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As more and more news organizations and law enforcement agencies report on the rise of violent crime in the US, executives are asking loss prevention teams what they're doing in response to protect employees, customers, and the brand.

CAP Index® can help you respond. Now more than ever, it is critical to understand the differing crime risks at your stores. CAP Index can aid you in directing the right solutions to the right locations by allocating security resources objectively. With our crime risk intelligence, asset protection professionals are better equipped to OUTSMART CRIME® in today's changing environment.


The Most Trusted Source for Crime Risk Intelligence

For over 28 years, CAP Index has been the leader in crime risk forecasting, serving over 80% of the Fortune 100. Today more than 5,000 businesses and government agencies use our CRIMECAST® Maps and Reports, analytics, and tools to help optimize resources, limit exposure, and minimize losses.

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