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Mike Keenan named President & CEO of Greater East Bay Goodwill Industries

Mike Keenan, a long term very successful Loss Prevention executive was named President & CEO of Greater East Bay Goodwill Industries. A thirty store chain doing around $40 million in annual sales.

As TAL Global Consultants Managing Director, Retail Los Prevention, Mike spearheaded their retail business development the last two years. Prior to that Mike led the LP efforts at Macy's West, Ross Stores, Mervyns, and most recently, multiple brands at Gap Inc. As well as serving on a number of advisory councils, one of which being the National Retail Federation LP Advisory Council and the Loss Prevention Foundation Board as well.

With a BA, Criminal Justice degree from California State University, Mike now embarks on the biggest opportunity of his career. Reaching the President & CEO level of a retailer dedicated to enhancing the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families by strengthening communities, eliminating barriers to opportunity, and helping people in need reach their full potential through learning and the power of work. Congratulations, Mike, and Good Luck.

Debra Martin promoted to Sr. Director of Asset Protection for Fresh Thyme Farmers Market
Prior to her promotion to Sr. Director of Asset Protection, Debra spent over a year as the Director of Asset Protection for Fresh Thyme Farmers Market. Before that, she held two positions with the Fresh Market: Director of Loss Prevention and Sr. Director of Operational Improvement. Earlier in her career, she held senior retail loss prevention positions with Raleys, Walmart and Harris Teeter, among others. Congratulations, Debra!
Alex Alaniz promoted to Regional Loss Prevention Director for Ross Stores, Inc.
Prior to his promotion to Regional Loss Prevention Director, Alex held the position of Sr. Area Loss Prevention Manager for Ross Stores, Inc. Before that, he spent 12 years at Target in multiple roles, including Executive Team Leader, Sr. Business Partner Group Trainer, District Food Business Partner and District Assets Protection Business Partner. Congratulations, Alex!

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Here They Go Again - Thousands Protesting in Paris
Paris Stores Looted In New 'Yellow Vest' Riots Over Weekend
15th Consecutive Weekend of Demonstrations Against the Government

Demonstrators looted stores on the Champs-Elysees avenue in Paris on Saturday (March 16), on the 18th week of "yellow vest" protests, characterised by an uptick in violence after dwindling participation in recent weeks.

A Boss menswear store and the gourmet Fouquet's restaurant were among the premises vandalized as groups of masked protesters lobbed stones at police defending the Arc de Triomphe war memorial.

The police responded with teargas and water cannon but failed to disperse the more radical protesters who erected burning barricades in scenes reminiscent of the worst "yellow vest" riots in the capital in December.

The rally was called to coincide with the end of two months of public debates called by French President Emmanuel Macron to give voters a forum to air their grievances and propose policy changes.



Saturday's turnout will be seen as a measure of the power of the "yellow vest" movement, which began in November over fuel tax hikes but quickly ballooned into a broader anti-government rebellion.

Thousands of people converged on the Champs-Elysees - focal point of the Paris protests over the past four months - for "Act XVIII" of a movement which had appeared to be running out of steam but whose core demands still enjoy broad public support. Black-clad demonstrators encircled the square surrounding the arch, pelting the police with stones.

Thirty-one people had been arrested by mid-morning, the police said. Last week, only around 28,000 people demonstrated nationwide, according to the authorities, a tenth of the numbers that turned out for the inaugural protest on November 17.

But on Saturday the protesters were out in force again, pouring into the capital by train and cars from around the country for what they called an "ultimatum" to Mr Macron.

Over 5,000 police were deployed, along with several armoured police vehicles, and several metro stations were closed.

Traders say 80 businesses hit in 'yellow vest' rampage
Some 80 shops and businesses on the Champs-Elysees avenue in Paris were vandalised this weekend when "yellow vest" protesters went on the rampage, with about 20 looted or torched, retailers said on Sunday.

Saturday's demonstrations were characterised by a sharp increase in violence after weeks of dwindling turnout, with hooded protesters looting and torching shops along the famed avenue.

There was a wave of violence, we're dealing with the aftermath of the chaos. We're trying to reassure all the employees and then there are those who live here, too," said Jean-Noel Reinhardt, head of the Committee Champs-Elysees, a local association with 180 members, most of them businesses. yahoo.com

Thousands march as France's 'yellow vest' protests rumble on
Some 11,600 people joined the protests nationwide, including 4,000 in the capital, the Interior Ministry said. That was up from 10,200 last week, with 3,000 in Paris.

Demonstrations have generally got smaller since a peak in December when the French capital saw some of the worst rioting, vandalism and looting in decades. straitstimes.com

British Retail Consortium (BRC) Crime Survey Shows Sharp Rise in Violence Against Retail Staff
13 Associates Injured Every Day - Direct Cost of Crime up 6%

The British Retail Consortium's (BRC) annual Retail Crime Survey reveals a concerning spike in violence against staff causing injury, with the number of incidents happening at twice the rate of last year's survey, the previous record.

The latest annual Retail Crime Survey, put together by the British Retail Consortium (BRC), shows that the total direct cost of criminal activity against stores is now £700m ($926M U.S.) a year, up from £660m ($873M U.S.) the year before. A 6% increase. The figures indicate a sharp rise in violence against staff causing injury, with the number of incidents reaching six per 1000 workers. That is equivalent to 13 people being injured each day.

Overall, this year's survey presents a mixed picture. There have been noticeable improvements in some areas, such as fraud, where the cost to retailers has fallen by nearly $39 million U.S., as a result of their significant investment in prevention.

'Customer theft' remains the largest element, now over $661M per year, a 15 per cent increase on the previous results.

The biggest concern comes from the growth in severe violent incidents against staff. BRC members report that career criminals intentionally use violence and abuse when challenged over stealing. The increasingly common requirements for retail colleagues to age-check and refuse sales, is also triggering increasing violence and threats.

The challenge for jewelers is identifying security products that are discrete, so as not to appear intimidating for customers, yet are able to prevent thieves that are prepared to use force. The best way to doing this is to protect your premises by installing a physical entry barrier such as a Security Portal that meets Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) 1175.  brc.org.uk

Download the survey here

Assaults On Women Up 60% Since 2011
Women assaulted on the job at more than twice the rate of men
70 Percent of Nonfatal Workplace Assault Injuries Occur to Women National Safety Council Analysis - A Look at the Numbers
During Women's History Month, National Safety Council encourages employers to look at injury rates among women in their workplace.

National Safety Council analysis indicates that women are disproportionately impacted by certain safety issues - most notably nonfatal workplace violence, with 70 percent of all assault-related injuries involving days away from work occurring to females. The number of women who incurred assault-related injuries at work in 2017 totaled 12,820 - a 60 percent increase since 2011. By contrast, 5,530 men sustained assault-related injuries at work in 2017.

Aside from assault, other work-related injuries and illnesses that disproportionately impact women include accidental injury by another person (59 percent), falls on the same level (57 percent), and ergonomic issues, such as complications from repetitive motion (61 percent).

Workplace injury and illness data including assaults are available on Injury Facts, the Council's compilation of preventable death and injury statistics for nearly 100 years. prnewswire.com

America's Cashiers - The Nation's "Eyes-and-Ears" - Our First Line of Defense
DHS Releases: Bomb-Making Materials Awareness Program (BMAP)
POS Awareness & Suspicious Activity Report For Private Sector

Sponsored by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the Bomb-Making Materials Awareness Program (BMAP) is a national outreach program designed to promote private sector point-of-sale awareness and suspicious activity reporting to prevent the misuse of common household items as explosive precursor chemicals (EPC) and improvised explosive device (IED) components. To achieve this objective, BMAP works to build a growing network of vigilant public and private sector partners who serve as the Nation's "eyes-and-ears" and act as the first line of defense by providing early detection of EPC sales to suspect individuals.

Key Benefits for BMAP public and private sector partners:
Strengthened prevention opportunities
Enhanced public/private partnerships
Increased private sector point-of-sale awareness
A boost in general public awareness of suspicious purchasing behavior and reporting
Community-based outreach
Reporting mechanisms to track and measure success
Free, secure access to training and awareness materials

For additional information on BMAP, download the BMAP factsheets.

Why BMAP Is Necessary - CISA's Office for Bombing Prevention Offers Free Training -
Become a Part of the BMAP Team

If You See Something, Say Something

U.S. Commercial Facial Recognition Privacy Act
U.S. Senators Roy Blunt (Mo.) and Brian Schatz (Hawaii), members of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, & Transportation, introduced the Commercial Facial Recognition Privacy Act of 2019. The bipartisan legislation would strengthen consumer protections by prohibiting commercial users of facial recognition technology (FR) from collecting and re-sharing data for identifying or tracking consumers without their consent. Introduced on March 14, 2019 in U.S. Senate. senate.gov

US Senator Roy Blunt (MO) Press Release

The Hill: First-of-its-Kind Legislation
Endorsed by Microsoft & Center for Democracy and Technology

The legislation would ask facial recognition technology providers to meet security standards set by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Multiple leading tech companies, including Microsoft and Amazon, in recent months have released guidelines laying out their priorities for any national legislation regulating facial recognition technology.

Schatz and Blunt's bill appears to propose some similar guidelines, but it does not address the use of facial recognition technology by law enforcement - a hot-button issue as police departments across the country implement the technology in their efforts to track and identify potential criminals. thehill.com

First Take on Newly Proposed Fed. Bill
New Proposed Fed Bill on Facial Recognition Supports Retail Security Use Cases

Upon first, non-legal, review it, overall, this appears to be potentially good for the industry and good for consumers.

Starting right off the first issue will be, like so many other cyber related bills in the past, tt may take a long time for something like this to pass, if it ever passes.

This is not at all like the Illinois BIPPA law, which is extremely restrictive. This is more like Washington State's law, which requires consent and transparency for marketing purposes, but continues to allow broad usage by government, law enforcement, intelligence and commercial security.

The proposed legislation appears to be written in a way that protects retail security uses cases for shoplifting, fraud and other crime prevention. It does not appear to us that retailers would be required to get consent.

-Retailers wishing to use face recognition for customer experience and marketing (such as recognizing customers and offering personalized offers or assistance) will have no problem so long as they ask customers to opt-in, which they were no doubt going to do anyhow.

-The clauses about data usage, buying and selling data do not seem to be particularly unique - it's just like existing regulations about selling or sharing most personal data. This is good, because it would appear to normalize things.

-In the meantime, nothing has changed for retailers - it's business as usual. Editor's Note: Just our thoughts and not to represent any legal review or formal opinion for use. -Gus Downing

Click here to read the bill

Nedap Retail Announces Partnership with Product Protection Solutions in the U.S.
Nedap, the global leader in RFID retail solutions for the retail sector and Product Protection Solutions (PPS) have announced a strategic partnership. Product Protection Solutions, a leading provider of retail security solutions will become Nedap's newest partner throughout the United States.

"With the electronic article surveillance market climbing exponentially, this union marks the beginning of streamlined services, innovative solutions and unmatched customer satisfaction initiatives." said Christopher Cox, CEO of Product Protection Solutions. "We look forward to our partnership with the global leader in RFID." Read more in today's RFID News column below.

More Behavioral Recognition Upgrades Coming to Market
Research firm pegs big growth in biometric payment cards for 2021 as facial recognition explodes
Mastercard Won't Comment on When Biometric Payment Cards Will Reach Mass Market

Shipments of fingerprint sensors are expected to reach 1.26 billion in 2019, a 10.3 percent 5-year CAGR, even as face recognition grows at a much faster rate, according to ABI Research. The company predicts apps featuring facial biometrics will grow at a 26.9 percent CAGR through 2024.

ABI anticipates more in-display fingerprint sensors in smartphones, streamlined iris recognition, and more accurate behavioral recognition among biometric upgrades in the coming years. For biometric payment cards, however, the research firm strikes a more cautionary note, suggesting the market will experience significant growth starting in 2021. Mastercard VP of Identity Solutions Bob Reany declined to go on record with a specific prediction for when the cards will begin to reach the mass market in a recent interview with Biometric Update. biometricupdate.com

UPDATE 1-PwC investigation finds $7.4B accounting fraud at Steinhoff
Former Steinoff Executives Implemented the Fraud
Mattress Firm Parent's Problems Continue

South African retailer Steinhoff, which owns Poundland in the UK and Mattress Firm in the USA, led the fakery, said an independent report found it had overstated profits over several years in a 6.5 billion euro ($7.4 billion) accounting fraud involving a small group of top executives and outsiders.

Steinhoff first disclosed the hole in its accounts in December 2017, shocking investors who had backed its reinvention from a small South African outfit to a multinational retailer at the vanguard of the European discount furniture retail industry. In the country's biggest corporate scandal, an investigation carried out by PwC found the firm recorded fictitious or irregular transactions totalling 6.5 billion euros over a period covering the 2009 and 2017 financial years, according to a summary of the findings posted on the Steinhoff company website.

Investigators found that a small group of former Steinhoff executives and individuals from outside the company, led by an identified "senior management executive" implemented the deals, which substantially inflated the group's profit and asset values, the summary said. It did not name the individuals. Two Steinhoff representatives did not immediately respond to telephone calls and text message requests seeking comment. devdiscourse.com

Ex-Steinhoff executives used $7.4bn in fake transactions, report says
Retail group collapsed in 2017 after accounting black hole wiped $15bn from value. ft.com


San Francisco: Castro 7-Eleven franchisee sells store back to corporate, citing shoplifting & safety concerns
The franchisee of the Castro's 7-Eleven convenience store (3998 18th St.) has sold it back to the company's corporate parent, citing frustrations with theft and fears for the safety of her staff. Concepcion also said she was frequently fearful for her safety and well-being, and for that of her employees. "I'm scared, and it makes me stressed out as a franchise owner." She said that incidences of shoplifting, littering, loitering, violence, drug use, small fires, and human waste around the 7-Eleven have picked up in the past five years. hoodline.com



Anti-theft Tags Designed for the Speed of Retail
Now's your opportunity to experience the one-piece InFuzion tag-designed for the changing world of retail. Request Your Sample of InFuzion Today!

Senior LP & AP Jobs Market

New - Senior Manager Operations - Loss Prevention North America - Posted For Nike in Beaverton, OR
As our Senior Manager of Loss Prevention Operations, you'll facilitate the North America Loss Prevention department's programs and operational initiatives. You will lead a team on LP programs, Physical Security, Inventory and Shortage Reduction and will be responsible for strategizing and managing loss prevention programs and projects. The Senior Manager will lead the strategy of our LP Investigations Center of Excellence focused on investigations, data analysis and incident management support. Further, you'll be responsible for assisting the Loss Prevention Director in creating 'premier' solutions for LP technology, vendor selection/administration and Safety. nike.com

NEW - Director, Threat Analysis and Work Place Violence Posted for PayPal in Scottsdale, AZ
The Director of Threat Analysis and Workplace Violence Prevention [WPV] will play a critical role in PayPal's Global Safety & Security organization. He/she will perform advanced-level and managerial professional security work by developing and leading all threat analysis and WPV programs to include assessments and threat / intelligence management. This Director will provide strategic insight to the development of global awareness and engagement by leaders and employees/contractors, and providing training, coaching and supervision to internal staff. This position reports directly to the Senior Director, Threat, Intel and HQ Security.  myworkdayjobs.com

Dollar General to Open 975 New Stores

Quarterly Results

Citi Trends Q4 comp's up 0.2%, sales down 5.2%, full yr comp's up 1.6%, sales up 1.9%
The Buckle Q4 comp's down 0.6%, net sales down 6%, full yr comp's down 0.9, net sales down 3.1%

Last week's #1 article --

Failed Walgreen's Sale Impact
Rite Aid Announces Leadership Transition and Organizational Restructuring
To Generate Annual Cost Savings of $55M through Organizational Restructuring

Almost the entire senior management team including the Group VP, Asset Protection, is leaving the company.

In addition, the Company announced actions that will reduce managerial layers and consolidate roles across the organization, resulting in the elimination of approximately 400 full-time positions, or more than 20% of the corporate positions located at the Company's headquarters and across the field organization.

These cost savings will serve to offset an expected reduction in income associated with its diminishing obligations under the Transition Services Agreement with Walgreen Co., which related to the prior sale of stores. Rite Aid expects to incur a one-time restructuring charge of approximately $38 million to achieve the targeted cost savings.

"The Board believes that now is the right time to undertake a leadership transition." businesswire.com

EAS Webinar - Wednesday, March 20th - 9:00 am ET

This webinar, the fourth in the ECR and Checkpoint Learning Series, will draw on lessons from academic research to help guide the future direction of EAS in the context of the changing retail landscape. Themes including frictionless retailing, risk amplification, engaging the buyer, upstream tagging and the appointment of an EAS tsar will be explored in this fast paced webinar.


  • Colin Peacock - Group Strategy Coordinator - ECR Community Shrink & OSA Group

  • Sophie Heaton - EAS Leader, Shrinkage & Security Team, Tesco UK

To register, click here

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7 Crime Prevention Strategies Every Retailer Should Follow

Developing a store security strategy for a retail operation with multiple locations involves far more than taking the plan for one store and applying it to all the rest. Each location presents specific risks and opportunities, and managing retail loss prevention should reflect that.

To avoid wasting your security budget, you need to deploy your resources where they are actually needed, and not where your gut tells you they're needed. To do that, retail security best practices call for developing a scalable, sustainable, and holistic plan for all locations.

7 Essential Crime Prevention Strategies

Take these best practices into account as you develop your store security strategy:

1. Use an objective risk matrix for each of your locations to be sure you're allocating security resources where they are most needed. Security should not be one-size-fits-all; instead, resources should be tailored to risk.

2. Survey your locations routinely. Make sure that the designated security equipment, consistent with your risk level guidelines, is in good working order. Also, ascertain that all security-related policies and procedures are being adhered to at the location. Pay special attention to the stores in areas with elevated risk and/or heightened loss experience.

3. Track criminal events as they occur and document your company's response. Where remedial measures are necessary, design them to help prevent future crimes from occurring. Gathering this sort of information is invaluable in tracking patterns and developing appropriate countermeasures and evaluating their effectiveness.

4. Develop relationships with local law enforcement for each of your locations. These partnerships will help you better understand neighborhood issues that may affect you, positively or negatively. One effective strategy is to reach out to the local crime prevention officer on a quarterly basis to find out what's going on and to share your own challenges and successes. Relationships like these will benefit both sides.

Read the Full Article Here



IT Security & RFID in the Cannabis Industry

IT Security Isn't a Priority in Cannabis Industry
Validating Cyber Risks in the Cannabis Industry

With information gathered from assets in the underground (involved with the dark web) and conversations with federal authorities, investigations disclosed that, while there is no specific group actively targeting the cannabis industry, there are hackers focusing on three areas within the Seed to Sale lifecycle: research and extraction; growing; and consumption and retail operations.

Investigations revealed two incidents where intellectual property was stolen by a former employee due to partial or ineffective security practices that were in place. In addition to potential malicious insiders, external threat actors are expected to attack the research portion of the industry in order to steal intellectual property such as the strains being developed, marketing strategies and technology practices related to growing.

The loss or modification of proprietary information such as strain development and cultivation methodology could severely impact the production of future products, result in a tampered or inferior product or the overall loss of a competitive advantage within the industry. While an increased timeline for a future product or loss of IP to a competitor could result in a financial impact, the release of a tampered product could not only cause a financial impact but a reputational one as well.

Security is not at the forefront and therefore mobile payment applications, that were developed to reduce the originally heavily cash-based system, are a high target. Mobile applications that are not securely developed or have appropriate oversight, are at risk and provide an attack vector for malicious actors. Successfully breaching the application could be used to gain customer financial information leading to mistrust of the application author and discontinued usage which then has financial and potentially reputational impacts for dispensaries as well as the industry. cannaisbusinessexecutive.com

RFID Practical Application in the Marijuana Industry
White Paper Presented by Franwell

The purpose of this white paper is to define and develop a deeper understanding of the RFID technology, alleviate common misconceptions and explore the benefits and why it was chosen as a positive technology for the marijuana industry. cannabisbusinessexecutive.com

Cyber Breaches Lead to Cutbacks in Dividends and R&D Spending
In contrast, the CEO's total pay tends to increase in the years after a publicly disclosed cyber attack, finds a new study.

Not many institutional investors question an issuer's approach to cybersecurity, but maybe they should.

After a cyber breach, companies are likely to suffer only a short-term hit to their share prices, according to a new study. But in the long run, they typically pay lower dividends and invest less in research and development, amounting to a "loss of their competitive edge."

Those findings come from a new study by two professors of Warwick Business School.

Companies that have been victims of a cyber attack tend to reduce the resources dedicated to R&D, dividend payments, or "investments generally" in the subsequent five years, the paper found, as they seek to manage the financial risks caused by data breaches. This occurs even though operating performance generally recovers. In addition, the effect on share prices on average lasts only three days.

"In the long run security breaches appear to have a more significant impact on firms' strategies and policies than their cash flow," said Daniele Bianchi, assistant professor of finance at Warwick

"Firms that suffer a data breach do not typically respond by firing the management, but by investing more in the existing CEO," said Bianchi.

This is consistent with the idea that "the average response is to invest more in the management to address possible structural flaws, as well as [to maintain] the integrity of the firm in response to the reputational damage it has suffered."  cfo.com

Macy's to outsource IT unit
Macy's is shuttering a New York State-based tech support plant, with 57 employees slated for lay-offs in June, according to a WARN filing earlier this month. The employees (unlike many of the retailer's store associates) aren't represented by a union, according to the filing.

"Macy's has made changes to outsource many Field Services organization functions. We are working closely with our external vendor to encourage impacted Macy's colleagues to apply for the many new roles being created ... as a result of this transition."

Earlier this month, a management shakeup at the department store eliminated 100 executive jobs that the company said will save some $100 million beginning this year. retaildive.com



Nedap Retail Announces Partnership with Product Protection Solutions in the United States

Leading provider of retail security solutions will become Nedap's newest partner throughout the United States

Wakefield, Massachusetts - Nedap, the global leader in RFID retail solutions for the retail sector and Product Protection Solutions (PPS) have announced a strategic partnership. Product Protection Solutions, a leading provider of retail security solutions will become Nedap's newest partner throughout the United States.

"With the electronic article surveillance market climbing exponentially, this union marks the beginning of streamlined services, innovative solutions and unmatched customer satisfaction initiatives." said Christopher Cox, CEO of Product Protection Solutions. "We look forward to our partnership with the global leader in RFID."

Rob Schuurman, CEO at Nedap Retail, stated, "With extensive experience in the application of RF and RFID technologies throughout the loss prevention, electronic article surveillance, and supply chain arenas, the PPS team is a powerful ally to have."


Hanwha Techwin America

Video Surveillance Built on Trust

Jordan Rivchun, Leader, Retail Solutions & Strategy and
Miguel Lazatin, Director of Product & Channel Marketing


As a leading security manufacturer, Hanwha Techwin America offers video surveillance products including network cameras, storage devices and video management systems founded on world-class optical design, manufacturing and image processing technologies. Miguel Lazatin and Jordan Rivchun explain how Hanwha can help retailers secure people, property and data while delivering a superior ownership experience through continuous innovation, unparalleled service and the highest standards of integrity.

Quick Take 7 with FaceFirst

Peter Trepp, CEO, FaceFirst

with MCs Joe LaRocca
and Amber Bradley


Facial recognition has made huge strides in recent years, permeating through various aspects of society from unlocking the phone in your pocket to moving through TSA airport lines quicker. Peter Trepp, CEO of FaceFirst, tells us about the types of applications the technology has for retailers too - including the ability to not only identify the bad guys in your stores, but loyal customers as well.



Fraud Report Reveals Importance Of ID Verification In Delivering A Seamless And Secure Customer Experience
With the rise of e-Commerce and prevalence of mobile devices, shopping has reached a new level of ease for consumers. Expectations for fast and easy experiences are higher today than they were just a few years ago, and while the growth of these convenient channels equals higher sales, it also opens the door for fraud.

According to new data released in IDology's Sixth Annual Fraud Report, this is understood by businesses that express concern that fraud prevention steps have the potential to create customer friction. In fact, the IDology report found that striking a balance between fraud prevention and limiting friction in the customer experience is the number one fraud prevention challenge for businesses.

Among the key findings in this year's report:

Chronic Data Breaches Lead To Increased Fraud Threats: 58% of businesses experienced an overall increase in fraud. With the frequency and depth of data breaches in recent years, a large amount of personal information has become available on the dark web. This abundant access to usernames and passwords, social security numbers, addresses, phone numbers and account information has made it easier and cost-effective for criminals to commit fraud in customer-not-present environments, such as mobile and online. It's easy to see why 67% of companies reported that fraud increased online and 63% in mobile.

Mobile Fraud Is Booming: The majority of Americans own a mobile phone, so it isn't surprising that it's one of the fastest growing threats to businesses and consumers. In fact, the prevalence of mobile fraud increased 117% compared to last year. In addition, IDology's consumer digital identity study revealed that mobile malware is also a concern among 80% of consumers. retailtouchpoints.com

E-commerce study reveals disconnect between customer experience, supply chain teams

E-commerce is the 'future for a lot of markets,' Adidas CEO says

3 Online Retailers Growing Faster Than Amazon



Seattle, WA: Home Depot and Seattle Police team-up to Arrest 10 suspected in a series of thefts
Ten suspects were arrested in a recent series of operations along Aurora Avenue, the Seattle Police Department announced Friday. Police said they learned that shoplifters were committing misdemeanor and felony-level thefts at Home Depot and Lowes "on a nearly daily basis." "Plain clothes officers, working with store security, on Thursday arrested 10 different suspects, including one man who attempted to flee and was later arrested for theft, eluding, obstruction, and DUI."  spdblotter.seattle.gov

Doylestown, PA: Law Enforcement works with Precious Metals Buyer to solve $38,000 Kmart jewelry burglary
When a young woman stopped by Doylestown Gold Exchange in January with more than 40 pieces of jewelry she said came from a relative with an addictive habit of home-shopping, employees did not see any glaring red flags attached to the story. As always, the business followed state law by photocopying the woman's driver's license and logging the purchase to be included in a routine email to area police departments detailing daily precious metal transactions. The items, according to Plumstead Police, turned out to be among those stolen from K-Mart and marked by the nationwide chain with a total retail price tag of more than $38,000. The woman allegedly used bolt cutters to break into three jewelry boxes inside the store.  sfchronicle.com

Thefts increase at North Fort Myers Home Depot
The Home Depot said its working at state and local levels to try and make the punishment for retail theft at stores in Southwest Florida and at other stores across the country more extreme. Twelve thefts have been reported at a Home Depot at Merchants Crossing shopping center in North Fort Myers just this year. Store officials told WINK News it's all part of a bigger theft ring nationwide, where criminals steal from Home Depot and other stores and then sell the merchandise through third-party vendors such as Facebook Marketplace or pawn shops. Home Depot has an investigative unit designated to organized retail crime that is addressing this issue. But the numbers from Lee County Sheriff's Office are still surprising. In 2018, there were 24 cases of theft from The Home Depot in Merchants Crossing. But four of those were grand theft, which means a value over $300 was stolen. Since the new year, there have already been the dozen cases reported.  winknews.com

Philadelphia, PA: Woman wanted in alleged 9 state shoplifting ring targeting Nordstrom

North Olmstead, OH: 2 Dillard's Shoplifter flee with $7,200 of Men's Suits and Sport Coats

Wilkesboro, NC: Walmart Supercenter reports theft of 22 Apples Watches valued at $8,655

Menomonee Falls, WI: Police searching for suspects in theft from JOANN Fabrics

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Shootings & Deaths

Little Rock, AR: US Service member killed in C-Store robbery turned deadly
It happened just before midnight Friday. Police say the suspects, covered in black and with firearms, walked into the Valero Big Red gas station. During the robbery, shots were fired, ultimately killing the customer. The customer has been identied as U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Shawn Mckeough Jr. served as an aerial delivery operations specialist for the 19th Logistics Readiness Squadron.  kark.com

Methuen, MA: Suspect in custody, victim identified after fatal Hookah shop shooting

Newark, NJ: Man shot and killed inside Chinese Restaurant, at least 6 shots fired

Jacksonville, FL: One person killed outside C-Store in Armed Robbery

Grand Terrace, CA: Owner of Cal-Skate roller rink found fatally shot inside business, victim of Armed Robbery

Kansas City, MO: Man shot and killed in his car in the outside Happy Foods

Glen Carbon, IL: Armed Car-Jacking outside Sam's Club led to Police Chase; Suspect shot and killed in gun battle with State Police

Dallas, TX: Man shot in buttocks during shootout outside strip mall

Houston, TX: Armored delivery driver robbed, shots fired at Check Cashing store

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

The Burglary That Inspired the Movie 'King of Thieves' Out Now
One of the Biggest Burglaries in English Legal History - $24M U.S.
Ringleader of London's $24M Hatton Garden Jewel Heist Gang jailed for 10 years

A judge on Friday (March 15) jailed for 10 years the ringleader of the heist gang behind one of the biggest burglaries in English legal history - after his unusual limp helped convict him.

Michael Seed, 58, known as "Basil" to the rest of the ageing six-man crime crew, was found guilty earlier on Friday of being the ringleader of the 2015 Hatton Garden jewellery raid in the capital's diamond district.

It netted £13.7 million (US $24 million) of gold, jewelry and precious stones.

The alarm specialist had evaded capture for three years following the daring burglary, in which the gang used a diamond-tipped industrial drill to bore through a concrete vault wall over a long holiday weekend.

Seed was eventually arrested at his flat in north London in March last year. Police found 933 items of jewellery stolen in the raid, including gold ingots he was breaking up on a workbench in his bedroom.

Alongside a smelting machine, police also found burglar alarm technical manuals and signal blockers for alarms.

Our prosecution was able to use all of the evidence to prove he was not only involved but was one of the ringleaders," said Kate Mulholland, of England's state prosecution service.

Wearing high visibility jackets, the Hatton Garden gang ransacked 73 safety deposit boxes in April 2015 in the heart of London's jewellery district.

The Crown Prosecution Service said the heist "is believed to be one of the largest burglaries in English legal history".

The audacious raid has since inspired several movies, including last year's King Of Thieves, starring Michael Caine.

Prior to Seed, nine people had been convicted and imprisoned for crimes related to the heist, receiving sentences ranging from 18 months to seven years. straitstimes.com

Los Angeles: Arson Suspect Nabbed Days After Police Say He Prompted Partial Evacuation Of Century City Mall
A 25-year-old man has been arrested days after police say he spurred the partial evacuation of the Westfield Century City mall last week. Police identified the suspect as Nicholas K. Oates of Missouri. Oates was taken into custody while at the Venice boardwalk around 8 p.m. Saturday.

He stands accused of entering the mall armed with a handgun around 12:30 p.m. Friday. It was around that time that police say he started to set books from the shelves on fire. When a store employee approached in an attempt to stop him, police say that's when the suspect pulled out a handgun and pointed it at the employee causing the employee to evacuate everyone from the store.

Around 3 a.m. Saturday, security personnel at the mall located a possible vehicle they suspected had been driven by Oates. Oates was subsequently arrested on suspicion of arson and assault with a deadly weapon charges. It remains unclear whether he has been booked on the basis of these charges.  cbslocal.com

Livonia, MI: Assault inside Burger King goes viral
Livonia Police have arrested Porsha Tyler on multiple misdemeanor charges stemming from an incident that occurred on January 27, 2019 at Burger King. An employee informed police Tyler; entered the Burger King demanding a refund for a burger she had bought the night before. Tyler was upset that the burger was not served minus tomato as she had ordered. The employee was not injured during the assault. Tyler was arrested by Livonia Police without incident on a four count misdemeanor warrant on March 11, 2019.  fox4news.com

Fayetteville, AR: Man impersonates Police Detective, electric worker to Rob the Buckle in Northwest Arkansas Mall

Maywood, CA: Surveillance video captures man stabbing doughnut shop customer

Philadelphia crime drops for fourth month; theft continues to trend down

Anchorage, AK: Retailers take new measures to discourage shoplifters

Washington, DC: Dept of Human Services Employee Pleads Guilty to Taking Bribes, Sex in Exchange for $1.4M in Food Stamps and Benefits

Czech Republic: Study: Staff steal more from Czech Retailers than Shoplifters

Kay Jewelers in the Blakenee, Charlotte, NC reported an Armed Robbery on 3/15, items totaled $38,000

Kay Jewelers in the Rivergate, Charlotte, NC reported a Grab & Run on 3/15, item valued at $3,699

Kay Jewelers in the Monroe Outlets, Monroe, OH reported a Grab & Run on 3/15, item valued at $9,999

Kay Jewelers in the Eastland Center, Harper Woods, MI reported a Grab & Run on 3/15, item valued at $4,499

Kay Jewelers in the Mills at Jersey Garden Mall, Elizabeth, NJ reported a Grab & Run on 3/16, item valued at $15,400

Kay Jewelers in the Crossroads Mall, Prosperity, WV reported a Grab & Run on 3/16, item valued at $4,999

Piercing Pagoda in The Lakes Mall, Muskegon, MI reported a Burglary on 3/13, items valued at $9,688

Piercing Pagoda in the Paradise Valley Mall, Phoenix, AZ reported a Grab & Run on 3/15, item valued at $599

Zales in the Menlo Park Mall, Edison, NJ reported a Grab & Run on 3/15, item valued at $6,699


Sacramento, CA: West Coast credit card skimming ring busted, 4 arrested
A large credit card skimming operation was busted in Sacramento, the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department said Friday. Deputies said the men involved targeted victims up and down the West Coast. "We believe that they'd been active since at least 2018, from Seattle potentially down to Arizona," Sgt. Shaun Hampton said. Vlad Chitas, Laurentiu Andrecia, Sandor Csaba and Lucian Lazar were arrested on Thursday. Investigators believe the men had been running an ATM skimming operation since December.  sfgate.com


AutoZone - Las Vegas, NV - Robbery
Bakery - Harrisburg, PA - Burglary
Bike Shop - Medina Township, OH - Burglary
C-Store - Little Rock, AR - Armed Robbery/ customer killed
C-Store - Holland, MI - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Huntsville, AL - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Philadelphia, PA - Robbery
C-Store - Baltimore County, MD - Armed Robbery
CVS - Birmingham, AL - Robbery
Check Cashing - Houston, TX - Armed Robbery
Gaming - Carson City, NV - Burglary
Gaming - Raleigh, NC - Armed Robbery
Jewelry - Charlotte, NC - Armed Robbery
Jewelry - Muskegon, MI -Burglary
Metro PCS - New Orleans, LA - Robbery
Restaurant - Dayton, OH - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Toledo, OH - Robbery (Delivery)
Restaurant - New Orleans, LA - Robbery (Delivery)
Skate Rink - Grand Terrace, Ca - Armed Robbery/ Owner killed
7-Eleven - Gloucester, VA - Robbery
7-Eleven - Chesapeake, VA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
17 robberies
4 burglary
2 shootings
2 killed



Matthew Walsh promoted to Global Investigator III for Walmart
Debbie Ho named Field Investigator for JCPenney

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