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2019 GLPS - Group LP Selfies

Your Team - Your Pride - Our Industry
Building Industry Pride - One Team Selfie at a Time

The Paradies Lagardère Team
enjoys a Domino's Pizza Party

Paradies Lagardère Loss Prevention & Safety Team got together for a free pizza party during their latest team meeting courtesy of Domino's and The D&D Daily, as one of our winners selected in a random drawing at our 'Live in NYC' at the NRF Big Show broadcast earlier this year. Click here to see the team's winning photo, submitted in July 2018. Thanks again to the Paradies Lagardère LP Team for their participation!

Click here to see more team selfies or submit your own!

Front Row: Chris Rathgeb, Levell Hedgspeth, Doug Martinez, Lilly Noyan-Paddyfoote, Billy Childers, Annette Barry

Standing: Martin Davis, Diane Valdez, Marcos Lozano, Xavier Trapp, Rick Wittman, Eric Tullis, Bret Graddy, Steve Mathieu

Thank you to Domino's for sponsoring the D&D Daily's 2019 'Group LP Selfie' pizza parties. Van Carney, Director of Loss Prevention, Safety & Security, and the Domino's Team provided $200 gift cards for each of this year's winning LP/AP teams, selected in a random drawing among all 'GLPS' participants at the D&D Daily's LIVE LPNN events.




Curtis Luffman promoted to Director, Asset Protection Analytics for Dollar Tree Stores
Previously, Curtis was the Operations Budget and Forecast Manager for the retailer for almost a year. Prior, he was their manager of Store Labor Standards for over three years, and he's also held positions with Advance Auto Parts (Sr. AP Business Analyst and Retail Industrial Engineer/Sr Store Ops Business Analyst), and Dollar General (Industrial Engineer - Process Improvement). He earned his Bachelors of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech. Congratulations Curtis!

Hadia Bharoocha promoted to Asset Protection Director for Target

Previously, Hadia was the AP Business Partner & Investigator for the retailer. She's worked there for over 7 years, holding various roles including Sr. Executive Team Leader Assets Protection and Executive Team Leader Assets Protection. She was also a Sr LP Detective for Sears, Roebuck and Co. and a Research Assistant for California State University. Hadia earned her Bachelors of Science in Biological and Biomedical Sciences from University of California - Irvine. Congratulations Hadia!

John Koulouris promoted to Director, Field Asset Protection for The Fresh Market

Previously, John was the Sr. AP and Loss Manager for the retailer for over a year. Prior, he worked at Southeastern Grocers, as Director of Total Loss, Region Finance Manager and District Director. Before that, he was at Winn Dixie Stores as Regional Produce/Floral Merchandiser and Multi-Unit/Store Support/Store Management. John earned his Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from University of Central Florida. Congratulations John!

Eric Trehern named Corporate Manager - Asset Protection - ORC Investigations for The Home Depot

Previously, Eric held asset protection roles for Target including AP Business Partner, Senior Investigator - AP and Executive Team Leader - AP. He was also a Senior Police Officer for the City of Marietta for 8 years. He earned his Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice from The University of Georgia. Congratulations Eric!

Jonathan Baker named Senior Manager, Quality Assurance Fraud Analytics for Verizon

Previously Jonathan as the Senior Manager, Multichannel Investigations for GameStop for over four years. He's held other roles in investigations and loss prevention including Investigations Center Operations Leader and Senior Investigator for Target, LP & Safety Manager for Lowe's and Market LP Agent for Gap Inc. Congratulations Jonathan!

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How technology is changing the face of retail
The reality is more along the lines of traffic-tracking sensors, radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags, handheld scanners, and heat maps, all designed to provide a real-time snapshot of how the modern consumer is shopping. This wealth of data unlocks an understanding of the in-store customer journey that's deeper and more insightful than ever, and retailers that can successfully leverage this information are the ones that will thrive.

Still, none of this technological wizardry matters if retailers don't get the basics right. "We have all of these [great] technologies," says Bjoern Petersen, president of Sensormatic Solutions, the global leader in enabling smart and connected shopper engagement. "But the No. 1 rule is: Don't destroy the shopping experience."

For Petersen, that starts with inventory accuracy, which is essential to getting shoppers to come back. "If I am coming in to buy or pick up something and it's not there, that's a terrible experience," he says. "Yet almost all retailers have issues with inventory."

America's CEOs Pledge to Rethink Corporate Priorities
Top CEOs from Macy's, Target and Walmart Send a Striking Message to their Shareholders

In a statement released today, the Business Roundtable comprised of 180 CEO's - counting retail members like Macy's, Target and Walmart - announced that it was updating its corporate governance principles, which has served as a guideline on "the purpose of a corporation" for more than four decades.

The group's new standard for corporate responsibility is no longer based on shareholder value alone, which has served as the central tenet in each statement issued since 1997.

The Business Roundtable, a group of the chief executive officers of many of America's largest corporations, said business leaders should take a broader view of the purpose of a corporation that takes responsibility for improving society, rather than simply enriching shareholders.

In its new "Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation" the group said its leaders were committed to working for the benefit of all stakeholders, including customers, employees, suppliers, and the communities in which they operated.

Each version of the group's document issued since 1997 has endorsed principles of shareholder primacy - that corporations exist principally to serve shareholders. The new statement supersedes previous statements and outlines a modern standard for corporate responsibility.

The statement comes as many progressive presidential candidates have called on corporations to take a more holistic approach to value creation.

"These modernized principles reflect the business community's unwavering commitment to continue to push for an economy that serves all Americans."

The release was signed by leaders at tech giant Apple and investment management firm BlackRock as well as CEOs at major retail chains including Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Macy's chairman Jeff Gennette, Target chairman Brian Cornell and Walmart president Doug McMillon. footwearnews.com cfo.com

Walmart - Greatest Entity of Crime - Wants Off-Duty Police in All 15 Stores
Gwinnett County GA solicitor general asks Walmart to increase police presence

Brian Whiteside wrote a letter to Walmart's CEO asking the company to hire off-duty police officers to patrol all Gwinnett Walmart stores.

Gwinnett County's Solicitor General, Brian Whiteside, sent a letter to Walmart's President and CEO, Doug McMillon, last Tuesday asking the company to hire off-duty police officers to provide security at all stores in Gwinnett County.

"Our city and county police forces are constantly being called out to any of the 15 Walmart stores in Gwinnett County," Whiteside said in the letter.

Whiteside provided 11Alive with a statistical report from the Lilburn Police Department. According to the report, between August 1, 2018 and July 31 2019, 70% of all shoplifting incidents occurred at the Walmart in Lilburn.

"I'm asking for this dialog because statistically, Walmart is one of the greatest entities of crime," he said.

A shoplifting suspect killed loss-prevention worker J.D. Ferguson at the same Lilburn Walmart in 2016. Ferguson and another employee were trying to stop a shoplifting suspect from stealing three televisions. 

Whiteside said that off-duty officers would be more beneficial to the safety of Walmart employees and Gwinnett County residents than the current loss-prevention workers.

"They're [loss-prevention workers] not as trained as well as police officers," Whiteside said. "They also don't have the deterrent effect of certified police officers because they are well armed and well equipped."

The Chief Investigator for the Gwinnett County Solicitor General's Office Travis Gatson shares a similar opinion.

"It's very alarming and we want this place to be safe," Gatson said. "Walmart is very important in the community and it should be safe."

Whiteside told 11Alive that he is to hoping have a Walmart's President and CEO, Doug McMillon, within the next 30 days to find a resolution to this issue. 11alive.com

NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill Champions Facial Recognition Software
In a New York Times opinion piece in June, Commissioner James O'Neill nonetheless championed last year's results from the department's facial recognition software, which he said generated 1,851 matches based on 7,024 requests and led to 998 arrests.

O'Neill said his detectives safeguard their investigations by never using facial recognition matches as the sole basis for an arrest. After the system generates a match, he wrote, an "investigator proceeds with further research."

"No one can be arrested on the basis of the computer match alone," O'Neill added. 

This month, O'Neill acknowledged that "there's been some controversy about facial recognition" while insisting "we use that as a lead. That's not probable cause. We're not locking up anyone based on a facial recognition hit." theappeal.org

Industry Pushes Back On ACLU Claims in New Report
'Industry groups criticize facial recognition hysteria'

SIA (Security Industry Association) has published a report to combat misconceptions and provide perspective on facial biometrics while the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF) has specifically addressed recent claims by the ACLU with a statement panning the organization's methodology as the industry pushes back on claims made recently by advocates of bans of face recognition technology.

The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Association) recently announced that one in five California legislators were misidentified by Amazon's Rekognition with default settings, as it backs proposed state legislation to ban the use of facial recognition with police body cameras.

"The ACLU is once again trying to make facial recognition appear dangerous and inaccurate. But independent testing from the federal government has consistently shown that facial recognition technology is highly accurate. It now exceeds the accuracy of humans at identifying faces," comments ITIF Vice President Daniel Castro.

The report "Face Facts: Dispelling Common Myths Associated with Facial Recognition Technology" from SIA differentiates between authentication and verification use cases and identification and discovery applications, and the probabilistic nature of both. It outlines actual law enforcement use, then compares a set of seven myths about the technology with facts. These include reference to the existing laws that apply to facial recognition, such as the First, Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Constitutional Amendments, and pointing out that because facial recognition does not make final determinations about identity, "(a) 'false positive' is not misidentification." Other points address allegations of universal technological bias, claims that Americans are generally fearful of facial recognition, that Biometric Entry/Exit is illegal, and that stolen facial biometric data can be used for nefarious purposes.  biometricupdate.com

   Technologies offered to defeat facial recognition and provide alternative for tracking

UK: Reasonable Monitoring of E-Mail May Not Infringe Worker Privacy
United Kingdom (U.K.) employer's review of a departing employee's e-mail was appropriate under the circumstances, the High Court of England and Wales ruled. The decision places workers on notice that they shouldn't rely on data privacy law to argue that a contract has been breached and they are thus freed from post-termination restrictions, legal experts say.

The case "is yet another example of the English court's being sympathetic to [employers] and acting to prevent the unlawful use of confidential information by employees or former employees," according to Nick Ashcroft, an attorney with Addleshaw Goddard in London.

Although this is a first-instance decision that will not be binding on other courts, "it may be persuasive in future cases where employers have similarly investigated their employees," said Carla Feakins, an attorney with Lewis Silkin in London.

The case of Argus Media Ltd v. Halim stems from a dispute between a price-reporting agency and a business development manager for its fertilizer business. The employee left the company in August 2018. During his notice period, or "garden leave"-when he was on the payroll but instructed to stay away from work- his manager became suspicious about the worker's activity and requested access to his e-mail.

Argus alleged that during his notice period, the employee had launched a price-reporting agency to compete with Argus' fertilizer business and had offered fertilizer pricing reports to Argus' clients. The worker had misused confidential information, solicited clients and competed with Argus in breach of restrictive covenants, the company charged. shrm.org

9th Circ. Backs Conviction In $6M 5-Hour Energy Fraud
A Ninth Circuit panel on Monday upheld a California federal judge's move to allow civil deposition testimony in a criminal case in which a married couple was charged with running a $6 million scheme to sell fake 5-Hour Energy products, saying that the inclusion of two witnesses' statements after they invoked the Fifth Amendment was lawful.

Federal prosecutors had used civil deposition statements from Walid Jamil, Joseph's brother-in-law, and Leslie Roman, who conspired with the couple and other co-conspirators in the massive scheme to sell counterfeit 5-Hour Energy drinks. Jamil and Roman, who invoked their Fifth Amendment rights in the criminal matter, pled guilty and the couple proceeded to trial.

Under the scheme, the co-conspirators replaced Spanish labels with English ones on legitimate bottles destined for Mexico and sold them for 15% less than the authentic bottles in the U.S. When the legitimate bottles made by original product maker Living Essentials ran out, they made counterfeit bottles and filled them with mysterious liquids and sold retailers more than 3 million bogus energy drinks.

In 2016, a jury found the couple guilty. The husband was sentenced to seven years in prison and the wife was ordered to serve two years. "This is just a crime of pure greed for people who are worth more than $12.5 million and with assets of $16 million," Judge Koh said at the time. law360.com

BOPIS Users Survey
6 in 10 weekly BOPIS users are male between 25 & 44

Thirty-four percent of weekly retail BOPIS users are 25-34 and another 34% are between 35 and 44. Interestingly, the lowest BOPIS usage rates are among Gen Z consumers 18-24 (10% of weekly retail users and 12% of weekly restaurant users). The remaining 22% of weekly retail users and 26% of weekly restaurant users are between 45 and 54. Almost one-quarter (23%) of retail BOPIS users purchased other items the last time they made a pickup. chainstoreage.com

Urban Fulfillment Centers Are Coming
In fact, a recent DHL e-commerce report shows that delivery timing is one of the key issues for meeting customer expectations, with nearly half of respondents rating it as extremely important, second only to customer service.

In the 2019 DHL e-commerce report, "The E-Commerce Supply Chain: Overcoming Growing Pains," 47 percent of respondents opted for a hybrid insource/outsource strategy, to leverage the expertise of a third-party logistics provider (3PL) to improve the quality of service and increase both fulfillment capacity and speed of delivery. chainstoreage.com

Department stores may be having a bad 'Kodak moment,' one trader warns
"You buy discounters, and you sell department stores," Schlossberg said on CNBC's "Trading Nation " on Friday. "Department stores are actually having a 'Kodak' moment, and not in a very good way. ... They're getting completely disintermediated as we go forward." cnbc.com

Quarterly Results
Home Depot Q2 comp's up 3%, U.S. comp's up 3.1%, sales up 1.2%
TJX Q2 consolidated comp's up 2%, net sales up 5%
   Marmaxx (U.S.) up 2%
   Home Goods (U.S.) flat
   TJX Canada up 1%
   TJX International up 6%

Kohl's Q2 comp's down 2.9%, sales down 3%


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Visa Debuts New Fraud-Fighting Security Suite
Visa has introduced a new suite of security services designed to protect merchants and users from the latest security threats, according to a release.

The new features are meant to help stop and contain payment fraud and to protect the payments ecosystem. There will be no cost for Visa clients; the company said it is one of the many benefits available to Visa merchants.

"Cybercriminals attempt to bypass traditional defenses by stealing credentials, harvesting data, obtaining privileged access and attacking trusted third-party supply chains," said RL Prasad, senior vice president of payments systems risk for Visa. "Visa's new payment security capabilities combine payment and cyber intelligence, insights and learnings from breach investigations, and law enforcement engagement to help financial institutions and merchants solve the most critical security challenges."

The Visa Account Attack Intelligence feature uses deep learning to process card-not-present transactions to pinpoint when hackers are trying to guess numbers, expiration dates or security codes through automated programs.

The Visa Payment Threats Lab will test clients' processing and configuration settings for potential vulnerabilities and ensure they are using security technology in the most efficient way.

Another security feature introduced is Visa eCommerce Threat Disruption, which scans eCommerce websites for malicious payment data skimming software.

All of the new features complement Visa's Payment Threat Intelligence, which provides reports, analysis and information about potential threats and fraud. pymnts.com

Assessment of Business Cyber Risk Shows Slight Improvement in National Risk Score
Highlights Need for Third-Party Risk Management

The Q2 Assessment of Business Cyber Risk (ABC) report released today by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and FICO recorded a National Risk Score of 688, a slight improvement over the previous quarter's score of 687. Since last quarter, the average score for large firms rose from 643 to 649 and small firms moved from 740 to 736.

"For years, the Chamber has urged organizations to adopt internet security fundamentals, including using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework for enterprise risk management," said Christopher D. Roberti, senior vice president for cyber, intelligence, and security policy at the Chamber. "But we are seeing that organizations are being targeted through third parties and must take steps to integrate a tailored third-party risk management into an overall risk management plan."

ABC's National Risk Score is the revenue-weighted average of the FICO Cyber Risk Score for nearly 2,400 small, midsize, and large companies. A score, ranging from 300 to 850, reflects the probability of a business being hit with a material data breach within the upcoming 12 months. The higher the score, the lower the likelihood the organization will experience a breach. prnewswire.com

New Business Imperative: Third-Party Risk Management - More information: www.uschamber.com

Deception technology shifts power back to the defender
Users of deception technology reported a 12X improvement in the average number of days it takes to detect attackers operating within an enterprise network when compared to those unfamiliar with the technology, according to a research report conducted by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA).

Other studies conducted by incident response service providers or endpoint detection and response vendors suggest an average of 78 to over 100 days, while survey respondents that are highly familiar users of deception technology reported dwell times as low as 5.5 days.
Seventy percent of respondents highly familiar with and currently using deception technology rated their organizations as highly effective as compared to 49% reported from the aggregate of all users, including deception technology users.

The primary motivation for looking at deception technology. 67% of respondents evaluating or planning to look at deception technology cited the speed of detecting threats early in the attack lifecycle as the primary driver behind their interest.

Nineteen different use cases including detection, ransomware, data loss tracking and counterintelligence, and insider policy violations. Notably, when respondents ranked 12 security tools for detecting insider threats, 30% ranked deception technology, tied with next-generation endpoint security, as the most effective tool in detecting insider threats. helpnetsecurity.com

Q2 shows ransomware proliferation, Kaspersky warns
Ransomware modifications have more than doubled in the past year, the number of ransomware families has grown, and the number of attempted infections is up nearly 50%.

The increase in ransomware modifications and the appearance of new families is a dangerous sign that criminal activity is intensifying, with new malware versions emerging, the researchers said.

The Kaspersky threat report also shows that the second quarter experienced a high number of ransomware infection attempts, with 232,292 unique users targeted. This represents a 46% increase compared with the same period a year ago.

The report highlights that WannaCry was the top ransomware family responsible for the most attacks in the second quarter, accounting for 23.4% of cases despite the existence of a Microsoft Windows patch that was released two months before the widespread and destructive attacks of 2017. computerweekly.com

Spoofed Office 365 Log-In Page Trapped CFO
Caterpillar UK Affiliate CFO Gets Hit for $11M BEC Scam

The FBI has arrested a Nigerian businessman for allegedly carrying out an $11 million business email compromise scheme that targeted a U.K. affiliate of U.S. heavy equipment manufacturer Caterpillar.

CFO Targeted

In its affidavit, FBI agents allege that Okeke, along with other, unnamed associates, targeted the email account of Unatrac's chief financial officer. The CFO received a phishing email that contained a link that supposedly would allow him to log into his Microsoft Office 365 account, according to the documents.

Instead, the malicious link sent the CFO to a spoofed website that looked like an Office 365 log-in page. He then entered his credentials into the page, which were captured by the attackers, according to the FBI affidavit.

Once they had the credentials, the attackers accessed the CFO's emails and company files, logging into his account more than 460 times during a four-week period, the court documents allege. The credentials also allowed the scammers to create fake wire transfers and invoices using the CFO's name, title, company logos and other information to create authentic-looking documents, authorities say.

The attackers also altered the CFO's account to monitor his email traffic, according to the FBI.

"The [email redirect rules] intercepted legitimate emails to and from employees on the financial team, marked them as read, and moved them to another folder outside the inbox," according to the FBI. "These rules appeared to have been created in an attempt to hide from the CFO any responses from the individuals to whom the intruder was sending fabricated emails."

From there, the company's financial team began receiving invoices and money transfer requests from companies with names such as "Pak Fei Trade Limited" as well as others. These transfers and invoices ranged from $278,000 to over $1.95 million, according to the court documents.

As the investigation continued, the FBI also found additional victims of this alleged criminal group, including the Red Wing Shoe Company of Red Wing, Minnesota, which told agents that the company had been swindled out of more than $100,000 in early 2018, according to the court papers. govinfosecurity.com



How to Get Metadata Out of Images

Images store a trove of hidden data. Information such as location data, camera settings, serial number, model number and much more can be hidden in an image or photo. Performing a simple web search for viewing metadata will return many results. My favorite online line metadata viewer is Metapicz. While some data may not be embedded in photos because of privacy, investigators will often find even a little data is helpful.




MetrORCA Update - Trends - The Great Debate

- John Matas, VP, Asset Protection, Investigations, Fraud, & ORC, Macy's
- Lt. Tarik Sheppard, NYPD; Executive Director of MetrORCA
- TJ Flynn, President & Co-Founder of MetrORCA
- Jim Cosseboom, Sr Mgr, Investigations & Corp Asset Protection, Ahold-Delhaize


While New York City may have been one of the last major cities to develop an organized retail crime association, it's now outpacing Los Angeles as the ORC capital of the country. With record membership, increased engagement, and a successful first annual conference recently launched, MetrORCA's leaders discuss the development of New York's regional crime-fighting partnership, the trends they're seeing in retail crime, and the ongoing debate of what exactly defines ORC.

Episode Sponsored By:

Quick Take 13 with Ed Wolfe, WG Security

Ed Wolfe, Vice President of
Business Development,
WG Security

with MCs Joe LaRocca
and Amber Bradley


Joe and Amber share some tips on preventing identity theft in another fun Quick Take with Ed Wolfe of WG Security. You might know you can freeze your own credit, but did you know you can request and also freeze your own LexisNexis Full File Disclosure?




Big Brands Are Using Amazon's Anticounterfeiting Measures
to Crush Small Businesses

Amazon sometimes requires small businesses to get permission from manufacturers to sell their products on Amazon Marketplace.

In early 2018, Card & Party Giant, a discount party supply store in the Chicago suburbs, discovered Amazon had banned it from selling a popular brand of Halloween costumes. It believed Amazon had done this allegedly at the behest of Rubie's Costume-the self-proclaimed "world's largest costume manufacturer and supplier."

Things quickly escalated. Card & Party is now suing Rubie's Costumes for violating antitrust laws. The complaint alleges that "in an effort to curb competition," Rubie's "has misused Amazon's Branding Registry...as a way to exclude Card & Party from access to Amazon." (Rubie's also sells its costumes directly on Amazon.) And crucially, Rubie's holds exclusive manufacturing licenses over Barbie, Superman, Batman, and Star Wars costumes.

This is not the first time a small business has been prohibited from selling merchandise on Amazon Marketplace thanks to the whims of a large manufacturer. Last November, Amazon dealt a blow to independent smartphone and computer refurbishers when it cut a deal with Apple that allowed only "authorized" vendors (those with around $10 million in inventory a year) to sell Apple products on the retail giant's platform. This, of course, was a death sentence for small retailers and refurbishers who received emails from Amazon informing them they would no longer be able to sell on their site. As of July 2018, Amazon accounted for 49.1% of all online retail sales in the United States, and is a vitally important sales channel for people selling refurbished or wholesale goods.

And so, for a small retailer like Card & Party, Amazon is a pivotal source of online revenue. Aaron Schwartz, Card & Party's attorney, argues that Amazon's process for authorizing vendors to sell branded merchandise allows large companies to unlawfully drive smaller competitors, especially discounters like Card & Party who sell the same products for cheaper, from Amazon. "Our allegation is that they've misused the Amazon Brand Registry as a vehicle to boycott third party retailers who compete with them. They can do this because they are both a retailer and a manufacturer," he said. "They're leveraging their monopoly."

Amazon allows manufacturers like Rubie's to authorize third party retailers like Card & Party to sell their merchandise. All retailers must then be approved on Amazon Brand Registry, which has the stated purpose of "prohibit[ing] the sale of counterfeit products." But Card & Party was not selling counterfeits, according to the lawsuit. The discounter was allegedly selling costumes bought wholesale from Rubie's and then discounting them on Amazon.

This, Schwartz argues, incentivized Rubie's to facilitate the deauthorization of a rival on Amazon. Rubie's said they would not provide an authorization letter for Card & Party to sell their products, because they had not purchased merchandise from them in several years-a practice "explicitly disavowed" by Amazon, according to the lawsuit.

For Card & Party and other retailers who have been banned from selling certain brands on Amazon, the retail giant's authorization process could be seen as an infringement upon these fundamental property rights. An Amazon spokesperson told Motherboard, "We strive to provide customers with vast, authentic and safe selection and to do this, we require sellers to provide additional information to be qualified to sell certain products in our store. If a seller has a concern about meeting those requirements, we encourage them to contact us directly." Read more: vice.com

Online sales grow 13.6% in Q2

Amazon is opening new locations of its 4-Star and Books stores

A.C. Moore launches online artist marketplace




Indianapolis, IN: Man shoplifted over $1 million in merchandise,
customers all over the world

For the last nine-years, 35-year-old Ryan Walker of Indianapolis has allegedly been stealing items from "big box" stores in Fishers and other Indiana locations. Total value of the thefts is more than $1.1 million, according to the Fishers Police Department. But investigators finally caught up with Walker. He's in the Hamilton County jail facing a number of felony charges: False Sales Document Forgery, Possession of False Document, and Corrupt Business Influence.

"The retail shoplifting investigation began in March of 2019 after it was determined an individual was shoplifting at several big box stores in Fishers," said Sergeant Tom Weger of the Fishers Police Department. "With the assistance of area retailers, state, local and federal law enforcement partners, Fishers police officers were able to develop a suspect. After several days of surveillance, officers were able to gather information and evidence leading to the arrest of this individual." Walker had customers all over the world, according to police. He allegedly sold the stolen merchandise thru his on-line E-Bay Business Account. Officers subpoenaed E-Bay records and confirmed Walker received payments in excess of $1.1 million since 2010. theindychannel.com

Pearland, TX: Thieves cut through walls to steal $150K in designer handbags
A mom and pop shop says they've lost about $150,000 worth of designer handbags after thieves burglarized their store twice in the last three weeks. "So, my husband walked in first and he was, understandably so, very upset," said Melissa Knape, owner of Meme's Treasures. "He noticed the holes in the walls." The shelves and glass cases now sit empty at Meme's Treasures, a designer handbag resale shop in Pearland. abc13.com

Joliet, IL: Thief Claimed He Was Dying Of Cancer
Stole $95,000 of 'smart' thermostats

A 29-year-old Shorewood man accused of stealing of $95,000 worth of "smart" thermostats from Joliet's G&D Integrated warehouse, also may lose his 2012 Volkswagen Jetta as a forfeited police asset. On May 1, Nicholas Bain was charged with burglary and theft after being arrested by Joliet Police. Now, a Will County judge must decide whether to declare Bain's car a forfeited police asset. The matter is scheduled for 9 a.m. Sept. 11. Court records indicate that Bain approached several area pawn shops with phony invoices as he was trying to sell large quantities of smart thermostats, claiming he had cancer and was in the process of dying. patch.com

Florida-Based ORC Gang
Female Member Gets 5 Yrs. Federal Prison For $50K in Fraud

Ana Alvarez, 55, of Miami, was part of a ring of thieves who traveled from Florida to Indiana to commit credit card fraud. Alvarez and her co-defendants purchased compromised credit and debit card numbers on the Internet and used skimming devices to steal credit and debit card account information from victims in Central Indiana. Once Alvarez and her co-defendants were in possession of the stolen account information, they used the information to make more than $50,000 in purchases in Central Indiana alone. justice.gov

Fort Bend County, TX: $20,000 of Designer Sunglasses stolen; suspect could be connected to multiple area incidents
Detectives from the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office are asking for help identifying a suspect they say stole $20,000 worth of designer sunglasses from a Richmond store earlier this month. The man could be linked to similar burglaries in the Houston area. Deputies responded to a call in the 7700 block of West Grand Parkway South just before 4 a.m. Aug. 4 after an eyeglass store was burglarized, according to the FBCSO. Police say 79 pairs of sunglasses - brands ranging from Prada to Versace to Armani - were stolen overnight. fortbendstar.com

San Francisco, CA: High-end Bag store Robbed in broad daylight near Union Square
A man and two women are suspected of stealing the merchandise from the business on Geary Street between Grant Avenue and Stockton Street at around 11:51 a.m., police said. People who work in the area told the San Francisco Examiner that the robbery happened at MCM, a fashion store that sells bags, backpacks and belts. sfexaminer.com

Spring, TX: Two Suspects Arrested After Stealing Over $4,000 Worth Of Merchandise From Target

Toledo, OH: Police looking to ID $1,800 Sunglasses Hut theft suspects at Franklin Park Mall


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Shootings & Deaths

Bettendorf, IA: Police identify C-store clerk fatally shot in apparent robbery
gone wrong

The 28-year-old Donahue woman who was fatally shot while working at the Big 10 Mart in Bettendorf Saturday had been an employee of the store for three months, according to the company and police. Bettendorf police on Monday afternoon identified the slain clerk as Brittany M. Wilson. While few details have been released in the case, police say they believe she was shot in an apparent robbery gone wrong. Police Chief Keith Kimball said he could not elaborate on why police believe this was a case of a robbery gone wrong or what, if anything, was taken from the store, citing the ongoing investigation. qctimes.com

Spartanburg, SC: No charges after investigation into Lowe's confrontation
that left one dead

A man has died after being shot during a confrontation in a Lowe's parking lot Sunday afternoon. Spartanburg PD said it was not an active shooter situation, but rather a fight between two individuals that escalated in the parking lot and resulted in one being shot around 2:45 p.m. The victim was transported to Spartanburg Regional, but later died at the hospital. The coroner later identified the victim as 54-year-old Randall Belk of Roebuck.

During investigation police learned that Belk and the other individual knew each other. Belk confronted the other individual inside of the store, and began to argue with him. Belk continued to follow him through the store. Belk then went to his truck outside and retrieved a four foot piece of lumber. Belk then waited for the individual to leave the store and followed him to his vehicle. According to witnesses, the individual was sitting in his vehicle when Belk confronted him for a second time. The individual attempted to tell Belk to back away from the vehicle, but Belk did not. The individual in the vehicle then fired a shot at Belk, while he was pointing the piece of lumber at him. The shooter was transported to Spartanburg City Hall, where he was interviewed and released. foxcarolina.com

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Waco, TX: Police Officer's leg crushed trying to stop Dillard's Shoplifter,
citizens help catch suspect

An off-duty TSTC police officer was injured as he was dragged by a robbery suspect trying to escape on Sunday afternoon. The officer's leg was crushed as the suspect crashed into five cars in the parking lot at Waco's Richland Mall. Andre Duane Boyd was booked on charges of Aggravated Robbery, Aggravated Assault Against a Public Servant and Resisting Arrest. It all started about 3:45 p.m. on Sunday, when police got multiple calls about an officer trying to detain a shoplifter at the Dillard's store - with callers reporting the shoplifter was fighting with the officer. Roy Luna is a Dillard's security worker and a retired Waco Police officer. He saw a man suspected of trying to steal clothes. While Luna attemped to stop him, police say Andre Boyd put his truck in reverse. Officer Luna received what was described as significant injuries to his left leg. fox44news.com

Kalamazoo, MI: Female Clerk stabbed trying to stop suspected Shoplifter
Monday evening a clerk, a 56-year-old female, was stabbed in the arm and is reported in stable condition, according to Kalamazoo Township police. The suspect, a 32-year-old Kalamazoo man, was later arrested. mlive.com

Charlotte, NC: Shot Fired during CVS Armed Robbery
Police say a man robbed a CVS in Charlotte and fired a shot inside the store Monday night. According to Police the incident happened at a CVS on Kendall Drive around 7:30 p.m. Officers say the man was armed with a gun during the robbery. He reportedly shot the gun inside the store, but police say no one was injured. The man left on foot. wbtv.com

Los Angeles, CA: Man Pleads Guilty to Role in Armed Robberies of Postal Trucks, Stealing Nearly $240K
A South Los Angeles man pleaded guilty Monday to robbing postal trucks at gunpoint, stealing nearly $240,000 in heists he executed with his half-brother, a former U.S. Postal Service employee, according to federal prosecutors. ktla.com

Bradenton, FL: Woman tries to rob Family Dollar; Cashier responds with 'Not today'
Employees at a Family Dollar thwarted a robbery attempt just after 9 p.m. on Sunday, according to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office. Brittany Rodriguez, 27, entered the store, chose some merchandise, approached the cashier and pulled a knife. Deputies say Rodriguez pointed the knife at the cashier, who responded by saying, "Not today." Another employee quickly locked Rodriguez inside the store until deputies arrived, the report states. Deputies say once they entered the store, they observed Rodriguez throw a blue-handled kitchen knife to the floor. She was taken into custody without further incident. bradenton.com

Savannah, GA: Seafood restaurant owner, employees arrested in drug investigation

Indianapolis, IN: $5K Reward offered for info on suspects in several Domino's Burglaries

Credit Card Fraud

Cabell County, WV: Police in West Virginia say five Texas residents have been arrested in a multistate credit card fraud scheme
News outlets report criminal complaints in Cabell County Magistrate Court charge the five with conspiracy, fraudulent schemes, fraudulent access device and possession with the intent to deliver. Huntington police said the suspects were located at a hotel early Sunday with boxes of blank credit cards, multiple fake credit cards and identification cards, a credit card scanner, an embossing machine and two laptops. Police said the cards were used to make purchases in several states, including Florida, Louisiana, Michigan, Texas and West Virginia. nbcdfw.com


Akron, OH: Two men sentenced for using $38,000 in counterfeit bills at area stores
Two Akron men have been sentenced for using more than $38,000 in counterfeit bills to buy iPads, Apple watches and other items from Target, Best Buy, and Dick's Sporting Goods. Tori Smith, 35, was sentenced to nearly five years in prison last week. Allyn Bell, 32, was sentenced Monday to three years in prison and Robert Peters, 31, also of Akron, is scheduled to be sentenced later this year. According to the U.S. Attorney's Office, the trio traveled to stores in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan between April 2017 and April 2018 using counterfeit $100 bills to purchase items they would sometimes return to cash. fox8.com

Singapore: Fake perfume and cosmetic goods worth more than $800,000 seized, 2 women arrested



AT&T - Hazard, KY - Burglary
C-Store - Pelham, NH - Burglary
CVS - Charlotte, NC - Armed Robbery
CVS - Framingham, MA - Burglary
Christensen's Department - St George, UT - Burglary
Dollar General - Omaha, NE - Robbery
Family Dollar - Bradenton, FL - Armed Robbery
GameStop - Portage, MI - Burglary
Gas Station - Clarksville, TN - Burglary
Handbags store - Pearland, TX - Burglary
• Jewelry store - San Diego, CA - Robbery
• Jewelry store- Portland, OR - Robbery
MCM - San Francisco, CA - Robbery
Motorcycle store - Florence, AL - Burglary
Pawn Shop - Corpus Christi, TX - Robbery
Restaurant - Spartanburg, SC - Robbery (Waffle House)
Shoe store - Bakersfield, CA - Burglary
Target - Halfway, MD - Robbery
Target - Portage, MI - Burglary
Walgreens - Abilene, TX - Armed Robbery (Bomb threat)
Walgreens - Antioch, TN - Burglary
7-Eleven - Fresno, CA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Hampton, VA - Robbery



Daily Totals:
11 burglaries
0 shootings
0 killed





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