensive items with those of cheaper items in order to purchase the goods for less than the marked price. Federal investigators allege that the men, along with accomplices who have not been charged, would then return the purchased items without receipts in order to receive store credit for the more-expensive original price. (Source

Rockford, ILL., man gets 17 months in federal prison for his role in multi-state ORC gang that hit retailers  William Dorn, 25, was sentenced in federal court today. He admitted to fraudulently acquiring tens of thousands of dollars in merchandise for chain stores, then "returning" the times for cash. The scheme involved using counterfeit checks and false IDs to buy merchandise from stores like Wal-Mart and Farm & Fleet in various states. Three other men from Rockford have already been sentenced for their roles in the scheme. (Source

International: Malaysia Police busted baby formula theft ring; group had hit stores for over a year  Selangor police crippled a baby formula theft syndicate led by a 41-year-old woman in two separate raids last week. Police investigations revealed the woman had 12 previous records related to drugs and theft. The syndicate had been terrorizing hypermarkets and 24-hour convenience stores for over a year. A total of 12 thieves and 5 shop owners have been arrested. (Source

“Protection 1 is proud to be sponsoring the D-D Daily ORC column to ensure the LP industry gets the information, education and critical data they need to fight this national epidemic.”
Rex Gillette, VP Retail Sales, Protection 1.

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Vendor Spotlight


Is Your Back Door Protected?

Detex introduces a maximum security, multi-point lock so big and strong that it stands up to assault by the bad guys and reduces employee and customer theft.

The ECL-230X-TDB is a heavy-duty, easy to install three-bolt multipoint lock whose construction takes panic hardware to a whole new level of toughness and eases your back-door security worries. It is designed with a larger deadbolt that goes deeper into the frame than other locks in the category. Connecting rods are solid steel, rather than the less reliable hollow rod/cable construction. Life safety and code compliant, the new Detex ECL-230X-TDB serves as both panic hardware and a maximum-strength locking device.

The ECL-230X-TDB includes a photo-luminescent sign available in more than 10 color/language combinations, 100 decibel alarm and 3 locking points per door.

● Top Deadbolt – approximately 1” wide by ½” thick deadbolt, the top bolt provides additional stability to the top corner of the door.
● Side Deadbolt – 2 ¼” tall by ½” thick deadbolt with a 1” throw allows for ¾” penetration into strike (Detex recommends Flush installation for maximum security). With 1.6875 square inches of bolt engagement, the side deadbolt provides superior defense against pulling and prying on the side of the door.
● Bottom bolt – 5/8” HEX bolt with ¾” throw, engages the floor with 5/8” penetration provides better attack resistance and superior defense against the “peeling up” of the bottom of the door.

Together, the 3 bolts withstand 16,000 lbs. of pull force.

Add suffix DX3 (ECL-230X-TDB-DX3) for 6 locking points for even stronger security. Single- and double-bolt and weatherized models are also available. Optional accessories include hinge side locking bolts and inside pull handle.

Combining the ECL-230X-TDB with Detex’s DX Bolts provides an additional line of defense against break-ins via additional locking points. Even if the exterior door hinges are compromised the DX bolts keep the door locked and secure. These passive deadbolts are easy to install and offer another layer of attack resistance.

Other 230X models include ECL-230X (Dead Bolt Only), ECL-230X-W (Weatherized Dead Bolt), ECL-230X-TB (Top and Bottom Bolt), ECL-230X-W-TB (Weatherized Top and Bottom Bolt), ECL-230X-TD (Top and Dead Bolt), ECL-230X-W-TD (Weatherized Top and Dead Bolt), and ECL-230X-W-TDB (Weatherized Top Bolt, Dead Bolt and Bottom Bolt).

Almost all hardware and accessories can be customized with different finishes, colors, sizes, and more. Ask us how this new generation of life safety and security hardware can make a powerful difference at your back door.

Visit Detex’s website at or call us at (800) 729-3839.


Job Opening




Vice President LP Confidential United States Downing & Downing
LP & Safety Supervisor Ross Stores Moreno Valley, CA Ross Stores
Business Development  
Hart Systems United States Hart Systems
Asset Protection Manager Louis Vuitton Las Vegas, NV Louis Vuitton
Regional LP Manager Michael Kors Whittier, CA Michael Kors
Regional LP Manager Spencer Gifts Chicago, IL Spencer Gifts
Director of LP Children's Place Los Angeles, CA Children's Place
Director of LP Children's Place Houston, TX Children's Place
Director of LP Children's Place Chicago, IL Children's Place
Sales Executive Checkpoint Systems East Coast Checkpoint Systems
Sales Executive Checkpoint Systems West Coast Checkpoint Systems
Regional LP Manager Forever 21 Towson, MD Forever 21

National Account Mgr



Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention


Philadelphia, PA

Downing & Downing

Regional LP Manager Confidential San Francisco, CA Downing & Downing
District LP Manager Confidential San Diego, CA Downing & Downing
LP Analyst Confidential New York, NY Downing & Downing



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Job Opening




AP Manager in Training Walmart Indianola, IA Wal-Mart
LP Manager Sears Rochester, NY Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Kmart El Paso, TX Sears Holdings Corp
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Mobile, AL Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Monroeville, PA Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Leominster, MA Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Marrero, LA Lowe's
ETL Assets Protection Target Alexandria, VA Target
ETL Assets Protection Target Raleigh, NC Target
Regional LP Manager Victoria's Secret Rochester, NY Limited Brands
Regional LP Manager Victoria's Secret Buffalo, NY Limited Brands
District LP Manager Big Lots Denver, CO Big Lots
WW Logistics LP Security Specialist Apple Santa Clara Valley, CA Apple
Headquarters Security Specialist Target Mississauga, ON, Canada Workopolis


On the Move: Home of the Industry's Original - Sponsored by Cival Demand Associates

Richard Rabuck was named Regional Asset Protection Manager for Weis Markets.

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The Results Are In: Bad Leadership is Contagious  If you are in the room long enough with a person who has a cold, you are more likely than not to get said cold as well. Is the same true with leadership? Are people more inclined to pick up bad leadership behaviors if they work for someone who leads badly? The study in this article has the answers! (Can the cycle be broken?)

7 Reasons Employees Don't Trust Their Leaders  One of the key essentials to being a great leader, and following a great leader, is trust. Leaders can be challenged between letting employees know the whole truth and holding back some realities so they don't scare people or lose their top workers. Watch out for these warning signs so you can course-correct when people are having trouble trusting you. (Don't be a copy cat)

Find Your Inner Mandela: A Tribute and Call to Action  As the country mourns this exemplary leader, there are more than enough things leaders can learn from him. He strived to change behavior, not just laws, and he started a transformation process that would help shape his country. Learn from his legacy and apply the same lessons to your own leadership. (Forgive and forget)

Leadership Lessons: 'Dangerous' Ideas Are the Key to Innovation  We all have our comfort zone, and are often afraid or cautious to step outside of that. We know what works, and what doesn't, but dangerous ideas could provide that innovation you've been looking for! It could pave a brand new path for your organization! Encourage those ideas that may seem too unthinkable and see what you come up with! (Don't hold back)

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"Build the field and they'll come to play!" An expression that many never truly understand or practice. Especially in today's world where we're all expected to do more with less and corporate America has tightened the budgets to the levels most of us have never seen before. Having faith that your performance will bring promotions, increased salaries, and new jobs is very difficult in today's climate. But we all have to keep the faith and do our best every day regardless. Because at the end, it's what defines us and sooner or later our positive actions will pay off.

Just a Thought,
Gus Downing

Gus Downing

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