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Colin Stewart promoted to Sr. Director, Asset Protection (Europe, Middle East, APAC) for Abercrombie & Fitch Co.
Colin was previously the Director of Asset Protection for the retailer in Europe, Middle East and APAC for over five years before this promotion. He also held roles as a Senior Regional Manager, Asset Protection and Regional LP Manager. Colin was also a Director of Loss Prevention for Proact Security Group and a Criminal Litigation Associate for AP Law. He earned his UAD in Law & Criminology from UEL School of Law, and his LLB, Bachelor of Laws from UEL, School of Law. Congratulations, Colin!

Karyn Beaty promoted to Corporate Director, Communications/CSAT/Projects for Party City
Previously, Karyn was the Corporate Director of Sales & Customer Experience for the retailer, and started in 2016 as a Senior Manager of Store Operations. Prior, she held various positions for Sports Authority including Corporate Director, Store Operations: Communication, Projects/Procedures & Training, Sr Manager of Store Operations: Labor & Projects, Manager of Store Operations, Stores Trainer - Operations and District Operations & Training Manager. She was also an Office Specialist & District Administrative Assistant for Michael's Stores. Congratulations, Karyn!

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On the heels of Chicago's Suburban Police Chiefs Demanding IL DA Removal

Dallas DA:  Won't Prosecute Shoplifting Under $750 Unless Financial Gain
Texas Police Union Calls For DA's Removal Over His Plan Not to Prosecute Certain Crimes
A statewide police union, one of Texas' largest, called Wednesday for the removal of Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot, who last week announced plans not to prosecute certain low-level crimes. Austin police Sgt. Todd Harrison, president of the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas, said in a written statement that Creuzot's plan was "unacceptable."

"When he was campaigning for the office, we don't remember not prosecuting crime as part of his platform," Harrison said in the statement.

Creuzot, a Democrat who took the post in January, has said his office would no longer prosecute most first-time marijuana offenses and theft of personal items worth less than $750, unless the theft was for financial gain. Creuzot said in a statement Wednesday afternoon that his new policy not to prosecute thefts of personal items under $750 was based on research that shows that people who steal necessities like food or diapers "do so out of hunger and poverty."

"This policy was created to help address poverty-related problems, and combat the misuse of resources and taxpayer money," he said.

Sgt. George Aranda, a Dallas police officer and president of the Greater Dallas chapter of the National Latino Law Enforcement Organization, said in a statement Wednesday that he was disappointed that Creuzot "has opened up many windows to allow the common criminal to feast on the business retail community."

The district attorney said in his statement Wednesday afternoon that some people had misinterpreted what he meant by not prosecuting thefts of personal items under $750. "Personal items are limited to necessity items," he wrote in the statement. "Personal items would include items such as necessary food, diapers and baby formula." He said anyone who shoplifts for economic gain will still be prosecuted.

Dallas police said in a statement that members of the department were "concerned about the proposed changes," but declined to comment further until after Creuzot's scheduled presentation about his plan to Dallas' Public Safety and Criminal Justice committee on Monday.

The Texas Municipal Police Association and Dallas Police Association announced a joint news conference at 10:30 a.m. Thursday, where the groups will voice their opposition to Creuzot's plan. The groups believe his plan to stop prosecuting theft under $750 will put Dallas County families in danger and "escalate criminal activity."

More Dallas DA News Coverage
Dallas County DA Says It’s Still Not OK to Steal

Limbaugh Nails Dallas DA
Steal $750! Dallas Defines Deviancy Down
When Does This Stuff Stop

The Dallas county DA, John Creuzot, says criminalizing poverty is not good for the community’s health and safety, so he’s not going to go after people who steal personal items up to a total of $750. So he has just granted a license for anybody in Dallas, Dallas County, go out and steal whatever you want up to 750 bucks, you will not be prosecuted, you will not be charged, unless there is evidence that the theft was for economic gain. How are we gonna define economic gain? How are we gonna define that?

So the Dallas DA thinks prosecuting theft is now prosecuting poverty. So he ain’t gonna do it anymore. Can you imagine the criminal community in Dallas? Can you imagine the scams they’re planning? You’re gonna have community gangs of 10 to 20 guys, okay you handle that 750 worth, you handle this 750 worth and we’ll get our whole commune here stocked and we’ll do it every month.

I mean, how many times can you steal say 600 bucks worth of stuff and not get prosecuted. You get to do it every day, you get to do it every month. How often do you get to do this? So they can now rob a business of $750 worth of consumable goods, necessary items, and walk away scot-free even if they’re caught simply by claiming poverty. All right. When does this stuff stop? When does someone come along, reverse it?

Goodwill Seattle LP Effort - Public Defenders Critical Review
Seattle charges people for stealing from Goodwill more than any other retailer
Almost 1 in 3 Are Homeless

Between November 14, 2017, and November 14, 2018, the City of Seattle prosecuted more people for stealing from Goodwill than any other retailer.

Counter to Goodwill’s mission to help low-income people find opportunity, an analysis of Seattle theft data also shows that Goodwill’s choice to pursue charges against people shoplifting for survival cycles many homeless people back into the criminal justice system: More than 29 percent of the people charged for stealing from Goodwill told security guards they were homeless or had a shelter listed as an address. More than half spent time in jail as a result.

There's also a racially disproportionate result: Almost 22 percent of Goodwill defendants are black, even though black Seattleites make up less than 7 percent of the city population.

“Taxpayers basically subsidize Goodwill’s recovery of a $7 pair of socks that they already got back to the tune of several thousand dollars-worth of money spent on prosecutors and courts and jail,” said James Carr, a public defender in Seattle. “It's just absurd.”

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Is AI Being Over-Hyped in Security?
Industry sees great potential for AI within security

This month’s news poll gauges where we are today with AI in security and what the future holds for this technology.

When asked if they think the concept of AI is being over-hyped and over-promised in security today, most respondents agreed, with 34 saying “yes” and 38 percent saying “somewhat,” and the remaining 28 percent saying the tech is not being overhyped.

“I believe companies are using the phrase AI as a sales feature but not really leveraging it like it is in other sectors,” said one respondent. “In the video market I believe there is good headway being made and facial recognition, search by face and smart analytics has been making good progress. However, in the rest of the security field I have yet to see a good actionable application of AI.”

When asked how long it will take for AI to be leveraged within security, the majority of respondents feel it will happen “within the next few years,” while 19 percent said, “we are still 5-10 years out” and 3 percent saying they “don’t see it happening.”

Longest Death March in Retail
Sears Sues Ex-CEO Eddie Lampert, Claiming He Stripped Assets and Left It Broke

Sears Holding Corp. sued Eddie Lampert, his hedge fund ESL Investment Inc. and various directors of ESL and Sears in a lawsuit accusing them of siphoning away billions of dollars worth of assets as the company racked up huge losses.

The lawsuit alleges the hedge-fund manager and the company's board directed Sears's executives to produce rosy financial projections predicting a big turnaround while the company accumulated over $7 billion in losses from 2011 to 2014.

The bad-faith financial projections paved the way for the transfer of five major assets worth over $2 billion to Mr. Lampert and other ESL directors, including Land's End Inc., Sears Hometown Outlet Inc., among others.

Editor's Note: Fact is a number of prominent retail leaders predicted this long ago.

Retail sales post biggest gain in 1.5 years, point to rebounding economy
Retail sales jump 1.7% in March as most stores cash in

Retail trade sales (excluding food) rose 1.7% from February and 3.5% year over year, the U.S. Department of Commerce said on Thursday. Excluding fuel and auto sales, retail sales rose 0.9% from February and 3.6% year over year, according to the report.

Most segments, including many that had declines last month, saw month-over-month boosts. From February, furniture sales rose 1.7%, electronics and appliance sales rose 0.5%, health and personal care store sales rose 0.2%, general merchandise store sales rose 0.7% and apparel store sales rose 2%. Department store sales were flat from February, while sporting goods, hobby, musical instrument and book stores were down 0.3%.

Nonstore retailers (mainly e-commerce) rose 1.2% from February and 11.6% year over year, the government said.

What they are saying: “The bottom line is this: fears about the softening in the economy late last year were overblown. Moran Financial Advisors. 

Lyft Will Begin Enhanced and Continuous Driver Background Checks
In a blog post, Lyft announced that it will begin conducting continuous background checks and enhanced identity verification.

Before giving a ride, Lyft said that all Lyft drivers must pass a criminal background check that will include a Social Security number trace, a nationwide criminal search, a county court records search, a federal criminal search, as well as a U.S. Department of Justice 50-state sex offender registry search. To remain on the platform, Lyft said that it requires all active drivers to pass another background check at least every 12 months.

The expansion of the background check process will include criminal monitoring, Lyft said, to provide Lyft with daily monitoring of its active drivers and immediate notification of any disqualifying criminal convictions. Any driver who does not pass both the annual and continuous screenings will be barred from the platform.  

"By expanding its screening solutions through two of the top background check companies in the country, Lyft is further enhancing its ability to detect criminal activity and providing an additional level of safety across the platform," the blog said.

Lyft also announced a new, enhanced identity verification process, combining driver's license verification and photographic identity verification to prevent identity fraud on its platform.


Senior LP & AP Jobs Market

Division Director of Asset Protection Posted For Belk in Raleigh, NC
The Division Asset Protection Director is responsible for driving shortage reduction, profitability, and protecting the company assets. They accomplish business objectives through strong leadership with business partners and asset protection teams up down and across the organization. This would include developing, administering, and inspecting the asset protection and shortage control programs for stores within the division. The Division Asset Protection Director is accountable for meeting or exceeding the divisional shortage goal.

Walgreens taps Narvar Concierge platform for online pickup & returns

Pier 1 to close 145 stores

Godiva to open 2,000 cafes globally

Proposed Ohio law - to slowdown ATM smash & grabs

Quarterly Results

Canada's Metro Q2 comp's up 4.3%, sales up 4% (excluding Jean Coutu Group)
Pier 1 Q4 comp's down 13.7%, net sales down 19.5%, full yr. comp's down 11%, net sales down 13.7%


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Spotlight on S-Tron

S-TRON's Military Leadership -
"Failure Is Not an Option"

At S-TRON, military leadership has been found to not only bring success but also create an atmosphere of true partnership with customers across the country.

S-TRON, one of the nation's leading full-service security providers to national retailers, has intentionally based its business model on military leadership qualities since the beginning. This leadership starts at the top with CEO Steven Dunn, who while serving in the Navy received the Expeditionary Force Award for being part of a multinational peacekeeping force in in the Beirut Lebanon war zone.

Pete Mattschull, S-TRON's President, decorated with the Navy Expedition Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal and the Navy Achievement Medal has been a driving force at S-TRON since 2003.

Through rough seas and smooth sailing alike, Dunn and Mattschull have assembled an ever growing team of military veterans and highly skilled civilians that is second to none in the security industry. And because of this operational military environment, S-Tron customers enjoy Respect, Reliability and a high-level of Communication.

"No customer left behind" is not just the S-Tron mantra, Pete Mattschull says "it's our way of life".

S-TRON is an electronic security integrator for national and regional retailers with thousands of installation locations and headquarters in Melville, New York. S-TRON provides outstanding customer service for national retail, grocery stores, restaurants and C-stores.




DHS Considers Publishing List of Preferred Tech Vendors
The Department of Homeland Security is considering publishing a list of approved vendors to help companies protect their products and systems.

The DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, established last November, has made supply-chain cybersecurity one of its top five priorities over the next two years, said Matthew Travis, the agency’s deputy director.

“I don’t think the DHS ever wants to be like Consumer Reports, saying buy this or don’t buy this, but I think [we could publish] a preferred bidders list that would act like a seal of approval,” he said.

The agency is working on criteria for such a list. One likely element would be the technology’s provenance, Mr. Travis said.

“A big thing is the legal environment where a product is made—does the country compel the sharing of information to the government, as is the case in Russia and China, or does it not penalize those who steal intellectual property,” he said.

A supply-chain vulnerability can turn millions of smart speakers, for example, into spying devices, or a fleet of autonomous vehicles into dangerous weapons. Supply-chain cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important as businesses and consumers use a range of internet-connected devices, said Michael Siegel, director of cybersecurity at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management.

Why the AI Industry Faces a Diversity 'Crisis'
The under-representation of women and people of color across the field of artificial intelligence is causing a “diversity crisis” that is contributing to the creation of flawed systems and technology, according to a New York University research center report.

According to the study, about 80 percent of AI professors are men, while just 15 percent of AI research staff at Facebook and 10 percent at Google are women. Just 2.5 percent of Google’s workforce is black while Facebook and Microsoft are both right around 4% each – and the under-representation of women of color is even worse, the report notes. What’s more, “there is no public data on trans workers or other gender minorities.”

The AI sector needs a profound shift in how it addresses the current diversity crisis, the study said. "The industry needs to acknowledge the gravity of its diversity problem, and admit that existing methods have failed to contend with the uneven distribution of power, and the means by which AI can reinforce such inequality. Further, many researchers have shown that bias in AI systems reflects historical patterns of discrimination. These are two manifestations of the same problem,and they must be addressed together."

New Malware Campaign Targets Financials, Retailers
A new wave of cyberattacks uses legitimate remote access software to take over user accounts in financial services and retail organizations. 

According to CyberInt Research Lab, the attack is using the same tools and tactics used in earlier campaigns against financial institutions in Chile, India, Italy, Malawi, Pakistan, and South Korea, and against retailers in the US.

The cybercrime group behind the attack, TA505, has been active since 2014 and has been involved in campaigns using Dridex and Shifu banking trojans, as well as Locky ransomware and the Neutrino botnet/exploit kit. CyberInt says that an analysis of the code used in all the attacks leads them to believe that the financially motivated gang is made up of native-Russian speakers.

Formjacking Attacks Rise in the Retail Sector
4,800 Websites a Month - Skimmed

The attacks are spiking as more hackers turn to this efficient way of skimming all credit card info from e-commerce sites.

The number of formjacking attacks took a big leap in 2018, with more than 4,800 websites compromised every month, according to Symantec's Internet Security Threat Report, published in February. May alone saw 556,000 attempts, which the report called "an anomalous spike in activity."

In all, Symantec blocked 3.7 million attempts at formjacking last year, with at least 1 million of those happening in the last two months of the year - holiday shopping season.

"With data from a single credit card being sold for up to $45 on underground markets, just 10 credit cards stolen from compromised websites could result in a yield of up to $2.2 million for cyber criminals each month. The appeal of formjacking for cyber criminals is clear."



'Making a Murderer':
From the Screen to the Hot Seat

Dave Thompson, CFI
VP of Operations,
Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates

The Netflix true-crime documentary series “Making a Murderer” highlighted the case of Brendan Dassey and the interrogation that led to a highly controversial “confession” and guilty verdict resulting in Dassey’s incarceration.

Worldwide leaders in non-confrontational interviewing techniques, Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates (WZ), took a stand by highlighting the issues and errors made in these interrogations leading to coerced confessions – and have continued to use this case as an example in their training programs.

Dave Thompson, CFI, discusses the impact “Making a Murderer” has had on the interrogation community and how it’s helped push the evolution of this essential skill for practitioners ranging from law enforcement to loss prevention.

Episode Sponsored By:

Wrapping Up 'Live in NYC' 2019

Final Send-Off!

with MCs Joe LaRocca and Amber Bradley

Nothing lasts forever, not even LPNN “LIVE” broadcasts. Co-MCs Joe LaRocca and Amber Bradley wrap up another jam-packed day full of valuable knowledge, insights and information shared by some of the best and brightest of the LP/AP industry. If you missed any previous episodes, catch them all here.

Thanks to all our sponsors for helping make this event possible, and you – our viewers – for tuning in. We’ll see you in June as we continue the fun at NRF PROTECT!




The jury's still out on blockchain as a payment fraud weapon
Some have hailed the emergence of blockchain technology as a way to secure e-commerce transactions in a time where massive breaches have exposed countless individuals to cybercriminals. However, before we put all of our eggs in the blockchain basket, we need to examine whether the technology is ready to protect merchants from chargebacks and fraud.

For true fraud, blockchain may play a role in preventing this from occurring because most true fraud comes from stolen credit cards or identity theft. Again, since blockchain can provide security for card holder data, it means that there is a possibility that chargebacks resulting from true fraud and identity theft can be slowed. Also, when a blockchain payment system is in place it creates a wall that prevents customer data from being stolen, thus reducing opportunities for true fraud, which is a welcoming advancement for merchants.

Unfortunately, with friendly fraud, which is the most pernicious and costly form of chargebacks for merchants, blockchain is not yet a solution for this problem. Friendly fraud is out of reach for blockchain at this time because much of friendly fraud is based on claims that the product purchased didn’t arrive, or that the order should have been canceled or that a family member made an unauthorized purchase with the card. Those are very common reasons for friendly fraud chargebacks, but there is not really a way to use a payment system to prevent those chargebacks.

Friendly fraud is going to prevail against blockchain because it is caused by people making false claims that are nearly impossible to verify using any kind of payment system. It is very challenging and there is no technology that can predict human emotions that often drive friendly fraud.

Three Truths to Combating Ad Fraud
From invalid ad traffic to illegal bot activity, ad fraud is a pernicious problem for the entire digital advertising ecosystem. In 2018, ad fraud topped $15 billion and an estimated 18% of online ad traffic was deemed fraudulent in late 2018 to early 2019 when the large-scale scheme, Drainerbot, was operating at its peak. With estimates of money spent on fraudulent traffic projected to grow to $44 billion by 2020, the industry needs to embrace three truths in order to start combating the fraud problem with the rigor and focus required.

Truth #1: Artificial Intelligence is not a Panacea
Truth #2: Every Player in the Ecosystem Must Contribute
Truth #3: Collaboration is better than Competition to Address Systemic Fraud

ICE & Global Authorities Take Down $68M Dark Web Marketplace xDedic

NY DA Takes Down $2.3M Dark Web Drug Marketplace "Dream Market" & 3 Men Running it

JD founder calls workers 'slackers' as layoffs continue at the e-commerce giant

Zappos opens outlet store in Louisville

Can Walmart beat Amazon, Facebook and Google at the online ad game? 



Three charged with $140,000 Multi- State thefts from The Home Depot, arrested in Baton Rouge
Authorities have arrested three suspects accused of stealing from home improvement stores in several states. Deputies with the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office were recently contacted by the Home Depot Organized Retail Theft Unit about a group of suspects stealing tools. Authorities say the suspects were captured on video stealing from stores in Arizona, Ohio, Texas, Colorado, and Louisiana. The group allegedly stole $140,000 worth of tools.

Canada: Parksville, BC: Unusual break and enter in Parksville nets thieves $10,000 worth of Makita tools
Police aren’t sure how many thieves were involved but say they could have been at the Albertsons Home Centre for hours as they broke in through a cinder block wall. Police aren’t sure if one thief or more was involved but said once inside the store, the thieves stayed low to the floor to avoid detection by the alarm system. And they didn’t have to go far to get what they were looking for. “Ordinarily we see entry through a window or a door or glass but this takes time, this takes a concerted effort to gain entry in this fashion,” said Oceanside RCMP Sgt. Stephen Rose. However, since December, there have been five break and enters in the Oceanside area using the exact same method and police think they’re connected.

Huntsville, AL: Kroger Shoplifter attempting to steal over $600 in groceries, stopped with locking cart wheels
Police say the man loaded up a cart then wheeled it past the cashiers without paying. But the wheels on his cart locked, stopping this shoplifter in his tracks. A Kroger manager said they have technology that will lock the cart’s wheels if the groceries aren’t scanned. Kroger’s said this man may have been responsible for 12 prior thefts.

Mohave County, AZ: West Jordan woman facing felony shoplifting charges
A West Jordan woman is in police custody in Mohave County, Ariz. facing two felonies: Fraudulent schemes and intent to facilitate shoplifting. Mohave County Deputies said Megan Leann Millard, 27, was seen entering a store, picking up items from different departments and then returning them at customer services without ever actually purchasing the items.

Naples, FL: Man caught stealing 16 boxes of golf balls from PGA Store; multiple Felony Theft records



Shootings & Deaths

Phoenix, AZ: C-Store Burglary suspect hit by car, killed while running from Police
Police say a man who stole lottery tickets from a convenience store is dead after he was hit by a car on Interstate 10 while running away from officers. According to Phoenix police, two men stole lottery tickets from a convenience store near I-10 and 35th Avenue on Wednesday night and drove away from the scene in a stolen car. Officers later spotted the car about a mile away, before it crashed into another vehicle. Police say the suspects then got out of the car and ran away, but the driver was taken into custody. The passenger ran back toward I-10 and was hit by a car on the freeway.

Jacksonville, FL: JSO says man trying to rob Metro PCS store was shot by employee
Early Wednesday, Police say a man tried to rob a cellphone store and got shot in the process. Just a few doors down from the store, there is a barbershop where a Metro PCS employee ran for help after the would-be robber was shot. Brian Alverenga works at the barbershop. He said it was a Metro PCS employee who pulled the trigger.


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Omaha, NE: Police, Feds conduct raid, 6 suspected gang members arrested
Federal agents and Omaha police have conducted an early-morning raid, arresting nearly a half-dozen suspected gang members accused of carrying out violent crimes and illegal drug sales. During the raid, officers seized 41 guns - 10 of them reported stolen - and about 31 ounces of marijuana. Authorities also arrested five people, all suspected of having ties to the Trip Set gang, on a range of mostly drug and weapons counts. Police say one suspect remains at large. Authorities say six others charged in connection to the operation were already in custody when the raid was carried out. Prosecutors say the gang is known for armed robberies, home invasions, burglaries, credit card fraud and assaults.

Spokane, WA: Man arrested after shoplifting and pulling a knife on customers in Home Depot
Investigators say just after 4pm on Wednesday, shoppers saw the man stealing several items from the Home Depot on Sprague and Francher. When they confronted him. The man tried to reportedly run away but customers gave chase. Police say the man then pulled out a knife causing the customers to stop running and call police. Investigators said the man then dropped the items he had taken from the store and ran off. He was caught a short distance away.

Hesston, KS: Pawn shop has to pay $2 million to family of mass shooting victim; straw purchase

Chicago, IL: 16 Arrested for the Theft of 100 Car2go Mercedes; rented by deceptive or fraudulent means through a mobile app

La Quinta, CA: Suspect in 2017 Stein Mart burglary arrested after DNA match; Nearly $3,000 in merchandise was stolen

Seattle, WA: Police Observation Tower on the way to watch for thefts and robberies

UK: England: Romanian 'professional shoplifter', 19, who stole $20K worth of goods in theft spree across Britain is freed from jail early because she promises to go home


Philadelphia, PA: US Customs and Border Protection officers confiscated 11,000 counterfeit Juul products
The shipment, which arrived from China, was simply labeled "plastic pipe sample." In reality, it contained 36 cartons of Juul pods destined for an address in Newark, Delaware.

ICE Arrests Smuggling Ring Leader of $72M Counterfeit Cell Phone Parts From China


Akron, OH: Man sentenced life in prison for the 2017 Shooting Death of 59-year-old man outside of an Akron C-Store

Columbia, SC: Man receives 7-year prison sentence for burglary of Tony's Guns in Sumter

Nyack, NY: Parole granted for driver in deadly 1981 Brink’s heist


C-Store – Phoenix, AZ – Burglary / suspect killed
C-Store – Chicago, IL – Robbery/ Assault
C-Store – McCracken County, KY- Armed Robbery
C-Store – Fresno, CA – Robbery
C- Store – Macon, GA – Burglary
C-Store – Selma, CA – Armed Robbery
C-Store - Fort Worth, TX – Armed Robbery
Family Dollar – Houston, TX – Robbery
Game Stop – Sacramento, CA – Armed Robbery
Gas Station – Coos Bay, OR – Armed Robbery
Gas Station – Tacoma, WA – Armed Robbery/ clerk shot, wounded
Gas Station – Detroit, MI – Armed Robbery/ Clerk stabbed
Gas Station – Visalia, CA – Armed Robbery
Home Depot – Spokane, WA – Armed Robbery
Jewelry store – Contra Costa County, CA – Burglary
Liquor store – St Joseph County, IN - Burglary
Metro PCS – Jacksonville, FL – Robbery/ suspect shot
Metro PCS – Providence, RI – Armed Robbery
Pawn store - South Salt Lake, UT – Burglary
7-Eleven – Visalia, CA – Armed Robbery

Daily Totals:
15 robberies
5 burglaries
3 shootings
1 killed


Weekly Totals:
74 robberies
14 burglaries
6 shootings
1 killed





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VP of Information Technology Victra Raleigh, NC April 2
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Senior Director
Global Sr. Dir. of Information Security and Risk Management Coty New York, NY March 1
Sr. Dir. Internal Audit & Compliance Genuine Parts Company Atlanta, GA March 8
Sr. Dir. of Global Digital LP & Fraud Nike Beaverton, OR Jan. 29
Sr. Dir. Risk Ingelligence, Global Security WalMart Bentonville, AR March 21

Dir. Corp Security Investigations & Compliance Avis Budget Group Parsippany, NJ April 2
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Finger Lakes
Rochester, NY March 18
Dir. of Risk Management Kum & Go Des Moines, IA March 8
Dir. Store Operations - Inventory Management LensCrafters Mason, OH Feb. 14
Dir. Asset Protection (Investigations) Luxottica Mason, OH March 13
Dir. Operations Macy's San Francisco, CA April 2
Dir. Loss Prevention Movado Group Moonachie, NJ Jan. 28
Dir. Loss Control Murphy USA El Dorado, AR Jan. 22
Dir. of Security Operations Neiman Marcus Group Irving, TX April 2
Dir. Security Operations Netflix Los Angeles, CA March 27
Dir. of IT Security Peets Coffee Emeryville, CA Jan. 22
Dir. LP Business Intelligence Ross Stores Dublin, CA March 6
Dir. Ross Investigations & Safety Center Ross Stores Dublin, CA Nov. 29
Dir. Internal Audit - IT Tapestry New York, NY Jan. 29
Dir. Global Security and Safety Visa New York, NY Feb. 25
Dir.Corporate Security WestRock Atlanta, GA April 1

Corporate/Senior Manager
Mgr.| Corporate Investigations - Retail Business Service Ahold Delhaize USA Salisbury, NC July 17
Corporate Security Mgr. Benjamin Moore Montvale, NJ March 20
Senior Mgr. Asset Protection Taco Bell Irvine, CA March 11
Program Mgr. Corporate Security Operations WeWork New York April 3
Mgr. Emergency Management & Planning, Global Safety & Security WeWork New York, NY March 12




AP Investigator Abercrombie & Fitch Syracuse, NY
Inventory Control Supervisor AC Moore Henrico, VA
Senior Program Manager, Global Security Compliance & Validation Amazon Seattle, WA
LP Administrator Eddie Bauer Groveport, OH
Coordinator LP/Safety & Reception Eddie Bauer Bellevue, WA
AP Manager JCPenney Anchorage, AK
LP Supervisor Kohl's Hyannis, MA
LP Supervisor Kohl's Carson City, NV
LP Supervisor Kohl's Lisbon, CT
Multi Unit LP Manager Kmart Edgewater, MD
LP Manager Kmart Hollister, CA
Inventory Control Supervisor Ollie's Bargain Outlet Lancaster, TX
Supervisor, 24-Hour Security Pittsburgh Pirates Pittsburgh, PA
Area LP Manager Ross Stores Merced, CA
Regional AP Manager TBC Corporation Houston, TX
Security Program Manager Uber San Francisco, CA
Market AP Manager Walmart Garland, TX
AP ASM Walmart Crescent City, CA
AP Assistant Manager Walmart Saint Joseph, MO
AP ASM Walmart Fayetteville, GA

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Individual growth is an overly used phrase for something that is extremely difficult to truly accomplish. Corporate America tends to force it faster than many can absorb. Out of necessity or by design it requires a mental investment and a conscious effort on the part of the executive to truly grow beyond their current capabilities. Consequently, growth is oftentimes as a result of direct force or life-changing events. But it is a necessity if one expects to advance and stay current with the industry. Technology represents the Loss Prevention industry's biggest opportunity for growth and if one expects to be a leader tomorrow it would be wise to grow your technology education.

Just a Thought,

Gus Downing




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