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October 10, 2013




Nordstrom Finds half-dozen Cash Register Skimmers in Aventura Store Saturday

Scam artists who deploy credit and debit card skimmers most often target ATMs, yet thieves can also use inexpensive, store-bought skimming devices to compromise modern-day cash registers. Just this past weekend, for instance, department store chain Nordstrom said it found a half-dozen of these skimmers affixed to registers at a store in Florida. According to an alert circulated by the police department in Aventura, Florida, on the afternoon of Saturday, Oct. 5, 2013, three male subjects were captured on closed-circuit cameras at Nordstrom tampering with registers in the store. Authorities there say the footage showed two of the men worked to distract sales staff, while the third took pictures of the register and removed the rear access panel to the register and took additional photographs. “The subjects then return at a later date to recover the devices and create fake credit cards for fraud,” the Aventura PD stated in a memo describing how the thieves would complete their scam. “The connector was made to match the connections on the back of the register to include color match. Therefore, no one would have detected it unless there was a problem with the register.” The Aventura PD did not return calls seeking comment. Nordstrom spokeswoman Kara Darrow said the company believes the skimmer incident is limited to one store location. She said it’s not clear yet if any of the men caught on camera were arrested, or if they tried to return to the store to retrieve the devices. We did find some unauthorized devices on some of our cash registers,” Darrow said. ”It’s not anything broader at this point. As soon as we figured out this was happening, we had forensics experts looking at the situation, but it’s still very early in our investigation.” (Source




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