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Ohio Grocers Association 2019 LP Summit
Feb. 13

CAL-ORCA Annual Training Conference
Feb. 20

Appriss Retail User Conference
Feb. 25-27

i3 International Innovision 2019
Feb. 25-27

LPRC Supply Chain Protection Summit
Mar. 12

IAI Elite Training Day
April 3-4

ISC West
April 9-12

RILA AP Conference 2019
May 5-8

RLPSA Connect
May 14

CNP Expo 2019
May 21-24

The D&D Daily 'Live at NRF Protect'
June 14

RFID Journal Live! Retail
June 25-27

RLPSA Conference 2019
Aug. 4-7

IAFCI Training Conference
Aug. 26-30

Global Security Exchange
Sept. 8-12

CLEAR 10th Annual Training Conference
Oct. 28-31

NJFC LP Conference & Exhibition
Oct. 30

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Introduction with
Gus Downing

Sensormatic - Supporting the LPRC Industry & Development

A Solution Provider's & Manufacturer's View

New Solution Providers' Expectations

The Retailer's View

Driving RFID in Retail

New Retail Members

LPRC Board of Advisors

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2019 GLPS - Group LP Selfies
Your Team - Your Pride - Our Industry
Building Industry Pride - One Team Selfie at a Time

The 7-Eleven Asset Protection Team at the 2019 7-Eleven Experience showcasing innovation and technology to 8,500 attendees

Pictured, left to right: Art Lazo, Todd Gipson, Darrel Timan, Chris Spaccaforno, Ray Brysch, Marcia Foertsch, Bill Coates, Bruce Couling Terry Drivas, Lauren Freede, Steve Sturgill, Tim Hall, Davina Stevens, Braden Diaz, Brent Smerczynski, Frank Pindulic, Alan Lott, David Linnemann and Mark Stinde

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David Homolka promoted to VP of Human Resources, Store Operations and Asset Protection for Duluth Trading Company
David previously held the position of VP of Human Resources for the retailer. Prior, he was the VP of Real Estate, Store Design and Construction for Cabela's for over a year. David was with Cabela's since 2004, when he was their Director of Asset Protection, and had held other senior level leadership roles during his twelve years there such as Vice President of US Retail Operations, VP of Chief Property and Design Officer, and VP of Human Resources and Asset Protection. He's also held other loss prevention leadership positions for Shopko as VP of Human Resources and Loss Prevention and Pamida, Inc as VP of Store Administration and Loss Prevention. Congratulations David!

Todd Isenhour promoted to Division Director Assets Protection, Operations & Safety - North Division for Lowe's
Todd was previously the Director of Human Resources Field Operations - North Division for Lowe's. Prior, he was their Director of Loss Prevention, Safety and Operations Support, and has been with Lowe's Companies, Inc. for over ten years. Before that, he held various investigations and loss prevention positions at TJX Companies including Regional LP Manager, Regional Investigations Manager, District LP Manager, District LP Investigator and AP Team Leader. Todd earned his Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology from University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Congratulations Todd!

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LPRC IMPACT 2018 - 2nd Series Hit 75,000 Views - Impressions in 1st Run

Sensormatic Solutions Presents
The Loss Prevention Research Council's IMPACT 2018 - 2nd Series
'Inside the LPRC IMPACT Conference' - Why You Should Join

This eight episode series began publishing before the holidays with the first four sessions and finished it's first airing after the holidays with the last four sessions.

With the first series recorded at IMPACT 2017 and produced to show the industry exactly how the model was designed and how the LPRC actually works, we felt it was only logical to produce this series at IMPACT 2018 and designed specifically to show the value the LPRC drives to the industry.

Hearing from old and new retail and solution provider members the series captured exactly how both groups are benefiting from and contributing to this academic effort.

With many of the industry's top leaders and teams actively engaged the effort is adding a dimension to the industry dynamics that really hasn't existed before. From the close collaboration to the well defined testing and sampling the industry is learning how to apply scientific practices. Something this industry really hasn't had before and you can hear it in every session from all of the executives involved.

It'll be interesting to see how far all of you can take it, use it and apply it. Especially with the challenges we're facing. From scan-and-go, cashierless stores, biometric adoption, to robots, voice commerce to the convergence of LP and cybersecurity. This is a time when the industry needs all the help we can get because the core deliverables are changing in every aspect of retail.

We'd like to thank Sensormatic Solutions for sponsoring the series and we'd like to congratulate Read Hayes and his entire team on a job well done. We only hope we can revisit with them in the future and be able to report back to the industry the progress and impact they're making.

Lastly, thanks to all of you for watching and stay tuned as we'll be bringing you our 'Live in NYC at the NRF Big Show 2019' series starting on Monday Feb. 25th. Let's keep them all safe out there. Gus Downing

Gus Downing

Shoplifter extortion case against Walmart, other retailers is dismissed
6 Retailers Cleared With Prejudice in Restorative Justice Case
Judge Leaves Door Open for DA

A federal judge dismissed a racketeering lawsuit accusing Walmart Inc and six other retailers of extortion by forcing accused shoplifters to take costly "restorative justice" classes or else be reported to the police.

In a decision late on Friday, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose, California, found no proof of a nationwide conspiracy to steer accused shoplifters into paying $400 up front or $500 in installments for the classes from Utah-based Corrective Education Co, and admitting guilt, to avoid prosecution.

Koh said the three plaintiffs, who were accused in 2017 of shoplifting from Walmarts in Florida, Georgia and Texas, did not show that the retailers had specific knowledge of a conspiracy.

She said it did not matter that the retailers might use Corrective Education's database to conduct background checks before deciding to offer the six-to-eight-hour online classes, a portion of whose costs the plaintiffs said was reimbursed to retailers.

"The only alleged commonality each of the defendants have with one another is CEC, whom plaintiffs have chosen not to sue," Koh wrote. "That is not enough to allege one single nationwide conspiracy."

Koh also said she lacked jurisdiction over most defendants in the proposed class action because they did not have enough ties to California, and said the plaintiffs lacked standing to sue retailers that did not harm them.

She gave the plaintiffs 30 days to amend their claims against Walmart, Corrective Education's founders and some of its employees and directors.

Claims against Bloomingdale's, Burlington Coat Factory, Kroger Co, 99 Cents Only, Save Mart and Sportsman's Warehouse were dismissed with prejudice, meaning they cannot be brought again.

Walmart suspended its use of Corrective Education's classes in December 2017, the Wall Street Journal said that month.

The case is Doe et al v Walmart Inc et al, U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, No. 18-02125. reuters.com

Walmart Spending Half a Billion on Improving Security - Gates Are 1 of Many Parts
Walmart Installs Security Gates At Thomasville Store

The company installed security gates at a store in Thomasville. Walmart says they're investing half a billion dollars over the next three years on improving security nationwide. The new gates are a part of it.

Walmart says the gates help prevent theft, but you won't see them everywhere.

Store representatives say they're rolling out the new gates in 1,300 stores this year. And Thomasville is the only known location in the Triad that's using them so far. wfmynews2.com

Genetec Awarded Mercury Security Platinum Premier Status
On-going commitment to innovative access control integrations earns Genetec highest possible partner status from Mercury Security

Genetec Inc. ("Genetec"), a leading technology provider of unified security, public safety, operations, and business intelligence solutions announced that Mercury Security part of HID Global, the global leader in OEM access control technology, awarded Genetec the highest level in their partner program, Platinum Premier. The Platinum Premier status recognizes Mercury's select business partners who demonstrate continued market growth, strong integration with Mercury solutions, and shared interest in the open architecture approach to access control.

"As a Mercury Security partner and reseller since 2014, we take pride in having achieved Platinum Premier status in just a few short years. Mercury is a key partner in the development of our access control strategy as we are aligned in our efforts to provide innovative and cyber-secure access control solutions based on an open architecture," said Georges Tannous, Director of Strategic Alliances at Genetec.

According to the 2017-2018 Access Control Intelligence Database by IHS, Genetec has rapidly risen to become one of the leading developers of access control software with a top-5 ranking in the Americas and a stronger global market share growth. genetec.com

Amazon Is Reconsidering Plan to Put Campus in New York
Executives re-evaluate $2.5 billion investment in face of opposition from local officials

The discussions at Amazon have caused leading government officials in New York who support the project to worry that Amazon may abandon its plan to bring 25,000 jobs to Long Island City and $2.5 billion in investment, according to a government official.

Amazon executives are deliberating whether to delay some of the initial phase of investments to get the project started, according to one of the people familiar with the discussions. The internal talks haven't progressed to deciding whether to relocate future jobs or the campus, this person said.  wsj.com

Corporate Restructure - AP Job Losses
TCC, Verizon Premium Wireless Retailer Cuts 7 AP Execs & Director

This 550 stores, $2B retailer who had built a 10 member Asset Protection team since 2015 cut 7 AP positions regretfully, in a corporate restructuring along with number of other executives. Leaving 1 AP manager and 2 investigators for 550 locations. Let's see if we can help any of those displaced.

Aaron Hancart, the Director, who also had daily management responsibility over both field ops and Asset Protection, recently sat in on the Sensormatic sponsored LPRC IMPACT episode this past October.

Rent-A-Center Organizational Restructure Impacts 8 AP Jobs

"Just Walk Out"
Walmart Leak - Major Theft With Scan & Go
Is Scan-and-Go the Future of Retail?

A "just walk out" experience is why lots of consumers are gravitating toward Amazon Go-and why many other retailers, including Macy's and Kroger, have come up with similar solutions.

One Big Roadblock: Consumer Theft

In May 2018, Walmart shelved Scan & Go-its cashierless checkout technology. The reason it gave back then? Low adoption rates. But a recent report from Business Insider paints a very different picture.

"You think that the theft is bad on self-checkouts? Wait until you try Scan & Go, where nobody is watching the customers out in the aisles," former Walmart employee Joel Larson, who spearheaded that initiative, told Business Insider.  emarketer.com

Editor's Note: Back then we surmised theft was the real issue behind Walmart's pulling the plug on it. As we've heard from one retail source close to another such roll-out with another retailer that they were seeing a 30% theft problem. We're reporting exactly what we heard from a very credible source.

Ex-Walmart Exec Says Theft Was Major Reason Walmart Killed Scan & Go
Last May 18th

A former Walmart executive said shopper theft was a major reason why the company killed Scan & Go, a cashierless-checkout technology, several months after expanding it to more than 100 stores.

You think that the theft is bad on self-checkouts? Wait until you try Scan & Go, where nobody is watching the customers out in the aisles," said Joel Larson, who was Walmart's head of checkout innovation until October.

A customer tried to leave a Walmart store with a cart filled with about 100 items, only 40 of which were scanned with Scan & Go, Larson said.

Larson recalled a Walmart executive joking about issues with Scan & Go at a company town-hall meeting last summer.

"We're just going to call the program 'Go' because the customers can't seem to 'Scan' anything,'" the executive said, according to Larson's recollection.

In response to this story, Walmart referred Business Insider to a statement the company issued when the program ended.

"In our efforts to minimize friction points, we found that the program created some of its own such as receipt checks, weighted produce, and un-bagged merchandise resulting from using the program," Walmart said. "Additionally, low adoption played a role in the removal of the program." businessinsider.com

Biggest Trend Starting to Dominate Retail News
Retailers are shopping for ways to get rid of checkout lines

Cashier-less stores could save customers time, but the software that makes it possible raises privacy issues. 

A year after Amazon opened its first cashier-less store, startups and retailers are racing to get similar technology in stores throughout the world, letting shoppers buy groceries without waiting in line.

From cameras and sensors, the stores will know when shoppers pick up a product and put it down, and can send them a discount to tempt them to buy it. Merchants will be able to create more space for merchandise, better track when shelves need replenishing and draw more business from the hordes of customers who detest long lines.

But the monitoring system underlying cashier-less technology is bound to raise new privacy issues and worries about customer data falling into the wrong hands, especially if stores deploy facial recognition software in the omnipresent cameras watching shoppers. startribune.com

'Apology not accepted': Celebrities Call For Gucci boycott over 'blackface' sweater
Spike Lee Boycotts Gucci & Prada, Says 'They Don't Have a Clue' About Racism
Lee - "Hire Some Black Designers"

Last week, Gucci apologized for a turtleneck sweater many said resembled blackface. But rapper T.I. said he's not accepting the apology and is calling for a boycott instead. T.I. isn't the only celebrity who's condemned Gucci. Soulja Boy, Waka Flocka, Spike Lee, and Russell Simmons have, too.

Last Wednesday, Gucci responded to the initial backlash about the sweater, which they pulled, writing, "We consider diversity to be a fundamental value to be fully upheld, respected, and at the forefront of every decision we make." They haven't responded to the boycott.

The Oscar-nominated director made the announcement via Instagram on Friday in light of the labels' blackface controversies. Prada received backlash less than two months ago for an accessories collection that featured a dark-colored monkey with bright red, oversized lips as a figurine, a racist caricature popularized during the Jim Crow era. Prada issued an apology and eventually pulled the design. complex.com ajc.com

Another Walmart Has Been Accused of Locking Up Hair Products Marketed
to Black Women

A Long Island woman took to Facebook to call out the discriminatory display.

It has happened before in California and in several Virginia towns - and those are just the widely-reported cases. Multiple Walmart stores have been accused of putting hair-care products marketed to black shoppers in locked cabinets while other hair products are available to customers without requiring an employee's key. And now, word has gotten out that yet another Walmart location - this time in Long Island, New York - is doing the very same thing. And like the other instances, photographic proof has been shared on social media.

According to local news outlet Riverhead Local, Fulford had to wait 10 minutes before a store associate arrived with a key, but it wasn't the wait that upset Fulford; it was the implication that black shoppers are more likely to steal.

In addition to Fulford's post being shared numerous times, Riverhead Local reports that Fulford met with the town councilmember who co-chairs the anti-bias task force, and the president of the NAACP's Eastern Long Island branch said the organization would look into the complaint.

Fulford knew she was doing the right thing by bringing attention to the matter, and she was thrilled to learn that, after a few days, the Riverhead Walmart stopped locking up the products in question.

Riverheard wasn't the first store to be called out on such questionable determinations. In 2016, three Walmart stores in Virginia were accused of adding extra security packaging on hair-care products marketed to black customers. And in 2018, a California woman sued Walmart for discrimination after finding these products locked in a glass cabinet.  allure.com

Reselling $2.5M in Diabetic Test Strips Over 11 Yrs.
Rochester, N.Y. CVS Senior Assistant Purchasing Associate
Buys $2.5M Medical Products & Diabetic Test Strips & Resells It

Since February 2007 Antonio Rivera, 35, of Williamsville, NY, routinely purchased diabetic test strips in excessive amounts, well over the need for the Humboldt location. The audit could not account for 20,203 boxes purchased by Rivera, for a total financial loss of approximately $2,535,307.62.

In July, 2018, CVS's internal systems red flagged the purchasing of diabetic test strips at the Humboldt CVS. The defendant ordered the excessive amounts of diabetic test strips and then intercepted the shipments once they arrived. He then sold the stolen product to third party purchasers identified as National Medical Management and HMF Distributing Inc. The charges carry a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. justice.gov

CEO Marvin Ellison takes Lowe's back to basics
When Marvin Ellison took the helm at Lowe's last summer - after competing with the company for over a decade as an executive at The Home Depot - his work was cut out for him. "We had to make some changes," he said during a fireside chat on stage at NRF 2019: Retail's Big Show, "and had to make them quickly." Within the first six months, Ellison hired retail leaders in merchandising, store operations, supply chain and IT to help him "modernize and transform" the home improvement giant. "We're on a journey not to be a good company," Ellison said, "but a great company."

The three-step transformation plan started with retail's fundamentals. Now the focus is back on the foundation: Modern systems for merchandising, a sturdy supply chain and in-store systems that help associates serve customers better.

Step two of Ellison's long-term plan is sustainable growth by effectively serving the needs of various customers within the same framework:

The final step in Ellison's plan is aggressively pursuing that untapped $700 billion. "Customers respond well to innovation," Ellison said - Lowe's has its eye on trends like battery-powered tech and appliances that double as communication hubs, like smart refrigerators that update grocery lists. "Customer expectations remain high," he said, "[and] competition is fierce." nrf.com

Does Payless Join the Death List?
Payless Shoe Source Preps For 2nd Chapter 11 After closing 400 Stores Last Time

Payless is looking for buyers for its real estate. Without buyers, the company may have to close down a majority if not all of its 2,700 stores. wthr.com

Chicago PD Launches 'Intelligence Hub'
Chicago Police in the Logan Square neighborhood now have a Strategic Decision Support Center in their district.

The center will serve as a dedicated intelligence hub where police can monitor developments in crime, including gang conflicts, in real time, says a news report.

The center will also allow police to better predict where crimes may occur and respond more quickly to gunfire, the report says. As of year's end, the Chicago Police Department had expanded the number of districts that have such centers.  securitymagazine.com

Director of Global Security, Safety, and Business Continuity Posted for CDW in Vernon Hills, IL
This role reports directly to the Chief Human Resource Officer. The Director of Global Security, Safety, and Business Continuity is responsible for assessing and managing security risks for all CDW locations. This role formulates strategy, policy, and related initiatives to protect human, financial, and physical assets of CDW including all aspects of security, safety, and business continuity. cdwjobs.com

A nearly $16 billion international provider of IT solutions and services with 8,000 coworkers serving 250,000 customers. cdwjobs.com

New Dir. Job for the Industry - AP Job Growth
Director, Asset Protection for Smile Direct Club in Dallas, TX - Start Up Program?

Reporting to the Senior Director of Retail Operations, Director of Asset Protection provides loss prevention leadership and investigation service to the Retail Operations Team. This role is a key member of the Operation's organization, working with HQ and various teams across the United States and Canada. icims.com Editor's Note: Sounds like a new one person department? But a great opportunity.

The Company is the first digital brand for straightening your smile, created after the realization that recent trends in 3D printing and telehealth could bring about disruptive change to the invisible aligner market by matching licensed professionals, a quality clear-aligner product, and customers together.

Founded in 2014, SmileDirectClub now represents 95% of the doctor-directed at-home invisible aligner industry. We have grown to more than 2,500 employees with 100 SmileShop locations and counting.

SmileDirectClub is backed by Camelot Venture Group. If you've heard of 1-800-CONTACTS, Quicken Loans, Sharper Image or Fathead, then you've heard of Camelot. smiledirectclub.com

Director of Asset Protection and Safety Posted for Goodwill Industries of
Mid-Michigan, Flint, MI

Responsible for ensuring that the agency's assets are secure. Develops, implements and manages programs, procedures, systems and processes affecting the safety of employees and the protection of agency assets. applytojob.com

Goodwill Industries of Mid-Michigan serves over 700 clients annually. We operate 17 retail stores, 8 donation centers and 1 outlet center in 10 Mid-Michigan counties, which fund our employment training and other programs to put people to work. goodwillmidmichigan.org

Last week's #1 article --

A glimpse into Amazon's Global Security Operations Centre (GSOC)
The GSOC professional team is continuously supporting my team in delivering high quality Security and Loss Prevention services to our Amazon EMEA internal customers, ensuring the security and safety of our associates, our operations continuity whilst keeping our promise to our customers. linkedin.com


RLPSA & FIRMA Partner for Connect 2019

RLPSA has partnered with the Foodservice Industry Risk Management Association (FIRMA) for our upcoming CONNECT event at the Cheesecake Factory in Redondo Beach, California.

Restaurants attend for FREE. Only solution providers that are sponsoring may attend. Register today by emailing your name, restaurant, title, and contact details to Amber.Bradley@rlpsa.com.

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Coatesville man used a gift card glitch to defraud eBay of $320K

Chad Broudy found an online gold mine in October 2016 when he discovered a glitch on eBay that let him buy anything he wanted, virtually free.

Broudy, a 24-year-old from Coatesville, figured out how to over-redeem eBay's gift cards again and again without the cards getting charged. For 2½ months, Broudy went on an epic shopping spree, paying virtually nothing for more than 3,000 items valued at roughly $320,000, according to federal prosecutors. Read more

For further information on PROACT, email inquiries to PROACT@eBay.com.


True Stories of Face Recognition and Retail Crime

Episode 4: The Case of the Sneaker Syndicate

When it comes to deterring Organized Retail Crime (ORC), the most effective deterrent is a face recognition network deployed across an entire retail chain, alerting Loss Prevention (LP) teams the moment a documented shoplifter enters a location. And while we primarily see face recognition as a crime prevention technology, It can also lead to apprehensions.

Episode Four of our True Stories of Face Recognition and Retail Crime series, The Case of the Sneaker Syndicate, reveals the true story of how face recognition stopped a gang of shoplifters who specialized in running off with thousands of dollars worth of athletic apparel.

The Sneaker Syndicate consisted of an ORC gang with a reputation for stealing high end sneakers and athletic gear. These women used a typical grab-and-go theft model, in which they would enter a store, pick up high end footwear and other athletic apparel, and then run out of the store as quickly as possible and into the parking lot outside, where their getaway driver would be waiting for them.

Organized retail crime (ORC) costs U.S. retailers approximately 30 billion each year, according to the National Retail Federation. The Sneaker Syndicate are a classic example of an ORC gang, picking their targets strategically and deliberately, and often hitting the same retail brand over and over again.

With face recognition, there's no longer any excuse for letting a shoplifter commit the same crime twice. After one retail location was hit by the Sneaker Syndicate, the LP team was able to look back at VMS surveillance footage and identify the criminals. They then enrolled the suspects in their private and secure watchlist. This was crucial, because shortly thereafter, the Sneaker Syndicate was detected hitting a second location. This time, LP was alerted instantly. The LP team then notified local law enforcement immediately, who were waiting in the parking lot to arrest the Sneaker Syndicate. Thanks to face recognition, the merchandise was recovered, and the perpetrators apprehended.

Want to watch the rest of the videos in the series? Click here.

This is just one example of how face recognition protected merchandise and helped bring an organized retail gang to justice. If you're interested in learning more about why face recognition offers the fastest and most dramatic ROI of any retail security, contact us today.



There's a growing disconnect between data privacy expectations and reality
Consumers Blame Companies Not Hackers
There is a growing disconnect between how companies capitalize on customer data and how consumers expect their data to be used, according to a global online survey commissioned by RSA Security.

According to the study, which surveyed more than 6,000 adults across France, Germany, the United Kingdom and United States, less than half (48 percent) of consumers believe there are ethical ways companies can use their data, and 57 percent blame companies above anyone else, even a hacker, in the event of a data incident. helpnetsecurity.com

BEC-style attacks exploded in Q4 2018
Email remains the top vector for malware distribution and phishing,
while BEC fraud continues to grow rapidly, Proofpoint warns in its Q4 2018 Threat Report.

"The number of
email fraud attacks against targeted companies increased 226% Quarter-on-Quarter and 476% vs. Q4 2017," the company pointed out. "On average, companies targeted by BEC received about 120 fraudulent emails in the fourth quarter of the year, up from 36 in Q3 2018 and up from 21 in the year-ago quarter."

"As we noted in Q3 2018, email fraud has shifted towards a 'many-to-many' challenge: attackers spoof many identities to target many people within the organizations; 59% of attacks followed this pattern in Q4. Notably, 60% of companies saw their own domains spoofed by email fraud actors, an increase of almost 10 percentage points from the previous quarter," the company added. helpnetsecurity.com

Moving to a State of Resiliency: Why War Games Are the Key
The Effectiveness of War Gaming is Based in Learning and Behavioral Science

People generally remember:
● 10% of what they read
● 20% of what they hear
● 30% of what they see
● 50% of what they see and hear

According to a McKinsey study, a scant
3% of digital business practices have conducted cyberwar games to help ensure they are ready to respond to a cyberattack ("Doing the Real Thing").

Instead what we've seen are businesses severely impacted by mismanagement of the response element of handling a cyber breach.

"When the balloon goes up," if organizations haven't prepared, all manner of chaos can break loose, especially during the first 24 hours after a breach. It's during this period that people aren't always thinking straight and things can happen that can lead to litigation. You must try to prepare for every eventuality, so when you're reacting, it's like a drill, it's muscle memory, as opposed to an emotional response, which is what happens most of the time.

And it's
muscle memory that must be built across the entire organization, not just in the security organization. securitymagazine.com

Cybersecurity Must Be Priority
Trump likely to sign executive order banning Chinese telecom equipment next week
The White House wants to highlight its commitment to telecom security ahead of a key wireless industry conference.

President Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order, banning Chinese telecom equipment from U.S. wireless networks before a major industry conference at the end of February. By preempting MWC, the world's largest conference for the wireless industry, the White House hopes to send a signal that future contracts for cutting-edge technology must prioritize cybersecurity.

This could complicate not only US-Chinese trade relations but a 5G buildout for US companies, as
Huawei controls more than a quarter of the global telecom equipment market.

The Chinese telecom giants Huawei and ZTE have been in the Trump administration's crosshairs as part of a broader focus on Chinese national security threats that has paralleled the ongoing trade war. Trump officials have repeatedly slammed Beijing for its
theft of intellectual property and its more traditional cyber espionage. politico.com

US Law Enforcement Busts 20-Person Romanian Online Crime Gang
Twelve members of 20-person group extradited to US to face charges related to theft of millions via fake ads other scams. darkreading.com

Americas Security Operations Director Posted for PayPal in New York




Loss Prevention Leadership in a Digital Age

Becoming a subject matter expert in your field is an important first step at each position you reach in your career. After that, it all boils down to developing your leadership skills, which is critical in reaching the senior level and staying there.

Shannon Hunter, VP, Loss Prevention & Sustainability, Office Depot has been recognized and promoted over the years by focusing not only on his technical skills but on his leadership skills as well. Here, he shares the leadership traits that have helped him the most throughout his career.

Note: At the time of this filming, Shannon was Sr. Director of LP & Safety for Office Depot, prior to his promotion to VP of LP & Sustainability.

Episode Sponsored By:

Jim Geyer - STANLEY Security - Quick Take 12

Jim Geyer, Vice President of Sales for STANLEY Security, talks about some of the innovative new solutions STANLEY is bringing to the retail community to help keep stores safe - from their active shooter detection system and Stanley Guard employee safety app to the IntelAssure "cyber hygiene" tool and profit-enhancing Stanley Retail Insights.

Quick Take Sponsored By:



Scammers Target Ad Industry's Initiative to Thwart Fraud
The ad industry created Ads.txt to combat ad fraud. Now fraudsters are targeting Ads.txt

Scammers recently found a new workaround for one of the advertising industry's most significant efforts to protect marketers from being tricked into buying ads on fake websites.

The industry initiative, a nearly two-year-old project dubbed Ads.txt, lets a publisher display a simple text file on its site listing every company authorized to sell its ads. Buyers being offered ad inventory can check the publisher's site to see whether the seller is listed.

Late last year, DoubleVerify Inc., a company that offers software for advertisers and ad vendors to authenticate ad inventory, identified a scheme it says was designed to take advantage of the growing adoption of Ads.txt.

DoubleVerify estimated the scam could have taken between $70 million and $80 million of advertisers' spending a year had it gone unchecked.

First, the fraudsters scraped content from legitimate sites to create copies. Then they deployed "botnets" of consumer devices infected with malware to generate fake page views on the mock sites.

Usually, this is where Ads.txt could go some way to preventing fraud: Buyers offered the resulting ad impressions could check the legitimate sites' Ads.txt files to see whether the impressions come from authorized vendors.

But in this scheme, the fraudsters opened accounts with vendors listed as approved "resellers" in publishers' Ads.txt files. Resellers don't have direct relationships with publishers to sell the specifically listed portion of inventory in the file, instead buying it from intermediaries and selling it onward. The fraudsters then sold their spoofed inventory through the publishers' authorized resellers, knowing buyers who checked the publishers' Ads.txt files would find the resellers there. wsj.com

Eliminate Friction by Investing in the Right Fraud Prevention Tools: Report
Online businesses are wasting valuable resources investing in "status quo fraud prevention methods," according to a newly published survey from Sift.

Coinciding with an announcement that it has rebranded from Sift Science, the San Francisco-based antifraud technology company released a report revealing the results of a study in which it surveyed 500 professionals across North America whose responsibilities include fraud, risk, mobile or e-commerce operations and strategy.

The study, Digital Trust & Safety: Aligning Security and Growth Strategies, revealed that while some online businesses are making the critical shift towards fraud prevention, many e-commerce businesses have yet to effectively address the rapidly deteriorating fraud climate.

Online businesses have a lot at stake, which leaves them little room for error when it comes to delivering a positive online experience for customers. Still, the report evidences that risk is the ultimate bottom line for e-commerce. cardnnotpresent.com

'Flesh and blood robots for Amazon':
They raid clearance aisles and resell it all online for a profit

Study: Online grocery to at least triple in next 10 years



Suffolk County, NY: Secondhand jewelry sellers sue Suffolk County
over seized merchandise

Three merchants that buy secondhand jewelry from customers have sued Suffolk County in federal court, claiming that police detectives habitually seize items for sale on suspicion that they might be stolen, but refuse to tell the store owners if they were stolen or return them if they weren't. The suit, filed last month, says police have taken about $150,000 worth of gold and jewelry from the three stores since 2010, and about $100,000 of that has never been returned. The stores say that unless police can prove items are stolen, they belong to the stores and should be returned to them. newsday.com

Lower Macungie Township, PA: Thief uses golf bag to steal $5K worth of goods from Dick's Sporting Goods
Pennsylvania State Police are investigating the theft of $5,000 worth of merchandise from a Dick's Sporting Goods store in Lower Macungie Township. The incident happened at 8:14 p.m. Feb. 5. State police in Fogelsville said the thief used a golf bag to conceal the items and then left the store without paying. lehighvalleylive.com

Redwood City, CA: $1,700 of candy stolen from Safeway
Someone made a sweet score at Safeway, stealing $1,700 worth of candy from the Woodside Road grocery store in Redwood City. Around 10 a.m. on Tuesday, a man walked into the Safeway on Woodside Road, grabbed a shopping cart, and began to empty out the candy aisle, said police Lt. John Gunderson. "It was all types, really runs the gamut of candy - Paydays, Mounds, Reese's, you know all of the Mars brands of candy, Almond Joy, M&M's, Hershey's - whatever was sitting in that candy aisle," Gunderson said. padailypost.com

East Haven, CT: Home Depot Shoplifter Tried To Enter Passing Cars
after fleeing store

A 34-year-old shoplifter from Home Depot was arrested Saturday after 911 calls began coming in reporting a male disrupting traffic on Frontage Road. Kevin Kelly, 34, advised motorists that he needed to gain access to their vehicles for a "life or death" matter, police said. Upon officer's arrival, they spotted Kelly walking along Frontage Road and detained him. Kelly advised officers that he was "just walking down the street" but it was later learned that Kelly had just been detained by Home Depot Loss Prevention for attempting to steal two Milwaukee tool sets valued at $900, police said. The tool sets were taken away from Kelly by a good samaritan in the parking lot prior to Kelly fleeing to Frontage Road. While speaking to Kelly it was also learned that he had two active arrest warrants out of East Haven and Derby. patch.com

Nassau County, NY: Woman accused of $1,100 shoplifting at Victoria's Secret used pepper spray on police

Carlisle, PA: Police searching for couple that stole $1,100 worth of vacuum cleaners from Walmart

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Shootings & Deaths

Del City, OK: Walmart Shoplifter pulls gun inside LP Office
Two officers shot and wounded, Shoplifter killed

An investigation is underway after a shooting at Walmart in Del City. It happened shortly after 11 p.m. at the Walmart near SE 15th and Tinker Diagonal. Police said it started when a man was caught shoplifting. The man was then taken to the manager's office where he allegedly pulled out a gun and shot a Del City police officer and an off-duty officer from another agency. Details are still being investigated, but the alleged shoplifter was pronounced dead at the scene. The incident remains under investigation. kfor.com

Vallejo, CA: Man shot and killed by Police at Taco Bell drive-thru
Vallejo police say they got a call just after 10:30 p.m. on Saturday about a Mercedes parked in the drive-through line, whose driver was slumped over. Once on scene, police check out the vehicle. In a statement to ABC7 News, Vallejo police claim McCoy had a gun in his lap. They say when McCoy started to move, they told him to keep his hand visible. They went to say, "The driver quickly reached for the handgun on his lap. In fear for their own safety, the officers discharged their weapons at the driver." abc7news.com

Hall County, GA: Suspect arrested after deadly shooting at C-Store
A suspect has been arrested after a man was killed in a targeted shooting at a Hall County gas station early Sunday morning, officials said. The victim, who has not been identified, had stopped at the QuikTrip on Gainesville Highway near the Gwinnett County line, the Hall County Sheriff's Office said in a statement. He was with a female companion when a gunman approached and fired into the car, the sheriff's office said. The victim was taken to Northeast Georgia Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. Investigators believe the shooter knew the woman in the car and the incident is not random. wgauradio.com

Santa Ana, CA: 1 Dead, 2 Wounded During Triple Shooting Inside Tire Store
The shooting brought a wave of police, then a team of detectives and later the coroner. Police said that around 3:45 p.m. they got multiple calls about a shooting at Pro Audio Wheel's and Tires . When they arrived one man was already dead. Two victims were wounded. They believe the two victims at the scene were connected to the auto shop. It's unclear if the third man was also part of the shop or if he was on the other side of the fight and who else might have been involved. cbslocal.com

Shoplifting Suspect Shot by Retired Police Officer at Riverside Home Depot
Former Officer Arrested

Police arrested a retired law enforcement officer after he shot and wounded another man who was trying to shoplift from a Riverside Home Depot store on Saturday afternoon, officials said. Police first responded to a report of a shooting shortly after 4 p.m. at the home improvement store, 3323 Madison Street, Riverside Police Department Officer Ryan Railsback said.

The incident began when a man tried to leave the store without paying for merchandise, the officer said. As security officers confronted the man and tried to stop him, the retired police officer identified himself as a retired law enforcement officer and drew a handgun, Railsback said. The shoplifting suspect failed to comply with commands and continued fleeing toward a getaway car, he said. At some point, the retired officer fired two shots at the man while he was inside his car. One of the bullets grazed the man in the neck.

The wounded man was able to drive himself to a local medical clinic to seek help. His injuries were not considered to be life-threatening. Investigators determined the shooting did not appear to be justified and arrested the retired officer on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, Railsback said. ktla.com

Harris County, TX: Over 50 bullet casings found after shootout at shopping center
According to the Harris County Sheriff's Office, at 1:50am, around 50 shots rang out in the parking lot of a shopping center near FM 1960 and Red Oak. Police say the argument began at the El Corral bar. Two groups of people fired several rounds at each other while hundreds of people were in the parking lot, deputies said. So many shots were fired, authorities said they ran out of evidence markers for bullet casings. One victim was hospitalized with two bullet wounds. click2houston.com

Lee County, FL: Little Caesars employee shoots 1 of 3 Robbery suspect
Two men were arrested for an attempted robbery that took place Saturday at a shopping plaza, while a third suspect was injured and is in the hospital. Lee County Sheriff's Office arrested two men on Sunday for the attempted robbery. On Saturday, the three suspects entered a Little Caesars pizza restaurant at the shopping plaza. The men confronted victims inside the store. One of the victims had a firearm and shot the suspect who is now at a hospital receiving treatment. winknews.com

Hoover, AL: Department of Justice now Investigating Civil Rights Issues related to Alabama Mall Shooting last Thanksgiving
This week, Alabama authorities ruled no crime was committed when a hoover police officer shot and killed E.J. Bradford at the Riverchase Galleria mall. They originally identified as the suspect in a shooting. They later admitted Bradford was not the gunman and charged a suspect with the crime. The state's Attorney General said the shooting death of Bradford was justified. But federal officials say the entire matter, including Alabama's investigation, is now under review. The Department of Justice says they are giving special attention to the civil rights aspects of the case. wltz.com

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Hamden, CT: Gas Station Clerk Robbed, Assaulted, then forced to reopen store at gunpoint

Beech Creek, PA: Dollar General Assistant Manager busted for stealing thousands in merchandise and cash

Aurora, IN: Man leads Sheriff chase after stealing liquor from Walmart

Kay Jewelers in the Downtown Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV reported a Grab & Run on 2/8, item valued at $5,399

Kay Jewelers in the Woodbury Village, Woodbury, MN reported a Grab & Run on 2/8, item valued at $4,500

Kay Jewelers in the Vista Ridge, Music City Mall, Lewisville TX reported a Grab & Run on 2/9, item valued at $3,598

Kay Outlet in the Centralia Outlets, Centralia, WA reported a Grab & Run on 2/8, item valued at $5,199

Peoples Jewellers in the Dixie Outlet Mall, Mississauga, ON, CN reported a Grab & Run on 2/8, item valued at $7,999

Piercing Pagoda in the Cottonwood Mall, Albuquerque, NM reported a Grab & Run on 2/7, item valued at $500

Piercing Pagoda in the Las Vegas Outlet Center, Las Vegas NV reported a Grab & run on 2/7, item valued at $2,149

Piercing Pagoda in the Westland Mall, Westland, MI reported Burglary on 2/9, items valued at over $65,000

Zales in the Columbia Gorge Outlet, Troutdale, OR reported a Burglary on 2/5, items valued at $16,000



Michigan City, IN: Fake $100 bills Fool Self-Checkout machine
While clerks at most stores are trained to spot counterfeit currency, automatic tellers apparently aren't, and that's how a couple of them managed to pass off six fake $100 bills at Meijer. Michigan CIty Police were notified on Thursday of the incident, which happened over a span of several hours on Feb. 4 at the Meijer grocery on Franklin Street. The woman used a total of $400 in counterfeit currency and left the store with $65.04 in merchandise and $334.88 in change, while the man used $200 in phony bills to get $23.68 worth of merchandise and $174.66 in change. thenewsdispatch.com


Cincinnati, OH: Four sentenced for plotting $1.1M jewelry heist
Four Middletown residents were sentenced on Thursday for stealing $1.1 million in diamonds and jewelry during a 2016 heist. They pleaded guilty to conspiring to rob two salesmen from the Diamond District in Midtown Manhattan after they traveled to a jewelry show in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. U.S. District Judge Susan Dlott sentenced Deanna Williams, 37, to three years; Mimi Chang, 42, to two years; Danny Ray Horne, 39, to 105 months; and Andrea Mullins, 36, to six months of home confinement, in addition to jail time served since the September 2017 indictment. A judge delayed sentencing the alleged ringleader in the heist, Amit "Alex" Patel, of Mason, who already pleaded guilty, until May 7.

Prosecutors allege that Patel has been involved in three separate jewelry robberies of diamond rings, gold, necklaces or earrings since 2013. Law enforcement officers were unable to recover the jewelry and diamonds worth $1,073,460 that were stolen in the 2016 heist. The victim was reimbursed through insurance. Dlott ordered all defendants to pay restitution. wcpo.com


Boost Mobile - Kankakee, IL - Robbery
C-Store - Greenville, SC - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Tulsa, OK - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Las Vegas, NV - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Beaumont, TX - Armed Robbery
C-Store- Chili, NY - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Augusta, ME - Robbery
C-Store - Corpus Christi, TX - Armed Robbery
Clothing - Bakersfield, CA - Robbery
Dollar General - Bloomington, IN - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Youngsville, LA - Armed Robbery
Dollar Tree - Rockford, IL - Armed Robbery
Dollar store - Suffolk, VA - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Smithsburg, MD - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Hamden, CT - Armed Robbery
● Jewelry - Troutdale, GA - Burglary
● Jewelry - Westland, MI - Burglary
Liquor - Creola, AL - Armed Robbery
Pharmacy - O'Fallon, MO - Burglary
Restaurant - Manchester, NH - Robbery (Burger King)
Restaurant - Lee County, FL - Armed Robbery (Little Caesars)/Employee shoots robbers
Walgreens - Tulsa, OK - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Philadelphia, PA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Long Beach, CA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
21 robberies
3 burglaries
1 shooting
0 killings





Sam Charles promoted to Regional Asset Protection, Operations & Safety Director for Lowe's

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District Loss Prevention Manager
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The District Loss Prevention Manager ensures shrinkage control and improves safety in the stores through proper investigation and training. This position is responsible to provide feedback, guidance and protection for our Team Leaders and Associates. This role has oversight and responsibility for approximately 15-20 store locations...

Field Manager, Asset Protection (Northeast & Midwest)
New York, NY| Poughkeepsie, NY | Parsippany, NJ

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Protects company assets and increases profitability through the analysis, response and management of various data across a broad spectrum of internal financial and technology resources such as Exception Reporting, Sales Audit, FP&A, IT and Loss Prevention. The Loss Prevention Analyst works cross-functionally in a dynamic, fast paced and demanding environment providing critical guidance to the organization's asset protection and profit improvement initiatives...

Loss Prevention Investigator
Media, PA

Wawa is looking for an accomplished Loss Prevention Investigator with an undergrad degree in Criminal Justice and previous experience in the retail industry (Multi-Unit).

The Loss Prevention Investigator is responsible for utilizing proper investigative techniques and act as the primary liaison with field operations management...

Regional Safety and LP Specialist
Miami, FL

The Safety and Loss Prevention Specialist is a subject matter expert responsible for partnering with both our corporate stores and franchise store operations to improve the safety and training processes. This includes reducing motor vehicle accidents, reducing work-related injuries, and ensuring OSHA / DOT compliance through the implementation of corporate or franchisee plans in accordance with local, state, and federal rules and regulations...

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Let Mikey do it!

What a profound statement and hopefully you know exactly the commercial I'm referring to. Where two little boys coax Mikey to eat a new cereal they're scared to try and say "Let Mikey do it." Well the metaphor is incredible. As it relates to virtually all of us in so many situations. Especially those at work where we have so much to learn and mountains of new technology burying us in a world changing every day. And while the commercial was just downright funny, it's also a sad commentary when applied to the adult professional world.

For those of us who do play it safe, it may seem like it's the best bet when in reality, it's absolutely the most risky position to put yourself in. Certainly that motto applies in some situations but for the most part the best role in the world is to be that Mikey.

The new age of retail requires that we all learn as much as possible about so many things outside of our comfort zone and outside of our defined job responsibilities. No longer do we have the luxury of looking at a job description and saying that's what we do, instead we must look at them and say "That's where we begin."

Do yourself a favor - next time someone slips a new cereal in front of you - be the Mikey in the commercial and be proud if they look at you and say - That's Our Mikey!

Just a Thought,
Gus Downing


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