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December 11, 2013


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NYPD Commissioner Kelly warns of copycat terrorist attacks on 'soft' targets like malls  Kelly told a conference of private security leaders that crimefighters cannot let their guards down in light of an increase in international terrorism and the deadly attack on Westgate mall in Nairobi, Kenya. Stressing a spike in global terrorism, outgoing NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly warned Tuesday that another attack — on a “soft target” like a mall — could happen here if crimefighters let their guard down. Kelly, speaking at the 30th annual NYPD Shield conference with private security leaders, noted that in 2012 alone, terrorists carried out 8,500 attacks worldwide, a 69% increase from 2011. He said the bloodshed resulted in 15,500 deaths, an 89% jump in a single year. “More than ever this is a time for vigilance, not complacency,” said Kelly. With 16 terror plots targeting New York City foiled since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, including six since 2009, Kelly said the city remains “squarely in the cross hairs of the terrorists.” The NYPD is so concerned about a copycat attack in New York that it held a simulation drill last month at the Kings Plaza Mall in Brooklyn. Rebecca Weiner, a top intelligence analyst for the NYPD, said another big concern is home-grown terrorism. “This means that New Yorkers who seek to play a role in the global jihadi conflict now have a wide range of destinations of choice that they’re taking advantage of,” Weiner said. “At the same time, they don’t have to leave their neighborhoods. Al Qaeda’s message, its messengers and its instructions to mobilize to violence are readily available and being graciously consumed online. (Source

NYC Retailers Catch Super Bowl Fever - "Super Bowl Boulevard" coming for four days  New York City’s retailers have caught Super Bowl fever. The game will be played at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., on Feb. 2. Hoopla for the game will culminate in the conversion of Broadway between 34th and 47th Streets into “Super Bowl Boulevard” from Jan. 29 to Feb. 2. The four-day extravaganza will bring together musicians, food and drink, live television broadcasts, NFL autograph sessions and interactive fan events, including a 60-foot toboggan ride that is expected to draw some one million people. Editors note: What a security challenge. Every law enforcement officer, federal agent, and retail loss prevention executive will be working those four days. (Source

Cash registers are on their way out - tablets will be the key tools for retailers
"In less than four years since the launch of the iPad, tablets have become a fixture of our everyday lives. This year, they’ll become a standard tool in retail environments too, and merchants will use them for everything from Point of Sale to inventory, fulfillment, customer relationship management, and more," says David Marcus, Paypal's leader. And other predictions he makes about how mobile payments will revolutionize retailing. Interesting read. (Source

Why EMV Isn’t Enough: 3D Secure Necessary To Curb Online Fraud
For U.S. consumers, issuers and merchants transacting in the online channel, the perceived reality has long been this: Europe's successful EMV migration is pushing fraud abroad, and unless the U.S. upgrades to EMV as well, this fraud will take root domestically, causing millions of dollars in theft and loss. Of course, there are critics who believe the U.S. needs to seek different solutions, but a newly released white paper from TSYS suggests that even if implemented, EMV would not be enough to protect the U.S. commerce ecosystem from the threat of fraudsters. U.S. EMV migration needs to coincide with a transition to 3D Secure. Developed by Visa, the protocol was launched specifically to curb card-not-present (CNP) fraud in Europe due to EMV's ineffectiveness at preventing this type of card fraud. (Source

SAP unveils new predictive analytics platform
Nearly 95 percent of organizations report an increase in the volume of data they have been dealing with over the last 12 months and 75 percent of organizations say it is difficult to reap the benefits of predictive analytics without specialized employees. To address these issues, SAP AG has taken steps to bring advanced analytics capabilities to a broad spectrum of users by today announcing the availability of the SAP InfiniteInsight solution. Based on patented automation technology from KXEN, a SAP company, the company said the solution will provide businesses the simplicity and productivity to deploy predictive analytics across the business. (Source

Walmart Contractor Agrees To $4.7 Million Settlement Over Wage Theft Allegations  A contractor that runs warehouses for Walmart has agreed to pay $4.7 million to settle allegations that it cheated workers out of wages, according to documents filed in federal court in California. A group of warehouse workers accused Schneider Logistics, which operates a major Walmart distribution center in Mira Loma, Calif., of failing to pay them for overtime and illegally deducting wages from their paychecks, among other claims. Schneider will not admit fault under the settlement, but it will dish out millions of dollars to as many as 568 workers who handled Walmart goods at the warehouse. A judge granted preliminary approval of the settlement last week. (Source

Barnes & Noble chairman sells 2 million company shares

Home Depot expects eight new stores, 5% sales growth in fiscal 2014

IDC Retail: Top 10 predictions for 2014

Post-Black-Friday research: Consumers more focused on their budget, getting good deals  While 30 percent of shoppers are reporting that they have either finished or are 90 percent through their holiday shopping, the opportunity for retailers to make merry before the end of the season is still there as another 37 percent see themselves as having completed only half or less of their gift buying. 42 percent of shoppers say their 2013 holiday gift budget will match last year's and 71 percent say they're committed to staying on plan. The fact that 87 percent of shoppers say deals are as good or better than last year may help with managing budgets. It appears, also, that shoppers are favoring relatively smaller gifts with 85 percent spending $50 or less for most of their gifts. "This year looks to be a more planned and perhaps more personalized Christmas with the majority of shoppers intent on staying within budgets — that, for many, are smaller than last year," (Source

LA's New Anti-Counterfeit Initiative Targets Common Household Items
The California State Board of Equalization estimated that fake designer clothes, computers, drugs and other items coming through California`s seaports drain about $8 billion each year in tax revenue from state coffers. As part of the new initiative – which is aimed at providing communities with the means to anonymously report counterfeiting and piracy – 12 new anti-counterfeiting billboards are set to go up throughout Los Angeles County in the cities of Carson, Compton, South El Monte, South Gate, Vernon, Bassett and Santa Fe Springs, Sheriff’s officials said. Since 2010, the Sheriff’s Counterfeiting and Piracy Enforcement Team has seized approximately $320 million in knockoff designer products and arrested more than 200 suspected smugglers and counterfeiters. (Source

Cyber Monday formula: Mobile + desktop equals more than $2 billion
Mobile captured 18.5% of combined Black Friday and Cyber Monday digital spending, comScore says. Mobile commerce sales accounted for nearly 21% of total Black Friday digital sales in the United States, $314 million out of $1.512 billion, and nearly 17% of Cyber Monday sales, $350 million out of $2.085 billion. The numbers are increasing with every quarter. (Source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Hudson's Bay Company (new owners of Saks Fifth Ave.) Q3 up 5.7% with sales up 5.8%
Costco Q1 U.S. sales up 4% with total revenue up 5.5%
Fredrick's of Hollywood Q1 down 11.7% with sales down 15.2%


RFID in Retail 2014: What LP Leaders Need to Know

WEBINAR - Thursday, December 12, 2013 - 10:00 ET, 7:00 PT

With retail RFID projects taking hold for inventory management in-store and omni-channel, and increasingly for Loss Prevention, LP professionals need to understand the impact on their own initiatives, and how they can benefit.

Featured Speakers:

Jon Haydon, Consulting Manager, Euromonitor - Key Trends from the 2013 Global Theft Retail Barometer 
Joseph LaRocca, CEO, Retail Insights, (former NRF VP Loss Prevention) - The RFID Opportunity for LP Leaders
Alan Sherman, Sr. Director Global Marketing, Checkpoint Systems - The Value of a Single Solution for Inventory Management and LP

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December 2
Albuquerque's ORC Effort - Chief Raymond Schultz & Karen Fischer, Strategic Support Div. Mgr, APD

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Profitect Continues to Expand Massachusetts Office

Profitect planning to hire an additional 20%

Waltham, MA — December 5, 2013 — Profitect, an Israeli founded company headquartered in Waltham, MA, announced today the continued expansion of its Massachusetts office.

The profit-amplification solution provider for retailers is looking to increase its workforce by at least 20% in 2014, with a focus on hiring in research & development and professional services to support increased demand from US and UK retailers.

“Our customers come first. As demand for our solution increases we will continue to expand in order to best serve them and more efficiently meet their needs,” said Guy Yehiav, CEO, Profitect. “The State of Massachusetts and Israel have a healthy, mutually beneficial business relationship, bolstered by Governor Deval Patrick’s continued efforts to strengthen business ties between the state of Massachusetts and Israeli companies.”

This announcement was featured at MassChallenge in Boston, which was an event with Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Massachusetts and Israeli Business Leaders. At the event the New England Israel Business Council released the finding of a new study that describes the multi-billion dollar impact of Israeli-founded companies on the Massachusetts economy, and the extraordinary spirit of collaboration and innovation between Massachusetts and Israel. A whitepaper that details the research findings, titled “The Massachusetts-Israel Economic Relationship, 2nd Edition” is available at

About Profitect
Profitect’s Profit Amplification software, a pattern-seeking solution, enables retailers to quickly realize increased revenue and reduced costs across the entire retail supply chain. Profit Amplification pattern-seeking algorithms can “tell a story” by identifying the root cause of anomalies such as inventory distortion, on-shelf availability, shrink/waste/damage, or process non-compliance – helping retailers minimize the effort necessary to identify controllable factors which the solution translates into action. As a result, retailers can move quickly to prevent profit leakage at all levels of the organization, ultimately improving business processes and the top and bottom line.

Media Contact:
Michele Horowitz


Thought Challenge

Are you a 5-Tool Player?

Brad Reeves
Divisional Loss Prevention Manager
The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company

One of the ways I try to influence others is through analogies. Many of the analogies I use are sports related. For one, I grew up playing organized sports, which taught me many lessons I use to this day, but also I have found that many people can relate. Hopefully I can do that with this thought.

On the way home from work one day I was listening to my favorite sports talk radio station and the hosts of the show had an expert on discussing baseball. Particularly they were discussing the roster of my favorite team; who should stay, who they should trade and who they should try to sign on. They went on to discuss attributes of certain players and asking the expert to rate and advise on whether or not the team should pursue them. That’s when I heard something that got me thinking. The expert started to discuss what is known in the baseball world as “5 tool players” and the desire to have them on a team. The 5 tool theory describes the key areas desired for performance. “5 Tool” players are the most sought after in baseball. Now if you are unfamiliar with what a 5-tool player is, here it is in brief:
1-Hit for Power, 2-Hit for Average, 3-Fielding, 4-Throwing and 5-Running.

In baseball having a 5-tool player is a coach’s dream. These players make a manager’s job easy. They know they can rely on these players in every situation and inevitably end up winning championships.

So I thought of some of the teams that either I have been a part of or that I have lead. Who did I work with that was a 5-tool player? Who have I managed that was a 5-tool player? How can I find or develop a 5-tool player? Am I even a “5 tool player”? Now you might be thinking what do these “5 tools” I mentioned above have to do with our profession. This is where I ask that we get a little creative. The point is that we need to be multi-faceted in our profession. So in this case perhaps the “5 tools” are something else. One example could be:

1-Shrink, 2-Internals, 3-Externals, 4-Business Acumen and 5-Leadership

Again, this is just one example. Depending on what position you are in and within what industry, the “5 tools” would change. Being versatile is one of the keys to success, no matter what level we are at. For example, a Loss Prevention investigator who is only good at external apprehensions surely is valued, however a Loss Prevention investigator who is also good at internal investigations, can present at a monthly shrink meeting, drive Loss Prevention culture within his or her location and can assist his or her manager with shrink initiatives adds much more value to the organization. This applies to all of us.

So I pose a few questions. What are your “5 Tools”? They may be personal to you, or if you manage a team, perhaps they apply to them. Think of the teams you work on or with. Do your team members have “5 Tools”? Are you able to identify new candidates with “5 Tools”? Are you developing “5 Tool” players? Are you a “5 Tool” player?

If you are still not convinced, think of the people who get results within your industry, a valued team member or anyone you know who is successful. I guarantee they are a “5 tool” player.



Walgreens armed robbery turns into shootout with 3 officers hit - 2 suspects dead in Miami  The shoot-out was so intense - two dozen police officers were shooting at the two suspects after a chase. The one suspect, a drug user, robber a Walgreens at 4:30 am and officers found him at a mobile home park a few miles away where the suspect shoot one police officer and stole the police car. Going to his grandmothers the suspect took her car and with a friend ended up crashing it and having a shoot-out with over 2 dozen police officers. Three police officer were shoot and a few had to be treated for ear problems from all of the intense gun fire. With both suspects being killed. (Source

Crime ring suspected in debit card fraud - skimmers hit N.C. towns
It appears that the recent rash of card fraud in the areas of Swansboro, Jacksonville and Newport was almost surely the work of an organized ring that came to the area and targeted gas stations. Those in these rings, said the official, who asked not to be named, place card “skimmers” on pumps – which are easy to target because they are outside and not closely watched – and harvest a lot of numbers as quickly as possible. The recent outbreak hitting probably 200 people in this area wasn’t the first, she said, but it was probably the most intense. And it definitely came to the attention of a “peer group” – comprised of bank and credit union officials, law enforcement officers and the area’s fraud investigator – which meets regularly. “It’s an epidemic,” Ritchie said. But even though Swansboro seemed to have been targeted in the past month or so, the town and the surrounding area are really just a microcosm of what is a national, even international, “epidemic,” the chief added. (Source

12 tons of marijuana found after suspected heist reported to police  Twelve tons of marijuana were found in a tractor-trailer after the driver called police about a suspected heist Monday morning. A tractor-trailer driver hauling electronics from San Diego to Tustin told police that a white panel van with two men inside pulled alongside his truck while moving on the road. The passenger in the van displayed an unknown type of badge on a chain around his neck and demanded the big-rig driver pull over. The big-rig driver was suspicious of the unprofessional look of the two men in the van and pulled into a local business where an armed security guard was stationed, and police were called. Police said the van lingered in the area but left before officers arrived. During inspection of inventory of the truck, police found approximately 12 tons of marijuana packaged in bricks and hidden in boxes among the electronics. (Source

Baybrook Mall employee sexually assaulted when leaving work at 9 pm. in parking lot in Houston, TX.  The suspect reportedly approached her, said he had a gun and forced her into his back seat. Officers say she was driven to an unknown location where he pulled over and sexually assaulted her. Afterward, investigators say the man dropped her back off at a store across from the mall. That's when she was able to flag someone down for help. Baybrook Mall wouldn't go on camera, but they gave us the following statement: "The safety and security of our shoppers, retailers, and employees is our number one priority. We are working closely with local law enforcement to assist in any way we can." (Source

Golf Anti-Counterfeiting Group's Efforts Leads to Elimination of 60 Counterfeit Websites  The U.S. Golf Manufacturers Anti-Counterfeiting Working Group has announced that a preliminary injunction has been issued by the Southern District Court of Florida to shut down 60 websites where counterfeit clubs and products were reportedly being sold. (Source

What Does One Do With a Stolen $40,000 Crocodile-Skin Jacket?
Someone (police suspect a fashionable couple in their 20s) made off with a $40,000 brown crocodile skin jacket from a tiny French store on 57th Street. The store, Zilli, specializes in furs and exotic skins, according to our listing. One rings the doorbell for entry, and a manager told The Times only a few people were ever inside at once, which makes the brazen theft of the jacket at 5:30 p.m. on Dec. 3 pretty incredible. The woman in the pair took it from the rack and handed it to the man, who brought it to a fitting room, according to police. Then he put it in a duffel bag, and they both walked out. It's just that easy, apparently. (Source

Same man wanted for five smash-and-grab burglaries in the Southwest Center City area  New surveillance video has been released from a string of smash-and-grab burglaries in a popular section of Philadelphia. During that crime spree, the man smashed windows and glass front doors at four restaurants in the Southwest Center City neighborhood -- south of Rittenhouse Square. (Source

UK Serial shoplifter stole from five stores and tried to pinch security officer’s bike

Lafayette, LA., experiences an increase in armed robberies since Nov. 8th with 11 c-stores being hit

100 stolen credit cards found inside car - police make arrest in Bloomfield, CT.

Credit card thieves strike in Camden, Dover, elsewhere - police trying to ID 3 women

Macy's Employee Steals $2k in Cash, Merchandise Police Say in Abington, Pa.

Fitchburg, Mass. Police arrest shoplifter at Bob’s Store, charged with assaulting a Loss Prevention agent

Kay Jewelers hit with a $6,000 grab and run at the Tanger Outlet in San Marcos, Tx

Keene, NH Police investigating an attempted robbery at Price Choppers

Apple store Loss Prevention in Santa Monica stops suspect with fake credit cards and phony California Driver’s License

Walmart in Livingston County. Michigan apprehends a suspect believed to have stolen multiple televisions over last few weeks

Target associate arrested for the theft of an iPad in Metairie, Louisiana

Dick’s Sporting Goods manager in Rock Hill, SC has foot run over by fleeing shoplifters

Erie, PA police arrest men in Dollar General armed robbery
Erie police arrested two armed men they said attempted to rob the Dollar General store. Police said the first officers to arrive prevented the robbers from fleeing the store. Two female employees and three customers safely evacuated the store. After police arrived, the robbers took refuge in the store's basement, where they later surrendered without incident. (Source

Chicago South side Cell Phone Owner shoots and kills a robber
A man trying to rob a South Side cell phone store died after an exchange of gunfire with the store clerk and another man inside broke his ankle trying to escape the shootout, according to police. (Source

Santa Ana, CA jewelry store robbery caught on tape
On Tuesday, Dec. 3, the suspect entered Don Roberto Jewelers and shopped for 10 minutes. After carefully inspecting the rings, the suspect pulled out a black semi-automatic handgun from his waistband. The suspect then ordered the clerk to step away from the jewelry case and removed several rings from the display and fled the store. (Source

Helzberg Diamonds at the Fashion Outlets in Rosemont, IL hit by distraction team for a $12,000 diamond  A male suspect set his jacket on the showcase. The associate unlocked the case leaving the portion in front of the male open while showing the female the .38 diamond. The female suspect distracted the associate by turning her away from the male suspect which enabled him to reach under his jacket and take the 1 ½ ct loose diamond and put it in his pocket.

Divers search for suspected shoplifter who jumped in pond near University Mall in Tampa  UPDATE: Late last night, a family member recognized the suspect's photo and delivered Kenia K. Lee to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office where she was arrested and booked into the Orient Road Jail. (Source


Today's Robberies and Burglaries

Suspect charged in Circle K store security guard shooting in October
Gunman Sought in Orange County, Calif., Jewelry Store Robbery
Philadelphia man admits to roles in $1.5m Kranich’s Jewelers robbery & North Carolina holdup
Police continue search for Dumas, TX., jewelry store burglary suspect
Smash-and-grab burglars hit 4 Port Angeles, Wash., businesses
Smash and grab burglaries investigated by Montgomery Co., Rockville, Gaithersburg, Md.




Organized shoplifting rings on the rise in Beaumont, TX.  Police say the lone shoplifter is always a problem, but organized rings are a growing concern. Monday night, Beaumont Police arrested four women who worked together to steal from a store near Parkdale Mall. Sergeant Burt Moore says two of the women shoplifted, while the other two were in the getaway car. Workers at the store saw the women shoplifting, and called the police, who arrested the women in the parking lot. Sergeant Moore says organized theft rings are on the rise. "Over the last few years we've seen an increase in theft rings where there's multiple suspects going into retailers, and working in conjunction with each other, communicating via cell phones," said Moore, "and then going from retailer to retailer, a lot of times several times during a day." (Source

Police seek links between $648,000 Seattle, $100,000 San Francisco wine thefts
Seattle police detectives investigating the Thanksgiving Day theft of $648,000 worth of high-end wine have contacted police in San Francisco about the theft from a wine warehouse in that city in March to see if the two cases are potentially connected, said a spokesman for the San Francisco Police Department. Samuel Harris, 34, and Luke Thesing, 35, have been charged in King County Superior Court in connection with the elaborate theft at Esquin Wine Merchants in Sodo on Nov. 28. A shipping label found in a storage locker Harris rented at Esquin led Seattle police to a San Francisco wine consultant, who said he purchased $100,000 worth of wine from Harris and another man earlier this year, according to charging documents. According to a news report about the San Francisco theft by television station KTVU, the suspect or suspects stole 80 bottles of wine – which is just shy of seven cases — with a combined value of more than $100,000. The theft occurred at the renowned Fine Wines International.

$2 Million Dollars in Counterfeit Credit Card Purchases Scam Sees 23 In Manhattan Federal Court  New York Office of the United States Secret Service, announced today the unsealing of an Indictment and a Complaint charging 23 individuals for their alleged participation in a large-scale counterfeit credit card scheme. As part of the scheme, the defendants allegedly obtained more than 1,000 stolen credit and debit card numbers, created counterfeit credit and debit cards with the stolen account information, and then utilized teams of “shoppers” to make more than $2 million of unauthorized purchases at retail stores located throughout the United States. In a coordinated operation early this morning, agents of the Secret Service and the Drug Enforcement Administration arrested 19 defendants in Flushing, Queens, and one defendant in Los Angeles, California. Agents also executed six search warrants and recovered counterfeit credit card manufacturing equipment and supplies. (Source

Scottsdale, AZ Police arrest two in baby formula theft ring
Scottsdale police say they have arrested two people in a series of shoplifting incidents involving baby formula stolen from multiple Albertsons’, Fry’s, and Safeway grocery stores over the last seven months. The product was being sold on Craigslist, the pair shoplifted from May 9 to Nov. 6 and admitted to using the proceeds of their illegal sales to support a drug habit. (Source

Man suspected of $22,000 in thefts from Academy Sports stores across Alabama  William Earl Barnes III, 40, was arrested Nov. 24 for second-degree theft of property. After questioning, Detective Brandon Teague said Barnes admitted to stealing game cameras and other merchandise from Academy stores in Gadsden, Hoover, Prattville, Tuscaloosa, Inverness, Auburn, Huntsville and Decatur. Barnes allegedly stole five cameras from the Gadsden store, but Det. Thompson said he was told by Academy that Barnes was suspected of taking 111 game cameras worth more than $22,000. (Source

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LP Manager Hudson Group Los Angeles, CA Hudson Group


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4 Ways to Break the Deadlock and Get Your Team Thinking Creatively Again  With the holidays right around the corner, it can be hard to stay focused at work. If you think your team is losing its fighting spirit, or its just disappeared for a while, you need to find out where it went and how to get it back. Embrace these tactics to get that creative door open. (Don't kill the old ideas)

The Art of Letting Go: How I Learned to Stop Procrastinating  Letting go can be the answer for a lot of problems such as smoking or junk food; learning to let go of procrastination can help your work efficiency and lessen the feelings of stress. This author learned how to let go of the distractions that were causing him to keep procrastinating. Use these to help let go and get back on track. (Just say goodbye)

8 Steps to Having Wildly Productive Mornings  You only have about 25,000 mornings, how do you spend them? Most people probably make their breakfast, get ready for work or school, watch the morning news, or see what's happening on social media. How you start your day will set the tone for rest of it, don't you want it to be effective? Use these strategies to make the most of your mornings! (Set a time to open email)

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No matter what you do, there's always two sides in every stadium, both supported by their beliefs, convictions and opinions and both equally opposed in their desire to win. While winning is everyone's objective, how you play the game is in actuality more important. Regardless of how the other side plays, one must always remember that afterwards regardless of the win or loss everyone respects the one who played like a professional and gave it their best.

Just a Thought,
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