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July 17, 2013

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News Brief
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40 person Mob goes on robbery spree last night in Hollywood, Calif. - was it the new "wilding" trend?  The LAPD’s Hollywood Division said they were flooded with 911 calls around 9 p.m. about a mob in the area of Hollywood Boulevard. A dozen people, including 11 juveniles, were arrested for looting, assault, robbery and other charges. “Groups that ranged anywhere from 15 of these kids to as large as 40...either knocking people down and taking their cell phones, running into a business and taking merchandise, taking their cash register or causing havoc like breaking windows,” Cmdr. Dennis Kato said. It was unclear what prompted the spree, but police believe it was not a protest in response to the George Zimmerman verdict. Officials were trying to determine if the incident was related to wilding, a popular east coast trend that involves masses joining together to commit crimes. “Mass groups of kids would run into a store where they know that one security guard can’t stop them and will just take merchandise and run out,” Cmdr. Kato said. (Source

Blending the Physical and Virtual Store Experience  Effectively redesigning the physical store experience to meet the needs and expectations of digital consumers means more than throwing in some touch-screens or connecting the store to customers’ mobile devices. It means a complete rethink of what the store experience is all about, and does not automatically mean going in a “futuristic” direction. The customer carries the store in their pocket. Store associates should be part of the mix. Customer experience has become more of a differentiator, and it is easier than ever before for consumers to choose to shop at a slightly pricier retailer to obtain vastly superior customer service and satisfaction. (Source

Retailers, CPGs Using Big Data Analytics to Outperform Others  Retailers and consumer packaged goods companies that are applying big data analytics to better understand consumers and adjust to their needs are outperforming their competitors who don’t, according to a pair of studies released today by IBM. “These studies show that no matter where you sit in the retail ecosystem, big data can have tremendous impact on your success,” said Jay Henderson, strategy program director, IBM Smarter Commerce. Both studies demonstrate how deploying advanced strategies such as big data analytics drives overall results for their companies. (Source

The Big Data Security Analytics Era Is Here
This whitepaper is the cutting edge view on why large organizations can no longer rely on preventive security systems, point security tools, manual processes, and hardened configurations to protect them from targeted attacks and advanced malware. Editors note: Understanding this is from the CSO prospective and is a white paper that may require registering to read, learning their prospective is critical to the learning process for all of us, as Big Data impacts every facet of our retailers. (Source (Source - white paper itself -

How security awareness leads to behavior change  Awareness, security or otherwise, is an individual realization of impact (see proper understanding of awareness). Awareness does not require nor imply understanding. Awareness is the connection between an action/event and the impact, in context. That’s it. As an industry, we get into trouble when suggesting security awareness is when people know and do the right things. It skips over important steps and creates false expectations. That leads to a whole host of challenges. However, awareness can lead to behavior change. In fact, it’s the first part of the chain. Awareness, by itself, isn’t enough. Security awareness, done right, sets the stage for individuals to want to learn more. With the right program in place, that ultimately leads to behavior change. Great article to read further. (Source

Duane Reade drug stores fined for safety hazard in NYC  The drugstore chain's lower Manhattan shop at 598 Broadway was fined $71,500 for blocked exit access and other violations. Drugstore chain Duane Reade, which operates about 250 stores in the New York City area, was fined $71,500 for exit access and fire safety hazards at one of its lower Manhattan stores by the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration on Tuesday. The store, at 598 Broadway, was cited for a blocked emergency exit door, and sprinkler system heads and an electrical panel were also obstructed by crates of merchandise. (Source


NFSSC Just 18 Days Away

Don't miss out on the largest ever gathering of the restaurant industry's security and loss professional executives - the NFSSC 34th Annual Conference. More than 800 different restaurant chains will be represented. Join them and take part in world-class educational programs, key networking, information sharing, and product demonstrations. Visit for more details, or go to the LinkedIn group.

Counterfeit importer sentenced to 15 months in Fed prison in N.J. - they're starting to get tough on this crime  29 year-old Abedrabbo admitted that from March 2010 through May 2012, he imported counterfeit merchandise from numerous locations in Asia and sold the items online. He also paid other individuals a commission to sell the counterfeit merchandise for him online and he sold $350,000 worth. (Source

Counterfeit bags are a growing problem online at Facebook yard sales  The Feds are busy buying them online as well. One investigative reporter in Indianapolis did a great job in this video. (Source


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Retail Crime News
Two suspects sought in Christmas Tree store armed robbery in Altamonte Springs. Police are searching for two men who are accused of robbing the Christmas Tree Store in Altamonte Springs Sunday night. According to deputies, two men came to the store, made a purchase and left. A short time later, they returned to the store with a handgun, ordering all employees to the service desk area. After all the employees crowded around the area, officials say the men demanded the manager empty the registers of all cash. The culprits fled on foot with an undisclosed amount of money. (Source

Mall Security bust Fairfiew Mall burglar inside Sunglass Hut in Waterloo, Canada
Waterloo Regional Police were called at approximately 4:20 in the morning. While doing his rounds, a mall security guard saw a man inside the Sunglass Hut, as well as a ladder coming down from the ceiling. Investigators say the man cut a hole in the roof of the mall and used a ladder to get in, but when the security guard spotted him, he ran off leaving the two bags of goods behind. (Source

Three men arrested for shotgun robbery at Santa Rosa jewelry store yesterday
An armed robbery at an east Santa Rosa jewelry store Tuesday erupted in gunfire when a store employee, looking into the barrel of a robber's shotgun, opened fire, Santa Rosa police officials said. No one was struck by gunfire during the 1 p.m. encounter at Bennett Valley Jewelers on Yulupa Avenue, Santa Rosa Police Lt. Ray Navarro said. The robbers ran out of the store, carrying an unspecified amount of jewelry, and were caught later driving their getaway car. (Source

Robbery crew duo that hit 3 Wal-Marts and one Safeway for $275,000 busted in Oakland  Three Oakland residents were charged Tuesday in a spree of armed robberies of stores in and around the Bay Area and subsequent attempts to cover up the crimes, court officials said. One suspect was also charged Tuesday with obstruction of justice and attempted bribery of a federal official. After his initial arrest in early July, Haag said, Landry attempted to offer $60,000 in cash, a Rolex watch and a luxury vehicle to FBI agents if they allowed him to escape. (Source

Family Dollar employee killed and second employee is missing in Dearborn, Michigan.  An employee was found fatally shot Tuesday at a Family Dollar store in suburban Detroit and a co-worker was missing. Dearborn police released a 17-second surveillance video of a suspect waving his arm as he entered the store Monday night with a hood over his head. His face isn't clear in the video. Employees called police after finding the store in disarray Tuesday morning. The victim was identified as Joseph Orlando, 20, of Dearborn while the missing woman is Brenna Machus, 20, of Romulus. Police said there is no information so far suggesting she knew the gunman. (Source

Off-Duty Tucson Police Officer arrested for Aggravated Assault pulling a gun on a Gas Station employee.  Kyle McCartin appeared to be intoxicated when he and another man dressed in bullet-proof vest entered a Tucson area gas station and pulled out a hand gun. McCartin did not demand anything from the cashier but did display his weapon, then fled the store. Police were called and both men were arrested at a nearby apartment complex. (Source

Customer helps thwart attempted armed robbery of a Radio Shack in Clairemont Mesa.  San Diego police were on the lookout Tuesday for a gunman who got into a physical confrontation with a customer while trying to rob an electronics store in Clairemont Mesa. The attempted armed robbery of the Radio Shack was reported at 8:45 p.m. Monday, according to San Diego police. The man was wielding a gun and wearing a white T-shirt tied around his face when he announced he was robbing the business. He then got into a physical confrontation with a customer and ended up running out of the business empty-handed. No injuries were reported. (Source

Denver Police seek the identity of a Cricket store robber.  Suspect claims robbery was a joke. An employee at Cricket, 1490 S. Sheridan Blvd., called Denver Police on July 6 after a robbery attempt. The employee told police that he noticed the suspect loitering at the store for a while then leaving. He then returned and passed a note demanding money from the drawer. When other customers entered the store, he told the employee it was a joke and fled. (Source

Robberies at Manassas CVS May be Connected.  A CVS Pharmacy was robbed twice this year, and Manassas City Police believe the same suspect was involved. The first incident took place at the store on Centreville Road on April 7, around 12:35 a.m. The suspect entered the store, handed the pharmacist a note demanding drugs, then fled on a yellow bike towards Sudley Road. The store was robbed for the second time on Tuesday at 4:10 a.m. The suspect came inside, handed the pharmacist a note demanding narcotics and fled on a bike. (Source

Delaware woman wanted in Credit Card fraud; already hit Toys R Us, Dollar Tree and Kmart.  Dover Police are attempting to identify a woman believed to be using stolen credit cards at several retailers, gas stations and convenience stores. No total dollar limit of the case thus far has been released. (Source

Florida Mother threw her baby at a Deputy in an attempt to escape shoplifting arrest.  The Mother was being stopped for shoplifting $260 worth of merchandise concealed in a stroller from the Dillard’s store in the Santa Rosa Mall. When a Deputy approached Ashley Taylor Wright she reportedly held up the baby in a carrier and told the deputy, “You will have to shoot through the baby to get me.” She then ran from the vehicle, tossing the carrier and the 14-pound-infant at the deputy. She has been charged with child abuse without bodily harm, petty theft and resisting an officer without violence. (Source

Burglar arrested in Maui for stealing a $1500 surfboard.  Quicksilver and Billabong stores were both hit by this same suspect who has been arrested and being held on $20000 bail. Over a period of several months the same suspect is believed to have burglarized and shoplifted thousands of dollars of merchandise from Maui merchants. (Source

Body found in a pond near the Cape Cod Mall.
A body was found in a pond behind the Cape Cod Mall Tuesday. Cape and Islands District Attorney Michael O'Keefe said his office knew the deceased person's identity but is not releasing it at this time. The pond is the middle of three ponds located between the mall and Route 28. It borders parking lots and a road that runs through the mall property. O’Keefe said the death did not appear suspicious and will have more information after the medical examiner's autopsy, which will occur in Boston or at the medical examiner's facility. (Source

Brawl erupts at a Long Island Chuck E. Cheese.  A brawl started by Adults ruin a child’s birthday party at the Chuck E. Cheese on New York’s Long Island. Of course the event was captured on video. The restaurant manager attempted to break up two angry adult females, then Police were needed to be called. Chuck E. Cheese released a statement, "The store manager and employees acted quickly, followed proper safety procedures and contained the incident until local on-duty officers arrived.” The children’s entertainment chain has been plagued by violence before. In March, the New York Daily News reported that a Florida-based Chuck E. Cheese's was the scene of an 18-person fight which led to a shooting and three arrests after two men “exchanged words.” (Source


Press Release

July 25 StopORC Webinar to Feature Garth Gasse Covering “The RILA Approach to ORC”

Rancho Cucamonga, CA- July 16, 2013––Garth Gasse, CFI, Director of Asset Protection at the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA), will be the featured speaker at the July 25th StopORC webinar scheduled for 12 pm PDT. Grasse will cover RILA’s programs to assist the retail industry in fighting ORC including their conferences, collaboration committees and legislative advocacy efforts.

Qualified professionals involved in combating Organized Retail Crime (ORC) can register for the webinar at

During the webinar, attendees will have the opportunity to ask Gasse questions he will address at the conclusion of his presentation.

Gasse joined RILA in January 2013 and has overseen their daily asset protection activities while working alongside LP executives from across the retail industry to identify common challenges and leading practices. Gasse has over 25 years in the retail AP industry and has worked for the Toys R Us/Babies R Us Corporation overseeing asset protection activities at stores throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic region. Previous positions include positions at Victoria’s Secret Stores and CVS Pharmacy in various AP/LP capacities. is sponsored by Universal Surveillance Systems LLC (USS) and holds free monthly webinars featuring subject matter and experts who cover current topics such as ORC trends, methods, prevention, investigations, legislation and working with law enforcement. Previous webinars have discussed law enforcement ORC tactics, investigating and prosecuting ORC cases, writing, promoting and passing aggressive ORC legislation among others.

StopORC webinars are open only to those engaged in combatting ORC including loss prevention professionals, law enforcement officials, legislators, prosecutors, judges and security experts.

To register for the upcoming July 25th StopORC webinar with Garth Gasse, visit
2941052118755444736 or call 1-800-488-9097 for more information.

The mission of is to fight organized retail crime through information sharing, education and advocacy, while strengthening the cause of loss prevention on a global level. provides a comprehensive centralized resource on ORC for anyone requiring current news and information. It is supported by an advisory board made up of ORC authorities Nelson Harrah, GAP, Inc.; John Morris, Macys; Mark VanBeest, jcpenney; David Nance, Sabre, Inc.; Scott Sanford, Barnes & Noble, Inc.; Jason Gonzales, Rite Aid; Dennis Dansak, Sr., The Kroger Co.; Lauren Cunningham, eBay; and Tony Sheppard, CVS Caremark.


Brittney Port
StopORC Marketing Communications

ORC News
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ORC trio hits Town Center at Boca Raton mall
Boca Raton police say Allen, 23, of Miramar, and Maynard, 25, of Lauderdale Lakes, were arrested on retail theft charges earlier this year. But Monday police found them, and Tristian Junior Douglas, 18, of Lauderhill, in a car with more than $2,000 in stolen clothes and other items after a trip to Town Center at Boca Raton mall. Inside a booster bag — a bag lined with foil to stop anti-theft devices from setting off alarms — police said they found True Religion jeans with the anti-theft devices still on them. They also found a Victoria's Secret bag with underwear as well as Dream Angels Body Wash, Kiss Lotion and Kiss Perfume.

Former Dillard's employee charged with ORC and organizing theft in Laredo  A former Dillard’s employee has been arrested for arranging the theft of designer brand clothing from the store, Laredo police said. Rolando Leza, 49, was served with a warrant Monday charging him with organized retail theft. At about 9 p.m. June 18, police officers responded to a theft call at Dillard’s. Security had detained a man identified as Fernando Villagomez, 30, for alleged theft. Villagomez allegedly conspired with then-Dillard’s employee Leza to steal the clothing, police said. The items totaled about $630, but Villagomez only produced a receipt showing he had bought about $10 in merchandise, police said. Police allege Leza did not scan the merchandise before putting it inside Villagomez’s bag, according to court records. Leza and Villagomez are out on bail. (Source

ORC trio hits Wal-Mart store in Spanaway, Wash., for digital cameras  Tacoma/Pierce County, the three men walked into the Walmart around 12:15 a.m. July 2 and tried to take several laptops out of a locked case. After failing to liberate the laptops, the men put 11 digital cameras into a shopping cart, left the store and drove off in a maroon Chevy Tahoe with custom rims, according to Crime Stoppers. (Source

Boston man sentenced to 6 years for credit card scheme: restitution set at $64,713. The Secret Service teamed up on an investigation begun by the Braintree police last fall of fraudulent uses of people's credit card information in Braintree. Yek Doug Wong, was charged with aggravated identity theft, possession of device-making equipment, using counterfeit access devices and being a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition following a months-long investigation begun by the Braintree police last fall and joined by the U.S. Secret Service. The investigation began after several card owners reported unauthorized transactions at convenience stores, according to an affidavit by a special agent with the Secret Service. Wong often purchased hundreds of dollars in cigarettes on the doctored cards. (Source

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Thought Challenge
Success....or Status Quo

By Francis Clark
VP Business Development

I find a lot of people in leadership positions maintaining the Status Quo in their positions rather than innovating and fear as in Dan Faketty’s excellent presentation at NRF-LP that they will either ‘Innovate or Evaporate’. Rather than pushing the ‘envelope’ it appears that they are squirreled away inside the envelope with an extra-strength roll of duct tape and are busily taping and double taping the seams to prevent any accidental light from coming in.

Sam Edge commented on innovation a couple of months ago that you need to explore what is happening if you’re going to stay current and relevant but it appears for many that the exact opposite is happening. Digging a hole and pulling the dirt in on top of you.

It is tough in today’s Retail Industry regardless of the leadership role you have. Change is a daily occurrence and if you’re not leading or participating in the change events then you must like the exhaust fumes. It has been said there are 3 kinds of people:
1. Those that make change happen
2. Those that see change happening
3. Those that say ‘what happened’

To which I add a 4th type of person:

4. Those that say ‘huh?’

Innovation and change leadership comes with some pain and exposure but also comes with rewards. What ‘change’ are you making happen in your company, your department?

Here’s an exercise that you can do: encourage your team...and develop a minimum of 2 plans to double the quantifiable delivery that your area of the business makes to the total business ‘next year’ without adding any staff. To do this exercise, first, you have to be able to quantify what you are delivering today. Can you do that?

Another thought is the consider what your CEO might say if asked ‘what does your Asset Protection/Loss Prevention Department deliver to the company’s total annual success?’

Do you know how that question will be answered?

With change happening every day in the Retail Industry what are you doing to ‘change’ your effectiveness for your company? Many of you are mired in technology and policy that hasn’t changed for 10 years or more. When you see new technology or hear of new innovations are the first 3 things out of your mouth ‘reasons why it won’t work for your company’? Have you changed your phone multiple times over the same 10 years...but not how you get your job done? Or the tools that your team uses?

Might there be something wrong with that?


Vendor Spotlight

Checkpoint Systems Introduces Premium Protection Against Theft for Luxury and High-end Retailers

EVOLVE Exclusive F10 Underfloor Solution Offers Retailers the Full Protection of an EAS Antenna Virtually Invisible to the Shopper

THOROFARE, NJ, USA, – July, 16, 2013 – Checkpoint Systems, Inc. (NYSE: CKP), a leading global manufacturer of shrink management solutions, today announced its new underfloor Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) antenna designed primarily for luxury and high-end retailers who require a discreet but high-performance security system. Hundreds of EVOLVE Exclusive F10 are already in retail stores around the world delivering exceptional results in reducing shrink, improving merchandise availability and helping to enhance the consumer shopping experience.

Designed primarily for luxury apparel, jewelry or accessory retailers for whom store aesthetics is paramount, the EVOLVE Exclusive F10 sits below the shop’s floor while still providing excellent range of detection. The system can be configured to cover entrance doorways of up to 12m/ 39.4ft wide addressing some retailers’ preferences for an open entrance without visible antennas. Now department stores in a mall setting have a viable solution to protect their multiple entrances.

Farrokh Abadi, president and chief operating officer, Shrink Management and Merchandise Visibility Solutions, said, “We designed this new ``invisible´´ EAS solution by partnering with some luxury brands for whom creating a positive shopping experience for customers was as important as protecting their merchandise. We are proud that our new underfloor EVOLVE Exclusive F10 meets their requirements with regard to merchandise protection as well as the aesthetics and design of their floor space.”

Checkpoint designed the EVOLVE Exclusive F10 to protect the large aisle widths of many store entrances and withstand the heavy weights associated with high traffic and goods moving through a retail store entrance.

While the antenna remains out of sight, when a theft attempt happens, different alarm detection notifications are available according to the retailer's preference These include external audible alarm, flashing lights, pager notifications and other options that follow the retailer's loss prevention policies. The EVOLVE Exclusive F10 system is also compatible with Checkpoint's VisiPlus Overhead sensor to provide Smart Alarm Management and visitor counting data.

This new solution supports Checkpoint’s iMAP (Intelligent Merchandise Availability Program) which helps retailers manage shrink and improve inventory visibility while enhancing the shopper’s experience by improving merchandise availability. The iMAP solutions set is purpose-built for retail, combining hardware, software, consumables, services, and business processes to address retailers’ merchandise availability needs.

EVOLVE Exclusive F10 is available immediately.

Laura MacSweeney
George Cohen Communication
781 395 6420


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Oak Brook, IL
Ace Hardware Corp.

Director of Asset Protection
Deerfield, IL

Asset Protection Manager
The HoneyBaked Ham Co.
Alpharetta, GA
The HoneyBaked Ham Co.

Mgr, Asset Protection RSC
Winn Dixie
Baldwin, FL
Winn Dixie

Director of LP
Best Buy Canada
Burnaby, British Columbia
Best Buy Canada
Market LP Director
Duane Reade
New York, NY
Duane Reade

Senior Director LP
Hoffman Estates, IL
Sears Holdings Corp

Dir, Security Risk Info & Analysis
Minneapolis, MN

Senior Director, LP
Sears Holdings Corp

Sr Mgr of Global Security
YUM! Brands
Louisville, KY
YUM! Brands
Director of LP - East Zone
Miami, FL

National Account Mgr
Downing & Downing
Dir of Loss Prevention
Philadelphia, PA
Downing & Downing

Director of Loss Prevention
Central Midwest
Downing & Downing

National Account Sales Mgr

Chicago, IL
Downing & Downing

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Paul Hanlon was named Corporate Investigator for 7-Eleven.
Burlington Coat Factory Announces Two Additions to Asset Protection Team!

Scott Porter, CFI was named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Burlington Coat Factory.
Scott was most recently with Payless Shoe Source as a Regional Loss Prevention Manager in Northern CA. Prior to that position Scott held similar positions with Abercrombie and Fitch and Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie. Scott attended Shasta College, Redding CA.

Dan Doheny was named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Burlington Coat Factory.
Dan was most recently with CVS Caremark as a Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Maryland and Virginia. Prior to that position Dan held similar positions with Wet Seal, Sephora and Home Depot. Dan holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado Technology University.

Congratulations Dan and Scott!

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Civil Demand Court or Employee Restitution, Small Claims

Your Career
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6 Simple Steps to Master Productivity on the Road  For those traveling for work, or working on the road for extensive periods of time, don't let your travel make you less productive. By following these three rules of thumb, you can keep ahead of the game and stay on top of your tasks. (Make sure your schedule is laid out)

Productivity is About More Than Task-Fulfillment  It's more than just checking another block off your to-do list, it's about ideas. Cofounder of Flickr said, "There's too much emphasis on productivity in the factory, Ford-assembly-line sense of cranking something out and not enough emphasis on having ideas." (Spend less time in meetings)

Proof that Failure is the Key to Success
We know failure is inevitable, but it can help you find the success you dreamed of. Failure allows you to look at things in a new perspective, seeing what works and what doesn't so you can try and try again until you succeed! ("Genius is 1 percent inspiration, 99 percent perspiration" Thomas Edison)

5 Ways to Get and Keep Motivated
Staying motivated is easier said than done. There are so many things that distract our focus, such as our mobile devices with their constant notifications, and emails popping up every second. To stay on top of your game, try these five things. (Don't wait for perfection)

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Tip of the Day
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Looking at one's career should be viewed as a long-term investment tool that maximizes the individual's return on their efforts. Similar to any other investment strategy, a career is the building blocks for retirement. However, as most studies show, job satisfaction and recognition is as important and in some studies more important than monetary rewards. So how one reaches a balance is the key and making sure you challenge yourself about them periodically is wise.

Just a thought,
Gus Downing

Gus Downing

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