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LPRC Supply Chain Protection Summit
Mar. 12

IAI Elite Training Day
April 3-4

ISC West
April 9-12

RILA AP Conference 2019
May 5-8

RLPSA Connect
May 14

CNP Expo 2019
May 21-24

The D&D Daily 'Live at NRF Protect'
June 11-13

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June 20

RFID Journal Live! Retail
June 25-27

GA Retailers ORC Alliance Retail Crime Conference
Aug. 22

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Aug. 26-30

Global Security Exchange
Sept. 8-12

CLEAR 10th Annual Training Conference
Oct. 28-31

NJFC LP Conference & Exhibition
Oct. 30

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2019 GLPS - Group LP Selfies
Your Team - Your Pride - Our Industry
Building Industry Pride - One Team Selfie at a Time

Army and Air Force Exchange Service Korea Distribution Center
Loss Prevention Team

"One Team One Fight"

Featured in picture, left to right: DCLPM Christopher Fincke; Exchange Safety and Security Assistants Sophon Phy; Assistant Merchandise Specialist Sung-Ha Choi & Exchange Safety and Security Assistants Miles Luper

Federated Co-Op AP Team

Domino's LP Team

At Home LP Team

Lowe's Region 15 LP Team

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Tim Bartkowiak named Business Development Manager for Gatekeeper Systems
Tim Bartkowiak, LPC, has 20 years' experience in Retail Asset Protection and Operations. He holds a BS degree in criminal justice and security administration from Ferris State University. Prior to joining Gatekeeper Systems, Tim was with Meijer (operations leadership), Dollar General (Div. AP Director) and SpartanNash (AP Director). He has been involved with various retail trade groups, ASIS International (American Society of Industrial Security) and is a former board member for Kent Co. Silent Observer. Tim also served as a Board Member for FMI (Food Marketing Institute) for many years. With Tim's vast experience in retail Asset Protection, Loss Prevention and Safety, he will bring incredible value to Gatekeeper Systems and their customers.

To learn more about Gatekeeper Systems, visit www.gatekeepersystems.com.

Appriss Safety Welcomes Brittany Adams as Partner Success Manager
Appriss Safety, a leader in data-driven solutions, has announced the newest addition to its growing team focused on insider threat mitigation. Brittany Adams joined the tech company in February as Partner Success Manager. Ms. Adams will focus primarily on developing and managing relationships with Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) partners. Most U.S. employers rely on CRAs to conduct pre-hire background checks and continuous post-hire monitoring.

Adams brings nearly 15 years of experience to Appriss that includes pre-employment background screening, post-employment workers' compensation, as well as her own entrepreneurial endeavors. Previously, she was the Director of Business Development and National Sales Executive at RapidCourt, a technology company providing criminal investigation tools to support risk reduction in talent acquisition to CRAs. Adams also spent time as the Western Regional Account Manager for Restore Rehabilitation, focusing on work comp nurse case management (NCM), and also for ReEmployAbility, focusing on return to work (RTW) programs for injured employees. Read more: apprisssafety.com

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FaceFirst - LP's 'Secret Sauce'
Retailers Are Turning To Face Recognition To
Thwart Growing Fraud And Shoplifting Threats

Written by Peter Trepp, CEO, FaceFirst

An increasingly large number of retailers are waking up to an unfortunate fact: despite loss prevention and asset protection professionals' best efforts, organized retail crime and return fraud continue to rise. In order to combat these rising concerns, forward-thinking retailers have started employing facial recognition solutions to protect merchandise, employees and customers from threats. And while this technology is relatively new for retail, it just might prove to be the secret sauce for preventing shrink.

Why More Retailers Are Using Face Recognition

Facial recognition flips the loss prevention script by allowing in-store loss prevention to proactively prevent crimes from occurring

One of the biggest advantages of facial recognition is that stores within a chain can share a face recognition database. Retailers are currently doing this with increased frequency because organized retail crime gangs are typically quite loyal to their favorite brands, favoring to strike multiple locations within a chain in a single geographic region.

FaceFirst conducted a recidivism study over six months that examined the behavior of documented shoplifters. The study found that 60% of known shoplifters were detected entering at least two separate locations of the same retail chain, while 20% of known shoplifters visited three or more locations of the same retail chain.

These are just some of the ways that retailers will use face recognition to combat retail crime in 2019. While major retailers already have started using the technology, it's far from ubiquitous. As adoption increases over the next few years, I expect the retail industry to finally turn the corner on external shrink. retailtouchpoints.com

Day One Recap: #ISCPO2019

International Supply Chain Protection Organization

ISCPO 2019 is Now in Session!
After a great evening of food, drink and live music at the cocktail meet and greet, Chairman Byron Smith kicked off day one with opening remarks, thanking the solution providers and attendees for joining the 2019 conference. He addressed where the organization is heading in 2019, with a focus on eCommerce Security.

Byron took time to thank former Chairman Rod Fulenwider for his leadership during the past two years and he was recognized with the ISCPO Award of Excellence. Rod also surprised the audience by presenting Smith with the 2018 Chairman's Award with the assistance of his direct supervisor Art Lazo, 7-Eleven's VP of Asset Protection.

Speaker Round-Ups:
Keynote Speaker, Albert Shen made a big impact, sharing with the attendees the Mobility Revolution, Smart Cities & Global Perspectives. Our next speakers Heather Nickerson with Red Five Privacy Labs and Paul Kurtz with Tru-Star addressed Cybersecurity in the Supply Chain. Larry Kivett with Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory shared Fraud in the Supply Chain - Fraud/Analytics. Bill Mathis, the Operational Security Specialist with Daimler North America presented Automotive Manufacturing Security. Our final session, Labor Shortages in the Supply Chain was shared by Rustin Tonn, Regional Human Resources Manager with Pitney Bowes.

Special Donation
The ISCPO present the Loss Prevention Foundation with a donation of $2,000.00 for the Loss Prevention Benevolent Fund. Find out more about the program.

Click here to see the full recap and more pictures.

ACFE Release 2018 Global Study
Why Is Workplace Theft on the Rise?
Employees may be taking company property to 'settle a score'

The theft of noncash property jumped from 10.6 percent of company fraud cases in 2002 to 21 percent in 2018, according to Report to the Nations: 2018 Global Study on Occupational Fraud and Abuse by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE)

The report analyzed 2,690 cases of occupational fraud in 125 countries that were investigated between January 2016 and October 2017. The frauds were committed in 23 major industry categories against organizations that included small local businesses, multinational corporations, private and public entities, government agencies and nonprofits. The perpetrators worked in virtually every part of the organization, from entry-level employees to C-suite executives. Read the full report here shrm.org

Auditors Worry Boards Aren't Getting Good Information on Risks
How Did We Miss #MeToo?
Corporate boards may be overlooking critical information about emerging risks-in areas such as cybersecurity or workplace sexual harassment-by relying too heavily on information they receive from management, according to a recent survey of internal auditors.

The survey, conducted by the Institute of Internal Auditors, asked chief audit executives where directors at their companies get information about potential risks. Three-quarters of respondents said directors are "very likely" to rely on management. Just under half said directors are just as likely to rely on internal auditors or corporate risk executives.

That directors rely on CEOs and other senior leaders isn't surprising. What worries auditors, however, is that directors, particularly on the audit committee, may be placing too much weight in assurances they receive from management, rather than corroborating information with internal auditors to make sure companies have necessary controls in place.

"I'm not sure that boards exercise the level of professional skepticism they need to to truly carry out their responsibilities, and that's how they get in trouble," said Richard Chambers, president and chief executive of the IIA, a professional association for internal auditors.

Mr. Chambers pointed to the fallout from the #MeToo movement as an example. When the movement was sparked in late 2017, empowering women to share stories of sexual harassment in the workplace, more companies should have checked with internal auditors to make sure they had proper reporting procedures in place, he said.

Many companies were caught off guard when credible allegations were made against senior executives. "Boards are looking around and saying, 'How did we miss that?'" Mr. Chambers said. wsj.com

Washington data privacy and facial biometrics legislation approved by state senate
Washington Senators have approved a new data privacy bill modeled on the European Union's General Data Protection Rule by a 46-1 vote, local publication The News & Observer reports.

Companies using facial recognition must post signs informing the public about it, and can only take action based on matches produced by the technology after human review, under the new law. State agencies will need a warrant to use the technology, except in emergency situations. The bill also requires all businesses and other entities storing or processing personally identifiable data of more than 100,000 people to provide information about that data, as well as operate data correction and removal processes. Smaller companies would have a reduced set of obligations. biometricupdate.com

Los Angeles, CA: California seeing more retail robbers from out-of-state
California is always a top destination for tourists. But now another group is flocking to the Golden State and they're not bringing their hard-earned money - they're taking ours. Organized retail crime is big business for thieves. It's a $30-billion problem nationwide, and the National Retail Federation says that Los Angeles is ground zero. It's so big that retailers and law enforcement say crooks are even flying in to California. That may be in part to take advantage of what some experts say are lax penalties. The LAPD says in the last month or two, the area has been targeted by a group of four suspects who focus on high-end fragrances at Sephora stores in Los Angeles and Orange counties. And investigators say that's just a drop in the bucket.

Police and retailers point to Proposition 47, which made more crimes into misdemeanors. They say career criminals capitalize on it. But retailers are banding together with law enforcement and fighting back. One new tool is Assembly Bill 1065. Organized retail theft will now carry stiffer penalties and that may help shift the balance of power. The law took effect Jan. 1. The public can also help, too. The LAPD says tips from the public have helped detectives identity two members of the four-man crew stealing fragrances. abc7.com

California: San Francisco DA, State Lawmaker propose bill that would seal
8 Million Criminal Convictions

Northern California lawmaker and district attorney announced Thursday a proposed law that would automatically clear some 8 million criminal convictions eligible for sealing but that remain public records. San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon and state Democratic Assemblyman Phil Ting of San Francisco said the bill if passed would help millions of offenders take advantage of an often overlooked law allowing convicted drunken drivers, burglars and other low-level offenders to seal their records. Gascon at a press conference in San Francisco with Ting said fewer than 20 percent of eligible cases are cleared and that most eligible offenders are unaware they can seal their criminal records and are "living in a paper prison." Sex offenders and any offender who served time in prison are ineligible.

The bill introduced in the Assembly by Ting would require the state to automatically clear eligible convictions of offenders who served their sentences, including probation, and who otherwise stayed out trouble. The bill would also wipe-away many records of arrests that ended without criminal convictions. Gascon said sealing eligible criminal records will help one-time, low-level offenders find jobs, housing and education that may be blocked by their convictions. Gascon says the proposed law would remain in law enforcement data bases, but would bar access to background check agencies and the public in general. ktvu.com

Here is a copy of the bill AB1076 introduced on Feb 21, 2019

Tallahassee, FL: Florida Senate panel puts Criminal Justice Bill on Hold

Former Equifax CIO Pleads Guilty To Insider Trading
Second Exec to Plead Guilty in Equifax Data Breach Info

Jun Ying, who worked as chief information officer at Equifax's U.S. Information Solutions division, admitted to violating one of the two laws he had been accused of breaking, 18 U.S. Code Section 1348. Unlike the other securities fraud charge in Ying's case, 1348 doesn't require prosecutors to prove the defendant acted willfully.

Ying sold shares of Equifax worth more than $480,000 shortly before the company announced the massive data breach and its stock price dropped, according to court documents.

Ying's sentencing is scheduled for June 27.

Another Equifax employee admitted to a similar insider trading charge last year. Former software development manager Sudhakar Reddy Bonthu pled guilty in July to making more than $70,000 in profits from insider trading related to the breach. law360.com

Grove City, OH: Police use mobile app to help catch shoplifters
Grove City Police said a collaboration with retail loss prevention officers in the community is gaining momentum. They said more than 60 officers are members of a GroupMe mobile phone app that allows users to privately share suspect information and descriptions and even post images from surveillance cameras. Grove City Police Lieutenant Doug Olmstead said the partnership with loss prevention officers have proven invaluable. 10tv.com

More Scalable & Affordable then 'Just Walk Out'?
Sam's Club Files Patent for Next-Level Scan & Go Test
Will new Scan & Go tech turbocharge Sam's checkouts?

Since launching our Scan & Go two years ago, we've seen its popularity continue to increase. With the upcoming test, we'll enhance the experience with the launch of a technology using computer vision and machine learning. Rather than having to locate the barcode and scan it just right, the camera in the app will identify the product with a simple hover and add it to the member's shopping list. It's as simple as that.

We also anticipate incorporating this same technology into the tools our associates use. By making their jobs easier, they're able to spend more time serving members. It's a win-win for everyone!

Following these tests, we'll experiment with the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to help manage member shopping lists. Stay tuned! samsclub.com

A demonstration video indicates that on a test item, the new app takes only 3.4 seconds to scan, down from 9.3 seconds when a customer has to search for the barcode. The technology came out of the Sam's Club Now high-tech test store in Dallas, which opened last year. The first tests of the new technology will be at this store.

The upgraded scanning feature brings Scan & Go closer to resembling the Just Walk Out technology that Amazon has been rolling out in its Go concept convenience stores.

Utilizing the processing power of people's individual smartphones, rather than requiring a full tech stack at the shelf level to identify items and tie them to customers, could make the enhanced Scan & Go more scalable and affordable than Just Walk Out technologyretailwire.com

Cool Job: Head of Security Posted for San Diego Padres

Kum & Go - Director of Risk Management posted, based in Des Moines, IA

Genuine Parts Company -  Senior Director Internal Audit & Compliance posted, based in Atlanta, GA

CVS Health - Senior Director of Retail Supply Chain & AP Analytics posted, based in Woonsocket, RI

ISC West 2019: What's New In Physical Security's Biggest Global Tradeshow?

Philadelphia bans cashless stores, restaurants starting this summer

Children's Place to buy Gymboree brand

Things Remembered Sells 178 Stores in it's 400 Store Liquidation

Quarterly Results

Costco Q2 comp's up 6.7%, net sales up 7.3%
Big Lots Q4 comp's up 3.1%, net sales down 2.5%, full yr comps' up 1.2%, net sales down .5%

Camping World Q4 comp's down 3.9%, consolidated sales up 10.6%. full yr. sales 12%

LPF Announces February's LPC and LPQ Professionals

The Loss Prevention Foundation would like to recognize and congratulate the following individuals who successfully completed all of the requirements set forth by the board of directors to be LPQualified (LPQ) and/or LPCertified (LPC):

Kelly Johnson, LPC - Bed, Bath and Beyond, Inc.
Charles Jones, LPC - Dick's Sporting Goods, Inc.
Alyssa Jones, LPC - Sears Stores, Inc
Christian Latson, LPC - HomeGoods
Brandon Lollis, LPC - Dick's Sporting Goods, Inc.
Curtis McGruder, LPC - AT&T
Staci Noonan, LPC - Meijer Inc.

Richard Peck, LPC - The TJX Companies, Inc.
Randy Vickers, LPC - Ocean State Job Lot
Robert Jones, LPQ - Skogen's Festival Foods
Kristina Jones, LPQ - The TJX Companies, Inc.
Zara Lujan, LPQ - REI
George Oancea, LPQ - The TJX Companies, Inc.
Travis Robinson, LPQ - Walmart Stores, Inc.

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Southfield Capital Partners with Protos Security

GREENWICH, Conn. - Southfield Capital, a premier lower middle market private equity firm, announced today its partnership with Protos Security ("Protos" or the "Company"), a leading North American tech-enabled managed security services provider. The Company's co-founders, Chris Copenhaver and Patrick Henderson, will remain in their existing leadership roles post-close.

Protos provides security guard and related solutions through its proprietary technology system and vast security vendor network. The Company enables clients to outsource the administrative burden associated with onboarding, managing and tracking thousands of guards working for dozens of vendors across hundreds of locations. Headquartered in Virginia, Protos manages thousands of sites in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico on behalf of a blue-chip customer base, including many Fortune 500 companies.

"Upon our first meeting with Southfield, we knew that they were the obvious choice for a strategic equity partner. Their culture of creating a win-win partnership mirrored our own business philosophy and approach when dealing with our clients and vendors. With Southfield's assistance, we will continue to evolve our services and deliver on our commitment to better serve our clients and vendors. We believe that Southfield's talent, resources and capital will accelerate investment in our software, facilitate growth into new markets and provide the tools necessary for our continued growth and success. We at Protos Security look forward to this new and exciting chapter in our business," said co-founders/co-owners Chris Copenhaver and Patrick Henderson.

"We could not be more enthusiastic about partnering with Chris, Patrick and their team. They have built a tremendous business over a short period of time and have plenty of runway left," said Andy Cook, Partner at Southfield Capital. "With Protos' impressive client base, industry leading technology platform and entrenched vendor relationships, we believe there is a really exciting road ahead."



Addressing the Cyber Threat
Director Discusses FBI Approach at Cybersecurity Conference
With cyber threats to the United States and across globe reaching unprecedented levels, the FBI uses a full spectrum of expertise, technology, and partnerships to root out cyber criminals, FBI Director Christopher Wray said at the annual RSA Conference in San Francisco yesterday.

"Today's cyber threat is bigger than any one government agency-frankly, bigger than government itself," Wray said in an on-stage interview at the cybersecurity conference. "But I think no agency brings the same combination of scope and scale, experience, tools, and relationships that the FBI has." fbi.gov

RSA Panel on Diversity & Bias in Cybersecurity
Fixing Bias Among Cyber Professionals

A sad lack of diversity permeates the cybersecurity field and the RSA Conference this week tackled the issue with speakers discussing tactics for attracting candidates. It's tough, considering a cyber talent shortage of three million, according to professional association ISC(2). As one attendee told WSJ Pro's Adam Janofsky, 90% of the job applicants he gets for an open position are white and male.

Sexism and bias emerged during the careers of several security leaders.

"I've been in IT my entire career and I've seen a lot of my female peers drop out because of frustrations and feeling like they weren't welcome," she said.

Attracting women and minorities to cybersecurity teams takes planning, Michael Palmer, CISO of the NFL, told the RSA audiences. "The talent is out there and it is our responsibility to find it," he said.

"[There are] three million unfilled cybersecurity jobs," he said, citing research from the (ISC)2 cyber professional association. "When I post positions, I get very few applicants, and 90% are white males."

Editor's Note: Sounds very similar to LP & AP. cybersecuritycmail20.com

CEOs of Equifax, Marriott defend cyber practices in Senate hearing
Mark Begor, chief executive of
Equifax Inc., said Thursday his company is tying a portion of executive bonuses to cybersecurity goals, hiring more security staff and buying more technology. The moves follow its reporting in 2017 of a major cyberattack, CNBC reports. Marriott International Inc. CEO Arne Sorenson said the company will likely encrypt more sensitive data and store it in decentralized locations to minimize the potential damage from a breach of one set of data. cybersecurity.cmail20.com

Machine identities for sale on dark web, business warned
Academics and security professionals are warning businesses that certificates used to establish trust and privacy on the internet are being weaponised and sold to cyber criminals bundled with other services.

An academic study has exposed a flourishing market on the dark web for secure sockets layer/transport layer security (SSL/TLS) certificates used to verify machine identities for machine-to-machine communications.

The study examining the availability of SSL/TLS certificates on the dark web, and their role in the cyber crime economy uncovered thriving marketplaces for these certificates sold individually and packaged with a wide range of crimeware.

"It was surprising to discover how easy and inexpensive it is to acquire extended validation certificates, along with all the documentation needed to create very credible shell companies without any verification information." computerweekly.com

Phishing Attacks Evolve as Detection & Response Capabilities Improve
Social engineering scam continued to be preferred attack vector last year, but attackers were forced to adapt and change.

A Microsoft analysis of data collected from users of its products and services between January 2018 and the end of December showed phishing was the top attack vector for yet another year. The proportion of inbound emails containing phishing messages surged 250% between the beginning and end of 2018. Phishing emails were used to distribute a wide variety of malware, including zero-day payloads.

However, the growing use of anti-phishing controls and advances in enterprise detection, investigation, and response capabilities is forcing attackers to change their strategies as well. Microsoft said.

For one thing, phishing attacks are becoming increasingly polymorphic. Rather than using a single URL, IP address, or domain to send phishing emails, attackers last year began using varied infrastructure to launch attacks, making them harder to filter out and stop.

On another front, Microsoft's analysis of 2018 threat data showed a significant drop-off in ransomware attacks. darkreading.com

Mobile security is a major concern that's getting worse, not better
As more enterprise work takes place on mobile devices, more companies are feeling insecure about the security of their mobile fleet. That's one of the big takeaways from
Verizon's "Mobile Security Index 2019," released here this week.

The study finds that 31% of retail respondents suffered a mobile compromise in 2018, up from 16% in 2017. More than half (54%) of these mobile compromises in the retail industry were considered major, and 27% had lasting repercussions. The vast majority (85%) of retail respondents said that the
risks associated with mobile devices are serious and growing.

In the first iteration, organizations were more nervous about losing access to the device itself" through theft or accidental loss, said Matthew Montgomery, a director with responsibilities for business operations, sales, and marketing at Verizon, in an interview at the RSA Conference. This time, they are worried about " ... having a breach or losing access to the data, because the device became very centric to businesses in the way they work."

Those worries, though, don't necessarily translate into effective security efforts. "There's still this big perception - they think they're secure, that they're doing things to help them with mobile security, but yet they're still telling us that
they're sacrificing mobile security to get the job done faster," said Justin Blair, executive director of wireless business products at Verizon. darkreading.com



Gatekeeper Systems

Using Technology for #DramaFreeLP at the Door

Robert Harling, CEO,
Gatekeeper Systems


As shoplifter apprehensions have turned more violent in recent years, Gatekeeper Systems, the international leader in cart containment and Pushout Theft solutions, has stepped up to address this dangerous problem. CEO Robert Harling explains how Gatekeeper's Purchek anti-theft solution not only reduces retail employee injuries and shopping cart replacement costs, but also helps avoid violent shoplifter confrontations that statistics prove are becoming more prevalent.

Quick Take 4 with Hanwha Techwin America

Miguel Lazatin, Director of Product & Channel Marketing
Jordan Rivchun, Leader, Retail Solutions & Strategy

Hanwha Techwin America


Hanwha is a global Fortune 500 company and now one of the fastest growing security manufacturers in the world, driven by customer-led product design and development. Jordan Rivchun tells us why these reasons and more led him to join Hanwha Techwin America after years working on the retailer side of the business. And Miguel Lazatin shares some of the exciting new solutions they're bringing to the market.



An in-depth look at Facebook's Security
Car-bomb fears and stolen prototypes: Inside Facebook's efforts to protect its 80,000 workers around the globe

Facebook has a 6,000-person security army quietly protecting its tens of thousands of employees worldwide.

The challenges they face are immense - from stalkers to stolen prototypes, car-bomb fears, gang violence, and concerns about state-sponsored espionage.

Thousands of people turn up at Facebook's offices every week to complain about their accounts, attempt to sneak in, ask for tours, or try to meet CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Defenses include plain-clothes officers with firearms to location tracking of blacklisted people, and there are rumors of a secret escape passageway.

When a disgruntled YouTube user opened fire with a semiautomatic pistol at the company's California headquarters in April 2018, injuring three, the gunshots reverberated across Silicon Valley.

At Facebook, just a 30-minute drive away, the company sprang into action and quietly redoubled its defenses. The Menlo Park-based social-networking firm drastically upped the number of off-duty police officers who covertly patrol its halls in civilian clothes with concealed firearms. Few employees even know these officers exist, and the move spooked some of the workers who subsequently noticed them.

And it spent about $1 million to bolster its vehicle fleet with more than 30 new Toyota RAV4 hybrid SUVs for its security organization with which to patrol its Bay Area offices.

All told, there are now more than 70 people on the executive-protection team at Facebook, led by former US Secret Service special agent Jill Leavens Jones. Last July, Facebook's board approved a $10 million security allowance for Zuckerberg and his family for the year. *Subscription required businessinsider.com

Amazon Suppliers Panic Amid Purge Aimed at Boosting Profits
Amazon.com Inc. has abruptly stopped buying products from many of its wholesalers, sowing panic.

The company is encouraging vendors to instead sell directly to consumers on its marketplace. Amazon makes more money that way by offloading the cost of purchasing, storing and shipping products. Meanwhile, Amazon can charge suppliers for these services and take a commission on each transaction, which is much less risky than buying goods outright.

Amazon is determined to boost profits at the core e-commerce business, even if that means disrupting relationships with longtime vendors. Because many suppliers source products from manufacturers months in advance, they'll have to quickly shift their sales tactics if the expected Amazon orders don't come in. bloomberg.com

Rue21 follows BOPIS trend

Albertsons puts delivery customers on (real-time) notice

Yotpo's 2019 List of "Amazing Women in eCommerce"
Spotlight the Female-Led Brands & Buying Experiences Important to Today's Consumers



Houston, TX: Escapee accused of stealing 612 pairs of panties
Most escapees are caught within hours. Not Efrain Gutierrez. The Harris County inmate bolted from a downtown Houston courtroom on Feb. 28 and he's still on the run. Gutierrez, 38, was arrested last July for allegedly stealing 612 pairs of panties from Victoria's Secret. The merchandise was worth about $10,000. Along with felony theft, Gutierrez is charged with escape, evading arrest and possession of a controlled substance. khou.com

Chesterfield, MO: Police recover almost $6K worth of stolen goods
Police in Chesterfield have recovered almost $6,000 in stolen merchandise. The department posted a photo on Twitter showing multiple clothing items among other things that were seized following a joint investigation with a federal law enforcement agency. Other details regarding the stolen items have not been released. kmov.com

Owasso, OK: 3 arrested after Shoplifting, Assault, Robbery at Famous Footwear and Academy Sports, ending in a high-speed chase
Owasso police responded to a shoplifting call at Famous Footwear on Wednesday. Officers said three suspects stole merchandise from the business and punched an employee in the face before running away. Shortly after responding to Famous Footwear, police got another call that the same suspects were stealing items from Academy Sports down the street. While speeding out of the parking lot, the driver tried to run over an officer's foot. Police chased the SUV for approximately four miles at a high rate of speed through a shopping center and neighborhoods. The driver intentionally rammed into other officers' vehicles during the pursuit in an attempt to get away. Police eventually stopped the SUV by boxing it in with their patrol cars. ktul.com

Rochester, MN: Police seeking suspect in $3,000 theft of designer shoes and clothing

Lake Charles, LA: Deputies searching for trio suspected of shoplifting $1,000 worth of items from grocery store

New Orleans, LA: Four people sought in shoplifting incident at Earhart Boulevard store

Ireland: Caught orange-handed: fake tan is most shoplifted item in pharmacies

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Shootings & Deaths

Update: Nashville, TN: Man shot by Walgreens security after slashing guard
with razor arrested 115 times

A convicted felon shot by a Walgreens security guard early Thursday faces new charges after police say he slashed the guard's arm with a razor blade. Metro Police say it's not his first run in with law enforcement since he's been arrested more than 115 times. Marcus Pullens will be booked on aggravated assault and theft warrants when he is discharged from the hospital. Investigators say this is at least the second time he has slashed a security guard after shoplifting.

Pullens pleaded guilty one month ago Thursday to felony aggravated assault for using a box cutter to slash a Truck Stops of America security guard after stealing merchandise on December 15, 2018. He received a four-year probated sentence for the incident. fox17.com

Update: College Station, TX: Clerks' accused shooter indicted on capital murder charge; Killed C-Store clerk in December
Rufus Lockett, the 29-year-old Brenham man who is accused of shooting two convenience store clerks in separate robberies - one fatally - was indicted Thursday on a charge of capital murder, officials said. According to the Brazos County District Attorney's Office, Lockett was indicted on the charge in connection to the death of 54-year-old Anita Jean Randle of College Station by a grand jury. theeagle.com

Milwaukee, WI: Man charged after shooting Food Market clerk during Armed Robbery

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

East St. Louis, MO: Theft at mall leads to police chase, head-on crash
Belleville Police were chasing a vehicle after a reported retail theft at St. Clair Square, according to the Illinois State Police Department. The chase ended with a head-on crash at Highway 30 and State Street around 1:30 p.m., Thursday. The Illinois State Police Department is handling accident reconstruction. They also said no one has died as a result of the crash. kmov.com

Atlanta, GA: 20 guns stolen from airport building
Boxes of weapons that were to be loaded onto a plane were stolen from an airport building at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. The theft of 20 semi-automatic Glock pistols occurred last Friday at one of the cargo complexes. Somehow, two men walked upstairs to a loading platform, walked over to a pallet, and lifted the two boxes, according to airport spokesman Andrew Gobeil. fox5atlanta.com

Alleged Aspen jewelry thief faces California Burglary Charges
A Russian woman extradited to Aspen last week in connection with a $95,000 jewelry robbery in 2017 also is wanted in California on burglary, theft and conspiracy charges, according to police documents. Mayya Kvek, 46, of Brooklyn, allegedly was caught on surveillance video stealing a diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald and gold pendant valued at more than $45,000 from an Aspen jewelry store in September 2017. She was allegedly part of a group of people who entered the store and stole other items. aspentimes.com

Salem, OR: Man charged with Armed Robbery at GameStop, linked to 5 other robberies

Kay Jewelers in the Bartonsville Square, Stroudsburg, PA reported a Distraction Theft on 2/24, item valued at $11,598

Piercing Pagoda in the Ontario Mills Mall, Ontario, CA reported a Grab & Run on 3/5, items valued at $2,399

Zales in the Las Vegas Premium Outlets, Las Vegas, NV reported a Grab & Run on 3/5, item valued at $9,800

Zales in the Las Vegas Premium Outlets North, Las Vegas, NV reported a Burglary on 3/3, watches stolen from window case


Indianapolis, IN: 3 sentenced in killing of Cumberland gas station clerk
Three men were sentenced Thursday for their roles in the 2016 fatal shooting of a Cumberland gas station clerk. Kiree Hayes, the oldest of the trio, was sentenced to 65 years for the murder of Khushwinder Singh and other felonies. Tyler Miller and Damion Cobb were sentenced to 72 years and 45 years, respectively. indystar.com

Contra Costa County, CA: Man Found Guilty Of Attempted Murder In 2016 Shooting Outside Little Caesars

Roanoke, VA: Man sentenced to 7 years for convenience store robbery

Androscoggin County, ME: Teen gets 5 years for Lewiston Gas Station Robbery


Book Store - Los Angeles, CA - Burglary
C-Store - Ammon, ID - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Una, SC - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Sparks, NV - Armed Robbery
CVS - Beloit, WI - Armed Robbery
CVS - Elizabeth, NJ - Armed Robbery
Cash Advance - Lincoln, NE - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Summerville, GA - Burglary
McDonald's - Salt Lake City, UT - Robbery
Metro PCS - Louisville, KY - Robbery
Restaurant - Crestwood, IL - Burglary
Restaurant - Pollock Pines, CA - Robbery
Restaurant - Philadelphia, PA - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Montclair, NJ - Burglary
Walgreens - Chicago, IL - Robbery/ Assault


Daily Totals:
11 robberies
4 burglaries
0 shootings
0 killed


Weekly Totals:
71 robberies
31 burglaries
6 shootings
3 killed




None to report.

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Area Loss Prevention Manager -
Seattle, Portland or Salt Lake City

Seattle WA, Portland OR, Salt Lake City UT

Our Area Loss Prevention Managers ensure safe and secure stores through the objective identification of loss and risk opportunities. Our Area Loss Prevention Managers plan and prioritize to provide an optimal customer experience to their portfolio of stores...

District Loss Prevention Manager
Eastern PA/NJ

The District Loss Prevention Manager ensures shrinkage control and improves safety in the stores through proper investigation and training. This position is responsible to provide feedback, guidance and protection for our Team Leaders and Associates. This role has oversight and responsibility for approximately 15-20 store locations...

Field Manager, Asset Protection (Northeast & Midwest)
New York, NY| Poughkeepsie, NY | Parsippany, NJ

Recruiting a Field Manager, Asset Protection to support our Northeast & Midwest HD Supply Construction & Industrial locations. This role will be based in the Greater New York area...


Asset Protection Officer
Chicago, IL

We're looking for dynamic individuals as an Asset Protection Associate, who is committed to maintaining a safe environment for American Girl customers and employees, as well as, safeguarding company assets. The individual we seek should be able to multi-task, have outstanding communication skills, and exhibit a high level of compassion and understanding...

Loss Prevention Analyst
Richmond, VA

Protects company assets and increases profitability through the analysis, response and management of various data across a broad spectrum of internal financial and technology resources such as Exception Reporting, Sales Audit, FP&A, IT and Loss Prevention. The Loss Prevention Analyst works cross-functionally in a dynamic, fast paced and demanding environment providing critical guidance to the organization's asset protection and profit improvement initiatives...

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Interacting in large networking groups can be very challenging even for the most seasoned of executives. The speed, the number of people, and the amount of information shared can be overwhelming. However, the one basic principal you can rely on is keep it simple, one person at a time and focus on that person both mentally and visually. Slow it down in your head and make sure you communicate clearly and sincerely regardless of the background you have with anyone or any group. Because at the end of the day you're all part of the same industry, the same community, and everyone has the same objective; to help develop and represent the industry as professionals.

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