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Chad McIntosh Joins WG Security Products as the VP of Innovative Product Solutions
WG Security Products, Inc. of Campbell, CA is pleased to announce that Chad McIntosh will be joining the WG Security Team as the VP of Innovative Product Solutions. Chad most recently held the position of Vice President of Asset Protection and Risk Management for Bloomingdale's in New York City. His 42-year career is highlighted by many successful strategies within department stores, specialty and big box retailers.
Read more in the Press Release column below
Ian Dill named Vice President, Store Operations and Asset Protection for Centric Brands, Inc.
Ian was previously the Vice President, Asset Protection for Global Brands Group since September of 2017. Prior, he was the Vice President of BCBG Max Azria Group. He's also held other senior leadership positions in the asset protection industry including Vice President of Asset Protection - Northeast and Southeast, and Director of Asset Protection - Field Operations for Sports Authority. He was also a Loss Prevention Manager/Regional Investigator for Nike for two years. Congratulations Ian!
Dilsia Corona named Senior Asset Protection, Operations & Safety Manager for Lowe's
Dilsia was previously a Loss Prevention, Safety and Hazmat Manager for the home improvement retailer since 2006. She's also held other roles as an intern for the California Department of Alcohol Beverage Control and as a Police Cadet for the Lodi Police Department. Congratulations Dilsia!

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Letter from Lohra Miller, CEO, Turning Point Justice

As we move into the new year, I would like to thank the retail and criminal justice executives who have taken the time over these last few years to provide feedback as TPJ worked to craft a new approach for responding to retail theft. We have learned so much from these discussions and value the trust of our partners as we worked together to build a truly innovative new process.

No one will deny that these last two years have been particularly challenging for TPJ, but it was these same challenges that have motivated us to explore additional solutions to better meet the industry's needs. As a result, we are excited to tell you how we've implemented the comments and suggestions you've shared with us.

Direct Reporting, our new service, provides retailers with a platform to effortlessly collaborate with criminal justice agencies across the United States in a manner that maintains the retailer's unique apprehension policies and procedures. Through this platform, criminal justice agencies instantly communicate to the retail agent whether the individual can be released without law enforcement response and provide the Asset Protection team an alternative method for submitting the incident report.

Retailers and Law Enforcement Collaborate to Streamline Retail Theft Reporting
Turning Point Justice today announced the release of Direct Reporting, the newest addition to their retail and criminal justice suite of services. Direct Reporting provides retailers with a platform designed to effortlessly support retail collaborations with criminal justice agencies across the United States in a manner that preserves the retailer's unique apprehension policies and procedures.
Read more in today's Vendor Spotlight column below.


A glimpse into Amazon's Global Security Operations Centre (GSOC)
The GSOC professional team is continuously supporting my team in delivering high quality Security and Loss Prevention services to our Amazon EMEA internal customers, ensuring the security and safety of our associates, our operations continuity whilst keeping our promise to our customers. linkedin.com

Do People Give False Confessions? All Too Often, Experts Say
While it might appear as though false confessions are an unlikely and uncommon occurrence, the Innocence Project has found that 1 in 4 people wrongfully convicted and later exonerated with DNA evidence had confessed to the crime or made an incriminating statement despite being innocent.

Moreover, psychology research conducted since the first DNA exoneration in 1989 has found that most people will confess to crimes they did not commit if under enough pressure to do so.

"Sleep deprivation, isolation, deprivation of food and water, promises and threats such that you believe it is in your own self-interest to confess - those are human decision-making [factors] that are exploited in an interrogation setting," psychology professor Saul M. Kassin told Law360. "I would argue that the average person, under those circumstances, is vulnerable."

As Kassin laid out in a 2015 research paper, interrogations are often designed precisely to increase a suspect's anxiety and to position confession as an attractive option. As the pressure builds over hours of questioning - research suggests that more than 70 percent of cases of false confessions involve interrogations lasting more than six hours - people get tired and more prone to shortsighted decision-making, Kassin explained.

Paradoxically, he said, innocent people are actually more likely to confess in these circumstances, believing that the evidence will ultimately clear them precisely because they know they are not really guilty.

"The mind of an innocent person tells them that everything is going to work itself out," he said.

Both Kassin and Brian Leslie, a forensic expert who specializes in coerced confessions, highlighted that a popular and long-standing method known as the Reid technique encourages police to conduct interrogations - which are classified as fundamentally different than witness interviews - with the presumption that the suspect is guilty.

John E. Reid & Associates Inc., which has trademarked the technique, continues to stand by its methods and denies claims that it encourages law enforcement to get a confession whether or not it is true, saying, "The purpose of an interrogation is to learn the truth."  law360.com

State of the Market: Video Surveillance
The video surveillance market is strong and will continue to grow. It is less a lumbering giant, though, and more an agile athlete, able to pivot and adapt - it just happens to be the largest one on the security court. Any fears of market saturation seem to shrink in the face of the cross-functional video applications, integrations, video surveillance as a service and improving technology, better cyber security, and the unquenchable thirst the world seems to have for having cameras everywhere.

In the U.S., a robust economy and increased awareness of the need for security have fueled the growth in this industry segment, so much so that some security integrators are finding their biggest challenge is learning how to harness that growth and not let it run away with them. sdmmag.com

Forbes Friday Article - Consumer Safety Getting Coverage
Retailers Are Redesigning For Experience, But What About Safety?

Natural disasters, violence, even flash mobs - these events are becoming a pressing reality of shopping, even as merchants step up efforts to attract and enthrall customers. Retailers invested an estimated $3.4 billion in artificial intelligence alone in 2018 to enhance the shopper experience, but how are they safeguarding their stores, and shoppers, from potential harm that is becoming more common?

Turns out, many have been quietly doing that, without compromising the shopper experience. The National Retail Federation operates a microsite dedicated to emergency preparedness for crowd management, disaster recovery and active shooter situations. The global consulting firm Safe Shopping Centers, in Sweden, is dedicated to evaluating and certifying the risks and security of retail destinations.

Also, Home Depot and Lowe's operate emergency command centers dedicated to tracking catastrophes and organizing relief efforts. Home Depot's center includes trucks loaded with supplies from gas cans to batteries.

Retail Security Taking A Front Seat

Threats to physical retail environments have become prevalent enough to secure a session at SPECS Show 2019, a convention for retail planning, design, construction and maintenance, to take place in March. Titled "Building and Preparing for Threats and Disasters," the session will include officials from Home Depot, the apparel chain Buckle and FEMA.

It makes practical sense. Large-format stores and shopping malls have open-access layouts, steady hours of operation and often draw predictably large crowds through sales events and hosted public activities. All of these factors put large groups of people in a vulnerable position in the case of a natural disaster or other emergency.

Among the events retail organizations are precautioning against:

Mass shootings - Natural disasters. Flash mobs. Cyber danger. Though typically associated with online retailers, cyberattacks that threaten physical harm can create panic in shopping centers. forbes.com

Legal Worries Could Slow Biometric Tech Projects
The state of Illinois has some of the most restrictive laws in the U.S. governing the capture, use and storage of face scans, fingerprints and other biometric data. Now a ruling in the state supreme court opens the way for class-action suits on behalf of consumers even if they didn't suffer harm from a company's collection of their biometric information. A company fails to get consent from an individual to take a face scan or doesn't spell out how it plans to use the data in the future, and consumers have a case.

Other scenarios, including breaches of stored biometric data, also could fall under the ruling. The Illinois laws could deter business. Sony Corp. of America, for example, won't sell its robot dog in the state, as the toy uses facial recognition to interact with people. 

On January 25, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled that companies can be held liable under the state's Biometric Information Privacy Act even if plaintiffs haven't suffered injury, such as having their biometric information breached or used by cybercriminals.

The law, among other things, requires companies to obtain consent when collecting biometric information, secure the data with reasonable safeguards and destroy biometric identifiers in a timely manner.

Texas and Washington restrict how companies can collect and use biometric data, but Illinois is the only state that allows individuals -- as opposed to state attorneys general -- to sue companies for violations. cybersecurity.cmail19.com

Dublin, CA Man Pleads Guilty to $3.5M Insider Trading of Ross Stores
Saleem M. Khan, 54, admitted to conspiracy and securities fraud charges. According to the Department of Justice, from July 2009 to October 201,2 Khan obtained private information related to the sales and financial performance of Ross Stores, which then had its headquarters in Pleasanton. Khan received the information from a Ross Stores executive in their finance department who worked for Ross at the time. In his plea agreement, Khan admitted he provided benefits to this Ross employee tipster, including $130,000 and purchasing items for the worker. Khan admitted to making more than $3.5 million profit in the scheme.  eastbaytimes.com justice.gov

Super Bowl 2017 & The NFL
Microsoft Dir. Sports Marketing Embezzles $750,000 & Sells $200K in SB Tickets

The former Director of Sports Marketing and Alliances at Microsoft pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Seattle to wire fraud for his scheme to profit by stealing from Microsoft. JEFF TRAN, a/k/a TRUNG TRAN, 45 of Seattle, used his position at Microsoft to attempt to steal more than $1.5 million through the creation and submission of fraudulent invoices and the unauthorized use of other Microsoft assets.

TRAN oversaw Microsoft's promotional relationship with the NFL. In March 2017, TRAN caused a fraudulent $775,000 invoice to be issued to Microsoft, supposedly for services related to the 2017 Super Bowl. Tran caused the $775,000 payment from Microsoft to be routed through two Microsoft vendors and then to Tran's personal bank account. Tran then attempted to cause Microsoft to make a second payment for $670,000, based on another fraudulent invoice. Tran intended to route that payment to a company Tran controlled. When Microsoft vendors became suspicious of Tran's activity and reported the conduct to Microsoft.

Tran also stole blocks of Super Bowl tickets (over 60) and Super Bowl Party tickets belonging to Microsoft through a ticket broker and pocketed more than $200,000. justice.gov

Costco fined $7.2M for accepting illegal kickbacks
Pharmacies took rebates from drug companies for 'advertising services,' investigation finds

The Ontario, Canada, government has fined Costco more than $7 million after an investigation into allegations the bulk food giant asked for illegal kickbacks from a generic drug manufacturer. The Fifth Estate first reported in March of last year, that the province's Forensic Investigations Team had launched the investigation.

The Ontario's Ministry of Health issued a statement Friday announcing the fine.

"The Ministry takes non-compliance with the prohibition on rebates seriously and will continue to assess compliance with the prohibition by manufacturers, wholesalers and pharmacies."

It's illegal in Ontario for a pharmacy to accept rebates, or kickbacks, from a generic drug manufacturer in exchange for promising to stock its brand of drugs. Studies show rebates drive up the price of generic drugs for consumers.

Secretly recorded audio tapes obtained by The Fifth Estate showed a senior pharmacy executive from Costco asking for kickbacks.

The company says it "honestly believed at the time that the advertising programs referred to were not contrary to Ontario law," and that it's "pleased that the rebate order issued by the Ministry provides further guidance on the issue of rebates." cbc.ca

Accounting Watchdog Finds Ongoing Problems at KPMG
The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) said half of the 52 audits it inspected from top accounting firm KPMG were seriously deficient and KPMG was not as committed to quality as the accountancy claimed.

"In 26 audits, certain of these deficiencies were of such significance that it appeared to the inspection team that the firm, at the time it issued its audit report, had not obtained sufficient appropriate audit evidence to support its opinion," the PCAOB said in its report.

Some of the most common deficiencies occurred in the area of revenue and included failures to sufficiently test the design or effectiveness of controls. cfo.com

Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit In John Crawford Walmart Shooting Case Postponed
A trial set to begin Feb. 4 over the 2014 shooting death of John Crawford at a Beavercreek Walmart store has been delayed until the fall. A federal judge postponed the trial after Beavercreek Police Officer Sean Williams filed an appeal. Officer Williams -- who is white -- shot Crawford -- who was black -- as Crawford held an unloaded pellet gun in the Walmart sporting goods department. Officer Williams was never charged. The federal civil rights lawsuit brought by Crawford's family is now expected to go to trial in late October. Michael Wright, the Crawford family's attorney, says, unlike Williams, the city of Beavercreek and the city's police chief cannot file an appeal until after the upcoming trial is completed. wyso.org

Covering your face to avoid facial recognition could result in fines
in England & France

London's Metropolitan Police have fined a man £90 (US$118) after he declined to participate in a trial of the force's public facial recognition system, in an interaction witnessed by Big Brother Watch Director Silkie Carlo, which is sure to ignite further controversy around the biometric technology's deployment.

The Independent reports that despite signage claiming that "anyone who declines to be scanned will not necessarily be viewed as suspicious," the individual was followed and confronted by police after he pulled a covering up over his face and walked past the camera with his head down. The person produced identification on request of the police, who Carlo says then because "accusatory and aggressive."

Eight people were arrested during the trial, three due to facial recognition matches. The Independent reports that monitors also saw other people stopped, including one who had pulled up his hood.

Meanwhile in France, where protests have been held continuously, and often violently, since November, a law is expected to pass through parliament next week which would make it illegal for protestors to cover their faces, so that they can be identified with facial recognition. biometricupdate.com

Director Loss Prevention Posted for Ulta Beauty in Bolingbrook, IL
The Director, Loss Prevention responsible for leading and inspiring a team of Managers, Analysts and Coordinators who support various functional areas of Loss Prevention. This role champions innovation and is responsible for the strategic development and successful operations of ULTA's enterprise wide profit protection initiatives including but not limited to total loss improvement, physical security measures, investigations, safety, business continuity and security disciplines. This role provides operational and strategic oversight within each of its sub functions to prevent, minimize, and/or recover losses when they occur. ulta.com

Forbes Runs 2018 NRSS Survey
Inventory Shrink Cost The US Retail Industry $46.8 Billion

Charlotte Russe Files Chapter 11 - To Close 95 Stores & Sell Co.

H&M to shutter 160 stores amid profit slump

American Girl Closing 2 Stores

Cruizers 1st Southeast C-Store Chain Adds 'Skip' Frictionless Checkout App -
2nd in U.S.

National Association of Tobacco Outlets (NATO) New Website Listing State & City Ordinances

On Super Bowl Monday, 17 million workers are expected to call in 'sick'

Quarterly Results
Verizon Wireless Q4 consolidated sales $34.3B, up 1%, full yr sales $130B
H&M Q4 net sales up 12%, online sales up 24%, full yr net sales up 5%

Last week's #1 article --

Officials: 33 arrested for sex trafficking in Super Bowl sting

Once again, we will be hosting the RTech Asset Protection Innovation Awards in conjunction with the Conference to recognize game-changing technology that mitigates retail loss. Applications will be reviewed by a group of retail executives and selected finalists will be asked to deliver a pitch in front of over 1,500 top retail asset protection executives at the Conference.

To learn more about the submission criteria, please click here. Applications are due Feb. 22.
Please contact Ellen Jackson with any questions about the awards.

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Retailers and Law Enforcement Collaborate to Streamline Retail Theft Reporting

BOCA RATON, FL. - Turning Point Justice today announced the release of Direct Reporting, the newest addition to their retail and criminal justice suite of services.

Direct Reporting provides retailers with a platform designed to effortlessly support retail collaborations with criminal justice agencies across the United States in a manner that preserves the retailer's unique apprehension policies and procedures.

The Direct Reporting Platform intuitively guides store agents through the detention process, prepares comprehensive retail and criminal justice reports, then instructs agents on the appropriate, jurisdiction-specific reporting method.

This innovative process provides criminal justice agencies with new tools to communicate time-saving alternative reporting methods and retailers with the security of knowing that the incident was handled appropriately.

Most importantly, this exciting new process will reduce time traditionally associated with law enforcement response, while improving offender accountability through the criminal justice system.

Direct Reporting has already produced dramatic results for retailers and criminal justice agencies.

  ●  90-minute average time savings per qualified incident for store asset protection agents.
  ●  3-hour average time savings per qualified incident for law enforcement agencies.
  ●  Substantially improved civil demand collections.

If you would like additional information regarding Direct Reporting or any of other products from their suite of services, including TPJ 180, their new employee theft program, please feel free to contact Joe Kurta directly, the TPJ team's new Executive Vice President of Business Services, at 214-663-9812.

About Turning Point Justice
With over 60 years combined experience in criminal justice and retail loss prevention, the professionals at Turning Point Justice are dedicated to providing both retailers and criminal justice agencies with the tools to improve criminal justice accountability and ultimately make our communities safer.



'Cybersecurity Entrepreneur' - The 'Rogue Insider' Who Brought Down El Capo
For Mexico's Sinaloa drug cartel, as for any large enterprise, technology supports operations and protects competitive advantage.

U.S. prosecutors, in closing arguments last week in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn, portrayed Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, the reputed leader of the cartel, as a criminal master, kidnapper, torturer and cold killer.

Prosecutors also said during a 10-week trial that Mr. Guzmán hired and supervised an IT professional to set up personalized encryption, mobile software and remote servers for a private network hosting text and voice communications.

"They're operating like any other corporation," said Richard D. Lutkus, a partner in the law firm Seyfarth Shaw LLP. "They're making a profit and they have to have the infrastructure to pull it off."

Cristian Rodriguez, a 21-year-old cybersecurity entrepreneur when he joined Sinaloa in 2008, ran the systems-including end-to-end data encryption that FBI cryptologists couldn't crack-that helped grow the cartel's business.

Three years later, Mr. Rodriguez, convinced by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to become a rogue insider, helped bring it all down. Court testimony revealed that Mr. Rodriguez moved servers to the Netherlands and supplied encryption keys so FBI investigators could wiretap cartel conversations.

Organized crime groups often train their members or hire IT professionals.

Mr. Rodriguez installed FlexiSpy software to eavesdrop on the voice and text conversations of cartel associates and sent transcripts to his boss, El Chapo.

Setting up a voice-over-internet-protocol system for calls let the group avoid using telecommunications companies, which are subject to search warrants,
Mr. Rodriguez set up customized, end-to-end encryption to protect the communications on the private network.

After Mr. Rodriguez began to employ his technology skills in service of the FBI, evidence poured in. cybersecurity.cmail19.com

GDPR as Inspiration
Privacy: Several States Consider New Laws

After California Takes Bold Action, Other States Ponder Privacy Protection Measures

Several U.S. states, including Oregon, North Carolina, Virginia and Washington, are considering new legislation to shore up consumer data privacy laws in the wake of California passing strict privacy requirements last year.

The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation is inspiring renewed efforts worldwide to boost privacy protections.

Democrats in Congress have once again introduced national breach notification and privacy legislation, but many previous efforts to pass similar measures have failed (see: Democratic Senators Introduce Security Legislation).

In North Carolina, pending legislation would strengthen ID theft/fraud protections. Under the proposal, ransomware attacks would be considered a security breach, and a breached entity would need to notify the state attorney general's office within 30 days.

In Virginia, a bill proposes new requirements for businesses related to disposal of certain consumer records.

And Washington is considering a bill that would require companies that collect personal data to be transparent about the type of data being collected, whether consumer data is sold to data brokers, and upon request from a consumer, delete the consumer's personal data without undue delay. These provisions are very similar to requirements in the EU's GDPR. govinfosecurity.com

Editor's Note: Regulations are coming regardless. The issue will be how much they mirror GDPR in the EU.

Doomsday Ransomware Scenario
Study: Retail could lose big in ransomware attack
U.S. retail industry would lose between $7.4B & $14.2B

According to "Bashe attack: Global infection by contagious malware," an attack on the world's computer systems by "ransomware," or malware that shuts down a computer until the attacker is paid money, could cost the U.S.

Retailers would be specifically harmed by a short-term decline in consumption across channels, resulting from encryption of e-commerce platforms and electronic payment systems. Several e-commerce sites would experience site delays and service interruptions as their service providers were affected by the ransomware, shutting down some components of their websites. Online consumers visiting the impacted sites would see an increase in error messages and difficulties, causing higher shopping cart abandonment rates and a subsequent drop in conversion rates.

In addition, some households would likely fall victim to a global ransomware attack, leaving them unable to purchase goods due to encryption of their devices. Other households would reduce computer usage and Internet browsing for hours or days due to fear of infection.

Meanwhile, failure in some electronic means of payment would affect POS purchases at brick-and-mortar stores.

The study also finds retailers would be negatively impacted by disruptions in the global supply chain. Maritime port operations would likely be suspended due to outages in their IT and inventory management systems. Ground and air transportation would also likely be disrupted, compounded by the fact that many companies which source and manufacture goods would have their systems paralyzed by the attack, halting production and distribution.

The total economic loss from such an attack is estimated to range from $85 billion to $193 billion globally and $46 billion to $89 billion in the U.S. Retailers in the U.S. would represent 16% of those losses, meaning the U.S. retail industry would lose between about $7.4 billion and $14.2 billion. chainstoreage.com

Access Control Lists: 6 Key Principles to Keep in Mind
In an industry of constant, rapid change, an old-school security tool remains an effective piece of an overall security. Access Control Lists (ACLs) that specify precise rules for destinations and protocols allowed or forbidden, are the foundation of firewalls. And while firewalls have advanced to use analysis of packet contents and behavior, ACLs have not gone away.

There are a number of reasons why ACLs endure. The first, and most important, is that they work. ACLs are straight-forward, conceptually simple ways to limit traffic to and from known (or suspected) malicious addresses and to clear traffic to and from addresses known to be acceptable. Next, they play well with others. As Twitter user Frank Barton (@fbarton) wrote in response to a question about ACLs, "...much less cpu intensive than stateful and deep-packet. But...like Ogres, and onions...use layers. If you can block traffic at ACL, then pass remaining to "NGFW" [next-generation firewall] the fw [firewall] has less traffic to inspect."

As with all security measures, though, how an ACL is deployed will have a major impact on its effectiveness. Of course, precisely how the ACL is programmed will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and component to component, but there are key considerations that are true regardless of which device is hosting the ACL. Let's take a look at the principles to keep in mind to make ACLs an effective (and efficient) part of the overall security infrastructure. darkreading.com



Chad McIntosh Joins WG Security Products as the
VP of Innovative Product Solutions

WG Security Products, Inc. of Campbell, CA is pleased to announce that Chad McIntosh will be joining the WG Security Team as the VP of Innovative Product Solutions. Chad most recently held the position of Vice President of Asset Protection and Risk Management for Bloomingdale's in New York City. His 42-year career is highlighted by many successful strategies within department stores, specialty and big box retailers.

Chad began his career at Woodward & Lothrop as a store detective at this regional department store in the Washington D.C. area. From there he went on to spend 5 years with Neiman Marcus as a Regional Manager of Loss Prevention. In Atlanta, GA Chad spent almost 10 years as an LP Director with Home Depot. The next chapter in his career was as the Senior Director of Loss Prevention for Polo Ralph Lauren. Then came the Bloomingdale's- Macy's-Bloomingdale's portion of his career which culminated with his role as VP of Asset Protection.

"One of the hallmarks of Chad's career has been his willingness to take technological risks to improve organizational profitability," reports Graham Handyside, EVP Global Operations. He adds, "We believe that this makes him a perfect fit for the role of VP of Innovative Product Solutions. We are excited that he has chosen to work with WG as the next step in his Asset Protection career."

Chad adds, "My success and involvement with WG over the past 10 years makes this a natural transition for me, as I continue my participation in an industry I love. I am also excited to work with organizations, as they develop profit improvement strategies, to address asset protection challenges now and in the future. My commitment is to be present from start to finish, on all team projects."

WG Security Products, Inc: Incorporated in California in 1997, WG has been turning heads in the EAS industry with its ingenuity and out-of-the-box thinking since its inception. Our international staff of engineers' works hard every day to provide tomorrow's answers to today's questions. Featuring outside-the-box thinking that our competitors cannot match, WG is bringing loss prevention solutions into the 21st century and beyond.

For more information, please contact Graham Handyside, Executive Vice President, at 408 646 6001





ADT/Protection 1 has the breadth and depth of experience along with the latest technologies that can serve retailers' needs to protect their physical locations that range from burglary protection and fire monitoring to access control and state-of-the-art event triggered video solutions.

With the recent acquisition of Data Shield and the formation of its ADT Cybersecurity division, Les Paul Vernon, VP of Enterprise Solutions, talks about their new services in endpoint and network security and monitoring, email security and monitoring, and Managed Detection and Response solutions that can help organizations identify and remediate cyber threats in minutes instead of months.

Les Paul Vernon - ADT/Protection 1 - Quick Take 7

Amber and Joe take flight in this LPNN Quick Take with former fighter pilot Les Paul Vernon. ADT's VP of Enterprise Solutions shares what his call sign was as a pilot, gives Amber and Joe one, and tests his "Top Gun" movie quote trivia.



5 Types of Fraudulent Schemes That Can Occur in eCommerce in 2019
1. Chargeback fraud
A chargeback fraud happens in two ways-

One- A customer does not understand the thin difference between merchant-issued refund and bank-issued refund. As a result, he/she directly files a chargeback with the bank without even consulting the eCommerce merchant. This is also called as friendly fraud.

Two- A customer knowingly raises a chargeback with the bank instead of a refund request to the merchant.

2. Affiliate fraud
Affiliate programs of many eCommerce websites consider sales-count to pay commissions to their affiliate partners. However, they miss considering the return and refund scenarios. Now, the scammers use the loopholes to commit affiliate scam in three possible ways-

One- Using malicious methods, affiliate partners manipulate the automated data collection by an affiliate link and make the sales count much more than what actually been sold.

Two- Affiliates place orders through the traced links and get the commission.

Three- Affiliates place orders through the traced links via COD payment method and receive the corresponding commissions from the merchant.

3. Triangulation fraud
It happens in three steps by including three different parties in it- that's why the name triangulation fraud.

Step 1: The fraudulent seller creates a normal eBay shop and lists a product on a very cheap rate. A legitimate buyer places the order and pays to the fraud's PayPal account.

Step 2: The fraud purchases the same product from another legitimate seller, mentions the delivery address of the legitimate buyer from step 1, and pays for the product using a stolen credit or debit card information.

Step 3: The legitimate buyer receives the product from the legitimate seller. The fraud walks away with the money in his PayPal account from the legitimate buyer. The stolen credit card's owner gets a huge bill.

4. Card testing fraud
Card testing fraud is a complex phenomenon that occurs in the attempt to steal a credit card information with trial and errors. Such scammers commit multiple trail and errors to test the validity of a card number without actually possessing it physically. Such frauds occur with the help of the bots, which automate the trial-errors and record the correct details.

5. Merchant identity fraud
This is one of the biggest scams that involves the B2C activities but affects the B2B scenarios as well. Cyber scammers setup nice looking web-shops with costly products priced low. Customers get enticed with the price and order products from these stores. However, the fraud sellers never ship the product to the customer and just disappear. esellercafe.com

David Yurman awarded $1.6M in counterfeit case
David Yurman was awarded $1.55 million in damages by the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York against 31 defendants who operated unlicensed websites that sold counterfeit products, according to a company press release.

The defendants were accused of operating a network of websites that falsely used the company's trademarks in order to sell counterfeit David Yurman jewelry. The court issued a permanent injunction against the defendants barring them from manufacturing, distributing, advertising and selling any counterfeit David Yurman products. retaildive.com

Amazon Q4 revenue up 20% - Net Sales $72,383B - Amazon Web Services Up 45%
North America sales hit $44,124B, International sales $20,829B, AWS hits $7,430B.

Ahold Delhaize units will test Deliv same-day delivery, open ecommerce hub in PA

Online Games: Easy Targets for Fraud and Chargebacks



Portland, OR: Man Guilty Of Running A Stolen LEGO Operation;
$50,000 of merchandise from Fred Meyers

A jury has convicted a Portland man of running an operation to buy and sell stolen LEGO products and other merchandise. The Multnomah County District Attorney's Office said evidence revealed 41-year-old Raji Afife Azar was buying stolen merchandise from thieves for about 30 cents on the dollar and then selling it on eBay to unsuspecting strangers. Azar was referred to as a "fence," a term for someone who buys stolen merchandise from thieves. Azar was found guilty of 12 total counts including laundering a monetary instrument, criminal conspiracy to commit theft, computer crime and attempted theft. After arresting Azar, law enforcement searched his residence and found a large quantity of stolen LEGO products and other merchandise. Portland Police estimated that the items, stolen from local Fred Meyer stores, were worth approximately $50,000. Azar's sentencing is scheduled for Feb. 15 at the Multnomah County Circuit Court. opb.org

Man caught with 'enormous amount' of clothing stolen from Bealls;
valued at nearly $1,500

Christopher Michael Lanford, 29, of Ocala, was pulled over Thursday evening. A K-9 dog alerted to drugs in the vehicle. A search of the car turned up an "enormous amount of clothing items with pricetags still attached," the deputy wrote in the arrest report. villages-news.com

Gaffney, SC: Thieves hit Polo Outlet store for nearly $5,000 of merchandise in 2 thefts

Myrtle Beach, SC: Group of 5 gets away with nearly $1,500 of merchandise from JC Penney in Coastal Grand Mall

Joliet, IL: Target Shoplifter hits 2 days in a row, ends with arrest; $1,100 of electronics recovered

Eureka, CA: Two men arrested for $512 theft from 2 stores; armed with brass knuckles

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Shootings & Deaths

Pierce County, WA: Deputies arrest man who threatened to shoot flare gun
in Walmart

Deputies arrested a man Saturday night after he threatened to shoot shoppers with a flare gun in the children's section of the Spanaway Walmart. He also said he would shoot people with a pellet gun. The man called 911 and told this to dispatchers, who kept him on the phone as deputies went to the scene. Deputies located a man who matched the description of the suspect in the store's family restroom. The suspect had two flare funs, eight projectile flares, a knife and a 12-gauge shotgun shell hidden under two pairs of pants. kiro7.com

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Kalamazoo, MI: Suspected shoplifter arrested after stand-off
A man is facing several charges after he was allegedly spotted shoplifting at a C-Store on Saturday afternoon. Public Safety arrived while he was still in the store. When confronted they say the suspect discarded a handgun and made a run for it where they say he broke into a home, less than a block away and refused to come out. Lieutenant Skurski says after a five hour stand-off and after obtaining a search warrant the Metro SWAT team sent in a K-9 and forcibly entered the home. The suspect was found hiding in a closet and taken into custody. He was booked for retail fraud, resisting, home invasion and several gun felonies including possession of a stolen gun. wkzo.com

Westwood, KS: Accused shoplifter with terminally ill wife gets break from cops
at Kansas Walmart

The man, accused of walking away from the store with some cold medicine, diapers, and other items, had a terminally ill wife at home, and a young son with special needs. He was in an especially difficulty spot at that moment, with the store insisting he be charged for the alleged theft and a separate warrant out for his arrest in Lenexa.

While they sympathized with his plight, they also heard from the Walmart, which wanted the man arrested. The officers found another difficulty while running the man's name through the police computer system. He had a warrant out for his arrest in Lenexa for a low-level misdemeanor. But the Lenexa officer who soon arrived also sympathized, and worked with the other three officers to find a solution. The police gave the man a notice to appear for the shoplifting charge, instead of locking him up. The Lenexa officer, similarly, gave the man a signature bond instead of jailing him. The Westwood, Roeland Park and Fairway officers bought the man some of the products from the store and he was given a ride home. "Nobody went to jail," said Sgt. Gary Baker of the Westood Police Department. "It was a good thing." kansascity.com

Antwerp, Belgium: Diamond Theft: Burglars drill tunnel to Sewage System;
30 Deposit Boxes emptied

When police reacted to a warning call at a bank in Antwerp's famed diamond center, they found the vault door still secured. It was only after they forced their way inside that they realized the sheer audacity of the robbery that had taken place - some 30 empty deposit boxes, a hole in the floor, a tunnel to the sewage system. dailymail.co.uk

Bulloch County, GA: Two arrested linked to 7 Armed Robberies, at least 3 Dollar General

Rockville, MD: Police investigating second bank robbery in a week at SunTrust inside Safeway

Bloomington, IN: Roly Poly Sandwiches hit co-worker, stole money from the store's tip jar and threatened employees with a butcher knife

New York, NY: 7-Eleven Plays Awful High-Pitched Sound to Boot Loiterers

Kay Jewelers in the Cottonwood Mall, Albuquerque, NM reported a Grab & Run on 2/2, items valued at $2,590

Kay Jewelers in the Florida Mall, Orlando, FL reported a Distraction Theft on 1/31, items valued at $13,600

Kay Jewelers in the Easley Town Center, Easley, SC reported a Grab & Run on 2/2, item valued at $8,699

Kay Jewelers in the Southern Hills Mall, Sioux City, IA reported a Grab & Run on 2/1, item valued at $16,498

Kay Jewelers in the Visalia Mall, Visalia, CA reported a Grab & Run on1/11, item valued at $22,299

Kay Jewelers in the Southland Center, Taylor, MI reported an Attempted Armed Robbery on 2/2, no injuries, no items stolen

Piercing Pagoda in the South Hill Mall, Puyallup, WA reported an External Switch, item valued at $529

Peoples Jewelers in the Dufferin Mall, Toronto, ON Canada reported a Grab & Run on 2/1, item valued at $4,299

Arson & Fire

High Point, NC: Walmart partially reopens after intentionally set fire causes damage for millions of dollars


UK: Manchester, England: The ex-cops going undercover to help smash Manchester's counterfeit stores - where fraudsters 'can make $40,000 a day'
The company uses plain clothes ex-police officers to pose as customers and buy bogus goods and to infiltrate gangs and the impact has been dramatic. The number of stores in the Strangeways area, described as the "fakes capital of the UK" last year has reduced to just over a dozen as a result of the firm working with GMP and Manchester council. Private detectives filmed and recorded test purchases of forged designer clothing and accessories and illegal cigarettes. manchestereveningnews.co.uk


Utica, NY: Third suspect pleads in $300,000 smash-and-grab at Jared jewelry store
The last of three suspects in a smash-and-grab theft of $300,000 worth of jewelry pleaded guilty to three charges. Chanell Flemming, 30, on Jan. 24 pleaded guilty to larceny over $20,000, conspiracy to commit larceny and malicious destruction of property between $1,000 and $20,000. in connection with the incident last May at the Jared The Galleria of Jewelry. Two of Flemming's co-defendants pleaded to the same charges in front of Judge Michael Servitto. KK Lavon McGilary, 29, who pleaded guilty, was sentenced in October to four to 15 years in prison. Jamar E. Owens, 23, pleaded no contest and was sentenced in October to time-served, 159 days, and three years probation. Both co-defendants were ordered to pay $2,130 in restitution. macombdaily.com

Springfield, MO: 3 Texas men plead guilty to UPS Cargo theft of 654 of Firearms
Raynord Hunt, pleaded guilty Friday to charges in a federal indictment. Eric White and Derrick White pleaded guilty to the same charges in January. Frank McChriston and Keith Lowe and Quinton Haywood earlier pleaded guilty to the same charges. All six men admitted they worked together to steal cargo that was being shipped from Beretta USA in Maryland to Missouri in October 2017. wgem.com


AT&T - Bryant, AR - Burglary
C-Store - Greenville, SC - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Sylvania Township, OH - Burglary
C-Store - Laurel County, KY - Burglary
C-Store - Orange, TX - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Kewaunee County, WI - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Mesa, AZ - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Cleveland, OH - Armed Robbery/ clerk shot, wounded
Candy Shop - Gresham, OR -Burglary
Dollar General - Portsmouth, VA - Armed Robbery
Dollar Tree - Greenville County, SC - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Grand Rapids, MI - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Warner Robins, GA - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Houston, TX - Armed Robbery/ clerk shot, wounded
Jewelry - Arvada, CO - Robbery
● Jewelry - Taylor, MI - Robbery
Jewelry - Mobile, AL - Burglary
Nail Salon - Arlington Heights, IL - Burglary
Restaurant - Philadelphia, PA - Armed Robbery (Little Caesars)
Restaurant - Boston, MA - Armed Robbery
Walgreens - Kingsport, TN - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Fort Myers, FL - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Oakland, CA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Los Angeles, CA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
18 robberies
6 burglaries
2 shootings
0 killings





Diana Kruzicki named Loss Prevention Specialist for Woodman's Food Markets
Andrew Kirkendall promoted to Zone Loss Prevention Manager for Beall's Inc.
Gregory Webb named Executive Team Leader Assets Protection for Target

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