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August 13, 2014



Violence Continues in St. Louis

Violence erupts again after killing of black Missouri teen - 2nd shooting early this morning & more tear-gas used  Violence again erupted in the St. Louis area near the site of the police shooting death of an unarmed black teenager, according to local police, despite calls by U.S. President Barack Obama and activists for a measured response. Early on Wednesday, a police officer shot and critically wounded a man who drew a handgun near the site of protests over the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown, a St. Louis County Police said. Police responded about an hour after midnight to reports of four or five men with shotguns and wearing ski masks. They encountered multiple suspects running, one of whom pulled a gun on an officer, who fired at him, the county officer said. The man was taken to an area hospital. Shortly after midnight, police fired tear gas into protesters who had confronted a line of officers after a far larger crowd dispersed, St. Louis County Police Department spokesman Brian Schellman said. (Source




More than 40 arrests since Sunday - Police fired tear gas - rubber bullets at demonstrators  A gathering on Tuesday night turned into another skirmish with police officers, who used tear gas to disperse the remnants of a bigger crowd. Two shooting incidents were also reported nearby, but authorities told local media that it was unclear whether they were related to the protest. In one incident, a woman was injured in what appeared to be a drive-by shooting. In the other, the local media reported that police shot a man who had pulled a gun on an officer. Police, according to media reports, were responding to reports of several men with guns and wearing ski masks. (Source

Nine Charged for Sunday Night Looting at Footlocker & Princess Beauty Supply in Ferguson Protests This Week  Nine people face charges for looting in Ferguson that followed the fatal shooting of Michael Brown Sunday night into Monday morning, according to St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch. The nine face varying felony charges relating to burglary and theft along West Florissant. (Source

Ferguson-area businesses cope with aftermath of weekend riot - Larger retailers hit hard  A quick survey of the damaged businesses suggests a pattern focused on auto parts suppliers, cellular phone stores, payday loan offices, beauty shops and larger retailers such as Walmart, Family Dollar and Toys R Us. Of course, not every business fit that pattern. Outliers included a Taco Bell, a barbecue restaurant and, oddly, St. Vincent de Paul's Thrift Store, at 10052 West Florissant Avenue. Manager Bill Andre arrived early Monday morning to find that a brick was used to shatter the store's front door. But that was the extent of the damage, with the looters apparently deciding to move on without taking anything. (Source

Many Stores Re-Opened on Tuesday - Shoe Carnival and AutoZone remained closed  Repairs continued along the looted district, and some businesses in Ferguson reopened Tuesday, including both locations that had been damaged and those that were closed as precaution. Zisser Tire & Auto, which was ransacked, reopened. So did a Taco Bell nearby and other restaurants in Ferguson. But others, including Shoe Carnival and AutoZone, remained closed. Looting occurred Sunday night along West Florissant and at some stores to the north near Interstate 270, including the Walmart. Fear of fast-traveling replays caused some stores in Brentwood to close early Monday evening. (Source

Monday Galleria Mall was evacuated at 6 p.m. after multiple groups were fighting inside the Mall  St. Louis law officers on Monday evening quickly closed down the Galleria mall after receiving multiple reports of fights. Both Nordstrom and Macy's confirmed to KMOV local news that they evacuated and closed down their stores a little after 6:00pm. KMOV reported "Sources tell News 4 multiple groups of people were in the mall fighting. Galleria security called police and the mall began evacuating customers. Richmond Heights officials say that while there is a large police presence at the scene, no ambulances have responded." (Source

Sharpton calls for peace after night of looting, vandalism and police force  Hundreds of residents packed a Ferguson church Tuesday evening as Rev. Al Sharpton spoke at a news conference. Earlier in the day, he pressed police to release the name of the police officer involved, but he also pleaded for calm after a night of looting and vandalism and instances of police using tear gas. "The local authorities have put themselves in a position - hiding names and not being transparent - where people will not trust anything but an objective investigation," Sharpton said. (Source

After unrest in Ferguson, leaders ask for daytime-only rallies, protests
Ferguson city leaders are trying to stem the riots by urging anyone who wants to protest the shooting death of Michael Brown to assemble only during daylight hours. Mayor James Knowles III and the Ferguson City Council posted the request on the city website, following several nights of unrest. (Source

Despite hacking, Missouri police chief resists pressure to ID cop in teen's shooting death - Hacker group 'Anonymous' gets involved  The police chief in the St. Louis suburb where an officer fatally shot an unarmed teenager says cyber-attacks on his city's website won't sway him into publicly releasing the officer's name. Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson said Wednesday that someone burrowed into the website and shut it down for much of Monday, two days after the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. An anonymous global group of hackers had pledged to create mischief with Ferguson's city computers if the name wasn't released. But Jackson says the officer has received numerous death threats, and the chief worries that disclosing his name would endanger the officer. Jackson says he is concerned about online activist group Anonymous' threats Tuesday to release personal information about Ferguson officers. (Source

Gun stores see sales spike in wake of Ferguson riots
For the past two days, Steve King has been “unbelievably busy” at his gun store, Metro Shooting. King said business spiked 50 percent as local residents respond to the violent events taking place in Ferguson. “We’ve sold a variety of handguns, shotguns and AR-15s (a semi-automatic rifle),” King said. “All of the sales are having to do with home defense.” King, who owns the store that has 17 employees and 2013 revenue of about $2 million, added that customers have ranged from new firearm buyers to those upgrading their current arsenal. He said both black and white individuals have purchased firearms at his store over the past few days. (Source

FAA restricts airspace over Ferguson, grounding TV news helicopters
The Federal Aviation Administration has issued an order mandating that no aircraft may operate in the Ferguson, Missouri, area until 9 p.m. Monday, Aug. 18. The restriction went into effect at 1:15 p.m. Tuesday. Under the order, flights below 3,000 feet by private aircraft, including news helicopters, are prohibited in the zone and only “relief aircraft operations” under the direction of the St. Louis County Police Department are allowed. (Source


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