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December 18, 2013


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Retailers extend hours to help time-crunched shoppers
Macy's, Nordstrom, Target and Toys R Us all have longer hours happening now or coming up. Of course, many Walmart stores are already 24/7 destinations. Many Macy's stores are beginning extended hours this week, opening from 7 a.m. to midnight through Thursday. Opening times remain the same Friday through Monday, Dec. 23, but stores will remain open longer, closing at 2 a.m. Through Saturday (Dec. 21), Target stores will be open from 8 a.m.-12:00 a.m., and then 8 a.m.-11 p.m. on Sunday. Nordstrom stores begin extended hours Wednesday (Dec. 18) through Monday (Dec. 23), opening at 8 a.m. and closing at 11, with Christmas Eve hours of 8 a.m.-6 p.m. (Source

Office Depot, Inc. Announces Organizational Structure and Key Management Appointments

Amazon beats Toys 'R' US, other retailers with most toys online

6 most common FAQs of Barcode vs RFID

UK bank notes to switch to plastic in 2016

Macy's Invests $170M in New Fulfillment Center
Macy’s Inc. will build a 1.3 million-square-foot direct-to-consumer fulfillment center in Oklahoma to support its omnichannel strategy and fuel further online sales growth. (Source

Federal agents in El Paso seize $3.5 million in fake goods in Operation Holiday Hoax  Nearly $3.5 million worth of counterfeit merchandise has been seized in El Paso over the last two months by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Homeland Security Investigations agents. The two-month investigation targeted international shipments being sent to El Paso from China. Agents intercepted shipments as they crossed the border and during inspection discovered the fake products, Ulrich said. Some of the seized merchandise includes knockoffs made to look like designer purses and watches, Nike shoes, Android smartphones, iPod Shuffles and Beats by Dre headphones. (Source

Meet the Millennials - 33% of the American population
Retailers need to tune into the 18-to-30 crowd. The Millennial generation numbered 79 million in 2011, with an outlook to stay at 78 million by 2030. Meanwhile, Baby Boomers will be retracting from their current 76 million to 56 million by 2030. (Source

WestJet 'Christmas Miracle' Goes Viral On YouTube  Check out this YouTube video that highlights a Canadian airline’s brilliant promotional idea to provide a real-time encounter with Santa via a kiosk as passengers on two flights check in, and then delivery of the gifts that they had requested from Santa at the end of the 4-hour flight in baggage claim of their destinations. (Source

Secret Santa's Are Out There
Paying off Walmart layaways in Central Florida, 24 St Louis stores, Delmont, Pa., Central TX.

How To Survive an OSHA Audit
Plan for an inspection by making sure you have three key items in place prior to the arrival of the OSHA compliance officer (CO):
1.A determination if you will ask for a warrant
2.A form to document what occurs during the inspection
3.All pertinent documentation such as written programs, training records, inspection records, etc
We recommend you do not require the CO to obtain a warrant before entry unless you need to gain time, such as when a manager or counsel needs to be present. It is your legal right to ask for a warrant but this might trigger a stricter audit (and raise possible red flags). It’s wiser if you simply work with the inspector. Answer questions honestly and fully, but don't offer additional information unless it will help you avoid citations. Cooperate as long as the inspector remains ethical and reasonable. Be prepared. These inspections are without notice so you will want to have all information readily available in anticipation of an impending audit.

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This free webinar will cover how to get law enforcement involved; the benefits for law enforcement; and the ways ORC intertwines with other types of crime such as RICO and money laundering.

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Season Two Kicks Off
December 2
Albuquerque's ORC Effort - Chief Raymond Schultz & Karen Fischer, Strategic Support Div. Mgr, APD

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eBay Investigators work with Retailer Leads to Arrest of Employee

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A Louisville man has been arrested for stealing approximately 150 pairs of shoes from the store where he worked.

Louisville Metro Police say the employee stole the shoes between May 1, 2012 and November 14, 2013 while employed at Von Maur in Oxmoor Center.

Penn admitted to the thefts after he was confronted by Von Maur management and told authorities he would list the shoes for sale online.

According to police, the value of the stolen shoes was $15,000.

Read more here.

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Thought Challenge

 The young man has a name

By Rich Brostrom
National Account Manager
Vector Security

I am submitting my Thought Challenge with no intentions of winning. It’s more about me finding a way to heal from the emotional struggle of trying to save a young man’s life and failing. Failing. Saying that word opens up a flood of emotions that I have suppressed deep inside me for the past few months. Just writing the word has probably helped my healing process, but in reality there was nothing anyone could have done.

It was a hot summer day on June 21st. I was working from home and my 8-month- old Weimaraner was pestering me to get some exercise. I had some time before my next conference call so we went down to the park. Across the park was a group of young men playing Ultimate Frisbee Football. I remember thinking to myself how cool the sport looked and how much fun they were having. As I was preparing to leave, I noticed a young man lying contorted on the ground. I thought he was playing around because the others continued their game. After a few seconds I decided to make my way over there and as I did, I kept repeating the words to myself, “Please get up!” I reached the young man within one minute; by that time his friends had gathered around him and one of them was on the phone. I asked if he had suffered heat exhaustion. “No,” one boy said, “He isn’t breathing.” All I remember is making my way through the group and immediately administering CPR. I, along with one of the other young men, was able to keep him alive until the paramedics arrived. They continued trying to revive him on the field, and all the way to the hospital.

I found out later that night that he had passed away. I was shocked and angry. I replayed the situation in my mind for days asking myself, “Could I have reached him sooner?” “Did I perform CPR correctly?” “What else could I have done?” I wanted to meet the family and let them know how sorry I was, and that I did everything I could do; but I didn’t know who they were or how to reach them. I didn’t even know his name. Days later, a friend of mine heard the story and told me that it was his neighbor’s son; a great kid from a great family, active in the youth ministry group and a mentor to young Christian men. I was able to connect with his parents, and going to the funeral added some closure, but I still wondered if I could have done more.

I met with my neighbor, a paramedic, a week after the funeral and I asked him how he deals with the death he encounters on the job. He said, “Rich, my job is to keep them alive until I get them to the hospital. You did that. He was alive when the paramedics took over and he was still alive when they arrived at the hospital. Far too often, I arrive on a scene and people are standing around doing nothing to help. That wasn’t the case in this situation; we all gave this young man a chance to live but there was just a greater power working against us all.”

This young man has a name: Travis. The following is from an article about Travis written by his youth baseball coach, Brad McGirr. “Travis volunteered his services to the Lion’s Heart Service Organization where he earned the President’s Volunteer Service Award, and became a leader with his “Life Group” and High School Ministry at Saddleback Church. He traveled to New Mexico to work on an Indian Reservation, and he raised more than $4,000 to fund his own trip to Rwanda as part of the Orphan & Vulnerable Children Ministry, Soccer Outreach Program.

Travis was passionate about animals, volunteering at the Mission Viejo Animal Shelter and working at Rancho Santa Margarita Animal Hospital. He hoped to become a veterinarian and had recently been accepted to the Animal Science/Pre-Veterinary Medicine Program at Abilene Christian University.

Only 20 years old, Travis passed away suddenly on Friday, June 21, only three weeks after delivering the eulogy at his grandfather’s funeral. He leaves what very few 20 year olds leave behind: a legacy. A legacy of love, kindness, selflessness and service to others.”

As an unexpected encounter – which I am sure Travis had something to do with – I ran into his Mom and Dad. They told me he may have contracted a virus on one of his volunteer trips that attacks his heart when exercising. How ironic; he unknowingly contracted a deadly virus while helping and improving how others lived. They told me they donated his organs to help others in need. As in life, this young man who helped and nurtured others, provided others an opportunity to live as he joined God in Heaven.

Today, I have accepted why God put me in that situation, but I struggle with what it is supposed to mean to me. Maybe I need to recertify my first aid training (which I am currently researching)? Maybe it’s to treasure and cherish my family and friends with the time each of us have left on earth? Or maybe the story was meant to be shared with each one of you so that if you are ever in this situation you will react and offer assistance? I like to think, “All of the above,” and that is my challenge to all of you. Continue to mentor and make a difference in our field, but also in your everyday lives. Maybe ask yourself, “If I died today, did I make a difference in someone’s life?” “How will I be remembered?” “What will be my legacy?” That’s my challenge to myself. The young man I could not save...his name is Travis and he will forever be with me in spirit.


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New England ORC Symposium & Tradeshow - Joe LaRocca, Part 3

In this three part series, Joe LaRocca, Senior Advisor for RetaiLPartners, addresses what organized retail crime means today, how large it is becoming, how and who it is impacting, and the emerging technology that retailers are seeing more often because of this epidemic. He provides the audience with very interesting facts about ORC and how to combat it.

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Mall security questioned after Hoboken man shot and killed in parking lot  In light of last month’s shooting incident at the Garden State Plaza in Paramus and the cold-blooded murder of 30-year-old attorney Dustin Friedland on Sunday night at the Mall at Short Hills, there are many now asking the following, “How safe are you inside of a mall?” According to Sal Lifrieri, President of Protective Countermeasures, “I think you’re relatively safe." (Source

Athens, Ohio Police release a photo of suspected Walmart arsonist who hit on Black Friday  Athens Police has released a photo of the person they believe was behind the arson at Walmart days before Black Friday shopping began. On Nov. 26, at about 2:50 a.m., members of the Athens Police and the Athens Fire Dept. responded to an active fire in an aisle of the Walmart. (Source

Miami trio charged with felony theft in Okeechobee, Florida Walmart According to police, they took two computers, bed sheets and items from the homelines department, totaling $967.24. The trio was in the store for only 6 minutes. (Source

Walmart Loss Prevention stops 3 suspects for felony theft at the store in Presque Isle, Maine  Three Presque Isle residents accused of stealing $2,385 worth of merchandise from Walmart, everything from tool boxes and muffin tins to Oreo cookies were charged this week with felony theft. (Source

$1,200 worth of stolen video games lead to wild struggle at Target in Louisville, KY  Two women were confronted by security while walking toward the exit past all points of purchase with bags filled with the video games. When security tried to escort the woman to the office, police say the suspects pulled away from the employees and began dumping the merchandise. Both women struggled with security, and at one point, the second woman stated she had a gun. Security allowed the women to leave the store. One suspect was later arrested by Police. (Source

New Orleans Harley Davidson employee skims deposits for $25,500

Southridge Center, WV Walmart reopened after bomb threat

JC Penney employee steals $7,305.77 and returns it for cash to feed painkiller addiction, Craighead, AR

Customers tackle fleeing shoplifter stealing a pair of jeans from Big R store in White City, Oregon

Lancaster, MI police investigate two armed robberies - gas station - grocery store
2 Taco Bell stores armed robberies in Thousand Oaks, Ca
Valparaiso, IN. police looking for armed robbery suspect who hit three stores
Martinsburg, WV two armed robberies - Reeds Pharmacy and Exxon
Rite Aid bandit hit same drug store 3 times in Bristol, PA
Subway smash and grab burglary in Silver Spring, Md.
Cumberland Farms – Armed Robbery – Northampton, MA – two suspects; no injuries
CVS – Burglary – Fremont, CA – front doors smashed; suspects fled with $4000 of cigarettes
CVS – Burglary – Tyler, TX – suspect forced open front doors an attempted to steal the ATM
Dollar General – Armed Robbery – Kalamazoo, MI – two suspects caught on camera; no injuries
Dollar General – Armed Robbery – Forest City, NC – no injuries; female suspect arrested
Family Dollar – Armed Robbery/ Assault - Terrell, TX – female clerk struck in face and knocked out
Family Dollar – Burglary- Augusta, GA – suspects fled with Newport cigarettes and laundry detergent
Famous Footwear – Armed Robbery – Boise, ID – female suspect arrested; no injuries
Half Price Check Cashing - Burglary - Dallas,TX - hit with a smash and grab; store front destroyed
Mister Money – Armed Robbery – West Fargo, ND – ATF leading the investigation; caught on tape
Palco Pharmacy - Armed Robbery – Scotia, CA – suspect demanded Oxycontin/Oxycodone; no injuries
Sneaker Town – Burglary – Cutler Bay, FL – suspects cut a hole in the wall overnight
7-Eleven – Armed Robbery – Philadelphia, PA – clerk shot in the leg; two suspects caught on video




Seattle Fencing Operation - More Video and details about how Loss Prevention Investigators managed the investigation - Tide pops up again as a main item Investigators had been buying stolen merchandise from the store that they had actually marked. Great Job QFC and Safeway LP. (Source

Target discovers extreme couponer to be extreme ORC thief - generating $300,000 a year  Police uncovered a 5-year counterfeit coupon operation run out of a Phoenix, Arizona hotel room by 51-year-old Terry Darcy and her son. Target store analysts grew suspicious of Darcy when they found that she was getting large amounts of goods for free using coupons, so they contacted detectives from the Phoenix Police Business and Economic Stability Team. Over a period of six weeks, the team reviewed the evidence, which included receipts and security footage, and found that in that short period of time the suspect stole $175,000 in products from the retailer. A raid on the hotel turned up master coupons, stacks of fake homemade coupons, and stolen products estimated to be worth more than $500. Officer James R. Holmes of the Phoenix Police Department told KPHO CBS 5, “We’re estimating probably about $300,000 a year in retail fraud.” It was money that the Phoenix woman used to fund an expensive $145-per-day heroin addiction. Officer Holmes told KSAZ Fox 10, "She certainly had the equipment to make those counterfeit coupons look real...She would do this all day long everyday. It was almost like it was her job." (Source

Skimming Gang - man, two women sought in credit card cloning fraud at Biloxi Walmart buying thousands in gift cards  Security cameras at the Biloxi Wal-Mart took pictures of a man and two women suspected of using stolen credit cards and "cloned" credit cards to buy thousands of dollars in gift cards, police Detective Carl Short said. The pictures were taken during their visit Dec. 10 to the Wal-Mart on CT Switzer Sr. Road, but police believe one of them returned to the store twice over the next two days and bought more gift cards using other credit cards believed to be stolen. Police believe the group is using a technique of "skimming" information from legitimate credit cards, possibly by downloading an application on a smartphone, and "cloning" the cards by copying the encrypted information onto magnetic strips on blank credit cards. (Source

“Protection 1 is proud to be sponsoring the D-D Daily ORC column to ensure the LP industry gets the information, education and critical data they need to fight this national epidemic.”
Rex Gillette, VP Retail Sales, Protection 1.

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The International Association of Interviewers and Calibration Marketing Team Up to Help Interviewers Stay Relevant

CHICAGO, Dec. 18, 2013 –
The International Association of Interviewers (IAI) and Calibration Marketing, LLC team up to enhance and expand the valuable interview and interrogation content and resources obtained through IAI membership in order to help interviewers stay relevant.

The partnership between IAI and Calibration will result in valuable opportunities for its members to ensure they remain relevant within their organization and overall profession as a whole. Opportunities include access to web content specifically designed for successful interviews and events such as Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates’ training seminars and their exclusive Elite Training Day.

IAI is the governing body and member association for the Certified Forensic Interviewer (CFI) designation. Its mission is to provide relevant and valuable education and training to support those practicing the art of interviewing and interrogation. The association’s web content contains educational resources including a rationalization matrix, interview mapping, legal updates, podcasts, book reviews, blogs and much more.

“It’s difficult to find a resource that is both an expert on content creation and messaging, as well as an understanding and appreciation for the art of interviewing and interrogation,” said Wayne Hoover, CFI, Executive Director for IAI. “We found this resource in Calibration. It’s a perfect partnership because both organizations are focused on contributing to the industry by helping interviewers truly become the best they can be at their chosen discipline.”

“Through membership in IAI, interviewers and interrogators all over the world will continue to improve their skills and master their craft,” said Amber Virgillo, founder of Calibration. “It’s an exciting time for Calibration, IAI and all those elite interviewers dedicated to sharpening their skills.”

About the International Association of Interviewers
The International Association of Interviewers (IAI) is the only association specifically for CFI designees as well as all those dedicated to the art of interviewing and interrogation. The IAI mission is to provide educational, business and networking opportunities to interviewers from all disciplines through valuable resources such as instructive events, useful Web content, exclusive Webinars and much more.

To learn more about IAI membership and existing educational resources visit or contact Jen Zeigler, Executive Coordinator at (800) 222-7789 ext.106 or via e-mail:

Amber Virgillo, Calibration Marketing
International Association of Interviewers
(770) 335-4891


Vendor Spotlight


Checkpoint Systems Reaches Milestone: Has Now Evaluated 75,000 Different Products in Its Source Tagging Evaluation Centers Since Starting 20+ Years Ago

Helping Retail Manufacturers to Ensure Product Protection Quality,
Improving Shoppers’ Experience

THOROFARE, NJ — Dec. 17, 2013 — Checkpoint Systems, Inc. (NYSE:CKP), a global leader in merchandise availability solutions for the retail industry, today announced it has now evaluated 75,000 different products globally during 20+ years of testing and certifying EAS source-tagged products.

Checkpoint’s Source Tagging Evaluation Centers were created to determine the optimal application of anti-theft protection solution at the point of manufacture through the integration of a radio frequency (RF) tags placed within the merchandise or on its packaging. These EAS security devices help retailers ensure their merchandise is protected from theft at their store and available for shoppers when they are ready to purchase. By shifting the EAS tag application process from the store to the point of manufacture, retailers save a considerable amount in labor costs, ensuring compliance, protecting brand presentation and enhancing their customers’ shopping experience.

Global centers include teams of experts that advise manufacturers on which labels are most appropriate for use with specific type of merchandise and the best application location within the packaging. These teams also examine functionality of the protection and detection by the EAS antennas in stores as well as their deactivation at the point of sale. Each solution is studied in detail with merchandise manufacturers to cover all the technical specifications of the production chain, packaging, and branding needs. Once the test is complete, Checkpoint delivers a certificate on the evaluated product to the merchandise manufacturer, along with a report on the proper methods of placing the EAS label on the merchandise to ensure deactivation and detection by the EAS systems installed in the relevant stores.

Items such as un-carded cosmetics were previously difficult to protect because of their small size. With source tagging solutions such as EP CLEAR, theft was reduced an average of 15 percent, according to a large pharmacy chain.

According to Farrokh Abadi, president and chief operating officer, Merchandise Availability Solutions, Checkpoint Systems, “We are excited to celebrate more than 20 years of testing and certifying source tagged products. We understand that designing and engineering the best quality EAS tags and systems is not enough. We partner with our retail customers and their merchandise manufacturers to always look for ways to optimize their operations and reduce costs, while ensuring the best product protection Checkpoint's source tagging program has earned its experience over time, and we can confidently guide different merchandise manufacturers through the most effective and efficient way to apply the EAS tags without compromising brand integrity and presentation at stores.”

Source Tagging Over the Years
Checkpoint first applied RF EAS labels to merchandise at the point of manufacture in November of 1990. Over the past 20+ years, Checkpoint has evaluated and certified different types of merchandise in various categories, about 70 percent of them have been in health & beauty, 15 percent in footwear and textiles and the rest in food & beverage, electronics and others.

George Cohen (for Checkpoint)
GCC, Inc.


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Vice President LP Confidential United States Downing & Downing
AP Coordinator Northgate Markets Santa Ana or Anaheim, CA Northgate Markets
District AP Supervisor Northgate Markets San Diego, CA Northgate Markets
Senior AP Auditor Northgate Markets Anaheim, CA Northgate Markets
Sr Mgr AP Analytics & Training Northgate Markets Anaheim, CA Northgate Markets
Business Development  
Hart Systems United States Hart Systems
LP & Safety Supervisor Ross Stores Moreno Valley, CA Ross Stores
Asset Protection Manager Louis Vuitton Las Vegas, NV Louis Vuitton
Regional LP Manager Michael Kors Whittier, CA Michael Kors
Regional LP Manager Spencer Gifts Chicago, IL Spencer Gifts
Director of LP Children's Place Los Angeles, CA Children's Place
Director of LP Children's Place Houston, TX Children's Place
Director of LP Children's Place Chicago, IL Children's Place
Sales Executive Checkpoint Systems East Coast Checkpoint Systems
Sales Executive Checkpoint Systems West Coast Checkpoint Systems

National Account Mgr



Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention


Philadelphia, PA

Downing & Downing

Regional LP Manager Confidential San Francisco, CA Downing & Downing
District LP Manager Confidential San Diego, CA Downing & Downing
LP Analyst Confidential New York, NY Downing & Downing



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AP Manager in Training Walmart Wichita, KS Wal-Mart
ETL Assets Protection Target Manteca, CA Target
LP Manager Kmart Bakersfield, CA Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Kmart Concord, CA Sears Holdings Corp
Mgr Safety & AP DC Lowe's Minersville, PA Lowe's
Store AP Manager Home Depot Savannah, GA Home Depot
Store AP Manager Home Depot Columbia, MD Home Depot
Store AP Manager Home Depot Annandale, VA Home Depot
Store AP Manager Home Depot Lanham, MD Home Depot
Store AP Manager Home Depot Tampa, FL Home Depot
Store AP Manager Home Depot Alhambra, CA Home Depot
Store AP Manager Home Depot Thousand Oaks, CA Home Depot
District LP Manager TJ Maxx Ann Arbor, MI TJX Companies
LP and EHS Mgr Wholesale Sports Saskatoon, SK, Canada Workopolis


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Help for Workaholics: 3 Things You Must Do Today  There's always more work to do, and trying to find a 'balance'? Is it possible? The key, according to executive coach Ed Batista, is to substitute "boundaries" for "balance." "Boundaries offer a sustainable means of keeping things in their proper place," he writes. Use these boundaries to stay sane. (Temporal, physical and cognitive)

The Simple 3-Part Formula for Employee Happiness  It's not rocket science to keep your employees happy, but it does take a three part formula! Keep your employees happy by using this recipe for success! The first part is knowing that workplace attitudes tend to trickle down from whoever is in charge! (Add some trust)

3 Tips for Maintaining Focus for Business Owners  This also applies to you leaders! You are always busy but are you being effective? If you can stay energized at work and able to come up with new ways of doing things, it doesn't matter if you don't have the focus! Use these three steps to get focus and maintaining that focus when you do acquire it. (First get good sleep)

Using Mindfulness to Create Real Happiness at Work  This practice has been linked to activating certain parts of the brain related to emotions like joy and self-awareness but does it work? Read this interview with meditation teacher and see how happiness at work can become a reality! (Re-examine assumptions)

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The references you use are a reflection of you and those that you select should be well thought out and be able to truly give an accurate picture of your work performance and your accomplishments. The best references come from the Operators you've worked with, who are in actuality your customers. These Operators can add more value in your search process than you think. They too have a network of friends and colleagues in the business that stretch well beyond your normal circle of executives. Obviously the list of references you develop over time requires follow up and contact. So keep in tuned to their movement as well and always be able to find them for they may be the key to your future success in more ways than one.

Just a Thought,
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