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2019 GLPS - Group LP Selfies
Your Team - Your Pride - Our Industry
Building Industry Pride - One Team Selfie at a Time

rePlanet Loss Prevention Team

"It Pays to Recycle"

Featured in picture, left to right: Abel Jimenez (Loss Prevention Investigator), Jeremy Madril (Loss Prevention Data Analyst), Michael Celella, CFI (Loss Prevention Manager), Michael Scott (Law Enforcement Consultant), Carlos Zuniga III (Loss Prevention Investigator), Devin Sook (Loss Prevention Investigator), Chris Angkico (Loss Prevention Data Administrator)


Bloomingdale's AP Team

7-Eleven AP Team

Goodwill-Easter Seals

Marshall's Region 32 LP Team

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Randy Guarneri, CFE, CFI named Vice President of Loss Prevention for Fresh Value Supermarkets
Randy will report directly to the CEO in his new position. During his twenty-four years in Asset Protection/Loss Prevention, Randy has held various loss prevention and investigative positions including Regional Loss Prevention Manager, District Asset Protection Manager, Market Investigator, District Auditor and Loss Prevention Manager for Winn-Dixie, Harris Teeter, Belk, Saks Fifth Avenue, Family Dollar and EZPAWN. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from College of Charleston with a specialized Minor in Criminal Justice. Congratulations, Randy!
CONTROLTEK's Stefanie Hoover Joins Retail Asset Protection Council of ASIS International
Stefanie Hoover, CFI, strategic account executive at CONTROLTEK, is the newest member of the Retail Asset Protection Council of ASIS International, the preeminent international organization for security professionals. In her role as a council member, she will use her industry expertise to help develop educational programs and materials that address broad security concerns, including the ASIS Annual Seminar and Exhibits. Read more in today's Press Release column below.

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Crime Alert - Chicago's Retail Violence Makes the News

Senior Management Always Requires Proof - Evidence - Provenance
Chicago Police Depart CompStat Report & News Reported Yesterday in the Daily
The Strongest Creditable Public Source Possible is Powerful Evidence

Yesterday's news article and TV video about the increasing violent encounters in retail stores along Michigan Avenue happening at an "alarming rate" is one of the strongest pieces of public evidence that we rarely see. Especially when it's supported by and actually expanded on with Chicago PD's CompStat report.

Interestingly enough those CompStat numbers coincide with The Daily's annual crime reports increases the D&D Daily has documented. With 2015 actually representing a milestone year where robberies and violence really started increasing across the nation. A fact that stands out significantly when compiling the numbers and cases.

Which happens to correspond with the nationwide crackdown on opioid prescriptions and distribution and enforcement legislation that was passed in a number of states.

Being such powerful evidence and understanding the need to cost justify security measures we wanted to republish this report and call it out specifically in case you need it and/or share it with your senior management team. Just a thought - Gus Downing

Gus Downing

Crime Alert - Chicago's Retail Violence Makes the News

Chicago: Violent Encounters in Retail Happening at Alarming Rate
Since 2015 Thefts Up 55% - Robberies Up 108% - Aggravated Batteries Up 262%
Chicago Aldermen Call For More Police Patrols After Spike in Violence, Thefts & Robberies in Streeterville - Michigan Avenue Stores Specifically

"We are seeing an overall increase in the number of street crimes, the number of armed robberies, snatch and grabs, and violent encounters in retail stores along Michigan avenue; all these things are happening at an alarming rate," Alderman Brian Hopkins (2nd Ward) said.

Local aldermen say two robberies reported in Streeterville overnight are just the latest in a spike in crime there, as they call on police to increase their presence in the downtown neighborhood.

Chicago police issued a community alert over the weekend, warning of multiple incidents in the Streeterville area where people were being robbed of their cellphones and purses. The two alderman who represent the region say they need more beat cops and more cooperation between CPD and Northwestern University Police and more aggressive police response.

The most recent CPD CompStat report from the area covering Streeterville shows robberies are down two percent from this time last year, but are up 108 percent since 2015. Aggravated batteries are up 38 percent from last year, and up an alarming 262 percent since 2015. Thefts are also up five percent from last year, and 55 percent overall since 2015.

Last year, Reilly used a half million dollars from his aldermanic menu fund to install new high definition cameras in the area.

FaceFirst CEO Peter Trepp Appears on eMarketer's Behind the Numbers Podcast
In today's episode of "Behind the Numbers," eMarketer's Marcus Johnson sits down with Peter Trepp, CEO of facial recognition software firm FaceFirst to discuss how face recognition is transforming the future of retail customer experience. Listen to the podcast here. facefirst.com

Balancing the benefits and pitfalls of buy online, pick up in store
Fraud Will Evolve - What's Next?

When something like BOPIS becomes widespread, it doesn't take long for dishonest individuals to take note and hatch schemes to beat the system. "Without a doubt, loss prevention interests closely monitor the situation for the bad guys trying to take advantage," Michael Klein, director of industry strategy for retail at Adobe Analytics.

The key element is verification - verification when the purchase is made and verification at the point of pickup. The challenge for retailers is to beef up verification enough to protect themselves, but not so much that it is cumbersome to the point where customers are driven away.

"It's a balancing act between loss prevention and customer service," Klein says. "ERP [enterprise resource planning falls into our domain. All the technologies and information: artificial intelligence, patterns, more data patterns," are available to retailers operating BOPIS programs, he says.

"It's a blend of art and science," he says. "We still need some level of human intervention. You and I and most people have patterns. Remember, over 90 percent of the customers out there are good. The questions retailers have to ask themselves involve the other 10 percent."

He cautions retailers that are establishing BOPIS programs: "Protect yourself. Protect your margins by not losing on orders that are fraudulent."

In addition to BOPIS, Klein says buy online, return in store programs also expose retailers to fraud. "Stores can leverage exchanges inside or give credit for the returns," he says.

Consumers buying online and picking up their items at a store are already willing to accept some friction in exchange for safety and security.

The friction - which also helps protect retailers from theft and fraud - involves digital verification. "We automate the process of verifying identification," he says. "It removes the retail associate from the process. There is no skill set involved."

In the early stages of the BOPIS boom, fraud associated with it seemed to be of the garden-variety ecommerce fraud. None of these experts, however, feel safe forecasting that it will stay that way. stores.org

ASIS Publishes New Guideline for Selection and Training of Private Security Officers
Alexandria, VA - ASIS International, the world's largest association of security management professionals, released the ASIS Private Security Officer Selection and Training (PSO) Guideline (ASIS PSO-2019) which provides recommendations for establishing and managing a program for the selection and training of private security officers.

The new Guideline is critical as the private security industry employs millions of security officers across the nation to protect people, property, information, and other key assets. Applicable to both proprietary and contract security, the guideline focuses on three key areas of a private security officer selection and training program-its development, implementation, and improvement. The framework comprises:

● Establishment of policies and procedures;
● Assignment of roles and responsibilities;
● Allocation of resources to the program;
● Setting vetting and selection criteria;
● Private security officer training and competencies; and
● Program evaluation and improvement.

The Guideline is consistent with industry best practices and takes into account legal, regulatory, and contractual obligations.

"While the guideline includes most elements of the 2010 edition, it goes a step further in providing organizations a generic framework for designing or improving its selection and training program," said Chuck Baley, PSO Technical Committee Chair.

ASIS International, in its role as an accredited Standards Developing Organization (SDO), develops standards and guidelines to serve the needs of security practitioners in today's global environment. It is recognized globally through its Category-A Liaison Status in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Risk Management and Security and Resilience Technical Committees. Current projects under development focus on Active Assailant, Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM), and Security Awareness.

The ASIS Private Security Officer Selection and Training (PSO) Guideline (ASIS PSO-2019) is now available at asisonline.org/newguidelines2019. asisonline.org

70% of Nonfatal Injuries Occur to Women in the Workplace
National Safety Council analysis indicates that women are disproportionately impacted by certain safety issues, most notably nonfatal workplace violence. Females account for 70% of all assault-related injuries involving days away from work. The number of women who incurred assault-related injuries at work in 2017 was 12,820 - a 60% increase since 2011. By contrast, 5,530 men sustained assault-related injuries at work in 2017. 

Aside from assault, other work-related injuries and illnesses that disproportionately impact women include accidental injury by another person (59%), falls on the same level (57%) and ergonomic issues, such as complications from repetitive motion (61%).

Workplace injury and illness data, including assaults, are available on Injury Facts, the Council's compilation of preventable death and injury statistics for nearly 100 years.

"Our workplaces should be safe havens for everyone, and these data show us we can do more to protect women in the workplace," said Nick Smith, interim president and CEO of NSC. "As employers examine the biggest risks facing their workforce, we urge them to consider these trends and make sure safety is extending to all employees." securitymagazine.com

ISC West: 2019 SIA Education Featuring 85 Sessions on a Variety of Hot Topics
SIA Education@ISC West is your top industry resource for vendor agnostic security and network training. With 85+ sessions, the program provides critical information on the newest technologies in security. View full list of 2019 Educational opportunities at ISC West.

Get Credit for Your Time! SIA Education@ISC qualifies for CE hours with many relevant industry accreditation bodies. Certificates of attendance will be distributed to all conferees after the Show. You may use this document to self-report your education hours to relevant industry bodies that award continuing education and professional development credit. iscwest.com

2018 Global Brand Counterfeiting Report -
Global Counterfeiting "Has Reached $1.2 trillion"

That's about 1.2% of everything sold worldwide. In the United States and European Union, roughly 5% of imports are believed to be fakes. The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, by some estimates, only captures 1% of all fakes imported (e.g., 34,143 seizures of goods valued at approximately $1.2 billion in 2017).

There are two major approaches to curtailing the chain of counterfeit distribution. The process is akin to killing a snake. One can either lop-off the metaphorical snake's head, leading to a quick death. Or one can chop off parts of its body, leaving the head to wither without economic nourishment. There are benefits and drawbacks to both approaches.

Alternatively, cutting the body or tail involves shutting down downstream retailers and distributors, one entity at a time. That requires significantly more time and effort, but it has the best chance of long-term success.

The best anti-counterfeiting strategies will employ technology and a team of multi-discipline professionals, usually led by a legal team. The best counterfeiting avoidance strategy is tight control and management of the global supply chain. Strategies should be carefully planned and executed based on the unique needs of the brand owner. Read the report here cfo.com

Editor's Note: The foot soldiers: Legal teams usually rely on a rather large network of experienced ex-pat investigators located primarily in the Asian Pacific Rim. With a number of them being retired military, state department, law enforcement, and even insurance industry investigators and auditors that just stayed overseas after their deployment or retirement.

There are certainly a number of investigators employed by the brands directly depending on the size of the exposure and brand. But for the most part the third party legal teams usually access this network.

The logo & the ghosts shifts: One of the primary focuses and control points was the actual design, manufacture and distribution of logos/labels. Obviously maximizing control of logo and label distribution and auditing the products at the entry point of the supply chain is critical. With RFID being used to manage and monitor inventory movement once the product enters the supply chain cleanly your risk exposures virtually disappear.

The biggest exposure in the past in Asia was the approved manufacturer who was already supplying the product literally having a ghost crew continue making product on the side. But technology advancements and increased controls has greatly reduced the exposure. However with this new technology also came 3D imaging of logos and labels and blueprints/designs available online now as well. So as one door seemingly closed another bigger door appeared which has been blown away in comparison.

Retail Experts Share Their Take on Where the Industry is Headed
The retail world is known for constant change. Today, industry insiders may have more varied opinions on the future of the field than ever before. MarketScale caught up with a few experts to get their opinions on some of the most pressing questions in their field today.

Where is there momentum in the industry right now?

Andrew Busby, Founder and CEO, Retail Reflections: Tech driving retail businesses is hugely significant. AI especially is increasingly moving the dial and will continue to do so for many years.

Tony D'Onofrio, CEO, TD Insights: I see momentum in brands investing in digital-to-physical connectivity to their consumers. Omnichannel is an overused word, but it is the critical element to continued success. See retailers increasing investments in store associates. Winning retailers will have both their customers and associates as viral brand ambassadors. At the center of the momentum is increased focus on strengthening the value of the store brand.

Ryan MacInnis, Director of Marketing, Notarize: There is a ton of momentum in experiential retail. Brick and mortar is being reimagined, and a lot of what we're seeing in the physical world is an extension of online. Ten years ago,] it was the opposite.

Carol Spieckerman, President, Spieckerman Retail: In the not-so-distant-past, most conversations about momentum in retail would have focused on which categories were taking off. These days momentum is happening in many different non-traditional arenas. I'm tracking one because it has far-reaching impact on all the others: the acceleration in platform partnerships.

Read more here to see the experts' take on the momentum of retail, the state of the U.S. industry, which retailers are doing an exemplary job, the biggest challenges, the key 2018 retail event, and what they learned from events like NRF. marketscale.com

Over 50% of Adult Shoppers Use BOPIS Services
ICSC survey: Click-and-collect boosts in-store sales

Most shoppers who come to stores to pick up items ordered online end up buying additional goods. According to research from the International Council of Shopping Centers, over 50% of adult shoppers use BOPIS services, with 67% of those consumers buying additional items from the retailer when picking up their order. And 60% make a purchase at a nearby store.

The survey found that of shoppers who use BOPIS, 61% use it at least once per month. The service continues to rise in popularity: 47% of click-and-collect users say they used the method more now than a year ago. chainstoreage.com

Maumee, OH: Black workers at UPS facility in Ohio faced decades of racial hostility, lawsuit says
Nineteen workers at a United Parcel Service distribution center in Ohio are suing their employer, claiming management at the facility "enabled, tolerated, and purposefully promoted and encouraged a culture of racism and racially discriminatory conduct." The company itself is named as well as five supervisors and managers who defendants say maintained a racially hostile work environment, according to a copy of the lawsuit filed Wednesday in the Lucas County Court of Common Pleas and obtained by the Toledo Blade. usatoday.com

Nearly 5,000 store closings so far in 2019
Already, 4,810 store closures have been announced by retailers in 2019, according to Coresight Research. And it's only March. Last year, Coresight tracked 5,524 store closures, down more than 30 percent from a record 8,139 closures announced in 2017. cnbc.com

More than 2,000 new stores are opening in 2019
See the retailers defying the 'retail apocalypse'

The US retail industry is undergoing a period of massive upheaval that has led to record-high rates of bankruptcies and store closures over the last several years. Amid these losses, some retailers are thriving and continue to pursue physical growth strategies. Here's the full list compiled by Business Insider of companies opening stores: businessinsider.com

The Running List of 2019 Bankruptcies
Z Gallerie, a home decor retailer, is among the latest to file, with plans to close 17 stores and be out of Chapter 11 in four months. retaildive.com

March 11 Z Gallerie
March 5 Diesel USA
Feb. 18 Payless ShoeSource
Feb. 6 Things Remembered
Feb. 3 FullBeauty Brands
Feb. 3 Charlotte Russe
Jan. 16 Gymboree
Jan. 16 Shopko
Jan. 11 Innovative Mattress Solutions
Jan. 6 Beauty Brands

Senior LP & AP Jobs Activity

Senior Analyst Global Intelligence Posted for The Walt Disney Company
in New York,

The position of Sr Analyst, Global Intelligence within Global Security must support a diverse group of customers within the Walt Disney Company for threat assessment and intelligence purposes with the goal of helping business leaders make informed decisions and ensure the safety of employees, facilities, guests, and the Disney brand. disneycareers.com

OTG - VP of Loss Prevention taken off company website - posting is inactive

CDW - Director Security, Safety & Business Continuity - job no longer active

Organic Trade Association Launches Organic Fraud Prevention Guide

Austin, TX Samuels Jewelers to Liquidate 122 Stores

Sephora to Open 35 U.S. Stores in 2019

Quarterly Results

Hudson Group (airport travel) Q4 com's up 4.1, net sales up 4%, full yr comp's up 3.7%, net sales up 6.8%
Dollar General Q4 comp's up 4%, net sales up 8.5%, full yr comp's up 3.2%, net sales up 9.2%
Zara Parent Inditex (Spanish apparel conglomerate) full yr comp's up 4%, net sales up 3%
Tailored Brands Q4 comp's up 1.2%, net sales down 10.7%, full yr comp's , net sales down 2.5%
   Men's Warehouse full yr comp's up 0.8%
   Jos A. Bank full yr comp's up 1.4%
   K&G full yr comp's up 1.5%
   Moores full yr. comp's 2.4%

Neiman Marcus Q2 comp's up 0.7%, 6th consecutive quarter increases
Christopher & Banks Q4 comp's flat, net sales down 8.6%, full yr comp's down 2.6%, net sales down 4.6%
Express, Inc., Q4 comp's down 6%, net sales down 10%, full yr comp's down 1%, net sales down 2%
Build-A-Bear full year revenue down 7.5%


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eBay assists Secret Service,
in an Organized Retail Crime investigation

A couple was convicted Monday in connection with running a criminal operation through their South Carolina electronics store, and now they face the prospect of spending decades behind bars, a news release from the U.S. Attorney's Office said.

Reboot in Greenville is not the used electronics store that it represents itself as on its website, according to the news release. Prosecutors said it was actually a place for shoplifters to sell stolen goods to store owners - 41-year-old Jonathan E. Field and 40-year-old Shena J. Field - who then resold the electronics online to unsuspecting customers. Read more

eBay assists U.S. Department of State with theft and embezzlement investigation

According to court documents, Andrew W. Cheveers, 31, of Bowie, Maryland, was an Information Technology contractor for the State Department's Office of Inspector General. In this role, Cheveers held a security clearance that allowed him access to certain sensitive information, and he was responsible for configuring the computers prior to the devices being distributed to U.S. government personnel.

Through the course of his criminal conduct, Cheevers admitted to stealing up to 16 Microsoft Surface Pro laptop computers. Cheveers then sold the stolen computers on Internet websites such as Craigslist and eBay from approximately July 2016 through February 2017 in order to profit from his fraudulent scheme. Read more

For further information on PROACT, email inquiries to PROACT@eBay.com.


CONTROLTEK's Stefanie Hoover Joins Retail Asset Protection Council of ASIS International

Bridgewater, N.J., (March 13, 2019) - Stefanie Hoover, CFI, strategic account executive at CONTROLTEK, is the newest member of the Retail Asset Protection Council of ASIS International, the preeminent international organization for security professionals. In her role as a council member, she will use her industry expertise to help develop educational programs and materials that address broad security concerns, including the ASIS Annual Seminar and Exhibits.

"The addition of Stefanie Hoover to the council comes at an exciting time in the evolution of ASIS and the Retail Asset Protection Council," said Jeff Levitt, chairman of the Retail Asset Protection Council. "Her expertise in multiple roles within the retail community make her a perfect addition to the council."

"I look forward to contributing my 20 years of experience in retail asset protection to ASIS and its members," said Hoover. "ASIS is one of the largest security associations, and I hope to support the organization as they spur continued growth in membership in the retail sector."

In her role as a council member, Hoover will shortly become a member of one of four committees: Membership, Diversity, Learning & Strategy and External Council Liaison.

Since 1976 CONTROLTEK has been a global leader in tamper-evident security packaging, helping banks, armored couriers and retailers transport cash safely and securely. The company's expanding line of inventory protection and visibility solutions also helps retailers protect their merchandise better and run their operations more efficiently. As a second-generation family owned business, with a history of stable growth and a reputation for strong customer focus, CONTROLTEK continues to deliver on its mission every single day: to provide solutions that protect and to always deliver on our promises.



Is Fingerprint-based Biometric Payment Cards the Next Standard for Payment Technology?
As consumers become increasingly comfortable using biometrics to unlock devices and log into accounts, there is a growing interest in bringing this technology to physical payment cards to provide simple-to-use multifactor authentication for in-store transactions. The Secure Technology Alliance released an introductory resource for those interested in better understanding the business case, impact and considerations for providing fingerprint-based biometric payment cards.

"Issuers today are looking at different ways of verifying cardholder presence that don’t impact consumer convenience. Biometric technology solves that problem and doesn’t require retailers to make changes to their EMV chip terminals," said Randy Vanderhoof, executive director of the Secure Technology Alliance. "This guide is a good place to start for those interested in exploring how biometric payment cards can be used for layered, convenient in-person multifactor authentication".

This resource focuses on the use case where fingerprint capture, template storage and matching are on the payment cards. Moreover, this resource:

● Provides an overview of biometric payment card components and functions, fingerprint enrollment methods, issuer considerations, use and lifecycle management considerations, and user experience
● Discusses the benefits of biometric payment cards
● Outlines implementation considerations
● Summarizes use cases and real-world examples from American Express, JCB, Mastercard and Visa securitymagazine.com

Lawsuits Seek to Recoup Money Lost in Cyberattacks
Cybersecurity programs could be put on trial in recent lawsuits that seek to recoup money lost in cyberattacks.

Last week, American Airlines Federal Credit Union filed a $5 million suit against Sonic Corp., claiming lax security at the burger chain enabled hackers to breach payment systems in its restaurants in 2017. After the compromise of consumer financial information, the credit union had to reissue customer credit and debit cards, reimburse fraudulent charges and perform other expensive tasks, according to the suit. A Sonic spokeswoman didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

The disputes put corporate internal cybersecurity measures under scrutiny, raising questions about how much, if any, liability they hold when hackers penetrate the systems. Could your security measures stand up in court?  cybersecurity.mail20.com

More U.S. POS Victims Expected - Who's Next?
New POS Malware Shows Marketing Polish
Skims CC Numbers & Delivered Via Professional Marketing Campaign

Malware is constantly evolving and, according to a new blog post from Cisco Talos, so is malware marketing. The point-of-sale (PoS) malware being sold, called GlitchPOS, isn't particularly advanced, but its packaging and marketing are - and those advanced techniques promise new troubles for security professionals working in retail and hospitality fields.

In the blog post, researchers detail how they found the malware on a crimewave forum and rapidly discovered that it comes complete with video instructions on its use and a modular format that makes putting it in the field quite easy.

How easy is it to deploy? "I would say it's about the sophistication of installing a video game," says Craig Williams, director of outreach at Cisco Talos. As a consequence, "My concern is that
you're going to see younger and younger cybercriminals with kits like these. It's just getting easier and easier," he explains.

GlitchPOS's author, identified as edbitss by researchers at Cisco Talos and Check Point, claims authorship of the DiamondFox L!NK botnet in 2015/2016 and 2017, according to the Cisco Talos blog post. Williams says that while DiamondFox L!NK was sophisticated, "The author has polished this" and improved both the malware and its marketing.

Although the malware is being marketed globally, Williams says that the
victims are likely to be concentrated in the US because credit cards are still being issued with magnetic strips and some stores have delayed moving their PoS equipment to chip readers. "The cards still have mag stripes, so if they're still swiping, they're vulnerable," Williams says.

Researchers note that GlitchPOS is being spread through malicious email campaigns, in messages that include a fake game featuring a cute cat. darkreading.com



Face Recognition: Do You Know Who's In Your Store?

Peter Trepp, CEO, FaceFirst


FaceFirst is the global market leader in facial recognition systems for retail stores, including superstores, grocery, pharmacies and other retail environments. FaceFirst helps retailers create safer stores, great customer experiences and personalized service through face recognition and AI. Peter Trepp, CEO of FaceFirst, talks about the increased adoption of face recognition by retailers, the many ways the technology can be used in stores, and what sets it apart from other retail security solutions.

Quick Take 6 with Axis Communications

Hedgie Bartol, Retail Business Development Manager,
Axis Communications

with MCs Joe LaRocca
and Amber Bradley


Amber and Joe meet up with a familiar face - the one and only Hedgie Bartol of Axis Communications. With LP departments being tasked with doing more in the store, learn how Axis is helping retailers leverage network enabled technologies to create a truly connected store. Also, hear Joe LaRocca do a southern accent.



Study: Online retail fraud attacks on the rise
Attempts to defraud online retailers have increased for the second year in a row, with food and beverages and online electronics seeing the biggest increases.

That's according to the 2019 Fraud Attack Index from e-commerce security company Forter. By analyzing merchant and transaction data, Forter determined the rate of increase in fraud attacks against online retailers in several different verticals during 2018, as compared to 2017.

A brief recap of results in several key verticals, as well as analysis of popular fraud mechanisms, follows.

Food and beverage
Attacks against online food and beverage businesses (including restaurants, delivery services and retailers in this industry) increased 79% in 2018, following a 60% increase in 2017. According to Forter, fraudsters often initially test stolen cards or e-wallets on lower-priced online food and beverage purchases before attempting higher-ticket purchases elsewhere.

Fraud in the online electronics vertical skyrocketed 73% in 2018 over 2017. Electronics remain appealing to fraudsters given their value and the ease with which they can be resold. According to Forter analysis, customers are used to buying from third-party sites to get better deals, and fraudsters can market their stolen items as "refurbished" to explain a discounted price.

Fraud attempts in the online apparel vertical rose 47% in 2018 from 2017, with easy resale of bulk items making apparel appealing to criminals. In addition, legitimate customers will frequently purchase apparel from third-party resale sites.

Jewelry and luxury
The high value of jewelry and luxury items has always made them desirable for criminals. A 19% year-over-year increase in online attacks in this vertical during 2018 demonstrates its continued appeal for fraudsters.

The study also reviewed several common means of launching fraudulent attacks on online retailers. These include account takeover, when criminals gain unlawful access to an account to illegally make purchases or redeem loyalty points, which grew 45% in 2018 compared to 2017. Attacks by fraud rings, or online criminals banding together to collaboratively commit fraud, grew 26% year-over-year. chainstoreage.com

Google Removes 2.3B Bad Ads, Bans Ads on 1.5M Apps + 28M Pages

Amazon pushes first-party suppliers toward Brand Registry and Seller Central

Mastercard Acquires Ethoca to Reduce Digital Commerce Fraud



Knox County, TN: Two arrested for EBT fraud in Green Grocery raid
A partnership between the Tennessee Department of Human Services (TDHS) and the Knox County Sheriff's Office added two more arrests Thursday to its campaign against the abuse of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Sadik Panjwani and Azim Panjwani were both arrested and charged with EBT fraud and theft. Both are also on a ICE hold at the Knox County Detention Center. Both men were accused of illegally buying SNAP EBT cards at half of their value and using them to purchase food for one of the Green Grocery locations in Knox County.

This case is one of roughly three dozen SNAP abuse investigation the Knox County Sheriff's Office has begun since signing a State Law Enforcement Bureau agreement with the TDHS. Under the agreements, investigators have access to purchasing information and actual EBT cards to conduct undercover selling operations. "The partnership we have with the Knox County Sheriff's Office is a model example for how these SLEB agreements can work," said TDHS Inspector General Todd McKinney. "Working in partnership we can not only catch the abuse of our programs we can also help fight other community concerns including stolen property, drug trafficking, and identity theft." wate.com tn.gov

Santa Barbara, CA: Police investigating ORC crew who hit Rite Aid, Vons
and The Home Depot; 4 Arrested

A suspect vehicle was spotted in the 200 block of Cabrillo Boulevard Tuesday morning not long after a crime was committed at the Rite Aid on the Mesa. A witness there described the car and suspects that took off in the shoplifting. It was also learned that the Vons nearby also had a similar crime. "A Santa Barbara Police detective just happened to be in the area and was able to find the vehicle in question," said Santa Barbara Police Community Engagement Officer Anthony Wagner. Eventually with the help of additional officers, all were rounded up, handcuffed and held at the scene until they were positively identified. "It looks as if it was a professional crime syndicate that would travel throughout the region, " said Wagner. Over $1,000 of merchandise was recovered. keyt.com

Framingham, MA: Theft ring busted at T.J. Maxx
at Shoppers World; 4 arrested

Police on Tuesday busted four people whom they say are part of a shoplifting ring that targets high-priced handbags at T.J. Maxx stores throughout the state. Police arrested 4 men and one woman as they left the T.J. Maxx at Shoppers World at 9:21 p.m. Tuesday. In February, shoplifters took four $1,000 purses from the Framingham store.

On Tuesday, police had the store under surveillance when they saw a brand-new SUV pull into the parking lot. They saw one person in the SUV get out and cover the rear license plate with what appeared to be a trash bag, Singh said. There was no front plate. Two of the men went into the store. Store security watched the men go to the high-end purse department, cut security cords and take 8 purses worth more than $9,000 and leave the store and get into the waiting SUV. Police arrested the four suspects and charged all of them with larceny by an organized retail theft ring. wickedlocal.com

Warner Robins, GA: Chick-fil-A theft result of 'Green Dot Scam'
Warner Robins Police says a nationwide scam known as the Green Dot Fiduciary Scam has made its way to our area -- recently hitting the Warner Robins Chick-fil-A on Watson Blvd. "These scammers prey on businesses, commonly food establishments, by calling employees on the business phone posing as someone from their corporate office," Warner Robins Police says. On Tuesday, a Chick-fil-A manager stole over $5,800 from the restaurant and then tried to put some of the stolen money on a bank card. However, Police said Wednesday afternoon that the manager and store are now both considered victims in the incident. wgxa.tv

Update: Kentwood, MI: Trial Date Approaches for 2 men involved in $100,000 Diamond Distraction Thefts in 6 States
Two men from Ohio netted nearly $100,000 in diamonds through deception and diversion before they were tripped up during a visit to western Michigan. The pair are accused of replacing genuine diamonds with cubic zirconia stones in several states, including Michigan, over a four-month period. They made the swap by keeping jewelry store clerks distracted. "I think organized retail fraud has really increased in the past couple of years,'' said Kentwood Police Chief Thomas Hillen. Demetrius E. Woodson, 27, and Rosean L. Rogers, 28, were arrested in late September after the theft in Kentwood and unsuccessful attempts in Grandville and Byron Center. Along with Felony Theft, they also face a federal charge of conspiracy to commit offenses against the United States. A federal trial date has been set for late April. Woodson, Rogers and unnamed co-conspirators visited stores in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and New Jersey, according to a federal indictment in Grand Rapids. wzzm13.com

Eugene, OR: Burglars get away with $7,000 of merchandise from a Gas Station

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Shootings & Deaths

San Francisco, CA: 1 Dead, 1 Injured In Deputy-Involved Shooting In Thrift Store Lot
At 4:40pm, two theft suspects tried to reverse their SUV into a sheriff's deputy at a San Leandro thrift store. Deputies returned fire and killed one suspect, injuring the other. The male suspect was killed, the female suspect is currently in stable condition with bullet wounds. No Deputies were injured. cbslocal.com

Nashville, TN: 1 injured after O'Reilly Auto Parts employee shoots armed man through store window
According to Metro Police, 26-year-old Antonio Parham had a shotgun and approached the front O'Reily's Auto Parts store on Monroe Street around 2:40 p.m. Wednesday with another man who had an argument with a 23-year-old employee earlier in the day. Police said the 23-year-old employee drew his own pistol and fired one shot through the front glass window. Parham was hit in the chest. Parham was taken by private car to the hospital with critical injuries. Police said they recovered the gun from the employee and the shotgun believed to be carried by the 26-year-old. No charges have been filed against the store employee. wsmv.com

Colorado Springs, CO: Teenage boy arrested on suspicion of December mall shooting
Detectives arrested the teenager in Colorado Springs on suspicion of four felony counts of attempted first-degree murder and two counts of felony first-degree assault. His name and age have not been released. A fugitive unit made the arrest at a home in the city about 69 miles south of Denver. Police say two men and a boy were wounded Dec. 18 when they were shot in a parking lot following an argument. A girl was also injured but not shot. Hundreds of people were inside the mall when the shooting occurred around 1:45 p.m. outside a Hooters restaurant. durangoherald.com

Chicago, IL: Several Hospitalized After BB Gun Fired in North Side Starbucks
Officers responded to a "mental health disturbance" about 3:23 p.m. in the Andersonville neighborhood. Police said the female fired shots from a "pellet gun" but were not immediately certain anyone was injured. Police later said "several victims" were struck and taken to St. Francis Hospital. nbcchicago.com

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Myrtle Beach, SC: MBPD investigating a parking lot Armed Robbery near Belk at Coastal Grand Mall

Charlotte, NC: Shopper assaulted, robbed by 3 people at SouthPark Mall

Oklahoma City, OK: Man Arrested, Accused Of 7 Robberies since December; Dollar General and Little Caesars

Union County, NC: Five restaurants burglarized within hours of each other in Indian Trail

Racine, WI: Homeless Walmart employee charged with stealing $4,400; lived in his car in the store's parking lot


Florida man sentenced to over 8 years in prison for multiple robberies across country; McDonald's, CVS, Walgreens to name a few
The United States Attorney announced Wednesday. Robert Abel, 56, of Atlantic Beach, Florida, was sentenced to 100 months of imprisonment, followed by three years of supervised release. wtnh.com

Houston, TX: "Wing Stop Robbery Crew" Sentenced for Roles in Multiple Armed Crimes Committed Within Two Weeks

Philadelphia, PA: Man resentenced to life in 2003 Rite Aid manager slaying; Philadelphia District Attorney's office said it would no longer pursue the death penalty

Syracuse, NY: Man sentenced to 10 years in Federal prison for role in 2017 gun store heist


Adult Store - Greenville, SC - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Janesville, WI - Armed Robbery
C-Store - China Grove, NC - Robbery
C-Store - Salisbury, NC - Robbery
C-Store - Rowan County, NC - Armed Robbery
C-Store - New Bedford, MA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Douglas, GA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - St Peter, MN - Burglary
Camping Store - Mankato, MN - Burglary
Dollar General - Petersburg, VA - Robbery
Dollar General - Wichita, KS - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Eugene, OR - Burglary
Grocery Store -Petersburg, VA - Robbery
Grocery Store - Douglas, GA - Armed Robbery
Jewelry Store - Hollywood, FL - Robbery/ Assault
Pawn Shop - Huntsville, AL - Burglary
Pharmacy - Douglas, GA - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Harrison Township, OH - Armed Robbery (McDonald's)
Restaurant - Union County, NC - Burglary (JET Pizza)
Restaurant - Union County, NC - Burglary (NY Pizza)
Restaurant - Union County, NC - Burglary (Chinatown)
Restaurant - Union County, NC - Burglary (Jersey Mike's)
Restaurant - Union County, NC - Burglary (Sabor)
Sprint - O'Fallon, MO - Armed Robbery
Walgreens - Petersburg, VA -Robbery
7-Eleven - Hamilton Township, NJ - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Prince George County, MD - Robbery


Daily Totals:
18 robberies
9 burglaries
0 shootings
0 killed



Tracy DePalmo named Entrance Control Sales Executive for ZKTeco USA
ZKTeco USA is excited to announce that Tracy DePalmo has accepted the position of Entrance Control Sales Executive. Tracy is a dynamic and extremely talented technology sales expert with 17 years in both national and regional markets with broad experience in marketing, business development, account management, client relationship management, and strategic planning.

She possesses a clear understanding of contemporary business development methods and the rules that govern them. Her solid background and proven record, along with her ability to adapt will help fulfill all your security solution needs.

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Area Loss Prevention Specialist
San Francisco Bay Area

We are currently looking for an Area Loss Prevention Specialist to join our team in San Francisco Bay Area. This position is responsible for conducting employee investigations, responding to and providing guidance during critical incidents, and assessing new/current retail store locations...


Area Loss Prevention Manager -
Seattle, Portland or Salt Lake City

Seattle WA, Portland OR, Salt Lake City UT

Our Area Loss Prevention Managers ensure safe and secure stores through the objective identification of loss and risk opportunities. Our Area Loss Prevention Managers plan and prioritize to provide an optimal customer experience to their portfolio of stores...

District Loss Prevention Manager
Eastern PA/NJ

The District Loss Prevention Manager ensures shrinkage control and improves safety in the stores through proper investigation and training. This position is responsible to provide feedback, guidance and protection for our Team Leaders and Associates. This role has oversight and responsibility for approximately 15-20 store locations...

Field Manager, Asset Protection (Northeast & Midwest)
New York, NY| Poughkeepsie, NY | Parsippany, NJ

Recruiting a Field Manager, Asset Protection to support our Northeast & Midwest HD Supply Construction & Industrial locations. This role will be based in the Greater New York area...


Asset Protection Officer
Chicago, IL

We're looking for dynamic individuals as an Asset Protection Associate, who is committed to maintaining a safe environment for American Girl customers and employees, as well as, safeguarding company assets. The individual we seek should be able to multi-task, have outstanding communication skills, and exhibit a high level of compassion and understanding...

Loss Prevention Analyst
Richmond, VA

Protects company assets and increases profitability through the analysis, response and management of various data across a broad spectrum of internal financial and technology resources such as Exception Reporting, Sales Audit, FP&A, IT and Loss Prevention. The Loss Prevention Analyst works cross-functionally in a dynamic, fast paced and demanding environment providing critical guidance to the organization's asset protection and profit improvement initiatives...

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