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Johnson Controls announces Tyco Software House C●CURE Visit Verified Identity using civic for fast and secure identity verification

C●CURE Visit Verified Identity combines convenience and security for building access management

Johnson Controls has released Tyco Software House C●CURE Visit Verified Identity solution using Civic Secure Identity technology, improving the visitor management process and eliminating the risks and overhead associated with collecting and storing visitor data on site.

"The legal and regulatory burden on organizations in terms of collecting and storing personal information, even for visitor management purposes, has never been greater," said Ashley Tousignant, senior product manager, Johnson Controls. "C●CURE Visit Verified Identity using Civic removes the need for companies to handle this potentially sensitive information and leaves the control over the information in the hands of the individual." johnsoncontrols.com

Axis wins two 2020 Info Security Products Guide Global Excellence Awards

AXIS P5655-E PTZ Network Camera won Gold in Best Security Solution and Axis end customer, Fiserv Forum won gold in the Best Deployments and Customer Success of the Year.

Info Security Products Guide, the industry's leading information security research and advisory guide, announced that Axis Communications won two Gold Global Excellence Awards in the 16th Annual 2020 Info Security PG's Global Excellence Awards. These prestigious global awards recognize cybersecurity and information technology vendors with advanced, ground-breaking products, solutions, and services that are helping set the bar higher for others in all areas of security and technologies. Axis Communications is honored to be selected and recognized for its commitment to a smarter, safer world. axis.com

Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Map: March 6 Update

Tracking the Spread of the Outbreak in the U.S. and Abroad


Coronavirus Fear & Anxiety Rule the Day
Workplace vs. Coronavirus: 'No One Has a Playbook for This'

The deadly disease has arrived in some offices, and employers are
figuring out how to adapt.

The alarm has now spread through other companies around the world, despite escalating efforts by many of the firms to deal with disruptions from the coronavirus outbreak that started in China. Microsoft, Amazon, Ford Motor, CNN, Citigroup and Twitter have put employees through work-from-home drills, dusted off emergency-response plans and ordered increasingly stringent safety measures to protect their workers.

Even so, the coronavirus has moved faster than their preparations. Amazon said this week that two employees in Europe, who had been in Milan, were infected with the virus and that one employee at its Seattle headquarters had tested positive for it. HSBC said on Thursday that the coronavirus had been diagnosed in an employee at its global headquarters in London. And AT&T said a retail employee at one of its stores in San Diego had tested positive.

The challenges faced by workplaces have become a new front in the battle over the coronavirus, global white-collar companies have rarely grappled with this scale of disruption - or the level of fear that has gripped workers.

Many corporate memos, including those from HSBC and Facebook, now mention deep cleaning of office spaces and self-quarantining. Face-to-face job interviews have been all but banned by some firms, in favor of interviews conducted by teleconference.

The depth of employee anxiety has forced senior executives to take calming measures. Uber sent out a memo to staff on Wednesday saying it had formed an internal task force to handle its response to the virus, according to a copy viewed by The Times.

The measures that companies are taking in response to the virus may shift workplace behavior over the long term. Telecommuting, which has been in and out of favor for decades, may become more ingrained. The use of digital tools for remote collaboration may also rise. nytimes.com

Spreading virus could deal big blow to malls

40% Are Limiting or Avoiding Them Entirely

Now, with the virus spreading in the U.S., it could deal a major blow to the country's over 1,000 malls at time when many are already struggling with a slew of retail bankruptcies. New diagnoses of the disease in several U.S. states have raised the tally of cases to more than 100. Nine people have died, all in Washington state.

Big malls like American Dream and Mall of America and mall owner Taubman Centers Inc. say they're adding hand sanitizer stations, and they've also stepped up disinfecting high-touch areas like doors and handrails. The International Council of Shopping Centers said its members are following guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Shopping centers may have to take more extreme precautions, such as temporary closures, said Coye Nokes, a partner at OC&C Strategy Consultants' consumer and retail practice.

"While the brands and retailers can attempt to mitigate the impact via other channels like e-commerce, malls themselves will struggle with traffic under any extended virus scenario," she said.

Among those who have already changed habits, more than four in 10 say they're limiting visits to shopping centers and malls or avoiding them entirely, and more than three in 10 avoid shops in general. A worsening of the outbreak would hit malls disproportionately, the research suggests. Among those likely to change habits if the outbreak worsens, around three-quarters expect to avoid shopping complexes, making this the most-avoided type of location.

The first casualty was North Star Mall in San Antonio, Texas, which closed for 24 hours this week after local health officials notified it that a patient who tested positive for the new virus visited over the weekend. A spokeswoman at the mall's owner, Brookfield Properties, said in an email to The Associated Press that the mall has been cleaned several times using products recommended by the CDC and there is a ''low risk to the public." abcnews.go.com

Coronavirus Fallout Poses Challenges for Most Vulnerable U.S. Retailers

Neiman Marcus, Jo-Ann Stores and other retailers depend on
Chinese manufacturers for inventory

The weakest U.S. retailers face the biggest risks from the coronavirus epidemic if Chinese factories overseas remain understaffed and customers at home stay away from bricks-and-mortar stores, according to lenders and analysts.

Luxury chain Neiman Marcus Group Ltd., fabric and craft supplies chain Jo-Ann Stores Inc., and apparel seller J.Crew Group Inc. are among the junk-rated retailers exposed to the potential fallout from the coronavirus outbreak, they said.

U.S. retailers have varied exposure to the manufacturing contraction, depending on how much of their inventory comes from China or other affected regions.

Economists say it is too soon to know how much the virus might affect consumer spending but that it could upend supply chains and cause some product shortages, especially as retailers run out of Chinese-made goods already stocked in warehouses. The biggest risk facing weaker retailers is a possible pullback in demand as the virus spreads in the U.S., spooking consumers

But if production in China doesn't return to normal levels by late April, U.S. retailers also could face challenges stocking up in time for the back-to-school and holiday shopping season. wsj.com

What the CFO's are Reading
Did Your Contract Anticipate the Arrival of Coronavirus?

As the virus spreads, there will likely be an increase in contractual defaults. Here's a look at the related legal ramifications and remedies.

For CFOs, anticipating the "known unknowns," or unforeseen events that could impact business performance, is a fact of life. In a global economy, where organizations are dependent on their overseas suppliers, these events now include diseases and quarantines, such as the coronavirus.

As the virus spreads, and suppliers fail to ship products, we are likely to see a rise in contractual defaults as counterparties are unable to perform their obligations on a timely basis.

Did your supply chain colleagues anticipate the arrival of a coronavirus in their contracts? Does a global pandemic excuse your performance? Let's look at how the law might answer these questions.

Force Majeure: A Contractual Excuse? - Impossibility: A Legal Excuse? - Planning for What Comes Next cfo.com

There's 'no historical precedent' for working from home amid coronavirus fears
There's little employees of U.S. companies can do, legally, to force their employers to pay their wages or to hold their jobs if they insist on either skipping work or working from home over fears of contracting the illness, at least under COVID-19's current risk level.

"There's really no historical precedent for the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention], or working with OSHA [Occupational Safety and Health Administration], telling employers that they have to do this or that," Aaron Goldstein, a partner with the Seattle law firm Dorsey & Whitney, told Yahoo Finance. "And I think it's unlikely that they will, given the reaction that we're seeing to coronavirus, which is
employers preemptively going well beyond what OSHA would ever require."

Still, employers must comply with federal, state, and local laws that require certain worker safety precautions, though
there's no U.S. law directly setting boundaries for worker attendance during viral outbreaks. U.S. policy stands in sharp contrast with France where workers have already exercised their legally protected right to walk off the job due to coronavirus fears. finance.yahoo.com

7-Eleven Cancels Speedway Acquisition Plans
Amid economic uncertainty caused by the coronavirus, Seven & I Holdings Co. ends bid for Speedway over valuation concerns. cstoredecisions.com

'Almost Without Precedent': Airlines Hit Hard by Coronavirus
The effects could wipe out up to $113 billion in worldwide revenues this year

RILA's Retail Resources for Coronavirus

Kroger establishes internal task force activating pandemic preparedness plan focused on customers, associates and supply chain

2,773 People Are Under Quarantines in New York City

Amazon's third-party sellers are facing massive inventory shortages due to the coronavirus

Multiple states have declared a 'state of emergency' over coronavirus
- an expert explains what that means

Silicon Valley's top investing firm has a stark message on coronavirus: Prepare for the worst

These cleaners kill coronavirus: Lysol, Clorox, Purell products make EPA's disinfectants list

UK: 24% of retailers hit by severe supply disruption amid coronavirus fears

Millennials are the 'worried' generation & changing spending habits most amid coronavirus outbreak, study shows

ISC West 2020 Postponed to July 2020 Due to Coronavirus

ISC West, originally scheduled to take place March 17-20, has been postponed to July 2020.

We at ISC West want to express our concern for everyone impacted by the COVID-19 coronavirus. Based on their close monitoring of ongoing developments with the Coronavirus, recent reports from public health officials and extensive consultation with their partners in the global security community, the organizers of ISC West decided to postpone the show to July 2020 (dates will be announced soon). iscwest.com

For further media information, please contact: Diffusion PR for ISC West (Reed Exhibitions) (646) 571-0120 reed@diffusionpr.com

Retail Product Safety and Compliance Leaders Meet
On February 18, a record setting 90 product safety and compliance leaders from 32 retailers met for RILA's Consumer Products Committee (CPC) 2020 Spring Meeting held in Orlando, Florida - in conjunction with the annual International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization (ICPHSO) Conference. The packed meeting agenda included educational presentations from industry thought leaders as well as robust peer-to-peer benchmarking discussions.

Read more about the event here: rila.org

A Comprehensive Review of Facial Recognition
Biometrics industry lobbies for responsible facial recognition regulation

Experts from NEC, FaceFirst, IBIA, Identity Strategy Partners, DHS on countering misinformation and addressing concerns

What constitutes appropriate use of biometric facial recognition technology is the subject of Congressional hearings, draft legislation at the federal and state levels, debates and partial moratoriums in cities across the U.S. New rules are being considered in the EU and elsewhere, and the biometrics industry is increasingly locked into a debate that all agree is critical.

Beyond that, the terms of the debate and the facts of the matter often seem at issue.

The stakes are high, because legislation at the local and state levels has already complicated the market for businesses, and the civil liberties claimed to be under threat are foundational to the U.S. and many other nations. Legislation, therefore, is coming.

Facial recognition policy will eventually have to deal with technologies, use cases and situations which do not involve the same concerns. Real-time CCTV deployments by law enforcement are just one in a galaxy of ways organizations are currently working to leverage the technology, most of which are both less controversial and closer to fruition. Facial biometrics are about to disrupt several different sectors of the economy, FaceFirst CEO Peter Trepp predicts in an interview.

"In a few years, that's going to be the norm. Credit cards are going away, and ATM cards are going away, and lines are going away," Trepp says. "We can board a plane now in half the time using facial recognition; guess what, people don't want to stand in line, of course they're going to do that. There are going to be questions. Amazon Go is coming out, three thousand stores and no cashiers, no checkout lines, and every retailer that we're dealing with recognizes that we don't want to have lineups. There's a convenience to customers but also customers see companies like that, as taking care of their customers." biometricupdate.com

'The New Rules of Consumer Privacy'
by FaceFirst CEO Peter Trepp

In The New Rules of Consumer Privacy: Building Loyalty with Connected Consumers in the Age of Face Recognition and AI, FaceFirst CEO and author Peter Trepp has devised a set of rules that will help companies uphold consumers' privacy without sacrificing their security and convenience. By following these rules, brands can create a win-win scenario that will maximize revenue, reduce crime, provide consumers with the best experience possible and ensure that consumers' privacy is reasonably protected. Learn more about the book here
Or order it here!

58.4M Americans Spent $44.9B On 'Drunk' Purchases in Last 12 Months
According to Finder's latest Drunk Shopping survey nearly a quarter (22.9%) of Americans admit to shopping under the influence. Although the percentage of Americans that admitted to buying under the influence decreased from 26.4% to 22.9% over the past year, the amount consumers are spending increased by 13.9%. The average drunk shopper is spending an average of $768.58 on drunk purchases this year, compared to $674.96 in 2019.

Not surprisingly, food is the most common drunk purchase. Nearly 60% of Americans admit to purchasing food while drunk, followed by more alcohol at 51.7% and shoes, clothes or accessories at 36.9%.

The Northeast had the highest percentage of drunk shoppers (25.82%) as well as the highest average spend ($1,195.13), Midwest (23.54%), the West (23.50%) and the South (20.32%), according to the survey.

Just over a quarter (26.9%) of men admit to drunk shopping.

Less women (19.1%) admitted to drunk shopping than men, spending an average of $799.61 on their purchases during the past year.

On par with last year's trend, millennials were the generation most prone to drunk shopping (42.1%), followed by Gen Z (35.4%), Gen X (22.2%) and baby boomers (10.1%). chainstoreage.com

CEO Drops "Bombshell" on Quarterly Analyst Call
Burlington Stores to Wind Down e-Commerce Operations

Off-Pricer to Focus on Bricks & Mortar Stores - Opening 80 in 2020

"In our business, which is a moderate off-price business, the nature of the treasure hunt and the average price point that we operate at mean that bricks-and-mortar stores have a significant competitive and economic advantage over e-commerce," CEO Michael O'Sullivan told analysts. "We intend to focus our energy and resources on driving profitable sales growth in our bricks-and-mortar stores. We will also continue to aggressively expand and upgrade this store network through our new store opening and remodel programs." chainstoreage.com


Senior LP & AP Jobs Market

Director, Global Asset Protection job posted for eBay in Draper, UT
eBay is looking for a
Head of Global Asset Protection. This role will lead a global team of investigators to execute our value proposition. Candidates should be passionate about the eBay customer, and efficient self-starter with an ability to operate effectively in a fast paced, rapidly-changing environment. The position is full-time and located in Salt Lake City, UT.

eBay works closely with local, state, federal and international Law Enforcement Agencies as well as retailers, financial institutions and industry peers to protect our marketplace from illegal activity. We are the primary contact for Law Enforcement regarding criminal investigations and a liaison for the legal community to assist in all compliance aspects of criminal investigations regarding our services. jobs.ebayin.com


Coresight Research: Retail Store Databank
Weekly US & UK Openings & Closures Tracker 2020:

Week 10: 2020 YTD Closures 1,410, 2020 YTD Openings 2,530

Art Van Furniture to close all stores

Ikea recalls 800,000 children's dressers for risk of tipping over

Chipotle increases paid leave; testing unlimited paid time off for senior-level staff

States scramble to prepare ahead of April 1 food stamps rule change

Quarterly Results

Costco Q2 comp's up 8.9%, sales up 10.5%

Burlington Stores Q4 comp's up 3.9%, sales up 10.5%, full yr. comp's up 2.7%, sales up 9.3%

Kroger Q4 comp's up 2%, digital sales up 22%, net sales up 2.3%, full yr. comp's up 2%, digital sales up 29%, net sales up 2.3%

BJ's Wholesale Club Q4 comp's up 0.3%, net sales up 1.5%, full yr. comp's up 1.3%, net sales up 1.3% - VP AP Job Open

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Guardian EdgePro

A security management tool that's simple, effective and mobile

The new technology must-have in commercial security

Frustrated with your current commercial security operation? EdgePro is an online security management tool that provides easier oversight for large and multi-location organizations.

It collects critical security data from your business locations in real-time and presents it on one user-friendly platform. See which locations are in alarm status, opened late, closed early, and more - it's all on your dashboard. Plus, its responsive mobile design makes remote management a simple task.

EdgePro is a smart tool that security and loss prevention professionals actually enjoy using to manage business security - at the office or on the road.

● Anytime, anywhere control from your smartphone, tablet, or computer
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Mobile Control

The EdgePro tool provides instant access to critical security data about your Guardian-installed system in real time. See which locations are in alarm status, opened late, closed early and more - all featured on your dashboard. EdgePro's real-time data yields faster insights to help guide business decisions.

One-Click Reports

Retrieve reports about your EdgePro system on alarm history, dispatches, open/close occurrences, service requests and more with just one click. You can also subscribe to automatically receive reports via email hourly, daily or weekly - whenever you desire.

User-Friendly Interface

The EdgePro tool was created with simple and intuitive navigation to avoid confusion and unnecessary complexity. The welcome dashboard displays a quick summary of your EdgePro system and a search bar is also available for specific inquiries.







Panel Discussion: How Machine Learning Can Strengthen Insider Threat Detection
To mitigate insider threats, experts suggest that enterprises develop their own risk algorithms by coupling machine learning capabilities with behavioral analytics to understand discrepancies in employee activities.

Companies can use human resources data to help create these new algorithms, said Dawn Cappelli, CISO of Rockwell Automation. "The key is having HR data. You can build your risk models by taking the contextual employee data along with their online activity and create risk algorithms."

But the real challenge is refining and contextualizing this data in order to correctly identify potential threats, said Solomon Adote, CISO for the state of Delaware. "Data without context might not tell you the full story," Adote said. "It has to be about identifying what is abnormal about a particular activity." govinfosecurity.com

3 Data Breaches Disclosed This Week: J.Crew, T-Mobile, and Carnival
A series of enterprise data breaches disclosed this week underscores how criminals target various industries to steal and monetize data. The breaches at J.Crew, T-Mobile, and two units of cruise-line operator Carnival Corp., show that millions of customers can feel the effect of even the simplest exploit.

In its disclosure letter to customers, J.Crew said that customers' email addresses and passwords were obtained by an unauthorized third party and that significant additional personal information could have been accessed in the April 2019 incident. No information was provided on the number of customers affected, but the notification noted that the breached accounts had been de-activated pending a customer telephone call and password re-set.

T-Mobile disclosed a breach affecting an unknown number of customers, though gaining that information is complicated because of the path taken to the customer information: Employee data was breached, some of which contained customer information. In a notification document, the wireless carrier said, "Information accessed illegally may have included names and addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, rate plans and features, and billing information."

Finally, Holland America Line and Princess Cruises, two units of Carnival Corp, disclosed a breach from May 2019 in which personal information including mail accounts, names, Social Security numbers, and credit card information of some employees and customers were illegally accessed. While no numbers were given regarding victims, a notice with the California Attorney General's office indicates that more than 500 individuals were affected. Carnival said that when the breach was discovered, it acted quickly to shut down the unauthorized access. darkreading.com

Hackers Target Companies With Coronavirus Scams
Criminals are using concerns about the coronavirus epidemic to spread infections of their own. They are forging emails mentioning the outbreak that appear to be from business partners or public institutions in an effort to get users to open the messages, unleashing malware.

The number of malicious emails mentioning the coronavirus has increased significantly since the end of January, according to cybersecurity firm Proofpoint Inc., which is monitoring the activity. Proofpoint analysts now see multiple email campaigns mentioning the coronavirus every workday.

The dearth of information about the epidemic, along with plenty of conflicting claims, provides an opening for criminals. Email doctored to look like a company's purchase order for face masks or other supplies could trick an employee into wiring payments to a fraudulent account. Individuals could provide personal details in response to a phishing attempt that promises information about a company's remote-work plan. wsj.com


Why Ethical Hacking? (The What and Why of Ethical Hacking)
When people hear the term hacking, they often think of someone infecting their computer with a virus, crashing a network and stealing money, or holding a company hostage from their daily operations with ransomware. Most people do not know that ethical hackers are people who are hired to think like a hacker or bad actor. They meticulously probe a company's systems to find any weaknesses and bring them to the attention of the business before the bad actors exploit them. Ethical hacking is an investment that companies in the modern world can't afford to do without. securitymagazine.com

Attackers Distributing Malware Under Guise of Security Certificate Updates
Cybercriminals can be an innovative bunch when it comes to finding new ways to distribute malware. The latest example is a new campaign involving the use of a fake digital certificate "update" to try and infect systems of visitors to previously compromised websites. darkreading.com

Senate Passes Bill Requiring 5G Security Review

Cisco 2020 CISO Benchmark Report: Average Company Uses 20 Security Technologies

New Book Available on CISO Strategy, Tactics and Leadership



Nedap RFID Software | !D Cloud | Virtual Shielding

The smart allocation algorithm in the !D Cloud RFID software prevents leakage and reliably determines the location of an item.

Virtual shielding eliminates the high costs for physical shielding and makes it possible to easily provide actionable data to the store staff. Sub-location information is vital to be able to do refill effectively

Learn more at www.nedap-retail.com






Online Scammers Exploit Coronavirus Fears
7,500 Fraud Cases Totaling $28 Million

Online scams for face masks are on the rise as Covid-19 fears grip China

Social media platforms like WeChat, Weibo and even LinkedIn are being used for scammers to target people desperate for masks that remain in short supply.

Chen Xiaobai, a graphic designer from Changsha city in southern China's Hunan province, has been running a WeChat group since the beginning of February called The Victims of Online Masks Fraud.

The group has attracted about 170 members, all of whom had been cheated of money while trying to purchase face masks online to protect themselves or other people from the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Online fraud has a long history, but fears about the coronavirus outbreak and a shortage of masks has brought swindlers a fresh pool of potential victims among China's 800 million internet users.

As of February 24, more than 7,500 coronavirus-related fraud cases involving more than 192 million yuan (US$28 million) have been reported in mainland China, according to a report co-published by China's Ministry of Public Security and internet giant Tencent Holdings, which operates ubiquitous super-app WeChat.

Among those cases, 96.9% were related to masks. There have been similar schemes operating in Hong Kong, where hundreds of people potentially fell victim to a scam orchestrated by an organised gang on Facebook. abacusnews.com

Washington's new tech target: fake products

Holding Tech Companies More Responsible

The growing online trade in copycat goods is a new target in Washington's war on Big Tech, as policymakers pressure companies like Amazon to take more responsibility for what happens across their platforms.

The big picture: The spotlight on counterfeit goods is part of a broader push by lawmakers to use policy levers to hold tech companies accountable for real-world harms that result from users' online actions.

Driving the news: Lawmakers want to crack down on the sales of fake products online, with two House committees raising the issue this week.

The leaders of the House Judiciary Committee on Monday introduced the "SHOP SAFE" Act, which would hold online marketplaces responsible for trademark infringement if they don't take steps to stop third parties from using their platforms to sell counterfeit goods with a health or safety risk.

Separately, the House Energy & Commerce consumer protection subcommittee on Wednesday will hear from Amazon, eBay, Apple and others in a hearing focused on fake and unsafe products sold online.

Context: The Trump administration in a January report said it would step up enforcement against counterfeit goods and urged the private sector to follow "best practices," including enhanced vetting of sellers.

The bottom line: Policymakers are already talking about updating federal law to hold tech companies more responsible for what happens on their platforms. The focus on counterfeits marks another front in that push. axios.com

Robotics firm brings smart fulfillment to ecommerce

Target joins Kroger, Walmart in the online alcohol fray




Tampa, FL: Stealing credit cards and stealing gas account for millions in yearly fraud
Bay Area law enforcement agencies are trying to put the brakes on a multi-million-dollar scam targeting credit card holders and gas stations. Crooks steal credit card information while you're at the pump then use it to buy hundreds of gallons of diesel to sell on the black market. The skimmers are small and hard to spot, many times hidden inside the gas pump. Thieves use them to steal your payment card data, then fraudulently spend your money. It's a serious issue across the state. "We're finding more every year, our inspectors are finding more," said Florida Department of Agriculture Deputy Commissioner of Consumer Affairs Mary Barzee Flores. "Every single skimmer can be responsible for up to $1-million of fraud." In 2019, the Department of Agriculture reports 1,555 skimmers were discovered statewide. fox13news.com

Update: Charleston, SC: Police arrest man suspected of stealing more than $20,000 worth of merchandise from Apple store
Police have arrested a 22-year-old man accused of stealing more than $20,000 worth of merchandise from the Apple store in downtown Charleston. Investigators arrested 22-year-old Earnest Lee Oneal on Wednesday and charged him with grand larceny and burglary second-degree. His arrest stems from an incident in January of 2017 when thieves stole several iPads, iPods , iPhones and Apple Watches from the store location on King Street. Officers responded to the store for a glass break business alarm, and when they arrived they found the front door shattered and the alarm going off. live5news.com

Traverse City, MI: Hundreds of Stolen Items recovered in Northern Michigan
Michael Magee and Karen Varney were arraigned Thursday on a number of charges. Magee, 35, faces charges of organized retail crime, possession of burglary tools, receiving and concealing stolen property and possession of methamphetamine as a second-time habitual offender, according to Grand Traverse County Sheriff's Department Capt. Randy Fewless. Varney, his 30-year-old girlfriend, has been charged with organized retail crime, receiving and concealing stolen property and possession of methamphetamine. Detectives identified the pair after a shoplifting incident of several electronics at Walmart on Feb. 29, Fewless said. From there, investigators brokered a fake deal with the couple to buy some of the stolen items, he added.

The department's Interdiction Team pulled over Magee and Varney, driving a moving truck. Both were taken into custody, Fewless said, and investigators found hundreds of stolen items in the back of the truck while executing a search warrant. They ranged from home goods to tools and equipment, according to investigators, with some stolen from stores and others lifted from homes and storage facilities. So far, the items have been linked to thefts in Traverse City, Grand Traverse County and Antrim County. 9and10news.com

Clarksburg, WV: Lowe's employee accused of stealing $6,000+ worth of merchandise from store, giving half away as Christmas gifts
On February 10, officers with the Clarksburg Police responded to Lowe's for a larceny complaint. Lowe's Loss Prevention stated that he had camera footage of an employee Brian Barnes, 39, stealing an item of Lowe's merchandise. Loss Prevention provided officers with a signed, written statement he had obtained from Barnes, where Barnes wrote that over the course of the last six months, he had stolen a total of $6,206 worth of Lowe's merchandise, according to the complaint. Officers said that when they asked Barnes about the $6,206 worth of stolen merchandise, he had stated that he gave half of the merchandise away as Christmas gifts, and the other half was still at his house. Police said Barnes brought back the half of the stolen merchandise that he had at his house on the following day, which consisted of 52 items and had a total value of $3,300.86. wboy.com

Glen Burnie, MD: Sears shoplifters allegedly assaulted guard who tried stopping them
Police are looking for two suspects accused of stealing over $1000 worth of clothing from a Sears store and assaulting a security guard who tried stopping them. It happened at Marley Station Mall on February 20, in the afternoon. The female suspect allegedly assaulted a loss prevention officer after she and her male accomplice had already left the store with stolen merchandise. wmar2news.com

Katy, TX: Thieves Steal 15 Yeti Coolers from Academy Store
Surveillance video shows two suspects stealing 15 Yeti brand soft coolers. The merchandise has a total estimated value of $3,500. Detectives believe the suspects are attempting to sell the stolen merchandise on internet-based apps such as Offer Up or Let Go. coveringkaty.com

Williamsburg, KY: Police arrest Illinois woman for $2,600 cellphone theft from Walmart

Sahuarita, AZ: The Sahuarita Police Department is looking for two suspects involved in a strong-arm robbery at Walmart

Haverford Township, PA: Attempted Theft at Lowe's, suspect attempted to return $500 worth of merchandise that he collected while in the store

Grove City, PA: Three women facing charges of $500 theft from 3 Outlet stores

Wichita Fall, TX - Woman uses "a stack of" magnets to attempt theft at Walmart

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Shootings & Death

Sioux Falls, SD: Man charged in homicide of Domino's delivery driver tied to group set on 'robbing people'
The man charged with killing a Domino's delivery driver last week was tied to a group of people in Sioux Falls set out to make money by robbing people, according to an arrest affidavit. Statements from a "source of information," along with witness statements, surveillance video from various sources and Crimestoppers tips after the murder helped capture him, the affidavit states. Authorities with the Sioux Falls Police Department said the February 26 shooting of Casey Bonhorst, who was delivering a pizza when he was shot and killed, was "a crime of opportunity." Jahennessy Deunique LaPaul Bryant, 21, was arrested for two counts of 1st Degree murder, one count of 2nd Degree murder and one count of 1st Degree manslaughter in connection with the deadly shooting. Bryant was arrested without incident at an apartment complex on Tuesday.

Lt. Terrance Matia said while there has been an arrest, the investigation is far from over until a successful prosecution of Bryant. Matia said investigators couldn't share many details because of the on-going investigation and for protection of informants. Matia said there was no information relating the incident to gang activity. Investigators believe there was an attempted robbery that led to the shooting. Court documents say Bryant tried to rob Bonhorst on February 26th and he later told his friends he though he shot him twice. keloland.com

UPDATE: Douglas, GA: Gunfire inside metro Atlanta Best Buy was "distraction" for robbery
Police now say that a shooting at a busy Best Buy was a distraction so two men could steal nearly $5,000 worth of merchandise. The incident happened Monday afternoon in Douglasville when someone fired a gun at the store's ceiling. After shots rang out and customers fled the store, police said two men stole drones and a laptop before running out with everyone else. Police arrested Arnaldo Rodriguez, 39, Tuesday night. Police are still searching for his accomplice, who they say is a man with an AK-47 or AR-15-style rifle tattooed on his neck. wsbtv.com

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

FaceFirst facial recognition technology leads to serial thief arrest at Albuquerque Albertsons store
A recent arrest at a northeast Albuquerque Albertsons grocery store shows facial recognition technology from FaceFirst is being used to help identify certain individuals.

23-year old Anthony Sena was arrested at the Albertsons near San Mateo after the store's surveillance camera autonomously identified Sena's face, then alerted loss prevention officers as Sena walked in the store.

As a police officer initially tried to speak to Sena about criminally trespassing him from the store, the complaint states Sena ran off, but was eventually caught nearby. Along with being charged with "resisting, evading or obstructing and officer," Sena also had two misdemeanor warrants tied to other criminal cases.

Court records show over the last seven years, Sena has been accused of trespassing and stealing at several retailers across the metro, including multiple Target locations, Sportsman's Warehouse and a Walmart.

According to an "overview" page on the FaceFirst company's website, the company says it is "creating a safer and more personalized planet with facial recognition technology." The company also states it "empowers organizations to detect and deter real-time threats, transform team performance and strengthen customer relationships." krqe.com

Man takes Walgreens workers hostage during Armed Robbery
A man is in custody after police say he took employees hostage during an armed robbery in Boardman Thursday morning. Boardman police said officers were called to Walgreens in the 7200 block of Market Street around 3:29 a.m. for a robbery in progress. When police arrived, an officer said the suspect was leading two employees to the stock room at gunpoint. The report said after officers ordered the suspect to drop the gun, he ran into the stock room and out the back door of the pharmacy. At that time, the employees ran to the front of the store. Other officers patrolling outside the building chased the suspect, who dropped the gun in the parking lot and eventually stopped running, according to the report. Police said the suspect, identified as 35-year-old Kelim Rushton, of Youngstown, was handcuffed and taken into custody. wkbn.com

3 Employees of Jewelry & Pawn Shop Charged with Federal Firearm Charges
Pawn Shop Sold Over 170 Firearms Used in Violent Crimes in St. Louis

St. Louis - Carlos Jones, 31, of St. Louis; Robert Thornton, 36, of Florissant; and Steven Johnson, 44, of Belleville, IL; were charged by federal complaint for unlawful transfer of firearm to a convicted felon and making false statements on the records required to be kept by a licensed firearms dealer.

ATF agents were able to determine that a large number of the firearms that have been used in violent crimes in the St. Louis area from January 1, 2019, to August 14, 2019, were sold by Piazza Jewelry and Pawn ("Piazza") #452 in St. Louis. ATF was able to determine that, from January 1, 2019, to August 14, 2019, more than 170 firearms seized or otherwise recovered by law enforcement officers were purchased by people from Piazza. Several of the recovered firearms were linked to violent crimes, including assaults, shootings, robberies and homicides, in the City of St. Louis.

Piazza employees THORNTON, JONES and JOHNSON willfully allowed numerous straw purchases to take place in Piazza, each time regularly permitting a straw purchaser to complete legally required ATF forms.

The investigation further revealed that "word on the street" was that Piazza was the place to go to acquire firearms through a straw purchaser.

On December 19, 2019, ATF Agents and other law enforcement officers executed the search warrant at Piazza. Officers seized approximately 905 firearms pursuant to the search warrant. justice.com

South Bend, IN: Burglar bouncing off Security Glass attempting to break into Gun Store
Here's something you don't see every day -- a surveillance video showing a would-be burglar trying to break through a window with his body. It didn't work, and tonight, he's in jail. The man in the video tried breaking in another way first. He threw a rock or a brick at the window, trying to break through. When that didn't work, he threw his body at the glass. mycbs4.com

Portland, OR: Clark County man sentence for involvement in Identity theft scheme; 1100 Counterfeit Cards
On Monday, March 2, Gary Peck was sentenced to 36 months in federal prison and three years' supervised release for his role in a credit card fraud ring that operated in the greater Portland metropolitan area. Peck is the 10th and final defendant sentenced for crimes associated with the scheme, which took place from February 2017 to February 2018. Jonathan Dominic Coons, 41, who was the scheme's leader and organizer, was sentenced last year on Jan. 25 to 75 months in federal prison and three years' supervised release. Coons, Peck and their co-conspirators manufactured more than 1,100 counterfeit credit and debit cards and used them throughout Oregon, Washington and Idaho. The group created the counterfeit cards by embossing
stolen credit card and other identifying information on gift cards purchased or stolen from stores. Individuals residing in Canada and Australia were identified as the majority of people who had their stolen information used by the group.  theworldlink.com

Meet the Man Who Tracks Down Stolen Watches
AdvertisementArt Recovery Group's CEO is Christopher A. Marinello, one of the world's leading practitioners in the restitution and recovery of stolen and claimed works of art. He has been involved in the recovery of over $500 million worth of art and some of the most high-profile stolen art cases around the world. gq.com

San Diego, CA: Former longtime San Diego Zoo employee admits to stealing $236K; bogus vendor invoice scam

Elizabethtown, KY: 2 RVs stolen from dealership part of larger theft ring; recent incidents in TN, WV and KY

Fort Dodge, IA: C-Store employee charged with $1,400 theft of lottery tickets

Etna Green, IN: Gas Station employee arrested for theft






Daily Totals:
• 20 robberies
• 5 burglaries
• 1 shooting
• 0 killed


Weekly Totals:
• 81 robberies
• 25 burglaries
• 5 shootings
• 3 killed



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