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CNP Expo 2019
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The D&D Daily 'Live at NRF Protect'
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Trisa Gildard promoted to Senior Regional LP Director for Ross Stores
Previously, Trisa was a Regional LP Director for the retailer since 2013. Prior, she held loss prevention/investigations roles for Sears Holdings Corporation (Regional LP Manager and Regional LP Director), Target (Regional Investigations Team Leader, Group AP Team Leader, District AP Team Leader and Investigations Group Team Leader). Congratulations Trisa!

See All the Executives 'Moving Up' Here   |   Submit Your New Corporate Hires/Promotions or New Position


ADT Unveils New ADT Commercial Brand
Combines Multiple Strategic Acquisitions;
Delivers Broad Portfolio of Innovative Solutions for Enterprise Customers

ADT (NYSE: ADT), a leading provider of monitored security and interactive home and business automation solutions in the United States and Canada, today unveiled its new ADT Commercial brand and positioning video, as part of its multi-year expansion plans.

Since the merger with Protection 1, ADT has built upon its commercial capabilities and customer focused approach combining more than ten strategic acquisitions, bringing decades of experience to commercial and national account customers. ADT's announcement is part of its participation in ISC West, North America's largest security industry trade show with more than 30,000 industry professionals and 1,000 exhibitors. Read more here

Sensormatic Solutions Enriches Google Cloud Partnership with TrueVUE Inventory Intelligence to Help Retailers Deliver Unified Commerce
New partnership to be showcased at Google Cloud Next '19;
Provides retailers with real-time, actionable insights and predictive analytics for unique shopper experiences

Johnson Controls is announcing the next evolution of a partnership between its Sensormatic Solutions retail group and Google Cloud. This move further strengthens Sensormatic's retail market leadership in real-time analytics, store execution and performance solutions. Sensormatic Solutions' TrueVUE Inventory Intelligence is built on Google Cloud Platform to provide a future-proof infrastructure with global scale, security and high performance.

Sensormatic will leverage Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to support its growth strategies by integrating retail software solutions onto a centralized platform that provides retailers with real-time, actionable insights and predictive analytics to drive operational excellence and help create unique shopper experience

"Sensormatic will continuously innovate using Google Cloud's artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions, while fueling many other innovations that will truly help shape the future of retail," said Bjoern Petersen, president, Sensormatic Solutions. "Innovation is in our DNA at Sensormatic, and we will continue to seek new ways to help retailers succeed."

Sensormatic at Next '19
At Next '19, Sensormatic will discuss the brand's TrueVUE Inventory Intelligence SaaS solution. busnesswire.com

Johnson Controls leverages cloud, artificial intelligence as part of strategic alignment for access control and video solutions units
Newly combined business unit to focus on providing business efficiencies,
security intelligence for customers

Johnson Controls announced that it has combined its Tyco Access Control and Video Solutions businesses into a single operational unit to more closely align the two disciplines and optimize future technology developments for cyber resiliency, business efficiency and intelligence.

The combination of the two units will enable strategic organizational focus on four key technology pillars: cybersecurity, cloud solutions, unification and automation, areas identified as critical for an organization's security and business operations. The global realignment of teams in engineering, product management and customer support will provide Tyco Access Control and Video Solutions with a more holistic picture of how best to address customers' new security and operational challenges while optimizing and expanding on these core pillars throughout the Tyco portfolio. tycosecurityproducts.com

Appriss to Receive Investment from Clearlake Capital
to Continue Rapid Growth and Expansion

Appriss Holdings, Inc. ("Appriss" or the "Company") today announced that leading private equity firm Clearlake Capital Group, L.P. (together with its affiliates, "Clearlake") will make a significant new equity investment in the Company to further support Appriss's rapid growth and expansion into new markets. With the investment, Clearlake will become an equal partner in Appriss alongside management and Insight Partners, which invested in Appriss in 2014. Read more in today's Press Release column below.

The Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) Announces New Board Members
The Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) announced the selection of its newest board members to assist in governing and providing strategic direction for the Foundation at its recent board meeting.

Elected to the Board of Directors was:


For a complete list of the Loss Prevention Foundation Board Members visit our site: LPF Board of Directors

ISC West 2019

ISC West 2019
The Best New Product Winner is

IPVideo Corporation was recognized with the Best New Product award for its HALO IOT Smart Sensor solution yesterday in the 2019 SIA New Product Showcase (NPS). Initially intended to combat school vaping, bullying and active shooter threats, HALO IOT Smart Sensor has expanded across verticals. sdmmag.com

ISC West 2019 Keynote - Acting Under Secretary DHS
How DHS and Industry Partnerships Drive Security Innovation

"We do not hold the keys to all of the solutions to keep our country safe and secure - you do. There is always an opportunity for you to work with the U.S. government," said William N. Bryan, Acting Under Secretary for Science and Technology for the DHS Security Science and Technology Directorate (S&T).

In a keynote presentation yesterday morning, Bryan stressed how S&T wants to work with the security industry, across the globe, to accelerate R&D and deliver solutions that enable communities to adapt and respond to the speed of innovation and complex threat cycles.

"We can't do it alone," Bryan said. "We want your ideas, and we will cherish them. Homeland security is a team sport, collaboration is critical and the diversity of perspectives is essential to our success." sdmmag.com

Retail Fatalities & Violence Epidemic Continues Across Retail America

488 Fatalities in 2018 - Up 30% Since 2016
Organized Retail Crime Cases Up 34% Since 2014
Texas, California, Florida Among Top States in Retail Crime & Violence

The D&D Daily - the #1 daily digital news source for the retail industry focused on retail trends, Loss Prevention, Asset Protection and IT Security - recently released its 2018 industry-exclusive reports on retail fatalities, violence and organized retail crime impacting the U.S. retail industry, based on publicly reported data.

Among the most alarming findings were 488 violent deaths that took place in Retail America in 2018, reflecting a 15% increase over 2017 and a 30% increase from 2016's 374 violent deaths. 65% of last year's retail deaths were homicides (arguments, murder/suicides, workplace violence, fire) with the other 35% occurring in the act of a retail crime (robberies, burglaries, shoplifting, carjacking).

"With the increased violence in stores being reported across the country by law enforcement, it comes as no surprise that the opioid epidemic is having a major impact on America's retail stores - with Retail America becoming the 'silent victim' as this tragedy plays out," says Gus Downing, publisher and executive editor of the D&D Daily.

"Couple that with the rising felony thresholds, the decriminalization trends, the tens of thousands of early releases, and law enforcement's budget restraints and you have the perfect storm for increasing violent criminal activity in retail stores." prweb.com

Sally's Beauty head of LP uses the power of GPS tech
to catch members of 11 ORC rings

ORC impacts retailers of all sizes. As these crime rings become more brazen and aggressive in their efforts, many retailers have responded with forward-thinking strategies that are putting these groups behind bars. This was the case with Jim Mires, the VP of Loss Prevention & Safety for Sally's Beauty Holdings. When Jim joined the team, Sally's had been hit hard by a serial burglary ring in the Toronto area.

"The cost of burglary is big. There's the loss of revenue, the cost of property damage and the impairment to the company's reputation. I wanted to do more than just stop these criminals. I wanted to catch them and pursue them civilly for damages. So, when Sally's began to experience a surge in burglaries I told the members of Senior leadership... we can impact this."

Jim, a 30-year industry veteran, first became familiar with 3SI and GPS tracking at a conference. "Their sales rep wasn't pushy, and he didn't try to sell me anything. He just listened and genuinely wanted to help. We deployed several Trackers with my previous employer that year with great success. So, I knew that it would work."

Fast forward a year later and Sally's now has over 200 trackers deployed across stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. Sally's Beauty, with the help of GPS tracking, has helped to identify 11 crime rings and facilitate multiple arrests. 3sisecurity.com

Dallas, TX: Police Chief explains hour-long response to Clothing store Armed Robbery
Police Response Continues to Plague Retail - Even for Armed Robberies

Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall says it was a perfect storm that left robbery victims waiting more than an hour for help over the weekend. The DTLR Shoe and Clothing Store in West Dallas was held up at gunpoint Sunday afternoon with scared customers and employees inside who waited and waited and finally gave up on police showing up. The chief says the streets were covered, but that call for help came amidst a handful of calls that were all needing an immediate police response. But the clothing store didn't get it. fox4news.com

Lawsuit Alleges Raley's, Food Source Managers Made Loss Prevention Officers Racially Profile Customers
A recently filed lawsuit claims parent company Raley's, Food Source and Camden Security Services ordered loss prevention security officers to follow African American customers. The suit also claims some of those officers were put in dangerous situations without backup, as well as punished and sometimes fired when they complained.

Candace Alston has been working as a loss prevention security officer for two years, most recently with Camden Security Services. But it's when she started working at various different Raley's and Food Source stores around Sacramento that Camden contracts with that she says she started to hear racist statements from the store managers.

"One manager told me when I first starting to work in his store, 'Oh, we really have a problem with (expletive) over here. So, just watch them, just watch them,'" Alston told FOX40. She says those same managers would then tell Alston and other loss prevention officers to follow customers of a specific race. "They would want us to watch black people specifically," she said.

"Raley's managers tell them to racially profile the customers," said Alston's attorney, Bryan McCormack. "So, if a black person comes in they're told to follow them." McCormack said he now represents three former Camden loss prevention officers in a lawsuit seeking emotional distress and punitive damages, as well as money for lost wages.

All three of his clients were eventually fired after he says they complained about what Raley's managers were having them do. Camden Security Services declined to comment on the lawsuit.

A spokesperson for Raley's released the following statement to FOX40 saying:

"Raley's contracts with Camden Security Services for security services at our stores. The individuals suing are not current or former Raley's employees. It's our policy to not discuss specifics of pending lawsuits." fox40.com

Safety Sensitive Workers Testing Positive Up 51% After Accidents
Drug Tests Show Marijuana Use at 14-Year High Among Workers
2%+ Of US Employees Testing Positive
"Marijuana use is on the rise in society"

The number of workers and job applicants who tested positive for marijuana climbed 10% last year to 2.3%, according to an analysis of 10 million urine, saliva and hair samples by Quest Diagnostics Inc. 4.4% tested for pot, prescription painkillers and other drugs, the highest since 2004.

Since then, the number of drug tests showing signs of cocaine, heroin, prescription sleep aids and certain opiates like morphine has fallen sharply. But the tests indicate marijuana use has steadily risen for the general U.S. workforce, including among employees in safety-sensitive jobs such as airplane pilots, nuclear power-plant operators and train conductors.

Members of Congress have introduced a number of bills to better define the rights of medical marijuana users in recent months, and some states like Maine have enacted laws specifically barring employers from discriminating against residents who use cannabis products.

As more states legalize marijuana, some employers have stopped screening for its use among job candidates, Dr. Sample said. That makes this year's uptick in marijuana results worrying, he said, because a greater share of those drug tests were issued following workplace accidents or personnel issues.

For safety-sensitive workers in 2018, 4.7% of samples sent to Quest after an accident came back positive for potentially illicit drugs, up from 3.1% the year before (Up 51%). "The increases we're seeing in post-accident positive drug tests is very concerning," said Dr. Sample. wsj.com

New Legislation Aims for More Stringent Anti-Harassment Protections
Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., introduced the Bringing an End to Harassment by Enhancing Accountability and Rejecting Discrimination (Be HEARD) in the Workplace Act in the Senate on Tuesday.

A companion bill is being introduced in the House, led by Rep. Katherine Clark, D-Mass., vice chair of the House Democratic Caucus, and Reps. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass.; Elissa Slotkin, D-Mich.; and Debbie
Mucarsel-Powell, D-Fla.

Murray's bill is aimed at:

● Investing in research about the economic impact of workplace harassment, and ensuring workers get more information and training about what constitutes harassment and what their rights are if they are harassed.
● Ending both mandatory arbitration for sexual-harassment lawsuits and pre-employment nondisclosure agreements.
● Strengthening civil rights protections for all workers, including independent contractors and interns.
● Providing protection against discrimination based on a person's sexual orientation or gender identity.
● Extending the statute of limitations for harassment lawsuits.
● Providing grants to support legal assistance for workers with low incomes who bring sexual-harassment lawsuits.
● Lifting the cap on damages when workers win sexual-harassment lawsuits.
● Eliminating the tipped minimum wage. Murray and others say tipped workers are especially vulnerable to sexual harassment and discrimination by clients and supervisors.

The legislation seeks to capture, on a federal level, the broader workplace protections that many states and cities have advanced.

Murray's bill "would provide employees with a greater awareness of their rights and a better road map for enforcing those rights and pursuing available remedies." shrm.org

Standard for EU biometric ID cards one step from approval after passing European Parliament
The European Parliament has voted to introduce minimum common security standards for identity cards and residence documents throughout the EU, in order to make it more difficult for terrorists and other criminals to enter the region. ID cards will include security features aligned with passports, such as a contactless chip and the holder's photograph and fingerprints for biometric identity verification. biometricupdate.com

Ollie's Has 318 Stores - Shooting for 950

Quarterly Results
Bed Bath & Beyond Q4 comp's down 1.4%, net sales down 11% (1 less week),
full yr comp's down 1.1%, net sales down 2.6%

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2019 40 Under 40: Rich Agostino, Senior Vice President & CISO, Target Corp
Agostino was part of the launch of Target's Cyber Fusion Center, where teams of security experts work to identify and contain breaches. In 2017, he was promoted to senior vice president and chief information security officer.

He joined Target in 2014 as VP - Information Security. Prior to joining Target, Agostino was with General Electric for 12 years where he held various roles including leading the IT audit function of GE's internal audit staff, leading the global IT compliance teams in the IT risk and security organization, and driving enterprise security initiatives across the company. Agostino earned his bachelor's in Management Information Systems from the University of Connecticut and is a Certified Information Systems Auditor.

Each year, Business Journal editors select 40 leaders under the age of 40 who have demonstrated outstanding professional achievement while also finding time to give back to their communities. This year, there were nearly 500 nominations. MSPBJ's 40 Under 40 honorees were recognized at a high-profile awards event March 21. bizjournals.com

Three Reasons Cybercriminals Continue to Succeed in Breaching
Some of the Biggest Brands

From social media, hospitality, healthcare and even mail delivery, 2018 proved that there is no escaping cybersecurity flaws, regardless of the type of business or its popularity.

Not only do these kinds of breaches cause reputational havoc, but with new regulations such as the GDPR taking hold, fines are also a big fear factor for business leaders. According to reports, Facebook's potential fine for its part in the Cambridge Analytica scandal could reach $1.63 billion- a harsh reality for a global giant like Facebook to face and pay up. Even for small businesses, the idea of paying up to four percent of their annual turnover as a fine isn't a fun one.

With the average data breach costing enterprises $1.23 million and fines in the billions now at stake, security professionals, like chief information security officers (CISOs) and business leaders need to band together to align their strategies and budgets with the protection needed to stand up to today's evolving cyberthreats.

Cybersecurity breaches are unavoidable - protection is a must

Business budgets for security need to be prioritized

Business leaders are not asking crucial cybersecurity questions

25% of Phishing Emails Sneak into Office 365: Report
Researchers analyzed 55.5 million emails and found one out of every 99 messages contains a phishing attack.

One in every 99 emails is a phishing attack, and a new study shows 25% of those phishing attacks bypass default security measures built into Office 365, researchers reported today.

Cloud-based email has rung in a new era of phishing, explains Yoav Nathaniel, Avanan lead security analyst and report author. "The connected nature of cloud email allows an attacker to get access to a bigger bounty from a single successful phishing attack since the credentials give them access to other connected accounts such as cloud file sharing or cloud HR," he says.

Of 55.5 million total emails analyzed, 561,947 were phishing attacks. Researchers broke the malicious messages into four categories: over half (50.7%) had malware, 40.9% were harvesting credentials, 8% were extortion emails, and 0.4% were spearphishing attempts.

Bypassing Filters

How do some emails sneak through? Nathaniel says part of the reason is obfuscation, which rely on emails being displayed to end-users differently than how they appear to the machine-based security layer. Obfuscation comes in different ways: rare but legitimate email formats, which aren't properly analyzed by security but are delivered to inboxes; malformed emails and attachments that parse HTML to confuse the security layer but appear safe to the email client; and hidden characters in the email body, which are intended to trick the security filer. darkreading.com

Cyber Security Trends To Watch For in 2019
As breaches get harder to detect, the stakes for protecting one's organization from cyber threats will get higher this year. Following are some of the trends that will influence the cybersecurity landscape in 2019.

Effective Solution for Hybrid Cloud Security will be Priority

Businesses & Cyber-Criminals will Both Leverage AI, ML

Automation will bring in efficiency in attack analysis & response

IoT Attacks will Increase

Increased Attacks on Small Businesses & Individuals

Data Privacy Laws Go Big


Appriss to Receive Investment from Clearlake Capital to Continue Rapid Growth and Expansion

Clearlake to Become Equal Partners with Insight Partners and Management;

New Capital Will Accelerate the Data & Analytics Platform's Growth

Louisville, KY, New York, NY and Santa Monica, CA
- Appriss Holdings, Inc. ("Appriss" or the "Company") today announced that leading private equity firm Clearlake Capital Group, L.P. (together with its affiliates, "Clearlake") will make a significant new equity investment in the Company to further support Appriss's rapid growth and expansion into new markets. With the investment, Clearlake will become an equal partner in Appriss alongside management and Insight Partners, which invested in Appriss in 2014.

"Appriss is excited to welcome Clearlake, another premier investor, as we continue our mission to leverage data and analytics to solve some of the world's hardest problems surrounding crime, fraud and addiction. Clearlake and Insight Partners' strong partnership will enable us to continue delivering differentiated solutions to the market," stated Michael Davis, CEO of Appriss. "Appriss has always counted on its deep and trusted relationship with customers to identify ways in which technology and analytics can tackle problems. With these leading investment firms, we expect to increase the rate at which we invest in our solutions, both in our current markets and in new opportunities."

Since its founding in 1993, Appriss has focused on leveraging unique data and analytics to tackle issues related to crime, fraud and addiction. With thousands of customers spanning federal, state and local governments, health systems and retailers, Appriss supports users in over 40 countries.

Deven Parekh, Managing Director at Insight Partners, stated, "Since our investment five years ago, Appriss has significantly expanded its breadth of data services and analytics and rapidly grown its addressable market. Under Insight's guidance, Michael and his team have been able to execute on an organic and inorganic growth strategy that has delivered accelerated growth as Appriss continues to solve difficult problems for a greater number of customers than ever before. We look forward to having Clearlake join us to continue supporting Appriss's "knowledge for good" platform."

Read more here.




Driving AP/LP Results with Science:
2019 LPRC Focus Update

Dr. Read Hayes
Research Scientist, UF; Director, LPRC

Mike Giblin
Senior Research Scientist, LPRC

Jordan Burchell
Project Coordinator, LPRC


LP/AP teams support their company's success by enabling and protecting the total enterprise. The Loss Prevention Research Council was founded by leading retail LP leaders in 2000 to enhance their impact on this mission by working together with researchers to reduce theft, fraud, and violence.

Today, with record membership of 160 corporations, 80 ongoing projects, the annual IMPACT conference, a new app and other upcoming initiatives, learn about the new ways the LPRC is bringing together retailers, scientists, solution partners and law enforcement.

Episode Sponsored By:

Amber & Joe Talk NRF PROTECT Past & Present

Quick Take 16

with MCs Joe LaRocca
and Amber Bradley


Learn how Frank Abagnale of "Catch Me If You Can" fame helped Joe get a handle on identity theft from a speech he gave at a past NRF LP Conference, now NRF PROTECT, and what excites him and Amber about this year's conference in Anaheim (hint: it's Disneyland).




Card-not-present fraud decreases in 2018,
but online account takeover fraud increases

The number of U.S. consumers who were victims of total fraud fell last year, according to Javelin Strategy & Research's 2019 Identity Fraud Study released in March. The study surveyed 5,000 U.S. adults representative of the U.S. census demographics distribution.

In 2018, 14.4 million consumers were the victim of fraud, a decrease from 16.7 million in 2017, and 15.44 million in 2016. 14.4 million U.S. consumers is 5.66% of the U.S. population, Javelin estimates. The firm says the cost of fraud in 2018 totaled $14.7 billion, down from $16.8 billion last year.

Online merchants are also adapting to criminal techniques and are better at identifying suspicious shopper activity, says Kyle Marchini, senior analyst, fraud management at Javelin. For example, a common tactic merchants have used in the past is to look for risky attributes of the transaction, such as the billing and shipping addresses not matching. Recently, merchants have gone beyond this to look at more factors to determine if a transaction is fraudulent, such as the risk associated with the email address, phone number and a consumer's shopping behavior, Marchini says.

In fact, existing card fraud, or fraud using a consumer's credit card number decreased to 4.40% of the U.S. population in 2018, down from 5.47% in 2017. Card-not-present fraud, which is fraud made via online transactions, telephone or mail, also decreased. About 88% of card-not-present fraud victims said online transactions were the fraud source, according to the study. Last year, 82% of card-not-present fraud victims said online transactions were the source.

Despite the decrease in existing card fraud, other forms of fraud, such as account takeover and new account fraud, remain at high levels. digitalcommerce360.com

Hard fact: Fraudulent resellers corner 40-45% of online sale of smartphones
Smartphones form the bulk of sales for e-commerce companies such as Amazon and Flipkart. But here is a twist in the tale. Most of these smartphones are not being purchased by end users and instead are finding the place on shelves of shops across the country. A bulk of these sales are from fraudulent resellers and not actual smartphone users, according to market research firm techARC.

"Around 40-45 per cent of online smartphone sales are fraudulent transactions initiated by resellers." The research is based on interviewing retailers, distributors, logistics companies and others in the value chain.

These resellers often manipulate loopholes in e-commerce websites to order popular smartphones in bulk. These devices are then sold in brick-and-mortar stores, where the resellers "(take) advantage of the brand pull as well as unavailability of specific models online after the flash sales are over," techARC noted.

With this volume of reseller fraud prevalent, the pure online sales contribution declines to 21-24 per cent of the total smartphone sales. The reseller fraud is hurting the entire online e-commerce value chain of Smartphones. entrackr.com

Report: Amazon directly challenges FedEx, UPS
According to a recent report from TJI Research, a new service known as "Amazon Shipping" is bypassing Amazon fulfillment centers entirely. Select Amazon sellers with warehouses in the Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York/New Jersey metro areas can directly print Amazon shipping labels from their dashboards. Amazon then picks up packages every weekday and delivers them to domestic consumers seven days a week. chainstoreage.com

Used-car retailer CarMax will offer more customers the ability to buy online

How Shopping Bots Helped Create a Fashion E-Commerce War

Mastercard to buy fraud fighter Ethoca to cut cost of digital commerce crime


12th Brazilian Man - Gets 8 yrs for $7M Nationwide Credit & Debit Card
Fraud Scheme

The twelfth defendant to plead guilty in a large international counterfeit credit and debit card fraud scheme was sentenced Tuesday to eight years and two months in federal prison for his involvement in the multimillion dollar conspiracy. In addition to incarceration, he was ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $2,288,180, and a criminal forfeiture money judgment of in the amount of $5 million was imposed.

Skimming ATM's with stole info they obtained through malware and POS intursions the gang set-up credit card factory's in hotel rooms and residences. Rodrigues and his co-conspirators used the counterfeit credit and debit cards to obtain cash withdrawals from ATMs and GCA machines located in Nevada and elsewhere and also to purchase high-end merchandise including luxury watches, jewelry, and clothing at hotel-casinos and businesses in Las Vegas, Nevada and other cities throughout the United States, including: Del Mar, California; Detroit, Michigan; New Orleans, Louisiana; Nassau County, New York; Biloxi, Mississippi; and Atlantic City, New Jersey. The group laundered the fraud proceeds and resold on the black market or online marketplaces. justice.gov

Two Romanians Convicted Infecting Computers to Steal and Sell Credit Card Info
& Engage in Online Fraud

A federal jury today convicted two Romanian nationals of 21 counts related to their scheme to infect victim computers with malware in order to steal credit card and other information to sell on dark market websites, mine cryptocurrency and engage in online auction fraud.

"The evidence at presented at trial set out an international criminal enterprise with victims around the world, including people here in Northern Ohio," Justin Herdman said. "While they stole millions of dollars, what they thought was a veil of anonymity was no protection against law enforcement, who worked diligently to track them down and bring them to justice in an American courthouse."

The defendants infected and controlled more than 400,000 individual computers, primarily in the United States.

Their various fraudulent activities resulted in a loss of millions of dollars.

The Bayrob group laundered this money by hiring "money transfer agents" and created fictitious companies with fraudulent websites designed to give the impression they were actual businesses engaged in legitimate financial transactions. Money stolen from victims was wired to these fraudulent companies and then in turn wired to Western Union or Money Gram offices in Romania.  European "money mules" used fake identity documents to collect the money and deliver it to the defendants. justice.gov

Two Men Charged in $1.5 Million Nationwide Apple Gift Card Scheme
New York men, Syed Ali, 29, and his co-conspirator, Jason Tout-Puissant, 27, were both charged in Dallas Federal Court, with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and wire fraud in December.

The FBI worked to identify and end the scheme carried out by the defendants," said Michael Schneider, Acting Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Dallas Division. "Our private sector partnerships allow us to effectively target cyber criminals who attempt to steal property or sensitive information."

According to the indictment, Mr. Tout-Puissant allegedly obtained an Apple point-of-sale device called an "Isaac" and used it to load thousands of dollars of fraudulent store credits onto gift cards over the course of about 16 months.

He then sent the gift cards digitally to Mr. Ali, who allegedly used them to purchase computers and other Apple products from the company's brick-and-mortar retail stores across the country.

Mr. Ali was arrested in New York in March, and subsequently removed to the Northern District of Texas. justice.gov

Memphis, TN: Woman accused of stealing $40k worth of hard drives from Flex
A company representative told officers one of their technicians, Sharon Edwards, 45, had been under investigation for several months after they realized she was ordering more parts than she was using. The company then discovered that one of Edwards' relatives was selling the exact same model of computer hard drives that Edwards had reportedly ordered while working with Flex. While being questioned by the company and officers, Edwards reportedly confessed to stealing approximately 125 hard drives, ranging in value from $314 to $321 each. In all, the merchandise was worth a reported $39,788. wreg.com

Palo Alto, CA: Thieves shatter glass door of Apple store, steal $12K in laptops
Two men shattered the front door of the downtown Palo Alto Apple store early Wednesday morning and stole nearly $12,000 in laptops, according to Palo Alto Police. Officers responded to a call reporting vandalism at the store, located at 340 University Ave., at about 1:50 a.m. They quickly realized the burglars had smashed the glass door and removed it from its hinges, Sgt. Craig Lee said. The thieves snatched nine laptops from display tables, with two ending up on the sidewalk. The remaining seven laptops are valued at $11,893, he said. paloaltoonline.com

Queens, NY: Trio Suspected Of Stealing Cellphones From 10 Stores
Police say three men on a robbery spree have stolen cellphones from nearly a dozen stores in Queens. The suspects targeted 10 stores between December 15 and March 5, according to authorities. Surveillance video from one robbery shows the men standing over a display case, pausing to look around, pulling out tools and then cutting the cellphones from their security devices. The suspects allegedly hit all the major carriers, including T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T and one Verizon store. It's unclear how many phones they got away with. cbslocal.com

St. Augustine, FL: 3 Women accused of robbing same liquor stores multiple times
A plot to steal thousands of dollars of liquor from stores in St. Augustine by sticking bottles in bags and walking out the door turned out to be too good to be true. Tracy Valerie Sullivan, Stacy Venessa Sullivan and Montavia Derrisha Sullivan are accused of going into a Publix and a Walmart multiple times over three straight days, and stealing a variety of liquor bottles without paying, according to their St. Johns County Sheriff's Office arrest reports. They were also caught trying to do the same thing at a Walgreens yesterday. wokv.com

Mobile, AL: Man and Woman wanted for theft at Ulta Beauty
Authorities are searching for two make-up bandits who told several hundred dollars' worth of items from Ulta Beauty. Police said the 'robbery suspects' threaten to hurt anyone who tried to stop him so they go away. weartv.com

San Bruno, CA: Man tries to flee after arrest for $1,200 Victoria's Secret theft

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Shootings & Deaths

Alachua County, FL: Man shot to death while paying for others' meals
at Waffle House

A 41-year-old good Samaritan was gunned down at a Florida Waffle House after he'd paid for others' meals and handed out cash. Ezekiel Hicks, 25, was arrested in the murder of Craig Brewer, according to the Alachua County Sheriff's Office. Hicks had been with a woman and she was upset that Brewer had paid for others' meals at the Waffle House on Sunday, but not for her own, the paper reported. Officials said Hicks argued with Brewer, then left the restaurant and came back with a handgun. "Despite the efforts of at least one bystander, the suspect went back inside, approached the victim, and a physical fight started," police said in a news release. "As the fight continued, the suspect took the handgun from his pants and shot Brewer in the head." wtoc.com

Sacramento, CA: Social Media Post - Man Threatened to Carry out Mass Shooting
in Arden Mall

Sacramento Police will be increasing patrols at Arden Fair Mall Thursday after a threat was posted on social media. A post on Omegle threatened a mass shooting at the mall. Police said there is nothing to indicate that the post was a credible threat. "We will continue to investigate and work closely with Arden Mall security and staff," police said. amarketnews.com

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Dunwoody, GA: Police looking for 2 gunmen who robbed Target,
tied up employee

A terrifying night for an employee at Target in Dunwoody. Police said two gunmen rushed him as he was leaving for the night, forced him to open the safe, and tied him up. Surveillance cameras in the parking lot show a white Honda Pilot backing into a spot well before closing time. Investigators said there were two men inside the SUV with masks, glove, and guns who were planning to rob the store. "The suspects had been there for over an hour watching the store, the procedures, watching employees leave and preparing to commit their crime," said Dunwoody Police Sgt. Roberts Parsons. Shortly before midnight on Tuesday, the last employee is seen on video leaving the store. Police said that's when the gunmen make their move.

Investigators said they force the employee back into the store and order him to turn the alarm off. Police said the employee told officers the men then made him take them to the office. Police said the robbers brought bags with them and told the employee to fill them up with cash. Investigators said they then tied the employees hands with zip-ties. fox5atlanta.com

Hillsboro, OR: Man arrested for robbing Goodwill store, claiming to have a bomb
A man has been arrested for robbing a Goodwill store by claiming he had a bomb. Around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Hillsboro Police were called to a robbery at the Goodwill on Southeast Oak St. A clerk at the store told police a man said he had a bomb in his bag and then stole money. An officer found Dirk Boyle of Forest Grove just three blocks away from the store. kgw.com

Jackson County, GA: Sheriff's Office, Athens Police arrest man in connection with series of Dollar General Armed Robberies
Colton Eugene Fikes, 28, was arrested and charged with first-degree robbery in connection with a March 5 robbery at a Dollar General store in Woodville, according to the sheriff's office. Evidence was found during the warrant search linking Fikes to the robberies, the sheriff's office said. The search that lead to the arrest is part of an ongoing joint investigation into a series of armed robberies of Dollar General Stores in Woodville, Huntsville, Decatur and Athens, the sheriff's office said. waaytv.com

Jeff Davis Parish, LA: C-Store employee arrested for $25,000 theft of cash over the past 18 months

Warrensburg, IL: Casey's General employee stole $800 of lottery tickets

Watsontown, PA: Pizza Restaurant employee files false Robbery report to cover his theft


Paris, TX: Man sentenced to 20 years for thefts from David House, Scott's Jewelry
"The jury learned that the defendant had eleven prior felony convictions and nine prior theft convictions," Kaminar said. "They also learned the defendant was on parole for a firearm offense at the time of the thefts. The jury decided that enough was enough and recommended the maximum possible sentence of 20 years in prison." eparisextra.com

Beaver Dam, WI: Man sentenced to 15 months in prison for theft from Menards


Apple - Palo Alto, CA - Burglary
Big Box - Hilo, HI - Robbery/ Assault on LP
C- Store - Casper, WY - Robbery
C- Store - Lake County, FL - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Jefferson County, MO - Robbery
C-Store - Selma, CA - Armed Robbery
C- Store - South Burlington, VT - Armed Robbery
C- Store Colchester, VT - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - New Castle, PA - Robbery
Goodwill - Hillsboro, OR - Robbery
Grocery - Fitchburg, WI - Robbery
Jewelry - Marion, IN - Burglary
Jewelry - Atlanta, GA - Burglary
Target - Dunwoody, GA - Armed Robbery
Ulta Beauty - Mobile, AL - Robbery
7-Eleven - Montclair, NJ - Robbery
7- Eleven - Upper Marlboro, MD - Burglary
7-Eleven - Buffalo, NY - Robbery


Daily Totals:
14 robberies
4 burglaries
0 shootings
0 killed



None to report

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District Loss Prevention Manager
Eastern PA/NJ

The District Loss Prevention Manager ensures shrinkage control and improves safety in the stores through proper investigation and training. This position is responsible to provide feedback, guidance and protection for our Team Leaders and Associates. This role has oversight and responsibility for approximately 15-20 store locations...

Corporate Investigations Supervisor
Irving, TX
The Corporate Investigations Supervisor provides leadership and direction to the Corporate Investigators by overseeing investigative processes and work flow. This position is responsible for maintaining consistent execution of processes and support leading to recovery and litigation. The Investigations Supervisor motivates and model's efficiency, effectiveness and productivity with our team, department and company while providing feedback and guidance on both investigations and development...

Manager, Regional Asset Protection
Bay Area/San Francisco, CA

You will be accountable for execution of asset protection programs within an assigned geographical area. You will be key in assessing and reporting AP vulnerabilities, developing strategies to address vulnerabilities, have a high attention to detail and use critical thinking and good judgement to help make decisions and formulate solutions to work-related concerns...

Manager, Regional Asset Protection
Denver, CO

You will be accountable for execution of asset protection programs within an assigned geographical area. You will be key in assessing and reporting AP vulnerabilities, developing strategies to address vulnerabilities, have a high attention to detail and use critical thinking and good judgement to help make decisions and formulate solutions to work-related concerns...

Regional Asset Protection Manager
Mid-Atlantic Region

The successful candidate will be responsible for the management of the Asset Protection function in their assigned area. Guide the implementation and training of Asset Protection programs, enforcement of policies and procedures, auditing, investigations and directing of shrink reduction efforts...

Manager, Asset Protection Fraud & Investigations
Westchester, IL

The Manager of Asset Protection Fraud and Investigations is responsible for the global enterprise hybrid -ecommerce, digital product and traditional fraud investigation program. Primary responsibilities include conduct and manage analytically driven fraud and loss investigations, evolve fraud mitigation platforms and initiatives; manage a team of ecommerce analysts and internal investigators, maintain case management and financial fraud reporting metrics...

AP Supervisor
Middleton, WI

An individual who is committed to safeguarding the assets of our brand through the education and training of associates, implementation of effective policies and the leveraging of existing and new technology.

This position will be responsible for:
● Maintaining the safety and security and overseeing the Asset Protection offices at our Middleton and DeForest campuses...

Regional Investigator
Westlake Village, CA

This Regional Investigator will support Guitar Center's largest region of stores while influencing and partnering with field leadership across districts and working closely with seasoned AP leaders. Under new leadership, the role of Regional Investigator will have the opportunity to contribute to redefining the department enterprise wide while building their own LP/AP skills...

Area Loss Prevention Specialist
San Francisco Bay Area

We are currently looking for an Area Loss Prevention Specialist to join our team in San Francisco Bay Area. This position is responsible for conducting employee investigations, responding to and providing guidance during critical incidents, and assessing new/current retail store locations...

Area Loss Prevention Manager
New York/New Jersey/Pennsylvania

Our Area Loss Prevention Managers ensure safe and secure stores through the objective identification of loss and risk opportunities. Our Area Loss Prevention Managers plan and prioritize to provide an optimal customer experience to their portfolio of stores. They thrive on supporting and building high performance teams that execute with excellence...

Area Loss Prevention Manager
Northern California

Our Area Loss Prevention Managers ensure safe and secure stores through the objective identification of loss and risk opportunities. Our Area Loss Prevention Managers plan and prioritize to provide an optimal customer experience to their portfolio of stores. They thrive on supporting and building high performance teams that execute with excellence...

Area Loss Prevention Manager -
Seattle, Portland or Salt Lake City

Seattle WA, Portland OR, Salt Lake City UT

Our Area Loss Prevention Managers ensure safe and secure stores through the objective identification of loss and risk opportunities. Our Area Loss Prevention Managers plan and prioritize to provide an optimal customer experience to their portfolio of stores...

Field Manager, Asset Protection (Northeast & Midwest)
New York, NY| Poughkeepsie, NY | Parsippany, NJ

Recruiting a Field Manager, Asset Protection to support our Northeast & Midwest HD Supply Construction & Industrial locations. This role will be based in the Greater New York area...

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