Vertical-Focused BI:
Business Intelligence has finally evolved across Retail
Vertical-Focused vs. Generic
Today, cumbersome generic BI and reporting solutions are being reevaluated across the retail industry. The days of the expensive, complex, and resource-draining BI implementations are over. Yesterday's monolithic BI tools are being surpassed by the agility of vertically-aligned business intelligence solutions.

Learn how a variety of modern retailers have revitalized their stagnant business intelligence and reporting practices by channeling their data through systems that combine retail industry expertise and modern technology.
This whitepaper covers:
The core differentiation between vertical-focused and generic business intelligence solutions
How retailers are leveraging their vertical-focused BI investments to improve Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Loss Prevention
What to look for in a "Fox" or "Hedgehog" software solution
What types of IT resources are needed to deploy a vertical-focused BI tool
And more...