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Ed De Jesus Jr. promoted to Vice President Asset Protection for Giorgio Armani
Previously, Ed was the Director of Loss Prevention - East Coast for the retailer. He started there in 2015 as the Sr. Director of Asset Protection and held that position for over three years. Prior, he was an LP Manager for VF Corporation. Congratulations Ed!

Sean McKinney named Director of Investigations, Asset Protection for Luxottica
Previously, Sean was a member of Evendale Police Department, holding such ranks as Police Sergeant, Police Detective and Patrol Officer. He graduated from Wright State University with his Bachelors of Arts in Criminal Justice/Political Science and his Master of Arts in Applied Behavioral Sciences. Congratulations Sean!

Dave Roden promoted to Director of Risk Management and Compliance for VIP Tires & Service
Previously, Dave was their Director of Loss Prevention and Human Resources for over 12 years. He's held other loss prevention positions including Corp. LP Manager for Movado Group Inc., Regional Director of LP for Prada, Corp. LP Manager for Gucci and LP Manager for Federated Department Stores. Congratulations Dave!

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Q2 & Mid-Year 2019 Senior
LP/AP Jobs Report

Job Market Analysis by Gus Downing,
Publisher & Editor of the D&D Daily
Based on Industry Movement Reported by the Daily

Mid-Year 2019 Senior Jobs

146 LP/AP Executives Filled Mid-Year 2019's Senior Positions - Up 46% Over 2017

56 LP/AP New Pyramid Leaders
86 New Senior Support Leaders Named Mid-Year 2019
Top Jobs - 16 New VPs - 56 New Pyramid Leaders

Top Jobs Mid-Year

Obviously Mark Stinde's Senior Vice President of Asset Protection position at JC Penney is the biggest job so far for 2019.

With Walmart naming Brian Murphy the new Vice President of Global Security and Aviation being the second biggest in Q1.


16 New Vice President Level Positions

With the new externally hired Vice President of Asset Analytics & Insights at CVS Health, John Liesching being the biggest job in Q2 and the third biggest mid-year and Family Dollar's re-staffing the Vice President of Loss Prevention with Tina Sellers being the second biggest job filled in Q2 along with Q1 most notable VP's being Art Lazo at 7-Eleven, Cathy Langley at Rite Aid (both in their first VP roles), Garrett Petraia at Levi Strauss, Ken Peschier at Dollar General, Isaac Whitaker at BJ's, Larry Carroll at 99 Cents Stores, Randy Guaneri at Fresh Value, and Michael Pacewicz at OTG.



Walmart was the busiest retailer in AP job growth with 2 new vice presidents, 5 promotions to Director level, and the creation of 1,000 more AP Host ('More at the Door') positions.

Lowe's was the second busiest with quietly naming and shuffling 9 new Senior Asset Protection executives roles at the corporate and divisional levels shortly after eliminating thirteen hundred store level AP jobs. Lowe's AP developments is the biggest reorganization of 2019 to date. Similar to Macy's reorg. and cuts in 2018. And it will probably end up being the biggest of the year.

Sources: Lowe's Restructures Asset Protection - Job Cuts and Title Changes - Dated 1-7-19
This past week, all in-store Loss Prevention Specialists, and all LP Managers in store's risk levels 1-4 were eliminated. Risk Levels 5-6 (urban metro high crime) LPMs remain in place. Also a new Senior Asset Protection Manager position was created to cover 3-6 stores within a district. Many of the former Market Loss Prevention & Ops managers have been re-titled to District AP & Ops managers.

Lowe's changes impacted roughly 1,300 AP jobs/individuals.

Senior LP/AP Positions Continues to Spike 46%
Store Safeness Driving LP/AP Job Market?

Continuing Q1's growth and coupled with a 40% increase in internet posted LP jobs in the first half of 2019, the LP/AP job market is strong and maybe out performing mainstream retail.

While we continue to see store closings dominate the news, the first six months of 2019 was very good for the LP/AP jobs market.

Certainly the Lowe's reorganization eliminated a significant number of positions and the sheer number of store closures is having a negative impact. However, considering that the store closures are dominated by mall based stores the negative impact is minimized due to the specialty store LP structures being so high in store count responsibility.

The Department of Labor probably wouldn't even count those job loses from an academic standpoint.

Obviously with the mass shootings, active shooters, and the continued decriminalization trends making the news weekly, never before has senior management teams been more aware of the issues and concerned with store safeness and it's reflected in this job market. Which also increases the responsibility and expectations on every executive in LP/AP.

Certainly the emphasis remains on shrinkage reduction. However, the priorities have shifted more to store safeness then ever before and not that it wasn't in the past. But in today's retail world store safeness has to be the #1 subject on each and every store visit and interaction.

Q2 Senior Jobs

76 Senior Positions Filled in Q2 -
Up 100% Over Q2 2017

4 VP Officer Level Positions Filled
25 Director Level Pyramid Head Positions
47 Senior Support Leaders Named

Q2 was a very strong quarter for LP jobs in the U.S.

4 New Vice Presidents Named - 25 New Directors

At the Vice President level the new Vice President of Asset Analytics & Insights at CVS Health, John Liesching was the biggest new hire. With Family Dollar, bringing back the VP of LP position with Tina Sellers being the second biggest job in Q2.

The Walt Disney Co. named a new VP, Security, Parks & Resorts International with Andrea Cunningham, who returned to Walt Disney after a brief run at Comcast NBC Universal.

Med Men (cannabis grower/distributor/retailer) promoting their first VP, Global Security Operations Chris Rodriguez, Pier 1 promoting James Stark to the VP level, and also of special note is that Walmart named a new VP Global Food Safety Compliance officer Sara Mortimore, an external hire.


Of special note is that three of the five new VP appointments were women.

Of the 25 Director level pyramid heads named, 6 were new positions, 16 were new external hires, 9 promotions, with only one women being promoted or named at the director level at Wireless Vision.

Busiest Retailers

Of the 47 senior support leaders named Home Depot was the busiest retailer in the U.S. with promoting 7 AP executives. Obviously showing the new VP of AP, Scott Glenn, focusing on building his new AP team.

Amazon was the second busiest with 6 senior promotions and continuing to show growth and Walmart was third busiest with 5 promotions to director level.

The top three busiest retailers were certainly not surprising given the new VP at Home Depot and growth at Amazon and virtual size of Walmart.

Comments: After two years of decreasing senior positions we may be seeing Retail America start to stabilize and even grow the LP/AP efforts. Once again, this growth isn't surprising given the market conditions, mass shootings, active shooters, increased violence, and possibly the beginnings of the negative impact of the decriminalization trends on retailers and the increased awareness and concern at corporate offices across America. One thing is definitive and that is Retail America is in fact staffing LP/AP senior jobs more so then in the past five years.

Gus Downing


The POWER of Integrating Item-level RFID and Loss Prevention

Learn How You Can Take Shrink Management to the Next Level

Shrink visibility creates a real-time understanding of what, when and how specific items go missing by integrating item-level inventory and loss prevention data. This new insight leverages EAS and RFID inventory-visibility technologies to provide a complete pictures of loss events to help take loss prevention efforts to the next level.

● Track and manage retail shrinkage from all sources, in real time
● Differentiate between actual store shrink and other forms of inventory distortion
● Pinpoint shrink sources, in the store and all along the retail supply chain
● Experience real-time response and predictive analytics

Grapevine, TX: Loss Prevention Officer accused of Sexually Assaulting Shoplifter
Evidence of possible multiple victims

A man who worked as a loss prevention officers for Burlington Coat Factory in Grapevine Mills Mall is facing charges for sexually assaulting a woman he caught shoplifting. Grapevine police arrested 29-year-old Alex Landry at his apartment in Arlington on Thursday. Last month, a woman told police Landry caught her stealing items from Forever 21 in the mall. She said he took to his office inside Burlington Coat Factory, took pictures of her with his phone and coerced her into sex to avoid arrest. According to an arrest warrant affidavit, detectives searched Landry’s phone and found pornographic images, as well as websites referring to women offering sexual favors to avoid prosecution. They also found photographs of multiple women in Landry's office. They believe these women could be additional victims, police said.

Across the Pond OOC - Organized Online Crime Growing
UK Cops Take Down 13 Organized Crime Gangs

UK police have warned that organized crime gangs (OCGs) are increasingly turning their attention to online fraud, even as they registered success in taking many of them down this year.

Some 13 OCGs were dismantled in the first half of 2019, double the number of a year ago, according to the latest figures from banking group UK Finance.

This is the work of the Dedicated Card and Payment Crime Unit (DCPCU), a specialized police force funded by the UK finance industry.

In so doing, the unit has apparently helped prevent or disrupt £6.8m - $8.2M U.S. - in fraud in the first six months of 2019, out of an estimated total of £600m - $800M U.S. - since the DCPCU was set up in 2002.

Some 39 fraudsters were convicted following investigations and £330,000 - $397,873 U.S. - in assets seized – also double the amount from the first half of 2018.

Although the DCPCU said it is stepping up its efforts to combat cyber-fraud, by reaching out to other organizations and government, it warned of an influx of organized crime into the space.

Lowe's spent billions on share buybacks, zero on severance for laid-off workers
Lowe's is laying off thousands of workers after hiking quarterly dividends and spending billions to repurchase company shares. The home improvement chain isn't offering severance to laid-off workers, some of whom have been at Lowe's for a decade or more. Lowe's last December announced plans to buy back $10 billion worth of stock, according to TrimTabs Investment Research.

Yet when thousands of those workers recently got the boot, they received no notice and no severance. Instead, Lowe's -- a profitable company that spends billions buying back its own stock -- offered the equivalent of two weeks "transition" pay to full-time workers, some with the company more than a decade. Laid-off workers were also invited to re-apply for jobs at Lowe's, though not necessarily for the the same pay.

Mass Shootings Have Latinos Worried About Being Targets
From Houston to Los Angeles, Latinos have taken to social media to describe being on edge, worrying that even standing in line for a Taco Tuesday special outside a food truck or wearing a Mexican national soccer team jersey might make them a target. The violence has some Hispanics looking over their shoulders, avoiding speaking Spanish in public and seeking out escape routes amid fears they could be next.

"Some people, especially our elders, don't even want to leave the house or speak Spanish."

Although the motive in the Gilroy shooting is unknown, authorities say the El Paso shooting suspect, who is white, confessed to targeting people of Mexican descent. The suspect also is believed to have written an anti-Hispanic rant before gunning down mostly Latino Walmart shoppers with an AK-47-style rifle.

Fresh Evidence of Auditor Bias Emerges
“Don’t Make Me Look Bad: How the Audit Market Penalizes Auditors for Doing Their Job”
That’s the title of a study being presented at this week’s annual meeting of the American Accounting Association. While it may not portray companies in the most favorable light, at the same time it’s merely the latest suggestion that auditors might not necessarily lean toward rendering unbiased opinions on paying clients.

Presumably, audits that provide useful information to users of financial statements should serve to increase the credibility of financial statements and, in turn, increase auditor reputation,” the study’s authors write.

But the research found exactly the opposite, at least with respect to one essential service auditors are required to perform: flagging material weaknesses in companies’ internal controls over financial reporting, a responsibility mandated by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX).

“Auditors who issue an ICMW are perceived as less attractive in the audit market,” say co-authors Stephen Rowe and Elizabeth Cowle of the University of Arkansas. The perception “disincentivizes auditors from disclosing internal-control information that could make their clients look bad.”

Indeed, the disincentive is considerable, judging by the study’s comparison of companies that issue ICMWs in a given year with those that don’t.

Retail store numbers continue to grow
For every retailer closing stores, five retailers are opening stores
With the bankruptcy of Barney’s in the news, we’re bound to see another round of handwringing in the media over the “retail apocalypse.” The actual data paints a very different picture, though. As the just-released “Retail Renaissance – A Growth Story” report from IHL Group points out, retail stores are definitely not going away. According to the report, for each company closing stores, 5.2 are opening stores. For every segment of retail, there are more companies opening stores than closing stores. Even the much-maligned department store category has more brands opening stores than closing them.

The reality is that the wave of store closures seen in recent times is being driven by a handful of companies. Just 16 retailers are responsible for 73 percent of retail store closings so far this year, according to IHL. Retail is a dynamic, fast-changing, highly competitive industry and there are no guarantees of success. Consumer expectations are growing and evolving, and retailers must invest heavily to improve the in-store experience.

Retailers respond to tariff delay ahead of holiday season
Trump Moves Sept Deadline to Dec 15th
"While we are still reviewing the details, we are pleased the administration is delaying some tariffs ahead of the holiday season and acknowledging the impact on American consumers. Still, uncertainty for U.S. businesses continues, and tariffs taking effect September 1 will result in higher costs for American families and slow the U.S. economy. During this delay period, we urge the administration to develop an effective strategy to address China’s unfair trade practices by working with our allies instead of using unilateral tariffs that cost American jobs and hurt consumers.”

The running list of 2019 bankruptcy victims

Click on a retailer to learn more about their bankruptcy.



Senior LP & AP Jobs Market

Director of Loss Prevention posted for Bi-Mart in Eugene, OR
The Director of Loss Prevention will lead the Loss Prevention (LP) team in providing comprehensive support to the Company's retail stores, distribution center, and business office in the areas of: internal and external theft control, OSHA compliance, and liability claim management.

The company was founded in 1955 and is headquartered in Eugene, Oregon. As of mid-2018, there are 79 store locations with median size 31,000 sq. ft. Like Costco and Sam's Club, Bi-Mart stores are membership stores. The membership for an entire family costs $5 and never expires.

Senior LP Job Postings Removed from Website

Cresco Labs to open 50 cannabis stores in 11 states "in 1st wave"

Nine Walmarts across the country had bomb and shooting threats over weekend

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What the CFOs are reading
Are CFOs Naive on Cyber Insurance Value?

The insurance doesn't cover many of the losses finance chiefs think it does, research suggests.

In a study of 105 CFOs and other senior financial executives at companies with revenue of at least $1 billion, commissioned by FM Global and performed by CFO Research, 45% said they expected their insurer will cover “most” related losses from a cybersecurity event, and 26% said they expected the carrier to cover “all” related losses.

But most of the effects these financial executives expect to experience in a substantial cybersecurity event aren’t typically covered by insurance policies, says FM Global, which sells cyber insurance. These effects include:

● Degradation of the company’s brand/reputation (46% said that was a likely effect of a cybersecurity event)
● Increased scrutiny from the investment community (40%)
● Decline in revenue/earnings (38%)*
● Introduction of regulatory compliance problems (35 %)
● Decline in market share (24%)
● Decline in share price (24%)

The survey participants were given one other choice: “New costs to mitigate the loss,” cited by 53% of them. Indeed, many new costs — including expenses related to restoring data or equipment — are covered by first-party cyber insurance or property insurance, according to FM Global.

Litigation and customer notification costs would be covered by third-party insurance. But the rest of the listed costs in the study would likely have to be absorbed by the victimized company, FM Global says. Moreover, more than half of the survey participants said financial recovery from a substantial cybersecurity event would take months or years.

More Focus on Security as Payment Technologies Proliferate
Banks and merchants are expanding their payment offerings but continue to be wary of the potential fraud risk.

More than three-quarters of companies are investing in new payment technologies, despite concerns about the security of specific implementations and the potential for transaction fraud, according to a Forrester Research report released on August 12. 

The report, "Understanding the Evolving Payments Landscape," says that retail merchants and online businesses expect the way that consumers pay for goods to change relatively quickly, with about half expecting to face increasing choices in payment offerings. At the same time, 61% of financial institutions and merchants believe that fraud will also increase.

As merchants and credit-card issuers continue to suffer significant breaches, Visa and other payment technology companies are looking to improving analytics and deploy machine learning that can detect and prevent fraud. The Forrester report says that while digital payments have lower fraud rates, the impact of fraud in card-not-present transactions — the most common type of digital transaction —is much worse. Card-not-present fraud affected 28% of companies surveyed but accounted for 40% of fraud volume.

Most companies are hiring staff specifically tasked with security and anti-fraud roles, while more than three-quarters are spending on new tools to help secure transactions.

SOC-as-a-Service promises threat protection in a world of scarce resources
There are nearly 1,000 cybersecurity technologies on the market today. That should be great news, right? It would be, except for two significant problems: The hardware and software necessary to create a security operations center (SOC) can be costly; and there’s a severe shortage of skilled security analysts to drive those technologies.

In fact, roughly 80 percent of organizations say they don’t have enough analysts to run their SOC. And 48 percent of organizations say they don’t even have a SOC.

And that’s why an alternative approach is gaining traction right now—because it can be both practical and affordable: the SOC-as-a-Service. This approach augments your internal staff, and your organization-specific goals and tolerances, with an outsourced SOC team that brings together most—if not all—the essential security monitoring technologies, including SIEM, on a single platform.

Apple Expands Bug Bounty Reward to Max $1 Million


How to How to Check Your Internet Speed

Speedtest is a quick and easy way to check your internet speed. Just visit and hit go and you will see your upload and download speed. Speedtest is also available as a mobile app on iOS and Android.



3SI Security Systems

Disrupting the Status Quo:
A Layered Approach to Loss Prevention

Todd Leggett, CEO and
Dan Reynolds, VP of Retail Sales

3SI is on a mission to create a safer world with innovative technologies that redefine asset recovery and criminal apprehension. Todd Leggett and Dan Reynolds tell us how 3SI has significantly increased its footprint in the retail space by developing new retail applications for their patented GPS technology to address loss impacting multiple verticals within the retail segment. Today, they protect more than 250,000 locations worldwide and are one of the leading providers of Retail GPS Tracking and Tracing solutions.

Quick Take 8 with Bob Moraca, VP of LP, NRF

Bob Moraca, Vice President, Loss Prevention, NRF
with MCs Joe LaRocca and Amber Bradley

Bob Moraca, VP of LP for the National Retail Federation, chats with Joe and Amber about the NRF’s support for non-violent criminal justice reform, the latest findings of the NRF’s ORC report, and why Cyber Risk is a major new area of focus at this year’s NRF Protect conference.





Residential Alarm Industry Disruptor
Buying Ring surveillance cameras saves Amazon money on stolen packages

Its social app Neighbors makes Ring more effective on criminals — and customers.

Amazon found the one part of your online shopping journey it doesn’t control — what happens between placing a package on your doorstep and you taking the package inside — and decided to buy the video doorbell security company Ring to help regulate that unknown.

Ring saves Amazon money by deterring package theft. It also advertises itself — and by extension becomes more effective — through its use of fear-based social media.

The smart doorbell lets people remotely see, hear, and talk to whoever is at their door. It also records porch thefts that users can post footage of on Ring’s social media app, Neighbors, or share with increasingly involved police departments.

“There’s an incredible cost of replacing [a stolen] item: Somebody has to understand it’s missing; it has to be processed, picked, staged, packed, mailed, and delivered,” Read Hayes, a University of Florida research scientist and the director of the retail industry group Loss Prevention Research Council, told Recode. Security devices like Amazon’s Ring help negate that loss and are “upping the game with each level: having social media, law enforcement [connections], immediate neighbor notification, branding, and marketing.”

Ring, back in 2017 before it was acquired by Amazon, conducted a survey that found that a fifth of US households had a package stolen that year, with an average value per package of $140. Comcast’s home security arm says about a third of Americans have experienced package theft.

Amazon also didn’t share with Recode a specific stolen-package policy, but it does encourage people who’ve had packages stolen to reach out so it can fix the situation.

Amazon also didn’t share with Recode a specific stolen-package policy, but it does encourage people who’ve had packages stolen to reach out so it can fix the situation. (Funnily enough, Ring includes its own theft protection: “If your Door View Cam gets stolen, we’ll replace it for free,” reads the Amazon copy.) Generally Amazon reimburses or replaces stolen products, assuming this isn’t something that happens all the time.

Amazon, Facebook, Google defend practices amid lawmaker's probe Inc., Facebook Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google defended their business practices to U.S. lawmakers conducting a broad antitrust inquiry, seeking to underscore their companies face stiff competition in their respective industries.

Amazon, for example, argued that much of the data it keeps regarding third-party merchants who use its online marketplace is public and that analyzing aggregate sales data to bolster its private-label strategy is a common practice in the retail industry. Amazon said that while it uses aggregate data from merchants, it prohibits the use of individual vendor data in its private-label strategy.

Facebook made the case that it isn’t as dominant as it seems, providing Cicilline with a long list of competitors in different areas. In messaging, for example, the company said it competes with SMS texting, which is used by 4.2 billion people worldwide.

Google maintained that it strives to give users the most relevant information as quickly as possible, which often directs them to other sites. The company also highlighted steps it takes to fight copyright infringement on its video-sharing platform, YouTube.

Amazon is under fire for factory hiring practices and treatment of workers
The China Labor Watch report painted a grim picture of the factory’s working environment

Foxconn Technology Group fired two executives at a Chinese plant that assembles devices for Inc., responding to a labor group’s allegations it slashed wages and flouted laws to help deal with rising U.S. tariffs.

It’s the second time Amazon and the Taiwanese company, which makes many of the world’s most popular gadgets, have come under scrutiny for the treatment of workers at the plant in the central city of Hengyang. China Labor Watch last year criticized the facility, which produces Echo speakers and Kindle e-readers for Amazon, for relying on temporary workers—including high school interns—and overtime beyond limits set by law. Foxconn said in a statement on Friday it had dismissed the plant’s chief and head of human resources, and punished managers responsible for overseeing use of interns.

“Amazon and Foxconn responded that they would make improvements to the factory’s working conditions,” China Labor Watch said. “However, CLW’s 2019 investigation found that Foxconn’s working conditions did not improve, and instead deteriorated.” Read more:

Amazon entices some sellers with new price automation

America’s newest ‘mall’ is located in cyberspace

Nike Jumps Into The Subscription Game



Charlotte, NC: Reports of people replacing baby formula with flour, returning it for cash
Police are looking into several cases of people reportedly buying baby formula, which can be expensive, replacing it with flour, and returning the product for cash. In a few cases the NBC Charlotte Defenders team uncovered, those tampered formulas reportedly made it back on store shelves. Some parents say they didn't realize what was off until their kids got sick. Walmart’s store policy is to not put any returned products back on the shelves, but they confirmed they're investigating this incident. In 2017, a woman pleaded guilty to tampering with baby formula and replacing it with a flour and sugar mixture before returning it for cash. And last year, another mom reported falling victim to tampered formula. Walmart and CVS are launching numerous investigations into these claims over the past few years.

Tulsa, OK: Police seek man accused of shoplifting from same Home Depot store 4 times in 3 months
Police allege in a probable cause affidavit filed along with shoplifting charges Monday that Marcus Curtis Jefferson made off with more than $2,000 worth of items from the Home Depot on S. Elgin Ave. in four larcenies between Jan. 11 and March 12. In each theft, Jefferson, 35, grabbed items such as tool kits and saws and ran out of the store, the affidavit alleges. Only in the fourth larceny did an unknown customer intervene, knocking a circular saw kit and grinder from Jefferson's hands before he made it out the doors with one other item, according to the affidavit.

Vacaville, CA: Four arrested upon returning to Costco after previous theft
A return visit to the Vacaville Costco by a crew accused of stealing from the store weeks earlier led to the being arrested Friday. An employee of the Costco on Hume Way called the Vacaville Police Department just after 6 p.m. to report that a crew believed to have stolen more than $1,000 in merchandise from the store was back. Officers were able to place three individuals inside the store under arrest on charges of burglary and conspiracy, as all three were identified by employees of the store as having been involved in the previous theft. One suspect was charged with violating her probation and having 4 outstanding felony warrants for her arrest.

Highland, IN: Three female shoplifters smash into Police cars fleeing after Grocery store theft
Three female suspects are in custody after fleeing police and hitting two squad cars after allegedly stealing merchandise from Strack & Van Til, police said. On Monday afternoon, Schererville cops were looking for a vehicle suspected to be involved in a theft from the grocery store on U.S. 41. Schererville Police then apprehended three female suspects and discovered a large quantity of items suspected to be stolen from Strack & Van Til in the vehicle. No Officers were injured.




Shootings & Deaths
Jacksonville, FL: Security guard shot, killed in adult arcade robbery
A security guard was shot and killed early Monday morning during an arcade room robbery in Jacksonville's Paxon neighborhood. The robbery took place at High Score Arcade on North Edgewood Avenue just after 2 a.m. When officers arrived, they found the security guard was shot during the robbery. Investigators said the two robbers -- a man and a woman -- then ran off. News4Jax learned this was the fourth robbery of High Score already this year and a person was killed just outside the arcade last September.

San Antonio, TX: One person shot, killed behind Northeast Side strip mall
Police said none of the businesses in the strip mall were involved, and there was no robbery. Witnesses told police three people were involved in a situation behind the strip mall building, which backs up to a wooded area. A male was shot and killed. His name and age have not been released. An employee at one of the businesses called police when they heard the gunshots.

Memphis, TN: C-Store shooting in North Memphis leaves 1 man dead, shooter escapes
A man is dead after a shooting in North Memphis Monday afternoon, and witnesses say the shooting led to a shootout that had innocent bystanders ducking for cover. Police say the chaos started around 2:30 p.m. when a man was gunned down near a convenience store on Springdale near Hubert.

A witness said he saw the suspected shooter run into the store as several of the victim's friends returned fire. No one else was hit, and says the chaos stopped when the victim's friends put him in a car and drove off. Police say they took him to the hospital, but he didn't survive his injuries. Police haven't said who the initial shooter was, or why he opened fire.

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Houston, TX: Police release image of person of interest related to Memorial City Mall panic
Houston Police late Monday released a surveillance image of a person of interest related to the panic at Memorial City Mall. The man in the photo appears to match the description released by authorities: A white male in his late teens or early 20s. Police said he is wanted for questioning.

Phoenix, AZ: Police surround Carl's Jr. restaurant after reports of gunman; suspect escaped
Phoenix police surrounded a Carl's Jr. restaurant in east Phoenix around 4:30 p.m. after receiving reports of a man threatening someone with a gun. After about an hour, police cleared the scene and workers returned inside just after 6 p.m. after it was determined the gunman had fled on foot, Phoenix police said. According to Phoenix police Lt. Keith Doherty, a man crossed the street at 24th Street and Thomas Road. While he was crossing, a vehicle drove by him and the man pointed what the driver believed to be a handgun at the car. This prompted the 28-year-old driver to slow down and watch the man walk into the Carl's Jr. Witnesses inside the restaurant said he sat at a table and went into the restroom. Moments later, police arrived. Video from surveillance cameras later showed the suspect leaving the restaurant just prior to police arrival.

Update: Fayetteville, AR: Police Baffled After Roof Top Heist At Best Buy
Fayetteville police are still baffled after what seems like a heist straight out of a movie took place at a local Best Buy store. The burglary suspects cut a hole in the roof of the Best Buy on Joyce Blvd., rappelled down from the ceiling and escaped with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise.

"It was a lot of computer products some expensive equipment and a lot of it. There was a hole cut in the ceiling and they came down on ropes and stole a bunch of stuff," said Sgt. Anthony Murphy with the Fayetteville Police Department. The hole in the roof of the Fayetteville store has since been patched up, but the thieves are still on the loose.

UK: Australia: Former Coles employee charged with theft of $1.9 Million
A former Coles employee accused of stealing more than $1.9 million from the supermarket giant has been charged with “multiple thefts and deceptions”. Victoria police arrested 36-year-old Aaron Baslangic, former head of strategic initiatives and B2B for Coles Online, on Friday in Sandringham in Melbourne’s southeast.

Coles alleges that the ex-staffer submitted phony invoices requesting payment to third parties, and in some cases faked the approval of his supervisor for payments that were above his authority limit. Coles filed documents with the Supreme Court of Victoria over the last two weeks detailing 13 questionable payments made to BMW Australia, the Australian Taxation Office and other businesses. The amounts ranged from $48,000 to $413,139.

A statement from Victoria Police on the arrest said the alleged offending took place over a five month period between February and July 2019 against “a business in Hawthorn East”, the location of Coles head office. Coles said it first discovered the questionable transactions during a review of payments prior to its migration to a new platform. “Irregularities were detected by our internal finance checks and we promptly obtained a freezing order from the Victorian Supreme Court,” a spokesperson for Coles stated.

The transactions in question raised concerns as some were unsupported by invoices, while some were supported by invoices sent from a personal email address for Baslangic. Five of the 13 payments in questions were for amounts above Baslangic’s personal authority limit of $75,000 and required approval of his line manager Karen Donaldson, general manager of Coles Online. While Baslangic indicated to the accounts team via emails that he had received her approval, Donaldson said in an affidavit that she had no prior knowledge of those emails and did not approve the payments. The accused will appear at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on August 13.

Suffolk, VA: McDonald’s Manager stages Robbery with female friend, both arrested

Houston, TX: Full Armor Gun burglarized for the 30th time in past 8 years; no weapons were ever stolen

Rapid City, SD: Two burglary suspects wanted for the theft of at least 2 handguns from a Pawn Shop

Grand Rapids, MI: Multiple cell phone stores targeted in string of break-ins in Kent, Ottawa counties


Hutchinson, KS: Lowes employee arrested Sunday for starting fire inside store
Tony Montre, 18 was arrested late Sunday night on multiple counts of aggravated arson for setting a fire in a bathroom at Lowes on E. 17th Ave. A store manager observed Monte going into the bathroom before the fire, but he was no longer in the store. Investigators were subsequently called to the hospital emergency room after Montre’s grandmother called the store to report her son was there, receiving treatment for burns. Montre told Arpin he had taken the glue into the restroom, but the fire was inadvertent. He attempted to put it out and got burned in the process. Arpin estimated damages to the restroom were about $2,500. The fire was contained to the bathroom and Montre put it out before anyone arrived.

Credit Card Fraud

Chicago, IL: Police Urge Credit Card Safety After ATM Skimmer Found in Target
Officers responded to the store at about 9:09 p.m. in the first block of South State Street after a technician discovered the skimmer on an ATM machine, Chicago police said.

Baton Rouge, LA: Card-skimming device found during gas station sweep in Louisiana
The U.S. Secret Service, Jefferson and St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Offices also participated in a sweep of 4,830 retail motor fuel dispensers at 535 gas stations in East Baton Rouge, Jefferson and St. Tammany parishes from Aug. 6 to 9 to search for skimming devices. The skimmer was found in an outlying area of St. Tammany Parish.

Tampa, FL: Woman used Counterfeit Credit Card at Seminole Hard Rock Casino, which is located on an Indian Reservation, making it a Federal Crime; sentenced to 3 years


Pittsburgh, PA: Colombian man gets 33 months in prison in 2013 robbery of jewelry salesman
Oscar Javier Rodriguez Roa, 36, of Bogota, Colombia, will be removed from the United States following his prison term. Roa and three accomplices traveled from Georgia to Western Pennsylvania in May 2013 and targeted the salesman from New York City as he got out of his car in a Wexford, PA jewelry store parking lot. prosecutors said. Roa was part of a theft ring that targeted such sales employees in the United States and abroad. The group stole a bag with about $500,000 worth of gemstones and jewelry from the man and fled in a getaway car before ditching it and running away.

Cobb County, GA: Man convicted in 2015 Armed Robbery of CVS, sentenced to 40 years;
FBI investigation tied suspect to at least 5 Walgreens Armed Robberies in Florida


C-Store – Omaha, NE Armed Robbery
C-Store – Levy County, FL – Armed Robbery
C-Store – Vancouver, WA – Robbery
C-Store – Idaho Falls, ID - Armed Robbery
C-Store – Las Vegas, NV – Armed Robbery
C-Store – San Antonio, TX – Armed Robbery
Cricket Wireless – Grand Rapids, MI – Burglary
CVS - Edinburgh, IN – Robbery
Gas Station – York County, PA – Armed Robbery
Gas Station – Suffolk County, NY – Robbery
Grocery Store – Highland, IN – Robbery
Gun Store – Houston, TX – Burglary
Pawn Shop – Rapid City, SD – Burglary
Pharmacy – Jacksonville, FL – Burglary
Restaurant – Suffolk, VA – Armed Robbery/ Inside Job
Restaurant – Nashville, TN – Burglary
T-Mobile – Victorville, CA – Robbery
7-Eleven – Charlotte, NC – Robbery
7- Eleven – Suffolk County, NY – Robbery

Daily Totals:
14 robberies
5 burglaries
0 shootings
0 killed





Joseph Lyons promoted to District LP Manager for TJX Companies
Xavier Ruiz named AP District Leader for Rite Aid
Steven Terrell promoted to Market AP Manager for Walmart
Andrew Cahill named Regional LP Manager for Dollar General

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