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September 12, 2013

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Spotlight on Leadership


A Global Platform for Supply Chain Security & Loss Prevention Professionals
Dedicated to educating, developing and driving value to their members

The International Supply Chain Protection Organization has been extremely successful since its inception just one year ago, in their efforts to facilitate communications and bring together the Loss Prevention executives in this highly specialized group on a global scale. With launching their web site just 30 days ago this group has met with an overwhelming response from Supply Chain Loss Prevention executives worldwide. The Daily had the privilege to speak with Glenn Master, Co-founder and Chairman for this organization, about their efforts and about how they plan on supporting the industries they represent and the members they hope to help develop.

Launched in 2012, the ISCPO has been focused on building its core deliverables and establishing an organization that truly represents a group of executives that quite frankly has been un-recognized and under appreciated for decades. With the primary focus being on developing a global resource for these executives to be able access information, tools, and fellow executives that can help them improve their individual and corporate performance and impact, the group allows these executives the opportunity to network, grow, and seek the answers they need to solve the issues and problems we all face in our day to day professional lives.

Starting the group in LinkedIn at first, gave Glenn the opportunity to gauge the interest level and really be able to fine tune exactly what the group needed to accomplish and deliver in order to truly add value to this specific industry group and the individuals themselves. After the first three months they had over 300 fellow Loss Prevention executives coming together under the common goal of increasing the level of professionalism and impacting the companies they all work for. And now, after launching the web site last month, they've grown to over four hundred members representing twenty different countries.

With the launch of the group's website, they're expanding their abilities to impact the industries in which they serve all over the world. Launched August 6th the web site was designed as a means to create a global platform for them to be able to interact, share, and communicate about issues and trends that are changing their industry as fast as the retail industry is changing itself. With its secondary goal of delivering and facilitating educational offerings, the group plans on holding events and allowing for the publication of various industry whitepapers or postings in relation to certain industry topics on their web site.

Meet the ISCPO Leadership Team

Glenn Master
, Chairman and co-founder; Director of Loss Prevention for Newgistics

Rod Fulenwider
, Vice Chairman and co-founder; General Manager for D & L Protective Services

Byron Smith
, Treasurer and Chairman of Risk Mgmt./Legal committee; Corporate Supply Chain Asset Protection Manager for 7-Eleven

Aaron Henderson
, Chairman Distribution committee; Director of Loss Prevention for Penske Logistics

Corey Tinsman
, Chairman Manufacturing committee; Security Manager for Texas Instruments

Gunther Hoock
, Chairman Logistics committee; Director, Safety, Security & HazMat for Horizon Lines
Bill Gavin, Chairman Retail committee; Director of Loss Prevention Supply Chain, BCB, Business Services, and Loss Prevention Business Intelligence for Office Depot
Law Enforcement, Chairman position currently open

With an internal organizational structure reflecting the wide span of various industries, they formed six specific committees that can help deliver subject matter expertise to their membership based on the specific industry group they represent.

Glenn credits the early successes of this organization to being able to establish a network platform that allows these executives, who span across different business segments, all sharing a common goal, to come together in one group—a platform and group that has never been done before. In the past, supply chain executives who needed information or assistance with an issue outside of their specific four walls had to rely on the old technique of calling around and finding the resource. This process took time and quite often didn't produce the results needed to quickly resolve issues and move programs forward. However, with this new structure and platform making resources being easily accessible, they can offer subject matter expertise as fast as the click of the mouse.

The future of this organization seems almost ensured, as the executives who are steering it are proven leaders in their own specialties. With hopes of launching official membership and partnering globally with retail cargo theft task forces and law enforcement in the near future, the organization will then be in a position of being able to offer assistance in helping to solve more complex criminal cases as well. Going one step further Glenn also talked about how the organization has partnered with the Loss Prevention Foundation to promote the LPC and LPQ certifications, and how they would like to expand their formal educational opportunities for all supply chain Loss Prevention and Security executives.  Next year they also plan on holding their first two-day supply chain conference in September 2014 in Texas and will hopefully be releasing more information on that very soon.

This group has done an incredible job so far at bringing these executives together under the common goal of Leadership & Development and we at the Daily applaud their effort. If you're an LP or security executive in the supply chain field we strongly recommend you become a member, as all of us are only as strong as the group we are a member of, and this group has some of the industry's best.

For more information about the ISCPO and their networking and educational efforts visit their website, You can also visit their LinkedIn page here.


News Brief
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Tim Gorman's role expanded at Walgreens, as he is formally named Divisional Vice President of Loss Prevention, Asset Protection and Business Continuity for Walgreens.  Tim was previously the Senior Director for Asset Protection & Business Continuity for Walgreens for over two and a half years. He has held a number of Loss Prevention leadership roles with the company over the years, including Director of Asset Protection and Store Operations manager for Walgreens. Tim has worked in the LP industry for over 18 years. Congratulations Tim!

Managed services and hosted video gaining ground, but slowly  Managed services and hosted video are building momentum, but some skepticism remains regarding the near-term prospects of the services, according to results from SSN’s October News Poll. Though the technology for managed services and hosted video has been available for a while, demand for the products is still emerging. Certain technical hurdles were also cited with respect to hosted video. “Until widespread high bandwidth is common, hosted video is limited to low resolution for more than a handful of cameras per site,” one reader said. “Highly compressed video does not offer much of a benefit to our customers if they need to pull video for evidence of an incident." a large portion of the market will ultimately gravitate toward the services for their improved functionality, flexibility and simplicity. “These platforms offer a continuously improving value proposition, potentially more robust operations, and reduction in personnel overhead needs and capital infrastructure,” that respondent said. (Source

"Showrooming" - New study shows we should - "Dial back the panic a little bit" - "Don’t assume everybody is in that ‘exploiter’ category”  Among brick-and-mortar retailers, showrooming has become a dirtier word than shoplifting. Thievery, at least, is illegal— (AMZN) has every right to lure customers away even after they’ve visited the mall to browse merchandise. Only about 6 percent of people using a smartphone while in a store at any given time are planning to take their commerce to the Internet, according to a study to be released later today by Columbia Business School. And only about half of them are using their phones to price-check. Most smartphone-equipped shoppers are simply looking for reviews or online coupons, often from the website of the store they’re in. (Source

Wal-Mart "pleased" with 20 pilot Walmart Express stores - Watch out dollar stores & drug stores  "Wal-Mart Stores is developing initiatives to improve logistics to its smaller-format stores "that could be game-changing," William Simon, president and chief executive officer of the company's U.S. division, said. "They deliver really, really well against three competitive sets: against dollar stores, because they carry fresh food, pharmacy and gas and have a pricing advantage; against drug stores, because of a significant price advantage, plus fresh food and gasoline; and against small grocery stores, because they have a competitive price advantage." (Source

McDonald’s experiments with mobile payment option; Burger King and Chipotle ahead of the game  The fast food giant is testing a mobile payment application in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Austin, Texas. With the app, you can order ahead and pick up your food at drive-thru windows, curbside or in the restaurant. Burger King and Chipotle already allow for mobile phone-based ordering; Burger King has a $10 minimum for such orders. The McDonald's app includes special offers, coupons and a loyalty program. Mobile payments is just the latest tech trend the Golden Arches has embraced in recent years. (Source

UK riots: insurers win legal battle for police costs over Sony's Enfield warehouse - Police funds to pay for damages caused by riots
Legislation governing police says compensation for damage by riot should be paid out of police funds. Insurers have won a high court battle with police bosses and the London mayor, Boris Johnson, after a warehouse was destroyed and looted during the summer riots of 2011. A judge ruled that insurers were claiming for losses that arose out of damage caused by "persons riotously and tumultuously assembled". Insurers claimed that damage caused to a Sony warehouse in Enfield, north London, in August 2011 fell into that category. Lawyers representing Johnson – whose office funds the Metropolitan police – disagreed, arguing that the incident "did not constitute a riotous and tumultuous assembly". Mr Justice Flaux ruled in favour of insurers after analysing evidence at a high court hearing in London in July. (Source

"Touch ID" Fingerprint sensor in iPhone 5S is no silver bullet, researchers say  Fingerprint technology is not a high-security feature. That's why most military installations, for example, use hand geometry or retina scanners instead. Its effectiveness will depend on the strength of the implementation and whether it's used in conjunction with other security credentials, researchers said. "It is possible to copy a fingerprint and I think that as the technology sees wider usage, the techniques of copying fingerprints will only improve." Overall, the sensor has the potential to increase the security of the device, but it depends on implementation and whether consumers will actually use it. (Source

Former Cox Communications employees charged with stealing $943,865  Two former Cox Communications Inc. employees are charged with electronically diverting $943,865.46 into their personal bank accounts. Joysha Flucker, 36, of Decatur, and Sakia Allen, 38, of Jonesboro, had access to the company’s electronic invoicing system that tracked the company’s payments to various third parties, according to a statement released by United States Attorney Sally Yates. (Source

14 at Metamora flea market face counterfeiting charges  Fourteen people have been arrested following a month long investigation into sales of counterfeit items at a southeastern Indiana flea market. Police seized thousands of counterfeit items at White's Sale Barn in Brookville. The flea market near the tourist community of Metamora attracts visitors from Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Louisville, Ky., and other areas. (Source

Best Buy CEO dumps stock to pay for divorce

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Kroger Q2 up 3.3% excluding gas - with revenue up 5%
Men's Warehouse Q2 up 0.7%, Canada's Moores down 4.9% and K&G down 3% with net sales down 2.3%
Pep Boys Q2 down 1.3% with sales up 0.4%


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Retail Crime News
Police Make 4th Arrest In Deadly Texas Denny's Restaurant Robbery  The last of four men wanted in the robbery of a Denny’s restaurant in Houston that left a customer dead and an employee wounded was in custody Wednesday. (Source

Rooftop burglar who hit Super Target may have struck before in San Antonio, hitting Kohl's last month  A rooftop burglar who rappelled down a rope into a Northwest Side Super Target store may have struck before at another business just a few miles away. San Antonio police said they had a similar break-in at a Kohl’s store nearby in early August. The burglar left the scene with electronics from the store, they said. A police report stated that detectives reviewed surveillance video from that business and noticed a man dressed all in black climbing down a rope from the ceiling while the store is closed. (Source

Police along Wasatch Front seeking serial shoplifter hitting beauty supply stores in Utah  The suspect is described as a black woman about 18 to 25 years old. On Aug. 31, the woman went on a spree, shoplifting from several Ulta Beauty stores in Salt Lake City, Riverdale and Logan. Police said as soon as she enters the store, she loads her bag with merchandise and leaves before employees know what happened. She has taken about $5,000 worth of beauty supplies. Police have no leads other than security footage from the Riverdale location. (Source

Police seek suspect in armed robbery of a Sprint store in Goose Creek, South Carolina  Goose Creek police are searching for three men accused of robbing a Sprint store at gunpoint Tuesday evening. Officers responded to the Sprint store concerning an armed robbery that occurred shortly after 7 p.m. A Sprint employee told police that a man approached him and asked if the business repaired iPhones. The employee responded that the store did not, an incident report states. The apparent customer proceeded to browse the store for a moment before he pointed a gun at the employee and ordered him to the ground. Two other men who were lingering in the parking lot then ran inside the store and demanded that the employee hand over his keys to the cash register and storage where new merchandise was held. The men fled the store with an unknown amount of cash and merchandise. (Source

Armed gunman cuts phone lines prior to robbing Dollar General  Police are investigating an armed robbery at a Greenville business Tuesday night where a suspect allegedly cut phone lines. A suspect armed with a semi-automatic handgun entered Dollar General between 8:35 and 8:54 p.m. The suspect demanded money from the suspects and forced the victim to move. The report also stated the suspect entered an unlocked safe, stealing between $300 and $400 in cash. (Source

Four women rob Radio Shack in Baytown, Texas  Three women terrorized Radio Shack employees in Baytown Wednesday morning, according to police. They were wearing ski masks and when they stormed into the store. The suspects held guns to the heads of two employees and forced them into a back room. The robbers bound the employees with duct tape and sprayed them with pepper spray. A fourth woman was waiting outside in the getaway car. They escaped with several cell phones and cash. Police caught up with the women when they pulled into a nearby driveway. Investigators believe the suspects may have robbed several other Radio Shacks in the Houston area. (Source

Brookshire’s grocery store in Fort Worth the victim of a second smash-and-grab
Three Fort Worth men were caught Monday, Willow Park police say, after they broke into a grocery store for cigarettes while night employees were inside the business. Less than a month after Brookshire’s in Willow Park was burglarized in August, thieves hit the store again around 2:45 a.m. Monday. But this time, the burglary suspects broke in while employees were at work stocking the shelves. The driver stayed in the car while two of the suspects threw a spark plug through the front doors and entered the store. After hearing the glass smashed, an employee called police and reported two men had broken in and were behind the front counter stealing cigarettes. Officers arrived on scene a minute after receiving the call while the caller provided the dispatcher a description of the men’s physical appearance and clothing. Officers, who were covering both exits from the store parking lot, waited until the suspects left the building. Following the vehicle on Interstate 20, officers then pulled over the vehicle and arrested the men. (Source

Delaware State Troopers Recover 85 Stolen Coach Purses Worth $29K  Delaware State Police say 85 Coach purses, worth about $29,000, were recovered after an early morning burglary at the Coach Outlet in Rehoboth Beach. Police responded around 4 a.m. after an alarm activation was received from the outlet store. Troopers located a black 2007 Mercedes Benz SUV leaving the shopping plaza and attempted to perform a traffic stop. Police say the vehicle disregarded the troopers signal and continued northbound on Coastal Highway at a high rate of speed. According to police, as the SUV approached a slight right curve in the roadway near the merge with U.S. 113, it struck a Ford Taurus causing both vehicles to spin out of control. Police say the two occupants of the SUV fled. The driver of the Ford Taurus was taken to the hospital where he was treated and released with non-life-threatening injuries. The two suspects remain at large. (Source

Savannah Police seek woman who started a Walmart store fire to create diversion for theft  Savannah-Chatham Metro West Chatham Precinct detectives are seeking the public's help in identifying and locating a woman who started a fire in a Wal-Mart store to create a diversion for theft. Officials say on Aug. 20 around noon, an unidentified woman started a fire at the Wal-Mart at 6000 Ogeechee Road to allow herself to leave with a cart full of stolen items. (Source

Lower Allen Police seek suspected seafood and diaper thief from Weis Markets; same suspect also wanted in an additional armed robbery  Police said a man wanted for shoplifting at Cumberland County grocery store is a suspect in an armed robbery in Dauphin County - and they consider him armed and dangerous. Lower Allen Township police said 41-year-old Alfred Charles Carrera loaded a hand basket with frozen seafood and left the Weis store on Lowther Road without paying. Carrera got away with more than $500 worth of food and diapers, but a manager followed him into the parking lot and wrote down the license plate. Lower Allen police have an arrest warrant charging Carrera with retail theft, and Middletown police have a warrant charging him with armed robbery and reckless endangerment for an incident August 22. (Source

Two price-tag switchers arrested in Mattoon, Illinois Walmart  Police arrested two Mattoon men for allegedly changing price tags on merchandise at Wal-Mart Supercenter, according to a press release from the Mattoon Police Department. Kyle T. Dyer, 23, and Bradley A. Willenborg, 21, were arrested at 6:18 p.m. Tuesday. The pair was charged with retail theft. After they changed the tags, they allegedly failed to pay for other merchandise during check out. Both suspects were taken to the Coles County jail. (Source

Tucson-area Walmart shoplifter caught on tape; boyfriend assaults Loss Prevention agent  Tucson Police are seeking a female shoplifter caught on video who concealed cosmetics from a local Walmart on August 19. Police say the man in the surveillance footage is her boyfriend, who reportedly shoved store security when leaving. (Source

Television Crime Stoppers video leads to the arrest of a multiple smash-and-grab suspect in New Jersey  Woodbridge Police announced Wednesday that they have charged a 44-year-old Paterson man in connection with three “smash and grabs” that took place Aug. 25. Antoni Kuhl was charged with two counts of burglary, one count of theft, one count of criminal attempt and two counts of criminal mischief in connection with the three alleged robberies. Kuhl was charged in cases at Dunkin Donuts, Cheers Wines and Spirits and the Krauszers food store. According to police, a surveillance video that aired on a news cast last week led to a tip from a caller and Kuhl eventually being charged. (Source

Mom leaves 3 children in the car to go shoplifting, confronted by news team  The mother of three left her children in the car while she shoplifted in the Walmart store in Henrico, Virginia. Mom says it was ok, the temperature was around 90 degrees, but she left her 3 children, all under 8 years old in the running, air conditioned car. A news reporter confronts the Mom who tries to explain her situation. (Source

Reading Police investigate armed robbery, break-in at Family Dollar  Three masked robbers, at least two of them with guns, got an undisclosed amount of money after smashing their way into the Family Dollar store. No one was injured in the robbery Tuesday at 9:19 p.m. after the store at 333 N. Fourth St. had closed but two employees were still working inside. According to investigators: The workers heard glass in the front door shatter and saw a person with a rifle or shotgun enter the store followed by two others, one with a handgun. The workers ran to the office and locked the door. The robbers tried unsuccessfully to open the door and left with only the money they got from the register and an open safe. The employees were unable to provide a description of the robbers other than they were wearing some type of masks. Detectives were reviewing surveillance video. (Source

Arson suspect arrested for starting 2 fires at a Baton Rouge Target store  A Baton Rouge man has been arrested and charged with Simple Arson after starting two separate fires at a local superstore. According to an affidavit, on September 4th, 2013 a man was seen on video surveillance camera setting two separate fires inside the Target Store on Millerville Rd. The man and his female acquaintance left the store immediately following the incident. On Tuesday, September 10th, a store employee spotted a couple, that fit the description of the suspects, in the store. The employee notified authorities and followed the suspects to the Walmart Store on Oneal lane where they were met by EBR Sheriff’s Deputies. Investigators identified the male subject as Brandon Alcorn, 23. During questioning Alcorn admitted that he set the two fires at Target on September 4th but stated that his female acquaintance was not involved and knew nothing about it. Alcorn was booked with a single count of Simple Arson and transported to EBR Parish Prison. (Source

Banks on Martha’s Vineyard loses $160,000 to a skimming device over Labor Day weekend  The FBI has joined an investigation by the Oak Bluffs police into the theft of more than $160,000 from approximately 167 bank debit card customer accounts over the Labor Day weekend, in a skimming scam that originated on Martha's Vineyard. Thieves targeted a Martha's Vineyard Savings Bank (MVSB) ATM machine at a bank branch office at the foot of Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs to gain account information from people who used that ATM, bank officials told The Times. MVSB reported that 130 customers were affected, with a total loss of about $140,000. Bank of America listing 37 customers affected, for a fraud loss totaling $21,647. (Source


ORC News
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The Daily forms an ORC Advisory Council  This week the Daily has formed an ORC Advisory Council in order to ensure that the Daily itself continues to evolve and helps impact the national ORC effort. Understanding the need to increase national awareness and educate the industry as it relates to the impact ORC is having on the nation's retailers is a critical function that falls within the original mission of the Daily itself: Educating, informing, and instilling a sense of community for the Loss Prevention industry by bringing together the ORC industry leaders and providing them the vehicle and tool to help impact this national problem. With both the retail industry leaders and a number of public law enforcement leaders, this council will hopefully be able to help unify the effort, increase the awareness and develop the educational channels necessary to combat this growing problem.

South American Theft Group Intelligence Network (SATGIN) plans first of four regional ORC workshops at Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida on Nov. 4th, 2013  NACIN/ SATGIN are partnering with the South Florida Infragard team to present the first of four regional ORC workshops in the State of Florida on Nov 4, 2013 at Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida. Discussions by Smartwater and AlertMetalguard as well as speakers that include the Secret Service, Walmart, SAKs, United States Postal Inspectors office, Discover Card and many more will be announced shortly. Stay tuned to the Daily to find out more about this international group. (Source

ORC in University of North Carolina's book stores  Powell said Student Stores has surveillance footage of three unknown men with backpacks entering the store separately. "They come in, look for the most expensive books that are the easiest to get without a lot of people seeing,” he said. He said the suspects, who he described as professional shoplifters, were able to steal the textbooks by removing the loss prevention tag. Powell said he thinks they made at least two or three successful shoplifting attempts. Because a PID is required to sell textbooks back to the bookstore, Powell said the suspects made up a story to solicit sympathetic students on Stadium Drive to sell the stolen textbooks after unsuccessfully attempting to do so themselves. There might be more incidents related to the investigation. (Source

5 Facing Long List of Computer, Credit Card Fraud Charges in Joliet, ILL. 
More arrests will be made, Joliet police said. Until all are in custody, the details of the alleged theft and money laundering will not be made public. Five men were arrested by Joliet police Wednesday on a long list of charges involving burglary, computer and credit card fraud, money laundering and theft. More than 85 charges have been filed against the suspects, and more arrests and charges will be forthcoming, said Lt. Brian Dupuis, who oversaw the investigation. However, until all of the arrests have been made -- likely by weeks' end or early next week -- the details of what they allegedly did and how they carried off the fraud will not be released, Dupuis said. (Source

8 plead guilty in LA-area ID theft scheme
Eight people charged with taking part in bank fraud and identity theft for the Armenian Power street gang have pleaded guilty in Los Angeles to federal crimes, including racketeering conspiracy, bank fraud and aggravated identity theft. The U.S. attorney's office says the eight - all living in Los Angeles and nearby suburbs - entered pleas on Tuesday. They face maximum sentences ranging from two to 102 years in prison, depending on the charges. They're among 70 people charged two years ago with crimes involving Armenian Power, a Hollywood gang that formed in the 1980s. Prosecutors said they used skimming devices to steal debit card information from customers at 99 Cents Only stores, then created counterfeit debit cards and stole more than $2 million from bank accounts. (Source

“Protection 1 is proud to be sponsoring the D-D Daily ORC column to ensure the LP industry gets the information, education and critical data they need to fight this  national epidemic.” Rex Gillette, VP Retail Sales, Protection 1.

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Vendor Spotlight

Axis Announces New Video Encoders for Cost-Effective
Migration to IP Video

Two 16-channel, single-port encoders offer small to medium-sized installations a high-quality, flexible and cost-effective solution starting at $81 per channel

CHELMSFORD, Mass. – September 12, 2013 Axis Communications, the world leader in network video, today announces two cost-effective additions to its line of video encoders that have been developed to meet the needs of small- to medium-sized surveillance installations. Offering full frame rate video, AXIS M7016 Video Encoder provides an attractive, cost-effective and easy entry to network video, while the flexible AXIS P7216 Video Encoder adds audio and I/O ports and is equipped with a small form-factor pluggable (SFP) slot for use with fiber optics.

“With tens of millions of analog cameras still in operation around the world, video encoders allow these end-customers to leverage existing investments while providing a scalable solution to network video – now at a more cost-effective price starting at $81 per channel,” said Fredrik Nilsson, general manager, Axis Communications, Inc. “We continue to invest R&D into video encoder technology to increase performance and lower cost so that analog CCTV users can migrate at their own pace and still benefit from the advantages of IP video. These two new encoders in particular address the needs of small- to mid-sized applications where cost and scalability are often barriers to going fully IP, like in many retail environments.”

Unlike many encoder solutions that require four network ports per 16-channel unit, AXIS M7016 and AXIS P7216 Video Encoders utilize one single network port, which helps drive down overall cost and port density of the surveillance system infrastructure. Both AXIS M7016 and AXIS P7216 come with a power supply, offer simultaneous H.264 and Motion JPEG streams and include four micro SD-card slots supporting up to 64 GB (cards not included).

Additionally, AXIS P7216 features a separate Ethernet service port to allow direct connection for maintenance and configuration, while its SFP slot offers network redundancy by automatically switching traffic over to the Ethernet port if the SFP module fails.

The video encoders join a product portfolio that has expanded to include solutions for systems of all sizes. The recently announced AXIS Q7436 Video Encoder Blade and complementary AXIS Q7920 Video Encoder Chassis create a high-performance solution for large-scale, mission-critical applications. Axis also recently claimed the number one spot globally in the video encoder category for 2012 according to a report from information and analytics firm IHS.

AXIS M7016 and AXIS P7216 are supported by AXIS Camera Station video management software as well as the industry’s largest base of application software through the Axis Application Development Partner (ADP) program. Furthermore the video encoders support AXIS Camera Companion, Hosted Video and ONVIF for easy system integration.

The new 16-channel encoders are planned to be available to order in Q4 2013 through Axis’ standard distribution channels at the suggested retail prices of $1299 for AXIS M7016 ($81 per channel) and $1599 for AXIS P7216 ($100 per channel). Affordable surveillance kits including the encoders and 16 licenses of AXIS Camera Station will also be made available for $1499 and $1799, respectively.

Matt Flanagan
fama PR, Inc.

Domenic Locapo
Axis Communications Inc.


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Tim Gorman's role expanded at Walgreens, as he is formally named Divisional Vice President of Loss Prevention, Asset Protection and Business Continuity for Walgreens.
Denny DeMarcy
was promoted to Regional Director of Loss Prevention for Dick's Sporting Goods.
Richard Read was named Loss Prevention Manager for HauteLook.

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Six Principles for Developing Humility as a Leader  Humility may be one of the better qualities to have as a leader. It does not mean you are weak or indecisive, it doesn't even have anything to do with having a friendly disposition, but why is it so often overlooked in leadership development and how can you start to grow humility more in your leaders now? Use these six principles to work on your humility. (It will make you a better leader)

5 Ways to Be a Badass Leader, James Bond Style  We all have daydreamed what it would be like to be James Bond: the sweet car, the awesome gadgets and cool clothes. Step up your leadership skills, Bond-style, by using these five key guidelines! (Don't stay in your comfort zone)

5 Things the Best Managers Do and Don't Do  Every manager and leader has a different personality type, management style, and voice, but there are some constants that the best managers do and the same is true for what they don't do. Follow these tips so you can be the best leader or manager possible, and thus help your company be the best it can be too. (Do be consistent; Don't play favorites)

Nice or Tough: Which Approach Engages Employees Most?  This study proves that better leaders produce more engaged and productive employees, but what is key is how you encourage this engagement. Do you take the nice or tough guy stand? (Driver or enhancer?)

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