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Jackie Chapman promoted to Divisional Asset Protection Senior Director for Walmart

Jackie has been with Walmart for over 22 years, holding various roles including Divisional AP Director, Market Manager - Store Operations, Regional Supply Chain Director, Director of Implementation and Sustainment, and Regional AP Director. He earned his Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice and Criminology from East Tennessee State University. Congratulations Jackie!

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Protos Security and Security Resources Inc. to Combine


Daleville, VA and Cherry Hill, NJ - August 27, 2019 - Protos Security and Security Resources today announced that they have entered into an agreement to merge.

The merger brings together the best that the security services industry has to offer by combining state of the art technology with a focus on customer service, while alleviating the security guard management burden from the Loss Prevention Professional. With 450+ clients throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico the company will have unrivaled scale and reach creating enhanced opportunities to serve clients more efficiently and provide professional opportunities for its employees.

Read the full press release in today's Daily below.


Sensormatic Solutions provides retailers a one-stop destination
for EAS technology with addition of RF-based solutions

Johnson Controls today announced that Sensormatic Solutions, its leading global retail solutions portfolio, unveiled a new line of Sensormatic Essentials Radio Frequency-based (RF) anti-theft solutions. Building on the strength of its pioneering Acousto-Magnetic (AM) electronic article surveillance (EAS) technology and RFID-based EAS and LP offerings, the company now provides retailers a one-stop destination to meet all their loss prevention needs- regardless of technology choice and store format. A trusted name in groundbreaking retail technology for over 50 years, Sensormatic Solutions is accelerating growth by expanding market opportunities with RF, which represents over 30 percent of the total $1.2+ billion EAS market.

The Sensormatic Essentials RF product portfolio includes affordable and stylish anti-theft detection systems in a sleek, modern design to complement any store setting. This strong visual deterrent provides wide exit coverage to support a variety of storefront entrances - backed by strong, reliable performance to protect inventory and ensure open merchandising. sensormatic.com

Mass shooting tips to FBI surge 70% after El Paso, Dayton massacres
The number of calls to an FBI tip line designed to head off mass shootings and other attacks surged by 70% in the week after twin massacres in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, federal officials said on Monday. The Federal Bureau of Investigation fielded more than 38,000 phone and online tips during the week after the shootings on the first weekend of August, up from the 22,000 tips it typically receives on a weekly basis. The surge is evidence of an America public made jittery by a steady drumbeat of mass shootings.

"Such increases are often observed after major incidents," the FBI said in a statement. "As always, the FBI encourages the public to remain vigilant and report any and all suspicious activity to law enforcement immediately." FBI officials said the number of tips the center receives each week fluctuates and not all are actionable. Some tips turn into FBI investigations while others are forwarded to local authorities. The number of FBI tips also does not include the thousands of tips that state and local law enforcement agencies have received since the shootings.

According to a report published by the National Threat Assessment Center earlier this year, three out of every four perpetrators in 55 mass shootings and attacks in 2017 and 2018 made prior threats or sent messages that sparked concern. More than a half a dozen people have been arrested and charged across the United States in recent weeks as a result of tips, according to media and police. kfgo.com

Are You Enabling a Toxic Culture Without Realizing It?

By Celia Swanson, First Female EVP at Walmart Inc.

During my tenure as executive vice president of Walmart, I hired a brilliant strategist to create a marketing strategy for the Sam's Club division. Her results were powerful; the campaign was simple yet highly relevant. We became friendly, and I considered the hire a success until one of the team members approached me. It turned out the strategist had been incredibly hostile with her colleagues, making them feel marginalized and worthless. This had gone on for more than a year, and many on the team were considering leaving. After being unaware of the problem for so long, I took immediate action and fired her.

The crisis didn't end there. Though I was able to convince the team's top talent to stay, it took years to earn back their trust. This whole situation could have played out very differently. Looking back, I see how I enabled the strategist by not looking beyond her results. And I see that the team's hesitancy to speak up allowed the toxicity to continue unabated. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of every individual - no matter their org-chart status - to step up and lead by example in a toxic workplace culture.

From this experience, I developed several strategies to help me and my team members across the company identify how we can work together to prevent toxic cultures from taking hold. The key to this strategy is for each person to identify the role they play in either supporting or combating the culture.

   Read More Here: hbr.org

Amazon Uses a Twitter Army of Employees to Fight Criticism of Warehouses
They love working there. It's great. They love it. It's great. They love it. It's great. They love it. It's great. They love it. It's great. They love it.

On Wednesday evening, a phalanx of Amazon employees known as "FC ambassadors" began tweeting again about how great it is to work at Amazon. When the ambassadors see others on social media discussing the brutal working conditions at Amazon fulfillment centers, its anti-union actions or anything else unflattering about the company, they step in to offer an on-the-ground perspective.

The FC ambassadors were introduced in 2018 and first attracted attention about a year ago. At the time, Krystal Hu, a reporter for Yahoo Finance, said that the company told her there were 14 FC ambassadors and that they were paid to patrol social media full time. They popped up again in February, when various accounts began spouting anti-union talking points ("unions are thieves" that make it difficult for employers to "discipline, terminate or promote").

The accounts have provoked suspicion. In January, it appeared that the accounts had changed hands; one that had belonged to a "Leo" had changed its display name and handle to Ciera. A "Rick" had become a "James," and a "Michelle" had transformed into a "Sarah." nytimes.com

How Amazon convinces police to join the Ring network:
Peer pressure, free products and a lot of persistence

Documents obtained by CNET through a Freedom of Information Act request detail how Amazon Ring's staff convinced a local police department in California to join Neighbors, an app released by the company in May 2018. When police didn't respond, Ring would follow up by noting neighboring law enforcement agencies that have joined, pushing for the Chula Vista police to join them.

The tactics also offer a window into how Ring, which retail giant Amazon purchased last year for $839 million, has struck partnerships with roughly 250 police departments across the country. Police consider it a tool for obtaining video in investigations, as well as creating surveillance networks in residential neighborhoods.

But these relationships are cause for alarm among privacy advocates, who raise concerns that a tech giant like Amazon is helping police create surveillance networks. cnet.com

Johnson & Johnson Ordered To Pay $572 Million in Oklahoma Opioid Trial
Could open floodgate of litigation targeting others, including retailers that sold them

An Oklahoma judge ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $572 million for contributing to the state's opioid-addiction crisis, a verdict that could signal further findings of liability for drug companies as similar cases wind through courts across the country.

More than 2,000 cases brought by state and local municipalities seek to hold drugmakers, retail pharmacy chains and distributors accountable for widespread opioid abuse that began gaining public attention in the early 2000s. That flood of litigation coincides with intensifying efforts by the Justice Department to use data to investigate over-prescription of opioids by doctors. wsj.com

California Law Protects Alarm Companies From User Permit Fines, Fees
Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed into law AB 1298. AB 1289, authored by Assembly member Phillip Chen (A-55-R) amends the California Alarm Act so as to prohibit law enforcement agencies and/or their third party false alarm ordinance compliance contractors from directly billing an alarm company of any fines that may occur if the end user of a system was responsible for obtaining an alarm use permit, or the renewal of that permit. securitysales.com

Hurricane Watch up for Puerto Rico as Dorian churns west; Florida eyeing potential weekend impact
A hurricane watch has been issued for Puerto Rico ahead of tropical storm Dorian, where conditions are forecast to begin deteriorating as early as Wednesday morning. The island is already under a tropical storm warning, with the threat of heavy rainfall and potential flash flooding and mudslides constituting the biggest concerns for the storm-weary island of 3.2 million.

The island could see strong winds, too, although the winds will be only 10 to 20 percent of what the island experienced during Hurricane Maria, the Category 4 hurricane that devastated the island in 2017. washingtonpost.com

FEMA Announces $10 Million Awards for Catastrophic Preparedness Grant Program

Allied Universal Expands Technology Services Division; Acquires Michigan-Based Midstate Security

L Brands hit with class action over financial disclosures

Papa John's names Arby's president as CEO

Shanghai: First Costco in China shuts early on opening day amid crowds


Senior LP & AP Jobs Market

Director, Internal Audit for Cracker Barrel - Based in Lebanon, TN
Cracker Barrel Home Office is seeking a Director, Internal Audit to develop and lead the Internal Audit team, initiatives, and strategy. Internal Audit team provides a systematic disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of operations, safeguard organization resources, promote organization growth, and ensure compliance with government laws and regulations. The Director of Internal Audit performs advanced level professional internal audit work in all functional areas of the company. Our ideal candidate will have a CPA, internal and external audit experience, and project management skills. crackerbarrel.icims.com

Director, Loss Prevention for TCC Wireless - a T-Mobile premium retailer
- based in Carol Stream, IL

Senior LP Job Postings Removed from Website:
  ● Dir. Security & Public Safety - Aventura Mall
Dir. Global Security Operations Center - FedEx
Manager, AP Analytics - Dollar Tree/Family Dollar


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Protos Security and Security Resources Inc. to Combine

Daleville, VA and Cherry Hill, NJ - August 27, 2019 - Protos Security and Security Resources today announced that they have entered into an agreement to merge.

"We celebrate a milestone today as we bring SRI into the Protos family" said Chris Copenhaver President and Co-Founder of Protos Security. "We will draw on our decades of experience and proven technology to continue to raise the standard for the security industry."

The merger brings together the best that the security services industry has to offer by combining state of the art technology with a focus on customer service, while alleviating the security guard management burden from the Loss Prevention Professional. With 450+ clients throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico the company will have unrivaled scale and reach creating enhanced opportunities to serve clients more efficiently and provide professional opportunities for its employees.

"We are very excited to be working together and sharing best practices and our joint commitment to deliver outstanding services to all of our clients," said Joe Malone and Bob Bond Co-Founders of Security Resources. "Instead of competing against each other and spending energy on that, we refocus that energy to serving our clients and expanding into new markets," said Patrick Henderson Vice President and Co-Founder of Protos Security.

The company will be headquartered in Daleville, VA with additional corporate operations centers in Cherry Hill, NJ.





Majority of businesses are unprepared for California privacy act
In a few months, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will be in effect, and only 8% of businesses are prepared, according to an August 2019 survey of 1,500 businesses, 15% of which were retailers, conducted by personalization data vendor PossibleNOW Inc.

The CCPA privacy law, which will go into effect Jan. 1, 2020, gives Californians rights to opt out of the sale of their personal information, the ability to have their data deleted and a right to know what has been collected on them.

This impacts every online retailer that sells to California consumers, as most merchants collect a consumer's name, location, IP addresses and identifiers that track their web and app use on their internet-connected devices, such as laptops and smartphones.

The CCPA Readiness survey finds that most businesses are aware (20%) or are educating themselves (58%) about CCPA, and only 22% did not know about it. Although businesses are aware, less than half are ready, as only 8% said they are prepared today. However, 34% said they are not currently prepared for CCPA compliance now, but will be by Jan. 1.

Of the businesses that will not be complaint by the New Year's Day deadline, the top reason, at 34%, was that it's too expensive to comply, followed closely by 32% of businesses who said they are waiting to see how it's enforced.

The California Attorney General enforces CCPA, and each violation can amount to civil penalty of up to $7,500 per record for each intentional violation, and $2,500 per record for each unintentional violation. For example, a business mismanaging 1,000 consumer privacy requests could face a fine ranging from $2.5 million-$7.50 million. digitalcommerce360.com

Ex-Whole Foods worker claims company's fingerprint time clock
violates IL biometric privacy law

A former employee of a River Forest Whole Foods store claims the supermarket chain is violating the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act by requiring employees to scan their fingerprints into a biometric time clock. Kenyatta Nichols, who worked in Whole Foods' prepared food and deli department for four months, said the store required her to use a biometric time clock system in which employees have to scan their fingerprints to clock in and out of their shifts.

In her suit, Nichols said the use of the biometric time clock placed her and other employees at risk of identity theft and that their fingerprints "or a representation derived from" the fingerprints were given to Whole Foods' time-keeping vendor. Nichols also said Whole Foods did not ask for consent to use employees' fingerprints or provide information on the purpose or amount of time a "private entity" will have the employees' biometric identifiers and information.

Nichols seeks damages of $1,000-$5,000 per violation, plus attorneys' fees and costs. cookcountyrecord.com

Cybersecurity Firm Imperva Discloses Breach
Imperva, a leading provider of Internet firewall services that help Web sites block malicious cyberattacks, alerted customers on Tuesday that a recent data breach exposed email addresses, scrambled passwords, API keys and SSL certificates for a subset of its firewall users.

Redwood Shores, Calif.-based Imperva sells technology and services designed to detect and block various types of malicious Web traffic, from denial-of-service attacks to digital probes aimed at undermining the security of Web-based software applications. krebsonsecurity.com

Wendy's serves up fast data recovery
The fast food giant has strengthened and simplified its backup and recovery processes. As part of a larger IT modernization effort, Wendy's decided to update its existing backup and recovery infrastructure, which was based on a variety of point products from legacy providers. The backup and recovery process was so complicated that it took a full-time dedicated IT staff person to manage and troubleshoot. chainstoreage.com

IRS Alerts Taxpayers to New Email Scam
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is warning taxpayers and tax professionals of a new impersonation scam in which fraudsters send unsolicited emails containing malicious links.

Emails contain links to a website resembling IRS.gov with details seemingly related to the recipient's tax refund, electronic return, or account. A "one-time password" is provided so the victims can access their refund information. Recipients who enter the password unintentionally download malware that could let attackers take control of their systems or install software that could track keystrokes. As a result, they could give away the passwords to sensitive accounts.

Subject lines for these emails vary. The IRS says recent examples use phrases like "Automatic Income Tax Reminder" or "Electronic Tax Return Reminder." It may not be tax season, but this campaign serves as a reminder that tax scams are a yearlong initiative for cybercriminals. darkreading.com

CyberLink to Showcase FaceMe® AI Facial Recognition Engine at Global Security Exchange

Singapore: Unmanned stores using biometrics and A.I. to be tested at university campuses

80% of SMBs Rank IT Security as Top Business Priority


Keep Your Messages Secure

Instead of using your smartphone to send a text message (SMS), use an app like WhatsApp or Signal. Both apps are free and offer encryption for text messages along with voice and video calls, pictures and documents. Text messages may not protect your information and your privacy could be at risk. Both apps are available for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.




'Making a Murderer': From the Screen to the Hot Seat

Dave Thompson, CFI

VP of Operations,
Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates


The Netflix true-crime documentary series "Making a Murderer" highlighted the case of Brendan Dassey and the interrogation that led to a highly controversial "confession" and guilty verdict resulting in Dassey's incarceration.

Worldwide leaders in non-confrontational interviewing techniques, Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates (WZ), took a stand by highlighting the issues and errors made in these interrogations leading to coerced confessions - and have continued to use this case as an example in their training programs.

Dave Thompson, CFI, discusses the impact "Making a Murderer" has had on the interrogation community and how it's helped push the evolution of this essential skill for practitioners ranging from law enforcement to loss prevention.

Episode Sponsored By:

Wrapping Up 'Live in NYC' 2019

Final Send-Off!

MCs Joe LaRocca
Amber Bradley


Nothing lasts forever, not even LPNN "LIVE" broadcasts. Co-MCs Joe LaRocca and Amber Bradley wrap up another jam-packed day full of valuable knowledge, insights and information shared by some of the best and brightest of the LP/AP industry. If you missed any previous episodes, catch them all here.

Thanks to all our sponsors for helping make this event possible, and you - our viewers - for tuning in. We'll see you in June as we continue the fun at NRF PROTECT!




Amazon Has Ceded Control of Its Site.
The Result: Thousands of Banned, Unsafe or Mislabeled Products

Just like tech companies that have struggled to tackle misinformation on their platforms, Amazon has proven unable or unwilling to effectively police third-party sellers on its site

Many of the millions of people who shop on Amazon.com see it as if it were an American big-box store, a retailer with goods deemed safe enough for customers.

In practice, Amazon has increasingly evolved like a flea market. It exercises limited oversight over items listed by millions of third-party sellers, many of them anonymous, many in China, some offering scant information.

A Wall Street Journal investigation found 4,152 items for sale on Amazon.com Inc. 's site that have been declared unsafe by federal agencies, are deceptively labeled or are banned by federal regulators-items that big-box retailers' policies would bar from their shelves. Among those items, at least 2,000 listings for toys and medications lacked warnings about health risks to children.

The Journal identified at least 157 items for sale that Amazon had said it banned, including sleeping mats the Food and Drug Administration warns can suffocate infants. The Journal commissioned tests of 10 children's products it bought on Amazon, many promoted as "Amazon's Choice." Four failed tests based on federal safety standards, according to the testing company, including one with lead levels that exceeded federal limits.

Of the 4,152 products the Journal identified, 46% were listed as shipping from Amazon warehouses.

After the Journal brought the listings to Amazon's attention, 57% of the 4,152 listings had their wording altered or were taken down. Amazon said that it reviewed and addressed the listings the Journal provided and that company policies require all products to comply with laws and regulations.

"Safety is a top priority at Amazon," says a spokeswoman. Amazon uses automated tools that scan hundreds of millions of items every few minutes to screen would-be sellers and block suspicious ones from registering and listing items, using the tools to block three billion items in 2018, she says.

Amazon's struggle to police its site adds to the mounting evidence that America's tech giants have lost control of their massive platforms-or decline to control them. This is emerging as among the companies' biggest challenges. Read more: wsj.com

Amazon denies reports of unsafe products
The e-tail giant is defending what it says is an industry-leading product safety and compliance program.

In a corporate blog post also dated Friday, Aug. 23, Amazon issued a direct response to the article which mentioned the Wall Street Journal by name. "In 2018 alone, we invested over $400 million to protect our store and our customers and built robust programs to ensure products offered are safe, compliant, and authentic," Amazon said in the post.

According to Amazon, its new seller account vetting includes a number of verifications and uses proprietary machine learning technology to help prevent unethical sellers from registering or listing products. The e-tailer also says products offered in Amazon stores must comply with applicable laws and regulations, as well as Amazon's policies.

"For example, we require toys to be tested to relevant safety standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission," Amazon said in the post. "We have a dedicated global team of compliance specialists that review submitted safety documentation, and we have additional qualification requirements that sellers must meet to offer products." chainstoreage.com

The Wall Street Journal published a deep dive into the third-party marketplace operated by Amazon.com, highlighting flaws in the platform's ability to effectively abide by federal regulations surrounding consumer protection, counterfeit goods, and product safety.

Earlier this year, RILA submitted comments to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) outlining retailers' concerns with the ability of big tech companies to control product information, prices, and quality, and the negative impact this can have on consumers, writing:

"If the digital interface masks or obfuscates the true identity of the seller, or leaves the misimpression that an item is new and from the manufacturer, or falsely implies that a knock-off item is just like the option from a well-known brand, consumers (as well as regulators and enforcers) have no ability to uncover the truth until after their purchase. That harms consumers who do not get what they were looking for, and may not even realize it because the provenance or nature of their item has been obscured by the very information source through which they sought out the item in the first place."
Read more: rila.org




Worchester, MA: Blowtorch Burglar of Target stores gets 15-month sentence
A Pennsylvania man who used a blowtorch to break into the Target store in Westboro in 2014 - one of four Targets he burglarized, stealing nearly $200,000 - was sentenced to 15 months in federal prison Monday. Mr. Aiken broke into eight Targets in total in 2014 and 2015, Assistant U.S. Attorney Greg A. Friedholm said Monday, four of which resulted in successful burglaries. Mr. Friedholm characterized the break-ins - which took place in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New Hampshire - as a "crime spree."

Aiken and his brother generally used portable blowtorches to cut through metal doors at the rear of the buildings, prosecutors have said, and stole nearly $200,000 in merchandise - usually Apple iPhones and iPads, that they sold to a buyer "in and around" New York City. telegram.com

Wilton, ME: Fourth man arrested in $134,000 theft via Gas Reward Points
A Jay man accused of participating in the theft of $134,000 utilizing fraudulent gas reward points was arrested Sunday, after he called and turned himself in to police. Kevin Farrington, 19 of Jay, was arrested on a warrant for theft by unauthorized taking, a Class C felony, on the evening of Aug. 25. Wilton Police Chief Heidi Wilcox confirmed Monday that Farrington had contacted police regarding the warrant and had been picked up for transportation to Franklin County Detention Center. Farrington is the fourth man arrested in relation to the alleged theft, which reportedly involved opening reward card accounts, charging them with fraudulently-earned points and using them to purchase gas for customers that handed cash to six employees of Gould's Service Station in East Wilton. Four of the six employees were adults were arrested on warrants for unauthorized taking or transfer, all Class B felonies, last week. dailybulldog.com

Brussels, Ontario, CN: Two men arrested after tractor trailer containing $100,000 of beer stolen
Police say they responded to a report of a theft of a tractor trailer full of beer from Oxford County early Monday morning. They say the owner of the truck contacted police, advising that the vehicle's tracker showed it in Huron East, Ont., north of Brussels, Ont. Police say they were able to find the vehicle and its cargo. They say officers arrested two men at the scene. cp24.com

Australia: Woman caught shoplifting baby formula at supermarket
A woman has been caught shoplifting after multiple tins of baby formula fell from her dress at a supermarket, shocking staff around her. news.com.au

Middletown Township, PA: Two women arrested for $750 theft from Sesame Place

Gosford, Australia: Police charge man over $450,000 coordinated credit card fraud

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Shootings & Deaths

Philadelphia, PA: MetroPCS employee shoots and kills Armed Robber
A gunman walked into the MetroPCS store on Monday afternoon, around 4 p.m. on the 7000 block of Elmwood Avenue near 70th Street. The suspect, a man in his 30s, walks in brandishing a firearm and throws a bag on the counter. The employee quickly pulled his own weapon, which he has a license to carry, and shot the suspect multiple times. The man was pronounced dead at the scene. There was no one else in the store at the time and the employee was not injured. Police say that the MetroPCS store was robbed two other times this year. Homicide detectives are investigating. iradiophilly.com

Fresno, CA: Police say argument led up to deadly stabbing outside Gas Station, suspect arrested
Fresno Police are releasing new details about what lead to a deadly stabbing at the Fastrip off Clinton in Fresno. "There was a conversation between the victim and the suspect, just prior to the suspect going into the store," said Lt. David Madrigal. Madrigal said there was an agreement made between the victim, Isaiah Casillas, 20, and the suspect, Gabriel Vela, 41, who police say is a Bulldog gang member. abc30.com

Humble, TX: Man arrested in shooting death of convenience store clerk
Javerion Youngblood is in the Harris County Jail charged in the death of Chandrakant Patel. The 60-year-old man was shot in the face on Aug. 4 after two gunmen targeted a Texaco C-store where he worked. Authorities said Youngblood and another man tried to rob Patel before opening fire and fleeing. The gunfire erupted about 5:30 p.m., shortly after one of the men is seen on surveillance video strolling around the shop. chron.com

Lincoln, NE: Man tased after threatening to kill Jimmy John's workers
A man reportedly high on drugs was arrested after a struggle with officers that included the deployment of a taser, Lincoln police said. Police said officers responded Saturday morning to Jimmy John's. The man, identified by police as 28-year-old Deandre Moncrief, appeared to be on drugs and told employees at the restaurant they were going to die, police said. The employee told officers Moncrief stole some food and then left the store. Officers found him in a nearby lot, where they tried to calm Moncrief down over 15 minutes while he continued to act strangely and aggressively towards them, police said. Moncrief reportedly threatened to shoot officers, but had no gun. Officers did find a knife in one of Moncrief's pockets, police said.  klkntv.com

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

King of Prussia, PA: Former Macy's Loss Prevention Agent busted for theft
K9's found him hiding in the ceiling

A Philadelphia man who previously worked in loss prevention was found hiding in the ceiling of a King of Prussia Mall department store after stealing $7,000 from the registers. Upper Merion Police were called by Macy's security about a suspicious person inside the store at 4:30 a.m. on Sunday, 8/25. Upper Merion was assisted by the K9's from Lower Merion, Plymouth Township, and Norristown Police. After searching for around five hours, they located 32-year-old Nicholas Redmond in the ceiling on the first floor of the store. They believe he knew the ins and outs of the building from his prior employment. Redmond also admitted to two other thefts in August totaling more than $12,000. 6abc.com

Chicago, IL: Armored car driver stole $500K in coins
A Chicago company that handles cash for other businesses last week called authorities after an audit showed more than half a million dollars in coins had disappeared and officials there confronted an armored car driver about the missing cash. Cameron Bowman, 28, of Riverdale, later was charged with felony theft of between $500,000 and $1 million, she said. Police report information in the case shows the business involved was Thillens, Inc., which has a facility at 4232 N. Elston Ave. saukvalley.com

Harrisburg, PA: Red Wing Shoe employee accused stealing $17,800 in cash
Police say between April 2017 and December 2018, Fredrick Mobley, 38, stole cash from Red Wing Shoes by enticing customers to pay cash for purchases, then pocketing the money and altering sales records to avoid detection. Mobley allegedly cost the business $17,835.92 in losses before he was caught, police say. fox43.com

Bayonne, NJ: Family Dollar employee charged with theft of $13,000 in cash
Matthew Basile, 48, of Bayonne, stole the money over the past few months, by voiding transactions and then removing the money the register, the criminal complaint said. He was charged with theft when he was arrested at the store on Aug. 8. nj.com

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, LA law enforcement seize more than 52,000 gun parts from China
Customs and Border Protection (CBP) authorities said a Los Angeles / Long Beach Seaport law enforcement collaboration recently resulted in the seizure of 52,601 illegal firearms parts. The shipment, which violated the Chinese Arms Embargo, was intercepted with the aid of the Machinery Center of Excellence and Expertise (CEE) and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. homelandprepnews.com

Goshen, IN: Auto Repair Shop suffers $30,000 burglary, local business may be forced to close

Cobb County, GA: 5 charged in store burglary tied to 'smash and grab' gang

Nashville, TN: Kentucky mom arrested for abandoning six children at Walmart


York County, PA: Man sentenced to 24 to 49 years for Attempted Murder
of a PA State Trooper in Shrewsbury Walmart

Thomas Markowski, 61, was sentenced to 24.5 years to 49 years in state prison. He was convicted in May of criminal attempt murder of a law enforcement officer, assault of a law enforcement officer, robbery and two counts of aggravated assault. In April 2016, Markowski robbed the pharmacy inside the Shrewsbury Walmart. When leaving the store, a state trooper responding to the robbery report encountered Markowski in one of the store's entryways, and exchanged gunfire. local21news.com

Saginaw, MI: Man sentenced to 41 to 60 years for Murder inside Liquor Valley Party Store



CVS - Belton, TX - Robbery
Clothing store - Gadsden, AL - Robbery
Dollar General - Montgomery, AL - Burglary
Dollar Tree - Montgomery, AL - Burglary
Family Dollar - Nacogdoches County, TX - Burglary
Gun store - Alstead, NH - Burglary
Gun store - Dayton, OH - Burglary
Jewelry store - Orlando, FL - Robbery
Jewelry store - National City, CA - Robbery
Jewelry store - Kansas City, MO - Burglary
Jewelry store - Winston-Salem, NC - Robbery
Jewelry store - Colorado Springs, CO - Robbery
Liquor store - Columbia, IL - Burglary
Liquor store - Ocean City, MD - Burglary
Macy's - King of Prussia, PA - Burglary
Metro PCS - Philadelphia, PA - Armed Robbery/ suspect killed
Metro PCS - Dayton, OH - Armed Robbery
Metro PCS - Rochester, MN - Burglary
Restaurant - Rochester, MN - Robbery


Daily Totals:
9 robberies
10 burglaries
1 shooting
1 killed






Will Pratt, CFI
named HQ Physical Security Leader for Lyft
Robyn Romyn promoted to Threat Assessment/VIW Manager for Nordstrom
Desyry Sanchez promoted to Global Investigator I for Walmart
Donna Perreco named District AP Manager for CVS Health

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Having a strategy or a plan about everything you do is important if you expect to win long term. Daily victories are nothing without a long-term plan. They fade quickly and leave the audience expecting more, which only a plan and strategy will satisfy. So after your next victory, ask yourself what am I going to do next?

Just a Thought,

Gus Downing

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