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July 31, 2013

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News Brief
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Jacob Gordon was named Field Investigations Manager for Mattress Firm.  Jacob was previously the Regional Asset Protection Manager for Advance AutoParts for over five years. He has held a number of Loss Prevention leadership roles such as Regional Loss Prevention Manager for AutoZone, Area Loss Prevention Manager for Pep Boys, and Loss Prevention Manager for Sears Holdings Corporation. Jacob has worked in the Loss Prevention Industry for over 8 years. Congratulations Jacob!

The American Bar Association - Taking steps now can help reduce workplace violence later - costing $36B, 1,000 homicides, and 1.5M assaults annually  While it is important for companies to have policies in place, flexibility is often the key to avoid escalating difficult workplace situations into violent ones, several experts noted in an American Bar Association program. The recent ABA program “Assessing Security and Avoiding Violence in the Workplace” detailed best practices for employers to minimize potential violence. The cost of workplace violence has been pegged at more than $36 billion a year, considering factors from poor morale to court awards and legal fees. Typically, workplace violence is instigated by either individuals criminals not connected to the workplace, customers or others on the premises for legitimate purposes, current or former employees, or someone who has an outside relationship with an employee. One of the most serious workplace threats occurs after the termination of an employee who might be considered unstable. “If it is a high-risk termination, there has to be an amount of planning.” A study by Northwestern National Life Insurance, for instance, found that 58 percent of those employees harassed, 43 percent of those threatened and 24 percent of those physically attacked did not inform anyone of authority. Editor's Note: Creating an environment where employees feel comfortable reporting incidents and are actually motivated to do so is critical and requires a significant process. Given the increased violence we're seeing in the retail space, it's also a priority. This is a great article from a recent webinar the American Bar Association conducted. (Source

A Key Component of Big Data Security Analytics  In recent survey of security professionals in North American based enterprise organizations shows 44% saying that security analytics would be considered big data within their organizations today, while another 44% believe that security analytics will become big data within the next 24 months. Security analytics is rapidly becoming a big data application for one simple reason: Large organizations are collection, processing, storing, and analyzing more and more data in order to address the insidious threat landscape and keep up with the change to the IT infrastructure. Editor's note: While this survey may be focused around a broad risk landscape it does include the information, data, incident responses, and investigative needs of retail Loss Prevention. Also, it may require a registration in order to view and read and it's well worth it. (Source

5 Ways to Track In-Store Customer Behavior
There's a fine line between tracking the behaviors of customers in your brick-and-mortar store and spying on them. The technology discussed here uses data from customers' smartphones in conjunction with opt-in apps to offer patrons deals and show retailers what's happening in their stores. (Source

7-Eleven U.S. Growth - Seven & I CEO Suzuki Talks U.S. Growth Strategy - could hit 30,000 in U.S.  7-Eleven has more than 50,000 outlets worldwide, more than any other retail chain and they see more growth in the U.S. "Our U.S. business has entered the growth stage," Suzuki told the news outlet. The company will make more acquisitions and "will raise the quality of stores." In June, Suzuki predicted that 7-Eleven could grow to as many as 30,000 units in the U.S., as CSNews Online reported. Dallas-based 7-Eleven Inc., the company's U.S. convenience store unit, expects to post a record operating profit of $540 million this fiscal year, up 13 percent from last year. Editor's note: With this kind of growth and worldwide coverage the 55 new Asset Protection positions they've added in the U.S. this year is more than justified. (Source

7-Eleven Keeping Eye on Immigration Reform
7-Eleven Inc. hired lobbying firm Mehlman Vogel Castagnetti to monitor the federal debate over immigration reform, according to a report by O'Dwyer's. This move follows the recent scandal in which federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorities raided 14 7-Eleven stores in Long Island and Virginia and charged nine owners and managers with harboring and hiring illegal immigrants. 7-Eleven conducted an internal I-9 compliance review of its franchisees following the raid. (Source

Following profit dip, Coach cuts 200 employees
The handbag maker said it will lay off 11% of its workforce, including about 30 employees at its West 34th Street headquarters. Amid declining North American sales and a decrease in profit, Coach Inc. said it has laid off 200 employees—or 11% of its workforce—on Tuesday. The layoffs include over 30 workers based at the handbag company's West 34th Street headquarters, according to a source. As of April, Coach employed about 1,600 in two buildings in midtown. (Source

Verisk Analytics Beats Analyst Estimates
For the quarter ended June 30 (Q2), Verisk Analytics met expectations on revenues and beat expectations on earnings per share. Verisk Analytics notched revenue of $421.3 million. The 12 analysts polled by S&P Capital IQ expected revenue of $419.0 million on the same basis. GAAP reported sales were 13% higher than the prior-year quarter's $373.2 million. (Source

ADT to acquire Devcon Security for $148 million
  The ADT Corp. announced this morning that it plans to acquire Devcon Security from Golden Gate Capital for $148.5 million. The deal—ADT’s first major acquisition since spinning off from Tyco International last fall—brings 117,000 accounts and $3.6 million of RMR. The transaction is expected to close in early August, Naren Gursahaney, ADT CEO. (Source

Shaw’s to shutter six supermarkets in New Hampshire
  Shaw’s plans to close six of its 34 stores in New Hampshire by Sept. 2. Shaw’s earlier this month announced six store closings in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Part of the Albertsons group bought by Cerberus Capital from Supervalu last January. Shaw's operates 169 stores in the northeast. (Source

Lawmakers draft bill that would increase enforcement against U.S. trade secret theft  Two senators have drafted a bill that aims to help prosecutors keep foreign hackers and governments from stealing American intellectual property and trade secrets. In recent months, lawmakers have introduced a number of new bills aimed at curbing the threat of cyber espionage to U.S. businesses. (Source

Fighting Back Against Shoplifting in Salisbury, MD.  By publicizing the names and faces of those arrested for shoplifting in the city, the Salisbury Police Department is hoping to cut down on the crime. And police officials say two months into the plan, it may be starting to pay off. The police department has been trying to cut down on shoplifting incidents in the city. After two months of publicizing those arrested for the crime, police say they have seen a drop in the arrests over the last couple weeks. The department has also formed a retail alliance with the local businesses. "We have meetings to share crime trends, techniques and to identify offenders," Kolb said. "If they are going to one store, there is a chance they're going to others. We've found in the past they may be committing the theft at one larger store and also going to some of the smaller stores or the larger stores and committing the same type of theft." (Source

Cargo thefts in Mexico down for 2Q13, statistics remain unreliable  Some 295 cargo theft incidents were reported in Mexico during 2Q13, down from the 401 reported in the prior-year-period, according to a report from FreightWatch. (Source

With Higher Cigarette Taxes, Concerns About Smuggling in the NorthEast
  As of Wednesday, Massachusetts cigarette prices have increased $1 a pack, as part of the transportation finance bill passed by state lawmakers a week ago. In some places in Massachusetts, a pack of cigarettes now costs more than $10. But drive a half hour north of Boston, into New Hampshire, and you can find the same cigarettes for almost half the cost. New Hampshire is one of the biggest export states: About a quarter bought there are sold or consumed elsewhere — and not always legally. Smugglers will go to a source state like North Carolina and legally purchase tens of thousands of cigarettes at a time." (Source

Another high-end jewelry store hit in Cannes resort for 40 high-end watches - just days after the $153M heist  Two robbers threatened staff with a grenade and a gun before escaping with about 40 watches, AFP news agency reports. The value of the items stolen on Wednesday is not yet known. (Gotta be over $400,000 U.S.) Sunday's robbery at the nearby Carlton hotel was one of the biggest gem thefts in recent European history. Editor's note: Where the h.. are the police here? (Source

It Takes a Thief to Explain Robbery - ‘Smash and Grab’ Goes Inside the Pink Panthers' opens today in NYC
  The insider’s level of detail that gives so many good crime movies their bite is also what makes the documentary “Smash and Grab: The Story of the Pink Panthers” guiltily absorbing. This unpretty but titillatingly informative film from Havana Marking essentially lets two criminals give a master class in high-stakes robbery. Their accounts cover preparation (cast a distracting woman to case the joint), execution (no job should last more than a half-minute) and aftermath (fencing goods is no picnic, and expect a permanent hangover of paranoia). The voices of experience come from a man and a woman who participated in a series of heists representing a portion of the hundreds of millions of dollars in jewelry and luxury goods that the Panthers have stolen. (Source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Big 5 Sporting Goods Q2 up 4.4% with sales up 5%


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Retail Crime News
Pharmacy store owner and two employees charged with Health Care fraud and identity theft for $2.6M  The pharmacist/owner of a small chain Pharmacare and Caremerica in Maryland, would refill prescriptions of customers who hadn't refilled their prescriptions and then file for reimbursement and re-stock their inventory to the tune of $2.6M from 2007 to 2013. The defendants face a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison for health care fraud and a mandatory minimum of two years in prison consecutive to any sentence imposed for aggravated identity theft, plus a $250,000 fine. (Source

Father and Son subdue jewelry store robber in Alpharetta.  Authorities are investigating a robbery that happened at the Sabri Guven Fine Jewelry Store Tuesday evening. According to Alpharetta Police, authorities arrived at the scene to discover a store owner and another employee holding a suspect down in the front parking lot. Officers say two men entered the store and requested to see a diamond ring. When the two received the ring, they ran out of the store, with the owner and employee chasing them. One of the suspects pulled a handgun but a nearby witness grabbed it. While the employees were able to catch one suspect the other got away. No one was hurt and the names of the suspects have not been released. (Source

Henderson police seek suspect in Dillard’s department store robbery.  Henderson, Nevada Police are looking for a woman seen robbing the Dillard’s department store at the Galleria Mall, with a shoe box. Surveillance video shows the woman walking up to the customer service counter with the shoe box and a note demanding money. Witnesses say they never saw any kind of weapon. (Source

Following the Asiana flight crash in San Francisco, couple steals the luggage and tries to return items for cash.  In the hubbub at San Francisco's airport following the crash of Asiana Flight 214, a United airlines employee and his fiancée allegedly stole luggage and exchanged some of its contents at a nearby Nordstrom for cash, a prosecutor said Tuesday. The two suspects, Sean Crudup, a United customer service representative, and Raychas Thomas, his fiancée, were arrested as the latter was catching a flight to Hawaii, the San Mateo County District Attorney's Office said in a news release. Both are free on bail. (Source

A must read: Michigan Supreme Court hands Prosecutor a loss.  Wrong charge, “larceny from a person”. A jury convicted Chandra Smith-Anthony of larceny from a person. The Michigan Supreme Court yesterday in a 4-3 decision agreed with the lower court overturning that conviction because Macy’s is ‘not’ a person. Anthony was caught shoplifting several bottles of perfume from the Macy’s store in Southfield. Smith-Anthony even fought with Loss Prevention and had marijuana in her possession. Initially, the marijuana charges were dropped, the jury acquitted defendant of unarmed robbery, but convicted her of the lesser offense of larceny from the person, MCL 750.357. The court sentenced Smith-Anthony to four to 20 years’ imprisonment. In dissent, Justice Mary Beth Kelly says the Supreme Court has unfortunately set a tighter standard for larceny from a person. (Source (Source

76 year old security guard tied up during robbery of Osh Kosh B Gosh in Orlando.
A robber wearing a skeleton mask and armed with a rifle overpowered a security guard late Monday at an Osh Kosh B Gosh store on South Apopka-Vineland Road, according to the Orange County Sheriff's Office. Within moments, the robber and two accomplices used tape to immobilize the guard and two construction workers renovating the store. (Source

Robbery suspect being sought in 4 Publix Supermarkets crimes across Florida.  Authorities are linking at least four robbery or attempted robberies at Publix stores in Florida to the same criminal. Photos were released Tuesday of a man who robbed a Winter Park Publix on Sunday and attempted to rob a Deltona Publix about 90 minutes later. "Other incidents with a similar description of a suspect were reported in Osceola County on Saturday, and Winter Park and St. Augustine on Sunday," Brandon Haught, a spokesman for the Volusia County Sheriff's Office said in an email. (Source

Police arrest Dollar Tree serial burglar who hit several stores in Lehigh Valley. Richard Weatherspoon of Allentown has been behind bars since his arrest at a Dollar Tree burglary on July 5. Weatherspoon was charged yesterday with 7 additional Dollar Tree burglaries he is believed to have done around Lehigh Valley. Police believe Weatherspoon is responsible for $15,000 of theft. (Source

Corpus Christi Toys R Us burglarized overnight.  Police are seeking the identity of a burglar with broke into the Toys R Us store in Corpus Christi Tuesday night. The burglar was able to disarm the alarm, employees noticed that someone had broken into the store when they arrived for work Wednesday morning. (Source

Seattle area man accused of Sears arson, caused $2 Million in damages.  A suspect was arrested Monday of starting a fire in the Mattress department, fire, smoke and water damage as well as loss of business has been estimated at $2 Million. It is believed that the suspect used stolen cologne from the store as an accelerant for the fire. The man is developmentally disabled and “exhibits dangers patterns for fire setting,” says the statement, which notes that he “may not be suitable for general population” while in custody at the jail. (Source


Retail Industry Leaders Association

FINAL DAY- This webinar is tomorrow!

Organized Retail Crime: Investigating and Prosecuting
a Criminal Enterprise

Thursday, August 1
2:00 - 3:00 p.m. EDT

We are excited to announce the first webinar in the Asset Protection Webinar Series. Organized Retail Crime: Investigating and Prosecuting a Criminal Enterprise was a highly rated session at the 2013 RILA Retail Asset Protection Conference.

ORC is a serious issue for retailers of all sizes. Hear from two retailers about the programs they have developed and the resources allocated to handle ORC.

● Learn tips for investigating and prosecuting ORC cases,
● See their methods for success, and
● Learn the secrets of some of the best in the business.


Ben Dugan, Regional Investigations Supervisor, Walgreens Co.

Ben is a regional organized retail crime investigator for Walgreens covering the Southeastern United States and Puerto Rico. Prior to joining Walgreens, Ben was the national investigator for Sears Holdings Corporation. Ben possesses more than 25 years retail loss prevention experience ranging from big box, catalog, drug store and specialty retailers.

Bruce Nelson, Specialist, Loss Prevention, Publix Supermarkets

Bruce is a loss prevention specialist with Publix Super Markets charged with investigating organized retail crime activity in five southeastern states.

Prior to coming to Publix in 2008, Bruce spent 11 years fighting crime in the Atlanta area as a gang and narcotics investigator. He culminated his career as a sergeant over one of the FBI’s original violent street gang task forces. His team of 15 investigators successfully disrupted numerous local and international gangs utilizing federal racketeering statutes and averaged more than two million dollars a year in asset seizures.

To date with Publix, he has successfully investigated and assisted prosecution on more than 25 fence level cases.

Bruce holds a degree in Criminal Justice from Columbia Southern.

The webinar will take place August 1 at 2pm EST. Register today to stay one step ahead of organized retail crime.


ORC News
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Ax-wielding robbers stole $100K worth of jewelry in Orange County, Florida.  Orange County deputies are searching for a group of robbers they say used axes to destroy an Avalon Park jewelry store owner to steal $100,000 worth of jewelry. Video shows the three culprits breaking into the Avalon Park Jewelers at 6 a.m. Monday. The owner heard the commotion and saw the thieves in action, deputies said. In the video, axes are used to smash their way inside the jewelry cases as the men gathered up $100,000 worth of jewelry and stuffed it in pillowcases. The owner's boyfriend then said he tried to intervene and the thieves turned the ax on him, swinging at him on their way out of the store. (Source

ORC group of 4 busted hitting Hibbet Sports at Statesboro Mall, GA.  The suspects, all from Wadley in Jefferson County, reportedly shoplifted more than $3,000 worth of merchandise from several businesses in the city and elsewhere, Statesboro Public Safety Director Wendell Turner said. Etweice Shaquail Thomas, 26, and Stepnie R. Boathwright, 36, both of Wadley, were arrested Monday. All were charged with felony shoplifting. Etweice Thomas was also charged with possession of tools for the commission of a crime, while Boathwright was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Anyone with information concerning this case is asked to contact Weatherly at (912) 764-9911. (Source

Highlands, FL., part of statewide cargo theft ring - Stealing millions in products  Three have been arrested and authorities are seeking two others for their alleged involvement in a statewide organized cargo theft ring that operated a "stash house" for stolen merchandise and trucks in Highlands County, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Investigators believe the suspects committed dozens of cargo thefts in Florida, stealing millions in products such as electronics, food, tires, clothing and pharmaceuticals, the FDLE reports. The suspects are charged with racketeering, conspiracy to commit RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act), grand theft over $100,000, cargo theft and burglary. During the investigation, law enforcement recovered six stolen semi-tractors and nine stolen semi-trailers, some of which still had the stolen merchandise inside, the FDLE states. (Source

Boca Raton ORC suspect arrested, believed to be part of a Palm Beach County ring.  After being busted with three other suspects on their shoplifting spree of New York, Ioulia Guerman, 42, has been transferred back to Florida to face $32,000 worth of theft charges in Palm Beach County. Guerman is believe to be responsible for two shoplifting incidents at the Neimen Marcus store in Town Center on March 13 and April 5. Guerman and her friends were busted at Saks in New York attempting to steal $17,000 of merchandise, during a search of the suspect’s rental car, an additional $15,000 of stolen merchandise was discovered. (Source

Professional shoplifter busted hitting Best Buy with hidden pocket and blocked antitheft sensors with electrical device  Chicago woman was arrested after Pasco sheriff's deputies said she stole more than $1,000 of merchandise from Best Buy, loaded it into a dress lined with pockets and blocked antitheft sensors with an electrical device. Tiffany Ciecierska, 24, was arrested at the Best Buy, at 5947 Wesley Grove Blvd. She told deputies she had arrived from Chicago on Sunday and admitted to stealing from the store, according to an arrest report. She said she is staying in a Comfort Suites in Tampa Bay, FL. (Source


Law Enforcement Retailer Alliance of New England (LERANE)
Organized Retail Theft Bulletin

Call for Nominations for ORC Awards
Deadline – Fri Aug 9, 2013

In an effort to recognize those individuals within the loss prevention and law enforcement community that have gone above and beyond in the fight against Orgainzed Retail Crime here in New England, the 7th Annual N.E. ORC Symposium & Tradeshow will be presenting the 2013 N.E. ORC Awards at this year’s event on Thursday, September 19th at the DCU Center in Worcester. As a past attendee of the event and/or professional working within the loss prevention/law enforcement community, you are being invited to submit nominations for these awards. Attached please find a Nomination Form which includes a description of each of the awards and instructions for completing and submitting nominations. You can also click here for the form:

Awards will be presented in these categories...

1. Law Enforcement Officer of Year

• Outstanding ongoing support with investigations
• Drives public/private partnerships
• Supports better understanding of ORC crime and activity

2. Loss Prevention Case of the Year

• Successful completion of ORC investigation including prosecution
• Must contain multiple elements of ORC activity (booster, fence, additional criminal elements)

3. Loss Prevention Person of the Year

• Individual that has gone above and beyond to assist a state association in the fight against ORC.
• Individual that has continually supported the N.E. ORC Symposium & Tradeshow.

Please keep in mind that the deadline for submission is Friday, August 9th.

Thank you for your help and we look forward to seeing you all again at this year’s event.

Protection 1 sponsoring the ORC News
for the LP Industry
To ensure all of you get the information, education, and critical data you need to fight the national epidemic.

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Share your ORC news and help the industry grow

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For ten years, the Aspect and APIS teams have brought together their user communities to share best practices and learn how to leverage these powerful tools throughout the organization. Participants also were able to work directly with the development and support teams to help enhance the products to meet the specific needs of the retail loss prevention industry.

Verisk Retail is bringing these two groups together with our inaugural user conference–InterACT 2013. Attendees will experience three days of education, networking and inspiration, all designed to enhance the experience of our Verisk Retail products.

Our retailer led Conference Steering Committee has created an agenda sessions specifically for Aspect and APIS users as well as general sessions relating to data analytics, new retail trends, and personal development.

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To accommodate our bigger conference, we’ve selected a new venue! InterACT 2013 will be held at the newly opened Radisson Blu hotel in Bloomington, MN.

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Deerfield, IL

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The HoneyBaked Ham Co.
Alpharetta, GA
The HoneyBaked Ham Co.

Mgr, Asset Protection RSC
Winn Dixie
Baldwin, FL
Winn Dixie

Director of LP
Best Buy Canada
Burnaby, British Columbia
Best Buy Canada
Market LP Director
Duane Reade
New York, NY
Duane Reade

Dir, Security Risk Info & Analysis
Minneapolis, MN

Senior Director, LP
Sears Holdings Corp
Corporate LP Manager
The Children's Place
Secaucus, NJ
The Children's Place

Corporate LP Manager
Eddie Bauer
Bellevue, MA
Eddie Bauer

Regional Director AP and Ops
Home Depot
Houston, TX
Home Depot

Sr Mgr of Global Security
YUM! Brands
Louisville, KY
YUM! Brands
Director of LP - East Zone
Miami, FL

National Account Mgr
Downing & Downing
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Chicago, IL
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Jacob Gordon was named Field Investigations Manager for Mattress Firm.
Aaron Anderson was named Market Investigator for JC Penney
Steve Hanks was named Area Loss Prevention Manager for Sears Holdings Corp
Sandor Lengyel was named Manager of Asset Protection for Macy's
Jay Browning was named Regional Investigator for Bealls.
Dominick Morizio was named North East-ORC Field Investigations Specialist for Toys R Us

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4 Keys to Coaching Underperforming Employees  Dealing with an employee who seems to be having a difficult time keeping up? It is your responsibility to coach your employees and equip them for success. As humans, we want to be informed, we want to be recognized for our efforts and have our opinions matter to our colleagues. Help coach your employees by addressing their needs in these four steps. (Explain, ask, involve, and appreciate)

Bump in the Road vs. End of the Road
We all encounter hard times at work, at home, during life in general, but how can you know what obstacles are worth jumping over to get past, and when it's time to call it quits? All stumbles are difference, with their own characteristics, but here are the distinctions between a bump in the road and the end of the road. (Learn your lessons)

The Secret to Effective Communication? What You do Before You Open your Mouth  Mother always said, "Think before you speak" and that's the first key word for this advertising campaign slogan by the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. "Think. Breathe. Speak" is the slogan and it's aimed at everyone who has to speak in a public setting. (These three little words hold the keys to speaking effectively and successfully)

Your Company Is Only as Good as Your Writing 
Businesses claim to practice, support and value good writing, but how often do they actually dish it out? Poor grammar litters most writing now, what happened? Great leaders value communication and consider it a core competence, but why don't more businesses value it the same? (Writing can help you understand your company)

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