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May 14

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2019 GLPS - Group LP Selfies
Your Team - Your Pride - Our Industry
Building Industry Pride - One Team Selfie at a Time

Dollar General Division 4 Loss Prevention Team

Featured in picture, left to right: Steve Burd (RLPM), Randy Lima (RLPM), Al Dauser (RLPM), Bernard Peterson (RLPM), Diana Lukash (RLPM), Scott Vollrath (RPLM), Lee Gower (RPLM), Brian Morrison (Dir. LP), Chris Scheutzow (RLPM)

Not pictured: Teresa Clark (RLPM)

Bloomingdale's AP Team

7-Eleven AP Team

Goodwill-Easter Seals

Marshall's Region 32 LP Team

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Axis Communications

Integrated Systems & Solutions - Finally Able to Do More in Your Store

Hedgie Bartol, Retail Business Development Manager,
Axis Communications


As the global leader in network video, Axis Communications is helping retailers create the connected smart store of the future. With more secure, open and flexible platforms, Hedgie Bartol explains how retailers can utilize their network infrastructure and bring together their video surveillance, physical access control, audio systems, and now, add analytics to develop creative solutions that go beyond security, helping to grow the business and improve customer experience.

Quick Take 5 with Gatekeeper Systems

Robert Harling, CEO,
Gatekeeper Systems

with MCs Joe LaRocca
and Amber Bradley


Loss Prevention professionals work in dramatic environments. With shoplifter confrontations becoming increasingly violent, many retailers have shifted from an apprehension to a prevention approach. Robert Harling shares how Gatekeeper's Pushout Theft solution supports this approach by helping retailers stop merchandise from leaving the store in the first place.



Don't Shoot The Big Bad Wolf - He's Just The Messenger!
Forcing retailers to innovate and take risks
"Retail Needs a Hero" & One SVP Believes LP Can Be Retail's Hero

Big day for technology evolution and justification in the D&D Daily today.

From Facial Recognition to RFID, Robots, Scan & Go, and BOPUS with all of them now considered future must haves in order to compete with the Big Bad Wolf Amazon.

But maybe Amazon isn't the Big Bad Wolf. Maybe he's just the messenger that woke retail up and said get with it or die.

And look at how Loss Prevention & Asset Protection has been leading some of those efforts and introduced a number of them via our surveillance, inventory, and shrink reduction efforts and deliverables.

As one speaker said in a 2018 NRF PROTECT loss prevention conference presentation by James Mullan, senior vice president of GDR USA, called "Retail's Secret Innovation Lab: How LP can be the modern-day heroes that future-proof your business."

Where he basically said retail needs a new hero - someone to take the lead in innovation. Which raises a question: If the marketing/innovation or IT teams can't get it done, who can make innovation happen? Mullan's candidate is loss prevention. stores.org

Read the rest of this article on page two.

Facial Recognition & Face First

Stores See a Future Without 'May I Help You?' (They'll Already Have Your Data)
CEO Saks Fifth's parent - stores will be able to recognize customers as soon as they walk in
More Stores to Incorporate the Digital Data Collection That's Powered the Online World

Facial Recognition's Face First Makes It's Main Stage Retail Entrance - Industry First?
The message came through loud and clear last week at Shoptalk conference in Las Vegas. There they shared the bets that they're making on Americans' evolving shopping habits and how they plan to maintain relevance in an era that's changing faster than the spin of a roulette wheel.

"You can't out-Amazon Amazon," said Helena Foulkes, the chief executive of Hudson's Bay, which owns Saks and Lord & Taylor. "We're never going to be the best pure-play retailer. What we have to do is marry digital tools with our store experience."

Ms. Foulkes, who spoke at a conference event held by Recode, said she anticipated that years from now, stores would be able to immediately know customers' identities and personal preferences when they arrived, thanks to data collection. That knowledge, she said, will be used to make their shopping experiences easier.

A presentation by FaceFirst demonstrated how retailers could use its facial-recognition technology to engage with customers after they walked into stores.

The company's chief executive, Peter Trepp, showed how stores could send automatic text messages to shoppers and receive their profiles to assist them better. He showed an example of a profile, which contained a shopper's visit history, the minutes she spent in the store on her last trip, what she bought during that visit and the sum of her online purchases with the store's chain.

In an email exchange after the conference, Mr. Trepp emphasized that the company was focused on the privacy and security of customer data. He said that "most of what we've sold in the past is related to loss prevention and mitigating organized retail crime," meaning the technology has been used to identify shoplifters and known criminals.

"However," Mr. Trepp said, "we see our business shifting toward providing solutions for improving the customer experience and believe that opt-in solutions like these will become the largest part of our business in the future. We are working with several large retailers on this today."  nytimes.com

RFID - Real-Time Analytics - Surveillance - Safety

There's a big inventory problem in retail. Can robots help?
Inventory mishaps behind staggering revenue loss in physical retail

Inventory management robots could help brick-and-mortar regain some of the footing lost to ecommerce.

Physical retailers are painfully aware of revenue they lose due to theft, and all major retailers have loss management protocols to minimize the bleeding. But general inventory mismanagement could be a far more pressing issue. According to a new survey, inventory management issues account for far more lost revenue than theft.

The survey, conducted by Wakefield Research and commissioned by robotics company Bossa Nova, includes perspectives from dozens of corporate retail professionals with a title of Director or greater at companies with $500m+ in annual revenue. The results suggest an ongoing catastrophe in how inventory is tracked and forecast in the $1.3 trillion retail sector.

Over 70 percent of those surveyed, for example, stated that inaccurate inventory forecasting is a major issue, resulting in costly supply-demand mismatches. Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed reported some difficulty tracking inventory through the supply chain.

It's not for lack of trying. Over 90 percent of retailers surveyed reported their stores spend more time identifying inventory issues than they do implementing solutions. On ground level, retail employees typically spend more time filling out-of-stock holes on shelves than interacting with customers.

Bossa Nova, the company that commissioned the survey, believes shelf-scanning robots are a crucial part of the answer. Bossa Nova's robots roam stores autonomously and scan merchandise on shelves to help retailers keep track of inventory more efficiently than employees with scanning guns.

Data these roving robots can collect is invaluable, giving retailers insights about how items are performing in near-real time. That data can help brick-and-mortar stores make smarter forecasting decisions, reducing out-of-stock occurrences and helping stores prune poor-performing items.

Editor's Note: Is this the big push for RFID that we've been waiting for? zdnet.com

Contactless Payments - Scan & Go - Facial Recognition - CCTV's

More Amazon Just Walk Out Disruption
More C-Stores Looking At Scan & Pay Frictionless Payments
As Amazon Go's 3,000 Stores is Disrupting That 150K+ Store Industry

Wawa could have added mobile payment to its food ordering kiosks, but that may have deterred impulse purchases as customers walk around the store, he said.

7-Eleven, in November, began piloting Scan & Pay via the 7-Eleven app at 14 stores in the Dallas area, allowing customers to skip the checkout line.

A number of c-stores-including Cruizers, Domino and Enmarket, are turning to Skip, which aspires to beat Amazon at providing frictionless checkout to 3,000 locations. It was scheduled to roll out to 275 locations by the end of first quarter.

"Once you download the Skip app, create your account, set up your wallet and walk in the store," Wilson said. "The app notifies store employees that you are in the store on a monitor behind the counter. As you shop, you scan the barcode of the items you pick up and pay at the end. Once your payment is accepted, you walk out." c-stores.com

Apple Pay the most widely accepted form of mobile payment in the U.S.
According to the 20th annual "POS/Customer Engagement Survey," which was released this year by BRP.

Look for mobile payments to become more accepted, but at a slower rate than projected in prior surveys, according to BRP. The impetus behind that growth will be retailers upgrading existing POS hardware and software. Plus, it will be important for chains to remain competitive as convenient mobile payment becomes more commonplace. cstoredecisions.com

BOPUS Up 30%
85% of BOPUS Customers Buy More in Store Worldwide

81.4% of internet users worldwide reported ordering items online for in-store pickup (up nearly 30 percentage points from the year prior).

"Consumers get convenience, instant gratification and avoid shipping costs. Retailers reduce operational costs, and it gives them the opportunity to bring customers back to physical stores for additional purchase opportunities."

Half of shoppers recently surveyed by Doddle said that they decide where to make online purchases based on BOPUS availability. Once in-store, 85% make additional purchases when picking up an online order. emarketer.com

Is home goods the next retail sector ripe for disruption?

rue21 To Roll Out BOPUS at All It's 700+ Stores

Loss Prevention Foundation Announces Newest Associate Level Partner: Iverify
The Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) announced its newest Associate Level Partner, Iverify Security. The Associate level partnership secures numerous LPQ and LPC certification course scholarships for Iverify to distribute to industry professionals. Headquartered in Charlotte, NC and founded in 2002, Iverify is a full-service interactive security company providing life safety, loss prevention, cyber breach reduction and brand protection. yourlpf.org

Modern Policing: Algorithm Helps NYPD Spot Crime Patterns
Linking Robberies, Larcenies and Thefts of Hundreds of Thousands of Crimes
Case Example - Home Depot Syringe-Wielding Drill Thief

When a syringe-wielding drill thief tried sticking up a Home Depot near Yankee Stadium, police figured out quickly that it wasn't a one-off. A man had also used a syringe a few weeks earlier while stealing a drill at another Home Depot 7 miles (11 kilometers) south in Manhattan.

The software, dubbed Patternizr, allows crime analysts stationed in each of the department's 77 precincts to compare robberies, larcenies and thefts to hundreds of thousands of crimes logged in the NYPD's database, transforming their hunt for crime patterns with the click of a button. It's more comprehensive, too, with analysts able to spot patterns across the city instead of just in their precinct. Bronx crime analyst Rebecca Shutt, who worked on the Home Depot case. "That was incredibly helpful. That could have been a pattern that wasn't made."

Evan Levine, the NYPD's assistant commissioner of data analytics, and Alex Chohlas-Wood, the department's former director of analytics, spent two years developing the software before rolling it out in December 2016.

The department disclosed its use of the technology only this month, with Levine and Chohlas-Wood detailing their work in the INFORMS Journal on Applied Analytics in an article alerting other departments how they could create similar software. Speaking about it with the news media for the first time, they told The Associated Press recently that theirs is the first police department in the country to use a pattern-recognition tool like this.

"The goal of Patternizr is, of course, to improve public safety," said Levine, an astrophysicist by academic training. "The more easily that we can identify patterns in those crimes, the more quickly we can identify and apprehend perpetrators." edmdigest.com

Every Uniformed Patrol Officer in New York Now Wears a Body Camera
An additional 4,000 officers in specialized commands, like the Emergency Service Unit, are supposed to get the cameras by August, which would make the city's body-camera program the largest in the world. Still, don't expect the Police Department to release videos of every arrest or encounter anytime soon. The department, however, has yet to release any of the videos that were held up while the lawsuit was pending. nytimes.com

Homeland Security officials launch new Global Trade Task Force (GTTF) to protect national security, thwart counterfeits
Homeland Security officials recently launched its Global Trade Task Force (GTTF), a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI)-led multi-agency effort that leverages robust import and export controls and investigative authorities to combat illicit commercial activities. Authorities announced results from a recent task force effort Monday at Detroit's Fort Street Cargo Facility. ice.gov

Across the Pond in the UK - Response is Almost the Same
Facial Recognition in Retail and Its Implications

Retail crime is continuing to rise as police intervention is on the decline.

The BRC believes crime cost retailers £700 million in 2017, a 6% year-on-year increase. At the same time, it has emerged police are not investigating theft of items worth less than £200. The onus is being placed on retailers to take matters into their own hands and as a result they have begun experimenting with facial recognition technology to identify suspected thieves.

A couple of major food retailers in the UK and a number of independent and non-food stores are in trials and to this point are enabling the food retailers to reduce theft by 40-50% during the 12-week trials.

We absolutely say this [facial recognition] technology shouldn't be deployed at all," says Hannah Couchman, the policy lead on surveillance tech for Liberty. "We don't think there is any adequate law that covers facial recognition and even if there were, our concerns would remain about privacy, freedom of expression, and discrimination." essentiaalretail.com

Editor's Note: They're going through the exact issues the States are going through as well. As police forces around the UK start to increasingly use facial recognition, they're facing this same group, although rather small it does cause pressure. However, a number of retailers are deploying it. Especially with decreasing police response on shoplifting cases.

PowerReviews Launches Journey IQ, the Industry's First Scalable Mystery Shopping Solution
PowerReviews, a technology leader enabling connected commerce for leading brands around the world, today announced the acquisition of Stella Pulse, a technology from StellaService that will transform traditional mystery shopping. This new solution, called Journey IQ, is based on a decade of experience working with mystery shopping clients seeking a smarter, more scalable solution. Journey IQ enables companies to recruit their own customers as mystery shoppers and delivers more representative and actionable insights at scale. prnewswire.com

UK Retailer Ted Baker's CEO Resigns Over Misconduct Allegations
Misconduct allegations stemming from his habit of hugging colleagues.

Ted Baker had announced an independent investigation into misconduct claims against Kelvin in December after an online campaign claiming to represent over 200 employees asking to end "forced hugging" and "a culture that leaves harassment unchallenged."

The retailer said the investigation would continue until the end of the first quarter or early in the second quarter with the focus turning to Ted Baker's policies, procedures and handling of complaints. reuters.com

Amazon gets Washington state legislative win on non-compete clauses
The protections would partially prohibit non-compete clauses - controversial agreements used by tech companies and others to block employees from going to work for competitors or launching rival startups.

The bill passed the Washington state Senate Tuesday with the salary threshold set at $100,000 - the level sought by Amazon. Employees above the threshold would be exempted from the labor protection. The original wage threshold in the measure was about $180,000.

Other provisions require some protections for workers making more than $100,000, including an 18-month limit on any non-compete clauses they sign and a requirement that employees must be compensated while they are barred from working. The original proposal.

The measure now heads to the state House for consideration.

Millions of U.S. workers sign non-compete agreements. A handful of states, including California, prohibit such agreements. apnews.com

Retail sales rebound in January, Up 3.6% over 2018
Retail sales rebounded in January, increasing 1.3 percent seasonally adjusted from December and 3.6 percent unadjusted year-over-year, the National Retail Federation said today. The numbers exclude automobile dealers, gasoline stations and restaurants.

Building materials and garden supply stores were up 10.4%
Online and other non-store sales were up 6.3%

A Really Bad Retail Sales Report
The January retail sales report wasn't just less strong than it appeared; it was downright weak. Scratch its surface and it is quickly apparent that the January retail sales report wasn't as good as it appeared at first glance. Dig a little deeper and it actually looks awful.

The Commerce Department on Monday reported that retail sales rose a seasonally adjusted 0.2% in January from December, better than the flat reading that economists expected. A measure excluding sales at motor vehicle dealers, gasoline stations, hardware stores and restaurants-the so-called control group economists use to track gross domestic product-rose a sharp 1.1%. wsj.com

2019 Retail store closures hit 4,810 - With 2,264 Store openings
"We are still over-stored," Marie Driscoll, managing director of luxury and fashion for Coresight, said. "But in some places - the A malls - people are panting to get into those locations. So it's all a question of where you are and what you're paying to be there. But the overall, secular trend is still for store rationalization." cnbc.com

Manager, Emergency Management & Planning, Global Safety and Security
New Job Posted by WeWork - based in New York, NY

Working in collaboration with other Emergency Management and Global Security professionals, the Manager for Emergency Management and Planning is tasked with the development and implementation of Emergency Management drills, trainings and exercises across WeCompany business lines at the Corporate, Regional, and Territory level. Together with the Senior Manager, the Manager will write, refine, implement and monitor Emergency Management standards, policies and procedures.

WeWork provides shared workspaces for technology startup subculture communities, and services for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, small businesses and large enterprises. Founded in 2010, WeWork is headquartered in New York City and operates 605 locations globally, with 101 on the way. wework.com

Paramus, N.J., Zip Code Highest Retail Sales in U.S.

Walmart associates to share $207 million in cash bonuses for Q4

Last week's #1 article --

Walmart US CEO says half his store visits make him 'grumpy'
- and he's turning up the heat on managers

Continuing Education Credits Now Available through the 2019 LPRC Supply Chain Protection Summit
This year's theme: Beyond Retail Supply Chain Security

The Supply Chain Protection Summit, taking place next week, March 12 - 13, in Sunny Isles Beach, FL, is a chance for supply chain security professionals to come together and review LPRC research on supply chain protection issues, hear from industry experts on how to improve supply chain protection operations, and to collectively form & discuss the research agenda for the next year. Attendees are now eligible to earn up to 3 credits towards their CFI Certification and 8 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) toward their LPC Re-Certifications.

This year's focus will be advancing retail supply chain security by adapting insights from other sectors, and fostering closer cooperation with manufacturers, distributors, and law enforcement. View the agenda and finalize your plans today!

All the News - One Place - One Source - One Time
The D&D Daily respects your time & doesn't filter retail's reality



P.O.P. Security Invisi-Shield® System

Are you looking for a simple yet effective solution to secure products and reduce shrink? The innovative and easy-to-use P.O.P. Security Invisi-Shield® System from FFR Merchandising, a siffron company, can help you do just that. This open (not under lock and key) loss prevention system secures high-value, high-theft product while allowing customer access to the product for purchase.

The P.O.P. Security Invisi-Shield System features clear "invisible" panels that control inventory while providing an unobstructed view of consumer product. Panels slide along a rail to allow single product access for legitimate customers while preventing "shelf sweeping" theft. As customer slides panel to access product, a manual clicking sound alerts store personnel to activity. Available for narrow, wide, or tall products, the panels feature contoured edges that are intuitive and comfortable for shopping.

The plastic panels are nearly unbreakable, even in high-traffic environments, and have been designed to install easily on perforated gondola shelves with minimal to no impact on existing planogram. Optional accessories, such as locking panel, end panels, and security bar cover, provide additional security by further limiting access to the product.

To provide greater protection from shelf sweeping, reduced labor and improved organization, use with any of our Power Zone® Self-facing Systems.

To see how it works, check out the video here.

For more information on the P.O.P. Security Invisi-Shield System and how it works, contact FFR Merchandising at 800.422.2547 or visit www.ffr.com.



Collaboration Apps Hacked at Dozens of Big Companies & 1 LP Provider

Dozens of companies leaked sensitive data thanks to misconfigured Box accounts
With Schneider Electric Being 1 - left dozens of customer orders accessible

Security researchers have found dozens of companies inadvertently leaking sensitive corporate and customer data because staff are sharing public links to files in their Box enterprise storage accounts that can be easily discovered.

The discoveries were made by Adversis, a cybersecurity firm, which found major tech companies and corporate giants had left data inadvertently exposed. Although data stored in Box enterprise accounts is private by default, users can share files and folders with anyone, making data publicly accessible with a single link. But Adversis said these secret links can be discovered by others. Using a script to scan for and enumerate Box accounts with lists of company names and wildcard searches, Adversis found over 90 companies with publicly accessible folders.

Not even Box's own staff were immune from leaking data.

In a
blog post, Adversis said Box administrators should reconfigure the default access for shared links to "people in your company" to reduce accidental exposure of data to the public.

Schneider Electric left dozens of customer orders accessible to anyone, including sludge works and pump stations for several towns and cities. Each folder had an installation "sequence of operation" document, which included both default passwords and in some cases "backdoor" access passwords in case of forgotten passwords. Schneider Electric did not return a request for comment for this article in techcrunch.com.

Adversis has
open-sourced and published its scanning tool.

4 Ways At-Work Apps - Collaboration Apps - Are Vulnerable to Attack
Slack - Google Hangouts - Box - SharePoint
66% Have Been Attacked Via These Tools in Last 12 Months

Collaboration applications make users and IT teams more efficient. But they come with an added cost: security.

They haven't completely replaced phone calls or email, but communication and collaboration apps are becoming increasingly popular. Many rely on Slack, Google Hangouts, Box, SharePoint, and other applications to communicate, share files, and collaborate on projects to get their work done.

The collaboration apps brand takes care of outages or any other disruption; it ensures that communications are backed up and that the system is secured from data loss. Since the brand specializes in its tool, it will have the resources to ensure that things run smoothly and safely.

However a study we conducted in 2018 with 500 enterprise IT decision-makers, managerial level and above, who are involved in cybersecurity efforts in medium and large enterprises revealed that two-thirds of responding companies have been attacked via collaboration tools in the last 12 months, and three-quarters believe the sophistication of such attacks is increasing.

Phishing is a favorite. Attackers have already had great success using phishing techniques. According to the 2017 Verizon data breach report, as many as 95% of security breaches have their origins in socially engineered phishing attacks. Collaboration-tool phishing attacks are takeoffs on the "classic" email scam; rather than send a malicious URL via email, attackers can instead send it through messaging services. The message could come from an insider threat, a third party, or stolen credentials.

Email and notifications Auto-reply's sent in response to all messages that an inbox gets - and if that response is received by a thief, you could be tipping him off that it's open season on your house.

You can't see them? Doesn't mean they aren't there. Besides messages with "poison links," hackers have had great success in sending their malware to victims via files and documents emailed directly to victims' mailboxes. With a bit of social engineering, hackers can get their prey to open the document, thus unleashing the malware.

Who said that? With the credentials to a collaboration account in hand - obtained perhaps by tricking a member of the group into giving up their name and password - hackers could perpetrate all sorts of mayhem by posing as an employee. (Typically, all it takes is a message from "tech support" saying they need the information.) Then, using the private messaging component of a collaboration app, a skilled hacker could pump a member of the group for information about a contract, event, or other important data

Collaboration tools clearly provide great benefits for organizations - but they also provide hackers with a path to compromising IT systems. darkreading.com

Chief Information Security Officers
Taking On More Prominent Roles, Reporting To CEOs

Chief information security officers report to chief executives more often than to any other senior leader, according to new research from Deloitte & Touche LLP.

In a poll of 100 CISOs, 43% said they report directly to the CEO, while 37% said they report to the chief information officer. Deloitte surveyed 500 C-level executives in January about cybersecurity issues, including hierarchy, budgets and the outsourcing of security tasks.

Cybersecurity leaders are becoming more important as companies shift to business models built on technology, experts say. That includes the Internet of Things as well as data analytics products and services. CISOs also gain stature as boards get involved in monitoring cybersecurity.

"The biggest driver is the number of public breaches and the visibility that came with those breaches and then, to some degree, panic that ensued from corporate boards," said Emily Mossburg, a principal in Deloitte's risk & financial advisory.

CISOs need authority over budgets and to ensure members of their staff are present in crisis meetings about security issues, Ms. Mossburg said.

Many CISOs are learning to interpret cyber risks for their executive counterparts, highlighting their consequences to the business, according to Ms. Hanson, who previously worked as a director of information security at Target Corp.

"As long as the CISOs can make the shift to that spot and really talk about risk in a way that resonates with the CEO and impacts the bottom line, that's when they get heard and when they find a spot at the executive table," she said. cybersecurity.cmail20.com

Highlights of RSA Conference
Updates on IoT and the Cloud, GDPR Compliance and Much More

3 reasons businesses are still failing at strong cybersecurity
Prioritizing risk under a deluge of vulnerabilities is stretching IT security professionals too thin, while the C-suite fails to provide adequate support, according to a Deloitte report.

Getting cybersecurity right is a difficult undertaking for enterprises, as high-profile data breaches underlie either a false sense of security or inadequate protections applied to systems in a given organization. With new norms such as BYOD, and the rise in popularity of applications written in Node.js that have extensive dependencies on third-party packages, the potential attack surface for IT security professional to cover has expanded significantly.

The 2019 Deloitte Future of Cyber Survey, which counts among its respondents 500 C-level executives who oversee cybersecurity at companies with $500 million or more in annual revenue, finds three primary challenges that businesses face in implementing strong cybersecurity measures:

1. Inability to better prioritize cybersecurity risk across the enterprise

Some 30% of respondents cited difficulties prioritizing potential risks across their organization. Given the volume of software vulnerabilities that are discovered, this is relatively unsurprising, particularly as the increase in officially-designated vulnerabilities is coinciding with a decreased understanding of them-and the security landscape in general. While wide-ranging, highly-publicized vulnerabilities like Spectre and Meltdown require patching, they are not particularly actively exploited, and exploits of those vulnerabilities are moderately challenging to pull off.

2. Lack of management alignment on priorities

Corralling the C-suite long enough to focus intently on a topic that does not bring in revenue can be a challenging task, as indicated by 28% of respondents claiming a lack of management alignment on priorities. Doing so comes at a great risk for companies, particularly as 2018 was the second most active year on record for data breaches, according to a Risk Based Security report.

3. Lack of adequate funding

Some 26% of respondents indicated a lack of adequate funding for cybersecurity measures, a problem that is pervasive among the C-suite, as IT departments at large are derided as money pits by those who lack understanding of the vital role that IT professionals play in their organization, or in the global digital economy. A Gartner report from November 2018 cited eight more reasons CEOs will be fired over cybersecurity breaches. If an appeal cannot be made on the merits of cybersecurity, perhaps an appeal toward self-preservation can shake free some funds from the threadbare pockets of stingy executives.

This is an IT problem, too

There is a mismatch in how IT approaches security as well, as the survey finds that 85% of respondents are reporting they use using Agile or DevOps for application development, but ranking DevSecOps lowest at 11% among cyber defense priorities and investments. techrepublic.com



When Will They Strike? Understanding Fraud in Online Shopping
E-commerce and m-commerce retailers and shoppers often assume these peak sales periods increase the possibility of fraud, but the data is in and that's actually not true. In last year's third quarter, Sift Science analyzed 165 billion transactions and other fraud-identifying data to see how fraud stacked up in 2017.

What we found is that - contrary to popular belief - the most fraud doesn't happen during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. In 2017, May 9 actually saw much higher fraud rates than any other day of the year. What's more, July 14 was the highest fraud day of 2017 for online retailers. The common assumption is that because peak sale periods like Black Friday and Cyber Monday see heightened shopper traffic, fraudsters strike harder on those days. This leads retailers to put more into fraud detection efforts during specific peak shopping seasons, often neglecting the days not associated with these.

In reality, fraud ratios drop during peak sales periods due to the amount of legitimate transactions being filled. While the overall number of fraudulent transactions may increase during peak shopping events, it's overshadowed by the massive influx of legitimate transactions. The importance here for retailers is ensuring legitimate orders are filled, while fraudulent ones are caught - no matter the time of year.

Ways Retailers Can Ensure Legitimate Orders Are Fulfilled Year-Round
Getting ahead of fraud risks and empowering legitimate customers to shop without friction, especially during peak shopping events and seasons, will maximize your bottom line and help you to retain customers. To do this effectively, retailers need to do the following:

1. Armor Up With Information
2. Proper Staffing and Resources
3. Empathy is Key

Amazon May Sell Marijuana Sooner Than Expected
John Mackey, CEO of Amazon subsidiary Whole Foods, sees the organic grocer pushing into cannabis sooner rather than later.

Last Thursday, Feb. 28, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey said, courtesy of The Boston Globe, "If cannabis is ever passed in Texas, chances are good that grocery stores will be selling that too. For Amazon, it would be yet another step to keeping consumers within its retail sphere. fool.com

-Kroger Hits 58% Growth Online Sales
-Urban Outfitters Hits 40% Penetration in Q4
-Abercrombie Tops $1B in Digital sales
-Costco digital sales up 20% Q4



Update: Detroit, MI: Metro-Detroit group accused of multi-million dollar credit-card scheme targeting Walmart
Two Macomb County men and an Oakland County man are accused of participating in a theft ring that rang up millions of dollars in illicit credit-car charges at more than 75 Walmart stores nationwide, according to federal officials. A criminal complaint against the "Free Band Gang" was unsealed recently in U.S. District Court in Detroit, showing the members used "cloned" credit cards to purchase hundreds of gift cards they used at Walmart stores and purchased a variety items such as Apple iTune cards, men's clothes, prepaid phones, movies and video games, and food.

The members traveled alone or in small groups from this area to stores in 11 states, committing the illegal acts for two years through Sept. 2017, according to the feds. A federal grand jury originally indicted the members last September on 23 counts on charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, conspiracy to commit money laundering, and aggravated identity theft. "This type of identity theft and credit card fraud is not a victimless crime," said Special Agent in Charge Timothy R. Slater of the FBI's Detroit office. "It has a negative impact not only on the corporations involved but on the individual whose identity is stolen." A May 7 trial is scheduled, records say. macombdaily.com

Linn County, IA: Sheriff's Office investigating stolen motorcycles, mopeds, estimated more than $200,000
A Cedar Rapids business owner says someone stole more than $200,000 in merchandise after breaking in. The owner said it marked the tenth time they have seen their business burglarized in a five-year span, and after the most recent incident, now they are contemplating closing the business down entirely. A-1 Performance Power Sports on Mount Vernon Road in Cedar Rapids has seen their business broken into twice in the last three weeks. The owner says their security system, including a monitor and DVR system, was stolen. Chuck Hanson, who has owned the business since 1990, said they had not filed an official report with the Linn County Sheriff's Office because he did not have the time; Hanson said his time working with his snow removal company took time away from reporting the theft of the security system. kcrg.com

Kern County, CA: Stolen Disneyland souvenirs worth $13000 found in California traffic stop
A man caught illegally passing a school bus in Kern County last week got in even more trouble following a search of his car, according to California highway patrol officers. An officer stopped the driver of a Nissan Sentra Friday in the Rosamond area after he passed a school bus that had its red flashing stop sign extended, officers with highway patrol's Mohave area wrote on Facebook Saturday. The man, whom officers did not identify, was driving with a suspended license - and a search of his car revealed $13,000 in stolen Disneyland merchandise, officers wrote on Twitter. Highway patrol posted pictures of the stolen goods, which appear to be Disney-themed pins.  sacbee.com

Sandpoint, ID: Walmart Associate charged with Felony Theft based on "Criminal Episode"
A former Walmart employee accused of repeatedly stealing merchandise from the store pleaded guilty to one count of grand theft on Friday. Katherine Lauren Marie Draut is scheduled to be sentenced on May 24 in 1st District Court. Draut was charged with two counts of grand theft for allegedly stealing merchandise during episodes in September 2018. The value of the merchandise was below the $1,000 statutory threshold for a felony offense. However, the offenses rose to the felony level because the pattern of thefts qualified as a "criminal episode," according to the criminal complaint. Draut, a 19-year-old from Sandpoint, admitted committing the thefts when she was questioned by Ponderay Police, according to court documents. Draut entered a plea to one of the counts as part of a plea agreement with the state.  bonnercountydailybee.com

Daphne, AL: Police seek three retail theft suspects

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Shootings & Deaths

Los Angeles, CA: Oakland City Councilwoman's son fatally shot; walked in on an Armed Robbery in progress
The son of Oakland City Councilwoman Lynette Gibson McElhaney was killed early Sunday during a botched robbery in Los Angeles. According to reports, Victor McElhaney, 21, a senior at USC Thornton School of Music, was shot when he walked into a robbery in progress. eastbaytimes.com

Harris County, TX: Female C-Store shot and killed in Armed Robbery
Deputies are now searching for the killer of a Shell gas station clerk in northwest Harris County. Authorities say that several males entered a Shell Gas Station store at around 10 p.m. Friday. A female store clerk was held at gun point when one of the suspects opened fire on the clerk, reported Metro Video. The woman then died inside the store on Perry Road near FM 1960.  chron.com

Beachwood, OH: One wounded in shooting outside Beachwood Place
One man was injured Saturday night in a shooting outside Beachwood Place mall, police say. The shooting happened about 8:30 p.m., according to a Beachwood police news release. Mall security and Beachwood police officers found the man, who told them he had been shot.  cleveland.com

Oakland, CA: Security guard shot multiple time during Armed Robbery of a Marijuana business; stable condition

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Benson, AZ: Store clerk sustains knife wounds in Armed Robbery
A Quik Pic clerk is recovering from injuries sustained in an armed robbery Saturday and a California man and woman are in custody facing armed robbery, kidnapping and aggravated assault charges. bensonnews-sun.com

Tysons Corner, VA: Police chase ends in crash; suspects wanted for Sunglass Hut robbery in Tyson's Corner
A police chase that started in Northern Virginia came to a violent end when the car being pursued crashed on a highway ramp and flipped over. Now D.C. police say they are looking for two suspects who ran from the wreckage, after police took one man into custody after the crash.

Those suspects were wanted after Fairfax County police said several suspects stole an unknown amount of merchandise from a Sunglass Hut. in the Tyson's Corner Center shopping mall. Virginia State Police said they began to pursue the vehicle in Tysons, Virginia, and chased the car to the Maryland border on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge across the Potomac River. Fairfax County police said the car being chased by Virginia State Police was involved in that theft in Tysons.  nbcwashington.com

Christiana, DE: Attempted robbery in Christiana Mall parking lot
The two victims told police they had arranged to meet a man to buy a car, but then the suspect pulled a handgun. Delaware State Police are investigating the report of an attempted armed robbery in the Christiana Mall parking lot Saturday evening. At about 6:50 p.m., troopers responded to the Christiana Mall parking just outside of the AT&T store for a report of a robbery. scsuntimes.com

Lathrop, CA: Woman Drank 6-Pack Of Beer In Target Dressing Room
Police say they arrested a woman who left a Target in Lathrop with more than $200 in stolen merchandise. But before she left, they say, Elysia Johnson spent an hour in a dressing room drinking a 6-pack of Stella Artois.  cbslocal.com

Seattle, WA: Appearance of YouTube star at Seattle mall sparks panic
Brief panic ensued at Southcenter Mall on Saturday afternoon when a large group of teenagers ran out the door at the same time, alarming other mallgoers and employees and sparking fears of a potential shooting. Police say it may have been instigated by YouTube star Deshae Frost. Frost, 18, who has more than 1.1 million subscribers on YouTube, posted he was going to hold a meet and greet at Southcenter Mall yesterday. Police say 400 to 500 people showed up in response, and that's when things got out of control.  ajc.com

Columbia, SC: Serial Robber Pleads Guilty in Federal Court to Seven Robberies in North and South Carolina


International Romanian Organized Skimming Gang Busted in Ireland in Europe-Wide Investigation
Gardaí have arrested a man who they believe is a "kingpin" in an organized crime gang that specializes in nationwide ATM skimming scams. The suspect (39), from Romania, was still being questioned along with his older associate (48) at Navan garda station last night, after their arrests in a planned dawn raid at a house in Co Meath town. Large amounts of illegal skimming paraphernalia were seized in the raid, which has been described as "extremely significant". The Europe-wide investigation was led by the Garda National Economic Crime Bureau, which worked with police agency Europol and local gardaí from Navan in the lengthy probe.

Carried out more than 550 ATM skimming crimes in Ireland last year alone. The 39-year-old suspect, who was the main target of the Garda probe, has been linked by CCTV to at least 60 ATM skimming crimes last year in counties Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare and Meath, while his 48-year-old associate has previous convictions for similar crimes in Germany and France. They had received a tip the gang had just returned to Ireland. infosurhoy.com


7 Accused of Fraudulent Jewelry Sales; federal grand jury returned a 38-count indictment
Seven people have been accused in connection with an alleged scheme to import Native American-style jewelry and sell it as authentic. On Feb. 26, a federal grand jury returned a 38-count indictment against individuals based in the U.S. and the Philippines, according to a press release from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. They allegedly sold the fraudulent merchandise to retail stores and individuals across the southwestern U.S.  instoremag.com


Mobile, AL: Suspected Hart's Fried Chicken arsonist arrested


Aldi - Indian Trails, NC - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Phoenix, AZ - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Cleveland, OH - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Spartanburg, SC - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Spartanburg, SC - Armed Robbery
C- Store - Greensburg, PA - Robbery
C-Store - Louisville, KY - Burglary
C-Store - Louisville, KY - Burglary
C-Store - Waterford, WI - Burglary
C-Store - Bryan, TX - Armed Robbery
CVS - Willoughby Hills, OH - Burglary
Check Cashing - Wilkes-Barre Township, PA - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Utica, NY - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Bibb County, GA - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Harris County, TX - Armed Robbery/ female clerk killed
Gas Station - Pittsburgh, PA - Armed Robbery
Grocery - Newnham, GA - Armed Robbery
Gun - Ulster, NY - Burglary
Hobby Shop - Sonora, CA - Burglary
Liquor - Los Angeles, CA - Armed Robbery / Bystander killed
Liquor Store - Madison, WI - Armed Robbery
Marijuana - Oakland, CA - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Greenwood, SC - Robbery (Pizza Hut)
Tobacco - Whitehall, OH - Robbery
Verizon - East Greenwich, RI - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Pittsburgh, PA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Charlotte, NC - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
21 robberies
6 burglaries
2 shootings
2 killed



Brian Wildman, CFI named Regional Loss Prevention Manager - West
for SSP America
Juan Morejon, CFI named Asset Protection Manager for Invicta Stores

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Manager, Emergency Management & Planning, Global Safety and Security
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Area Loss Prevention Manager -
Seattle, Portland or Salt Lake City

Seattle WA, Portland OR, Salt Lake City UT

Our Area Loss Prevention Managers ensure safe and secure stores through the objective identification of loss and risk opportunities. Our Area Loss Prevention Managers plan and prioritize to provide an optimal customer experience to their portfolio of stores...

District Loss Prevention Manager
Eastern PA/NJ

The District Loss Prevention Manager ensures shrinkage control and improves safety in the stores through proper investigation and training. This position is responsible to provide feedback, guidance and protection for our Team Leaders and Associates. This role has oversight and responsibility for approximately 15-20 store locations...

Field Manager, Asset Protection (Northeast & Midwest)
New York, NY| Poughkeepsie, NY | Parsippany, NJ

Recruiting a Field Manager, Asset Protection to support our Northeast & Midwest HD Supply Construction & Industrial locations. This role will be based in the Greater New York area...


Asset Protection Officer
Chicago, IL

We're looking for dynamic individuals as an Asset Protection Associate, who is committed to maintaining a safe environment for American Girl customers and employees, as well as, safeguarding company assets. The individual we seek should be able to multi-task, have outstanding communication skills, and exhibit a high level of compassion and understanding...

Loss Prevention Analyst
Richmond, VA

Protects company assets and increases profitability through the analysis, response and management of various data across a broad spectrum of internal financial and technology resources such as Exception Reporting, Sales Audit, FP&A, IT and Loss Prevention. The Loss Prevention Analyst works cross-functionally in a dynamic, fast paced and demanding environment providing critical guidance to the organization's asset protection and profit improvement initiatives...

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