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August 5, 2013








Vensafe Kiosk and
Product Dispenser


Introducing Vensafe –
ZERO Theft Dispensing System

Over 5,000 retailers throughout Europe have drastically reduced or eliminated shoplifting and employee theft. Their secret? Vensafe, a
post-POS dispensing system that Intelligent Loss Prevention is proud to bring to the U.S. market.

Vensafe dispenser secures small, high-value merchandise that cannot be retrieved until a shopper completes his transaction at the POS and scans a valid product receipt at the Vensafe dispenser. To use Vensafe, high-value merchandise is moved into the secure Vensafe dispensing unit. Product cards replace actual merchandise at the shelf level. Optional touch-screen kiosks provide additional shopping opportunities. These freestanding kiosks display an unlimited number of products and can be located anywhere throughout the store, especially at checkout lanes. Shoppers select merchandise using the touch-screen kiosk, which prints a paper ticket.

Vensafe is easy and convenient for shoppers:

1. Select merchandise using product cards and/or touch-screen kiosks.
2. Pay at checkout and receive an activated Vensafe product receipt.
3. Retrieve merchandise by scanning product receipt at the Vensafe dispenser located between checkout and store exit.

Vensafe Benefits

• Prevents internal and external theft by limiting product handling to post checkout
• Promotes an easy “Select, Pay, Retrieve” shopping experience
• Eliminates labor of managing EAS devices or locked cases
• Works with merchandise that requires age-identification such as certain medications and tobacco
• Increases product exposure with product cards and/or touchscreens in multiple locations throughout the store
• Streamlines inventory management with large capacity and screen that displays stock levels
• Sends SMS notifications when restocking is needed
• Integrates with store’s exisiting POS system and loyalty programs
• Holds up to 80 different product types and 1,600 sale-ready items per dispenser
• Reduces floor space, inventory and staffing for key items such as tobacco

Product Usage

   OTC Medicines
   Family Planning
   Electric Toothbrushes
   Teeth Whitening
   Smoking Cessation
   Ink Cartridges
   Memory Cards
   DVDs/Video Games
   Small Electronics
   Skin Care
   And More!


“No one can steal from our Vensafe. We have increased sales and haven’t experienced any theft at all.”
Rema 1000 – Supermarket chain with over 500 locations throughout Scandinavia

“Both customers and employees have reacted very positively to Vensafe. We now have zero shrink due to theft.”
Kvickly – Supermarket chain owned by Coop Danmark – Denmark’s leading retailer

“Sales have increased by 15%, and we use just a fraction of the time to refill stock.”
ICA Group – Swedish retail group with over 2,100 of its own and retailer-
owned stores



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