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September 20, 2013

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News Brief
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Active Shooters - Signs May Be Evident in Hindsight, but Predicting Violent Behavior Is Tough - If not almost impossible - With the only answer being - Train - Prepare - And Run-Hide-Fight  Mental health experts say that barring the rare few who declare their intentions, it can be extremely difficult to pick out people who are likely to commit murder. Common characteristics of people who engage in mass shootings: It’s a picture of troubled, isolated young men that matches the picture of tens of thousands of other young men who will never do this.” Studies have found that psychiatrists are good at predicting which patients will not commit acts of violence, but poor at recognizing those who will. Dr. Michael Stone, a clinical professor of psychiatry at Columbia University, said he had created a spreadsheet in which he analyzed 298 mass murderers. Only about 22 percent were “flat-out psychotic,” he said, meaning both paranoid and delusional. A few were profoundly depressed. Many were angry, jealous or disgruntled workers who wanted to punish their bosses. Editors Note: The bottom line is that there is no hard proven science or medical process that will work and prevent these horrific situations from occurring. The only thing we can do, as an industry, is to continue to develop programs and processes that respond to the incidents and continue to be vigilant in our efforts. From a proactive standpoint, the primary focus has to be on creating and developing an open and communicative individual store and corporate culture that allows employees to feel secure and comfortable in sharing their issues with their supervisors. Especially when you look at the fact that the vast majority of these incidents are driven by marital and supervisorial problems. And the only way to be able to foresee those is if everyone is trained to see the warning signs and have the ability to communicate them to the appropriate executives. And then the issue becomes how does the company react. Which in turn creates a model that will inevitably be legally challenged with everyone looking to measure and monetize liability. (Source

Personal devices a ‘huge risk’ to IT security as 25% of retailers are allowing employees to access company networks from personal devices  A survey from CIOs of retailers with over 1000 employees. 50% of the retailers surveyed allow staff to use personal devices at work, yet just 25% had a formal bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy in place, governing the likes of security and correct usage. Employee-owned devices are more likely to be exposed to malware and viruses outside work hours, which can then in turn access the corporate network and infect critical information. They also contain corporate information which is not always adequately protected leading to data loss if the device is lost or stolen.” Formal BYOD policies also cover scenarios such as what happens to devices and data when employees leave the company as staff could quite easily take sensitive data when they move on unless strict rules are in place. A well-designed BYOD policy, and a clearly articulated guide on how own devices should be used, can limit the risks and put the power back in the hands of the company.” (Source

10 reasons to switch to IP-based video
In this white paper, Axis Communications outlines the reasons for switching to IP-based video. And they'll review ten key motivators for switching from analog to IP based cameras. Obtain a more reliable security system, reduce costs, and create value for your business. 1 High Resolution, 2 East to install, 3 Truly digital, 4 Camera Intelligence, 5 Fully integrated, 6 Built-in security, 7 Crystal-clear motion, 8 Easy to scale, 9 Lower total cost, 10 New possibilities. (Source

New Momentum for Online Sales Taxes Seen

Target to hire fewer seasonal holiday workers - 70k vs. ly's 88k  Hiring 70,000 seasonal workers for the holidays as opposed to last years 88,000. Because current employees want first dibs on extra hours and it allows Target to flex more with the flow of customers. (Source

DHS's Huge Cybersecurity Skills Shortage - 22% vacancy rate  More than one in five mission-critical cybersecurity-related jobs at a key Department of Homeland Security unit are vacant, the Government Accountability Office says. The directorate has yet to develop initiatives to recruit and retain cybersecurity experts, but plans to do so if funding is available in the next fiscal year. Why so many vacancies? DHS officials tell the GAO that they face some challenges because of the length of time to conduct security checks needed to grant clearances, low pay compared with private-sector positions and lack of clearly-defined skill sets for these positions. (Source

The Principles of PCI Compliance
Take the time to understand and learn to apply the requirements for locking down payment card data. To mitigate these risks, the card-processing industry developed the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), often referred to simply as the PCI DSS. The standard consists of a detailed set of security requirements that describe methods for storing, processing and transmitting sensitive cardholder information. Organizations seeking to comply with the PCI DSS for for the first time face a daunting challenge. The full PCI DSS contains 75 pages of detailed requirements, along with multiple supplementary documents that provide guidance and requirements for specific technologies and situations. Editor Note: We at the Daily understand that most already know this information however for those who don't here is an easy to understand guide. And if you're a student of retail and a true LP professional that doesn't already know this information, please, take the time to read it and grow. From an investigative standpoint this is critical information you should have in your knowledge base. Registration may be required to view this white paper. (Source

The D&D Daily strives to offer news and information that drives performance and increases your ability to deliver services to North America's retailers.  From time to time we will publish very basic information that many already know. However, we'd like to ask for your patience as we try to take into consideration the wide readership and our basic mission of informing, educating, and instilling a sense of community for the Loss Prevention, IT Security, and Enterprise Risk retail disciplines. Thank you.

Supervalu Supermarkets eliminate their VP of LP Position

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Neiman Marcus Q4 up 5.4% with sales up 10%


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Canadian Push
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Roma Gypsy Crew hits Toronto retailers again for over $700,000 with EAS jammers - The actual story began back in 2011 and now another crew gets busted in the GTA The Canadian Border Services Agency is asleep at the wheel allowing more than 400 alleged Roma gypsies - many of whom have extensive criminal records - into the country and specifically the GTA, critics say. Last September 2012, the Durham Regional Police Service confirmed they had arrested 34 people Roma Gyspy's and laid 263 charges in the largest investigation of its kind in the region. And even in the fall of 2011, when police noticed that people were committing distraction-style thefts and fraud and started Project Mansfield. Police busted one Roma fraud crew, but they say there are a least six other crews stealing millions from stores and vulnerable people. The Roma involved in Project Mansfield collected $2 million from support programs since January on 2012 and police seized $85,000 in stolen merchandise last fall. They have also identified over $1 million in suspicious wire transactions overseas last year as well. And in January of this year, retail ORC teams started an investigation and this past May busted another Roma grew hitting at least 6 stores of one retailer alone and various other retailers as well, for over $700,000. The police arrested the crew at a traffic stop. The ORC team found a radio frequency jammer, pictured below, that was used to jam the EAS pedestals when they were exiting stores so they wouldn't sound off. The female suspects of the crew used "booster skirts" to conceal merchandise. The pair is part of a growing number of Roma gypsies committing similar styled thefts all over the country. Editors Note: We'd like to thank the LP executives, Andrew G specifically, who submitted this to us and applaud their teams efforts. Keep up the good work! (Source

2 more smash-and-grabs at GTA stores - $100K in merchandise stolen from Yorkville Prada store  Toronto is getting hammered with smash and grabs. There's been three in the last few days. Toronto-area police have responded to three late-night smash-and-grab thefts at retail stores over past 24 hours, with vehicles used as a battering ram in two of the thefts. At about 1:15 a.m. Wednesday, Peel Police responded to a smash-and-grab at Riders Choice motorcycle shop, located at the corner of Dixie Road and the Queensway. About 90 minutes later, Toronto police responded to a similar theft attempt at the Prada store on Bloor Street in Yorkville. There thieves broke the front glass door and made off with merchandise, including a number of handbags worth $2,000 each. Store staff estimate the total value of stolen merchandise to be about $100,000. (Source (Source

Truck smashes into mall in botched robbery at Sherwood Gardens  Would-be thieves drove off empty-handed in a botched smash-and-grab at Sherway Gardens that left the popular mall with "hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage”. The wannabe bandits smashed a stolen pickup truck through the front glass doors on the exterior of the mall adjacent to a Sporting Life store just after midnight Tuesday. The suspects ditched the truck and fled in a waiting vehicle. Police have not said how much merchandise was taken. (Source

Saskatoon Police arrest two suspected of credit fraud and Pin Pad thefts.  Two Vancouver men face dozens of charges in connection with fraud and the theft of pin pads. The men, ages 33 and 54, were arrested in August and police have so far laid a total of 142 charges, 71 each against each of the men. The face numerous counts of forged credit cards, theft of credit cards and possessing identity documents in addition to one count each for having equipment used in the forging of credit cards. The men were arrested Aug. 22 when a Saskatoon police officer recognized a van that matched a description issued in July by the Brandon Police Service in connection with stolen pin pads in Manitoba. A number of pin pad machines and credit cards were discovered in the van, all of them believed to have been stolen. Saskatoon police are working with police from across Canada -- including Regina, Brandon and Winnipeg -- and say more charges are expected. (Source

Calgary Police arrest a two men accused of operating a high tech identity fraud ring.  The two suspect face over 100 charges for manufacturing fake checks, birth certificates and driver’s licenses. Police believe they are the best counterfeit documents they have ever seen. The documents were being sold on line. (Source

Canada Post launching same-day delivery for online orders in Toronto  Four major retail brands and Canada Post are launching a same-day delivery service for online orders in the Toronto area. The Delivered Tonight e-commerce service is a pilot project with Best Buy, Future Shop, Indigo and Wal-Mart. Just like in the States Canada is moving towards the same retail models as well. With Amazon announcing they'll sell toys this holiday season online and outlet shopping centers popping up, Canada is beginning to look more and more like the states. (Source

Canada's book seller Indigo (Chapters) introduces their first store within a store format - feeling the same pain their counterparts in the States are feeling, they're betting the bank on new "Tech" shop  Indigo Books & Music Inc. has rolled out the first phase of its store-within-store concept called Indigo Tech that carries personal technology products from Apple and other lifestyle-focused brands. After opening a pilot location in Toronto earlier this summer, Indigo introduced the new concept – which expands its tech offering beyond small booths and kiosks to a branded department – to eleven of its stores in the lastfew weeks. The retailer hopes to have Indigo Tech within 40-44 of its stores by the end of the year. In addition to Apple products such as the iPod Touch, iPad, iPad Mini and Apple TV, Indigo Tech offers health and wellness gadgets like Fitbit Zip, wireless speakers, headphones and even baby monitors. Indigo operates under several banners including Indigo Books, Chapters, the World’s Biggest Bookstore and Coles. Editor's Note: Well in this new world either you reinvent or you parish. (Source

Hells Angels biker gang opens retail store in Toronto  The Hells Angels have opened a retail store in Toronto’s east end, blocks away from the site of their downtown clubhouse that was smashed by police nearly six years ago. The walk-in store, located in the Leslieville neighborhood, sells a range of merchandise including baseball caps, men's T-shirts and even women’s yoga pants. The merchandise, which can also be ordered online, features slogans such as "When in doubt, knock’em out!." In April 2007, Toronto police smashed through the brick wall of the biker gang’s clubhouse. The raid was publicly orchestrated to send a "clear" message to individuals who choose a criminal lifestyle, Toronto police said at the time. (Source

Press Release

Intelligent Loss Prevention Welcomes Donna Bada as National Account Manager

Bada Brings Experience in Retail, Loss Prevention and Technology Industries

September 19, 2013 – Rockford, IL – Donna Bada joins Intelligent Loss Prevention as National Account Manager for the western portion of the United States. Most recently, Donna spent 8 years working in sales at Indyme, a San Diego-based company that develops Smart Response solutions for retailers. Prior to Indyme, Bada spent over a decade working for software technology companies including 6 years in sales at Intuit. Bada has completed Dale Carnegie and Sandler sales training programs.

“Donna will support our business partners, retailers and brand manufacturers by applying the right solutions for their loss prevention demands,” noted Joerg Niederhuefner, Director of Business Development for ILP. “Her experience supporting the implementation of complex solutions at the retail level will allow ILP to deliver customer service above and beyond our customers’ expectations.”

About Intelligent Loss Prevention (ILP)
Intelligent Loss Prevention is the consultative security division of Southern Imperial, Inc. – leading manufacturer of retail displays and fixtures for over 50 years. ILP helps brands and retailers safely merchandise high-theft products in shopper-friendly formats that drive sales. For more information about ILP, visit or call (800) 747-4384.

Press Contact:

Alison Valiulis
1400 Eddy Ave.
Rockford, IL 61103
815-877-7041 Ext. 616


Retail Crime News
Convicted Felon found guilty of murder in restaurant robbery in Louisville, Ky. A convicted felon is found guilty of all charges including murder in a deadly restaurant robbery. In 2010, police say Stephen Sykes shot owner Jeff Lay while robbing the China Wok on Taylor Boulevard. (Source

'Lookout’ gets 7 years in $1M - 15 smash-and-grab robberies at high-end stores in Northern Va., Maryland, and PA.  A man who admitted being a lookout and scout for a group charged in a spate of smash-and-grab robberies at upscale shops in the D.C. area was sentenced to seven years in prison Friday. The spree, which ran from late last year through early this year, sparked terror at retailers across the area. The group often shattered glass displays as frightened employees looked on, swiping watches and handbags made by Gucci, Rolex and Michael Kors. Among their targets were the Michael Kors store at Tysons Galleria, the Tourneau store in the Pentagon City mall and the Cartier store on Wisconsin Avenue in Chevy Chase, authorities have said. William Maloney, the asset protection manager at the Saks Fifth Avenue in Richmond, said in federal district court in Alexandria on Friday that employees at his store are fearful “still to this day” because they were struck by Davis’s group. “These are people that work every day, week to week, live check by check, and their lives were turned upside down,” Maloney said. Prosecutors said they believe the stores collectively lost more than $1 million in merchandise. (Source

Man gets 8 years for complex credit card fraud scheme in Tx.  Over two years, Garcia used hacking websites to purchase account numbers from hackers in China, Vietnam, Romania and Ukraine. He would then use the encoder to transfer the account numbers to use them in retail stores. A Cuban living in Donna, Tx., has been sentenced to more than eight years in prison for electronic fraud using stolen bank account numbers and gift cards. When deputies arrived at the mobile home and adjacent house in the 11900 block of Luz Divina Drive, they arrested Borrego and seized two laptop computers, a credit card re-encoder and 50 credit cards and gift cards, as well as a set of ledgers. (Source

String of thefts reported at Seminole Towne Center Victoria's Secret store  The most recent incident occurred on Sept. 12 where police said two men and two women came into the store and went into to different rooms of the store. Last week's attempted theft marks the latest in a string of reported shoplifting from the same store in Seminole Towne Center. In August, two women stole an estimated $800 worth of items from the store and in July, thieves hit the same store, stealing about $1,000 worth of clothing. Police say that the stolen merchandise usually ends up being sold online or in local communities, where they have an easier time catching the suspects. (Source

Two men linked to Saks Fifth Avenue Handbag robbery arrested in Florida  Two men are behind bars and accused of stealing more than $5,000 in designer handbags. It was all caught on surveillance video at Saks 5th Avenue in Dadeland Mall Wednesday. The two people could be seen grabbing the bags and dashing out of the store. Police said one of them kicked the store’s glass door causing it to shatter in order to get out. The employee chased after them, but they got away in a car. Jerrell McDaniels, who was seen wearing a wig, and Javonte Barnes appeared in bond court, Thursday. (Source

Two Tampa-area hair salons smashed and grabbed by the same suspect caught on tape  Surveillance video captured images of a man who smashed through the front doors of two north Tampa hair salons Tuesday morning and authorities hope the public can help identify him. The man was first spotted about 7:10 a.m. loitering in front of Prestige African Braiding at 13918 N Florida Ave., according to Hillsborough County sheriff's officials. After pacing in front of the business for a minute, the man used a tire iron to smash through the front door. He went inside, but left without taking anything, authorities said. He got into a car and headed north to Martha's Image Hair Studio at 18125 U.S. 41, officials said. About 7:45 a.m., he smashed through the front door and later left with cash he found inside. (Source

Giant Eagle employee apprehended for $1000 of refund theft  On Sept. 16 at around 3:30 p.m. Solon Police responded to Giant Eagle Market District/Giant Eagle after a theft by an employee was reported. The manager said a store clerk, Preston Chandler, of Shaker Heights, started authorizing refunds to his personal U.S. Bank Visa card on Sept. 9. Chandler was able to make the authorizations using a “change tender” button on the cash register, according to the police report. Chandler made 12 transactions between Sept. 9 and Sept. 16 for about $1,020. Police said Chandler’s register was short $915 during the same time period. Chandler was arrested for theft, a fifth-degree felony. (Source

Best Buy employee arrested on suspicion of stealing $1,100 at Empire Center location  A 24-year-old Best Buy employee was arrested Wednesday after allegedly stealing $1,100 from the Empire Center store through fraudulent returns, police said. Since July, the Arleta woman – identified as Diana Tran – reportedly made nine fraudulent returns and made off with $1,100, said Burbank Police Sgt. Darin Ryburn. Tran was arrested on suspicion of grand theft. She was released from custody after posting $20,000 bail and is due in court next month. (Source

Truck containing $300,000 in cosmetics stolen in New Zealand  A truck stolen last night with $300,000 of cosmetics onboard has been found in Stokes Valley, near Wellington. Police said member of the public reported seeing the truck this afternoon after hearing the news of its theft from Belmont. The truck stocked with make-up, perfume and nail polish from brands including Revlon, Hugo Boss and Beyonce was reported missing from the Lower Hutt suburb overnight. It was found about 15 minutes drive away. Police issued a warning to the public to be on the watch for cheap cosmetics after the theft. (Source

Downey Police apprehend a Kay Jewelers grab and run suspect  A 17 year old suspect was arrested yesterday afternoon after fleeing the Kay Jewelers store in Downey, California with $3799.00 in merchandise. The young suspect had asked the Kay’s associate about watches, chains and rings, then selected a $3149.00 22” chain and a $650.00 Bulova Watch. As the associate turned towards the point of sale terminal, the suspect fled the store with the merchandise. The suspect fled through the Macy’s store followed by mall security. The suspect was quickly captured and the merchandise is now in police evidence.

Memphis mother and daughter arrested in a $12,000 identity theft case  A Memphis woman and her mother were arrested Wednesday on charges of identity theft after investigators seized from their home more than $12,000 worth of fraudulently purchased items ranging from iPads to home décor, according to the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security. Someone in Memphis alerted the authorities about suspicious activity on a credit card suggesting the person’s driver’s license number had been stolen. The execution of a search warrant Wednesday morning revealed fraudulently purchased merchandise as well as the names of 25 other people who were victimized. Tonikia Trotter, 35, and her mother, Angler Austin, 54, were arrested. Trotter was charged with identity theft trafficking, theft over $10,000 and forgery. Austin was charged with felony accessory after the fact. (Source


eBay News

New eBay Inc. Global Development Center
Opens in Bangalore, India

On Thursday, eBay Inc. officially opened its latest global development center in Bangalore, India. The new center — which spans 150,000 square feet over two floors, including the cafeteria — plans to hire 1,000 engineers over the next three years and will host several centers of excellence for both eBay Marketplaces and PayPal. The center will also add to eBay’s existing presence in India, which includes a development center in Chennai and the eBay India Business Unit in Mumbai.

Read more here.

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ORC News
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70 people so far - could be hundreds involved - indicted in organized retail theft ring in Louisville, Ky. hitting Home Depot, Lowes, Target, Wal-Mart and others Recent arrests stemming from a large scale, organized retail theft will put 70 people in court on September 23 to be arraigned. The Jefferson County Grand Jury has returned 17 indictments against the group for criminal syndication and theft, so far. According to police, the subjects would steal merchandise from Home Depot, Lowes, Target, Wal-Mart and other stores and then return the stolen items in exchange for gift cards. The gift cards would then be sold to pawn shops, according to police. Christopher Gentry, 31, is the latest arrest in the theft ring. According to police, Gentry was stopped outside of a Preston Highway Home Depot on Wednesday after running a stop sign, Police said he had just returned more than $200 of merchandise for a gift card. Upon being stopped, police recovered additional stolen items and heroin paraphernalia from his vehicle. Prosecutors believe the driving force behind the entire operation was heroine addictions. More indictments are expected to come as the Commonwealth Attorney’s office said hundreds of people have been identified as taking part in this criminal activity. (Source

ORC Trio hitting Wal-Mart stores in Southeast Texas busted  One of three suspects allegedly involved in an organized retail theft ring that targeted the electronics departments of at least four Walmart stores in Southeast Texas is behind bars in the Polk County Jail after he was transferred from the Galveston County Jail and booked in Thursday morning. Perry Domicko Booker, 18, is still being held in the Polk County Jail on felony charges of engaging in organized criminal activity and organized retail theft between $1,500 and $20,000. After further investigation it was determined that there were four other Walmart stores that were targeted by these same three black male suspects," the press release stated. "The investigation continued by other law enforcement agencies sharing information and a vehicle description was obtained along with photographs of the suspects." According to the Kemah Police Department, the three suspects had allegedly also targeted the Walmart in LaMarque shortly before they were arrested. The two adult suspects were taken to the Galveston County Jail, and the juvenile was taken into custody by juvenile authorities in Galveston. "The Livingston Police Department is continuing the investigation, and more arrests are to follow" the press release stated. (Source

Three in Missouri could face 50 federal charges for mail theft and check fraud  Michael Riemer had been on the run since posting bond after being charged in an alleged counterfeiting scheme in June has been apprehended by authorities in Greene County. Michael Riemer, 26, was charged with theft and possession of a forging instrument after housekeepers at a hotel called authorities after they "located what appeared to be printed currency and a pillow with ink on it." Two other people, Daniel Hinton and Heather Allen are also facing the same charges. When police executed a search warrant on the rooms they found a credit card that had allegedly been stolen from a mail box hidden in the ceiling tiles in the bathroom of one of the rooms. Other stolen mail was located in one of the rooms. A copier/printer, magnifying glass, cutting instruments, laminating stock and rubber gloves used to allegedly manufacture bogus documents and/or currency was located in one of the rooms. A laptop computer had the accounts of 38 people; police believe the total number of victims is over 50. Police said, “They would purchase something from one Walmart store on a check, return it to another store and get the cash back. That's how they made their living on this." (Source

C&S Wholesale employee in Connecticut arrested for the theft of cases of baby formula  The Windsor Locks Police Department has charged Hartford resident Deochand Hemchand with fifth-degree larceny for stealing six cases of baby formula, according to a police press release. Police responded to a theft report at the C&S Wholesale warehouse, located at 100 King Spring Road, just before 3:30 a.m. on Sept. 18. Hemchand, 37, is scheduled to appear in Enfield Superior Court on Oct. 1, police report. (Source

“Protection 1 is proud to be sponsoring the D-D Daily ORC column to ensure the LP industry gets the information, education and critical data they need to fight this  national epidemic.” Rex Gillette, VP Retail Sales, Protection 1.

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Vendor Spotlight

WG Security Eliminating Wardrobing with the Seal Tag

Recently, news outlets such as ABC News, Bloomberg Businessweek, Yahoo!, Fox, and even the Daily Mail in the U.K., published stories about the new and exciting method Bloomingdale's has initiated to fight the scourge of wardrobing. According to these stories and citing the National Retail Federation, wardrobing is a form of fraud that cost retailers $8.8 billion last year. While Bloomingdale's is to be commended for an outside-the-box way to reduce shrinkage, what you don't know is that this revolutionary wardrobing prevention plan was a collaborative effort between Bloomingdale's and WG Security Products Inc., the California-based company that has developed a reputation over the last 15 years for innovative and original EAS technologies.

The device in use at Bloomingdale's locations throughout the nation to stop wardrobers in their tracks is the Seal Tag, available now from WG. It is not an EAS tag, but a one-time use device which is typically applied at the point of sale, to a noticeable area of the garment. Customers are instructed that removal of the Seal Tag voids any return policy. This prevents customers from wearing the garment for a day and attempting a return, therefore ensuring honest returns. The Seal tag is very easily removed by hand and once removed, cannot be re-applied. It can be personalized, with your business logo imprinted on the front, adding a degree of elegance. You can watch our video for more information about wardrobing and the Seal Tag.

If wardrobing is a concern for your business (and judging from the comments section of these stories, it should be), the Seal Tag is the answer for you. Contact for more information on the Seal Tag.

For the retail subject matter experts, read the recent column in Retail Wire!

Dennis Jordan
Marketing, WG Security Products


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3 Ways to Make the Boring Parts of Your Day A Lot Better  We all have those mundane tasks that we hate having to do and having the time to do, but they need to get done! As humans, we absolutely HATE being bored, so use these tips to make those tasks a little more interesting and turn it into something that you don't mind tackling! (Everyone loves a challenge)

Quit Multitasking: How to Unitask and Get More Done  Although most of us have become master multitaskers, and it is critical to use at times in our working lives, it may be using up more of our time and energy than we would think! Unitasking, or being able to set aside the needed time and focus on only one task, may be a more valuable skill than we think! (Make time to focus on that one task)

How to Conquer Email Distractions
When we arrive at work, the first thing we usually do is sit down at the computer and check our flooded inbox. More often than not, most of the emails that are sent to us have nothing to do with our jobs. Use this method of focus blocking to help with your distracting emails and stay productive at work. (Mark your calendar)

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