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The NEW Top Emerging Risk For All Retailers & Companies Globally
Talent Shortage was the Third Placed Risk in the Previous Emerging Risks Monitor Report

Staff shortages have escalated in the last three months to become the top emerging risk organizations face globally, according to Gartner, Inc.'s latest Emerging Risks Survey.

The survey of 137 senior executives in 4Q18 showed that concerns about "talent shortages" now outweigh those around "accelerating privacy regulation" and "cloud computing", which were the top two risks in the 3Q18 Emerging Risk Monitor (see Figure 1).

"Organizations face huge challenges from the pace of business change, accelerating privacy regulations and the digitalization of their industries," said Matt Shinkman, managing vice president and risk practice leader at Gartner. "A common denominator here is that addressing these top business challenges involves hiring new talent that is in incredibly short supply."

Gartner research indicates that companies need to shift from external hiring strategies towards training their current workforces and applying risk mitigation strategies for critical talent shortages.

"Organizations face this talent crunch at a time when they are already challenged by risks that are exacerbated by a lack of appropriate expertise," said Mr. Shinkman. "Previous hiring strategies for coping with talent disruptions are insufficient in this environment, and risk managers have a key role to play in collaborating with HR in developing new approaches."

More detailed analysis is available to Gartner clients in the full report 4Q18 Emerging Risks Report and Monitor. Non clients can complete free registration to read more in Emerging Risk Trendsgartner.com

Editor's Note: It's become such a huge 'risk' that we're seeing in this article, for the first time, it being viewed as a risk to the extent that the risk management executives should be playing a key role in mitigating it along with their HR partners. An industry first from what we've seen.

Which by the way was widely discussed as far back as 1994 in a series of keynote speeches we delivered at a number of LP conferences, talking about the aging U.S. population and disparity in working age adults. Also, as we've reported in the past, Canada leads the world in this aging problem, as it relates to the work force reductions. And there is no easy solution other than robotics, technology, cashierless stores, and increased training and capabilities per employee.

This isn't going away and quite frankly it may lead to a company's demise in the future.
Just a thought - Gus Downing

Lowe's Nominates AP Executives for:
Manager of the Year Awards in AP & Ops Categories

Regional Asset Protection, Operations, & Safety Director of the Year
Anthony Bickley
Ellis Clark
Matt Thompson

District Asset Protection, Operations & Safety Manager of the Year
Jeff Bucher
Sam Charles
Jackie Goltara

Click here to see the complete list of nominees in all categories

CIOReview Magazine:
DTiQ Named One of 20 Most Promising Retail Solution Providers
CIOReview today announced that DTiQ has been recognized as one of the top 20 Retail Solutions Providers of 2019. DTiQ earned the CIOReview ranking for its retail performance improvement solution. DTiQ improves how retail locations are managed by combing intelligent video with advanced analytics in a unique managed service offering.

"It's a great honor to announce DTiQ as one of the 20 Promising Retail Solution Providers 2019. By delivering an intelligent video-based surveillance platform, DTiQ helps retail businesses manage and improve their performance and profitability," said Jeevan George, Managing Editor of CIOReview. "They combine this with unique, in person service offerings that improve loss prevention. This made DTiQ an easy choice in this space." prnewswire.com

Sekura Summit brings worldwide team together at The Shard, London
Sekura hosted their "Way Up" Global Summit in the UK's tallest building, "The Shard" in London, this January. Key team members flew in from as far as Australia and North America, to join their EU and UK based colleagues for this international event.

The "Way Up" was held on the 24th Floor of The Shard, on January 7th 2019, against the backdrop of London's skyline. This Global Summit celebrated the fantastic achievements of the Sekura Global teams in 2018, with both sales and growth way up on 2017, recognizing the collective successes of everyone involved. It was part of a three day event designed to bring together Sekura's principal team members. Read more in today's Vendor Spotlight column below.

Arecont Vision Costar Adds Sales and Technical Resources
in Eastern US and Canada Regions

Arecont Vision Costar, the leader in network-based video surveillance solutions, announces the addition of sales and technical resources with two new hires. Matt Bernfeld has been appointed as the Regional Sales Manager for the US Mid-Atlantic Region. Mark Wicinski has joined the company as a Field Application Engineer for the US East and Canada regions. arecontvision.com

Network of Executive Women Recognizes Target For Gender Diversity
and Inclusion

Target Corporation was recognized for its strong commitment to women's leadership and gender equality in the workplace with the Network of Executive Women's William J. Grize Award, January 21, 2019 during the Retail Industry Leaders Association's Retail CEO Forum in Amelia Island, Florida.

The William J. Grize Award is named for the late president and CEO of Stop & Shop, an early champion of gender diversity. Since 2011, the William J. Grize Award has honored industry leaders and companies who have demonstrated "an enduring commitment to the advancement of women and to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace."

In 2016, Target signed the White House Equal Pay Pledge, backing up that pledge with a comprehensive annual pay audit and leadership training designed to reduce bias in decision-making.

Today almost half of Target's store managers are female, each overseeing up to 500 employees and responsible for maximizing profitability, guest experience and sales. Women make up 36 percent of Target's board and 45 percent of its executives.  businessinsider.com

"Voices From the Field" - How the Shutdown is Impacting the FBI
FBI agents say shutdown is impacting all their cases & informants

"The fear is, our enemies know they can run freely," says an FBI counterterrorism agent.

The partial government shutdown is hampering FBI investigations into terror suspects, drug traffickers and child sexual predators, according to a report by a group representing the federal law enforcement officers.

The 72-page report, titled "Voices from the Field," features dozens of firsthand accounts from unnamed agents detailing the ways the shutdown is hindering their work.

"It's bad enough to work without pay, but we can only conduct administrative functions while doing it," says the agent, who works in the western region. "The fear is, our enemies know they can run freely."

The shutdown has also stripped the department of the ability to buy drugs for narcotics busts and pay confidential informants, according to the report from the FBI Agents Association.

The FBI's roughly 35,000 employees, including 13,000 special agents, are bracing to miss their second paycheck this Friday as the shutdown stretches into its fifth week. nbcnews.com

U.S. Attorney:
Walgreens Whistleblowers Leads to:
Walgreens Paying $269.2M In Two Civil Healthcare Fraud Settlements

The first settlement, approved on January 16, 2019, by U.S. District Judge Paul A. Crotty and unsealed today, requires WALGREENS to pay $209.2 million to resolve allegations that it improperly billed Medicare, Medicaid, and other federal healthcare programs for hundreds of thousands of insulin pens it knowingly dispensed to program beneficiaries who did not need them.

The second settlement, approved on January 15, 2019, by U.S. District Judge J. Paul Oetken and unsealed today, requires WALGREENS to pay $60 million to resolve allegations that it overbilled Medicaid by failing to disclose to and charge Medicaid the lower drug prices that WALGREENS offered the public through a discount program. In both settlements, WALGREENS admitted and accepted responsibility for conduct the Government alleged in its complaints under the False Claims Act.

"Walgreens defrauded the U.S. Department of Labor's (DOL) Federal Employees' Compensation Act Program and other health care programs out of millions of dollars by over-dispensing insulin pens at the risk of potentially causing harm to beneficiaries.

WALGREENS did not disclose to Medicaid the discount drug prices it offered customers through the PSC when it sought reimbursement from Medicaid. As a result, Medicaid programs paid WALGREENS more in reimbursements than they would have paid had WALGREENS disclosed the lower PSC prices.

In connection with these settlements, WALGREENS has entered into a Corporate Integrity Agreement with HHS-OIG. justice.gov

Court certifies class of 5M Walmart applicants in background check suit
A California district court has certified a class of approximately 5 million people who once applied to Walmart in a suit alleging background check violations (Pitre v. Walmart Stores, Inc., No. 17-cv-01281 (C.D. Cal. Jan. 17, 2019)).

The lawsuit alleges that Walmart willfully included extraneous information in disclosure forms and procured investigative reports without informing class members of their right to request a written summary of their rights under California and federal law. retaildive.com

The EEOC: Background Checks What Employers Need to Know

3 Employment Screening Trends to Know Before You Hire in 2019
In 2019, more background-check providers will offer online and social media searches as part of their suite of products, but employers must ensure that these searches protect candidate privacy and don't run afoul of the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) or standards set by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

"Social media screening presents opportunities for recruiters to find candidates and to reduce risk, but at the same time, these searches can create a legal minefield of potential liability

Experts agree that if employers decide to screen an applicant through social media, the best way to reduce legal risk is by having a third-party vendor perform the search instead of doing it in-house. Background-check providers that perform social media screening must comply with the FCRA and produce accurate reports scrubbed of protected characteristics.

Continuous Monitoring

New technology lets companies go beyond pre-employment checks and rescreens to real-time monitoring of current employees for warning signs of illegal or other concerning behavior.

"Employee monitoring is one of the biggest trends I'm seeing."

Uber announced plans last year for ongoing monitoring of arrest and conviction data on their drivers. "These tools have been around for a while, but end users are finally seeing the benefits, and the data is getting better," Morris said.  

"While there are some industries whose regulations have mandated continuous or some form of periodic screening, such as health care, we are seeing more industries embrace the idea."

Hiring People with Criminal Records

Research shows a majority of HR professionals find little difference in quality of hire between applicants with and without a criminal record.

"The fact that employers cannot find workers due to the current labor shortage has caused them to turn to an untapped and underutilized source of labor: ex-offenders and [former] inmates from the approximately 20 million Americans who have been convicted of a felony," Rosen said.

"Companies recognize that hiring from this population is the right thing to do, but it's also good business."

The industries most hospitable to people with criminal records have been call centers, construction, health care, manufacturing, retail, and transportation and warehousing.

"Companies generally recognize that they can ill afford to ignore any large pool of talent out there, and this is arguably one of the largest. One in three adults have a record of some kind." shrm.org

Fortune's Worlds Most Admired Companies - #1 Apple, #2 Amazon

Apple Pay to work at Target, Taco Bell & Covering 74% of top 100 US

China will overtake the US as the world's biggest retail market this year

60% of US consumers are willing to share or sell their personal data

Limited's Demise - Another Venture Capital Siphoning Cash

Quarterly Results
Ahold-Delhaize Q4 U.S. sales up 2.7%, total company sales up 3%


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Enhance your Cybersecurity Stance with the R-CISC's Hands-on Workshops
It's no secret that retail, hospitality and consumer-facing companies face cybersecurity concerns. Security breaches damage the trust customers have in a brand, hurt revenue and may even cause permanent damage to the brand.

Every indicator suggests that cyberattacks will continue to strike our sectors, but our collaboration helps all member security departments improve cybersecurity - and we all get ahead of the curve. The R-CISC Intelligence Workshops are built by members, for their retail and hospitality cybersecurity practitioner peers. These regional events give you a chance to spend the day with top retail and customer-facing cybersecurity practitioners, network with your peers and walk away with real-world strategies for taking action on your cyber threat intel.

This year, the R-CISC will partner with three member companies to host workshops with content voted upon and delivered by leaders in each region. As an attendee, you'll be an active contributor, asked to roll up your sleeves and dive in to the topics most relevant for you. Click here for the lineup of topics. r-cisc.org

Bad News: 75% Abandoning Brands after Data Breaches
New Survey of Moving Target

Three-quarters of consumers would stop engaging with a brand online following a breach and half would not sign up for an online service that had recently been breached, a new survey shows. The Ping Identity survey reveals many consumers are making drastic changes to the ways they interact with companies and secure their own personal data following a breach:

● 78 percent of respondents would stop engaging with a brand online and more than one third (36 percent) would stop engaging altogether if the brand had experienced a breach.

● Nearly half (49 percent) would not sign up and use an online service or application that recently experienced a data breach.

● Almost half (47 percent) have made changes to the way they secure their personal data as a result of recent breaches and over half (54 percent) are more concerned with protecting their personal information today than they were a year ago.

Younger Generation Has Higher Trust in Brands

Americans are Nearly Twice as Likely to Share Sensitive Information with Brands

Cybercrime Could Cost Companies $5.2 Trillion Over Next Five Years
Companies globally could incur $5.2 trillion in additional costs and lost revenue over the next five years due to cyberattacks, as dependency on complex internet-enabled business models outpaces the ability to introduce adequate safeguards that protect critical assets.

A new report from Accenture notes that cybercrime from a wide range of malicious activities poses significant challenges that can threaten business operations, innovation and growth, and the expansion into new products and services, ultimately costing companies trillions of dollars.

Among the key findings: Four in five respondents (79 percent) believe that the advancement of the digital economy will be severely hindered unless there is dramatic improvement to internet security, and more than half (59 percent) of respondents said the internet is getting increasingly unstable from a cybersecurity standpoint and they are unsure how to react.

At the same time, three-quarters (75 percent) of respondents believe that addressing cybersecurity challenges will require an organized group effort, as no single organization can solve the challenge on its own. With heightened concerns about internet security, more than half (56 percent) of executives would also welcome stricter business regulations imposed by a central organization or governing body. securitymagazine.com

The role of AI and 5G key topics at CES 2019
The role of 5G was also discussed. "5G will change everything-5G is the promise of so much more than what we have seen from wireless technology," Hans Vestberg, CEO, Verizon, said during his keynote.

CES 2019 also showed how artificial intelligence will influence every aspect of our lives. IBM Chairman, President and CEO Ginni Rometty's opening keynote explored how AI will prove data is the "world's greatest natural resource," enabling revolutions from smart cities to health care, transportation to robotics. During Rometty's keynote, Delta CEO Ed Bastian and Walmart EVP of Food Charles Redfield shared examples of AI and blockchain technology in their businesses. securitysystemsnews.com

How Cybercriminals Clean Their Dirty Money
By using a combination of new cryptocurrencies and peer-to-peer marketplaces, cybercriminals are laundering up to an estimated $200 billion in ill-gotten gains a year. And that's just the beginning. That number represents an estimated 8%-10% of total illegal profits laundered globally.

Cybercriminals, the same shadowy figures who use ransomware, email scams, denial-of-service attacks and other methods to earn a living, have turned to money laundering to hide and eventually "cash out" the profits of their criminal deeds. And it's no wonder why when you consider that cybercrime is a lucrative business, with some bad guys making an estimated $20,000 per month or more.

Now they're moving to newer and lesser-known virtual currencies that are not in as many headlines and easier to manipulate. These transactions do not require people to use their real names, so they can buy and sell currency from unidentifiable addresses. Cryptocurrencies are also attractive because they are highly portable; you can carry millions of pounds of coins on a USB drive and easily move across borders via email or on a plane.

Modern e-commerce is another target for cybercriminals. They create money-laundering schemes that use legitimate websites as payment processors. First, they make illegal purchases online and have them appear as lawful transactions on their bank statements. Next, the dirty money moves straight to online merchants, who funnel it through other legitimate payment ecosystems.

Bad guys create fake e-commerce sites that look and feel like the real thing but actually don't sell anything. They are simply online money-laundering boutiques, just like that empty bricks-and-mortar store that is actually a front for illegal activity.

Exploiting Brand-Name Payment Systems

Some of the Internet's biggest marketplaces are now being exploited by cybercriminal money launderers thanks to their online payment systems, ease of use, and huge global adoption. darkreading.com

Take this Google quiz to see if you can spot phishing emails


Sekura Summit brings worldwide team together at The Shard, London

Sekura hosted their "Way Up" Global Summit in the UK's tallest building, "The Shard" in London, this January. Key team members flew in from as far as Australia and North America, to join their EU and UK based colleagues for this international event.

The "Way Up" was held on the 24th Floor of The Shard, on January 7th 2019, against the backdrop of London's skyline. This Global Summit celebrated the fantastic achievements of the Sekura Global teams in 2018, with both sales and growth way up on 2017, recognizing the collective successes of everyone involved. It was part of a three day event designed to bring together Sekura's principal team members.

Carina Lewis, Global VP of Sales commented: "The Way Up Global Summit was an excellent opportunity for us to meet, network, collaborate and innovate with our colleagues around the world.

"Our focus is on providing high quality solutions to retailers which Save Loss and Save Time, but also enhance the in-store Customer Experience and support initiatives such as 'friction-less self-checkout'.

"During these three days we have been previewing the latest innovations that we'll be bringing to market over the coming months, learning how they can improve our customers LP and Ops programs, and providing outstanding ROI for our retail partners".

To Demonstrate Sekura's best-in-class hard tag for Self-Checkout during breakout sessions, each Sekura team member took part in The SlideTag Challenge - timing how fast they could apply and remove three SlideTags from apparel merchandise. Awards for the fastest were presented, with Karen Hearn grabbing the top prize with a time of just 9.12 seconds! Find out more about the award winning SlideTag here.

At the conclusion of the event the team gathered on floor 72 for "The View from The Shard", to celebrate their success with a glass of Bubbly and to take in the 360 degree panoramic views of London.

All international team members then joined the UK team at the company's Global HQ, for two further days of training and best practice sharing.



'Immediate Action' Needed as LCBO Theives Steal Millions in Liquor
9,000 Shoplifting Incidents in Four and a Half Years

Crooks Emboldened by Toronto Police Service's Hands-Off Approach

Thieves are walking out of LCBO stores with millions of dollars in booze and "immediate action" is needed, says the union representing the Crown corporation's frontline employees.

And Sun sources say such crooks have become increasingly emboldened over the last year since the Toronto Police Service, as part of its modernization plan, decided to stop physically responding to LCBO stores after a theft - or any other theft under $5,000 - unless the culprit is still on site or there is a risk to public safety.

The Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) says LCBO employees are told not to stop thieves because it may put themselves or customers at risk, and staff who attempt to intervene can face discipline.

He wrote a letter earlier this month to Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Finance Minister Vic Fedeli pleading for them to take "immediate action," claiming there have been 9,000 LCBO shoplifting incidents in the last four-and-a-half years. A police source claims that wouldn't include thefts under $100 because the LCBO does not report those. torontosun.com

'Brazenness of the shoplifting has gone up':
Canadian retailers grapple with age-old problem
Baby formula, fresh meat and alcohol are at the top of the list when thieves go 'shopping' at retail outlets. Retailers say the overall theft problem - estimated to cost Manitoba stores more than $180 million in losses annually - may not be spiking, but offenders are definitely becoming more brazen.

John Graham of the Retail Council of Canada said thieves target items they believe they can sell quickly either to people on the street or online.

"There is also a market with organized crime, where individuals go in and select from grocery lists of items for conversion to drugs and cash. Fifty cents or less on the dollar is what they get, but it all comes back to the consumer (in the form of higher prices)."

"The rate of shoplifting has been consistent for a number of years, but the brazenness of the shoplifting has gone up. And, for cities with high drug problems like meth, shoplifting is even higher."

Theft from retailers nation-wide is estimated to be a $3-billion problem, according to the Retail Council of Canada. To combat shoplifting, various retailers have decided to either not carry certain items, stock a smaller number or remove them from their shelves and sell it behind the customer service desk. winnipegfreepress.com

Winnipeg retailers add extra security measures for baby formula as thefts rise
Winnipeg retailers say baby formula is increasingly being swiped from their shelves and have added extra security measures to protect the products. In one of the Food Fare locations on Portage Avenue, there's only a few cans of the product out, the rest is behind the cash register.

Some Safeway and Superstore locations don't even have the product available on the shelf, people have to go to customer service to find it. While at some Walmart locations, there's extra security cameras monitoring the formula aisle. Zeid suspects people are not taking the cans of formula because they are in need, but rather to resell. globalnews.ca

Canada's pot shortage could last 5 years
Some Stores Shut Down, Employees Laid Off

Canadian pot producers will need to grow as much as 6 million kilograms of cannabis annually in order to meet the domestic demand for dried flower, edible products and other extractables that are expected hit the market later this year. Demand for recreational cannabis has vastly outstripped supply since it became legal in October. As a result, some retailers have temporarily shut down stores or laid off staff, provinces have suspended allocating new licences and Health Canada has hired more inspectors to issue more cultivation licences.

"Five years to meet that demand is conservative, in my opinion," Robinson said. "What may occur is that we can't get the growing figured out, then Health Canada has no choice but to open up imported product into the country."  bnnbloomberg.ca

More than half of Ontario municipalities opt in for cannabis retail stores

Cannabis-carrying border crossers could be hit with fines under coming system

Canada Store Openings & Expansions
Dollarama officially opens an online store in Canada
Brand New Restaurant Opens First Canadian Location in Mississauga

Flexible Workspace Company LAUFT 1ST Mall Location in Canada with Plans for Global Expansion
Sleep Country opens 265th location in Canada

Gymboree to Close All 49 Canadian Stores Amid Bankruptcy

More than 100,000 toxic toys named in Canada-wide recall

Canadian Retail Predictions For 2019: '30 international retailers will enter Canada'

Loblaws under pressure to increase minimum wage

'A very amazing person': Brandon Truaxe, founder of Deciem, dies suddenly

Smash and grabs drain $100K from Alberta retailers; Targeting Cell Phones
Theives Hit Walmarts in Calgary, Edmonton & Lethbridge
A group of teens have smash-and-grabbed about $100,000 in merchandise from Alberta retailers like Walmarts in Calgary, Edmonton and Lethbridge, police say. Staff Sgt. Guy Baker says the group is made up of five to seven teenagers. They rush into a store, cause a commotion - often smashing display cases - and make off with stolen merchandise during the resulting confusion. "When they do these kinds of thefts, they are getting a large amount of merchandise that is very expensive and they are targeting cell phones," Baker said. cbc.ca

Ottawa: Man hit in the mouth and hand in targeted Burger King shooting
Bullets Hit Drive-Thru Customer's Car

St. Jean sur Richelieu, QC: Suspicious package left in front of boutique store
Same store threatened twice in 2018, owners attacked at home

Toronto, ON: Suspect wanted in rash of thefts at restaurants, coffee shops and stores

Barrie, ON: Police seek assistance identifying suspect in grocery store theft


Robberies & Burglaries

Adult Store - Kamloops, BC - Armed Robbery
Circle K - Thunder Bay, ON - Robbery
Grocery Store - Thunder Bay, ON - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Ottawa, ON - Robbery



'Inside the LPRC IMPACT Conference' 2018
An Eight-Episode Series Presented by Sensormatic

Assessing The Real-World Impact of LP Efforts
The LPRC Delivers Evidence-Based Solutions and Actionable Results

LPRC Board of Advisors

Industry Impact & Future Direction
Helping to Steer the Industry's Only Academic Research Effort

Brian Bazer, Sr. Director of Loss Prevention, rue21, & Chairperson of the LPRC Board of Advisors
Shannon Hunter, VP, LP & Sustainability, Office Depot, & Vice Chair of the LPRC Board of Advisors
Eric Buttlar, Vice President, Asset Protection, Best Buy, & LPRC Board Member

In our 8th and final episode in this LPNN series, we speak with three members of the Loss Prevention Research Council's Board of Advisors who are helping steer the effort with Dr. Read Hayes, Director of the LPRC, and his team.

With years of LPRC involvement, Brian Bazer, Shannon Hunter, and Eric Buttlar talk about why the LPRC has been so successful over the years and what the future holds, as the only academic resource in the LP/AP industry bringing together retailers, solution providers, manufacturers, and government agencies to solve the problems of today and potential problems of the future.

From utilizing evidence-based research to developing peer relationships, learn how the LPRC can help you contribute to your organization at a much higher level.

As a retailer, the LPRC can help you work smarter, not harder, leveraging the wisdom of the crowd without reinventing the wheel. As a solution provider, the LPRC allows you to hear directly from the voice of the customer.

Get involved today! Learn more at lpresearch.org

Exclusive Sponsor:

See more of our 2nd LPRC series here. Watch our 1st series here.
Take the time to learn. As this is the LP/AP academic "Think Tank".




5 Mistakes Merchants Make That Lead to More Chargebacks
Between the complexity of the chargeback process and the sheer volume of transactions and associated information that pour in during the holidays, mistakes are easy to make when challenging a chargeback. But they're even easier to avoid by taking steps to prevent them in the first place.

Not communicating clearly with customers
Reduce the number of chargebacks due to lack of communication by adopting features that offer transparency. Provide regular updates about the status of an order, empower customers to see what's happening in their accounts and optimize the payment process.

Lacking a paper trail
It's a lot easier to fight chargebacks when you're keeping detailed records of all transactions. Collect customer and purchase information and screenshot it-this will help prove that a customer actually purchased or received the item in question.

Not working with your credit card processor
Take advantage of the knowledge and experience your credit card processor has combating chargebacks. They're also invested in you winning the fight, given that they stand to benefit from it as much as you do. So, work with them to make sure you have all the tools at your disposal to be successful.

Not checking whether the acquiring bank is involved
The acquiring bank-the financial institution that maintains the merchant's bank account-often handles chargeback disputes, but many businesses don't determine that before challenging a chargeback. Some chargebacks qualify for automatic representment, so it's a good idea to check if the chargeback you're disputing is already being handled by the acquirer.

Ignoring your metrics
Succeeding at scale will rely in part on tracking chargeback metrics. For example, having a chargeback rate in excess of 1 percent might indicate that your site is being used by fraudsters to test stolen credit cards or that account takeover is wreaking havoc on your customers. cardnotpresent.com

The hidden costs of online shopping - for customers and retailers
Internet shopping has grown massively, especially now that free delivery and returns, with multiple ways of making them, are the norm. You can order a number of variations of the same piece of clothing, for example, and then just send back the unwanted ones.

While many returned items may be damaged or faulty, a lot of places will let you return something just because you don't like what you ordered. And instagramming expensive clothes, for #OOTD (outfit of the day) posts, and then returning them is one part of the "try-buy" trend.

"Customer first" is the basis of all retailer strategies. Many have had to put online sales systems into place very quickly to beat the competition. But now they are struggling with the consequences. The return rates from e-commerce are quoted as two to three times higher than those for in store purchases. And there are downsides for both retailers and customers. Read more: theconversation.com

Amazon ramping up its ocean shipping service

Dollarama is launching an online store

eCommerce Brands Find A Home At The Mall

ReadyReturns Teams up with Online Retailers to Tackle High Product Return Rates



Update: Green Bay, WI: Two men sentenced in Federal court for Multi-state Textbook Theft Operation
Two Texas men will serve time in federal prison for stealing thousands of dollars worth of textbooks from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and other college campuses. U.S. District Court Judge William C. Griesbach on Tuesday sentenced Ryan S. Lewis to eight months in prison and Genesis G. Abellar to six months in prison in connection to a scheme to steal and resell college textbooks. Both of the men were found guilty of felony conspiracy to transport stolen goods - a crime which under certain circumstances can carry a maximum five-year prison sentence. Lewis and Abellar were arrested in Texas in August 2017 following an investigation which revealed the two had stolen more than $12,000 worth of textbooks from the offices of professors at UWGB in June of that year. The pair were found to have committed similar crimes at UW-Whitewater, UW-Stout and UW-River Falls, as well as at colleges in Minnesota, North Dakota, Arizona, New Mexico and Washington. greenbaypressgazette.com

Apex, NC: Walgreens employee accused of stealing 200 hydrocodone, 300 oxycodone pills
Apex Police Department identified Melanie Holland Moss as the Walgreens employee accused in the theft. Moss faces felony charges of larceny by an employee and trafficking opium. abc11.com

Lutz, FL: Target Seasonal employee accused of stealing iPads, Fitbits on last day
A Target seasonal employee in Pasco County was arrested last week for stealing thousands of dollars worth of electronics from the store on her last day. Deputies arrested Katelynn Wilson on Friday for a theft that happened earlier this month at the Target on Dale Mabry Highway in Lutz. According to an arrest report, a security camera inside the store caught Wilson and another person stealing on her last day of work at the store as a seasonal employee. The other person, who deputies did not identify, was a former employee at the same store. The merchandise was worth $2,139 total. wfla.com

Brown Deer, WI: Two women arrested after allegedly asking others to return stolen merchandise
Police were called to the Brown Deer Walmart on Saturday. According to police, two young woman approached two men and asked them to exchange an air mattress and a vacuum cleaner to which they agreed. Police arrived on scene and counseled the two men on their behavior. The two women were arrested for Retail Theft. One was also found to have an outstanding warrant. cbs58.com

Australia: Update: Police break up baby formula crime family that allegedly stole $720,000 of milk powder
Australian police have broken up a criminal gang accused of stealing thousands of tins of baby formula worth one million Australian dollars ($720,000) from stores over the past year and shipping them for sale in China. Six people, including four members of the same family, have been arrested on suspicion of involvement in the syndicate. Last August, investigators raided two homes linked to the syndicate and seized 4,000 tins of baby formula, large quantities of vitamins, Manuka honey and 215,000 Australian dollars ($154,000). Police believe the gang had run a lucrative operation for years, and made thousands of shipments of baby formula to China in the past 12 months, Daniel Doherty, New South Wales robbery and serious crime squad commander, told reporters Monday. wdsu.com

Manning, SC: Four arrested for $2,000 Shoplifting spree at Walmart in Manning

Polk County, FL: Mailman sentenced after admitting to stealing 100 gift cards and thousands in cash; total value at nearly $2,000

Denton, TX: Woman arrested for theft of $562 worth of DVD's from Walmart

UK: England: Falmouth is 'under siege' by shoplifting gang who allegedly sell stolen items on eBay; One shop owner reckons $13,000 worth of items have been taken in the last week alone

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Shootings & Deaths

Kelso, WA: Female C-Store Employee shot and killed in Armed Robbery
The robbery occurred at Holt's Quik Chek at 4:12 a.m. Tuesday. The suspect shot and killed the only employee in the store. Police Captain darr Kirk later identified the victim as Kayla Chapman, 30, who called 911 after she was shot and later died of her injuries. ktvz.com

St Charles Parish, LA: Man killed during Luling drug store robbery ID'd by Police
The St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office has identified the suspected armed robber shot and killed during a holdup at a Luling drug store Monday (Jan. 21) as Mark Fisher Jr. 36. Fisher died after he was shot by a pharmacist at Thrift Village Drugs, according to Cpl. James Grimaldi, spokesman for the department. The attempted robbery and shooting occurred just before 6 p.m. A masked man armed with a pistol walked into the store and demanded drugs from the pharmacist and a clerk behind the counter. There was a scuffle, and the pharmacist pulled out his own gun and shot the robber. nola.com

Orland Park, IL: Manhunt Continues For Suspected Orland Park Mall Shooter, Jakharr Williams
The manhunt continues for 19-year-old parolee Jakharr Williams, the suspect in the deadly Orland Square Mall shooting, and police say he should be considered armed and dangerous. Williams is wanted for the shooting Monday that killed an 18-year-old high school senior and created enormous panic at the Orland Square Mall in Orland Park. Tuesday afternoon the family of the victim, 18-year-old Javon Britten, made a plea to the killer. "Surrender," the victim's aunt Stephanie Kizer said. "So we can have peace, you can have peace." Williams and Britten knew each other, Britten's family says. Another family member with Britten at the mall says he and Williams had words then Williams shoved Britten. cbslocal.com

Bethlehem Township, PA: Neighborhood on lockdown after fired warehouse worker allegedly returns with gun
An employee terminated from a warehouse in Bethlehem Township returned there and pointed a handgun at employees, leading to a brief lockdown, township police said. It was later determined that 28-year-old Thomas Decker was an employee of Geodis Logistics. No one was reported injured. Decker was charged with making terroristic threats and arraigned Tuesday evening, police said. lehighvalleylive.com

Update: Murray, UT: Five gang members charged in Utah mall shooting
Five people were formally charged Tuesday in 3rd District Court for a shooting that happened on Jan 13th, just outside Fashion Place mall in Murray between rival gang members that injured two and created a panic for all mall patrons. All charges are subject to gang-enhanced penalties if convicted. deseretnews.com

Charlotte, NC: Trio of teens arrested after 3 high schoolers hurt in shootout outside Family Dollar

Jersey City, NJ: Police arrest suspect in the Jan 11th Newport Centre Mall shooting

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Tecumseh, OK: 13-Year-Old Stops Armed Robbery At Family Dollar Store
When 13-year-old Braydon Self and his stepfather entered a Family Dollar store in Oklahoma, they had no clue of the terrifying scene they were walking into. The first thing Braydon saw upon entering was a man aiming a gun at his stepdad. The pair had unknowingly walked right into a robbery in progress.

But instead of shutting down and letting fear overcome him, Braydon used his quick-thinking and survival instincts. With the gunman's focus directed elsewhere, Braydon ran to the back of the store and huddled in the stockroom. The teen pulled out his cellphone and called 911. Just as police arrived, the gunman escaped out the back door. Authorities eventually identified the gunman and found him at his home - where they uncovered evidence of other crimes that had been committed by the same man. littlethings.com

Trussville, AL: 6-time convicted felon ID'd as suspect in stabbing of 2 Belk Loss Prevention employees; LP officers sustain non-life threatening injuries

Boardman, OH: Kohl's Shoplifting suspect's getaway car held at gunpoint after foot chase

Lexington, KY: Lexington Police are 'all hands on deck' reacting to spike in Robberies

UK: London, England: Crime minister Victoria Atkins is to unveil a three-pronged approach to tackling Retail Violence


UK: Birmingham, England: $3.2 Million haul of fake luxury goods seized
in 'Operation Beorma'

Counterfeit designer products worth an estimated 2.5m UK pounds ($3.2m) have been seized in Birmingham, UK, including Chanel, Dior and Michael Kors knock-offs. The fakes included handbags, watches, purses, belts, electrical products, footwear, sunglasses and accessories, but there was particular concern about 50,000 bottles of Chanel, Paco Rabanne and Armani perfumes. Earlier this month, two entry warrants were executed on a residential home address based in the Hall Green area of Birmingham, and one storage unit based in the Digbeth area of the city. The latter facility took enforcement teams two days to clear out, and also searched were four vans that yielded a large number of fake goods along with "evidence of manufacturing labels and equipment." Other counterfeits uncovered in the raids included counterfeits of SuperDry, Louis Vuitton, North Face, Stone Island and GHD products. The warrants issued to allow the raids were connected to Operation Beorma, a joint National Trading Standards (NTS) and National Markets Group (NMG) operation, into the importation and supply of branded counterfeit and unsafe products. securingindustry.com


Conway, SC: Plea accepted, trial date set for suspects in deadly Sunhouse C-Store robbery
Jerome Jenkins and McKinley Daniels, suspects in the deadly 2015 Sunhouse convenience store robberies and appeared in court Tuesday. Jenkins and Daniels are each charged with three counts of armed robbery and two counts of murder. In the hearing, Daniels accepted a plea deal in which he agreed to plead guilty armed robbery and murder in exchange for 30 years for armed robbery and 45 years for murder, to run concurrently. Meanwhile, a trial date has been set for Jenkins for May 13. wpde.com


Boost Mobile - Bronx, NY - Robbery
C-Store - Kelso, WA - Armed Robbery (Clerk shot/ killed)
C-Store - Penbrook, PA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Bronx, NY - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Hopewell, VA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Miami, FL - Burglary
C-Store - Ames, IA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Endwell, NY - Robbery
C-Store - Laredo, TX - Robbery
Department Store - Trussville, AL - Armed Robbery (2 Belk LP agents stabbed)
Dollar General - Elkhart, IN - Burglary (2x in an hour)
Dollar Tree - Little Rock, AR - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Newburgh, NY - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Weymouth, MA - Armed Robbery
Liquor Store - Mt Pleasant, MI - Armed Robbery
Pharmacy - New Orleans, LA - Armed Robbery (suspect shot/killed)
Restaurant - Glen Ellyn, IL - Armed Robbery (KFC)
7-Eleven - Springfield, VA - Robbery
7-Eleven - Aurora, IL - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
17 robberies
3 burglaries
2 shootings
2 killings




None to report.

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