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Top Industry News

Gateway Crime's Poster Child
Credit Card Fraud Helped Finance 9/11 Attacks

Ringleader Tied to 9-11 Attacks
Madrid: Spanish Police Bust 19 Member Fraud Ring
Led by Algerian Who Helped Finance 9/11 Attacks

Spanish police say they have busted a crime ring that cloned credit cards and was headed by a man who had previously been found guilty of helping finance the September 11th attacks in 2001.

Police said Saturday they have arrested 19 people, including a 49-year-old Algerian man who had served a prison sentence in Spain for using cloned credit cards to help fund the 2001 attacks in the U.S. Police would not reveal the name of the individual.

All 19 suspected members of the ring were arrested in Madrid.

Spain’s National Police said the group created fake credit cards by skimming and cloning them, and were responsible for up to 5 million euros ($5.68M U.S.) in fraudulent use of the cards at commercial establishments and ATMs. 

A dramatic video shows police entering a building and breaking down the door in a raid on the Madrid operation. The video protects the identity of a man handcuffed and taken into custody during the raid, while showing boxes of credit cards, passports and other equipment on display.

The Algerian ring leader was convicted of helping to finance the 2001 attacks.

At least 18 people were found guilty in 2005 during trials in Spain, where they were accused of meeting with Egyptian Mohamed Atta – the lead hijacker in the airplane attacks on the U.S. – and Ramzi bin al-Shibh of Yemen, along with other suspected members of the Al Qaeda terrorist organization.


2 dead after Amazon warehouse wall collapse, fire chief says
Two people are dead after a wall collapsed late Friday at an Amazon warehouse in Baltimore, the city's fire chief said. Earlier, one person was reported dead and one was missing. The missing person was found under heavy debris by the Baltimore City Fire Department early Saturday morning, Fire Chief Roman Clark said.
It is unclear if the incident is related to the severe weather that hit the city, but Clark said the area was getting strong winds and rain at the time.

Deterring Copycats
Controlling Public Information after Mass Shootings

Americans want to know everything about such a horrific incident – why it happened and exactly how police responded. However, the public’s thirst for knowledge may have a detrimental effect on public safety going forward. While the media certainly has an obligation to report news to the public, certain facts should not be released to media sources, including the tactics and weapons used in a mass assault.

When it comes to trying to stop these horrendous acts of violence, it is in the best interests of the general public and public safety agencies to not publish such information to deter potential copycats. It doesn’t take rocket science to realize that anyone intent on committing a serious act of violence will research how previous attacks were carried out. Knowing the specific types of weapons used gives insight to those who may be contemplating carrying out a similar incident about what worked well for the last active shooter.

Most law enforcement agencies will explain that they do not release pertinent information about a crime while their investigation is ongoing. However, certain aspects about how an active shooter incident unfolded should not even be remotely discussed with the general public. It is information that the public does not need to know.

With the growing number of active shooter incidents, it is in the public’s best interest for law enforcement and, indeed, the media to withhold such information. Instead, the news media should focus on the lives that were lost.

When individuals contemplating committing such crimes have no knowledge of a shooter’s arsenal or police tactics, law enforcement has the upper hand in managing these situations and the general public will remain safer.

Google Walkout Protesters Numbered 20,000 Workers in 50 Offices Worldwide
CEO Sundar Pichai meeting with his team Monday about addressing their demands

According to its organizers, a protest put together over the last week pulled together 20,000 workers in 50 Google offices around the world.

They Have Prison Sing-A-Longs
Biggest 5 Year Internal Fraud Case in History of Retail
Pilot Flying J Entire Sales Team Ripping Off Truckers $50M in Rebates
Update: No Christmas break from prison for Ring Leader Hazelwood, ex-Pilot Flying J president

Former Pilot Flying J president and ring leader Mark Hazelwood was sentenced to more than 12 years in prison and fined $750,000.

Open your presents, sing "Silent Night" — but do it from behind bars.

That's the message a federal judge laid down last week when he denied former Pilot Flying J president Mark Hazelwood's plea to skip reporting to federal prison for a fraud sentence until after Christmas — and New Year's, too.

What's next? U.S. District Judge Curtis Collier asked. Valentine's Day? Easter?

The ruling means Hazelwood, 59, will report Nov. 26 to begin serving a 12-and-a-half year sentence for cheating trucking customers out of millions of dollars at the diesel pump. A federal jury convicted him in February of wire fraud, witness tampering and conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

Pilot staffers kept two sets of books, bragged about the fraud in emails and talked openly about the scheme at sales meetings — in front of an undercover informant wearing a wire for the FBI.

Seventeen former Pilot Flying J staffers pleaded guilty in the case and await sentencing. Two others received immunity.

Pilot Flying J’s board paid a $92 million criminal penalty, along with an additional $85 million to resolve trucking customers' claims.

Editor's Note: Hazelwood tried everything in the book to get out of this or keep delaying his jail time. From hiring a very popular local attorney to defend him to once convicted firing him for 'cause' which wasn't accepted by the courts. Then hiring a big NYC law firm to reduce his jail time even after the federal judge an African American heard Hazelwood's racist taped tirade on tape during a sales team meeting making fun of Haslam's Cleveland Browns. The bottom line here is that this is the biggest coordinated entire sales team internal fraud committed against customers we've ever heard of or reported on and Haslam walks away scot free even though Pilot paid $93M in fines and admitted criminal wrongdoing.

Facial recognition to grow by more than 26% through 2025
Technological advancements in facial recognition biometrics, more mobile devices equipped with cameras and the rising popularity of media cloud services are among the drivers that will push the image recognition market to $86 billion in annual revenue by 2025, according to a new report from Allied Market Research
The report, which focuses on various aspects of the Image Recognition Market from 2018 to 2025, says the market generated $17.91 billion in 2017, and will grow at a 21.8 percent CAGR.

While object detection is the largest technology segment, with 33 percent in 2017, facial recognition is forecasted to have the highest growth rate, with a 26.1 percent CAGR, with both law-enforcement and non-law enforcement applications increasing. The non-contact process and easy deployment of facial recognition makes it widely preferred over other biometric modalities, Allied says.

A 2017 report from Technavio suggested the global facial recognition market will grow by 23 percent from 2017 to 2021

North America contributed nearly half of the global market’s revenue in 2017, but the Asia-Pacific region will have the highest growth, at a CAGR of 25.4 percent, due to anti-terrorism and e-governance projects.

NRF's President & CEO Matt Shay
These Three Factors Will Shape Retail’s Future
“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”

As this evolution continues, many experts are now questioning the value of long-standing metrics like same-store sales and wondering how the new retail industry can be measured more accurately. 

What data and metrics can retailers provide to give analysts a better picture of what they’re investing in, what the returns could be and what the overall landscape looks like? Where will retail penetration and online/in-store parity settle, and how should retailers be investing as a result?

Measuring a reimagined retail: Companies are turning to new metrics for the new retail environment. These next-gen metrics recognize that the holistic shopping experience – whether online, in-store or both – is more important than any one channel. Comp sales that include digital, market share and net promoter scores are increasingly seen as painting a more complete picture than traditional metrics, particularly because they capture the “halo” effect of in-store and online and reflect an increasingly channel-agnostic consumer. 

Understanding new entrants: What does the growing number of new entrants and business models mean for today’s retail climate? Their diverse paths spoke to the vibrancy and overall health of today’s retail industry, which features an unprecedented variety of business models and approaches.

Evaluating effective investments: Retailers are seeing investments made five and even 10 years ago begin to pay off, particularly those in technology, omnichannel capabilities and digital. Now, companies are turning to the next wave of investments, including those in advanced data and analytics, artificial intelligence and product curation. The goal is to better understand the customer and deliver the products and experiences they want, laying the foundation for success over the next 10 years.

“People are scared right now,”
Mail Bombs & Other Threats Have Wealthy Cranking Up Security

Specific threats and a general sense of anxiety, security experts say, are causing more people to seek the services of private security firms; some are hiring bodyguards and drivers trained to protect them in case of peril.


At Pinkerton, a private security and detective agency founded in 1850, requests for executive security have increased 20 to 30 percent annually over the last five years, said its vice chairman, Tim Williams. And people are looking for safeguards in all areas of their lives that pose risks, experts say, including information technology and social media.

According to Mr. Williams, a trained driver can cost from $2,000 to $10,000 a day, which may include an armored car, countersurveillance and armed guards. A full-time bodyguard from a well-established firm costs between $150,000 and $300,000 per year, said other industry executives.

Corporations, too, are more willing to foot the bill for prominent figures, especially those considered to be potential targets in today’s hyperpartisan political environment. In 2017, Facebook spent $7.3 million to protect its chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, which included security at his homes, access to private airplanes and protection while traveling, according to news reports. And this year, the company reported it would pay him an additional $10 million for security.

“As world events get more traumatic,” he said, “reality is going to meet perception, and you are going to see even more people hiring security.”

Law enforcement faces dilemma in assessing online threats
Among more than 550 police departments across the country surveyed several years ago by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, about three-quarters said they regularly searched social media for potential threats.

It’s very time consuming, it’s very staff and resource intensive and you have humans involved in the process so there is the potential that law enforcement can miss something,” Cook said, adding that departments can’t rely on social media alone. The community needs to be involved to report any suspicious behavior.

“Everyone has to be our extra eyes and ears out there,” he said.

Social media rants did not affect their ability to buy guns. When purchasing a firearm, criminal background checks only look for any records showing a criminal past or mental health problems that led to an involuntary commitment.

There have been some changes, however, to make it easier to alert authorities to warning signs. “Red flag” laws have been enacted in 13 states in the past couple of years, allowing relatives or law enforcement with concerns about a person’s mental health to go to court and seek to have firearms removed at least temporarily.

AmazonGo's retail productivity:
Sales at $2700/sq ft & 50 inventory turns/year
Behind Only #1 Apple Stores

Amazon has designed a store that maximizes customer throughput and sales to produce exceptional results. In fact, AmazonGo stores produce more sales per square foot than virtually any other retailer except Apple and a few other specialty stores.

Based on our colleague’s observations of the Seattle store, we estimate the annual sales per square foot of the selling area was $2,700, even in the early days of operation. As impressive as this number is, it’s likely to go higher as:

● More customers become aware of the convenience of shopping these stores
● Amazon finds ways to drive even more sales from the modest footprint

Inventory turns

AmazonGo also outperforms on inventory turns. Based on the same observations mentioned above, we estimate that the Seatle AmazonGo store is generating about 50 inventory turns per year – 4 to 5 times what’s typical in other retail operations. Expect inventory turns to increase also as more customers shop the store.

Since there’s nothing similar operating at the same level in the US, Amazon is now free to roll these stores out with no direct competition – and that’s exactly what Amazon looks for and needs to continue to drive the very rapid growth of their enterprise.

3 cities in 'late-stage' talks to win Amazon HQ2:
NYC - Dallas - Crystal City, Va.

Amazon has reportedly advanced to "late-stage talks" with three finalist cities - New York, Dallas and Crystal City in Arlington County, VA - for its planned second headquarters (HQ2), according to The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and others.

Transgender Applebee's Employee Gets $100k From Franchisee - Sex Discrimination & Retaliation

Update: It Wasn't JCP VP Job Posted Last Week - They're Rumored to be Paying $250k to $300K BTW

Dollar General Looking For Urban Stores - Wow - New Look - New Approach

New Toys R Us Owners to Open 600 Holiday Pop Ups in Kroger Stores

Destination Maternity closing up to 67 stores while boosting online sales

Lowe's to shut 51 underperforming stores in the US and Canada

Amazon opens another 4-star store in Berkeley, California

Quarterly Results

Alibaba September Quarter revenue up 54%, hits $12,398 million
   ● core commerce increased 56% year-over-year to US $10,553 million.
   ● cloud computing increased 90% year-over-year to US $825 million.
   ● digital media and entertainment increased 24% year-over-year to US $865 million.
   ● innovation initiatives and others increased 20% year-over-year to US $155 million.

Shake Shack Q3 comp's down 0.7%, total sales up 26.5%

Last week's #1 article --

72 Retailers Closed for Thanksgiving - Here's the Official List

VOTE RETAIL on Election Day

Midterm elections matter a great deal – especially to retail. When you vote on Election Day, remember to think retail when choosing your elected representatives.

Know the Candidates. See which candidates are on the ballot in your area and learn which incumbents have been recognized by NRF for their support of the retail industry.

Know the Issues. Learn more about retail's key issues and educate yourself on which candidates most closely align with NRF's policy agenda focused on jobs, innovation and consumer value.

Your voice matters. VOTE RETAIL on Tuesday, November 6.



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Spotlight on Stanley Security

Here's a Wake-Up Call For Boards - Sr. Retail Executives - CSOs
U.S. Senator Introduces Bill With Hefty Fines & 20-Yr Prison Terms
For Executives Who Violate Privacy & Cybersecurity Standards

A senior Democratic U.S. senator on Thursday unveiled draft legislation that would allow hefty fines and as much as 20-year prison terms for executives who violate privacy and cybersecurity standards.

Senator Ron Wyden released a draft of legislation that would grant the Federal Trade Commission authority to write privacy regulations. The measure would also allow maximum fines of 4 percent of revenue - matching European rules adopted earlier this year.

“It’s time for some sunshine on this shadowy network of information sharing,” Wyden said in a statement. “My bill creates radical transparency for consumers, gives them new tools to control their information and backs it up with tough rules.”

Data privacy has become an increasingly important issue since massive breaches compromised the personal information of millions of U.S. internet and social media users, as well as breaches involving large retailers and credit reporting agency Equifax Inc.

Wyden would also create a national “Do Not Track” system to stop companies from tracking internet users by sharing or selling data and targeting advertisements based on their personal information. The bill would also subject senior executives at companies with privacy violations to fines of $5 million or more.

Facebook Inc., the world’s largest social media network, said earlier this year that the personal information of about 70 million U.S. users was improperly shared with political consultancy Cambridge Analytica. It said last month that cyber attackers stole data from 29 million Facebook accounts using an automated program that moved from one friend to the next.

In September, Amazon, Alphabet (Google), Apple, AT&T, Charter Communications and Twitter Inc all told senators they would back new federal privacy regulations.

The Trump administration is also seeking comments on how to set nationwide data privacy rules.

Breaking EU privacy laws can result in fines of up to 4 percent of global revenue or 20 million euros ($22.8 million), whichever is higher, as opposed to a few hundred thousand euros.

In Case You Missed It Friday
Have Canadian Stores?

Canada's Mandatory Breach Notification Rules Now in Effect
Since 2001, Canada's PIPEDA privacy law has applied to private sector organizations. "The act ... sets out rules that organizations must follow when collecting, using or disclosing personal information in the course of their commercial activities," according to a Canadian government overview. "The Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC) enforces PIPEDA by overseeing whether organizations are complying with the act's obligations."


Over the last three years, however, Parliament has been tweaking PIPEDA to add mandatory breach notification (see: Preparing for PIPEDA).

Ahead of the new PIPEDA rules going into effect, the OPC on Monday released its final guidance on the new PIPEDA rules as well as a new form for reporting breaches.

Organizations must keep a report of all breaches, but only need to report breaches "that pose a real risk of significant harm (legal definition below), and to keep records of all breaches of security safeguards," the OPC says. But the privacy commissioner can request these reports at businesses at any time.

What is real risk of significant harm (RROSH)?
Significant harm includes bodily harm, humiliation, damage to reputation or relationships, loss of employment, business or professional opportunities, financial loss, identity theft, negative effects on the credit record and damage to or loss of property.

Factors that are relevant to determining whether a breach of security safeguards creates a real risk of significant harm include the sensitivity of the personal information involved in the breach of security safeguards and the probability the personal information has been/is/will be misused.

The privacy commissioner would be given the power to fine rule breakers up to $30 million under a private member's bill sponsored by Liberal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, who is a vice chair of the Commons privacy committee, CTV News reports.

Editor's Note: Canada takes their privacy laws much more seriously than the states and almost to an extreme from a U.S. prospective. So much so that it rippled down into the investigative processes at store level and significantly impacted all of their Organized Retail Crime efforts and is why you don't see the ORC Association groups we have here in the States.

In Canada, the protection of Personal Information Privacy had long been a restriction on Retailers until June of 2015 when Bill S-4 was passed. Without getting into the pages of information on Bill S-4 and PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) the restriction pertaining to Retail Loss Prevention prevented the sharing of any information on a suspect without Law Enforcement being directly involved in an investigation.

So with this new Breach Notification rule you can expect it to be enforced. The issue there is that they haven't really funded the program. Just a thought - Gus Downing

Apple's little iOS is rapidly changing the retail industry
'We are seeing industry-wide adoption of iOS at thousands of retailers, from neighborhood boutiques to many of the best-known retailers in the world,' says Apple CFO Luca Maestri.

With nine of the top 10 global retailers using iOS devices in their business, it’s clear Apple’s mobile devices are what we expect to find when we go shopping.

“Deployment of iOS devices is growing steadily as retailers replace their traditional point-of-sale systems and use custom iOS apps on iPhones and iPads to provide highly personalized shopping experiences.”

Retail is no different than any other sector when it comes to the adoption of new technologies. Enterprise choice schemes are quite naturally prompting enterprises from SMB’s to corporations to invest in iOS.

Even giant U.S. retailer Walmart is giving augmented reality a try – just this week it introduced a new AR scanning tool to its iPhone app.

Targeted Cyberattacks Doubling+ over 2017
Security Team's Fighting 30 Successful Security Breaches A Year
Tackling Cybersecurity from the Inside Out

The good news, according to Accenture's 2018 State of Cyber Resilience report, is that organizations are experiencing far more success in detecting and blocking them.

The study found that organizations that take cyber threats seriously are managing to prevent 87% of all focused attacks, compared with 70% in Accenture's 2017 report. However, 13% of such attacks are making their way through the corporate defenses: organizations deal with an average of 30 successful security breaches per year that result in damage or the loss of high-value assets.

"Only one in eight focused cyberattacks are getting through versus one in three [the previous year], indicating that organizations are doing a better job of preventing data from being hacked, stolen, or leaked."

Organizations are performing better at mitigating the impact of cyberattacks, they still have more work to do. Building investment capacity for wise security investments must be a priority for those organizations who want to close the gap on successful attacks even further. For business leaders who continue to invest in and embrace new technologies, reaching a sustainable level of cyber resilience could become a reality for many organizations in the next two to three years. That's an encouraging projection."

There's another bright spot: Security breaches are taking less time to detect, from months and years to now days and weeks. In the study, an average of 89% of respondents reported that their internal security spotted attacks within one month, as opposed to only 32% of IT teams the previous year. According to this year's survey, just over half (55%) of organizations detected breaches in a week or less, compared with 10% in last year's report.

Although today's companies are quicker to detect breaches, security teams are still finding only 64% of them — a number similar to last year's — and using external help to find the remaining ones. This underscores the importance of collaborative private/public sector cooperation to stop cyberattacks. When asked how they unearthed attacks that their security team failed to find, respondents indicated that more than one-third (38%) were found by white-hat hackers or a peer or competitor (up from 15% in 2017's report). Interestingly, law enforcement uncovered a mere 15% of breaches, down from 32% the previous year.

On average, respondents said their cybersecurity program safeguards only two-thirds (67%) of their organization. With internal attacks and accidentally published information are among the top three cyberattacks with the highest frequency and impact.

Respondents said that cyber-threat analytics and security monitoring (46% each) are the two capabilities they need the most to plug the holes in their cybersecurity solutions, but most (83%) acknowledge that other technologies — such as AI, machine or deep learning, user behavior analytics, and blockchain — are key to optimally securing the organization.

For companies, fighting back with a data-centric approach based on AI and machine learning is essential. It's no longer enough to pit your smartest people against the equally brainy bad guys. In the digital era, cybercriminals are leveraging the same tools as their targets, so cyber defense needs to catch up.

Instead of treating security as a bothersome cost, the smartest enterprises will make online security a regular part of doing business and use it to differentiate themselves from their competitors who are still behind the curve.

Sponsored by The Zellman Group

Formjacking is the use of malicious JavaScript code to steal credit card information as well as other data entered in the payment form of e-commerce and other service-oriented websites. This technique has been done in the past, and perhaps being used in small-scale operations, but Symantec said it saw an “uptick” of attacks since the data breach of high-profile companies such as the British Airways, Feedify, Newegg, and Ticketmaster.

As soon as customers click “submit” after providing necessary information, the malicious JavaScript code injected on the site does it work and harvest that information redirecting it to the attackers’ server.

From the research Symantec did to gain insights of what businesses were potential targets, it examined “1,000 instances blocked by Symantec over a three-day period from Sept. 18 to 20, where it found out that 57 individual websites were affected.

The sites are online retail sites that range from small niche sites to larger retail operations.

Increased CNP transactions still provide fraudulent opportunities, report says
A joint report of MAG, CMSPI and Fiserv has found that growth in the card payments market and increased CNP transactions continue to provide fraudsters with opportunities.

The 2018 Global Fraud Trend Analysis and Review report examines global payment and fraud trends across the world, analyzes contributing factors behind shifting card fraud patterns, and identifies various fraud management solutions available to merchants.

CMSPI and MAG conducted a survey of US and Europe-based retail merchants with questions regarding CNP fraud mitigation measures and card-present (CP) fraud. Of merchants who were exposed to CNP fraud, 81% stated they used in-house risk-based anti-fraud measures, and 76% said they used external measures to protect against CNP fraud, often as supplementary measures. Merchants exposed to CP fraud were asked what was their most important consideration when choosing an EMV authentication method, and five recurring responses were identified: cost, risk, customer experience, speed, and complexity.

Cyber Monday on pace for big sales jump
Cyber Monday is on pace to set a new record as the largest and fastest-growing online shopping day of the year with $7.7 billion in sales, a 17.6% increase year-over-year. Online sales between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. PST on Cyber Monday are expected to drive more revenue than an average full day in 2018. Conversions will hit the highest rate of the year (7.3%) during these hours.

65% of shoppers say retailers should respond to customers' online reviews

Amazon drops free shipping minimum, heating up fierce holiday competition

"Fraud is not a person - it is a dynamic grouping of statistics that deviate from the norm."
Stuart B. Levine, CFI, CFCI
CEO, The Zellman Group & Zelligent

ORC News
Sponsored by Auror

ORC 'Shark' Week coming Nov. 12-16 with articles, videos and stats

Got an ORC story, a cool case, pics of your ORC Association teams & meetings? Want to write an article about ORC in your region or nationwide? Got some thoughts or opinions you want the industry to hear about? Need to update your state's legislation?

Send us your news and pics and let us get the whole industry involved and supporting your efforts!

Battle Creek, MI: Undercover Officers nab 3 suspected of stealing from stores and reselling items on Facebook
Three people are charged with shoplifting after Battle Creek police said they stole items from a store and tried selling them on Facebook. The trio were arrested when they were met by undercover officers posing as buyers. "This is the second we have had in two weeks where property was posted on Facebook after recently being stolen," Detective Sgt. Todd Elliott of the Battle Creek Police Department said Friday.

All three were arrested Wednesday while they were waiting in a parking lot at Pier 1 Imports at 5800 Beckley Road for people they thought wanted to buy the stolen items. Police said Thrasher and Jenna Taylor had both advertised on Facebook marketplace the sale of two electric scooters; one for $130 and the other for $180. But officers said both scooters, valued at a total of $529, were stolen about 3:18 p.m. Tuesday from the Meijer Inc. store at 2191 W. Columbia Ave. Police seized the scooters and clothing they said was stolen from the Battle Creek store as well as two television sets taken from the Meijer Inc., store at 6405 B Drive N., in Emmett Township. Police also seized a crossbow, arrow heads, hunting knife, and other hunting items and additional merchandise police believe were taken from Portage and Sturgis stores.

Lakeview, IL: Professional Burglary Crew hit Sprint store Inventory Room
A seemingly professional burglary crew that tore through the walls of two Lakeview businesses to access the inventory storage room of a cellular store early Thursday escaped with a “significant” amount of electronics, according to Chicago police and sources. The burglars entered a shop two doors north of the Sprint store at 2850 North Broadway and then began tearing their way through the business’ south wall. They then climbed through the hole and tore through another wall to access the phone store’s storage area.

Victor, NY: Woman charged with theft of $6,000 in goods from Macy’s and Sephora in the Eastview Mall
According to the Ontario County Sheriff’s Office, Jasmine Kirksey of Buffalo was arrested on an arrest warrant for third degree grand larceny when she allegedly stole over $3,000 worth of merchandise from the Macy’s at Eastview Mall on September 24. Kirksey was additionally charged with a second count of third degree grand larceny when she stole over $3,000 worth of merchandise from Sephora store at Eastview Mall on October 4. Kirksey is scheduled to return to Victor Town Court at a later date to answer the charges.

Niles, IL: JC Penney reports $2,300 Grab & Run at Golf Mill Center
A pair of women or girls stole $2,345 worth of Nike-branded merchandise from the Golf Mill Center JC Penney in the form of 15 pairs of leggings, 10 jackets, and eight hooded sweatshirts before fleeing out to the Milwaukee Avenue side of the building.

Bronx, NY: Robbers armed with guns and Pepper Spray steal over 100 cellphones
Police are looking for the two men who allegedly pepper sprayed store employees during a robbery in the Bronx. On Nov. 1, police said two men entered a store on 2460 Grand Concourse and approached two employees. One of the alleged thieves displaced a firearm and demanded store merchandise while the second man pepper sprayed one employee. They took about 113 cellphones and fled on foot, according to police.

Conneaut Lake, PA: State prison time expected for $12,000 cash, lottery ticket theft by C-Store employee
Justin T. Foister, 22, of 9874 Gehrton Road, will be sentenced on Jan. 7 after pleading guilty Thursday before Crawford County Court of Common Pleas President Judge Anthony Vardaro to a felony count of theft by unlawful taking. Foister was charged by Conneaut Lake Regional Police Department in June with stealing $11,784 worth of Pennsylvania Lottery tickets and money from the Lakeside Stop-n-Go store in Sadsbury Township. Foister was an employee of the store who took the lottery tickets and money between Feb. 11 and May 8, according to court documents.

Pensacola, FL: Police catch two shoplifting suspects stealing from Belk
According to report, once Johnson entered the woman’s dressing room, 20-year-old Cheyann Hall waited outside. The report states, a short time later Johnson emerged from the dressing room wearing the back pack with unpaid merchandise placed inside and a hooded jacket that he had not paid for. The arrest report states, the total amount of merchandise that Hall and Johnson shoplifted from Belk came to $381.89.

Sydney, Australia: Second Alleged Baby Formula gang member charged; $250,000 of merchandise stolen
A second alleged member of a Sydney baby formula gang has been charged. The man, 35, was arrested at a Dundas Valley home on Monday as part of a police investigation into the theft and distribution of $250,000 worth of baby formula, vitamins, Manuka honey and other goods. He was later charged offences including with larceny and theft. Police allege he stole baby formula from a Carlingford supermarket that was later sent overseas. The gang's alleged ringleader, a 48-year-old woman, had at least 12 people under her wing sourcing items, which are all highly sought after in China. She was arrested in late August, when a police raid of two Carlingford homes uncovered $215,000 in cash and 4000 tins of baby formula.

Fontana, CA: Cops Nab Alleged Pallet Thieves; 1400 pallets and a tractor trailer were recovered

Kennewick, WA: Walmart shoplifters took off in car with Oregon plates

Broome County, NY: Shoplifters could face stiffer charges in Broome County retail theft crackdown

Retail Crime News

Shootings, Stabbings & Deaths

Albuquerque, NM: Deputies say Walmart receipt an store video led them to murder suspects
A Walmart receipt led investigators to a couple accused of murder. Deputies found Mark Pena's body in a ditch in the South Valley last week. They say his car had been abandoned in the southeast. Deputies found the receipt while searching the car and watched the store's surveillance video. On it, they saw Rose Montano driving Pena's car. Investigators say she and her boyfriend, Tommy Rodriguez, shot and stabbed Pena over drugs, dumped his body, and planned to take off to Mexico.

Houston, TX: C-Store clerk shot and killed
Police say the shooting happened around 8 p.m. at Sunny's Food Store on South Dairy Ashford. Witnesses told police three men entered the store and demanded money from the clerk. The men then shot the clerk multiple times. The suspects were then seen running from the store. Authorities currently have no descriptions of the suspects.

Stamford, CT: Women charged after Store Clerk stabbed over Refund
Police said the fight occurred when the clerk refused to give a refund to Davette Wash for an item she had recently purchased at AA Grocery on Greenwich Avenue. Wash became violent and knocked items around the store, forcing the 62-year-old clerk to try to defend himself with a bat. Another woman, Yeverette Dixon, 28, then came into the store to try to separate the two and take the baseball bat from the clerk. Wash grabbed cash and two credit card’s from the clerk’s pocket and slashed his right palm with her knife before fleeing the store with Dixon, police said.

Pittsburgh, PA: 23-year-old victim identified after late-night shooting in Pittsburgh's Knoxville neighborhood at Uni-Mart
The victim was reportedly shot in the chest around 10:30 p.m. Friday on Brownsville Road near McKinley Street. Police said they found Loughlin lying on the pavement of the Uni-Mart parking lot. They believe he was standing outside a vehicle when someone came out of the store and shot him.

San Jacinto County, TX: Man shot by police after failed Dollar General robbery
Just before closing time, three men walked in and held up the chain store's Cleveland-area location, according to the San Jacinto County Sheriff's Office. But law enforcement had been tipped off in advance about the possibility of a robbery and were already in the area around 8:45 p.m. when the call went out, according to authorities. Multiple sheriff's deputies and a state trooper rushed to the dollar store's location. "They intercepted these robbers as they came out," sheriff's office Capt. Joe Schultea told reporters at the scene. All three suspects were armed, and at least one allegedly pointed a gun at police.

Bibb County, GA: McDonald's Armed Robber accidentally shot himself
Saturday night at about 11 p.m. a man wearing a wig entered the restaurant on Gray Highway and asked for the manager. He brandished a handgun and told the manager to take him to the back office and open the safe. The manager complied, but while in the office the manager and another employee ran to the front of the store. They heard a gunshot, then saw the robber flee out of the restaurant.

A short time later, witnesses reported hearing a man screaming for help, and the man was found wearing only his boxers. He was lying near a wig, several articles of clothing and money, all connected to the robbery. The suspect, Donte Sherrod Grayer, 26, of Macon, was shot in the left thigh and evidence showed he accidentally shot himself during the robbery.

Brooklyn, NY: Dad, 27, shot outside club after defending waitress from harassment "always gave a helping hand," family says

Waco, TX: 2 injured in C-Store shooting, gunman at large

Colorado Springs, CO: Shooting under investigation at a store in southeast Colorado Springs

Robberies, Incidents & ID Thefts

Mount Pleasant, SC: Armed Robbery at a Harris Teeter pharmacy
Mount Pleasant Police are responded to reports of a armed robbery at a grocery store Sunday afternoon. The incident occurred at the Harris Teeter grocery store, located at 1981 Riviera Dr in the Seaside Farms shopping center, according to Charleston County Consolidated Dispatch. The incident took place in the pharmacy of the store, according to a spokesperson for Harris Teeter.

Major Identity Theft Ring Busted in Nashville, TN
Two Georgia men busted stealing mail making fake ID's and obtaining multiple credit cards in the name of unsuspecting victims.  When police searched Wright, he had 17 credit cards in his pocket. He admitted to police that he didn’t know any of the people whose names were on the credit cards. Investigators said when they searched Wilder and Wright's room, they found a bag with shredded fake licenses. Police say the IDs have many names but all of them had Stephen Wilder's photo. Detectives told News 2 they are currently contacting victims; their banks and this case could go federal.

New Lenox, IL: New Lenox Police and Walmart build case again ID Thief
Police have apprehended a 28-year-old New Lenox man suspected of using a stolen credit card to do some illegal shopping at the Walmart store in New Lenox. Raymond Arnold was captured late last week by Will County Sheriff's deputies on an outstanding bench warrant seeking his felony arrest.

Westport, CT: Cleaning Crew caught stealing $8900 of merchandise from AT&T store

Sentencings & Charges

Iowa Park, TX: Lowe’s Armed Robber sentenced to 25 years for December 2017 incident
An Iowa Park man who police said pulled a large hunting knife on a store employee and customers trying to stop him after a robbery has been sentenced to prison. Andrew Raymond Lunsford, 33, was sentenced to 25 years in prison and also two years in state jail for a drug charge. In December 2017, police were called to Lowe's on Kell Boulevard about a theft in progress where an employee and some customers had chased a man stealing power tools. When officers arrived, they found the suspect surrounded by several people in the parking lot of Aldi's grocery next door. The witnesses told police when they found him he had a large knife out, trying to cut off the audible anti-theft devices which were going off. The witnesses then tackled Lunsford and took his knife.

Broken Arrow, OK: Sherwin- Williams Arson Suspect sentenced to 5 years
An inventory of the contents revealed that several items, including ladders and paint sprayers, had been stolen from the store sometime before the fire was started. It was later discovered that several items were pawned by Matthew Evan Smith within days of the blaze.

Florence, AL: Man denied parole in 2011 C-Store Armed Robbery case
Lauderdale County District Attorney Chris Connolly said Shawn Lee Russum, 28, 209 Ironside St., Florence, will not be eligible to apply for early release until 2021. In a letter opposing the early release, Connolly pointed out that Russum had several disciplinarians against him since he has been in jail.

Abilene, TX: 2nd suspect arrested in string of 7 convenience store robberies

Queens, NY: Man Sentenced to 30 Months for Smuggling Counterfeit Apparel into the US from China


Robberies and Burglaries
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Scarsdale Security Systems

AT&T Saint Joseph, MI – Burglary
Boost Mobile – Montgomery County, TX – Burglary
C-Store – Harlingen, TX – Robbery
C-Store – Waco, TX – Armed Robbery
C-Store – Council Bluffs, IA – Robbery
C-Store – Porterville, CA – Armed Robbery
C-Store – Columbus, GA – Armed Robbery
Cellphone – Bronx, NY – Armed Robbery
Cellphone – Lakeview, IL – Burglary
CVS – Lincoln, NE – Robbery
Dollar General – Cincinnati, OH – Armed Robbery
Dollar General – San Jacinto County, TX – Armed Robbery
Family Dollar – Erie, PA – Armed Robbery
Gas Station – Nile, IL – Armed Robbery
Grocery – Mount Pleasant, SC – Armed Robbery
Grocery – West Chester, PA – Armed Robbery
Grocery – Holbrook, NY – Robbery
Jewelry – Chico, CA - Armed Robbery
Jewelry – Washington, IA – Robbery
Liquor Store – Shawnee County, KS – Armed Robbery
McDonalds – Bibb County, GA – Armed Robbery
McDonald’s – Blackfoot, ID – Robbery
McDonald’s – Bexar County, TX – Armed Robbery
7-Eleven – Vancouver, WA – Armed Robbery
7-Eleven – Manteca, CA – Armed Robbery

Daily Totals:
22 robberies
3 burglaries
0 shootings
0 killings


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Ralph Johnson
named Loss Prevention Associate for Burlington Stores
Scott Bohm named Business Development Manager for ZKTeco USA
Scott will be focusing on the development & promotion of ZKTeco entrance control products which currently is comprised of walkthrough metal detectors, turnstiles, and x-ray baggage scanners. Scott comes to ZKTeco USA with over 25 years of Loss Prevention managerial experience while employed with some of the largest nation-wide retailers in the USA. Congratulations, Scott!

Neal Katz named Central Regional Sales Manager for ZKTeco USA
Neal has over 25 years’ experience in biometric technology and a proven track record in business development & entrepreneurship. He’ll be supported by a team of 10+ ZKTeco manufacturers reps in his region. Congratulations, Neal!

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This position is responsible for managing all aspects of loss prevention for a geographic area to reduce and control shortage and other financial losses in 120 to 140 company stores. The coverage areas average $550 million in sales revenue and $3.5 million in shrink losses annually...

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This position will conduct a range of field audits within a base of 60 retail stores to ensure compliance to operational standards to drive Operational Excellence and preserve profitability...

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The Loss Prevention Investigator is responsible for utilizing proper investigative techniques and act as the primary liaison with field operations management. Conducts investigations into cash losses, deposit shortages, associate theft, overall shrinkage, and other matters...

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• Pay-O-Matic - Director of Security, Springfield Gardens, NY
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