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May 16, 2013

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News Brief
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Booming Mobile industry giving birth to criminal infrastructure much faster than it was for PC fraud  Mobile devices have become enticing targets for criminals around the world, so much so that an underground industry has begun to grow to support malicious activity aimed at those devices, according to a report released on Wednesday by the Anti-Phishing Working Group. That infrastructure is being created much faster than it was for PC fraud. "It's growing at least five times faster," Jevans said. "What took 10 years for PCs is going to take 18 months to two years for mobile." Some of the mobile crime infrastructure is being built on the existing components of the PC crime network. (Source

A vivid picture of the typical mobile shopper 
Only 13% of U.S. online adults with a mobile phone say they have used it to purchase a product, according to the report, “How U.S. Consumers Shop on Mobile Devices.” That figure is 30% for tablet owners. The barriers to mobile purchasing include web sites that are not optimized for mobile, concerns over the security of mobile payments and patchy wireless connections. 37% of U.S. online adult tablet owners and 14% of online adult mobile phone owners are using their devices to research products and prepare to make a purchase. Mobile shoppers are likely to be young, male and financially sound, the report says. A slight majority of mobile shoppers are male, and they are, on average, in their mid-30s. Two out of three have a full-time job, 40% earn more than $100,000 per year, and one-third have children under 18 living at home. (Source

The Future of Retail - It could be a little spooky - The Omni World is right in front of us  It is likely that stores will be physically altered. Gone will be the brick-and-mortar malls we know today. Instead, retail destinations may have limited merchandise, stocking only a few samples for customers who still want to touch and feel products. Stores could operate primarily using screen images and scanners to show, swipe and sell. Why? Omnichannel shopping -- or shopping across multiple channels such as in-store, online, on TV, on a tablet, potentially at the same time -- has significant upside potential for consumers and retailers. Consumers are actually spending more with their favorite multichannel retailers than at the stores with only brick-and-mortar locations. (Source

American Apparel Deploys Smart Safes To Drive Down Theft  “At the store level, we have totally changed the way we operate with regard to cash handling and securing our cash, as well as cash deposits and armored carrier services. The smart safe is an adaptable solution for our retail stores as well as a mobile solution for our off-site flea markets,” says Montez. Triton worked directly with American Apparel to customize the VersaLink website dashboard to accommodate the users of the smart safe, incorporating custom reports. (Source

NFSSC Breakout Sessions -
Something for Everyone

The NFSSC has finalized its Breakout Sessions for its 34th Annual Conference, August 4-7, in Las Vegas. Targeted sessions are aimed at all levels and responsibilities of the LP and Security professional. This year's sessions include:

Planning for Depositions, Smart Safes, Food Loss and Cost Controls, and Frauds & Scams. Each of these topics cover critical issues affecting today's LP leaders in the restaurant industry. To view the entire Conference, or to register for the event, please visit

Justice Department accuses Apple of conspiring to raise e-book prices  They're accusing Apple of leading an effort that raised e-book prices in an attempt to hurt Amazon and other competitors. At one point Apple's lead e-book negotiator counseled the chief executive of Random House to withhold e-books from Amazon unless it agreed to higher prices. (Source

N.J. Lawmakers Approve Cargo-Theft Legislation  The New Jersey General Assembly approved legislation cracking down on cargo theft, according to a bill co-sponsor Assemblyman Dave Rible (R). The bill would make it a criminal offense to operate a facility to sell or store stolen cargo and increase fines to up to five times the value of the property seized, according to a statement. Cargo theft in the state increased 147% from 2009 to 2010, according to Rible, with Hudson and Middlesex counties ranking among the top-10 risk zones for cargo theft in the country. (Source

Counterfeit Bills Reported at South Burlington's University Mall  Approximately two dozen counterfeit $100 US bills, used to buy merchandise at numerous locations, showed up in the University Mall over the weekend. New cases are still being reported, so the definite number of bills is still to be determined. South Burlington Police Cpl. Dennis Ward, who is heading the case, says that there are no leads on the investigation, and that the U.S. Secret Service is aware of the issue. Anyone with information is asked to call the department at 846-4111 or the Secret Service. Thanks to the Law Enforcement Retailer Alliance of NE (LERANE) for providing this article. (Source

Woodbridge Mall Security Guard arrested for Bomb Threat.  A security guard at Woodbridge Center mall has been charged with making a bomb threat Tuesday targeting the mall children’s play area. Brian Ruzich, 21, of Lafayette Road, in the Fords section of the township has been charged with false public alarm, terroristic threats and criminal mischief. Around 6:35 a.m. Tuesday Woodbridge Center Mall Security notified Woodbridge police of a written bomb threat indicating “Tiny Town” the children’s play area in the mall would blow up on 5-14-13. Everyone in the large, two-level mall was evacuated and police set up a perimeter around the Woodbridge Center Drive shopping mall. Six bomb-sniffing dogs were used to check the entire mall. No explosive devices were found. (Source

Man indicted for calling in bomb threats at Mall of America, MSP airport, metro hotels  A 22-year-old man unleashed a slew of overnight bomb threats targeting the Mall of America, the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and numerous metro hotels, at times faking a Middle Eastern accent in the calls, according to an indictment filed Tuesday. Ashey admitted to calling in bomb threats to the mall and the airport and “characterized his threats as pranks.” He also said he made similar calls to metro hotels. (Source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Dillard's 1Q up 1% with sales flat to last year
Wal-Mart 1Q U.S. stores down 1.4% with revenue up 1%
Kohl's 1Q down 1.9% with sales down 1%

Retail Crime News

Shots fired at a CVS in Carmichael, California.  A Pharmacist was being held at gunpoint by a robbery suspect inside the CVS store in Carmichael. A SWAT officer attempted several times to get the suspect to drop his weapon, and then shot one time hitting the suspect in the chest. The suspect was taken to the hospital in serious condition. The SWAT officer is a 25 year veteran of the Police force. (Source

Two thieves use pepper spray to rob a cell phone store in Houston.  The two suspects shopped inside the store for nearly 10 minutes, then approached the associate at the register and pepper sprayed her in the face and fled with an armful of stolen merchandise. Felony charges will be sought for the two men. (Source

GPS on stolen phones help Police apprehend 4 cell phone store robbers.  Three men have been arrested in Houston who were responsible for an armed robbery of an AT&T store. The robbery occurred early Tuesday morning, yesterday the suspects were arrested, the stolen merchandise and the weapons used have been recovered. Police are investigating if this group has been responsible for other cell phone store robberies in the area. (Source

Connecticut Police are looking for suspects that have hit 5 Radio Shacks in recent weeks.  On Tuesday, the Radio Shack in Clinton was robbed at gun point; the suspects tied up the associates and stole iPhones and $300 in cash from the register. This is the fifth Radio Shack robbery in the area in recent weeks. Police have a description of a dark colored PT Cruiser leaving the scene. (Source

North Attleboro Credit Card fraud suspect forfeits $7500 bail, no show for court. Samuel Whiteside was arrested back in January for using fake names and credit cards to purchase $1900 worth of jewelry from Kay’s and $5000 worth of jewelry for Zale’s. A bench warrant has been issued for his arrest. (Source

Pittsburgh woman accused of $70,000 of embezzlement, most of the money used for shopping.  A young smiling Pittsburgh woman now faces charges of theft and access device fraud, both of which are felony counts, for using AMEX checks issued to her employer. Anne Dushac served as the Office Manager and had access to blank American Express checks which she used at a list of area retails. Dushac’s purchases included shopping at Barnes and Noble, Bed Bath and Beyond, Forever 21, The Home Depot and many others, including paying her cell phone bills. (Source

Third Conviction earns a New Hampshire man felony charges for $8.00 in merchandise.  Nashua Police charged Brian Hayward with felony theft, due to two prior theft convictions. Hayward was stopped leaving a hardware store with an $8.00 item concealed under his clothes. (Source

Smash and grab operation hits four this morning in Greensboro, N.C.
  Police think one person is responsible for all four break-ins. At least one of the stores had surveillance cameras. "It sounds like a person who's done this sort of thing before," Roberts said. "He's well-trained." (Source

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ORC News
SFPD bust grocery store shoplifting ring hitting CVS, Target, Safeway, Walgreens  San Francisco police busted a big shoplifting ring this week, but not one that deals in electronics or clothes. This network steals and resells shampoo, conditioner, razor blades, batteries and the like. Police confiscated $100,000 worth of disposable razors and $40,000 worth of batteries. These thieves were after everyday items they could sell for a quick profit. Police say the ringleader would put out a daily shopping list to a network of thieves from San Francisco to Walnut Creek and Alamo. They'd shoplift the goods item by item. The goods were stolen from CVS, Target, Safeway and Walgreens stores. Police say Thai would pay cash, then re-sell them to a Mission District flea market and stores. Police called in executives for the victimized stores. They scanned the goods and figured out the whole cache is worth $300,000 - $400,000 retail. (Source

Here's the Video of the ORC bust yesterday in WAUKESHA - Hitting Target Stores 54 times  Raymond Hatch is accused of stealing some very unique items, like Crest White Strips, Claritin, Mucinex, and Rogaine. Hatch accused of making thousands of dollars selling stolen health and beauty items online, and prosecutors think he's guilty. Hatch was charged Friday in Waukesha County. Court documents state people would steal the items for him, then he and his wife would sell them on web sites like E-Bay and Amazon. The items the thieves stole aren’t cheap. Police claim two Target stores in Waukesha were hit 54 times, and the stores total losses were around $42,500. (Source

Theft ring hitting Hastings Entertainment with check fraud in Wichita Falls  A woman arrested recently, Juanita Marie Springmeyer, 28, also known as Juanita Hardy, was charged with forgery after allegedly passing a check written for more than $1,200 to Hastings Entertainment Store on May 6. Springmeyer is believed to be operating with a group of people who are watching people get out of their cars at gyms, then going inside the gym and stealing items from their locker and car, according to Spragins. She also was arrested in January with nine others in what the Wichita County Sheriff’s Office and WFPD believed to be a burglary and drug ring. Spragins said he believes the thefts started at the end of April and the criminals are taking anything of value, specifically checkbooks, identification cards and credit and debit cards. They are maxing them out as fast as they can, Spragins said. Anyone who thinks they may have been a victim of this theft ring is urged to contact the Wichita Falls Police Department and make a report as soon as possible at 940-761-7792. (Source

ORC? Mom-Son duo busted as son was running trying to jump into mom-driven getaway car in Madison, WI.  Mother and her son hitting West Towne Mall were arrested for shoplifting Monday afternoon after the mom drove the getaway car as the son ran alongside trying to get in, police reported. Lonye Howell was tentatively charged with two counts of retail theft and two counts of bail jumping, and Staci Howell was cited for obstructing. Security guards were already aware of Lonye Howell from an earlier shoplifting incident on May 9 at an East Side Target store, so his picture and information had been distributed to other retailers by the Madison Area Loss Prevention Association. (Source
Three Philadelphia area women arrested following High Speed chase from a TJ Maxx.  West Whiteland Township Police responded to a theft of thousands of dollars in merchandise by three females from the TJ Maxx in Exton. Patrol cars spotted the suspect’s car and attempted to make a stop, but the suspect failed to stop. Police stopped the chase for safety concerns. Maryland State Police later found the car at a Casino, the suspects were taken into custody, $7000 of merchandise was recovered. (Source

Five arrested in Walmart shoplifting spree in Orange Park, Florida. Clay County Sheriff’s Office reported that they had arrested five shoplifters from the Walmart in Orange Park, recovering $1019 of merchandise. The suspects had filled two carts with merchandise and exited the store without paying. Each of the five now face third degree felony charges. (Source

Friend turns in Baby Formula thief hoping she will get help for drug addiction.  Police arrested a woman accused of stealing over $500 worth of baby formula from the Bethlehem Township WalMart. Her friend went to Police after discovering that she stole the product from Walmart, and then sold the stolen merchandise for $80 worth of heroin. The suspect is currently pregnant. (Source

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Vendor Spotlight

Axis Unveils Unique Direct Drive PTZ Dome Network Camera with
HDTV Performance for Wall-mount Installation

Specially designed for outdoor surveillance with built-in wall bracket, direct drive technology enables easy-to-install PTZ camera with high mechanical endurance

CHELMSFORD, Mass. – May 13, 2013 Axis Communications, the world leader in network video surveillance, today unveils AXIS P5414-E PTZ Dome Network Camera, the first in a new line of uniquely designed outdoor-ready pan/tilt/zoom domes with “direct drive” technology meant for wall-mounting. The new HDTV 720p-quality PTZ dome with 18x optical zoom is ideal for use in city and perimeter surveillance applications, parking garages, campuses and schoolyards, and outside of retail and medical buildings.

The intelligent direct drive pan/tilt system found in AXIS P5414-E facilitates easy wall-mount installation and supports mechanical PTZ endurance by limiting the amount of moving parts. The camera is directly attached to the drive shaft of two motors – one for panning and another for tilting the camera. With no mechanical parts such as belts or gears, AXIS P5414-E creates a durable and highly efficient pan/tilt system to provide customers with a reliable and robust PTZ camera. Other innovations include a built-in wall bracket that eliminates the need to purchase a separate mounting accessory, which provides additional cost-savings and makes installation quicker and easier. See demo movie.

With the ability to pan 270°, AXIS P5414-E can also be mounted on the corner of a building using a corner mount bracket to enable wide area coverage and high optical zoom for detailed surveillance in HDTV resolution.

“About half of all PTZ cameras [installed today] are mounted on walls.
AXIS P5414-E addresses this market with a unique design,” says Erik Frännlid, director of product management, Axis Communications. “The result is an attractively priced, high-performance HDTV PTZ camera that’s easy to install.”

AXIS P5414-E features an integrated sunshield designed for easy removal, allowing customers to paint it to match the installation environment. This sunshield’s sloping form helps the camera resist attempts by vandals to pull it down. The camera has a hidden junction box that supports two-way audio, a memory card slot, four configurable inputs/outputs to external devices, and the option to use either 24 V DC or Power over Ethernet Plus (IEEE 802.3at). AXIS P5414-E also supports Advanced Gatekeeper, which enables the camera to automatically pan, tilt and zoom to a preset position when motion is detected in a predefined area.

AXIS P5414-E is expected to be available in July 2013 through Axis distribution channels at the suggested retail price of $1599.

Features of AXIS P5414-E include:
•   HDTV 720p performance in compliance with the SMPTE 296M standard for resolution, full frame rate, HDTV color fidelity and 16:9 format.
18x zoom with autofocus in combination with HDTV resolution delivers the advantage of a wider (16:9) field of view while providing zoomed-in views with the same level of detail as a standard resolution, 36x-zoom camera.
Multiple, individually configurable streams in H.264 and Motion JPEG video formats.
True day/night functionality with an automatically removable infrared (IR)-cut filter for color video during day time, and high-quality black and white video in low-light.
Intelligent video functionalities such as video motion detection, Advanced Gatekeeper and audio detection, as well as support for additional applications through AXIS Camera Application Platform.
Outdoor-ready with IP66 and NEMA 4X ratings that ensure protection against dust, rain, snow and corrosion.

AXIS P5414-E will be supported by the industry’s largest base of video management software through the Axis Application Development Partner Program, AXIS Camera Station and the complimentary AXIS Camera Companion. The camera also includes support for AXIS Video Hosting System and ONVIF for easy camera system integration.

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Roger Maderia was named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Burlington Coat Factory.
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Heather Brown was reassigned Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Burlington Coat Factory.
Matthew Bates was reassigned Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Burlington Coat Factory.
Brett Steinfels was promoted to Area Loss Prevention Leader for JC Penney's Inc.
John Rysedorph was promoted to Loss Prevention Supervisor for Trans World Entertainment.
Jim Hiscock was promoted to Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Trans World Entertainment.

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As 'The Office' Closes Its Doors, Management Lessons From The World's Best Boss, Michael Scott  This man gave the world a new approach to management and leadership. Dedicated to the hit TV show, here are five lessons inspired by Dunder Mifflin's own, Michael Scott. (Be your own company's World's Best Boss)

3 Tips For Surviving As A First-Time Manager 
You've landed your first management job! Congratulations! You are moving up now, and on a path to success! However, some of your now employees are a bit cautious with you in the big chair. What can you do to make sure you survive? (How to handle the pressure)

Listening to Your Inner Voice Makes You a Better Manager  It seems this little piece of advice is routinely suggested: follow your inner voice, but do we really listen to what our subconscious has to say? Recent data shows that when we make a choice based on our instincts, we are right up to 90% of the time! (Go with your gut)

The 7 Best and Worst Criticisms From A Boss (And Why They Matter So Much) 
We all have heard the phrase, "It's now what you say, it's how you say it." At work, critical feedback is important, but the delivery of that feedback is just as important. (Make sure you haven't doled out one of these 7 worst criticisms!)

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Preparing for an interview should be exhaustive. However, the day of the interview you should clear your head and not do any prep at all or look at any notes other than the well thought out prepared questions you've come up with. A clear mind performs better than one that's cluttered and trying to remember everything. And all the prep you've done should be well stored in your mind. Have faith in it and try to relax the day of the interview and work out if you can before it. The mind body connection is a powerful thing and your brain cannot operate at 100% if your body isn't there with it.

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